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  1. I hope the beard is temporary... because, it doesn't do anything for him. But good on them for reuniting. I know fans loved their pairing!
  2. I completely agree... but, part of me feels, had it been shown, people would've b*tched about that, too. Some just cannot win. I would've loved to have seen Dante work through the mind control aspect of the WSB, and seen the long-term workings of it.
  3. I'm excited to see where it could go... I wonder if it's to replace Britt Westbourne as Chief of Staff... with Cyrus' financial control of General Hospital done, I wonder if the Quartermaines or another backer is funding the hospital, and allowing changes to happen.
  4. Lucinda essentially had Worldwide by the end... and then that blink-and-miss husband.
  5. IMDb lists Mathison's first episode as #1.14835. That would target his debut around the week of July 12.
  6. Where did you hear about Isabel Durant leaving...?
  7. Didn't Dante go to some unseen sessions with Kevin, and it was all taken care of?
  8. I think that's my issue, too: I feel like, on the surface level, I could see Steve Burton and Billy Miller as family members. But, Burton and Mathison? Nah. Are they going to try and do another facial reconstruction?
  9. I certainly will. And I never said I didn't want to read them, slick. I'm simply using your logic (again) to counteract what it is you've seemingly brought to the table, via your opinion. I was not the one who came off quite cold first. Reacted in the manner of which I was responded to.
  10. In my viewpoint, A. Martinez and Wanda DeJesus, visually, had no chemistry as a couple.
  11. Pretty sure it was someone above him who requested Francis be removed; even Francis stated as such.... the constant hate Valentini gets because people just want to place blame needs to stop, immediately. By your logic, he should've then cut Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Hillary B. Smith, Bob Woods et al from One Life to Live. Again, by your logic. Also, Kristina Wagner has been working on other projects, so she hasn't been readily available for shooting. She made room to shoot the Reilly tribute, but, that's all they had her for. Not to mention, right now
  12. I never said bring on Ron Carlivati... just Valentini. I wouldn't ever want Carlivati near Oakdale at all.
  13. See... TPTB have Chanel all wrong. Precious' vibe in this IG story is exactly how Chanel should've been portrayed... stronger and less entitled. But they definitely stereotyped Chanel in a way... disappointing.
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