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  1. Another World

    I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment. I met her in person some years ago at a book signing with Lisa Brown and she exuded much warmth and friendliness in real life. We almost didn't recognize her in her dowdy clothes and ball cap: the opposite of her roles like Tracy, Angelica, and Cynthia. She also exuded a lot of warmth in her performances as Carrie on GL. It was her riveting and complex performances as Carrie that drew me into GL. She could definitely play warmth but show after show pigeon holed her into the same type of role.
  2. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    I thought Channing’s murder was wrapped up in May 1985. That was when Julia was introduced.
  3. OLTL Tribute Thread

    The whole thing was ridiculous: Eterna, Megan and Sarah wondering which of them was Viki's daughter, the "feud" between Megan and Viki that was over so quickly.
  4. They Almost Became

    Where did you see this about Jeanne Cooper? I've never heard that before. I can't see that at all. I can see Jeanne Cooper playing Addie when the character was recast in the early seventies. But Julie? That would mean that Julie went from a shoplifting teenager in 1965 to a 40-year-old woman a few years later.
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Mary Stuart was supposed to join GL in 1987. I read that in an interview with her. She was slated to play Hannah Bauer.
  6. Shortest Wait Between Roles?

    Actually Pamela's last episodes as Liz Wilson aired in mid-April not March. So she was still appearing as Liz while playing Pammy Davis on Somerset. I recently saw one of the April 1970 episodes and Liz was working in Nick Bellini's lab. They were discussing a certain shipment of rabbits. Of course, this was the lead-up to the story where little Greta Powers got infected with a virus. In the next episode, Liz abruptly left town to care for her mother.
  7. Another World

    I’m not sure why you say Texas was non-canonical to Another World. Things that happened on Texas — Vivian coming to Houston to work for Iris, Iris marrying Alex, Alex dying, Dennis being Iris and Alex’s son — were all facts that were part of the Another World universe. Iris wasn’t a threat on Texas in a business sense because she was written first as a heroine, then regresses to her scheming ways.
  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I thought it was widely rumored that Farren Phelps was the uncredited head writer during a good chunk of ‘99.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I'd place it around 1979. According to a character bio online, Jay served time in prison in 1979. Barbara Rucker left around that time. The folks that sold some ATWT and GL videos a few years ago posted videos of ATWT from the latter part of 1979 when Marland was writing and Barbara was off the canvas. And she was onto Another World/Texas by mid-1980. The bit about the show being on for more than a quarter century may simply be an error. After all, the ad includes another error: the spelling of Grant and Lisa Coleman. The surname was actually spelled Colman (no E).
  10. Netflix: One Day at a Time

    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the new season. I absolutely loved the first season.
  11. From the way Sharon talks about Erwin Nicholson, he didn’t seem to be the type to punish her by omitting her from the credits. She talks glowingly of him being supportive. The new credits that debuted in 1980 featured the three main couples at that time: Mike and Nancy, Miles and Nicole, and April and Draper, and was later enhanced to feature more characters.
  12. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Bell had a web series about 4 years ago about texting and driving titled mi Promise. I believe she wrote the series, which was pretty interesting.
  13. Thanks for posting de Cazotte’s credits, John. Had no idea her background that she had worked on OLTL, Santa Barbara, and Sunset Beach.
  14. Another World

    1984 was an interesting time for Another World. I remember Soap Opera Digest announcing that Linda Elstad (who is credited here on the writing team) had been named head writer. In the article, she previewed one of her planned stories: where Donna Love would buck tradition by trying to gain entrance to an all men's social club. Not sure what happened but Elstad never became head writer.
  15. The Doctors

    I agree though I think Court worked better as a villainess. I have vague recollections of the latter Ann Larimer and recall her brief stint as June on Another World. I found her riveting in those performances. I only caught her last year as Jennifer on Guiding Light when the character wasn't front burner.