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  1. "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    Though, early reviews don't seem very promising. I guess we'll have to see for ourselves how this one does. Rolling Stone: ‘Murphy Brown’ Review: A Crusty Comeback TV Line: Murphy Brown Review: CBS' Sitcom Revival Too Often Feels Like Old News
  2. "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    Diane English did mention that they intentionally haven't written the last 3 episodes of the season yet in an effort to stay topical. I wonder if Diane will tackle the Les Moonves situation. Though, I guess she probably had a better working relationship with him than Linda Bloodworth Thomason.
  3. "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

  4. The soap opera writers' discussion

    They were obviously not going to work on a soap after their ordeal with their own one, but the Dobson's would have been interesting at AMC as well. I think they would have gelled well with Agnes's sometimes broad humour approach and they showed at GL they could also handle more contemporary issues. Their ATWT had issues, but a huge part of that seemed P&G wanting to follow the trends GH/ABC was successful with at that time.
  5. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Mulcahey seems very no nonsense. Nixon's working style just rubbed him the wrong way. He's spoken very highly of Marland, the Dobson's, Nancy Curlee, and even Bob Guza - perhaps they gave him a greater level of freedom to express his creativity.
  6. The soap opera writers' discussion

    I think Patrick Mulcahey's commentary about Nixon's feedback on his LOV scripts was that she was a severe micro-manager and her feedback ultimately wasn't helpful to him. Found it, it's from a Santa Barbara fan site: http://santabarbara-online.com/InterviewPMulcahey2.htm How did you start in Santa Barbara ? Thereby hangs a tale. After working with Douglas Marland on Guiding Light and then on Loving, which I hated (and where Agnes Nixon was like some psychotic schoolmarm on speed, making copious condescending red-pen "corrections" in the margins of scripts - "You used the same word on page 2 and on page 34 ! Too repetitive !") - after that, I decided I was done with writing for soaps. Douglas was the best. He'd taught me more about writing than any ten literature professors ever could have, plus I'd won an Emmy. I figured I'd never have another experience like that, so I decided go back to what I knew best : waiting on tables and writing plays at night and being a starving artist again.
  7. Also, if the Bells sell their shares to anyone, it would be Sony. And why the hell hasn't either party bought out the Corday interest yet?
  8. Seems like made up fan trash. The official Y&R credits still list Sony, The Bell Dramatic Serial Company, and Corday Productions are the show's production houses.
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Strasser did some of her best work (and probably the last time she got the chance to) in that 1995 DID storyline, the reveal aspect at least. But yes, Malone could be a deeply convoluted and heavy-handed writer.
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    That period had some of the show's best production values.
  11. Kelly Clarkson Talk Show picked up by NBC

    I mean, I guess her pop career is now past its prime now that she's doing daytime talk?
  12. Mariah Carey Thread

    Too bad it was a fluke. She's such a joke these days, but then again, that's how she seems to see herself anyway....
  13. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    I have to believe she'll just wrap of this season of BB and won't be around for the next one (if there is one).