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  1. Melody never holds back, so I'm sure she's going to be as candid as possible.
  2. Yes, it’s in today’s US episode - Adam visits Nick and Victoria there.
  3. I wish GH would stop doing the Nurses Ball again. With Frank Valentini’s cheap production and poor taste in aesthetics, as well as the soul-less writing, this is embarrassing. Valentini really needs to get fired...
  4. The cutesy sh!t with Sharon/Rey/Faith and Kyle/Lola is just awful. End all of these pairings, now.
  5. At this point, why the hell not? We're never getting Bill Bell Y&R back, but I'd settle for a writer who can at least tell one damn coherent story and knows how to adequately plot a story and write for an ensemble of different characters. While LB's HW stints may have had some uneven-ness to them, I also know she loves the genre and has some semblance of storytelling talent. If you paired her with one of the longtime Y&R writers as a Co-HW (like Natalie Minari Slater or Janice Ferri Esser), there could be potential there.
  6. Yes, throughout 1993 a lot of JFP’s worst tendencies were starting to overtake the show. By mid-1994, GL had become totally unwatchable IMO. It was so sad to see and sit through and also tough as CBS soap viewer since ATWT was also starting to plummet during that time.
  7. Very little from that era feels dated upon rewatching it too. I know strong dialogue was very important to Nancy Curlee and Stephen Demorest - Nancy once said she looked for scriptwriters who avoided cliches and that definitely was apparent for much of that time. In some ways, Nancy Curlee has become the Harper Lee of daytime soaps - only one HWing stint, but one was very memorable where viewers who follow writers are often left to wonder what else she could have done in the medium had she stayed or went on to write for other shows. She’s arguably the last great “storyteller” American daytime soaps produced. Also the only HW I think that came close to the late Doug Marland’s storytelling sensibilities.
  8. This is the best possible way to reintroduce Stafford as Phyllis - keep the focus on her as a character and in business, not sh!tty romances with Nick or Jack. What is Eileen Davidson's status with this show? I thought she only wanted to pop in for big/important events, but now it seems like she's happy having a strong recurring presence on the show. I wonder if she just didn't like working for Mal Young... Most of this sounds like typical boring and flat as hell Josh Griffith writing....
  9. Patsy Palmer is coming back as Bianca for a short stint later this year.
  10. Of course, Lauralee famously had this response, Was SB even interested in keeping TL? It never felt like he really caught on as Mason..
  11. "Dwindling?" Really? I know he was upset over Bell's nepotism with trying to make Cricket happen, but was Jack really starving for screentime as character? From what I've seen of Lester as Mason, it didn't seem like that role was the best fit for him.. I wonder how he felt when Bergman joined and started winning Emmy's for the role he had originated...
  12. If I'm honest, some of her first AMC stint was quite ridiculous too - because it sure as hell wasn't Wisner Washam or Agnes Nixon's AMC. However, I think Felecia Minei Behr, Agnes Nixon, and a team of wonderful scriptwriters were there to save her ass for a long period of time. If anything, her other stints at AMC and on other soaps proved that when she no longer had superior talent to cover her, she quickly went off the rails and there was little innate talent there.
  13. Finola's also lost whatever charm she had left as an actress, IMO. That or the material just isn't for her and she's bored...
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