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  1. It tanked in the ratings - but so did all of these stars careers 20 years ago.
  2. If not for PBS, I would have never discovered EastEnders, so this does hurt a bit even if I don’t follow the PBS run which is like a decade behind anyway. I think a PBS affiliate in North Carolina still carries the show and does a regular fan event where actors visit. Don’t know if that even still happens though.
  3. New trailer - still not sure the world needs another damn Batman movie at this stage, but good trailer nonetheless. March should be an interesting month with this coming out and then Marvel’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness coming out a few weeks later. Though, I fully expect Marvel to kick DC’s ass at the box office as usual.
  4. Same typical material, but it works for her. I wonder if this will be met with somewhat diminished returns though, you just know what you're getting from her.
  5. Probably because those Lorimar soaps are owned by Warner Brothers, and they've licensed the streaming rights to various other platforms. They'll all probably be on HBO Max eventually.
  6. Did anyone ever hold Rachel accountable for her past indiscretions after her transformation post-Mac? Was there actually anyone cheering Iris on? lol
  7. JL just played things atypical of many soap actresses of the time, which is why I think she stood out and became a success in this role. There’s something just so compulsively watchable about her performances, because a lot of it is almost “anti-soap” in a way.
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