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  1. Exactly. He is hardly a twink. And it’s a shame that they’re wasting Coby Ryan McLaughlin in such a dud of a storyline. The guy has talent. Instead of a stereotypical villain who will ultimately get his comeuppance, I keep thinking how he could actually be a formidable rival for Jason and a legit romantic lead.
  2. That synopsis is slightly incorrect. The guy's name was Bryan -- with a a Y, not an I. He was a henchman for the Spauldings, I believe. As for Mark, I believe his real name was Mark Evans and his alias was Samuel Pasquin. Mark was married to Jennifer and having an affair with her daughter Amanda.
  3. With all due respect, is it a good idea to be posting a link to the above video on this board? Since Retro is already aware that people are posting episodes on YouTube and DailyMotion, and is getting those channels shut down, isn't this putting MontyB's channel at risk of being shut down? Not trying to stir up trouble here. Just asking a legitimate question.
  4. I absolutely agree. Very distasteful.
  5. Victoria did post one photo of herself about two years ago. She still looks the same. Carmen's passing hit me a bit today. Ironically, I was watching clips of Mac's death yesterday. For some reason, I purposely went to the scene where Rachel tells Iris that Mac is gone. Carmen's performance was so raw and powerful; the scenes between Carmen and Gretchen Oehler as Vivien were so special to watch again after all these years.
  6. More sad news from the world of soaps hitting today. Beside Carmen Duncan, I just came across the news that Candice Earley passed away on January 31. Of course, she played Donna Beck on All My Children for many years. I always enjoyed her soulful performances as Donna. https://www.swoknews.com/obituaries/candice-earley-nolan
  7. Interesting as usual! One correction. Peter Burnell left The Doctors in 1973. He was dropped shortly after Joe Stuart took over as executive producer. He left around August/September 1973, and Michael Landrum assumed the role around May 1974. As always, thanks for putting these together!
  8. The second actress to play Connie — Cynthia Bostick — also appeared on Texas.
  9. We're now in May 1977. Supposedly, she's around through December 1977 or January 1978.
  10. Carolee soon will go head to head with Mona. Their conflict in the show's later years, and Carolee standing up to Mona, is a real highlight.
  11. I, too, believe it was Kobe behind the cast changes. Long had introduced Jim Reardon with the intention that he would be part of a love triangle with Hillary and Katie. I remember that being touted in the soap press. But the story never came to pass. I would have hated to see friction between Hillary and Katie over a man, but was disappointed when Hillary and then Katie were both dropped from the show.
  12. I love the extras who’ve appeared over the years, especially Dorothy Butts. But I’m always amused about how busy they are answering the phone during the closing credits when the phone seldom rings during the actual show.
  13. This is what Petronia had to say in a 2011 We Love Soaps interview: I played Jessie Rollins, she was a black doctor and I (originally) was brought on to be the love interest of a white character. But they had another black/white romance on another soap that had not gone well. The woman playing the part, the black actor, had been fired, because people didn't like the story line, so that didn't work out. So, originally, I was brought on for this kind of setup, but somewhere along the way, they realized it wasn't going to go anywhere, maybe because of the other situation, and that was dropped. And I was terribly new, and inexperienced, and not very good at it, and I was let go.
  14. Lemay actually expanded the Perrini family before the show's expansion to 90 minutes in March 1979. Rose and Joey arrived in April 1978, nearly a year before the show's expansion. The family that Lemay expanded in March 1979 were the Simpsons -- Eileen's aunt and uncle Rita and Paul Connelly (a love interest for Rose) and Eileen's brother Morgan (played by Gary Tomlin). Lemay was gone by May 1979. The Perrinis and Simpsons, with the exception of Joey, were all phased out during Tom King/Robert Soderberg's stint. And, no, Cory was never SORASed. I had always hoped Cory would show up, especially during Carmen Duncan's time as Iris. I envisioned him stirring up lots of trouble.
  15. I believe Marland planned an interracial romance for Jessie but it was nixed.
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