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  1. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of Carl's death

    Didn't you judge me first??? " I know you can keep it up" Hmmph. I'm just going to leave it alone. CAry another great episode Elizabeth stole the first half of the show. I could really feel what she as going through losing my own dad at age 8. It's terrible and painful and it changed my life. It was so heart breaking seeing her go through her emotions. Then the scene with My girls Fe Fe and Paulina with Rachel. That was so awesome. SO touching and well fitting. Fe and Lina talking about losing previous husbands. It was a nice and sincere bonding moment. Powerful. Everything was perfect with this ep. Read more: ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of Carl's death - BACK TO ANOTHER WORLD - SON Community http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/entry/9879-another-world-226-aftermath-of-carls-death/#ixzz45dwHzvEM Here is your original comment just in case you forgot. Oh and my dog passed away last December

    ATTENTION AMC FANS! EPISODES WILL NOW BE POSTED HERE! THIS STARTS WITH EP. 38 http://caseyheartsalexis.wix.com/mysite#!EP-38-The-Funeral-of-Marissa-Tasker/c1tye/15397055-FB3C-47C3-99E9-BE5F30ACF6C9
  3. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of Carl's death

    ML you say a scene was so awesome I won't even discuss that This episode continued the breathtaking moments in Carl's last story, and all you can leave is that lousy comment

    I am loving the shows lately! Corey is good at keeping things at the roots Al is bringing in so many good people from DAYS history while also throwing his new spin by adding characters like Tyler Houston ML is doing his best work, by deciding to go a more traditional route And Carey, you are flawless! The work on Carl's passing could not have been any better

    CURRENT CAST Actor Character Duration Susan Lucci Erica Kane 1970- Ray MacDonald Dr. Joe Martin 1970- Julia Barr Brooke English 1976-06; 2010- Marcy Walker Liza Colby 1981-84; 1995-05; 2016- Darnell Williams Jesse Hubbard 1981-88; 2001- Debbie Morgan Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard 1982-1990; 2008- Michael E. Knight Tad Martin 1982-86; 1988-90; 1992- Jennifer Bassey Marian Colby Chandler 1983-85; 1995-09; 2011- David Canary Adam Chandler Stuart Chandler 1984- 1984- Walt Willey Jackson Montgomery 1987- Cady McClain Dixie Cooney Martin 1988-96; 1998-02; 2005-08; 2010- Jill Larson Opal Cortlandt 1989- Kelly Ripa Hayley Vaughan Santos 1990-02; 2010; 2016- Mark Consuelos Mateo Santos 1995-02; 2010; 2016- Lee Meriwether Ruth Martin 1996-99; 2002-03; 2007- Daniel Cosgrove Scott Chandler 1996-98; 2010- Vincent Irizarry Dr. David Hayward 1997-06; 2008- Cameron Mathison Ryan Lavery 1998- Rebecca Budig Greenlee Smythe Lavery 1999-05; 2008- Eden Riegel Bianca Montgomery 2000- Alicia Minshew Kendall Hart Slater 2002- Jacob Young JR Chandler Kevin 2003- 2015- Bobbie Eakes Krystal Carey 2003- Justin Bruening Jamie Martin 2003-07; 2011; 2016- Thorsten Kaye Zach Slater 2004- Colin Egglesfield Joshua Madden 2005-09; 2015- JR Martinez Brot Monroe 2008- Shannon Kane Natalia Monroe 2008- Stephanie Gatschet Madison North Chandler 2009- Finn Wittrock Damon Miller 2009-11; 2016- Natalie Hall Colby Chandler 2009- Michael Nouri Caleb Cortlandt 2010- Trent Garrett Asher Pike 2010- Lindsay Hartley Dr. Cara Castillo 2010- Jordi Vilasuso Dr. Griffin Castillo 2010- Camila Banus Lilith “Lily” Montgomery 2015- Unknown Child Actor JJ Monroe 2016- Freddie Smith Ian Slater 2016- Molly Burnett Jenny Carey 2016- Adam Gregory Spike Lavery 2016- Kimberly Matula Emma Lavery 2016- Drew Garrett AJ Chandler 2016- Jordana Brewster Gillian Andrassy 2016- Bianca A. Santos Miranda Montgomery 2016- Alfre Woodard Katrina Winslow 2016- Sherry Stringfield Diane O’Neil 2016- Noelle Beck Mia Saunders 2016- Robert Scott Wilson Peter Cortlandt 2016- David Fumero Miguel Reyes Chandler 2016- Michael Trevino Lorenzo Hector Santos 2016- Anne Heche Laura Templeton 2016- Owen Best Oliver Hayward 2016-
  6. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of Carl's death

    Wow, just finished this incredible episode. It was pure emotion. It was pure soap opera. I could see this on the TV screen. It was good how you were not missing a beat in any of these emotions. I could feel everyone's sadness over losing Carl. I can also see how AW has a bright future. You have set up so much, and are not letting this get in your way. I am proud of you for that. I was so happy to see how everyone was leaning on one another. That was real good to see. It goes to show that everyone has someone to connect with. With that, you kept the very strong family bonds that AW kept with it in 35 magical years. You are doing a wonderful job with Charles passing Cary. All of this has been breathtaking. I know you can keep it up!!!
  7. EPISODE 4 - Pretend

    KNOTS LANDING “PRETEND” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison EMILY/MICHAEL: At Michael’s Home, Emily comes home from partying with her friends at a concert. When she arrives home, Michael enters. The two sit on the couch discussing how Emily’s night was. Emily then brings up her mother, Marty. Michael and Emily talk about Marty, and what she did by leaving Emily to drown. Emily then reveals that she is ready to forgive her mother, and Michael ponders on whether he is ready to do the same, or not. --- SASHA/KATE: Sasha goes to visit her mother at the Sumner Home. This interrupts Meg and Kate’s girls night. When asked what Sasha is doing there, she tells her mother that she wonders why she had to break her father’s heart in the way she did. This leads to a heart to heart on what was really going on in their marriage. Kate tries to reveal in the best way she can to Sasha that the two were just growing further and further apart. Upon leaving, Sasha reveals that she will do everything she can to get her parents back together. --- ERIC/KAREN: At the Fairgate Home, Karen is delighted to see her son, and reconnect with him. They talk about Eric’s time in Saudi Arabia, and how great it was to really explore a different world. Eric then brings into the conversation his strange encounter with his brother. Karen has many questions on why things became strange. Eric then reveals an important part of history that Michael got wrong (the killing of Linda). Karen then goes on to say that it was probably nothing. When Eric leaves, Karen wonders if this could be a real thing to worry about. However, she decides to just put it on her shoulder, and she goes off to bed. --- ABBY/OLIVIA: At Abby’s Home, Abby is getting ready for bed, when she hears the doorbell ring. She goes down the stairs, and to the door. Upon opening the door, she is shocked to see Olivia. She immediately goes into an embrace with her daughter. Later, Olivia reveals that she is back to make a fresh start for herself. A whole new life. Abby vows to help her. ---

    A NEW EPISODE OF KNOTS LANDING SEES THE RETURN OF OLIVIA http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/entry/9878-episode-4-pretened/

  10. AMC #37 - Cara Bares All To David + Krystal Gets A Surprise Visit!

    CUT OFF FROM THE TOP Back at Tad and Dixie’s Home, Tad puts his arm around Dixie. TAD: You want another baby? DIXIE: Okay, I know that it seems crazy, but I just feel like we have an empty nest. Kathy is doing fashion in New York. Adam and I’s son JR is JR. Your children Damon and Jamie are out there in the world living their lives. And, you said Krystal spoiled Jenny being back. TAD: I understand where you are coming from. DIXIE: (laughs) I was hoping you would. TAD: I have an answer for you. DIXIE: What would that be? TAD: I would love to have a child with you. Dixie laughs joyfully, as she hugs and kisses Tad. DIXIE: When do you want to start? TAD: How about right now? Tad kisses Dixie passionately. --- Back at the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart and Scott come off of their hug. STUART: I am so sorry to drop this on you like I did. SCOTT: Dad, it is alright. All I want to know is if you are alright. STUART: I am doing fine. It just frustrating. I am trying to get Adam to understand that this is a good idea. He won’t listen to me, or anyone else. SCOTT: So, you are willing to donate your lung? STUART: Of course I am. I love my brother, and I want him to survive. I do not want him to die of this disease. All it takes is a simple surgery. SCOTT: Who else knows? STUART: Brooke, Marian, and I are the only ones who know. And, now you. I appreciate it if you would keep it quiet, for now. SCOTT: Of course I will. But, I hope you know that I do have to tell Madison. I do not keep secrets from my wife. STUART: Of course I understand about that. SCOTT: I love you dad. STUART: I love you too, son. I love you too. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie and Ryan are walking to Gillian’s examination room. RYAN: I’m interested to see what she has to say about this. ANGIE: (sighs) Me too. Upon Angie opening the door, her and Ryan are in shock. ANGIE: Oh my gosh. RYAN: Oh my gosh. ANGIE: She’s gone. --- In a rental car, Gillian is driving on a country road. GILLIAN: I knew this was a bad idea. I just knew it. As Gillian continues to drive, a sign shows up on the right side of the road. It reads: NOW LEAVING PINE VALLEY ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 37***
  11. All My Children - Episode 37 Created By: Agnes Nixon Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes Directed By: Susan Simon Pine Valley is still in the night hours. At David’s Penthouse, Cara and David enter the living room of the penthouse. CARA: David, Oliver is growing up. He is. And, with that growing up comes so much emotion in life. He needs to know that both of his parents will be there for him. DAVID: What are you saying Cara? CARA: Listen, we have been through the ringer. We have both hurt one another, but I am tired of hurting. I am tired of the pain. DAVID: What does that mean…? CARA: It means I want to be with you. DAVID: You want to get back together with me? CARA: You bet I do. --- At Krystal’s Home, Krystal comes down the stairs. She is dressed in her pajamas. She goes over to turn on her television. Before she does so, there is a knock at the door. KRYSTAL: (walking to the door) Coming! Krystal opens the door. KRYSTAL: (gasp) Oh my goodness. JENNY: Hi mom. KRYSTAL: Jenny. JENNY: Hi, mom. --- At Tad and Dixie’s Home, Dixie walks into the living room. She has a glass of water in hand. She goes to the couch to sit down. Tad is next to her on his IPAD. DIXIE: (sighs) Hello, honey. TAD: (shutting off his IPAD) Hello. The two kiss. TAD: I thought you said that you were going to bed? DIXIE: I was. But, then I was thinking about something. And, I needed to speak to you about that. Can we talk? TAD: Of course. What about? DIXIE: I want another baby. --- --- At the Slater Home, Kendall and Zach are in the living room pacing. They stop pacing once Ian and Spike enter the front door. KENDALL: There you two are. ZACH: We have been worried sick. SPIKE: We thought you might be, mom. KENDALL: Well you thought right, young man. IAN: We actually had a bet going on. ZACH: Listen, I was worried sick, as well. You two said you would be home by 9:30. It is now 10:30. We expect you to be home by when you say. KENDALL: Your father is right. Spike, I already called your father. Just because you don’t live with him; does not mean you two will not have a talk. IAN: Told you she was gonna call Ryan. SPIKE: Yeah, whatever. ZACH: You know what, you two? Just go upstairs. IAN: Okay. Ian and Spike go upstairs. KENDALL: (sighs) I cannot believe those boys. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie hangs up her phone. ANGIE: Sorry about that. Jesse and dinner. Usually a thing he can’t find. RYAN: (laughs) That’s fine. Anyways, I had not thought of that, yet. ANGIE: This is a situation where there are a lot of things to take in. RYAN: I had completely put that transplant in the back of my mind. ANGIE: It just makes me wonder. These test say that the woman in that examination room is Gillian. But, her heart sits inside Laura English. So, what is going on? RYAN: I have an idea. ANGIE: What? RYAN: Let’s just go to the source herself. --- At the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart stands, and begins to pace. SCOTT: Dad, what is it? You said that you had some bad news for me. I really do hate to break apart the feeling of the good news, but I need to know the other part of what you have to tell me. I can handle it. Stuart stops pacing, and faces back at Scott. STUART: (sighs) You do. You do need to know. SCOTT: (standing) Alright, so what is it? STUART: Your uncle Adam is dying. Well he will die, if I don’t give him one of my lungs. Your uncle does not want the transplant. Everyone else, including me wants it for him. But, he won’t hear of it. SCOTT: Oh my god. Dad, I’m so sorry. Scott walks to Stuart. The two embrace. --- Back at the Slater Home, Kendall and Zach sit on the couch. KENDALL: (sighs) Where did the time go? I mean, how did we become those parents who always wonder where their children are? ZACH: I do not know where the time went. But, I do know the answer to your second question. We became those parents, because our boys grew up. KENDALL: They cearintly did grow up. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we had to fight to get a babysitter for them. ZACH: I will never understand how fast time goes. But, I will understand this. I have loved every second of our lives. KENDALL: Those feelings are completely mutual. Ever since I met you, I knew that we were meant to be together. ZACH: You bet I share those feelings. You are the life of my life Kendall Hart Slater. And, you always will be, the love of my life. Kendall and Zach kiss. ZACH: (sighs) So, how did Madison like your plans to revive Fusion with this perfume plan? Is she on board with you? KENDALL: She is ready to go. She said that she loved it, and that she cannot wait to get to work. I cannot wait to work with her. ZACH: Did she bring up everything that has been going on in Greenlee’s life? Did she ask you if Greenlee would become apart of this? KENDALL: Actually, she did. She brought up Greenlee right away. I just don’t want Greenlee to be involved. I don’t think she is all there, yet. Losing a child is an unimaginable loss. And, the way it happened for her was just… ZACH: Insane? Because, it was. What Annie did to all of Pine Valley was the worse things I have ever seen happen to this town. KENDALL: She really did a number on all of us. But, Pine Valley is in healing. And, when this town heals, things only are bound to get better. --- Back at Krystal’s Home, Jenny enters, as Krystal shuts the door. KRYSTAL: (hugging Jenny) I have missed you, so darn much. JENNY: I’ve missed you too mama. The two come off the hug. KRYSTAL: (sighs) So, what brings you here? JENNY: Well, tomorrow is my sister’s funeral. I didn’t want to miss it. I would like to say my goodbyes to Marissa. KRYSTAL: Thank you, for being here. It means so much to me, honey. You have no idea how much it means to me to see you. JENNY: I’m happy to be here. I have missed you and this town so much. I am just ready to get back to everything Pine Valley is. KRYSTAL: What does that mean, exactly? JENNY: It means that I am staying here. KRYSTAL: (laughs) Seriously? JENNY: Yes! I am staying here. I bought a little apartment, and I even have a job interview, that is coming up very soon. KRYSTAL: Thank you so much, for making my day a lot better. So, have you seen your father, yet? I know he would be happy to see you. JENNY: Actually, you were my first stop. KRYSTAL: Thank you for that. I needed you so much. Come on. Let’s break out all the unhealthy snacks, and catch up on life. JENNY: Sounds good to me! The two laugh, and walk off to the kitchen. --- Back at David’s Penthouse, David is a little caught off guard. There is a slight silence that falls between him and Cara. David musters up a slight laugh. CARA: What’s so funny? DAVID: You. CARA: How so? DAVID: You come here. You spill feelings, and then you expect me to give you a return in reaction. Cara, I am so lost. That is what is funny about this whole thing. You said that you did not want to be with me, anymore. You said that I had hurt you so much, and that I was a bad guy. Cara, it has taken me so long to get over us. I am over us. You cannot just walk back into my life, and expect me to be fine with it. CARA: David, I did say those things. You have me on that. But, this…, what I am doing here. This is all for the love I still feel for you, and our son. Yes, I will admit that like you, I shoved feelings down. I pretended to get over what we were. But, I can’t. I cannot do it. DAVID: (sighs) Cara, I’m not sure that we can start something. CARA: Why not? DAVID: If we do, then you will be walking into a mess that I do not want you to walk into. I am doing so many things at the moment. So much, that you should not get involved in. CARA: What are you doing? What are you doing that is so bad, that we cannot be an “us”? Go ahead, tell me. David walks over to the door, and opens it. Cara walks with him. DAVID: I think you should leave now. CARA: David, don’t do this. DAVID: Cara, I do not know what is going on with you, right now. But, this is not you. Listen, I have things to attend to. Please leave. CARA: Okay. (sighs) I will bring Oliver over, tomorrow morning. DAVID: Sounds good. Cara walks out the door. David shuts the door, and lets out a sigh. He then takes out his phone, dials, and puts it up to his ear. DAVID: Hey, Hector. This is me. Give me an update on JR. --- Back at Tad and
  12. Cara Bares Her Feelings To David

    A NEW EPISODE OF AMC FINDS CARA BARING HER FEELINGS TO DAVID READ BY CLICKING THE LINK http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/entry/9876-amc-37-cara-bares-all-to-david-krystal-gets-a-surprise-visit/

    COMING SOON TO KNOTS LANDING! ANNOUNCER: Val is ready to reveal she has cancer. VAL: It is time we reveal to the Ewing family what has been going on. ANNOUNCER: Sasha makes a plan. SASHA: I will get my parents back together. ANNOUNCER: And, Karen grows suspicious of Michael. KAREN: What is wrong with my son? ONLY KNOTS LANDING
  14. ANOTHER WORLD 225 Carl's final episode

    Cary that was absolutely breathtaking and stunning
  15. AMC VOTE

    Getting You Involved #AMC
  16. CUT OFF FROM TOP RYAN: More questions? ANGIE: Yes. RYAN: What is this question? ANGIE: Well, I was thinking when I saw the outcome of these test results. RYAN: What were you thinking about? ANGIE: Gillian’s heart. RYAN: Her heart? ANGIE: Ryan, when Gillian supposedly died, her heart was given to Laura Kirk English. So, here is my question. If Laura has Gillian’s heart, then what does Gillian have? Ryan is wondering the same thing, as the camera zooms in on his face. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 36***
  17. All My Children - Episode 36 Created By: Agnes Nixon Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes Directed By: Jill Ackles A new night has fallen upon Pine Valley. At ConFusion, Caleb, Liza, Colby, and Asher all have coffee in front of them. LIZA: That was a lovely meal. CALEB: Yes, it was. So, son you have been awfully quiet. LIZA: I have to say the same about you, daughter. ASHER: I think that Colby and I are still in shock. COLBY: Gosh, I guess I will be agreeing with you more and more, tonight. LIZA: Why you guys so shocked over this? ASHER: (sighs) I guess because we never saw this coming. --- At Fusion Offices, Madison enters. Kendall walks over to her. KENDALL: Thank you for coming so quickly. MADISON: Well, your text sounded pretty urgent. What’s up? KENDALL: I have a business proposition for you. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan, Gillian, and Angie enter an examination room. RYAN: Angie, I cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly. ANGIE: Of course. Anything for a close friend. So, what can I do for you? RYAN: Well, this woman claims that we were married. GILLIAN: We were. ANGIE: Wow. Ryan I knew you got around back in the day… RYAN: Very funny. Listen I need a DNA test. ANGIE: Okay. Why would you need a DNA test? RYAN: Because, not only does this woman claim that she was my wife, she claims that she is Gillian. She claims David Hayward brought her back. Angie is in complete shock. --- --- At David’s Penthouse, Cara knocks on the door. David opens it. DAVID: Hey. CARA: Hey. DAVID: What brings you by? CARA: Well, we need to talk. DAVID: About what? CARA: Us. --- At the Gatehouse on Chandler property, Stuart enters, as Scott shuts the door behind them. The two men walk into the living area. SCOTT: Dad! This is a welcomed surprise! STUART: Well, I had to visit you. You seem so busy, lately. SCOTT: Yeah, sorry about that. STUART: Don’t be sorry about that, son. It is fine. SCOTT: So, what brings you by? STUART: Well, there is good news and bad news. SCOTT: Good and bad. Bad and good. Interesting. STUART: Well, you get to pick what you want first. SCOTT: I’ll take good any day. --- Back at Fusion Offices, Madison is flipping through a file. KENDALL: As you can see, I have laid out a full business plan. If we stick with it, then we can project very big sales in one quarter. Lord only knows the money we would make in two whole quarters of business. MADISON: Wow, this is a very good business plan. Madison sets the file on the conference table. KENDALL: Thank you. MADISON: So, instead of going to Greenlee, why did you come to me? KENDALL: Well, you are very smart Madison. And, Greenlee still has a lot going on. I have heard from Ryan that she won’t even get out of bed some days. MADISON: Gosh, that is just awful. KENDALL: It really is. MADISON: You know what? I will join you! I would love to sink my teeth into a brand new project. Plus, this perfume you are going to sell with me looks wonderful. KENDALL: It will be. MADISON: So, when do we start? KENDALL: Right now! The two laugh, and begin working. --- Back at ConFusion, Caleb is paying the check for dinner. LIZA: So, (sighs) why do you two seem to say that you didn’t see this coming? COLBY: I think what Asher was hinting at was the Erica Kane issue. CALEB: We have moved passed that. ASHER: (sighs) I don’t think so. CALEB: What do you mean? ASHER: Dad, I came back because of you. You said that you were completely at your lowest, and that you needed help from me. CALEB: And, you gave me all the help that I needed, and then some. Liza and I have fixed our problems. Now, we are looking towards the future as man and wife. COLBY: Are you and my mom only together, because she got shot? LIZA: Colby! COLBY: It is a fair question. LIZA: No! None of these questions have been fair. Caleb and I organized this dinner, so you two could be happy for us. That is what I hoped would happen. Now, if you cannot be happy for us, then tough. We are sticking this out. We both love one another. CALEB: Liza is right. Liza is the best thing that ever happened to me. We do truly love one another. Sure, we hit a bump in the road, but all of that is taken care of now. And, I am with her. If you two cannot be happy for us, then tough. COLBY: (sighs) I know I can be stubborn. I just wanted to have all of the t’s crossed, and all the I’s dotted. Mom, you have never had it easy when it come to love. I just wanted to be sure that you were making the right decision. ASHER: Same goes here, dad. I love you very much. Colby and I just wanted to make sure that you guys were not only doing this, because of Liza almost losing her life. LIZA: We got married out of love and forgiveness. CALEB: Could not have said it better myself. COLBY: (raising a glass of water) Then here is to Pine Valley’s couple of the century. ASHER: Here, here! LIZA: Century. I like the sound of that. CALEB: I do too, my love. Caleb and Liza kiss. --- Back at David’s Penthouse, Cara enters, as David shuts the door. The two walk into the living room area. DAVID: So, what do you want to talk about concerning us? CARA: Well, I was hoping that we could talk about there being an us. DAVID: Excuse me? CARA: David, Oliver is growing up. He is. And, with that growing up comes so much emotion in life. He needs to know that both of his parents will be there for him. DAVID: What are you saying Cara? CARA: Listen, we have been through the ringer. We have both hurt one another, but I am tired of hurting. I am tired of the pain. DAVID: What does that mean…? CARA: It means I want to be with you. --- Back at the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart and Scott sit down on the sofa. SCOTT: So, you wanted to give me some good news? STUART: You bet I did. SCOTT: What is it? STUART: Back when Marian and I married in 1999, I felt that I never gave her the wedding that I should have. So, I proposed marriage again. We will be getting married again. SCOTT: Dad, that is fantastic! STUART: It truly is. The two share a hug. SCOTT: You and Marian have always been meant to be. STUART: I like to think so. SCOTT: So, I hate to bring it up in this time of happiness. But, you did say that you have some bad news going on in your life. What’s happening? --- Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan is in the lobby. RYAN: (on the phone) Greenlee, I am almost done here. Don’t worry about dinner, babe. I will get that all taken care of. Ryan sees Angie walking up to him. RYAN: Hey, here comes Angie now. Gotta go. Love you too. Bye. Ryan hangs up the phone. RYAN: Hi. ANGIE: Hello. Ryan sees that Angie has a manilla envelope in hand. RYAN: Is that the test results? ANGIE: These are it. RYAN: And…? ANGIE: It is her. The test confirm. RYAN: Oh my god. ANGIE: But, there is one question that hasn’t been raised yet. RYA
  18. Who's Your Favorite Character

    All My Children: Susan Lucci as Erica Kane The Bold and the Beautiful: Heather Tom as Katie Logan Days of Our Live: Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams General Hospital: Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine One Life To Live: Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord The Young and the Restless: Tracy Bregman as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

    Dear Readers and Blog Writers, For months now, I have been not a nice person when it comes to the writers of this blog. I have been very rude, and not considerate of other's feelings that are presented. I have bashed multiple times, and have thrown a lot of "shady" remarks around. I am drafting this press release to say that I am sorry. I was very injudicious in my ways as a member of this blog. I am getting help for what I have done. In light of this, I have to say that I will stick with this community, as I do enjoy it. I love everyone here. The writers, and especially the viewers. I hope that everyone has a lovely day, and even Easter. I hope everyone can forgive me. Sincerely, Casey S. Hutchison (Head Writer All My Children & Knots Landing) (Y&Rbiggestfan)
  20. Casting News Points To A New AMC


    Some casting news is brewing in Pine Valley The casting department has hired Alfre Woodard in the contract role of Katrina Winslow. Katrina is set to debut soon, and will have a past with one of Pine Valley's finest IN OTHER CASTING NEWS: LEE MERIWEATHER HAS SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH ALL MY CHILDREN THIS CONTRACT WILL KEEP HER IN THE ROLE OF RUTH MARTIN FOR TWO YEARS ALSO: TWO PINE VALLEY FAVORITES WILL BE ON THEIR WAY BACK TO TOWN! JUSTIN BRUENING WILL RETURN AS JAMIE MARTIN AND DANIEL KENNEDY WILL RETURN AS PETER CORTLANDT

    Due to a high success rate, "Knots Landing" has been renewed for a second season. The second season will see the addition of six characters. The second season will also consist of 13 new episodes! SPECIAL NOTE: Season 1 only has eight episodes left. The mid season finale will be episode 5, which is set to be titled as "Dinner Party"
  23. CUT OF FROM THE TOP DAVID: What do you think? GILLIAN: David, this is absolutely impeccable. (PRESENT TIME) Gillian sits down on the couch. GILLIAN: (sighs) So, that explains the new face. RYAN: I guess it does. What about the memories? GILLIAN: It was so odd. Something just came over me. When I was revived, everything came back to me. Every wedding, every moment of being a princess. Everything. All the way back to being a toddler. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. RYAN: This is crazy. I have one more question. GILLIAN: What? RYAN: What brings you here? You could have gone anywhere. Why here? GILLIAN: I had to see you. And, I knew you could give me the protection that I needed. RYAN: Why do you need protection? GILLIAN: David is looking for me. He planted a microchip in me. I had to remove it myself. Since that is out, he can no longer track me. Ryan gets his phone out. GILLIAN: (standing) What are you doing? RYAN: Calling a doctor friend of mine. We are getting that damn DNA test. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 35***
  24. All My Children - Episode 35 Created By: Agnes Nixon Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes Afternoon has come to Pine Valley. At The Chandler Mansion, Colby is walking down the stairs. The doorbell is rung, and she walks to the door. COLBY: What do you want? ASHER: Well your mom, and my dad invited us to lunch. I thought that we could ride in my car together. Have some fun with some stupid music. COLBY: I want to take myself. ASHER: Just come with me. COLBY: Not a chance in hell. --- At JR’s Apartment, Kevin has taken over JR’s life. There is a knock at the door. Kevin goes to answer the door. KEVIN: This is a surprise. KRYSTAL: Thought I would stop in. We have a few things to talk about, Kevin. Or should I say JR Chandler? Krystal barges in. --- In a Secret Room, JR is shackled to a wall. He is unconscious. He wakes up, and his deeply confused by what has happened. JR: Hello! Hello! (shaking shackles) Someone help me! --- --- At ConFusion, Liza and Caleb are sitting next to one another at a booth. They are curled up next to each other, and are holding hands. CALEB: So, are you ready for this? LIZA: Is it okay to say not really? CALEB: (sighs) My thoughts exactly. LIZA: I’m nervous to see how the children will react to us being married. CALEB: Same here. They are both fiery people, and their feelings get expressed a lot. I do have to say that I think they will be alright with it. LIZA: Do you think so? I mean it is a risky game to play where their feelings are concerned. CALEB: Are you nervous that they won’t accept our marriage? LIZA: (sighs) A little. However, only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy this lunch that we are going to have. --- At Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca are looking over what Bianca and Krystal have planned for Marissa’s funeral. ERICA: I absolutely love the flower choice. BIANCA: It didn’t take too long, mom. Krystal and I both knew what Marissa would have wanted. At least I think so. ERICA: Honey, you would know what Marissa would want. She was the love of your life. She was the woman who told you everything. Bianca begins to chuckle. ERICA: What is so funny? BIANCA: I have to get used to saying was when it comes to Marissa. I can no longer say things like “she is coming home from the market.” I have to say things like “she was coming home from the market, one day.” Everything is now in past tense with my wife. I’m not so sure that I can put her in the past. I’m not sure. --- At Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillian tries to move closer to Ryan, but he backs away. Ryan is not sure to believe her or not. ANNOUNCER: The role of Gillian Andrassy is now being played by, Jordana Brewster. GILLIAN: Ryan, it’s me. Gillian. Your princess. RYAN: No! Gillian died! She was shot and declared brain dead. I stood by her side. I watched her slip away. And you! You say you are my wife! Liar. GILLIAN: (voice breaking) Ryan…, let me tell you my story. Let me make you understand. Please. Let me help you understand. RYAN: Fine! You can tell me your story! But, if I am still not believing you after that, then we get a DNA test. GILLIAN: Deal. --- Meanwhile, in Asher’s Car, Asher is driving, and Colby is in the passenger seat. COLBY: You are so lucky that my car wouldn’t start. Because, if it did; then this would not even be happening. ASHER: Listen, we are almost there. Can’t we get along? COLBY: Asher, when you got back into town we discussed why we are not friends, we also discussed why we are not together. ASHER: We should have tried harder. COLBY: You should have tried harder. I tried enough. I did everything I could, but you didn’t want to lift a finger. ASHER: (sighs) I heard you were going to work at Chandler Enterprises, next week. Is all of that true? I know you would do good work. COLBY: I am going to work there. It is true. My dad wants me to start working there, because he needs a new assistant. Kind of a right hand. ASHER: Sounds like it could be fun. COLBY: We’ll see. We’ll see. --- Back at JR’s Apartment, Krystal and Kevin walk into the living room. KRYSTAL: Listen, I do have to make this quick, because I have some last minute preparations for my daughter’s funeral. KEVIN: I was very sorry to hear that you lost your daughter. KRYSTAL: Shut up. JR married her. Not you. Part of me being here, is to discuss two things with you. First, do not show up at my daughter’s funeral. AJ will be there, but you will not be. It would be a terrible mistake. KEVIN: I hear you loud and clear. I was not planning on coming. David already gave me strict orders not to come. KRYSTAL: Good. David is wiser than I thought. KEVIN: (sighs) Anyways, what was the second thing that you wanted to talk about? KRYSTAL: I want to make you a proposition. KEVIN: What is that? KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on David for me. In return, I pay you double of what he is paying you. And, I happen to know that, that is a lot of money. KEVIN: Why do you want me to spy on him? KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on him, because I have a feeling that he is not bringing our Babe back. I at least need one of my girls back. Both of my twins are dead, but I have a chance for one to be alive, again. KEVIN: So, why do you have the feeling that David is not bringing Babe back from the dead? What do you have to prove that? KRYSTAL: He put all this time and money into this other patient. That other patient is not my little girl. Also, he said he would bring her back the second that I took you in. KEVIN: You know what? I’ll do it. For the money. That will be a pretty paycheck at the end of the week. Can’t wait. When do I start? KRYSTAL: Today. KEVIN: Wonderful. --- Back at Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca sit down on the bed. ERICA: Honey, you do not have to put Marissa in the past, if you do not want to. You two were married for five and a half years. BIANCA: I have to put her in the past, mom. As much as it hurts, I have to move on at some point. And, that is just one of the ways to do it. ERICA: All I’m saying, is that you do not have to do it so quickly. You do it at your own pace. When I lost your grandmother, a huge void was left in my life. I grieved her so slowly, because that is the way it had to be done. BIANCA: That was a bad time for all of us. I saw how almost everyone fell down a slippery slope. It was a little scary. ERICA: (sniffles) It was. It was a scary time. But, after awhile, everyone here in Pine Valley got through it. Everyone learned how to grieve. BIANCA: Mom, I was only eight at the time. I didn’t feel that loss like you did. Tell me, something. How hard was it, truly? ERICA: It was very hard. Take out me breaking down at her grave, then you get me not being able to get out of bed most days. Losing your grandmother was the biggest loss I have ever felt. When we lose someone close to us, it is natural to feel like a hole is in your heart. We wish for one more conversation about life, one more laugh, one more birthday, but most importantly one more moment. One more moment to say “hi”, or “see you later.” BIANCA: You just summed up how I feel. I feel like I should have had one more morning with Marissa. But, Annie took that away from me. She even compromised your sobriety. ERICA: Oh Bianca, my sweet Bianca, the only thing she compromised was our family potentially splitting apart, but it didn’t work. Us Kane women came out stronger, and more resilient. As Kane women, many obstacles come in our way. Many, many obstacles. But, we shine. We shine, because we are powerful. BIANCA: Yes, we are. We are very powerful. ERICA: Come here. Lay down. Bianca lays down on Erica’s lap, and quietly sobs. --- Back at ConFusion, Asher and Colby slide into the booth. LIZA: I’m glad you guys could finally make it. CALEB: Yeah, what took you guys so long? COLBY: I had trouble with my car. CALEB: Oh, is everything alright? ASHER: I took care of it. Gave her a ride here. LIZA: Good. It pays to have friends in this town. CALEB: Yes, it does. COLBY: (sighs) Anyways, let’s just go ahead and move off the subject of Asher and I please. I am anxious to hear about why you guys called this lunch. CALEB: Well, we have some good news. ASHER: It is about time we get some of that in our lives. COLBY: For the first time in a long time, I say I have to agree. So, what is this amazing, and great news that you are about to tell us? CALEB & LIZA: We got married! Caleb and Liza laugh, as Colby and Asher are in shock. --- Back at Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillain puts her purse on the couch. GILLIAN: (sighs) Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. I guess let’s begin with what David has told me. (sighs) This all started a couple of months ago. I was in this hospital room, and all I remember about that hospital room is David, and another doctor. (FLASHBACK) In a Hospital Room, a doctor and David are working on Gillian’s face. DAVID: The skin is quite eroded. Can you fix it? DOCTOR: I will have to reconstruct the face completely. Make a new one from scratch, but it can be done. DAVID: How long? DOCTOR: Two months to construct the face. DAVID: Wonderful. (PRESENT TIME) GILLIAN: David worked night and day with this doctor to make me a new face. It took exactly two months. The bandages were traded out daily until I was finally able to have a healed face. Once I was shown this face, it was completely shocking. (FLASHBACK) Back in the Hospital Room, David is by Gillian’s bed side. He is cutting off her bandages. DAVID: Now, you might see some light scarring, but none of it will be noticeable, unless you pull your hair back. David finishes cutting the bandages off, and throws it in the trash. He disposes of his latex gloves, and sets his surgical scissors on the counter. He then walks back over to Gillian with a mirror. He hands her the mirror. DAVID:
  25. READ WITH THE LINK BELOW! http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blogs/entry/9859-episode-3-the-stain-on-my-heart/