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  1. The Hot 100 is such a joke, lol. If you surveyed random people on the street, you'd be lucky if two average people have even heard these BTS songs.
  2. I always sound like the president of the Heather Rattray fan club, but I do think the change in writing and actresses went a long way in making Lilly a hell of a lot more digestible to me during that time.
  3. Soaps were once a lot more gender inclusive vs. primerime and film when it came to women in positions of power. I guess a lot of that would stem from Irna Phillips herself being the mastermind behind the genre, but then you had someone like Lucy Ferri Rittenberg for example (who never gets much notice) that EP’d The Guiding Light over a very long period of time.
  4. I never thought Cassie ever worked as a character, so LW's supposed value to the show never made sense to me personally.
  5. I guess Tom Eplin actually received a similar clause in his contract which P&G had to fulfill when NBC canceled AW.
  6. Bless her, but Marla looked like she could barley walk the last time I saw her make a public appearance. I hope she's well though.
  7. Bless Constance, always as subtle as a heart attack, lol.
  8. I always said that Lois/Brenda had a much more believable friendship to me than Robin/Brenda, even though I liked the latter. They just seemed like women who would click in some weird way.
  9. I also think Curlee would have written Ned/Lois (and Lois in general) a hell of a lot better than what we got from Guza. I think Marland would have enjoyed Y&R's corporate intrigue and messy family dynamics elements.
  10. I also don't know that Susan Marie Snyder is the most qualified person to make that statement. Is she a WGA member? She's not been active in the industry since her time on ATWT, to my knowledge. Unless that's the excuse/lie someone told her when she was let go in 1995?
  11. I had always heard that getting royalties from characters that a writer had created on a soap was a myth. I also can't find any WGA rules/guidelines around that.
  12. I do wonder if VM can keep up with the pace of daytime for an extended period of time again. That 2010-2011 stint was the epitome of phoning it in and just collecting a paycheck. I still have nightmares thinking about some of the awkward laughs/crackles she would randomly insert into scenes...
  13. She probably would have loved writing the initial Carly/Bobbie story, too, given how important Blake and Holly's mother/daughter dynamic was to her GL tenure. I think @titan1978 mentioned a few days ago that she also probably would have done a much better job of integrating the 'family man' Luke that Labine had fostered, with the more darker/sleezeball Luke that Geary and Guza loved so much, based on how much she was able to believably ground Roger Thorpe. And obviously since this is mid-90's, she would have been forced to carry the Sonny/Brenda torch...
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