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  1. I'm not disputing any of that. Just sharing what we observed in Colorado yesterday. And to our utter disappointment, the media didn't report on it whatsoever.
  2. It turns out that ICE wasn't just going to cities. We're on vacation in Colorado and just had dinner in Breckenridge. The owner of the restaurant told us ICE was in town today. Many staff members at restaurants in Breck didn't come in today out of fear, and many restaurants had to close early because of the staff shortage. He said many of the workers in town who have legit papers to be in the country are in complete fear that they will be deported.
  3. Hi rob, 

    I’m new to the board and saw a post you replied to about a link to watch The Doctors episodes? I was watching on YouTube but they got taken off. I’m on the year 1969 still. Any help you can give me would be great!


  4. She was only around for two or three months if I recall correctly. Pam Long quickly wrote out the character. She was part of a quadrangle of sorts with Dinah, Cameron, and Alan-Michael. I believe she had sex with Cameron and then left Springfield shortly thereafter.
  5. If it's true that O'Connor will be replacing Altman, that would mean that not one woman is serving as head writer or executive producer of any of today's soaps. That's pathetic.
  6. Thanks for continuing to do these! They're all so fascinating. Stephen Newman's Mike Marshall first appeared on Another World, likely in July 1980. He committed suicide on AW and the ramifications of his death continued on Texas. I recall AW airing Mike's funeral service, which was very long.
  7. Mary was in talks to join GL in 1987. She stated so in one interview. However, her character was to be called Hannah Bauer. That was during the period Sheri Anderson was head writer. I'm not sure how Hannah was supposed to be related to the rest of the Bauer family.
  8. To be fair, it was really Doug Marland who introduced the Lewis family. Josh and Trish arrived when Marland was head writer. And Billy and HB were both mentioned by name when Marland was writing. I'm not sure how much of Marland's vision for Billy and HB that Long used. I do remember Billy mentioning his ex-wife Joanna in the summer of 1983. When the character finally showed up that fall, Joanna's named had been changed to Reva.
  9. Was Edelstein writing HTSAM when David Bachman had his fatal heart attack? I was around 11 at the time and those scenes were riveting. I would love to see Edelsten's stint on HTSAM. I wasn't impressed with his short stint as head writer of The Doctors in the 1969 reruns. There was a noticeable shift in the writing as soon as Rita Lakin left. There was a unique intelligence in the writing when Lakin was there that disappeared as soon as she was gone. I think he only last five or six months before Ira Avery replaced him. I would love to know what Edelstein planned for Julie Forrest, who changed drastically under Ira Avery and Stanley Silverman.
  10. Kevin and Jason were aged to teens in 2006 when Ross died. Mick Hazen (later Parker on As the World Turns) and Eric Nelsen (AJ on on the All My Children reboot) played the roles.
  11. Daniel Wolek on OLTL was a twin; his sister was stillborn.
  12. Dick? I remember Mitch Farmer, but I don't recall a character named Dick.
  13. Faces of the Heart was the name of the song. I've seen Dave Koz perform the song in concert a number of times. Beautiful song.
  14. Aside from the new theme (which I really like) and adjusted pace, there was another HUGE change. Gone is the the Port Charles skyline. The opening credits now end with a shot of the title superimposed over the iconic GH building.
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