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  1. There were possibly fears it would leak and get pirated if they waited too long. Given the way things are going, even a summer release probably wouldn’t have been as successful as they would hope. is HBO Max charging a premium fee for it like what Disney+ did with Mulan?
  2. This guy does great videos on important moments/artists/songs in rock history. He highlighted 'Like To Tell' a few weeks back, and interviewed Madonna's frequent collaborator in the 80's/90's, Patrick Leonard. Lots of nice history and detail behind the song (and some on the fan-favorite 'Oh Father').
  3. CLB still has an incredible body for someone his age too, but we never see it on the show. Buy yeah, he hasn't been able to play a "straight romantic lead" in years...
  4. Trump and his cronies know he has no chance at retaining the office. This is just sabotage on his way out to instill distrust in the election process and to set up Biden as an illegitimated president to play to the fanatics in their base. It's nothing more than that - this country is so screwed up and doesn't deserve the democratic privileges it claims to fight for sometimes.
  5. Republicans set America up for their 'vote fraud' hoax
  6. I do think it's hilarious that the GOP goes on and on about the 'radical left wing,' but their own party has not been in the 'center', in what, 30 years? The DNC does such a bad job of marketing this to the wider public. If anything, the DNC in its current state has much more in common with the GOP of the past than the current GOP does.
  7. Trumpism brought absurd conspiracy theories and misinformation to the mainstream, and sadly, I think that’s a longterm ramification that we’re going to have to deal with for generations to come (on both sides, to be fair).
  8. AOC is just so damn entitled for someone who hasn’t accomplished that much. She just craves constant attention, and IMO, she’s not worth any of it.
  9. Even though I knew (by his own admission) that things weren’t going well, I am still shocked and always hoped for some sort of miracle. He’s been part of so many lives for so long. RIP
  10. ‘This f---ing virus’: Inside Donald Trump’s 2020 undoing
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