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  1. I think this was after the Old West storyline and right before Viki's 25th-year high school reunion. The reunion kicked off the story about Viki's missing daughter and ultimately led viewers to Eterna.
  2. AL premiered in June 1981. Its original opening credits were very similar to what we saw on SFT's revamped credits: birds flying over the ocean and an image of the sun. At that time, OLTL also had credits with images of birds flying in the sky and the sun. The quick shots AL opening premiered around episode 210, so sometime around March 1982. Eve was definitely around in July 1982 when Jackie died in the plane crash. There are scenes online of her with Maureen, Ross, and Justin in Justin's living room discussing Jackie's death. And Janet Grey's name appears in closing credits for an April 1983 episode where Rebecca and Mark fell off a cliff. Carolyn DeMoney Culliton, Richard Culliton, and Gary Tomlin were credited as head writers in that episode.
  3. Eve was definitely around longer. I started watching in April 1982 and she was still there. She was even around in June 1983 during Nola and Quint’s engagement party. I recall a scene with her and Phillip. The character vanished around that time. The comparison of GL to Another Life doesn’t make sense. AL premiered in 1981 and had opening credits similar to OLTL and what SFT had. Makes me wonder if GL has another opening planned but it was scrapped.
  4. It wasn't just ATWT. I recall a scene from Guiding Light in 1998 that featured Michelle Bauer at a school for the blind. From the way the scene was taped, viewers could clearly see the wood on the opposite side of the set. I was stunned that CBS let that air rather than re-taping the scene.
  5. What a great memory! Yes, someone had posted the plot summaries back in the early 2000s. It was an over-the-top story that ran for about four or five months and that featured a location shoot during the climax. One of the best parts of the story was the friendship between Ruby and Lurlene, especially as they tried to dispose of Beau Baker's mummified corpse.
  6. Another World's closing credits were separated during July 1980 to reflect the crew responsible for both shows. And this talk of the Texas characters makes me wonder who was responsible for introducing the Bellmans and Cookes on Another World. This was the period when Tom King was head writer. So did King create these characters or was it the Corringtons?
  7. Trent Dawson (ATWT, GH) is a radio employee in an episode of the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The late Brian Tarantina (OLTL) also appears in a number of episodes.
  8. Same here. I had watched GL from 1982 to 1999 and it was the Santos clan and that island crap that drove me away for good.
  9. He was definitely gay. There was a plot point some years back where Felix, Lucas, and Brad considered a threesome.
  10. That’s right across the street from my office. Count’s photo is prominently displayed in ads outside the performing arts center.
  11. I assume you're referring to the "new age" theme. Here's the full theme from the 25th anniversary episode, which aired in July 1993. It appears toward the end of this video. Alas, Erika Slezak's voice can be heard thanking viewers for watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llrxBkKxHZQ
  12. Has there been any speculation about the next season's theme? Supposedly there was a big hint in last week's episode.
  13. Right around the time GL was cancelled, I connected with the real Todd Strasser on Facebook. He wasn't pleased to find out he had someone steal his identity. I had been in touch with the fake Strasser long after WoST ceased operations. He continued on with his lies for many years. At one point, Fake Strasser claimed to be dating Jeff Branson from AMC and GL. He vanished after I shared with him that I was attending a play reading in NYC featuring Branson. Guess he realized his lies were about to be exposed, so he just disappeared from sight.
  14. Such great memories of such a wonderful place! What really made WoST so unique and special is that people genuinely cared about each other. Circa 2006, our cat Mulder was dealing with major health problems. The support I received got us through a very trying time. I still remember one person even offering to send money to help cover Mulder’s medical bills. I was so touched then. Remembering that person and what a wonderful place WoST was brings a smile to my face all these years later. Oh. I was in contact with Brian a few years ago on Facebook. He was quite happy, married, and enjoying life with his wife, I believe stepchildren, and dogs.
  15. I recall AW establishing that Bay City was in Michigan in the early 80s. There was a shot of a map showing Bay City’s location and it was clearly Michigan. It was switched to Illinois around 1987. At that time, there was a scene where there was talk about seeing Chicago on the other side of the Bay.
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