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  1. Yeah, only a few days lapsed between the introduction of Ashley and the subsequent introduction of Traci. If I remember right (and it's only been 37 years ago, lol), seems like we saw John Abbott pop into Ashley's sorority house for a visit and let her know he'd be in attendance at her college graduation that evening. A few days later, we saw John pop into the boarding school where Traci was matriculating and tell her that he'd be in attendance for Traci's high school graduation that evening. Both girls went home to Genoa City following their graduations, because their older brother Jack was about to marry Patty Williams, and they were participating in the wedding. Of course Ashley stayed in town and went to work at Jabot under the name Suzanne Ashley. All summer, we were told that Traci was only in town temporarily and would be "going away to college" in the fall. But when fall rolled around, Traci decided to enroll in GCU, because she'd made friends with Danny Romalotti, had reconnected with her old friend from boarding school Angela Laurence, and was enjoying spending time with her family rather than being constantly *away* at school.
  2. It would be interesting to see some episode counts from 1989, to find out whether or not Terry Lester's role was really "dwindling" or whether he maybe just felt that way about it. (My feeling is that there was probably some justification to his grievances. The "real Jill" had departed in 1987, and the "real Ashley" in 1988. While the recasts for Jill and Ashley got their footing on the show, I think the Abbotts probably DID take a backseat to Cricket, Nina, Phillip, and Danny to a larger extent than previously. If I remember right, 1989 was also the year that Phillip III died, which propelled Cricket even further to the forefront.)
  3. I agree. In fact, there's a lot of Joan Bennett imbued in Maeve's performance. Joan Bennett always seemed regal, cool, sophisticated and almost aloof. But when she had a "maternal" scene with a child or teenager, Joan would let her guard down and display a certain sweet warmth, without losing her sophisticated edge. I see a lot of that in Maeve's Vanessa.
  4. I'm sure Beth Ehlers was under a LOT of pressure at work, "doing Shakespeare" opposite someone who "bless his heart, can't get out of second gear."
  5. They could spell "Di Salvo" correctly, but Mergeron, Dina, Traci, Kay, and Jabot were just too tough for 'em!
  6. I don't recall any shortage of Cricket scenes in the summers of 1983 and 1984. I believe that she started modeling in the summer of 1983, and Ashley and Jack would have to pop into the photography studio periodically to assure her that she was the loveliest, most beautiful and most brilliant girl on the entire planet. By the summer of 1984, Jabot had built an entire modeling campaign around Cricket (the "Jabot Junior" line), which resulted in many more ghastly montages of Cricket frolicking with a beach ball during corny photo shoots. To reward the little model for being so incredibly beautiful and brilliant, Jack introduced Cricket to Danny Romalotti, who was her favorite singer (naturally). Traci, meanwhile, had gotten knocked-up by Tim Sullivan, and had decided to stick her head in the gas stove to kill herself. Cricket came bouncing along and saved Traci's life, and also offered her some health and beauty tips. This led to a whole storyline where Lauren was SEETHING with jealousy that Danny had married the pregnant Traci. (Lauren was afraid that Danny would start singing with Traci instead of with her, since Traci was a decent singer and Lauren wasn't, lol.) Amy Lewis, Gina Roma, and little Cricket were always on-hand to push the pregnant Traci out on stage to sing with Danny, which annoyed Lauren to no end and led to lots of catty lines from Lauren such as, "I doubt the public wants to see a fat frumpy wife singing with a hot guy like Danny!"
  7. I saw "Sweet Bird of Youth" in DC back around 2000, and Scott Palmer (Tim Sullivan from Y&R) had a small role. Also saw the touring version of "Soldier's Play" in Arkansas, and Ben Watkins (Wesley Carter from Y&R) was a lead. I met Anthony Herrera several times between ATWT stints, when he was traveling around the South doing his one man show or reading "Love Letters". I never was sure how to pronounce his last name, so I always just called him "Mister Stenbeck".
  8. It's hard to get an idea of what kind of "writer" Maria Arena Bell really was. According to her biography, she's a novelist. How many of her novels have you ever read? How many of her novels have you ever even seen?! lol. I'm assuming that she's actually an "unpublished novelist", which puts her in the same basket with most of us --- nowhere. I always got the impression (perhaps mistakenly) that Maria Bell is merely a Beverly Hills socialite, a girl who breezes into occasional board meetings at the Museum of Contemporary Art, provided she's not in Paris shoe-shopping. (She's also billed as a "fashion consultant".) She never struck me as someone who's organized, disciplined, grounded, devoted to sitting in front of a word processor, thinking deep thoughts, and determining the best way to execute those ideas. She lacks the "introverted awkwardness" of a really good writer, who's normally preoccupied with his/her craft. She seemed more interested in globe-trotting, granting high-handed interviews, and appearing at red carpet events in hideously trendy shoes. Obviously Mrs. Bell (or someone on her staff) had visited various message boards or had read letters to the show, and she could clearly articulate what we (the fans) disliked most about Lynn Marie Latham's reign of terror. Mrs. Bell (or someone on her staff) knew what problems needed to be reversed, although the day-to-day execution itself of the writing was often bungled terribly. After a year or so of coasting along correcting problems, suddenly Mrs. Bell and her staff found themselves in WAY over their heads. I blamed Hogan Sheffer. It appeared to me that Mrs. Bell was an absentee dictator, a "name-only" writer/executive producer who stormed into the studio when her hectic schedule of board meetings, shoe-shopping, and overseas travel allowed, and screamed at everyone about what they were doing wrong. (Sort of a sado-masochistic dominatrix who didn't really know how to edit a script or turn on a computer.) Hogan Sheffer seemed like her overweight toadie, a man who sat under flourescent lights all day, cranking out ten zillion ideas, of which ONE might be decent and the remainder might be garbage. Mrs. Bell probably stood over his desk five minutes per week, reading through an exhausting summary of his lousy storyline ideas, and then finally just circling a few at random and then sighing heavily and muttering, "Follow through with the ones I've circled. I don't have time to think about it. I'm hosting a luncheon for Queen Noor at noon, and I'll be on Rodeo Drive this afternoon shopping for a cute but professional lavender blouse to wear to my next Museum board meeting." Whatever the circumstances were, she was a TERRIBLE show-runner, and her assistants didn't seem equipped to deal with her style of leadership. In my opinion, she was even worse than Lynn Marie Latham and Chuck Pratt --- simply because she KNEW what the fans wanted, but didn't have the time or the motivation or the talent to deliver it, and she couldn't be bothered to hire people who could.
  9. Yeah, Kay Alden and Jack Smith pretty carefully created a need for Jabot to require some extra cash and to turn towards Nikki and Brad for the funding. It was all kind of integral to the storyline. Plus it gave Nikki a good opportunity to interact with Jill, and gave them some great lines that drew on their history. Jill: You only have a position here because you BOUGHT yourself a position. Nikki: And YOU only have a position here because you SLEPT your way into it. And then all of that got thrown away later in favor of NVP, Crystal Springs, and a stupid senate race.
  10. I don't remember Victor showing any interest in Casey. I recall that they had some scenes together, where he was telling Casey that Julia needed a female friend. But Casey quickly overstepped and encouraged Julia to get a job, which annoyed Goat Daddy.
  11. If you watch Lisa, Craig, and Betsy's scene with the volume off, it looks as though you're fast-forwarding, because Eileen Fulton's arms and hands and eyes are all moving at such break-neck speed.
  12. I sure will miss Gina. When she came along and made the Phyllis character into a real person instead of an annoying, giggling, hip-swiveling, wind-up toy, I hoped I'd laid eyes on Stafford for the last time. No such luck.
  13. Yep, Kay Chancellor rendered Casey obsolete in Nikki's life. And while Roberta Leighton obviously had more chemistry with David Hasselhoff than Lynn Topping (the new Chris) did, Snapper and Chris were sacred to Bill Bell, and he didn't wanna break them up. Like Eileen Davidson later on, Roberta Leighton was just one of those girls who sorta overpowered most of her male co-stars, which I felt was why she didn't work with Brock Reynolds, Lucas Prentiss, and Jonas NoName. She COULD have been an interesting character because the past abuse she suffered from her father, but after the initial revelation of Nick's abuse, Bell seemed shy about digging too deeply into that. And without that being explored, what the heck could you do with her, except just have her walk through a hospital room with a stethescope around her neck announcing, "She's holding her own for the moment, but she's not out of the woods yet." lol.
  14. To be honest, Bill Bell couldn't think of anything to do with Casey Reed even in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when she was young and cute. I always liked Roberta Leighton and thought she was an interesting and sorta unusual actress, but Bell seemed to have a really difficult time writing for her. He brought her on the show basically to be an obstacle for NewSnapper & NewChris, but then decided he couldn't have Snapper boink anyone besides Chris. So then he sorta tossed Casey to Brock (didn't work), to Lucas Prentiss (didn't work), to Jonas (didn't work), and then out the door. There was a LOT that could've been done with Casey (specifically the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father Nick and her resulting iciness towards men), but Bell was a whole lot more interested in showing us Nikki being boinked by college professors to increase her GPA and boinked by drop-outs to up her self-esteem and getting VD. He just didn't seemed invested in Casey. Then Roberta Leighton botoxed & collagened herself half to death, and that was about the end of that, lol.
  15. Lola is a piece of work --- she makes a federal case out of a purse that costs more than $10, but she doesn't bat an eye about snatching up a new liver and a married dude. Her priorities are bizarre.
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