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  1. Lindsey Graham can f.uck right off.
  2. Will McConnell and McCarthy call for this though, or sit silent with their tails in-between their legs before the 20th?
  3. <Katherine Chancellor> Dear God In Heaven <Katherine Chancellor>
  4. He should be executed immediately, and I don't usually advocate for violence.
  5. Merrick Garland is an honorable man, and this is sweet justice after McConnell f.ucked him out of that Supreme Court seat.
  6. Come on guys, let’s make Julia Sugarbaker proud!
  7. Warnock probably has a better chance than Ossoff. Ossoff, for whatever reason, does not ever seem to poll that well.
  8. So, do we just ignore how awful Michael E. Knight’s acting is on this show?
  9. Any powerful scenes of character arguments or confrontations that didn't descend into over the top camp, or used clichés like slaps or catfights that you loved? The death of legendary classic Coronation Street writer, Adele Rose, made me think of this topic. This scene she wrote between Bet and Rita is a classic (it led up to Bet's exit after 25 years on the Street) and was powerful because you could really feel and see the end of a 20 year old friendship, and there was no going back after it. There was no physical harassment involved, just characters using their words and feelings
  10. Scotland is part of the UK, so I would assume it would be covered by what extradition proposal is in place with the wider UK. Looking at the recent Julian Assange case, it would appear the UK courts would have to rule on it first.
  11. Lois was also one of those kooky Labine creations that I don't know if another writer (least of all Guza) would have the same affection or care for.
  12. I guess it helped that Rena and Vanessa are only a few months apart in real-life, but Kimberly Mccullough and her baby face in the 90's looked way too young to be hanging out with the crowd she was in, lol.
  13. Lois was Brenda's only female friendship I ever bought. I always thought Brenda was too damn old to be hanging out with Robin in the 90's.
  14. They drove a ton of story in their return stints, but as characters, would anyone ever say characters like Marlena and Reva were ever on par with who they were in their initial stints?
  15. Roger and Holly to GL - revitalized that show for several years afterwards.
  16. Brian Park fired and chased out quite a few longterm writers during his tenure as EP. Many may have left anyway and whilst the show needed a jolt back then, I wonder if this did more longterm damage than good in the end. Classic Corrie had such vivid characters, each with a unique voice. You didn’t get much of that after Park’s tenure.
  17. What I don’t understand is why the hell anyone thought Steve fuckin’ Burton was such a huge draw that they catered to his demands. I didn’t like it, but I could at least understand somewhat the way they catered to Tony Geary, but Steve Burton or Maurice Benard? Based on what exactly?
  18. The truth of the matter is, so many actresses in that age range would literally kill to play a role like Lucinda - not only these days, but back then too.
  19. I didn’t realize that one of classic Corrie’s best writers, Adele Rose, died at the end of 2020. She’s the one that wrote Bet and Rita’s ‘PALS?! PALS?!’ tiff (amongst many other classic episodes/scenes). RIP to Mark Eden as well. Alan Bradley was unforgettable and that was a great era for the show.
  20. Marland may have loved actors, but I know Liz was probably the type of actor who could drive him nuts, lol. She openly admitted to only loosely following her scripts on both TD and ATWT and altering dialogue to fit her preferences. While men like Tony Geary have gotten away with that for years, that type of behavior is always looked down on when done by women. Knowing how much control Marland liked to have over the writing, this surely annoyed him at times.
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