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  1. "Roseanne" revival

    Despite the Olympics competition, it did well in the ratings. It was a (tied) season high for 20/20.
  2. Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

    Can we just take a step back and talk about how unnecessary another SATC move is anyway? Kim seemed her learn her lesson after the last movie was panned and didn't live up to expectations - it was time to let it go and gracefully move on to other things. I wish SJP could learn this. Cynthia Nixon has a respectable stage career (and won her second Tony award last year), and Kristin Davis has her infomercials (which I'm sure she's getting paid handsomely for). SJP is just clinging to a TV career that no one gives a crap about anymore.
  3. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Genevive was one of the most horrific characters to ever grace this show, and Genie's acting was equally horrific in the role.
  4. The Spice Girls reuniting!!

    Why does Mel B look like the Cowardly Lion?
  5. The Justin Timberlake Thread

    Boredom and Justin Timberlake go hand and hand...
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    Interesting Bollywood remix of a Madonna classic:
  7. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is it much of a match though? One is played by a competent actress, and the other, well....
  8. SOD 4 Casting calls for Y&R

    Don't we have enough crimes against humanity on this earth?
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The cast/songwriters of Dear Evan Hansen won the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, so Michael Park is now a Grammy winner as well...
  10. Guiding Light discussion thread

    And oddly enough, I believe the Dobson's hated the Ritournelle opening - I think Bridget Dobson once said they would try to write a compelling opening scene and then it would "flash to that thing with the dead leaves!"
  11. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    These people can also afford surrogates if they don't want to adopt and want a biological kid....
  12. "Murphy Brown" revival coming to CBS

    And honestly, I think part of that is down to Bergen's limitations as an actress... I think both Cybil Sheppard and Heather Locklear were in mind for the character before Bergen came into the picture. I wonder if the character would have been more endearing to the general public with another actress (not that Sheppard and Locklear are any great thespians themselves). And yeah, I don't think the show was ever the same without Robert Pastorelli as Eldin. He was the one character that made Murphy tolerable, IMO. The original show definitely ran about 5 seasons too long. Too bad Pastorelli is no longer with us...