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  1. Front burner to forgotten

    On GL, Simon was scamming Alex. He wasn't her brother. He was the son of Alex's ex Eric, and the half-brother of Lujack. Marland left in September 1982 and was replaced by Pat Falken Smith. She left around December 1982 and was replaced by Gene Palumbo and L. Virginia Browne. I think Gary Tomlin and Carolyn Demoney Culliton were interim head writers for a month before Pam Long and Richard Culliton arrived in May 1983. Jackie, Lainie, and Andy left when Marland was still there. Jennifer departed in the Palumbo/Browne period.
  2. The Doctors

    I, too, long for the Pollocks to be gone. I liked some of their initial work but bailed around early 1974. They’ve destroyed so many characters. They took a funny and sexually independent woman like Cathy Ryker and made her a clinging neurotic who lost her mind. They’ve stripped Carolee of her sense of humor and turned her into a run of the mill cliched soap heroine. As for Steve, he bares little resemblance to the charming cad he once was. I keep seeing people say that it’s all down hill once the Pollocks leave. BS. It’s nothing like it was when Rita Lakin was writing but there are good times to come.
  3. TV Character's you felt were pointless/served no purpose

    I've been watching the Little House reruns on Cozi and they remind me how much I detested the character of Albert. His addition -- as well as the introduction of Adam Kendall -- totally changed the dynamic of the show. I wish Landon had stayed true to the Little House book series. Keeping the show in Walnut Grove limited it and deprived viewers of some of the memorable plots and characters that were featured in the books. Interesting tidbit. Landon grew up in the town where I live -- Collingswood, NJ. There's a memorial playground for him in the park near my house.
  4. The Doctors

    Cenedella is next. His work started in August 1975 days after Jeff Young became producer.
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I don’t think it’s a matter of that ability leaving soap writers. Rather, soaps have been adjusting their format to appeal to modern viewers. And it’s just not soaps. In academic research, we’re reevaluating ways to promote our research in a variety of ways since our constituents don’t have long attention spans. For years, soaps have been tinkering with their formats in this regard. Port Charles went for 13-week arcs. Most soaps sped up their stories. One Life and All My Kids contemplated 13-week arcs as well. Watching the reruns of The Doctors on Retro, the shorter arcs are not new. The Doctors was doing them in the 1967-1970 era.
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    The anniversary week is on classicGL's YT page. The series is called "Shine the Light." Here's the first segment:
  7. The Doctors

    According to an interview with Stuart, she left TD with the intention to not do soaps again. GH kept bugging her to join the cast. She eventually agreed to a one-year contract. I recall seeing an interview after she left TD where she was very vocal about her unhappiness with the show and the direction that the writers take Mike Powers in, in terms of his career.
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    There was CO2 at the mall.
  9. Another World

    Thanks! The info. on the Another World Home Page could be wrong. The tidbit about Ellie was taken from a synopsis in December 1985. It could be from a soap magazine, which always mess up details.
  10. Another World

    According to Eddie Drueding, Ellie was the daughter-in-law of Michael's brother Eugene Garrison. I recall Josephine Nichols (Kate Marshall on Texas) appeared on AW around the same time. Was she Michael's aunt Bertha or somehow connected with the man that Donna had hired to impersonate Michael?
  11. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I thought the story was that NBC wanted to keep SFT going through March 1987, not another full year, but that Procter and Gamble wouldn't agree to that. I've read that a few times. That would keep in line with executive producer David Lawrence's statement that he believed SFT would air through March.
  12. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    And at NBC, SFT and Generations were cancelled under his watch. Personally, I think the man more than earned the lackluster reputation he has.
  13. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    He was long gone from NBC and had nothing to do with Passions. I think Susan Lee was in charge when Passions was launched.
  14. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    What was the last new soap commissioned?
  15. GH Actress Demoted

    GH continued to be number well after Genie left in 1981. It wasn't until 1988-1989 when The Young and the Restless became #1. So I don't buy your assertion that "ratings plummeted." And I've never once heard about dozens of jobs being lost and salaries being cut after she left. As for her taking other contract roles and leaving when she didn't get the contract she wanted, so what? She's an actress and she's entitled to pursue her art and pursue a living. She wasn't treated well by GH so she walked. I don't blame her one bit. So she's supposed to give up roles on other soaps in the hopes that GH will bring her back? That's absurd.