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  1. The Todd Manning effect as I like to call it.
  2. 1994 was a tough year with so much chaos going on behind the scenes at the show. Patrick Mulcahey has spoken about it on Twitter a few times - about how amazing the experience with Curlee was, and then when a series of external factors made it too complicated to work there for her (and ultimately him), his own HW-ing tenure after Curlee left being heartbreaking, and why he needed to go.
  3. You’re one to talk about policing as that’s all you seem to be doing in this thread.
  4. Not to sound curt, but no one cares if you have an issue with their posts, ranger1rg. You're not a moderator on this board, and very few things said here have been against this board's guidelines. You're not going to stop people from posting what they think just because you don't agree. All it does is clutter this thread - but proof that any distraction is probably more enjoyable than the current state of Y&R itself. If it offends you, just block the poster, but then that might be like 98% of this board for you.
  5. Stafford didn't help herself on the demand front by publicly claiming that she would "never return" to Y&R only to do so when GH wouldn't nudge on her contract demands.
  6. It was always established in the original show that Becky excelled in school and was popular. Basically that she had a strong future ahead of her, but when she eloped with Mark, she threw all that potential away to be with him. Thus her life was never able to be what it could have been. Part of why she eloped with Mark in the first place was because she was pissed that Dan and Roseanne didn’t have enough money to send her to college.
  7. Janet didn't really help her career either by releasing some truly awful albums in the 00's and then going on a near decade break from music to focus on crap Tyler Perry movies and marrying a rich Arab businessman for his fortune... But what happened to her in the immediate fallout was both racist and sexist to the highest degree.
  8. Marvel also released a Madripoor tie-in site with direct references to mutants (including Wolverine and Mystique), and then erased all X-Men related references a few hours later. Revised site is still up though. https://www.exploremadripoor.com/ I know Feige confirmed the use Madroippor was a last minute addition allotted to them because of the Fox acquisition.
  9. Every episode has been better than the last. Haven't seen the 4th episode yet, but I thought episode 3 was the best yet.
  10. Joss Whedon isn't even fit to open a f.ucking letter.
  11. I think Long became more structured during her second stint. But maybe that was more so Curlee/Calhoun's influence.
  12. WarnerMedia Studios CEO, Ann Sarnoff, has said there are no plans to continue on with Snyder. WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff on ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ and DC’s Future He can be a little too self-indulgent sometimes, but he’s not without talent. Maybe he can pitch the Daredevil reboot he’s talked about recently in the press to Marvel/Feige and leave the mess over at WB behind.
  13. She just seems like a deeply unpleasant person. She just can’t hide that well anymore.
  14. That’s like going to the dentist for a simple cleaning and leaving with a root canal.
  15. They had a few good years when Aisha Tyler was on the panel and they were regularly bating The View, but it didn't last. Though, does CBS even have a cheaper alternative to replace it with at this point? I hope they don't think about giving the insufferable Gayle King another hour...
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