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  1. Flavor of Love/Charm School: Discussion Thread

    OMG!!!! Bootz DRAGGED her. She even brought DW from Arthur into it :(:(:(:( How did I not know any of this was going on?? I didn't even know Buckeey was on LHH Thanks for bumping this thread Cheap LMAO it's a blast to read through again
  2. DAYS promo: Shirtless Xander

    Just embarrassing and bad except for that torso
  3. Daily Hotness

  4. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

  5. Homeland: Discussion Thread

    Omg yes those guys were soooo hot, I even know one of the actors (William Popp AKA the hottest one) I LOVED Morgan Spector and the twist w/the Dante character really caught me by surprise. My dumb ass really thought him & Carrie were going to fall in love & carry into the last season This season is SOOOOO good and shockingly timely. Finale this weekend ;-)
  6. The Beyoncé Thread

    I'm so so soo sad to read this! It's true ?
  7. The Beyoncé Thread

    I’m always so sad and forget she doesn’t have that many fans here bc I came here expecting to see the thread bumped and popping after her SENSATIONAL headlining (and historic) performance at Coachella last night. BEYCHELLA! She reinvented the whole idea of the concert experience (which was and still is dry af) and went above and beyond like always. The HBCU vibe and band she imbued into the show and just the sheer blackness of it all was EVERYTHING ! GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF OUR TIME AND PERHAPS EVER ! Who could top her? I’ll wait. LMAO
  8. 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominations

    As her #1 fan 4ever, I was pleasantly shocked to see Alicia Minshew nom’d again ;-) so cool!
  9. Get it girl!!! I will be one of the first visitors no doubt!
  10. Homeland: Discussion Thread

    Ok this made me happy ;-)
  11. Homeland: Discussion Thread

    Omg anyone still watching?? ???? I still love the show. They keep re-inventing w/each season. Carrie is still bat crazy though I can't get enough of her !
  12. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    King of missed opportunities w/Actors. Does anyone remember the character Beverly? From like 6 years ago. Her character literally disappeared. She was played by Gina Rodriguez, who went on to starring in the smash hit "Jane the Virgin". She's a superstar now!! Sorry but this is still my favorite scene and storyline EVER. I was HOOKED!!
  13. The SON baby

    They're gorgeous. SO LOVE!!!!!
  14. Celebrity Big Brother

    I have to watch for James Maslow. I literally know him, I worked with him on a show he was on a few yrs ago called "Sequestered". He is a great actor & singer, not to mention fine AF lol ;-) I never watched CBB before. is it usually just 11 ppl? Seems a bit weird it's not an even number...any chance there's a surprise guest ?
  15. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Just came across an episode of this show. It was God awful lol