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  1. Some great articles on the 30th anniversary of the Like A Prayer album. Billboard: Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' at 30: Here's Where She Goes From Superstar to Artistic Great NME: Sex. Religion. Death. Conical bras. Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ and Blond Ambition Tour at 30 Official Charts: Official Charts Flashback: Looking back at Madonna's Like A Prayer, Number 1 30 years ago this week
  2. Tanya is definitely missing, but I wonder if they just haven't announced her yet...
  3. WOW, glad VR and the show were able to put aside their differences for this, but wish they could have worked Dru in somehow...
  4. Loving was so forgettable that even its creator didn't remember it! 😀
  5. The only love interest that ever made Deidre Hall give a great performance, IMO. I never understood why Don Craig was written out of DAYS history the way he was... He’ll always be CC to me as well. One of the actors that brought so much to SB, even when the material just wasn’t there. RIP.
  6. In Madonna news, 'Like A Prayer' (song) was released 30 years ago this week. There's numerous press articles about it. Here's one from PEOPLE. https://people.com/music/madonna-marks-30-years-like-a-prayer-music-video/ The late Casey Kasem's tribute when the song hit #1 in '89:
  7. Still, no one is asking for this sh!t.
  8. I'll never get over the one he did with Marcia's husband (Chris Gotman), where Goutman didn't even hide what little f.ucks he gave about ATWT in the end.
  9. I'll never get over how damn old most of that original cast was to be playing high schoolers, but damn it if their natural chemistry with each other didn't overcome it.
  10. They're desperate to try to make Summer into Phyllis and I don't think Hunter King has the kind of range for that type of role.
  11. The X-Files was their first top 15 ratings hit, I believe, and after that you could just see what little respect or regard they had for the early years of the network. It was weird.
  12. Wow. Shocked, but looking back, he's aged a lot over the past 5 years or so.
  13. I thought Howarth has been married for years...
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