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  1. Patrick Mulcahey has been posting a lot on Twitter about his two stints on GL. Some new stories about Marland and how much he loved worked Nancy Curlee and Stephen Demorest. Perhaps of interest to some like @Khan.
  2. He hasn't created one new character that's worth a damn.
  3. You're right, Griffith's writing "talent" will naturally do that anyway....
  4. I mean, Josh Griffith isn't the most creative writer, sooner or later he'll have to make this character turn out to be Hillary. Or maybe they want to stick it to the fans who fought so hard to have Mishael back - they'll purposely tank the character just to "show" those fans who lobbied so hard to bring her back.
  5. One thing for sure, her Victoria would not be intimidated and belittled by Adam like AH's is.
  6. JH made Adam a stable and serviceable character again. I never thought that would happen after the cartoonery of Muhney.
  7. Slightly dramatic as she was off the show for 16 years after a 4 year initial stint. But Tamzin filmed her last scenes today, so I’m assuming Mel exits sometime in November. https://mobile.twitter.com/mouthwaite/status/1170372429547474944
  8. Yes, Curlee left in the very early part of '94. I can't remember when exactly, but it was definitely between January-March on '94.
  9. Lucy Benjamin has slotted back in quite nicely as Lisa this week too. The writing for Bianca and Tiffany’s scenes felt off. It’s like they’re struggling to explain why Bianca’s been an absent/terrible mother.
  10. Granted, Mel’s return has been an overall flop and she’s leaving soon (and I was never a big fan anyway during her first stint). However, Tamzin is a damn good actress and was very good this week (especially today).
  11. This won't have a major impact on the falling ratings and Griffith's terrible work. His first stint on the show predated Angelica, and it was in the vein of the same boring trash we have now.
  12. I don't see them firing Mark, unless the next regime doesn't see Adam integral to their plans. I doubt it though, as Adam seems to be a character that every regime centers the show around (whether by choice or mandated by Sony/CBS).
  13. More power to you ANF - I think the show is the most boring it's ever been, and the ratings under Griffith are highly problematic. Given Y&R's record with firing writers when the ratings get this bad, I just don't see him lasting much longer and expect him to get fired (again) very soon. Separately, I do like Mark Grossman, but I feel like they're running that poor man into the ground already.
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