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  1. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Are you sure about John Allen Nelson playing both Duke and Chuck? I was just reading Loving synopses on Tumblr and both Duke and Chuck are mentioned in one synopsis. Apparently, Lorna was named queen of the winter carnival and there was some kind of drug-fueled party going on back at Duke and Chuck's apartment.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The episodes with Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston aired on August 1-2, 1984. Eileen Fulton returned as Lisa on the August 3 episode where she discovered Whit's dead body.
  3. Thank you! I remember in the 70s my mom, aunt, and mom's best friend would get together every week to dish their favorite soaps. My uncle Jimmy joined in the conversation one day and mentioned the scene where Veleka Gray's boob popped out. If I remember correctly, Dennis Parker and the first Kelly (Joey Alan Phipps) were lovers at one point. I recall reading that in a fascinating bio about Parker.
  4. Soap Hoppers

    Delphi also played Jody’s mother Leonie Travis on The Edge of Night in 1982. Prior to actually appearing, the character was known as Billie Lorraine.
  5. Jody was not featured in the 1984 location shoot, which was done in Mexico, not the Hamptons. The sequence involved bad guys on motorcycles chasing Raven and Sky in their Jeep to a cliff. I believe Preacher came to they rescue. The chase was not incorporated into the opening credits. A 1983 car chase involving Preacher and Jody (then Lori Loughlin) was featured in the opening credits. The story had something to do with a formula. Both Alicia Van Dine and Del Emerson were included in the story. Yes, their names were Beth and Liz. And the family name was Corell, not Correlli.
  6. The soap opera writers' discussion

    And his obit said that Jo didn't have one but two mastectomies. Paul Raven's post with Shaw's timeline of writing stints makes me pretty certain that the soap book I saw featured his storyline plans for Love of Live, with Meg returning in the late 60s. I'll have to get over to Alexander Library at Rutgers and see if I can find it. Mind you, it was decades ago when I came across the book.
  7. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Thanks for sharing. That bible sounds quite interesting. Gibson's character Lynn departed Love of Life in November 1978 according to synopses I read online. Prior to that, she didn't seem to have much of a storyline. Perhaps Shaw was head writer back in 1976 when Lynn grappled with alcoholism. I can't recall the title of the book but I remember coming across a fascinating book about soaps in my college library back around 1984. It was written in the 60s or 70s and included storyline projections for Love of Life. It discussed Bruce Sterling cheating on Van and involved the return of Van's sister Meg when their mother got ill. Not sure why that storyline never came to pass. This was well before Labine and Mayer brought Meg back to the show.
  8. The soap opera writers' discussion

    His New York Times obit says he was hired to write Search for Tomorrow in the 1977-1978 season. That matches what other sources say. His obit says he wanted to give Jo a breast cancer storyline and a mastectomy but Mary Stuart had said that Jo had already had two mastectomies. Not sure how accurate that claim is. In what ways was his soap bible brilliant? What was it about? I recall an article in late 1981 that CBS chose Capitol over another soap titled Beverly Hills.
  9. Somerset Discussion Thread

    Georgann is featured in this Somerset clip, which focuses on Marie Wallace's India.
  10. The Doctors

    Also, sometime in the mid-1980s, Variety reported that DePriest was creating a soap for NBC titled Deadline. It was to be set in the newspaper industry.
  11. The Doctors

    Carolee Campbell
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    As I recall, the Bauer's kitchen set in the 1990s and 2000s was similar in design to what it was earlier albeit smaller in scale. I don't recall the living room changing much over the years. It still had the same white pillars in episodes from 2002 that were there back in 1993. Meanwhile, the Spaulding house seemed to grow substantially in size over the years. I believe it was Pam Long who coined the Hill circa 1983. I believe the Spauldings lived next to the Bauers. Quint and Nola moved into a big mansion on the Hill in 1983. And I believe HB had a mansion there, too. After Reva and HB eloped, they lived there. So Reva lived on the Hill before she married Josh. I think the Chamberlain mansion disappeared after Quint and Nola left. Henry later had a hotel room or a small apartment. Yes, the Reardon family lived on Seventh Street. The production model switch in 2008 really changed things. The small city that was Springfield was suddenly akin to a Peyton Place type-sized town. I still remember the scene where Cassie hooks up with Cyrus at Towers. They cut to them going to her car, which is parked on a country road. They then have sex in a barn, I believe. It made no sense at all. Towers was in a downtown area, not a countryside location. Towers had long been established as having a parking garage so why would Cassie park on a country road?
  13. AMC Tribute Thread

    Actually, Barcroft joined AMC well before ABC hired Denise Alexander for General Hospital. Alexander joined GH in 1973. According to everything I've seen, Barcroft first appeared as Anne in 1971.
  14. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Very interesting and insightful. How about Elaine Princi? What were your thoughts on her portrayal of Dorian?
  15. The soap opera writers' discussion

    I believe Mark Faulkner is the guy responsible for the Edge and Somerset pages. I think he's been rebuilding the Edge site over the past year and providing new content.