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  1. OLTL Tribute Thread

    The information on Wikipedia is highly inaccurate. Wikipedia shows the Corringtons writing for OLTL in 1983. Henry Slesar and Sam Hall were still head writing OLTL in January 1984, right before the O'Neills were introduced. The Corringtons became head writers sometime later that year. I believe Peggy O'Shea was still at Capitol in early 1984 at the time the O'Neills arrived.
  2. The Doctors

    Eileen Kearney was outstanding as Greta. She has some amazing scenes coming up in the fall that were mesmerizing and compelling. I was not impressed with the Pollocks. I liked their work from 1970 to late 1973 but then they lost me. I liked the Dan Allison story but they also turn another current character into a deranged villain. It was a shame to see such an interesting character ruined for the sake of a plot.
  3. The Doctors

    Nope. Lew's name changes to Luke while Marland is head writer and while the character is still a cad. I suspect Marland changed it because "Luke" has a sexier ring to it.
  4. I don't know. I can't see GH tackling a story where incest was involved. Would they really have two baby switch storylines running concurrently?
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I believe Nancy Curlee was co-head writer at the time.
  6. FX: American Horror Story

    The trailer is already out. Actually, two trailers. They were released this week. And photos of Joan are available on Ryan Murphy's Instagram account, including one of her with shocking white hair.
  7. The Doctors

    Actually, there's scuttlebutt on a Facebook soap group that Reilly appeared on The Brady Bunch.
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    And may I add making up stuff about what she said during her Emmy acceptance speech (easily disproven by finding her speech online) and making insinuations about the actress and her motives. So much for that stance on positivity.
  9. The Doctors

    I've heard mixed stories. One account was that Jennifer Reilly was a permanent replacement. She only last 2-3 episodes. She was painful to watch, especially in today's episode. She wasn't looking at her acting partner at times, but at the cue cards. In today's episode (aired in August 1976), Greta was said to be 16 years old. Vestoff leaves around May/June 1970 and Hubbard returns in October.
  10. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Despite your distaste for the actress, Maureen did become the light and heart of the the show for many fans. She filled the void left by Charita Bauer's passing. Of course, she wasn't in the ranks of Reva, Roger, etc. Maureen was a totally different character -- a supporting character, driven by family, not a career, just like Bert was.
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    She said no such thing. During her Emmy acceptance speech, she said that fans come up to her on the street calling her "Maureen, Maureen," and that she responds, "I'm dead, I'm dead." She then went on to say she missed her friends at Guiding Light and thanked fans for their support. I remember the discussions on the bulletin boards when Maureen was killed off (pre-Internet, pre-social media). Viewers -- myself included -- were upset that they lost Maureen, not that Ellen Parker had been fired. We had lost an iconic, warm, loving maternal figure. In so many ways, it was akin to losing Bert Bauer again.
  12. Thanks. I had no recollection of that. I lost interest a lot during that Eden nonsense.
  13. She was 18 when she arrived in 1980. It’s mentioned on the Edge homepage. TV talk show host? When was that? I have no recollection of that. I recall her dancer phase with Gavin, then acting with Jim. But nothing about a TV show.
  14. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Wasn’t it revealed that Long and Hammer were never married? I swear I read that at some point.
  15. The Doctors

    July 30 and August 2, 1976. Douglas Marland takes over as head writer in mid-September.