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  1. AllMyDaysatGH

    K-Pop Appeciation Thread

    Today this song came on randomly in my shuffle in the car and I was sobbing. LMAO! I still know all the lyrics & was jamming out 🤣 can't believe this thread started over 6 yrs ago. Definitely defined my college yrs! Wait WHAT
  2. AllMyDaysatGH

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    The scenes when Cersei blew up the sept and everyone in it to smithereens with wild fire is my favorite moment on television EVER!!! Bring back my queen Margaery tho!!
  3. AllMyDaysatGH

    Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    Holy sh!t, I'm so out of the loop these days w/ soaps news...just read this here. I didn't know that about TC, so it's really true?? I hope he gets better. He's one of my faves But BB/Johnny Z is one of my favorite actors & characters from GH too. I loved Johnny & Claudia Z so damn much! Anthony Z too. They were ruthless AF. I liked soft Johnny too and I was obsessed w/him & Lulu on the run. I will be on the lookout for his run on DAYS in Summer 2020 !
  4. AllMyDaysatGH


    He definitely checked out a few seasons ago and the story has gotten quite stale and unbearable overall. I'm glad he's leaving bc they really ran him into a wall. With Fiona leaving too, I feel like this should be the last season but I also just don't want it to go ever !
  5. AllMyDaysatGH

    Mariah Carey Thread

    Ugh. Same. But I had to again bc I'm actually obsessed with her new song Lol Why is this so funny to me? LOLOLOLLLLL
  6. AllMyDaysatGH

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    He looked AMAZING !
  7. AllMyDaysatGH

    Everything Susan Lucci Eats In A Day

    I simply love her to death
  8. AllMyDaysatGH

    Flavor of Love/Charm School: Discussion Thread

    OMG!!!! Bootz DRAGGED her. She even brought DW from Arthur into it :(:(:(:( How did I not know any of this was going on?? I didn't even know Buckeey was on LHH Thanks for bumping this thread Cheap LMAO it's a blast to read through again
  9. AllMyDaysatGH

    DAYS promo: Shirtless Xander

    Just embarrassing and bad except for that torso
  10. AllMyDaysatGH

    Daily Hotness

  11. AllMyDaysatGH

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

  12. AllMyDaysatGH

    Homeland: Discussion Thread

    Omg yes those guys were soooo hot, I even know one of the actors (William Popp AKA the hottest one) I LOVED Morgan Spector and the twist w/the Dante character really caught me by surprise. My dumb ass really thought him & Carrie were going to fall in love & carry into the last season This season is SOOOOO good and shockingly timely. Finale this weekend ;-)
  13. AllMyDaysatGH

    The Beyoncé Thread

    I'm so so soo sad to read this! It's true 😰
  14. AllMyDaysatGH

    The Beyoncé Thread

    I’m always so sad and forget she doesn’t have that many fans here bc I came here expecting to see the thread bumped and popping after her SENSATIONAL headlining (and historic) performance at Coachella last night. BEYCHELLA! She reinvented the whole idea of the concert experience (which was and still is dry af) and went above and beyond like always. The HBCU vibe and band she imbued into the show and just the sheer blackness of it all was EVERYTHING ! GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF OUR TIME AND PERHAPS EVER ! Who could top her? I’ll wait. LMAO
  15. AllMyDaysatGH

    2018 Daytime Emmy Nominations

    As her #1 fan 4ever, I was pleasantly shocked to see Alicia Minshew nom’d again ;-) so cool!