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  1. Loving the whole album, but this is the one sticking out for me right now.
  2. This guy ("Professor of Rock") is just an all-around good follow if you are pop fans of the 70s and 80s. He occasionally dips into the 90s too. Really knows his stuff but not esoteric about it at all.
  3. cct


    Wadjya all think?
  4. Marceline is correct. Here in the Rust Belt of Ohio, a lot of people are still out of work and haven't truly recovered from 2008 and the shutdowns of auto manufacturers prior and since. If people feel like they have a rock solid job they can retire from, they're golden. I believe in this so heavily that I just completed one of Biden's surveys asking me about the key issues to win this state. Personally, I want to see him work on gun violence and systemic racism and climate change...but I also want him to win, and here that means jobs and the economy (stupid). P.S. I don't see him
  5. I thought it was ridiculous when Opal (AMC) gave birth to little Petey.
  6. Pelosi just called Trump "morbidly obese" on CNN. Let the s*%$ storm begin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSns9TJe0X0
  7. What's fascinating is how boring she was prior to that. MCE should have played a vixen all along.
  8. Succession. Good family drama with a business setting.
  9. You may be thinking of Brian Keith.
  10. If you think his smearing of Joe Biden from the whole impeachment business did not work, I'm here to tell you that you have some more thinks coming. I'm not sure what you're hearing, but in this Bleeding Red area, they are furious because the "Democrats used the impeachment to cover up what Biden really did." Trump knows this, and Trump already knows how to play this hand.
  11. There isn't enough dressing to put on that word salad.
  12. I did not vote for him, but I, too, have been very impressed with his handling of the pandemic. I believe he was the first one to shut down schools. He announced on Thursday and everyone was done by Tuesday. He has gradually been shutting other things down as well. His daily 2:00 briefing has become my new "soap."
  13. One of the funniest lines I remember from AMC is from when Edmund "fake-kidnapped" Erica and they had just completed a frantic phone call where Erica pleaded with Dimitri (?) to come save her. After the hang-up, Edmund says to Erica, "With a performance like that, you deserve an Oscar." La Lucci replies, "I'd settle for an Emmy."
  14. I read about this, and they said he had been suffering with a long illness. Does anyone know what illness? So young.
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