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  1. Marco Dane

    GH: Actress Announces Return

    I bet Britt is Nina's daughter.....
  2. Marco Dane

    Who will get Julie Chen's chair?

  3. Marco Dane

    Bill Cosby

    I needed 24 hours to process this.... As a victim of Rape I had to put myself in there shoes.... I had to go back and look at my original post...
  4. Marco Dane

    Bill Cosby

    I rarely talk on this forum but I have to say this... They keep saying Bill sexually assaulted 50+ women. But people weren't paying attention to the stories. Many of those women said things like "he brushed up against my nipple in 1970", they were included in that 50+. Two women said he drugged and raped them. Last year the case was thrown out because the judge found they lied, he wasn't even in the country or at the event, they were included in that 50+. Another woman did a interview on TV and she said he ASKED her to give him fellatio. She did so willingly, not drugged, not forced. She's on television 40 years later crying saying she felt pressured, she could have left the room....shes counted in that 50+. Most of the cases had to be thrown out. This case, Andrea Constand. She claimed she was drugged and raped, she claimed she was a lesbian and would never sleep with a man. However there are text messages, and voicemails that prove she was seeing him romantically and she was still seeing him AFTER she claims he raped her. She has friends that say they were in a relationship...she lied many times. But she is the only one within the statute of limitations and the DA was elected on "I'm going to get Bill Cosby". Many of these women went on to continue to see Bill Cosby romantically after they claim he raped them. I can understand not going to the police. But if someone rapes you, do you continue to see them??? A serial black rapist of mainly white women in the 60's and 70's...NOBODY told the police, family or a friends? I urge people to go over these cases. Not just the blanket statements "He raped 50 women, He admitted it". He actually didn't admit it. He admitted to using Quaaludes which were a over the county party drug WIDELY used. Quaaludes stopped being made in 1984. He's a educated black man of which some lighter shades fear.... This mostly Hannibal Buress fault... I'm surprised no one bought his name up again... This mostly about him trying to buy the NBC Network and trying to come back to the network a couple of years ago... The some breeds of the lighter shade will do anything to keep us down.... I don't condone his actions. But I just find it strange after all these years it comes up AFTER he decides to bring a new show on television..... Just my two cents on the matter.
  5. Marco Dane

    Daily Hotness

  6. Marco Dane

    The Kelly Clarkson Show Thread

    https://deadline.com/2018/09/the-kelly-clarkson-show-syndicated-nbcu-talker-fall-2019-launch-nbc-stations-steve-replaced-steve-harvey-1202467482/ Kelly Clarkson Syndicated Talk Show Set For Fall 2019 Launch On NBC Stations, Replaces Steve Harvey Talker
  7. https://tvline.com/2018/09/04/law-order-hate-crimes-new-series-nbc/
  8. Marco Dane

    General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    The flashbacks bought back a piece of GH that hasn't been seen in a VERY LONG TIME.... I only wish we could get the original writers, producers and directors from the early 90's and bring the show back to the glory years. I remember all those scenes. I was in Elementary school and would watch it with my mom before I did my homework. The death scene is still creepy as hell.
  9. Marco Dane

    "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    I have tickets to a September show!
  10. Marco Dane

    General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I'll give anything to uncancel OLTL and cancel GH....
  11. Marco Dane

    'Bewitched' Reboot From Kenya Barris Set At ABC

  12. https://deadline.com/2018/08/bewitched-reboot-interracial-family-kenya-barris-blackish-yamara-taylor-abc-via-abc-studios-sony-tv-davis-entertainment-1202447276/
  13. Marco Dane

    What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?

    Hulu - SVU, I Love Lucy, American Dad, Family Guy and The Golden Girls Netflix - Charmed, Dynasty, Queer as Folk and All Star Treks Amazon Prime - A Different World, Unsolved Mysteries and Dynasty original I wish one of them will pick up Designing Women and Murphy Brown!
  14. Marco Dane

    US Soap General Discussion

    What is everyone's opinion on the production values and the show in general of GH......