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  1. I have to wonder if there's something much deeper going on with him. I know he mentioned moving his family to Indiana for financial reasons a while back. I wonder if his financial life is in much worse shape than he alluded to. He'd be an alcoholic regardless, but I wonder if that's made it much worse.
  2. This isn't 1995 anymore, no one is tuning into a damn daytime soap no matter how many headlines.
  3. Yeah, but bet they won’t get any kind of ratings increase from it.
  4. Regardless of what happens, DAYS doesn't have the budget or creative talent behind it to do a proper revamp.
  5. Guys, it's a sweatshop type work environment at this point. With the way the budget is, they're never going to bring in anyone top notch or from outside the industry. It's all designed to just keep the lights on regardless of quality content at this point.
  6. What’s the west coast equivalent to Peapack again? 😉
  7. I get that we all have an attachment to these shows, but at this point, when things get this bad, cancellation seems like the only viable option. I'd rather that than see the show cling to life support on a non-existent budget with barely any recognizable cast. It's just too damn painful to see these shows become less reputable than a high school play.
  8. They'll probably do the crap GL did in its later days - have a decent amount of actors on recurring and only a select few on contract.
  9. Well, this is definitely a cancellation, IMO. Who the hell does something like this? Also, the fact they're going on hiatus as well makes me think they may not even have a proper finale ala Port Charles.
  10. Robyn still looks like she wants to beat Wendy's ass: Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston Planned to Confront Wendy Williams Over Acrimonious Interview
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