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  1. I've assumed OLTL was strictly about Viki's life and the city of Llanview when I was younger. At one point I felt uncomfortable watching that softcore porn opening when I was a kid in Elementary School. I think my mom turned my head from the TV when it first aired lol. I also thought AMC was about characters stuck in a photo album that couldn't get out... LMAO And with GH I looked forward to seeing Dr. Steve Hardy daily when he died it felt like a member of my family died. Along with Asa from OLTL.
  2. A former Soap Star from GH/BB/PC & AMC didn't know what the WP sign meant on my facebook page... He was confused of what Mary Hart was doing at Mount Rushmore when she put up the WP sign. I deleted the comments because I didn't want my vocal facebook friends to drag him to hell. He's blocked as well. Some former and working actors are VERY ODD AND WEIRD especially on Social Media...
  3. canceled by ABC.... https://pagesix.com/2020/07/02/strahan-sara-and-keke-canceled-by-abc
  4. ‘Strahan, Sara and Keke’ canceled by ABC

  5. I still don't know the concept of GH... Sonny's World?
  6. Sonny is a piece of Garbage that should've been killed off years ago...
  7. Yes I remember that storyline during the Relish saga... I wish they kept it.
  8. Y'all remember SoapNet did real #GH classics right? There isn't an excuse for ABC.... How about a Hardy's Week? COME ON ABC!
  9. Only good thing about todays episode was the theme song...
  10. I rather vomit blood then watch Jason and Sam...
  11. OLTL.... Would be the only soap to have the guts to do it...
  12. What Soap Opera do you think has the guts to do a Black Lives Matter Storyline?
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