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  1. Faces of the Heart was the name of the song. I've seen Dave Koz perform the song in concert a number of times. Beautiful song.
  2. Aside from the new theme (which I really like) and adjusted pace, there was another HUGE change. Gone is the the Port Charles skyline. The opening credits now end with a shot of the title superimposed over the iconic GH building.
  3. There was Rita Jacks Harrington on Return to Peyton Place. As for Ashley, there was Ashley Linden Marshall on Texas. And I just today remembered Ashley Bennett on The Doctors.
  4. On and off Broadway, I’ve seen Paul Anthony Stewart in Beautiful, Burke Moses in Beauty and the Beast, Kim Zimmer in Wicked. Plus the sublime Helen Gallagher in a local production.
  5. I loved Paige. She was such a great character compared to her drippy sisters Courtney and Dawn. Lisby Larson had incredible chemistry with Daniel Davis as Eliot. It was disappointing that they aborted the Paige/Eliot pairing so quickly.
  6. Paige got involved with TJ Canfield who years earlier had been involved with Ashley. In time, she became an alcoholic and accidentally burned down the Marshall home. A few weeks later, there was a flood and Ashley's car was swept away and she was believed to be dead. I think it was more so Ashley's return that was the miracle, not the birth of Katherine Paige. Gregory, who was Ashley's son by TJ, was certain Ashley would return and so she did at Christmas, carried in the arms of the angel Seth.
  7. As I recall, he did help her create the show and was supposed to be the head writer. Loving, originally titled Love without End, was supposed to debut in March 1983. Wakefield dropped out, Marland replaced him, and the debut was delayed until June 1983.
  8. As I recall, the Dark Shadows bible stated that Paul Stoddard was her father.
  9. I vaguely recall Potter slinging homophobic slurs at Marland.
  10. There was also Jillian Coleridge on Ryan's Hope. The character was referred to as Jill at times.
  11. Out of curiosity, what is the source for her credits? Her Search credit is clearly wrong. Gary Tomlin was head writer for the first part of 1986. Walsh arrived around June 1986 and was there till the end in December 1986, not January 1987. She was also a co-head writer for ATWT.
  12. Wow. I had no idea that was Travis. Thanks for sharing that!!
  13. Sis? Odd term to use. Just giving my two cents that in the real world all cult leaders are not handsome. And that's your opinion, which you're entitled to, that the actor looks like a sleaze ball. Personally, I don't think so. I think he's quite sexy and one of the better actors to be hired on GH in years.
  14. As someone who was involved in a cult for a number of years, I can assure you that not all cult leaders are attractive and innocent looking. The leader of the cult I was involved with was quite homely and scarred, something he used to his advantage as he likened his adversities to the story of Job from the Old Testament. Many of the other leaders he recruited were average Joes like himself. And the impact that he and the other leaders had was enormous.
  15. I had watched most of the show in syndication back in the 1980s when they started with the introduction of Barnabas. I finally got a chance to watch the pre-Barnabas episodes this past year. It was interesting to see how the show started out, but I was personally bored by some of the material. My interest finally grew when they fully embraced the supernatural elements.
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