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  1. As Vee said, people don’t tend to copy and paste stuff from other places. I could be wrong but I believe the admins have discouraged that. Hopefully they will chime in.
  2. What a complete waste of an outstanding actor. Coby could have been a romantic lead for years to come but was wasted on a terrible storyline.
  3. I believe Lucky Gold was responsible for the Reva time travel story, not Brown and Esensten. That happened in 2001, long after Brown and Esensten were gone.
  4. The whole story is stupid. I see no high stakes in any of this crap. It's nothing but laughable dreck.
  5. I believe Mary Ryan Munisteri introduced Johnny.
  6. I did't mind Richman, but Burke. His performances were painful to watch.
  7. Peter Mark Richman was the first actor to appear on TV as CC. He was replaced by Paul Burke in September 1984. Burke was gone by October.
  8. Ah. The infamous Marland interview. So full of hot air. Yeah, he married Penny and Jerry, but where was the big storyline he touted?
  9. Dennis departed in mid-November. Iris left at the end of November. And Eliot was gone by the end of December. I remember being so disappointed with Eliot's departure because I thought he and Paige were an interesting pairing.
  10. I watched it, too, and found it so laughable except for the scenes you mentioned. I know GH has been far-fetched at times for decades, but this stuff is just so over the top and bad. What bothers me the most is that they wasted such a fine actor like Coby Ryan McLaughlin on this crap.
  11. The change in logo happened much earlier...probably within a few months of the premiere. The episode where Iris and Alex married (which I believe aired in November 1980) featured the new logo.
  12. Wow! That drop for Days is astounding. From 7.0 to 4.8.
  13. Margaret Reed (ATWT) was on last night's episode of Pose on FX. She portrays a dowdy suburban housewife who has a run-in with the fierce Elektra Wintour. Her scene with Dominque Jackson is quite memorable.
  14. Are you sure about that? I don't remember Schnetzer going to recurring status. I thought one of the points of killing off Frankie was so that it would open up storyline for Cass and have him go back to his caddish ways.
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