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  1. Bright Eyes

    ABC Girls Name

    N - Nora
  2. Bright Eyes

    ABC Music Artists/Groups

    D - Death Cab for Cutie
  3. Bright Eyes

    ABC Television Characters

    Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
  4. Bright Eyes

    Marry, Screw, Kill. General Hospital edition.

    Dex Dexter - Screw Cecil Colby - Kill Sean Rowan - Marry -- Joshua Morrow Daniel Goddard Jason Thompson
  5. Bright Eyes

    Give Me Five

    Name 5 Republicans that currently plan to run for president: 1. Ted Cruz 2. Bob Corker
  6. Bright Eyes

    ABC Politicans Names

    Xavier Becerra
  7. Bright Eyes

    5 or 6 Letter Acronyms

    Foreigners Get Highly Intelligent Jobs QAWSE
  8. Bright Eyes

    All: Character vs. Character

    alter Niki Smith (OLTL) vs. Trish Clayton (DAYS)
  9. Bright Eyes

    ABC Boys Names

    N Nicholas
  10. Bright Eyes

    ABC Household Items

    Electric Razor
  11. Bright Eyes

    ABC Song Title

    Zack and Codeine - Post Malone
  12. Bright Eyes

    Neverending Questions

    23 - Jimmy Eat World Do you believe in milk and cookies? (Gia Gunn quote)
  13. Bright Eyes

    ABC Vacation Spots

    Rome, Italy
  14. Bright Eyes

    What's for Dinner Tonight?

    Lemon chicken, baked potatoes, escoral lettuce salad
  15. Bright Eyes

    F*ck 'em or Forget 'em

    Can't see the previous picture so starting over again. Chris Mears (Olympic Diver)