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  1. Facts of life Reboot

    Facts of Life tried to reboot itself in the series finale, featuring Blair playing Mrs. Garrett to Juliette Lewis and Mayim Bialik. What if...
  2. When Finola Hughes was on AMC briefly in the early 2000s, her character was Alex (Devane).
  3. The Politics Thread

    If ONLY someone would rip off his toupee, and we all discover a heavy-breathing Marj Dusay underneath...then we could all go back to French fries at McKay's and Thanksgivings at the Valley Inn.
  4. The Politics Thread

    My people. "Fair is fair!"
  5. Family Feud: Tommy Lee Edition

    I thought this might involve Steve Harvey. Damn.
  6. Non-Hollywood Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment

    Am I the only one getting Ashley Madison ads in these sexual harassment threads? LOL
  7. Anniversary Books You Wish Existed

    Now that some of these soaps have ended, I'd love to see versions that "wrapped it up."
  8. Will & Grace Revival

    I'll agree that the on again/off again scheduling did not sustain any momentum. And the nadir of the season was the first two episodes back. The show worked best in the first few seasons before the guest star parade and before the characters had become cartoon-y. The last installment, with Jack guesting on Shades of Blue, felt more like classic W&G to me, and has been one of my favorite episodes of the season.
  9. Series You Loved from Beginning to End

    +1 Once they were given an end-date, then they were allowed to just soar. The twist at the end of Season 3 was the kicker that made me know it was back after the tailspinning of seasons 2 and 3 (Tailies were meh; loved Juliet and Ben!)
  10. Everyone's sitcom game was dire around that time. Several entertainment magazines did articles on the Death of the Sitcom from 82-84. It was actually The Cosby Show that revived the format. I loved Holly from Anything But Love, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis, prior to her appearance on These Friends of Mine. And of course Anita would go on to play Janice on Friends.
  11. Stop Trying to Make ... Happen!

    Praise. Although, oddly, I liked her in Nashville the most. I just remembered what an odd fit she was on Spin City, sucking the energy out of the room. I'm thinking also of various nineties film actresses: Julia Ormond Monica Potter Gretchen Mol And how many times can they push Sienna Miller?
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    I remember Jack staying there in the very early 90s when Erica lost custody of Bianca.
  13. Can't remember why I fell out of Murphy Brown in it's middle years, but I fell back in that final season. I think I left when Jim left FYI. I liked the cancer storyline and how the show ended overall, but I haven't seen it in years, and could do without a reboot. The timeliness of our current political state would be perfect, but the cast is much older, and Eldon and Phil have passed on. More than likely I'll watch, praying it doesn't become the "Arlington Virginia Dinner Theater" does "Murphy Brown." As they say on the "E! True Hollywood Story," Kirk Cameron Jesus-freaked Growing Pains right off the air. Once naughty-boy Mike grew into striving young adult, it became a bit sanctimonious and somewhat uninteresting. This was a show that was more about the adults early on and became about Cameron a la Family Ties became about Fox.
  14. Yeah, I had checked out of 227 by then for similar reasons (plus I started working Saturday evenings). Rose (Alaina Reed Hall) was pushed into the background after marrying. This would have been after Mrs. G. left Facts and Facts had been cancelled. I thought she left Facts because she was "retiring." Guess not.