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  1. I'm sure every TV show has had its dumb moments. But I remember trying to watch an episode of "General Hospital" one day in the early 1980s. There was a scene with Demi Moore's Jackie Templeton character, awaiting an important phone call, standing alone in the room, staring at the phone and saying, "Ring, dammit, ring!" I laughed like a hyena. Who in the world stares at a phone and says out loud, "Ring, dammit, ring!" The whole episode had some of the worst writing imaginable, but that poor girl's soliloquy to the telephone was horrendous.
  2. Seems like the "Orphans in San Leandro" came to a conclusion of sorts. The whole premise seemed to be creating an environment in which Lucas Prentiss would send a Prentiss Industries jet to the island of San Leandro, and Jonas would ride with him on the plane. Leslie Brooks (wearing a blonde wig and calling herself "Pris") would stowaway on the jet, and this would be the mechanism that would bring Lucas, Jonas, and Leslie all face to face for the first time. I agree there was no conclusion to the Liz Foster/Stuart Brooks separation. Not even the writers seemed to know the answe
  3. Y&R's been pretty good over the years about referencing its "real" location, by mentioning Walworth County (the real county where Genoa City is located), as well as making references to nearby Lake Geneva. Envelopes and packages shown on the show typically contains the real-life zip codes of Genoa City and Lake Geneva (53128 and 53147). I can recall several instances over the years in which Milwaukee was mentioned --- specifically Nick "scoring some tickets to a Brewers game", and the storyline in the early 2000s when Nick and Sharon planned to opened a statewide chain of Crimson Lights
  4. Love it!! lol. This all sounds so plausible, especially Hank and the weed and the BJ
  5. This "Fake Chance" is ten times better than the usual Chance.
  6. Seems like Nikki and Patty were both waiting tables at the Allegro for a little while. Brock had hired them. That Patty Minter was supposed to serve as a "conscience" to Nikki. She never had a story of her own. She just said things like, "Wow, Nikki, I'm saving myself for the right guy!" And Nikki would roll her eyes and say, "Why? Just do it with fifteen or twenty of them!" It was a mechanism for the writers to establish that Nikki was a "slut going down the wrong path" without having to drag Casey into it as the confidant.
  7. Yeah, Erica Hope definitely gave Nikki a trashy look and attitude that was completely believable. I can remember a scene where she was in the Allegro with that Patty Minter girl, and I made the comment to my siblings that Nikki looked as though she'd been gang-banged the previous night. Melody Thomas initially played the role more like a silly airheaded bimbo and less like the complete slut we'd seen with Erica Hope.
  8. On Y&R, Eileen Davidson's "assertive ingenue" Ashley Abbott debuted in 1982, just when Jaime Lyn Bauer made it clear she planned to vacate the Lorie Brooks role. Within a couple of years, Ashley had snagged Lorie's "bio dad drama", subbing John Abbott for Stuart Brooks, and she also became Victor's "muse" to foil Nikki.
  9. USENET stood for "user network", and it was the first type of message board that most of us were exposed to, back in the 1980s and early 1990s. For most of us young people, we had to know someone with a modem who could access the Usenet newsgroups for us, since few "civilian kids" had a PC at home with a modem. It was helpful to know a computer teacher, an engineer, a librarian, or a researcher. The Usenet boards were divided into categories, and soaps were found under Recreation, then under Arts within the recreation category, then under Television within the arts category, then under S
  10. Snapper and Casey always had such good chemistry, despite having to deliver absurd lines to each about "picking up vibes", having something "heavy going down", and wondering where someone's "head is at" lol.
  11. I don't think they ever specifically said it was in Ohio, but that was always kinda the implication, that it was a fictional version of Cincinnati. They were always going "upstate" as though to Columbus or Cleveland, and there was that big old picture of Cincinnati in the opening credits for years. Wasn't there even a bar near the courthouse called the "Ho-Hi-Ho"?
  12. That's true, and we'd have missed out on a LOT. But I've always suspected that Bell's original plan was to bring back Stephanie Williams, in a recurring capacity, as the "upper middle class" girlfriend of Nathan, and then a few months later introduce Drucilla as the illiterate shoplifter who would become dependent on Nathan. At that point, he would've had all his players in place, and he would've signed Stephanie Williams and Victoria Rowell to contracts. There would've still been a Dru, but not an Olivia. We'll never know for sure, though, since "General Hospital" signed St
  13. Yeah, Lynne Bassett-Hound was utterly wretched and only had a job because her father was on the writing staff. Once Jerry Birn was off the writing staff, his dull daughter was booted out the door instantly. Stephanie Williams had such good chemistry with both Doug Davidson and Steven Ford, and her character should have evolved into Paul's partner at Williams & Richards, once Steven Ford was gone. She was good with the aerobics classes, a great dancer, had good friendship chemistry with Traci, good rival chemistry with Lauren, and worked well with whomever she was pair
  14. Re-watching the "It's Ok to Say No Concert" reminded me what a mistake it was for Bill Bell to let Stephanie E. Williams get away. That girl, in addition to being beautiful, was talented on so many different levels.
  15. Makes sense. I just remember it seemed kinda "rushed". I was changing schools at the time and gave it lots of thought. Traci, on the other hand was like, "Hmmm, I think I'll go to Stanford and finish my degree. Oh, and by the way, I'm leaving today. Good-bye!" lol. Yeah, Rose & Vince were like those Thenardiers in Les Miserables. Whenever we thought we were rid of them, they popped up yet again. They were funny.
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