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  1. Was he also not consulting for Y&R at the time? I have heard rumblings that their Marge story was, to some degree, something Reilly cooked up. And indeed, when you think about it, it definitely reads as something he'd do. I'd also be curious to know, considering I'm decidedly less versed in B&B history, if any Reillyisms snuck into B&B during the brief consulting stint, or if it wasn't particularly noticeable.
  2. Honestly, Don worked a bit as Julie's suitor, but between consistently stringing along then rejecting Mary whenever Julie would come near him in the mid-70s, to pursuing Marlena entirely as a rebound after "losing" Julie to Doug (which Marlena caught straight away and made him wait til she was sure she meant more to him, smart on her part), to his endless string of uptight, domineering, and often chauvinistic viewpoints in the intervening years, it's almost a relief the character of Don was retired eventually. Having said this, if the big mid-80s romance was between Bo and Donna instead o
  3. EPISODE 188 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco On the desk in the DiMera living room, sits the invitation to the gala grand re-opening of the Penthouse Grille. Next to it, a freshly-emptied coffee cup is slammed down on the desk. We see that it is EJ's who is dialing a local bank branch. EJ: (into phone) Yes, this is EJ DiMera, may I speak with Michael Howell, please?...Yes, Michael, it's EJ DiMera. I was curious if you were available to meet with me this morning before 10am....no, the ah...the sooner th
  4. Oh BRILLIANT! That's good to know. I'll work on making the changes so that this won't be a problem for me long-term, but this will at least let me burn through the posts I've already done a little easier. Thanks SO much @Errol for that. Big help!
  5. Thanks @Errol for the extra info. Unfortunately, this is more of an issue for me re: my blog posts, which I write offsite and copy/paste into the post editor here. BBCode helped me format my posts and add the relevant avatars before moving them here, so it's a matter of figuring out a new way of writing the posts in a way that doesn't involve me going line-by-line, bolding and italicizing names over and over on text I've already written, since evidently, Invision has decided BBCode is "old" and therefore not worth keeping. Oh well. It's unfortunate, but I understand, it's not your do
  6. That's even funnier, considering malaria symptoms typically show up within a week, and apparently can lie dormant for up to a year. What, he's just been carrying this deadly virus with him asymptomatically for 5+ years and only NOW it hits him? Bonkers! I guess it being recurring could work, just really funny that they went this particular way with it. Thanks for that additional info @jam6242!
  7. You're all providing so much great info. Thanks again, everyone! I know the last summary ended at an awkward spot, with the glut of new characters just seeping in. I forgot to note Sam's departure as Massacre Victim #14 (how on Earth the show survived THIS many characters leaving in such short order is astounding to me). We still have one more to go at least, with Margo finally kicking the bucket this month, so...let's go! May 1980: So, Margo's feeling a little better (for now), and decides to keep herself busy by writing up invitations to Juli
  8. Just tried to do some text formatting the old way of [b]text[/b] (to, in this example, make my print bold without having to manually click the bold tool in the header), and it seems to no longer work with the new forum update? Is there a way to make it work or to fix this on your end? I THINK this is called BBCode but I'm just guessing.
  9. Just from having gone through the DAYS recaps as we have recently been doing: Stephanie Woodroffe/Brooke Hamilton. Spending so long having her identity and connection to her father Bob hanging in the air as a huge, life-changing secret, just to have the ball dropped unceremoniously by Harrower, who wrote the character into a corner before literally driving her off a cliff out of nowhere. An absolute waste, and it, along with Linda Patterson being driven out of town under dubious circumstances about two weeks later, made certain the writing was on the wall for the Anderson family.
  10. Gah! Thank you @Paul Raven. I'm gonna do a quick scan and maybe find out some more info for you on start and end dates as well. CBC's archives have not been well-publicized, unfortunately, and I'm unsure if Broadcast Centre will be open for tours or anything once lockdown ends, but I will investigate further. Thanks for pointing me toward your post!
  11. Apologies if this was mentioned before, but I only just just found this out while looking up Corrine Conley. Apparently CBC in Canada mounted a short-lived radio version of SFT where she starred, many years before her run on DAYS as Phyllis. More info here: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/27937652/the-ottawa-citizen/
  12. To the current scriptwriters' credit, they did recently clarify that Kate's affair with Bill did cause a major relapse in Laura, so I think they're trying to make it clear that Kate and Bill hooked up once Bill had left for Lakewood, which, I'm honestly okay with. It makes the timeline clearer, and doesn't deny what we saw on screen during 1979-80, largely. I agree, @Khan, I never understood why these characters are evil for the sake of it. I already care exactly 0% for Kellam & Co. just based on their cartoon villainy straight out the gate. It's interesting that they appear t
  13. Alright, this week's been a hot mess for me, so I apologize for my absence. Time to get down to business and carry on with this massacre! Julie and Phyllis have a chat while Bob's asleep (the flashback in the scene @jam6242 posted upthread), and Julie notes that she still very much loves Bob. Phyllis agrees, and remarks similarly of Julie toward Doug. Julie is certain, despite Phyllis' insistence to the contrary, that it's too late for her and Doug. Alex wants Chris to tell Bob that everything is running smoothly at Anderson, hoping to keep Bob at bay for as long
  14. It has, though somewhat inorganically. I will never forgive Ron for making Julie, once a worldly, sharp-witted woman, into a racist, especially when she was the most supportive person of David and Valerie's relationship. If you're going to use history, use it right. Agreed as well @soapfave06, that year, to me, was the last excellent year of DAYS, tbh. I thought TomSell's first year was, by and large, excellent, minus the Daniel nonsense, Bo abandoning Hope for dubious reasons, and the weird way they drove a wedge between John and Marlena. They didn't explore the complexities of th
  15. Then why are you posting here? I mean, if this place is so full of this negative energy you're so put off by that you're posting diatribe after diatribe of same said energy back at us (to what end, I have no idea), then like...I'm not telling you what to do, but I wouldn't hang around, regardless of what folks are posting that you DO like. Get their contact info and e-mail them. So...I dunno. Up to you. *shrug*
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