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  1. Online searches only reference to Baldwin being "replaced" by Burnett, but I would love to know why, especially since Baldwin is still in the opening through episode 115 (where I left off). Casting Burnett felt like a stylistic choice for a colder Beth (which I feel Burnett is).
  2. I'm happy they ended on a high note. Now ditch the "Countess" and Singer Stinger, and we'll be good to go!
  3. Sad Brody is gone... but knowing this was meant to happen pre-COVID shows Adam J. Woodward had good enough faith to stick around and do the damn thing.
  4. Maurice Benard said he chose to act as pure Sonny without a trace of Mike. Bad decision, in my opinion.
  5. I disagree. Marci Miller did amazing with that sham of a plot-driven storyline.
  6. So I'm up to 115 and I have to say Nancy Burnett and John McCook, from my point-of-view, share no chemistry. I feel like McCook and Judith Baldwin would've been ACE!
  7. Then hope for another non-Alan Locher interview to happen.
  8. Off-canvas while Genie Francis is still on her summer break.
  9. Oh, of course Stafford can act, but she simply just relies on others in her "work." Comparing her original work as Phyllis to her years as Nina or even her recent years as Phyllis, it is like two different types of acting.
  10. It wouldn't have been as bad had his posture been a bit better and his hands not been so loosely flying all over the scene.
  11. Holding it together, yet falling apart at the same time. Straddling two different realities: the actual reality and the one she created in Nixon Falls. Stellar. Outstanding. Casting GOLD!
  12. Cynthia Watros is the real f**king deal!!! If this had been Michelle Stafford, it would've been a mess.
  13. A year. And then it'll happen again, and they'll think they're stupid for not recognizing it a third time on Melaswen.
  14. I'm interested in seeing how the five families react to Sonny's return, especially with all they've done against Carly & Jason, and his former organization.
  15. I don't think it was a bad recast, per se. I'd wager it was more of a bad re-write of a character. Had they kept the strength of Jordan that Vinessa Antoine brought, I do wager Briana Nicole Henry would've done so much more. I'm happy she made the decision to leave, though.
  16. WHOA. Brenda Epperson was powerful in these scenes, and I love seeing the compassion coming from Jess Walton's Jill.
  17. Honestly, I am not surprised. The writing seemed to be right there on the wall. She did a wonderful job with the multiple writing regimes, and I wish her the best on her next venture!
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