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  1. BetterForgotten

    Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    Murder She Wrote and 60 Minutes were really keeping CBS alive by this point...
  2. BetterForgotten

    Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    Yes, with Cosby, Roseanne, and A Different World - I believe it was the first time one studio (Carsey-Werner) had the top 3 shows on television. Roseanne was indeed an instant hit, and was the top show the night it premiered.
  3. BetterForgotten

    The Barbra Streisand Thread

    Very surprised she did this.
  4. BetterForgotten

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    I guess I'll give them credit for not making Ashley leave weak and defeated, or worse, dead.
  5. BetterForgotten

    Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    The next season will have a direct correlation to this current season - Roseanne and Murphy Brown both premiered in the 88-89 season.
  6. BetterForgotten

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Johnny Galecki feels more alive playing David than he has for many, many years on TBBT.
  7. BetterForgotten

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    13:18 in begins the segment where she touches on Ryan's Hope:
  8. BetterForgotten

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    TV One aired an episode of Uncensored about Tichina Arnold tonight. She talked about how she'll always love and be grateful to Michael Levin because he really really went to bat for her to get cast on Ryan's Hope, and because that door opened for her, it led to other opportunities. It was sweet how fondly she spoke of him.
  9. BetterForgotten

    "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    A lot of the writing is hokey and self-referential - I don't remember it being this way in the earlier seasons of the original show (which they're clearly trying to recapture). I do agree that the show needs to find it's groove again, and that the Murphy/Avery relationship continues to be the strongest part of the show. Poor Faith Ford is given scraps in this so far, as much as she tries, there isn't a character in Corky anymore.
  10. BetterForgotten

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread