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  1. Perhaps some editing is going on but there's no mistaking that the actors are near each other in these scenes. Hell, Maurice Bernard just touched Lindsay Hartley as they were standing face to face, as did Becky Herbst. And they need to keep Lindsay. She's brought energy to the show that was really lacking.
  2. I listened to the first episode. It was challenging to get through. Uneven audio. Too much narration. Too many characters to keep track of. No real hook to keep me listening.
  3. I appreciate what he's doing but he needs to stop with the interruptions. His interruptions are annoying as hell. At one point, Passanante was talking about the interference she was getting and he interrupted her. I didn't watch the OLTL interview but I loved how Sharon Gabet starting laughing when he referenced her and Mark Arnold as being a major couple on The Edge of Night. That was horribly embarrassing.
  4. “I believe”??? As someone who has already lost a cousin and two friends to this damn disease, how about doing some research before sharing what you “believe”? Enough misinformation about COVID is already being shared on social media and by Trump and other politicians without you potentially sharing more misinformation here.
  5. I believe it was Anne Howard Bailey and Charles Pratt.
  6. I've shared this before on SON but my husband and I live in Corbett's childhood home in Collingswood, NJ. It's ironic since I always disliked him on RH, SFT, and Y&R. My husband and I have both been in contact with him and he seems to be a nice guy. He was elated when we told him that we found his childhood school ruler and wallet, and discovered his mother's art easel in the rafters of our garage. His mother Margaret Cianfrani was a famous award-winning artist who died in 2017 at the age of 101. You can see some of her portraits of Michael here: http://www.margetheartist.com/gallery1.html
  7. I'm not sure if it ever got off the ground, but Corbett was in the cast of a comedic web series that's similar to what you described. It was titled The Disappointments. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-disappointments-a-web-series-about-your-life#/
  8. He was actually just a few years younger than the actors who played Martin on Peyton Place. John Hoyt was born in 1905, George Macready was born in 1899, and Wilfrid Hyde-White was born in 1903.
  9. If I remember correctly, around April or May 1986, they started showing scenes involving the mystery man who owned Liberty House, the apartment building that because the central focus during the last months of Search. It was implied he knew Jo and may have been a man from her past. The storyline was quickly dropped and then Jack Betts' David Glenn showed up.
  10. The SB characters were the mother Caroline Wilson (Lenore Kasdorf), biracial daughter Alice Jackson (Marie-Alise Recasner), white daughter Jane Wilson (Jane Sibbets), Alice's father Gus (David Wolos-Fonteno), and cop Paul Whitney (Stoney Jackson). I believe Patrick was referring to Stoney Jackson as the miscast romantic lead.
  11. I could be wrong but I think Loving's Olympics cliffhanger involved Jack Forbes getting into a motorcycle accident.
  12. I don’t recall other cliffhangers other than the one on Edge. The situation you describe was from 1983 and featured Preacher and Jody. That was the sequence featured in the opening credits. The Olympics cliffhanger was taped in Mexico and featured a car chase involving Sky and Raven. It ended with the Whitneys at the edge of a cliff. Ryan’s Hope and Loving may have had cliffhangers that day, too.
  13. I had no idea that Carolyn Ann Clarke wasn't the first Lesley Ann Monroe. Apparently, Jacquelin Perkel originated the role. Interestingly, I worked with Perkel on a project at Rutgers University back around 2008. She was an executive with the Rutgers Foundation at that point.
  14. Yates opted not to renew his contract. Earlier this year, someone posted an article about him returning to GL for three weeks to wrap up his story around January 1982. So he was gone long before Kobe/Long. Gray continued on until around June 1983. For a time, it seemed like a Katie/Justin/Eve triangle was being considered.
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