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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Paul! I lived in East Brunswick and remember when Edge came to town in 1978. Years later, probably around 1985, my old elementary school (Chittick) had a silent auction, including the final script from Edge, signed by the entire cast.
  2. I first started watching GL in April 1982 and remember a lot of the details during that period.
  3. This is not accurate. Pat Falken Smith was there for only about 2 months in the fall of 1982. There wasn’t much turnover at all during her brief tenure. Pat was replaced by L. Virginia Browne and Gene Palumbo around December 1982. They were gone by late March or early April. This is the period when a few characters were jettisoned: Sara, Tim, Jennifer, Gracie, and perhaps some others. Browne/Palumbo kept Morgan and moved her into Phillip and Rick’s orbit until the character was abruptly phased out in May 1983. Next came interim writers Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton
  4. Mike Marshall on Another World committed suicide in the summer of 1980 as the show was getting ready to launch Texas. Also, Laura Delaney Cooper on Somerset committed suicide.
  5. They were looking to identify the child actor who played Tabitha on Bewitched. Serena was mentioned in the segment when the panelists asked who played the role of Serena.
  6. Since Jody dated Nancy’s nephew Kelly, we could assume that Laurie’s name came up. Or Nicole could have mentioned Laurie to Jody at some point.
  7. It really isn't bizarre at all. I know a number of instances where people have changed their surnames like this. My husband's nephew did. He assumed his mother's maiden name because he wanted no ties with his mentally and physically abusive father.
  8. A good number of my family are anti-maskers and believe that COVID is a hoax. They've been mocking masks for months despite the fact that we lost our cousin Mike to COVID in April. Mike started showing symptoms and was gone in less than 24 hours. Now, they're finally beginning to take it seriously after it really hit home this week: My aunt's longtime boyfriend and his sister both died from COVID within hours of each other.
  9. I believe the Dekkers were originally slated to be Mexican American but that was dropped. I also recollect that Striker and Vicky had two sons in addition to their daughters Reena and Samantha. Of course, Sam became a cousin and the sons were dropped.
  10. My jaw dropped when he didn’t know who Nick Nicholson was. And he didn’t know about Another Life. Marcia’s memory for details is incredible.
  11. Thanks for sharing this news! Last night, I got to relive some of my favorite Ruby and Lurlene moments!!
  12. Well, it’s definitely him. The photo was one of dozens on him on Getty Images, including color photos of him with Lisa Denton and other Loving cast members like James Kiberd and Bryan Cranston.
  13. Are you sure? I thought Rick was Heather's father. I saw summaries online where Rick is referenced as kidnapping his daughter, Heather.
  14. It was quite a scandal! It was all over the New Jersey radio stations at the time. She was on his show for a while, too. Here's a photo of Lisa and Imus with Tom Ligon on Loving.
  15. Denton was also embroiled in quite a scandal at the time as she hooked up with the much older Don Imus. The longtime ATWT fans in New Jersey were aghast that the new Betsy was involved with the controversial radio personality.
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