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  1. The fact I've got myself a new place (close enough to work that I can walk there), AND a date (my first in two years) is reason to get myself something decent from Wine Rack tonight, ngl.

  2. EPISODE 182 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Marlena emerges from her bedroom at her penthouse, freshly changed into her street clothes, as the doorbell rings. She calls out to the person ringing the bell, as she heads for the door. MARLENA: Coming! Marlena walks over and opens the door to find Abe there. She quickly motions him inside. MARLENA: Abe! Thank you, I know it's short notice. Abe steps inside and gives Marlena a quick hug. ABE: It's alright. I'm glad you called. Have you heard anything? MARLENA: Not a word. ABE: (sigh) Alright. How long since you've heard anything? MARLENA: I mean, he...he was working, so I didn't think anything was wrong, but...I woke up and checked the entire penthouse, he's nowhere to be seen. Abe nods, then looks down sorrowfully. ABE: He's....he's in worse shape than any of us thought. Marlena stops, and looks at Abe. Her energy shifting as she turns to look his way. After a moment, Marlena nods in agreement. MARLENA: I umm...I've been taking him for tests at the hospital. We...we aren't 100% sure what's going on. ABE: It's obviously dementia of some kind. MARLENA: Well, that's what we assume, but...I have reason to believe Stefano is involved somehow. Abe sighs, shaking his head. ABE: Wouldn't surprise me. But...considering his performance at work... Abe hesitates momentarily, before continuing. Marlena furrows her brow, not sure she likes what Abe is about to say. ABE: I'm starting to believe it would be a good idea to...(sigh) ask Roman to take a leave of absence from the force. --- Tyler drives down the dark highway leading out of Salem. The occasional passing car shines its headlights his way as they drive opposite him down the road. Tyler is looking on intensely, as he thinks back to the events of the evening. *** FLASHBACK TO EPISODE 167: Tyler sits on a stool next to Victor's hospital bed, reeling from the news that Nick's working for Stefano. TYLER: Victor, are you absolutely sure Nick told you he was funded by Stefano. You didn't mishear him. VICTOR: 100%. Tyler shakes his head, resigned but not totally surprised by the news. TYLER: You know, it makes almost too much sense. VICTOR: I agree. That's why we have to take action, immediately. TYLER: What kind of action? VICTOR: Simple. We'll send Stefano a message, and clean up the filth that's rotting this town from the inside. Tyler sighs, knowing what Victor's implying. TYLER: Victor, we can't be working underhandedly. VICTOR: Too late. The gloves are already off. Get rid of Nick Fallon. By any means neccessary. Victor looks steely-eyed at a concerned Tyler, who is far less convinced of Victor's plan than Victor is. *** Tyler is distracted by a passing car's bright lights, that snap him back to reality with a jolt. Tyler struggles to see and his car begins to swerve onto the gravel at the edge of the road. TYLER: Dammit! As Tyler swerves to get the car back onto the road, he brakes to stop the car before he causes an accident. Pulling over, he stops and leans his head back against the headrest, trying to regain his composure. After a moment, and a heavy sigh or two, Tyler looks out his drivers' side window, then at his GPS. He realizes he's right by Anita's cabin. TYLER: Well, I'll be damned. He decides to pull in, turning suddenly in to the darkened country gravel driveway. --- It's a foggy night, as Anjelica stands alone on the pier. She's dressed in a long black coat and wide-brimmed hat semi-obscuring her face. She paces slowly checking around her to be sure she remains safe, as she waits for Liam to meet her. ANJELICA: (sigh) Come on, Liam, get down here. No sooner has those words come out of her mouth, than Liam walks down the steps of the pier to meet her. Anjelica turns to look at him, looking a bit annoyed. ANJELICA: Took you long enough. LIAM: Sorry, had to wait for Jenn to nod off. ANJELICA: Ahhh yes, precious Jennifer Horton. Liam rolls his eyes, as Anjelica sarcastically waxes poetic about Liam's partner. ANJELICA: Love of your life. Apple of your eye. Tell me, Liam: did you take an extra moment before you departed to watch your beloved as she slept as well? LIAM: You're hilarious, Anj. Now, what did I come all the way down here for, exactly? Anjelica gives Liam an intense deadpan look as she pulls a gun from her coat pocket and places it in Liam's hand. LIAM: What's this for? ANJELICA: Our little problem we were discussing earlier? I want you to take care of him. Liam looks down at the gun, then up at Anjelica, stunned by what she's asking of him. --- --- Jerome shuts the front door to the Grant family home, and steps inside quietly. Inside, Valerie emerges from the kitchen entrance and looks stern, but relieved to see her grandson home. VALERIE: Jerome Grant, where have you been? Jerome stops himself at the first step of the staircase heading upstairs when he hears Valerie's voice. JEROME: Hey, Grandma, uh...Sorry I'm so late. VALERIE: Well, I don't really mind that, but the fact you didn't even text me or call? JEROME: Nah, I know. I should've. VALERIE: You're damned right. Valerie turns and heads into the living room, with Jerome reluctantly following behind her as she continues to speak to him. VALERIE: You know, I've been worried about you. You're avoiding coming home again, and-- JEROME: Grandma, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine. Valerie stops in front of the couch, and turns to face Jerome, who's slowly stepping into the room. VALERIE: And that's exactly the same conversation we had in Toronto before we moved down here. And I didn't buy it then, and I don't buy it now. Valerie motions to Jerome to join her on the sofa, before sitting down. VALERIE: Come on, baby. Let's talk. Jerome complies, as he sits down next to Valerie. JEROME: Grandma, I know what you're gonna say, and-- VALERIE: No, I don't think you do. Now, listen. I know you're grown, and I can't stop you from doing what you wanna do, but I can and I will tell you what I think about it. And what you're doing right now, it is way too familiar to me. JEROME: Grandma, I promise you, I am not falling into those same patterns. Look, Kaylie and Siobhan are far behind me, now. I don't...I don't even know what made you think of them. VALERIE: Well, different things. Jerome looks at Valerie, a bit confused. JEROME: Like what? VALERIE: Well, you know how I had you set up that video chat for the interview I was doing? Jerome tenses up slightly, becoming uncomfortable with her story. JEROME: Yeah... VALERIE: Well, we hired that girl, and...you know, it's funny, there's...there's something about her. She looks just a little like that girl Siobhan you knew in school. Jerome looks intensely at Valerie, hoping she doesn't make the connection. Valerie continues her story, looking away from Jerome as she recalls their journey back to Salem. VALERIE: You know, I started thinking about it, and...you know, I know they're far behind you, and...you know...after your father was killed, I just...we moved her for a fresh start. Somewhere that felt like home, but...somewhere we could forget the bad memories, bad habits. Valerie takes Jerome's hand in hers, she smiles as she looks at Jerome. VALERIE: I don't want you to fall back into them. JEROME: I promise, Grandma. That's not happening. Things are going well! I'm...doing my research for my thesis, and...I met someone. Valerie perks up at the news. VALERIE: Ooh! Who is this fine young lady? JEROME: Her name is Abigail Deveraux. I met her mom, Jennifer today. I think she said she works at the hospital as well. Valerie raises an eyebrow at Jennifer's name. VALERIE: Jennifer Horton? JEROME: Yeah, I think so. Valerie sighs, shaking her head, as Jerome looks confused. VALERIE: Oh boy. Jerome chuckles at his grandmother's reaction to the news, still puzzled by her less-than-enthusiastic response. JEROME: What? What do you mean? Valerie sighs, taking a second before answering Jerome's question. VALERIE: Look, I'm not gonna tell you you're forbidden to see this girl, but you need to tread lightly with Hortons. They are messy. Okay? Jerome frowns, curious about what his grandmother means. --- At the pier, Liam's face scrunches up after Anjelica has handed him a revolver, confused by Anjelica's request. LIAM: What, am I your hitman now? ANJELICA: You are part of the team that's meant to be helping me get through this plan in one piece. Liam looks down at the gun, shaking his head, as Anjelica slowly walks around behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder as she speaks gently in his ear. ANJELICA: You don't want to let the team down, do you? Liam turns his head slightly, giving Anjelica a deathly glare as he holds the gun in his hand tightly. --- Marlena looks at Abe, disappointed and worried. MARLENA: Oh no, Abe, don't take Roman off the force-- ABE: No...no, Marlena, I'm serious. He's made too many mistakes recently. He has completely...just...blanked out on entire cases. Important ones! He could be putting himself in danger every time he steps out of the house. Marlena steps in closer to Abe, pleading with him to reconsider. MARLENA: Abe, if...if it is Alzheimer's...I want to be sure of the diagnosis first, but...if it is...I firmly believe keeping Roman working for as long as possible can only help him cognitively. ABE: And put him in the line of fire! MARLENA: Not if he does admin-- Abe shakes his head, getting riled up as he tries to resist laughing at Marlena's suggestion. ABE: Marlena, be serious! Can you honestly imagine Roman Brady accepting administrative work? Marlena looks down solemnly. She shakes her head, realizing Abe's right. ABE: Now, I will wait for the official diagnosis before I do this, but I am asking that you have the doctors confirm this diagnosis ASAP. Every day we wait, the more danger Roman's in. Marlena nods in agreement. She looks up at the ceiling, sighing in frustration. MARLENA: You're right. I'll have Roman head down to the hospital first thing tomorrow. ABE: Alright. As Abe responds, Marlena gets a text message from Kim. Taking her cell phone from her coffee table, she checks it, before turning to Abe. MARLENA: It's Kimberly. She's downstairs. ABE: Alright, let's meet her down there. Abe and Marlena head for the door. As Abe races out, Marlena is stopped by a picture of her with Roman, Carrie, Sami, and Eric, from when Sami and Eric were newborns. She spots the picture on her mantle by the door, and looks it over, tearing up. Taking a moment to look the picture over, she sets it back down on the mantle and heads out of the penthouse, locking the door behind her. --- Tyler pulls into Anita's property, his headlights guiding him down the dark country dirt road. Approaching the cabin, Tyler stops the car outside, and gets out after turning the car off. He slowly walks up to the front door, seeing the bright lights inside. He stops, noticing movement through the window. Peeking carefully through the window, he makes out a familiar face. TYLER: My God. Inside, Brady finishes the last of the dishes, turning to Anita and smiling warmly, as they laugh and joke. Tyler is stunned. Brady is alive. ---
  3. EPISODE 181 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Gabi stands in Nick's room at the Kiriakis mansion, holding the pictures he's had hidden in his desk drawer of Gabi, Sami, and Kate trying to drown him in her hand. She's relieved to have finally found them, holding the pictures up to her chest, smiling for the first time in ages. GABI: Oh my God, yes. As she celebrates her mission being completed to retrieve the photos, lurking on the other side of the door is Nick, who is spying on her through the slight crack in said door. He practically seethes, livid as he watches her invade his privacy and betray his trust, but he keeps silent and still, observing her every move, as he grips the handle of the door tightly. Gabi, oblivious to the threat behind her, flips through the photos, before stumbling upon one pic that takes her aback: Abby in a liplock with EJ. Gabi looks stunned. Realizing what she's unintentially uncovered, she hastily shoves the pictures back in the envelope, and walks them over to her purse, stuffing them inside. As she does this, Nick watches her closely, seeing what she's done with the pictures. Before Gabi can catch a glimpse of Nick, he walks away, defusing the situation. Gabi closes her purse, and looks up to the ceiling, taken aback by the picture she's seen of EJ and Abby. GABI: Oh God, you guys. What did you get yourselves into. (sigh) I gotta get out of here. Gabi sighs, before getting up from sitting on the bed, and rushes out of the room, making sure everything is as she found it. Turning the light off and shutting the door completely behind her. After leaving Nick's bedroom, Gabi checks both ways down the hallway, before walking away toward her own bedroom. As Gabi walks past, a face looms from the linen closet next to Nick's room. It's Nick, making sure he's hidden before heading back for his room. From the dark of the closet, he threatens Gabi softly. NICK: You haven't won yet, Gabi. I'll make sure of that. They're poisoning your mind against me. And we can't have that. Can we? --- In the Kiriakis living room, Anjelica and Alex walk in after being dropped off by Will. Anjelica sets down her bag, as Alex sets his things down on the desk. Neither speak at first, but Alex looks at his mother, worry in his eyes. Anjelica catches this look, and furrows her brow in annoyance. ANJELICA: What? ALEX: Anjelica, are you sure you're okay? Anjelica looks away, as she steps over to the bar, and pours herself a drink. ANJELICA: I'm fine. Never been better! Anjelica downs the drink in one shot, and Alex looks at her, not believing a word she says. ALEX: Somehow I doubt that. Anjelica glares at him, as she pours herself another drink. ANJELICA: Well, other than my nerves being shot after nearly being killed by a stage light...I'm feeling fresh as a daisy. Anjelica quickly turns to look at Alex, her mockingly chipper tone of voice suddenly dropping to a threateningly low pitch as she holds a second glass up. ANJELICA: Drink? Alex isn't amused by Anjelica's snark, and glares at his mother, disapprovingly. ALEX: I'll pass. Come on, Mother. Tell me what's bothering you. You've been miserable since we left the studio. ANJELICA: I'm just trying to figure out whether Nick Fallon was onto something or not. ALEX: What do you mean by that? ANJELICA: I mean between you and Will Horton. Alex drops his shoulders, looking away in frustration. --- Roman drives out along a quiet country road in the dark of the night. Over the radio, he hears an announcement. RADIO HOST: (via radio) An update from WXIR-TV. The Walker Report, the live television special hosted by local investigative journalist Nicole Walker, was abruptly cut short midshow tonight after an overhead stage light fell on the soundstage, nearly striking newly-appointed Titan CEO Nick Fallon, as well as Candidate for State Governor, Anjelica Deveraux. Both are said to be fine, but shaken up, and Salem Police are investigating the potential for foul play. More news as it becomes available. As an advertisement kicks in, Roman is surprised by the news, but is quickly distracted by the reflection of a tail light on an SUV up ahead, obscured by nearby bushes. ROMAN: What da... Intrigued, Roman pulls over to investigate. Stopping his car at the side of the quiet country road, Roman gets out, and fumbles with his phone to turn on his cell phone flashlight. Slowly walking over to the abandoned vehicle hidden in the brush, Roman inspects the vehicle, a concerned look on his face. He looks around the otherwise-abandoned roadway, checking to see if anyone's around. When he sees nobody, he flashes the phone light into the front seat. Nothing. Slowly walking back to the back seats... Only a snorkel, and a roll of duct tape. Roman tilts his head slightly, confused by what he sees. Even slower, Roman steps back toward the rear of the SUV, inhaling deeply as he spots more scuba gear, but freezes when he sees in the very corner... A woman's dead body, ghost white from laying there overnight. We see that it is Crystal Clarke's body, though Roman doesn't recognize her. ROMAN: Damn. --- --- In the Kiriakis living room, Alex folds his arms, annoyed by his mother's inference about his relationship with Will. ALEX: You know, I don't appreciate you insinuating that there's anything going on between Will and myself that's not professional. Anjelica takes a sip of her drink, then turns to face her son, a sour, dismissive expression on her face. ANJELICA: Wouldn't be the first time. ALEX: Mom-- ANJELICA: Look, Alex, you know I am supportive of you no matter what, but I cannot stress to you enough that I am running on a family values platform in this campaign, and that requires my family to maintain that appearance as well. That. Includes. You. Alex steps in closer to his mother, speaking firmly, while also appearing visibly uncomfortable. ALEX: Besides the fact that that's not how support works, I'm telling you, Will is my right hand at work. That's it. And he is very good at his work. ANJELICA: And that's where you leave it. At work. Alex, clearly agitated, begins to raise his voice to Anjelica. ALEX: Mother, I can't believe that Nick teasing Will has got you so worked up. Anjelica begins to, in turn, raise her voice to Alex, trying to make her point as clear as possible. ANJELICA: That's not what's working me up, Alex. It's the fact he sees something going on between you. And whether it's there or not, other people are seeing it, and they will start to talk. Alex leans in close to Anjelica and softly, but firmly, punctuates his point. ALEX: Let them. Alex turns to walk away, but Anjelica follows him, trying to look him in the eyes as she shouts out to him. ANJELICA: I will do no such thing! I am running for the highest office in the state. I have our family's legacy on my back here. And I will not let it be ruined once again because the men in this family can't get a handle on their moral compass! Alex laughs sarcastically at Anjelica's comment, raising his voice to match hers. ALEX: Ohhhh, I think murdering sex workers is a little different-- ANJELICA: Not to these people, it isn't! You need to keep up appearances, Alexander Kiriakis. We need to present an image of good ol' American apple-pie eatin' wholesomeness for my sake, AND for yours. Alex cools his tone, and scratches the back of his neck, before speaking again. ALEX: And after the campaign ends? Then what? ANJELICA: I don't care after the campaign ends, you can ruin your life all you want! ALEX: Bull! Face it, Mother. You're always going to have your nose in every relationship I have. I don't even know why I bother having relationships at all, quite frankly! ANJELICA: Oh, now it's a relationship. I'm sure your WIFE would love to hear that! Alex sighs, rolling his eyes at his mother. She ignores him, and continues. ANJELICA: Let me tell you something, dear son of mine: I involve myself because I care about you, and your happiness. ALEX: And if you care so much about my happiness, I'd kindly ask you to butt out. Alex throws his hands up, walking around Anjelica as he heads for the stairs, exhausted from arguing. ALEX: Look, I need to get to bed. I'm tired. ANJELICA: Alexander, don't walk away from me-- ALEX: There is nothing to say. Anjelica, I am happily married, that's the end of it. Okay? Goodnight. ANJELICA: Alex... Alex walks away, as Anjelica watches him, frustrated. --- Marlena emerges from her darkened Penthouse bedroom, wearing her nightgown. She wears a worried expression as she calls out to the empty room. MARLENA: Roman?? Roman, are you there? Marlena walks over to the lamp on the side table in the living room, immediately looking around now that the lights are on. She's stunned by Roman's absence. MARLENA: Roman? Taking a moment to think, she walks over to the front closet door, opening it to see Roman's shoes not there. She realizes immediately that something's wrong, and rushes over to her sideboard, where her cell phone's been left to charge overnight. Picking it up, she calls Roman. It rings... And rings... and rings.... After the fourth ring, the call goes to voice mail. Marlena waits through Roman's voice mail message to leave one for him. ROMAN: (via voice mail) It's Roman, leave a message. The beep afterward prompts Marlena to leave a somewhat uncertain message. Not wanting to alarm Roman, Marlena holds it together and restrains herself into a calm masquerade. MARLENA: (into phone) Ah Roman, it's Doc. I'm....I'm just a bit worried, it's....it's midnight and I was expecting you back at the penthouse by now. If you....if you are able to give me a call. If you're...if you're lost at all...just....just call me back, okay? Let me know where you are...or if you need me to come out to meet you. Alright. Marlena hangs up the phone, now more worried than ever. After a moment's hesitation, Marlena checks her watch. It's past midnight. She calls Abe, who answers after two rings. MARLENA: (into phone) Abe? Abe, it's Marlena....I'm...I'm calling because Roman is missing again, and I could really use your help in tracking him down....yes, if you want to meet here at the penthouse. Please, as soon as you can. Thanks. Marlena hangs up, and after a moment's hesitation, makes one more call. ... Kim is just walking into her apartment after dinner with Andrew, when she hears her cell phone ring. KIM: Oh wow, who could be calling at this hour? ANDREW: Could be important. Kim pulls the phone out and looks at who it is. Her face drops as she looks up at her son. KIM: Honey, I gotta take this. ANDREW: Sure! No problem. Kim answers the phone with a definite harshness in her greeting. KIM: (into phone) Yes? ... MARLENA: (into phone) Ah, Kim, it's Marlena...I just...I'm sorry to call so late, but...it's Roman. He's missing again. I don't mean to alarm you, but...I could use your help tracking him down. ... Kim is shocked, and worried, her tone changes slightly in her response to Marlena's request. KIM: (into phone) Oh Gosh, ahh...yeah. Yeah, I'll be right over. .... MARLENA: (into phone) Thank you, Kim...I'm sorry about this, I know it's late. KIM: (via phone) It's fine. MARLENA: (into phone) Listen, Kim, if you don't mind, I just wanted to take a moment to apo-- KIM: (via phone) Listen, Marlena, I can't really talk right now, just...I'll be right over, okay? Kim hangs up the phone, with Marlena wincing after the call ends, hurt by the terseness in Kim's voice, and their strained relationship thanks to Roman's decline. She puts down her phone, as she leans against the edge of the sideboard. MARLENA: Please God, let him be alright. Marlena turns and walks toward her bedroom to get changed back into her street clothes. --- Roman, still stunned by the sight of Nurse Crystal Clarke's body in the backseat of the abandoned SUV he's spotted in the bush, panics as he looks around in the dark, trying to figure out what to do. He remembers after a moment to check his phone to call for help, but there's no signal. ROMAN: Dammit! No signal out here. He races over to his car. Opening the door, he climbs inside to try to radio into dispatch for help, but his hands tremble, as he realizes he can't remember how to operate the radio. He drops the receiver, and puts his idling vehicle into gear, taking off back down the road in hopes of getting back to Salem to call for help. --- Nick returns to his room, now that Gabi's gone. He shuts the door behind him, looking around the room to see what's out of place. Realizing nothing's out of place, meaning if he hadn't caught her, he would've never noticed Gabi was in his room. He pulls open his desk drawer, and makes sure the manila envelope he'd hidden inside was missing, before slamming it shut in frustration. NICK: Dammit! Damn you, Gabi. He holds his head, trying to avoid another migraine, when his cell phone rings. It's Sheryl. He rolls his eyes as he answers the phone, pinching his nose to try to stop the throbbing in his head from worsening. NICK: (into phone) Sheryl, what do you want? ... Sheryl paces her living room at her new apartment, phone in her ear, her game face on, as she sarcastically replies to Nick. SHERYL: (into phone) You know, I just love your phone manner. It's so warm and genuine. ... Nick leans against the desk in his room, shutting his eyes and grimacing through the dull pain. NICK: (into phone) Sheryl, I don't have time for this right now, what do you want? SHERYL: (via phone) I want to give you some advice, Nick... ... SHERYL: (into phone) You remember what happened tonight at the studio? With the falling stage lights? ... NICK: (into phone) Obviously. ... SHERYL: (into phone) Well, you should know....that was my doing. ... Nick's eyes open as Sheryl lies to Nick about her responsibility for the "accident" at the TV station. SHERYL: (via phone) And I want you to know that it was not my intention to miss. So you'd better watch your step before you make your next move... NICK: (into phone) Or what? ... Sheryl gives an evil smile as she purrs her threat through the phone to Nick. SHERYL: (into phone) Or it'll be your very...last...move. Understood? ... Nick slowly begins to crack up, laughing through the phone at a surprised Sheryl. NICK: (into phone) You have got to be kidding me. SHERYL: (via phone) I am deadly serious, Nick. Nick laughs over the phone yet again, shaking his head as he begins to walk toward his bedroom window. NICK: (into phone) Sheryl, you don't get it, do you? I know full well it wasn't you who dropped that light on me. There's no way, because up until two hours ago, you thought someone else botched the virus operation. ... At Sheryl's end, Sheryl's smile drops from her face, as she realizes Nick's got her dead to rights. NICK: (via phone) So, because I'm such a nice, forgiving guy, I'm gonna make you a little deal. Alright? Sheryl sighs before answering Nick, putting a hand on her hip in frustration. SHERYL: (into phone) And just what kinda deal would that be? ... Nick looks out his bedroom window, his steely eyes looking straight ahead into the night as he delivers his own threat to Sheryl. NICK: (into phone) You get Jordan and leave town forever tonight, or those photos of you and Jordan that I was going to show on Nicole's TV special? I'm gonna take them straight to the police station. Got that? ... Sheryl tenses up, sighing once again, but this time with a certain pent-up rage. SHERYL: (into phone) Loud and clear. ... NICK: (into phone) You got 12 hours, Sheryl. Don't test me. Nick presses "End Call", his eyes never moving from looking outside. ... The double beep of Nick ending the call signals to Sheryl to drop her show of strength, her body unclenching from the tense back-and-forth. She grunts in frustration, before slamming her phone into the side table next to her. She looks around frantically, trying to figure out exactly what to do next. --- In her own bedroom at the Kiriakis house, Gabi texts EJ on her cell phone, as she stands with the manila envelope she's just collected from Nick's desk drawer in her other hand. She texts EJ: got the pics The photo of EJ in a compromising position with Abigail is out of the envelope, as Gabi stares at it carefully while hitting "send". Gabi looks up from the photos after a moment, stunned by the photo she holds in her hands. ---
  4. I will also add that many of these new shows (with the exceptions of Generations and Loving, whose timeslots were killers) were hour-long from the outset. That's a major time investment in virtual strangers to make every day, especially at the tail end of a soap lineup. I think a big part of B&B's and Capitol's relative ratings success is down to being a short half hour blip between familiar shows for viewers. I could easily sit down and sample a taste of a new half hour show daily while I wait for my old beloved hour-long show to start. But I'm way less likely to keep the TV tuned in to an hour of unfamiliar faces at the tail end of the daily lineup. You're way likelier to get folks changing the channel for that hour. IMO, a new soap can never be a full hour from the outset and be successful. Not unless TPTB were okay slogging it out for 5-10 years with mediocre ratings while the show would find its audience. They almost did with SB, but even then...inevitable cracks began to show.
  5. EPISODE 180 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Jordan opens the door to Rafe's loft, finding Roman standing on the other side. She is immediately tense, particularly after Nicole's TV special, and begins to trip over her words as she goes to greet Roman. JORDAN: Ah...uh...R-- Roman looks confused by Jordan being at the door. He tries to look past her to ensure he has the right address. ROMAN: Ah...Hi...uh...is Rafe there? JORDAN: Ah, no. No, he...he just stepped out for a second. Umm...is there...anything I can...maybe help you with? Or...maybe pass on a message? Roman looks down, racking his brain trying to figure out what he even came for. After a moment, he looks up at Jordan, and shakes his head. ROMAN: You know what? Don't worry about it. I'll get ahold of him later. Jordan smiles, pleasantly, but with a distinct tension behind her eyes. JORDAN: Okay. Sure. Jordan closes the door, as Roman leaves. Inside, she leans against the door, relieved. JORDAN: Just...breathe, Jordan. He's not after you, or you'd be under arrest already. Just breathe. ... On the other side of the door, Roman walks to the elevator, and presses the "down" button on the elevator. As he waits for it to reach his floor, he pounds on the frame of the elevator, trying in vain to recall why he came to Rafe's. ROMAN: What da Hell am I doing here? (sigh) Dammit. Roman is startled by the ding of the bell, announcing the elevator's arrival. He steps on and presses the Ground floor button. As the doors close, Rafe emerges from the stairwell, momentarily catching a glimpse of Roman, but is unable to call out to him in time. He frowns, wondering about the reason for Roman's visit, before stepping into his unit. --- The door of Will's car shuts, as Percy leaves the vehicle, having been dropped off from the TV studio. Will is now about to drive toward the Kiriakis mansion, with Alex in his front passenger's seat, Nick and Anjelica sitting in back. He turns the steering wheel, leaving the curbside by Percy's place. Everyone is stoic in the car, with most somewhat still shell shocked from Nick and Anjelica's near-miss on the studio floor with the falling lighting rig. WILL: Okay, so I'm taking you all to the Kiriakis house, yeah? NICK: Yep. WILL: Right. The car ride becomes silent once again, as Nick looks over at Will, who is focused on the road ahead. Alex looks over to Anjelica, who is looking out the window, as if in a haze. ALEX: Anjelica...you alright? Anjelica turns and smiles at her son warmly, but distinctly half-heartedly. ANJELICA: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just...I'm just exhausted. ALEX: Can't say I blame you. That was...quite the scare. Anjelica nods silently, before shuffling slightly in her seat. ANJELICA: Yeah...and I can't say these fabric seats are helping matters much. Will pipes up from the front, exhausted himself, and exasperated by Anjelica's unending snobbery. WILL: Yeah, well, welcome to normal people's cars, Anjelica. I'm sorry I couldn't get Harold to lend me the Bentley for the night, but you'll have to make do with plain old unheated cloth. Anjelica rolls her eyes, shuffling slightly again as she glares at Will. ANJELICA: Wish I hadn't told my driver to have the night off. ALEX: You'll be fine, Anjelica. Anjelica turns back to looking out the window, now more glaring out the window, really. The hush falls over the car once again. After a tense moment, Nick turns to ask Will a question. NICK: So, you figure the special got a good rating? Will stares straight ahead, purposefully disengaged from Nick. WILL: I'm sure we'll hear about it tomorrow. NICK: Overnights should be good. You think I came off well on TV? Will snaps at Nick suddenly, catching him off-guard. WILL: I don't really give a damn about how you come off on TV, Nick. NICK: I'm sorry, Will, I-- WILL: But I will tell you, you come off really badly sneaking Gabi out of our apartment without letting Sonny or I have a say about, or letting Gabi discuss it with us first like we asked. Nick looks surprised by Will's sudden display of backbone, Will looks back, heated. --- Kate slams her rocks glass down on the bar table in the DiMera living room, having just toasted to Nick's inevitable undoing. EJ and Sami look on, less than convinced. SAMI: Well, you're awfully sure of yourself tonight, Kate. Kate shrugs, before turning to face the bar, debating whether or not to grab another. KATE: I have good reason to be. Nick Fallon's overplayed his hand. Kate decides to go for it, and pours another half-glass of bourbon into the rocks glass, before picking it up gently spinning it around in her hand. KATE: And it's our time to seize upon that. EJ: Alright, I've got a question. Kate finishes taking a sip of her second drink and motions to EJ to go ahead. KATE: Shoot. EJ: What makes you so sure about this particular timeline for Nick's downfall? Kate saunters over toward the armchair as she explains herself to EJ and Sami. EJ and Sami turn, their eyes following Kate as she takes over their living room. KATE: Simple. Nick was so eager to seize control of Titan, that he got sloppy. He established, and used a working relationship with Jordan and Sheryl, or whatever their real names are, to get access to their servers, and then use them as the fall guys to help bribe the board into giving him control. Of course, those two have been working day and night to destroy Titan for the whole EnerNext fracking nonsense, so Nick pretended to be on their side to get access to their plans, and, I'm guessing, thwart them. Not to mention his blackmail tactics, which...frankly, if we stop him in time, we'll keep him from running his mouth everywhere about everyone and everything. EJ: That's all well and good, but...how can you prove he was working with them? KATE: Well, that's the best part. This stays between us, of course, but Billie's been investigating them this entire time. That's why she was brought back to Salem in the first place. So the goal now is to lure Jordan and Sheryl to the Penthouse Grille gala tomorrow night, and let the fireworks begin. Kate smiles, as she takes a sip of her drink. EJ and Sami look at each other, less than certain of Kate's plan. --- --- Sami folds her arms, as she stands facing Kate in the DiMera living room. SAMI: Well, this needs to work, or we're all going to jail. Though, frankly, I don't see why we don't just kill that little twerp anyway, if we're heading to jail anyway. Kate raises her rocks glass again from her seat in the armchair. KATE: Amen to that! EJ widens his eyes at Kate, implying she keep her mouth shut. EJ: Samantha, remember our New Year's resolution, we were going to try to keep the murder to a minimum this year. KATE: How sweet! Impractical, but sweet. Sami glares at Kate, annoyed by how comfortable Kate is in her home. Sami grabs her paperwork, and tablet, and heads out of the room for bed, kissing EJ on her way. SAMI: Look. I gotta get to bed. But keep me posted, okay? And if anything goes even slightly left, you call me right away. KATE: Got it. Sami turns to EJ to wish him good night. SAMI: EJ? EJ: I'll show Kate out, Samantha. Don't worry. Sami smiles, then walks out of the living room, walking up the stairs and out of sight. EJ checks carefully to make she she has gone up, before motioning to Kate to get up from her seat and come over closer to talk to him. KATE: What? EJ pulls the key he found in the safe out from his pocket. EJ: Does this look familiar to you at all? KATE: Ahh...maybe, I... EJ leans in closer, and speaks softly, but emphatically to Kate. EJ: You need to think really hard about this. Did father talk to you about a...safe deposit box, or anything of the sort that isn't part of the normal DiMera accounts. Kate mulls it over a moment, before answering EJ. KATE: There was something. He mentioned having a box at a small savings and loan in Chicago, but he never said anything more than that. Why? EJ: Because I have been through that safe about a hundred times and those pictures of the drowning attempt, among other...unpleasant reminders, are not in there, but I know for a FACT father has copies of them. KATE:Why would Stefano have those? EJ: To keep me in line. Why else? To remind me that my loyalty is to him, and not to Samantha. Kate nods, understanding Stefano's motivation clearly. KATE: Sounds like Stefano. EJ: Right, but then that begs another question. Kate puts her drink down, realizing EJ's question before it even comes out of his mouth. KATE: Is Stefano tied up with Nick. EJ: Exactly. And how deep. Kate sighs, as EJ clears his throat a moment. EJ: I need to get those pictures, Kate. KATE: What other pictures are in there. I mean, you can't just be this jumpy about Nick and the drowning-- EJ: Nothing for you to worry about. EJ cuts Kate off, preferring not to elaborate. Kate takes the hint and backs down. She grabs her clutch, and prepares to leave, but hesitates. KATE: Can you keep me in the loop about whether you track the pictures down or not? EJ looks up, nodding to Kate. EJ: I will. Kate turns to leave, but EJ calls out to stop her. EJ: Ah, Kate. Kate turns around, as EJ shares his last thought with her. EJ: Don't tell Samantha about the pictures. She's already...a wreck as it is, I don't think she needs this on top of everything else. Kate nods, smiling half-heartedly at EJ. KATE: No problem. Kate turns to leave, leaving EJ alone in the living room, looking pensively at the key. --- Rafe steps into the loft, finding Jordan finishing up cooking dinner for them. Jordan turns to look at Rafe, who points his thumb down the hall. RAFE: Am I seeing things or did Roman just leave? Jordan looks at Rafe, pretending to be confused. JORDAN: Wh...no. Roman wasn't here. It's just been me, finishing up the sauce. Rafe looks genuinely baffled, as he shuts the door to the loft. RAFE: Hm. I guess I need to get my eyes checked...you sure he wasn't just here? Jordan laughs, hoping her deflection works, and raises the mixing spoon from the saucepan for Rafe to taste. JORDAN: I'm positive. Here, try. Rafe leans in and tastes the piping hot sauce. He's immediately enticed by Jordan's home cooking. RAFE: Mmm, okay, that does it, you're movin' in. Rafe leans in to grab Jordan, but in the excitement, Jordan swings the spoon at Rafe and sprays sauce all over his shirt. Rafe backs up, stunned, while Jordan looks Rafe over, trying to hold in a giggle. RAFE: This is like...my favourite shirt! Jordan smiles sensuously, before running the spoon down his shirt, slowly reaching the top of his jeans. JORDAN: i guess you'll have to throw it in the wash....right away. Jordan steps in closer, wrapping her arm around the back of Rafe's neck, and pulls him into a kiss. Rafe grabs Jordan, but stops himself a moment, remembering the sauce. RAFE: Wait, what about dinner? Jordan turns around and turns the flame off the stovetop, before turning back to face Rafe. JORDAN: It can wait. Time for appetizers. Rafe smiles, as he picks Jordan up in his arms, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him, as he whisks her way to the bedroom. After Rafe closes the door to the bedroom, Jordan cell phone begins to buzz on the kitchen counter, with Sheryl once again trying to reach her. --- Roman shuts the door to his car, and sits inside in the parking lot outside Rafe's building with his car off. In the dark of the night, he racks his brain, stumped as to why he's there. In frustration, Roman smashes his hand against the rim of the steering wheel. ROMAN: DAMMIT! He sighs, mulling over what to do now. ROMAN: Okay, Roman. Just...have a drive around, think over what you were doing. Just...cool your head. Fumbling with the keys, Roman struggles momentarily in the dark, before finally getting the key in the ignition. Once the car is started, Roman backs out of the parking spot, and heads off into the night. --- At WXIR, Abby and Nicole finalize things after the end of production of Nicole's TV special. Nicole bends down with another crew member to inspect where the lines broke on the rig. CREW MEMBER: Nicole, these...these wires... NICOLE: What about them? Nicole notices something is wrong. She turns around, and motions to Abby to come over and take a look at the rig wires. NICOLE: Abby, come here and check this out. Abby steps over, as Nicole points to the cut cable. ABBY: Someone cut that cable. NICOLE: Exactly. And that's not the only one. ABBY: Somebody meant to drop this lighting rig. NICOLE: Exactly. And I have a feeling I know who they meant to hit. Nicole stands up, a worried look on her face. She turns to face Abby, speaking with urgency. NICOLE: Call the police right away. Get someone down here, NOW! Abby nods quickly, before running off to get a signal on her cell phone closer to the doorway, when Eric walks into the studio. He races over to embrace Nicole, who is thrilled to have him here. NICOLE: Oh my God, Eric! ERIC: I saw what happened on TV. Are you okay? NICOLE: I'm fine. Just...shaken up a little. You have no idea how happy I am to see your face. Nicole reaches around and hugs Eric again, tightly. As they hug, Abby stands off to the side of the room, as she begins to dial the police. Her heart sinks a little, as she watches Eric and Nicole embrace. She longs for her own lost love, as she recalls her mother's words from earlier in the day. *** FLASHBACK TO EPISODE 174 Outside the Brady Pub, Jenn looks confused, as she puts a hand on Abby's shoulder. JENN: Loving Chad wasn't a mistake, Abby. You just...you had a lot on your plate, I wouldn't call that a huge mistake. *** Abby sighs, catching her breath as she recalls her feelings for Chad. She wipes away a tear, as she finally dials the police. --- In Will's car, there is a silent tension from Will having snapped at Nick. All eyes are on the front seats, as Anjelica and Alex await Nick's response. After a moment, Nick begins to laugh at Will's anger. NICK: Dude, you've got this vein that like...pops out on your forehead when you're pissed, it's...hilarious. WILL: That's not an answer, Nick-- NICK: Gabi made her choice on her own. In case you didn't notice, she's a grown adult, and I don't think she needs you to be making her decisions for her. WILL: She does when it affects my daughter. Anjelica listens intently to the conversation, before pulling her phone out, and slyly sending a text to Liam. change of plan, meet @ pier for 11, need 2 grab somethng As she puts her phone away, Nick shakes his head, still keeping a cool head to counter Will's temper. NICK: You act like I'm taking them away to Greece or something. They're right down the road! Hell, Ari will probably spend more time at our place, what with Alex living there and all. WILL: What the Hell does that mean, Nick? Nick smirks, knowing he touched a nerve. NICK: Just sayin', I noticed you two are getting pretty close lately, and not in a boss/employee sorta way. Will looks away, frustrated by Nick's insinuation that something untoward is going on between him and Alex. ALEX: Shut up, Nick. NICK: Hey, is that any way to talk to your boss, man? Will mutters under his breath, turning his attentions back to the road ahead. WILL: Hopefully not for long. NICK: What was that? Will pulls into the driveway at the Kiriakis house, and puts the car into park, before turning to Nick with a big, fake smile. WILL: Nothing. Now get the Hell out of my car. NICK: There's that ol' Salem hospitality. Nick opens the door to leave, but turns back at the last moment to get one more jab in. NICK: Thanks for the ride, by the way. I know it's hard in this rickety old thing, but, maybe I'll give you a raise and you can get a new one. Will rolls his eyes as Nick laughs, shutting the door behind him. Anjelica opens the door, and motions to Alex, who stays behind a moment. ALEX: I'll be right in, Mom. ANJELICA: Okay. Alex puts a hand on Will's shoulder, as Will leans back in the driver's seat, drained and frustrated. ALEX: Hey. Don't let him get to you. We'll get him. I promise. Will nods his head, and puts his hand over Alex's. Alex, suddenly uncomfortable, pulls away, and awkwardly responds. ALEX: I should ah...I should go back in. You okay? WILL: I'll be fine. ALEX: K. Goodnight. WILL: Night. Alex exits the car, leaving Will alone. Will sighs, as he hits his head against the headrest. He sits for a minute with the car off, contemplating how things are going in his life. --- Inside the house, Gabi opens the door to Nick's room, turning on the light to be sure she's alone this time. She checks the hallway behind her before stepping in and leaving the door slightly ajar. Gabi sighs, as she contemplates where to start looking this time. GABI: Alright, chances are, it's gonna be...here. Gabi turns to face Nick's desk, and tries to pull open the bottom drawer where she was stopped before. It's locked. SIghing, she takes a second, before pulling a pin from her hair, and using it to pick the lock. After a second, she manages to pop the drawer open. GABI: Yesss.... Inside, she immediately spots a large manila envelope. Intrigued, she opens the envelope to find she's hit paydirt. The photos of her, Kate, and Sami attempting to drown Nick are inside. She breathes a sigh of relief as she flips through the photos. GABI: Oh my God! I found it. But behind her, trouble lurks. Nick approaches the door, and goes to open it, but notices it's ajar. He hesitates, checking carefully to see who's inside. Seeing it's Gabi, his face drops. He hangs back silently, watching her betray him like a hawk. GABI: We got him. Oh my God, I'm finally free. She presses the pictures up to her chest, thrilled by her discovery, but then flips to the next picture, her own face drops, as she sees an image that stuns her. GABI: Wha....what the....? The image of Abby and EJ mid-liplock is before her eyes. Gabi's jaw drops, as Nick looks on from outside. ---
  6. I don't really care, but your spirited defenses of someone you presumably don't know and whom largely elicits contempt from almost every corner of the soap fandom makes me wonder what stakes you have in it. You gave your opinion, folks disagree with it. Move on. No need for the series of petulant, nasty responses because folks had the audacity to say something you dislike. You know, you're right, Vee. *sigh* already given this one too much of my energy. Moving on.
  7. EPISODE 179 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Sheryl paces her apartment living room, livid after Nick's attempted betrayal. Jerome gets up from the sofa, trying to cool her off to no avail. SHERYL: I can't believe it. I can't believe we were barking up the wrong tree the entire time. Sheryl turns to face Jerome, pointing a finger up to Jerome's face as she curses Nick's name. SHERYL: I'm gonna kill him, Jerome. I swear to God... JEROME: You sure whoever dropped that stage light didn't do it for you already? Besides, it's not like he actually exposed you guys or anything... Sheryl turns to look at the TV, shaking her head. SHERYL: Nah. Nahhhh, I may not know Nick well, but I do know he doesn't do anything he doesn't intend to see through. One way or another. Sheryl sighs, shaking her head, while never taking her eyes off the TV. SHERYL: So...it's time to finish what we started, and then get the Hell outta Dodge... Jerome balks at Sheryl's assertion, which catches Sheryl's attention away from the TV. JEROME: (laughs) You think you're actually gonna get Jordan away from Detective Loverboy? You need to be looking after your own ass. Sheryl turns her head back to face the TV, almost mesmerized by what she sees. SHERYL: Ohh, she'll come with me. Once I've finished what I need to do, she won't have a choice. Sheryl smirks, trying to stifle a laugh, as the glare of the TV reflects in her eyes. --- At the WXIR studio, there's chaos after a portion of the lighting rig directly above the soundstage has crashed onto the stage, narrowly avoiding crushing Nick, Nicole, and Anjelica during Nicole's TV special. By the doorway of the studio, Abby runs over to the studio phone, calling the producer in the control room. ABBY: Yeah...end the broadcast?...Yeah, I'll let them know. Thanks. Abby hangs up and turns to walk briskly into the action on the soundstage. She walks toward Nicole, who's on the stage finishing wrapping the episode before they race to a commercial break, to tell her what the control room said. Nick sits back in his chair onstage, holding his head to try to soothe the intense pain and ringing in his ears after one of the lighting rigs fell from above the stage, narrowly avoiding crushing Nick. Alex and Will rush to the stage to check on Anjelica, who's okay, but shaken up in the chaos. ALEX: Anjelica! You okay? Anjelica puts a hand on Alex's shoulder, nodding emphatically. ANJELICA: Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. Just...a little stunned is all. Percy and Nicole rush over to Nick's side to check on him, as Nick shakes with pain. PERCY: Nicholas! Are you alright?? NICK: P...Pills... Nick is barely audible in all the chaos, but Nicole gets down on her hands and knees to check on him, a moment of genuine concern for her. NICOLE: Nick...Nick, did you get hit? Nick shakes his head, barely able to function without intense pain, as Nicole leans in close to him. NICOLE: Okay, tell me what you need. NICK: My p...my pills...in my bag. Percy races over to Nicole and Nick with Nick's bag. They rummage through his bag to find his pills. Nicole grabs them from the front flap, and Percy hands her his water bottle. NICOLE: Thanks. Okay, Nick. I got your pills, and your water, okay? Nicole pops two pills from the pack, but notice they're chalkier than she's used to for the brand. Also noticing the brand isn't written on the pill, she's unsure for a moment, but hands them to Nick regardless. --- Gabi approaches the Kiriakis Mansion, talking to EJ on her cell phone as she quickly walks up to the front door, rummaging through her purse for her keys. GABI: (into phone) EJ, I will...no, he doesn't suspect anything, and besides, he isn't home right now, he's about to be on Nicole's TV special...I will be careful...I'll keep you posted, thanks. Gabi hangs up, getting increasingly frantic as she can't find her key. After a frustrating moment, she does find it, and opens the door to the house. Once inside, she sighs in relief at being left alone from Nick's suffocating presence. But as she turns to head upstairs, Adrienne comes around the corner from behind the stairs, and she isn't thrilled to see Gabi. ADRIENNE: Gabi! Just the person I wanted to speak to. Gabi rolls her eyes, as Adrienne gives her a stern glare, as she stops Gabi from going upstairs. --- --- At Rafe's loft, Jordan finishes sweeping up the broken glass on the floor of the kitchenette, as Rafe walks over to check on her. RAFE: Babe, you okay? Jordan picks up the filled dustpan, opens the garbage can, and dumps the broken glass inside. She looks surly. JORDAN: (sigh) Yeah, I guess. Rafe takes the dustpan out of Jordan's hands, and put them on the kitchen island. He then takes Jordan's hands in his and steps in close to her, speaking playfully to try to break Jordan's tense mood. RAFE: I don't believe you! Come on! I saw your face when Nick started talking on the TV, you were white as a ghost. JORDAN: Yeah,well...I mean, anytime a person gets a lighting rig dropped on them, I get....faint of heart. RAFE: Well, thank God you're not an ER nurse then, hm? Jordan loosens up a bit, trying to stop from laughing at Rafe's attempts to make her smile. RAFE: Look, seems like everything's okay at the studio, just relax. JORDAN: Ugh, yeah. Sorry, just...it looked intense and I just...I guess I'm just a big bleeding heart. Jordan laughs nervously, while Rafe brushes her hair away from her face. RAFE: I know. It's what I love about you. Rafe turns and opens the garbage can, pulling the bag out. RAFE: Look, I'm gonna...take this out. It's getting pretty full, so...I'll be right back, okay? JORDAN: Okay. Jordan smiles, as Rafe kisses her gently on the lips. He smiles as he pulls away, grabbing the bag of garbage before stepping out of the loft. Jordan watches Rafe as the door closes behind him, breathing a sigh of relief as she thinks over her situation with Nick and Sheryl. JORDAN: Alright, Jordan. Nick didn't actually show your picture. You're still safe. (sigh) You're still safe. Jordan turns the heat off on the stove, going to lift the pot off the stove when she hears a knock on the door. Jordan puts the pot back down, walking quickly over to the door, as she calls out to the person on the other side. JORDAN: One second! Jordan opens the door, expecting Rafe on the other side, but is stunned when it isn't. JORDAN: Rafe, did you forget your key-- It's Roman. Jordan's stomach drops, as her mouth hangs open, stunned and scared. Roman looks on, confused. --- In the Kiriakis foyer, Gabi rolls her eyes at Adrienne, then attempts to walk past Adrienne to get upstairs to her room. Adrienne moves to stop her dead in her tracks. ADRIENNE: I would...like to talk. GABI: Adrienne, I don't have time right now, okay-- ADRIENNE: You need to make time. Because I am worried about you right now, okay? Gabi rolls her eyes, trying very hard not to snap at Adrienne. GABI: You don't have to worry about me. Okay? I'm fine. ADRIENNE: Maybe for now. Gabi folds her arms, very uncomfortable with Adrienne's line of questioning, but keeps tight lipped. ADRIENNE: But I know it's just a matter of time before Nick does something to harm you, or Sonny, or Will. And anything he does to any of you will hurt Ari. GABI: Adrienne, Ari is my number one priority. ADRIENNE: Well, then prove it. Leave Nick, and move back in with Will and Sonny. GABI: I can't do that. Adrienne gets impatient with Gabi, beginning to speak more tersely, though remaining quiet so as not to raise alarm to anyone else in the house. ADRIENNE: Why not? Honey, I can see the fear in your eyes. Believe me, I've been there. Don't leave it until it's too late. Gabi doesn't respond to Adrienne, instead stands with her arms folded, looking away, as Adrienne stares intensely at her. ADRIENNE: Gabi...I'm serious. I'll be keeping an eye on you and Nick. I want you to be safe. For Ari's sake. Adrienne turns and walks toward the living room. Leaving Gabi behind feeling tense. She turns and quickly heads up the stairs. --- At the DiMera Mansion, EJ is stood at the safe in the living room, behind Stefano's portrait. Believing he's alone, he's opened the safe, and is rummaging through to find something. As he rummages, he finds an oddly-shaped key with a number on it. He studies it for a minute, never having seen said key before. He furrows his brow, before putting the key in his pocket. As he does, Sami enters the room, tablet in hand, prompting EJ to quickly shut the safe. SAMI: EJ! EJ: Samantha! You ah...you surprised me. EJ obscures the safe with Stefano's portrait, as Sami looks at him curiously. SAMI: You ah...you don't have to hide from me. I know there's a safe in there. EJ: No, I know, I just...ahmmm...you know. Needed something. So how are you feeling? Sami walks over to the desk across the room, setting the tablet down. She turns back to look at EJ, who is walking her way. SAMI: Better. I mean, I'm still mad at my mom for what she's putting my dad through, but... Sami shrugs, as EJ stands facing her, smiling warmly at her. EJ: I understand. SAMI: Thank you, by the way. Thanks for listening. I know I haven't been...the easiest to get along with lately. Sami steps in closer to EJ, as EJ gives her a hug, Sami finally feeling comfortable again in his arms. EJ: It's alright. That's what Laura's been helping us with, right? SAMI: Yep. From outside the room, they hear the sound of stilettos clicking as the front door to the house shuts. Then Kate's voice rings through the foyer and into the living room, preceding her arrival. KATE: It's alright, Harold, it's just me. As Kate enters the room, Sami and EJ turn Kate's way, Sami folds her arms with a smirk. SAMI: You do realize you don't live here anymore, right? KATE: And for that I'm much better off, I assure you. (sigh) We need to talk. Something's come up. Something big. Sami and EJ look curiously at Kate. EJ: Why? What's happened? Kate's eyes light up as she tells Sami and EJ her news. KATE: Well...I just got back from the police station. Kate saunters over to the bar, pouring herself a drink as she continues. SAMI: Okay? KATE: Abe asked us all to meet there, because they're fairly certain that they not only have Sheryl and Jordan dead-to-rights, they also may have Nick. SAMI: Well, that's fantastic news! When will we know? KATE: Well, they'll likely have everything figured out by tomorrow night. So, I say...we toast. Kate holds up her glass in front of her, smiling as much as she's able to. KATE: Because in 24 hours, we will finally be well rid of Nicholas Fallon. Sami and EJ look on skeptically, as Kate takes a sip of her drink, looking happy as a pig in mud. --- Back at the WXIR studio, Abby finishes up another call up to the control room. ABBY: Okay. Thanks. Abby hangs up the phone and steps away from the wall the phone's against, revealing Nick standing behind her. Now cooled off thanks to his medication, he approaches Abby, who is taking notes with her tablet, not noticing Nick's presence. Nick softly calls out to her. NICK: Hey, Abigail. Abby looks up from her tablet, before sighing and then turning around. ABBY: Nick. NICK: I ah...I'm sorry your first show didn't work out...quite how you...or I wanted. ABBY: Yeah, well...these things happen. Excuse me. Abby goes to step away from Nick, but Nick grabs her by the upper arm, stopping her. NICK: Abby. Wh...what's wrong? ABBY: Nothing's wrong, Nick. Abby forces Nick to let go of her arm, but hesitates to walk away from him. NICK: (sigh) Abigail, if something's bothering you, you can tell me, you know. I mean, we used to be really clos-- Abigail turns around suddenly, snapping at Nick. ABBY: Yeah, Nick. Used to be. Abby backs down, but continues to speak to Nick, looking down so as to be less confrontational. ABBY: A lot's changed since then. Especially with you. Look, I'll be fine, thanks for checking on me. At this moment, Will, Alex, and Anjelica approach, putting an end to Nick and Abby's tense conversation. WILL: Hey, Abs. Ahh, Alex and I are gonna take Anjelica back to the Kiriakis house, did you need a ride to your mom's? ABBY: No. No, I'll be fine. I got...I got a lot to do with Nicole to wrap the production up anyway, so...I'll be awhile. Thanks though. Abby gives them a faint smile, before walking away to get back to work. Alex and Will look at Abby as she walks away, their faces filled with worry. After a tense moment, Nick smirks at Will, who glares back at him. NICK: What? You're not gonna offer me a ride, Will? ALEX: Nick... Will stops Alex from continuing, putting his arm out in front of Alex to indicate it. Will replies to Nick with a stern, almost-catty tone. WILL: You know what, Nick. Sure! We'll give you a ride. You're all headed to the Kiriakis house anyway. Besides, you and I have a few things we need to discuss anyway. Will gives Nick an intense look, while Nick tries to hold in a laugh, amused by Will's apparent lack of self-control. ALEX: Come on, let's go. As they start to walk off, Nick feels his cell phone buzz in his pocket. Pulling it out, he sees the call is from Sheryl. He immediately ignores the call, and follows the others out of the studio. Behind them, on the soundstage, Nicole kneels down by the broken lighting rig. She looks at the cables meant to keep the lighting rig in place. She notices a number of them have clear cuts across them. She sighs, realizing what this means. Nicole is snapped out of her investigation by Abby, who walks on stage to check on her. ABBY: What is it? Nicole looks momentarily at Abby, before looking way up above her. Abby's eyes follow suit. NICOLE: Someone cut those wires. They meant for this to happen. And I don't think this is the ending they wanted, either. ---
  8. Yeah, it's definitely evolved over time. CBS was more conservative, slow-moving, family-centred, but there's that Bell vs. P&G divide that largely split the lineup down the middle in terms of subject matter. ABC has always moved faster, been more liberal, lighter, with grittier subject matter, definitely defined by Agnes Nixon's style. GH managed to keep pace, despite rarely sharing writers or producers with the Nixon shows. NBC was a mish-mash, since their 60s and 70s soaps were successful thanks to both Bell and Nixon's styles, and sort of defined by more daring adult drama, but never really reaching the youth the same way ABC did. That shifted in the 80s and 90s with the dramatic change in style of DAYS, the introduction of SB, and AW and SFT trying to keep pace. I feel like NBC never developed that clear identity of the other two, and that may have contributed to their patchy success after the mid-70s.
  9. Awesome! I saw your post about this in the Classic Y&R FB group and (haphazardly) uploaded a few episodes, but I can't seem to access the page anymore. I'll try again via the link here. Hopefully it works!
  10. You gotta love how, even back then, the mainstream press could so easily, so concisely, so quickly, get so much information completely WRONG.🤣
  11. Reading through DAYS early history (thanks to the brilliant @JAS0N47 , of course), and in my reading of the monthly summaries, I'm increasingly finding Dr. Greg Peters to be a sanctimonious ass and it's getting on my nerves. Having never seen him on the show in any episodes that have popped up online, I'm curious to know what others' opinions of his character were, watching day-to-day. They also glaze over a (to me, understandable) overprotectiveness Susan Martin had over her daughter, Anne, but only refer to it in reference to the litany of complaints Greg had about Susan. Was this really how Susan was with Anne, or was it down to Greg feeling resentful toward Anne for subconsciously reminding him that Anne was actually Eric's baby?
  12. With DAYS, that point came surprisingly late: the past year things have gone so off the rails, particularly with the death-means-nothing vaccine, and the stupidity with Steveno and turning Julie into Miss MAGA. The show has been crazy before, but always seemed to hold a sense of reverence for their history, at least enough so not to completely stomp on it. They moved forward instead of constantly messing with the past. I honestly don't know if there is a moment I could really pinpoint as "the last straw" for me, but there were a number of WTFs in 2019 that finally killed it for me. GH, honestly I tuned out pretty much forever the second it became clear that I was supposed to root for The World's Most Boring Man aka Jason. The propping was constant, and the moral code of the show shifted so extremely by that point that, even being a tween, I could never understand why RoboHitman and The Forehead were supposed to be in any way appealing. They were just awful. Final nail in the coffin was Sonny holding Jax at gunpoint in Robin's foyer in front of her daughter and Robin being totally cool with it and not even chastising Sonny SLIGHTLY for having a gun 10ft from a small child. The absurdity of it all made me realize they would never have ANYONE in the Mob Squad face consequences for any behaviour a normal person would abhor, and it just stopped having any impact for me. Y&R for me was a combination of Jill's parentage mess, combined with Marrrrrco, and the twin doppelgangers. Once you cross that line into absurdity, you just can't put the genie back in the bottle. They keep trying, but they keep reverting back to it, and it gets worse every time. GL was absolutely the clone and San Cristobel. I never came back after that, and I was absolutely fed up of every show aping DAYS.
  13. You also gotta love how, despite having almost 10x as many daily viewers at the time, DAYS "outdoor" sets in 1975 could amount to little more than a poorly-disguised curtain of trees and a baby picnic table, yet the story was far more compelling. A lesson could be learned by the writers of today watching this (but won't be).
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