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  1. OLTL had quite a few popular actresses and female characters to juggle at this time. I wonder if Pat/Jacquie Courtney, despite the big fanfare with bringing her on, just got lost in the shuffle, and the fact she was apparently having an affair with producer Joe Stuart for much of that time couldn't have endeared her to much of that cast/crew (who knew).
  2. Watros is coming for that second Emmy. Hell, she deserves some recognition for making such a nothing/thankless role watchable.
  3. Sherry has an element of fun that I don't think any of the other Blake's had. She was just fun to watch and you couldn't keep your eyes off of her when she was in a scene. I know Sherry remained close with Michael Zaslow after she left, and when he died, she remained close with his family.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CT3KRorJb2t/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. What’s the point? What was cool and fun in 1994-1995 isn’t anymore. They’re not going to attract the same attention or buzz since it’s already been done before. And yes, the two DH’s are too old for this sh!t…
  6. Hard to believe Leah Laiman had anything outlined given the general quality of her work…
  7. Point and case why the Hot 100 is so damn irrelevant.
  8. I always appreciated that it was a consistent trait that Erica and Brooke just didn’t like one another, it was realistic in the sense that in life you’ll have people you just don’t like and don’t want to be around. Even when they weren’t actively involved in each other’s storylines or sharing many scenes together, you would occasionally get the reminder neither cared for one another. I liked that, lol.
  9. He has an older brother btw, who is basically like an older version of him looks-wise.
  10. My hope is if this proves successful, they'll try to be edgier and push the boundaries of typical soap conventions in season 2. Right now, this feels safe, which is nice, but they have a new platform that they should try some new things with. So, if they get a season 2 and more money - hire better/non-daytime writers, and maybe play around with the production elements a bit more. This show exists outside of the continuity of the main show anyway, so they don't have to try to explicitly tie it all together.
  11. One episode in and this already feels like the cartoon character Janine from 2008-2010. HATE that they stripped her of her money too. I have no faith in them getting this character at all. Even though it was only 19 mins, this show is such a chore to get through.
  12. Then he and Terri Conn stunk up ATWT and blew up their respective marriages in the process!
  13. I'd be surprised if that ever happens as well (mostly in the context of a GH streaming spin-off). So much of Disney's strategy for Disney+ is built on content that can easily be distributed to a mass audience globally on various international versions of the platform. They're not going to invest in something niche like a soap spin-off, especially since the ABC soaps have never really had much of an international footprint and success outside of the US, when they can invest in Marvel and Star Wars content which does translate well across the world. Then there's Hulu, which seems to be focused on mostly original content.
  14. Much better than what I thought it was going to be, especially for such a relatively obscure comic franchise that even Marvel fans like myself never thought that highly of. Though, I must say, Tony Leung (Wenwu/The Mandarin) was the heart and soul of this movie - in a less racist world, he should be been a big crossover star in his prime. Awkwafina was, once again, basically playing a version of herself and essentially her character from Nora From Queens. I see no real reason she was in this other than because she's currently the most popular Asian-American actress/comedian of the moment. Her character screams of "let's just cast Awkwafina because she's Asian and give her any damn role!"
  15. The funny thing though, I think Erica’s best writing was under Wisner Washam and not Agnes Nixon. Also, Robin Strasser may take issue with this thread, lol. Since her Rachel Davis (created by Nixon on AW) was the prototype for Erica (though Erica had existed before in the Nixon’s initial AMC bible that wasn’t picked up).
  16. I don't think there's ever been any storyline or direction during their entire tenure so far. Absolutely zero vision.
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