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  1. Every new episode is always a highlight of the week for me. And adding Noel Fisher to the cast is a nice cherry on top.
  2. Considering she (presumably) hasn't been mentioned in donkey's years, I like to think she's disowned them all. Maybe she's the killer, then? The children can survive, I'm not a monster. Their last names are Sugden which is a good start. Andy can come back and take care of them since we're playing fan-fiction. Daz too, after Adam briefly returns to get closure with Victoria after Moira is forced to turn herself in for Emma's murder by the killer. Adam takes Isaac with him. Scott and Kelly return and change April's name to Windsor. Samson and Lydia are run out of town, getting a rare reprieve from the killer. Ross retrieves Moses. Charity, with help from Jamie, convinces Kim to protect Noah, reclaiming his Tate name once more. Liv can move in with Victoria. Rhona and Paddy get the hell out of dodge with their sproggs. We really just need to make sure the Dingle name itself is squashed once and for all. As for the killings themselves, I would start with Cain. He's done the most damage. He gets the most brutal death. Jasmine returns to help Debbie cope and they reunite, until Debbie is murdered. Jasmine leaves town heartbroken. Sam's death would be gentle. Charity gets the most epic death. Mandy and Marlon's deaths are swift to avoid their wailing for our benefit. Aaron and Chas die together. Belle's voices come back and convince her she's the killer so she kills herself. End with Zak. Okay, I don't if know I missed anyone but I think I'm done with this craziness now.
  3. I've mentioned something like that happening before, too. Lisa could have been the murderer like Gwyneth was, but now that wouldn't fit. Maybe Faith can take her place? Or Belle, before she offs herself. However, because they have mentioned a plethora of Dingles existing through the years with various extras and short term roles as well, there'd have to be some Dingle event where a plane crash or explosion kills off all the off-screen Dingles. Except for Tina. She deserves a reprieve.
  4. I can't answer why, but he's been doing it for years now. He and Billy Flynn use to respond to each other a lot.
  5. He, deservedly, has been getting consistent work for years now. Love to see his success.
  6. Nikki Alamain's aging/de-aging was just weird. He should be around Shawn's being that they were friends in the 90's. First they age him way too old with Victor Webster, who I definitely agree was super hot. He was my first soap hunk after all. But if that wasn't bad enough, the next time the character returned he was played by the age appropriate Jackson Davis for one episode, only for them to de-age him by Cody Longo. At least he left being super hot again, and was a pretty good actor too.
  7. Yeah but it was only the next year that they got rid of Don and Marie. Suzanne Rogers left in 1984 too because of her illness and when she returned in '85 it was only on recurring.
  8. Famed playwright, Terrence McNally, has died because of CoronaVirus. https://variety.com/2020/legit/news/terrence-mcnally-dead-dies-coronavirus-1203543694/
  9. I'm ashamed to say it took Tik-Tok for me to hear this song. Fiona's Apple's cover of Pure Imagination.
  10. Seeing him for the first time, Mark Arnold was hella cute.
  11. Since he wrote for the WWE, bets on which character will be the first to get choke slammed?
  12. Due to my age, I really only remember Kenny Rogers as a punchline, unfortunately. Still, that Dolly clip striked a chord with me all the same.
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