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  1. Oj taught them NOTHING! They have all these streaming apps and Cable channels but we are stuck to watch this on Network Television... This will kill the Daytime television genre yet again. If this last too long all the soaps will be canceled...
  2. I meant as in unedited without voiceovers. The 1992-1995 full theme.
  3. My friend is getting married in the Spring and she loves the theme to OLTL from 1992. Does anyone know where I can obtain the full theme? Thanks
  4. I miss that page sooo much... It was one of the first "streaming" sites before youtube..... Can you imagine if it was still around.....
  5. This was my first soap magazine... Episodes.... I wonder why they stop publishing them....
  6. Just found this lol https://www.etsy.com/listing/712805325/all-my-children-erica-kane-mug
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