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  1. No. His greed for money and gaslighting his daughter is what's to blame for the conservatorship lasting this long.
  2. Classic Carlivati: ignoring history. Meh. I don't find Robert Scott Wilson all that attractive.
  3. The three-hour Law & Order franchise premiere was amazing. They're setting up some amazing things on both Organized Crime and Special Victims Unit. However... what is up with the re-designed squad room on SVU?
  4. I recall Roger Howarth's Franco getting a haircut mid-episode. Ava went from shoulder length-to-chop-to shoulder length within one episode. Prior to Alexis stabbing Dante, they scenes outside of her hospital room were by the Nurses' Hub, yet, from her room, they were right next to the elevator.
  5. At least Scott Clifton can act. At least Scott Clifton can act.
  6. Even within set it was different; Carly's hair went from straight to wavy. When Ava was at Charlie's Pub her hair was straightened to the left, and once at the Corinthos compound it was a bit more feathered to the right. Those kind of inconsistencies annoy me, lol.
  7. I feel like Thursday's episode was filmed on two or three different days.
  8. Watching this new FX docu-special... I am beyond disgusted at #TeamCon and how much they VIOLATED Britney to groom her to make them money. Get jobs you bums.
  9. This show has become a soapy mess. And I love it. Looks like Michael Michele's natural hair is back as of this episode.
  10. Excited to come home after work tonight and re-visit SVU and OC!
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