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  1. A friend who worked behind the scenes at the P&G shows reached out to Alan WEEEKS AGO and asked Alan if he wanted to be put in contact with Eileen. Eileen is not in great health; my friend (who is very close with her) said he's not sure she would be up for this.
  2. That’s not possible. Santa Barbara is listed and it went off the air in January 1993.
  3. Actually Entertainment Tonight reported about Guiding Light’s ratings in July 1984. ET gave the impression GL was number one overall. That said, ET often had inaccurate reporting. In spring 1982, ET announced NBC was cancelling Texas only to retract the story the next day. And Beth and Lujack. They were featured in the July 1984 ET report.
  4. I don't believe it had been decades since soaps had aired live. According to the Edge of Night homepage, Edge stopped its live shows in September 1975. As for the live Search episode, you can find it on YouTube. The show's video operator shared the episode a few years ago. He pretty much confirms it was a publicity stunt by executive producer Joanna Lee and says that the tape hadn't been lost. He says that he knew it was a historic professional moment for him so he asked the engineering department to do the control room audio.
  5. Highly doubtful. It's very difficult to fire state employees here in Jersey. Bottom line is she is still listed on the state payroll for the first quarter of 2020. Since there are five commissioners, she's likely chief of staff specifically for Commissioner Gordon.
  6. I'm not sure if the complete bible is online, but Casiello's blog had a four-part series examining Marland's bible. It starts here: http://casiello.blogspot.com/2009/01/great-marlands-ghost-part-one.html
  7. I mostly agree except for the the summer of 1982 with that ridiculous Republic of Eden storyline. It started off with such promise but then fell apart. To do this day, I don't understand why they cast Mark Andrews (Chad Sutherland). Yeah, he was cute but he was a terrible actor. I also loved Poppy and Eddie. Poppy was so much fun.
  8. I vaguely recall that NBC toyed with a southern-based soap in the 1980s but ultimately didn't pick it up. It was possibly around 1983-1984, was titled Generations (not to be confused with Sally Sussman's soap), and was created by Dorothy Ann Purser. And, of course, NBC seriously considered adding its primetime soap Flamingo Road to the daytime lineup.
  9. Yes, Giancarlo Esposito portrayed Clay. Matt Davenport didn't last long. A month or two, I believe. He was portrayed by James Carroll, who later played Leo Burnell on Loving. I never understood why GL didn't do more with Alex and Alan's sister Victoria.
  10. L. Virginia Browne and Gene Palumbo were at Guiding Light from around December 1982 to March 1983. They aged Phillip and Rick, and wrote out Sara, Gracie, Jennifer, Tim, and Ivy. They introduced a number of new characters: Matt Davenport, a doctor who was involved with Maureen in New York; nurse Helen Tynan and her son Clay; and ballerina Susannah who was a romantic interest for Tony. I think Clay was friends with Rick and Phillip. At some point, Rick and Phillip became friends with Morgan. According to an interview with Browne on the Another World Home Page, she said that Scherming said GL went into a slump when she took over as head writer but that she took the show from 8th to 3rd in the ratings while she was there. She claims she was fired after Gail Kobe replaced Allen Potter. She claims that GL continued to use her bible and kept her credited as head writer for another 9 months. Not true at all. As the credits from the March episodes on YouTube show, she was out of the credits by March 1983. She makes similar false claims about Another World crediting her as head writer after she had departed.
  11. How cool. Thanks for sharing that. I actually work for the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy where Beth took classes. I had no idea she had been a student there. Tom Pelphrey is another Rutgers graduate -- he went to the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Bloustein and Mason Gross share the same building.
  12. Cool find! I believe images from the Hillary/Tony scene were later used in the disco opening credits circa 1982-83.
  13. It was actually September not March. That said, Raven’s speech in that episode was riveting.
  14. Really great points. I live in NJ, which is hard hit by the virus. The governor was just interviewed on the news that a lot of re-imagining is going to need to happen in the months ahead -- desks a certain from each other in schools, rethinking sports and assemblies. I think the same will be true of soaps and other shows -- a lot of rethinking about how to do things in this new environment.
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