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  1. I believe the Dekkers were originally slated to be Mexican American but that was dropped. I also recollect that Striker and Vicky had two sons in addition to their daughters Reena and Samantha. Of course, Sam became a cousin and the sons were dropped.
  2. My jaw dropped when he didn’t know who Nick Nicholson was. And he didn’t know about Another Life. Marcia’s memory for details is incredible.
  3. Thanks for sharing this news! Last night, I got to relive some of my favorite Ruby and Lurlene moments!!
  4. Well, it’s definitely him. The photo was one of dozens on him on Getty Images, including color photos of him with Lisa Denton and other Loving cast members like James Kiberd and Bryan Cranston.
  5. Are you sure? I thought Rick was Heather's father. I saw summaries online where Rick is referenced as kidnapping his daughter, Heather.
  6. It was quite a scandal! It was all over the New Jersey radio stations at the time. She was on his show for a while, too. Here's a photo of Lisa and Imus with Tom Ligon on Loving.
  7. Denton was also embroiled in quite a scandal at the time as she hooked up with the much older Don Imus. The longtime ATWT fans in New Jersey were aghast that the new Betsy was involved with the controversial radio personality.
  8. Screw whoever it was that made those comments to you. You, sir, are one of the most honorable people on these boards and you bring a treasure trove of knowledge and insight to every discussion. Whoever made those comments to you is pathetic.
  9. Not sure who wrote the promo but this was the Corinne Jacker era. I shudder at the memory of that abysmal year.
  10. I think Monika is right. I saw this Suzanne’s FB page and one of her connections is Joe Willmore, who produced ATWT when Suzanne played Betsy.
  11. Yep. She was in the finale. It was pretty insulting to be honest. She encountered John and Lucinda in her hotel and they were snarky with her. She had very few lines.
  12. Pretty much the entire cast appeared in the finale -- over 25 actors. I recall there were even scenes that were cut and aired on CBS' website. Unlike many other soap finales, there weren't any scenes where the entire cast appeared.
  13. I have to disagree. If done correctly, an Alzheimer's story could lead to years of powerful storytelling and acting. I can see such a storyline excelling in the hands of a talented writer like Agnes Nixon or Claire Labine, but not today's crop of writers. As Faulkner so beautifully pointed out, there is a lot of story potential there. No matter what, such a story is going to be difficult to watch because Alzheimer's is difficult to watch unfold. It's brutal. I know that personally because my dad, who died 2 years ago tomorrow, fought Alzheimer's for 10 years.
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