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  1. PROMO: Karma's A Bitch!

    A LONG KEPT SECRET WILL FINALLY COME OUT! JUDITH: You want to know the truth?! Fine! I'll tell you the truth! You drove me to this affair! A FAMILY WILL CONTINUE TO BE RIPPED APART! CYNTHIA: You thought that this would be the nail in the coffin! You thought you were finally going to get me away from your father! AND, TWO TRAGEDIES WILL LEAVE TWO LIVES HANGING IN THE BALANCE! DOCTOR: (performing surgery) We're losing him!
  2. EP. 12 - Philip's True Feelings

    ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Andrea gains a chance to take her career to the next level. Stuart closes a deal that could save the Whitmore family. And, Philip gets through to Jennifer. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-12-philip-professes-his-love-for.html
  3. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Lindsay interrogates Michael. Judith gets information that could save her life from going down the wrong path. And, Jennifer and Philip make a huge step forward in the investigation. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-11-lindsays-anger-boils-over.html
  4. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Jennifer, Joshua, and Philip hatch a plan. Thomas reaches out to Becky. And, Michael makes an accusation against Cynthia! READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE! http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-10-cynthias-past-gets-exposed.html
  5. TAT 9 - Judith Buries A Secret

  6. EPISODE 9 - Judith Buries A Secret

    ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Judith goes to great lengths to keep a dark secret. Jennifer makes a decision regarding Philip's offer. Andrea stands her ground against Jennifer and Joshua's investigation. And, Lindsay plays hardball. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE! http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-9-judith-buries-secret.html
  7. ON T0DAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW The Whitmore family gather for a dinner, which leads to some of them discovering a well kept secret! READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-8-whitmore-family-dinner.html
  8. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Cynthia plays the victim. Philip tries to strike a partnership with Jennifer. Andrea makes a re- diagnosis in Stuart's case. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE! http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2018/07/ep-7-stuart-makes-big-decision.html

    Hot on the heels of Alicia Coppola being cast in the role of Ava McClain, comes more hot casting news! COMING Dylan Neal as Keith Carpenter: The actor best known for his role on the teen sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch, will play the role of Ava's husband. Expect him to pop up on the canvas shortly after Alicia Coppola's debut. According to the Head Writer, Casey Hutchison, Keith and Ava's story will impact the canvas and the Whitmore family for "months upon months." Tonya Lee Williams as Doreen Sterling: The actress best known for portraying Dr. Olivia Barber on The Young and the Restless will play the role of a woman who is described as a seasoned con-artist, who is never afraid to go after what she wants. Tonya has been placed on a short-term contract. GOING Blake Hood as Thomas Anderson: This might be the most shocking piece of casting news for the series yet! Original cast member, Blake Hood, will exit the series later this year. His story will reportedly come to an end in a shocking way. But, the Casey (head writer) can assure fans that the Anderson son will not be killed off. Stay tuned for more news down the road!