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  1. Stafford used to be a formidable and even charismatic talent, but then got very lazy in the mid-00’s and started pushing her own storyline agendas and has never recovered. If anything, the stint on GH proved how bad and lazy she had gotten when she couldn’t hide under the cache of the Phyllis character.
  2. Nope, don’t believe so. Looking at the end credits of the final episode of that snoozefest soap, and only white writers are listed. Not entirely her fault though - even Nixon and Bell didn’t do much to bring black talent in behind the scenes.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences, @mikelyons. These stories are important to help highlight the systematic prejudice much of the mainstream entertainment industry still operates under. On a side note, Promises sounds like a nursing home one might to go to live out their final days. 😄
  4. Sonia Satra was a major FOJ, too. But damn, that voice made my ears bleed...
  5. And of course Y&R doesn't write for him at all. He's not allowed to be sexual AT ALL on this pathetic/racist ass show.
  6. In another era, Rick Hearst should have been a leading man on some show. Alan-Michael was his best overall role, but he was still largely the ingenu during most of his time on GL. He never stood a chance on GH with Benard, Burton, and Geary hogging everything there. And obviously the roles on Y&R and B&B weren't meant to last... I know Nancy Curlee recalled that Rick was one of those actors who she should clearly hear in her head as she read through scripts and writing.
  7. Rick would have been better placed in a Spauling-themed episode, or one with Melina Kanakaredes and Frank Dicopoulos.
  8. Christian Le Blanc is looking very Liberace-lite...
  9. I didn't realize that Morgan Fairchild and Courtney Simon still regularly touched base with one another on Twitter. It's sweet. I'm assuming the Meg Morgan is referring to in the first tweet is Meg Bennet?
  10. This topic is kind of hilarious - the horrible Jessica Simpson talks about this at length in her trash book. She basically blamed her relative lack of pop success on coming in last after Britney and Christina, and no matter how hard Sony pushed her, nothing she ever did could compete with those two in the early 00's. Who knew back in 2000 it would be Beyonce that would the one to emerge as the pop culture icon that can still have relevant success (though she's morphed from a singles artist to an albums artist in her career)?
  11. She also had no idea how she wanted to market herself. She mentioned in her debut era that she wanted to be the first female pop artist to combine the visual and aesthetic merit of Madonna/Janet, with the vocal impact of a Whitney/Mariah. You can't be everything to everyone, and I think she struggled with the type of artist she wanted to be and Sony later had trouble with knowing what to do with her and how to properly market her.
  12. Not to mention Kelly Clarkson in the mid 00's, which basically took Christina's formula and had much better success with it ultimately. Christina's pop career trajectory has almost followed that of Paula Abdul's - one strong debut album with multiple #1 hits, a second successful album (though not as successful as the debut), and then everything else after that being a blur and flop. Then the singing reality show era, which helped with a public renaissance, but did nothing for the pop career. Only Paula can actually dance, and Christina despite having terrible form, does have decent vocal ability.
  13. Only Genie and What A Girl Wants were back to back, I Turn To You peaked at #3 before Come On Over hit #1 in the fall of 2000.
  14. Britney was marketed by her label in the same way Sony marketed Celine Dion in the 90's - as an albums artist vs. being a singles artist. Jive released very few singles commercially from Britney's first two albums. In the late 90's and very early 00's, the singles market was still huge business, and at certain points, you needed to release a physical single to even chart or to chart highly on the Hot 100. RCA released released all of the singles off Christina's debut album commercially, which resulted in high charting positions for her on the Hot 100 - Jive only released like one of two singles commercially from Britney's debut (including Baby One More Time, which went to #1). They did the same with BSB - their priority and strategy was to drive album sales, so they held back releasing physical singles to not hinder that and to increase sales of the actual albums. Christina never had the same success on the Hot 100 again after her debut, when the chart rules changed again and radio airplay became more important to chart in the early 00's. 'Beautiful' was a huge radio airplay hit, which allowed it to hit #2 on the Hot 100. Toxic would have definitely gone to #1 had Billboard had the appropriate rules in place that accounted for more relevancy of the streaming format in 2004 - it was a huge iTunes hit.
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