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  1. Does anyone know if Maeve Kinkead wasn't fond of the way Pam Long wrote for Vanessa? Looking at her Emmy speech again, she thanked Doug Marland for creating Vanessa and Nancy Curlee for giving Vanessa "new life." Someone in the comments mentioned she hated the drug storyline and most of what Long wrote for her...
  2. Yes, the OLTL selections were probably some of the best from what I saw. My first exposure to the Karen Wolek and Marco Dane, character-types I'd rarely ever seen on daytime before or since.
  3. I forget about P!nk all the time, because well, all of her music since M!zundastood and Try This has been so damn forgettable. It works for her because she still has a strong following, but after M!zundastood (still her best album, IMO) and after Try This sold disappointingly, she gave up trying to bring anything new to the table and has played it safe and catered to soccer moms ever since. It's a shame, because had potential to be so much more, especially after she flipped the script from her first album and into M!zundastood.
  4. It's sad she was never really able to regain her 99-04 spark again. Even before her recent troubles, her career has been on a downward trajectory - these last two albums were huge flops. She's so irrelevant to the current pop scene that she may never be able to make a significant mark on it again, especially as she pushes 40. Though, I guess other than Beyonce, no one from her generation of pop has really been able to sustain a career with much momentum.
  5. I have to wonder if anyone even wants that job anymore, hence why we’re stuck with bottom of the barrel talent like Josh Griffith and Anthony Morina. I do think those two will likely be fired together when the time comes. Morina has also proven to be an ineffective EP that can’t challenge his lackluster HW.
  6. I feel like Marlena in general sucked so much story out of the show to the detriment of core characters who had been much more prominent and vital to the show’s success prior to her arrival.
  7. And as ridiculed as that story was then, it’s still 10x better than what any of the soaps are dishing out these days. So sad.
  8. Tracey E. Bergman also said CBS asked her and I assume others from the current cast to do intros for those classic episodes. I am assuming that will also cut into air time.
  9. She’s done a number of questionable things on Twitter over the years. All of it seemed attention-grabbing under the guise of social justice. Despicable woman. And no, I don’t excuse any of Callahan‘s past indiscretions, there’s never a ‘good time’ for something like that to be spoken about. However, someone’s father just died less than 24 hours ago..
  10. At least a good distraction from the horrendous current show and everything else going on right now...
  11. And with the unfortunate timing of her Tweet regarding John Callahan, Nancy Lee Grahn is another one I am surprised has lasted this long on GH... Alexis hasn’t been the go-to lawyer in years, her romantic relationships have largely failed, and her connections are pretty thin overall.
  12. Curlee mentioned that Long didn’t even have any idea who Roger and Holly were. Perhaps Long did some research, or others like Curlee or EP Rober Calhoun (was he there by that point?) had a hand somewhere in it.
  13. Y&R would continue to be the trash it currently is and has been for years, just in a slightly different way. I've yet to see any damn talent come out of Bradley Bell. He's lucky his family owns his show and he's guaranteed a job for life - had this been any other show, his ass would have been ousted and become completely irrelevant. I do know everyone says he's a nice guy - but sometimes personality and "talent" just don't align...
  14. Y&R has been treading downward for most of the last year. Unless the intention of CBS is to let it rot further and then die by the next renewal cycle, there will have to be some major changes this year.
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