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  1. Well, for having me blocked, he seems to can’t stop talking about me or bringing me up in discussions. But anyway, this is as boring as the actual show.
  2. Hmm, seems this troll doesn’t understand the point of blocking. He can keep talking about me though as it must take away from being the depressed old man who so badly wants to be Michelle Stafford and f.ucked by Josh Morrow to get his mind off his worries. I wonder how the “epic Phick reunion” that was supposed to happen this summer is going for his pathetic stan ass.
  3. It’s an honor to be blocked by an insecure obese troll that tries to live vicariously though Michelle Stafford of all people because his life is as pathetic as the career Michelle Stafford tried to have outside of daytime. None of it makes sense. Most of this did not work in 2013, why try it again?
  4. Awful. This show is creatively bankrupt and I am glad the ratings actually reflect that.
  5. Definition of opinion 1a: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter We asked them for their opinions about the new stadium. b: APPROVAL, ESTEEM I have no great opinion of his work. 2a: belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge a person of rigid opinions b: a generally held view news programs that shape public opinion 3a: a formal expression of judgment or advice by an expert My doctor says that I need an operation, but I'm going to get a second opinion. b: the formal expression (as by a judge, court, or referee) of the legal reasons and principles upon which a legal decision is based The article discusses the recent Supreme Court opinion. Definition of fact 1a: something that has actual existence space exploration is now a fact b: an actual occurrence prove the fact of damage 2: a piece of information presented as having objective reality These are the hard facts of the case. 3: the quality of being actual : ACTUALITY a question of fact hinges on evidence 4: a thing done: such as a: CRIME accessory after the fact barchaic : ACTION cobsolete : FEAT 5archaic : PERFORMANCE, DOING BUY IT. LEARN IT. USE IT.
  6. dio, please learn basic English before trying to debate and throwing around words like “fact.” A bunch of people have won awards and many of them are currently not employed. That’s totally irrelevant to the “facts” point you were trying to make. You tried though.🤣 They weren’t hitting all-time lows in consecutive weeks when GT was last there and they basically have since MS rejoined but that’s not down to her alone. The ratings are “facts” and we have actual data to back that up. See how that works? But dio, the dictionary is your friend...
  7. Now, it is fact Y&R’s ratings have been in the toilet since Stafford’s return. Obviously, that’s not exclusively down to her, but she is a polarizing actress...
  8. What facts? That’s your opinion, something you have issues separating from “fact.”
  9. Rather than the subliminal sh!t he pulls, I would have more respect for Goddard if he just came out and admitted "I didn't want to be paired with that fat and old woman." That's exactly what it is, and let's not pretend any differently.
  10. The only potential storyline with any value for Cane is a painful and very final death.
  11. Daniel Goddard is trash and the fact that Y&R refuses to get rid of his useless ass goes to show how unaware this show is of its issues.
  12. MS plays Phyllis like she's Summer's rival, not mother. Whatever it is, this relationship is not working.
  13. It's clear that Griffith and Morina's "big bets" aren't working, and the ratings reinforce that. It's never a good idea to revolve a show around a recast (Adam), bring characters back for the sake of it with little direction or need (Kevin and Chelsea), and trying to force-feed pairings that have never worked and will never work (Kyle/Lola). On top of that, bringing back a polarizing actress (Stafford). Also, after they proved their worth during the week of Neil's death/Kristoff's tribute, the black cast is still treated with no respect or substantial story development. Maybe they're in a holding pattern until Mishael can return full-time, but that's not enough. It's just too many things at once and most of it is clearly not working and not what the audience at home seems to want.
  14. I guess we'll at least give him credit for tuning in just a little bit - given that the show has consistently been hitting all-time lows in the ratings for several weeks now. Something about the show clearly isn't resonating with its audience, and more so than the usual "daytime is dying anyway" sentiment.
  15. Somewhere Gina Tognoni is smiling knowing "iconic" Stafford has retuned to a show tanking in the ratings and since her firing.
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