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  1. Hadn't seen this one. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely insane, and I can't even begin to imagine what else could be going on. The photo of Mark Meadows buried in his hands yesterday will be somewhere in the history books.
  2. @DRW50 I have also been struggling with Rachel's restrained response on this against Trump. She's "both sides"'ing in an odd way and it's frustrating
  3. Yeah it was a blatant & callous event that was held directly in defiance of RBG's actual dying wish, and now God knows how many people were or will be infected as a result. What a disastrous & wild time were in.
  4. Pretty insane news! I wish I didn't know how problematic Missy is bc I always adore her as Jenn!
  5. The way I'm over here SOBBING @ this PHOTO!!! OMG. Please have Alicia/Susan/Eden in the same vid I will scream.
  6. Man I only heard about this just yesterday when I saw Susan Lucci promo'd it on her Instagram lol. Had to set it to record immediately! It was a bit of a discombobulated mess, and they clearly took NO time to go back into the tape/video archives & render clips out appropriately. That was the most glaring - everything looked awful when it didn't have to! Seriously the GH/AMC stuff from 2008-2011 had me cringing. The clip of Jane & Erica looked so bad WHY??? But not gonna lie I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time. I loved it. Love the memories and everyone refle
  7. Tom Pelphrey in Ozark Season 3 is must watch! He stole the entire show/storyline. Phenomenal!
  8. Ppl that do freelance work in film/television are so screwed. I will be freaking soon! I'm really holding out hope for every1! Also, not so fast ... False alarm - the President approved!
  9. I'm pretty certain I'm the only person on earth who loved Fusion & its storylines. Obsessed! DAYS: Touch The Sky Airlines. What on earth was going on w/ the show then? Unwatchable
  10. I was reading all over Twitter last night Bernie's supporter's defending Ben Mora (the field director), even calling him a "hero," etc...they were like worshipping him. It reminded me of Trump fans defending everything he does and says honestlySo disturbing
  11. The other night I went to see my friend star in "Matilda: The Musical" and found myself sitting right next to Maura West. Her 10 yr old daughter plays the lead character Matilda! She was incredible, & Maura is the loveliest person I've ever met & spoken with! 😍

    1. DRW50


      @P.J. might enjoy hearing this. I'm glad Maura was so kind. 

    2. P.J.


      Wow---thanks! That must be her youngest, Birdie. She's got musical kids...

    3. AllMyDaysatGH


      @P.J. Yes it was lil Birdie... sooo wonderful! 

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