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  1. This is first hand knowledge from someone who actually worked closely with cast members. A very reputable and honorable person. I have no reason to doubt him.
  2. The stuff about Lisa Brown doesn't surprise me. About 8 years ago, a friend who worked behind the scenes at ATWT and GL described Lisa and Martha Byrne as being the "mean girls" on the World Turns set.
  3. I have so few memories of the PFS period. It was so quick. I know that PFS took over as head writer of Ryan's Hope in late 1983. Was she also creating Scruples when she was head writing RH?
  4. Definitely not. Kobe was still Executive Producer of Texas in November 1982. If I recall correctly, NBC announced the cancellations of Texas and The Doctors in early November 1982. The personnel change at GL that occurred in November was the replacement of Pat Falken Smith by L. Virginia Browne and Gene Palumbo.
  5. I was under the impression Cullen was fired. Her departure was very abrupt. Amanda and Josh went into business with Ross: Los Tres Amigos, or LTA.
  6. Yep. Perkel played the role when Lesley Ann was a minor character. It's possible Potter left and Kobe started work at the end of 1982, but her credit in the closing crawl didn't appear until around February 1983. There used to be GL episodes on YouTube from February 1983 where the credits showed the shift from Potter to Kobe.
  7. Do you have any recollection of the original Lesley Ann? She was then played by Jacqueline Perkel, who is a colleague of mine at Rutgers University. As I recollect, Geraldine Court was dumped in February 1983 when Allen Potter was still at the helm. Jennifer Cooke's Morgan was used during the Kobe period with the Browne/Palumbo and Culliton/Culliton/Tomlin regimes. She was placed into Rick and Phillip's orbit, which was odd. Cooke was written out in May 1983 just around the time the Long/Culliton regime started. Kathleen Cullen was dropped as Amanda in August 1983.
  8. Lynn Clark was amazing as Lily Light. The character had so much potential, yet was scrapped so quickly. I think she on for only four months. I tell you: the Dobsons were the 1980s version of Brad Bell, introducing characters, quickly losing interest in them, and then dropping them. There was so much potential with the Duvall/Bassett family in 1985, including the divine Grace Zabriskie as Theda. Yet they were all gone within a few months, with the exception of Mary and we all know what happened to her in the summer of 1986. The Dobsons' lack of commitment to any character who wasn't a Capwell
  9. I checked in on the thread and he, indeed, forgot that Mary had portrayed Meta on Guiding Light. The way it was written, it was hard to tell if he forgot/didn't know she had been in Springfield, or was objecting to her inclusion on the list. He also mentioned that his first writing gig was Search for Tomorrow.
  10. I'm confused by two things. First, why did Twitter hide one person's answer and mark it as "potentially sensitive content"? It featured shots of Charita Bauer, Don Stewart, Mart Hulswit, Jerry ver Dorn, Mary Stuart, Michael Zaslow, and Maureen Garrett. Second, what was up with Mulchaey's tweet questioning Mary Stuart's inclusion in the collage of photos? He also commented that it should be Peter Simon's Ed as opposed to Hulswit's Ed.
  11. Who is his most missed character? I scanned the thread, but don't see his response.
  12. Oh, man! Those Friday night get-togethers were so much fun! It was so entertaining listening to them talking about their soaps. It's what got me hooked on soaps. Only my Aunt Ida remains of that group and she's hitting 90 next month! I wish I had kept that book. It was some kind of almanac about TV in 1979. I remember the chapter on soaps had photos of the Ryans from Ryan's Hope with John Blazo pictured as Pat Ryan. It went into detail about what a flop the 90-minute experiment had been, but that NBC was seriously toying with expanding Days. There were some really great soap-relate
  13. I tend to doubt that. The reactions today are similar to the reactions people had online well before streaming series were even a thing. Plus, the reactions today are very similar to the reactions I saw back in 1979-1980 in the soap magazines. Just from my own personal experience, my mom, my aunt, and their friends would get together every Friday night for coffee and Entemann's cakes, to gossip, and to talk about their soaps. They were unanimous about a few things: Rita Stapleton was a tramp, Roger Thorpe was scoundrel, and they all hated the 90-minute Another World because it was so slow. In
  14. Annie and Rick had been married. They divorced sometime in 1995 after Abby had been introduced. There was also another guy from her past, Jake, who never showed up in Springfield. At one point, there were rumors that Kin Shriner was slated to play the role of Jake.
  15. Great idea! Damon was the one who did the Coster interview and he would be perfect. My husband and I went with Damon and Roger, the other WLS guy, to see drag queen Dina Martina back in 2010. They were both very charming and fun guys. World Turns had just ended and they told us All My Children and One Life to Live were likely to be cancelled soon. Damon left WLS sometime after that. He’s now a major PrEP and HIV prevention educator.
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