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  1. I have to disagree with you there. I enjoyed Hotel. For me the worst will always be the atrocity that was the awful circus season. Maybe that's why I liked Hotel, because it came right after so my expectations were never lower.
  2. They updated the opening! (Partially) That new Ian/Mickey insert is
  3. Request: Rob Youngblood - turning 50 on Wednesday.
  4. I looked at that Twitter thread and someone tweeted that Tonja Walker is also Trumpian? Is that true?
  5. Apparently, he has supportive Trump tweets or something along those lines.
  6. I almost understand. If anyone tried to take one of their delicious biscuits from me, murder wouldn't be far from my mind.
  7. I've mentioned this before, but I would love to see the villagers rise up and run them out of town. Either that or a Loving style murder mystery where they all die. In my head Lisa was the killer, just like Gwen, but I don't know who the culprit would be now. Belle? Faith? Did Bob ever find out Cain was responsible for Dawn's death?
  8. It brings me back seeing you mention Snark and his Snark Weighs In column. He was hilarious and had great insights. I remember he was a big fan of Malone era OLTL. I wonder where he is now.
  9. I remember it as well. It was always such a treat to not only watch the classic episodes, but also listen to so many soap themes as well.
  10. When Daniel Goddard exits there will be no more actors on the show that debuted under Lynn Latham.
  11. In light of her death, I request Tony nominated actress Ann Crumb. Wikipedia says she was on ATWT, GL, AW, but her IMDb page doesn't list any of them. Interested in your findings.
  12. I don't at all mind that Nikolas was recast. Putting Tyler Christopher's rumoured issues aside, on-screen he has given lazy performances for years. I was one of the two people in the world who watched SOUTH BEACH, where this new guy was a lead. He was hot on that show, and that's about all I remember about it. Hope he's a good (and talented) fit.
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