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  1. And wasn't there talk before Edge was cancelled on ABC about shifting the show to 11:30 a.m.?
  2. Dioni Michelle Collins, who plays Deanna, is so talented. What an amazing voice. I've been watching some of the Nurses' Ball numbers and she just impresses me so much. I would love to see her get her own storyline, but have little hope that will ever happen.
  3. The name Margaret DePriest makes me cringe. Right after she assumed head writing duties for DOOL, she had to deal with the aftermath of Brenda Benet's suicide and phase out the character of Lee. I don't know who wrote the script, but as I recall, there was a throwaway line where one character mentioned about cleaning up Lee's bathroom. I found it utterly distasteful as the news reports at that time had stated that Brenda's death had taken place in her bathroom. That line seemed so insensitive and it stunned me that it made it to air.
  4. As a writer/editor, those kinds of mistakes annoy me. That said, thanks for posting these articles. They're fascinating!!
  5. Her name was definitely Jean as show in the screenshot below.
  6. I'm with J Swift here. I really enjoyed the character of Madeline who was so fascinating to me unlike her drippy sister Courtney. It was such a treat to see Terry Davis playing such a devious character after years of her portraying April on The Edge of Night. By the by, Terry did later show up in a recurring role on Sunset Beach.
  7. I just read that Vana now goes by the name Vaughn Taylor. And she's married to Paul Tinder who played the role of Jerry Grove on Another World and Larry Watts on The Edge of Night.
  8. My vote would be for Linda Borgeson. Her acting was painful to watch. I never saw Courtney during her original run, so Susan Harney was my first introduction to the character of Alice. I don't recall seeing Pfenning in the role except for a brief clip online. I enjoyed Vana Tribbey in the role and never understood why she was replaced by Borgeson. It's a shame that they so underutilized Jacquie Courtney in her 1984-85 stint as she really shined in the role.
  9. Alice and Sally were still on the canvas when Lemay departed in May 1979. Wesley Ann Pfenning assumed the role of Alice in early April while Julie Phillips joined as Sally in mid-April.
  10. I agree 100%. Krimmer was powerful as Andrew, especially in the homophobia storyline in 1992. I can still see him holding his brother William’s quilt panel, and the image of the pages of the Bible fluttering in the wind as a homophobic man pummeled Andrew. Such a powerful story, made so poignant by Krimmer’s performance.
  11. I’m glad they never had the chance to go that route. We really didn’t need CC to have another son. Can’t sleep here either!
  12. I thought they actually revealed in 1992 that he wasn’t Lionel’s son. That erased the incest between Warren and Cassandra as the change meant they were no longer related.
  13. That's my recollection too -- in the summer of 1985, Nancy started taking Ecstasy after Perry's death and Chris Chapin helped her get off drugs. The synopses on the Another World Home Page discuss Nancy buying and taking drugs, but not selling them. Carter and Thomasina were dealing with the drama of her pregnancy at that time and I believe Carter was involving in unwittingly running drugs for a dealer. Hunter Bradshaw, who was involved with Ben and Marley, was long gone by that time. But they did plan to bring back Rachel's sister Pammy Davis. It was sometime around 1988. There were reports in Soap Opera Digest at that time about the show casting the role. There were a lot of stories in Soap Opera Digest at that time about characters that never made it to air: for example, Pammy, Jason Frame's two daughters, a model named Bliss.
  14. There's currently an outbreak on Cape Cod -- about 430 COVID cases linked to Provincetown (where we're headed in just a few weeks). Despite the fact that the town board called an emergency meeting to address the outbreak and the fact that over 150 P-Town residents have tested positive in recent days, we're seeing some residents on social media actually denying the cluster. Rather they're spouting theories that it's a conspiracy by the MAGA crowd and/or anti-gay people to hurt the town and the LGBTQ community. It blew my mind to read those posts today.
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