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  1. I never re-watch TV shows, but I am revisiting () the masterpiece that is Brideshead Revisited (1981 - and 1981 alone) because I loved it so much when I first watched it, but that was over a decade ago and so I felt it more than deserved a refresher with fresh eyes.
  2. It never should have happened. I'm pretty sure I complained about it here when it happened. Stupid.
  3. I'm with you about Warren. Brody is his sixth murder. I hope it's revealed that Sienna didn't actually delete his confession to his previous 5 murders that she had, but I doubt it. The thing is, I don't hate him at all, he's more than watchable, but like you said, it's more than time. At the very least, this return has more than made up for his horrible stint from 2010-2011. I don't think I had any idea Brody/Marnie were ever a thing. Her very Marnie reaction the day of his funeral was hilarious. Oli's material surrounding Brody was so glaring to me because of the recast. I miss Aedan Duckworth so much that I'm strongly questioning whether I even care for Oli to stick around once Luke goes. It's sad that COVID stopped us from getting a proper funeral for Brody. I know it's necessary for safety protocols, and I'm not even sure what they are exactly in the UK, but as a viewer it really is just annoying at this point that we can't get proper group scenes for who knows how long.
  4. Yeah, Bob was just the first character that came to mind. Before James Hooton revealed himself as such, I honestly would have been happy to keep Sam/Lydia/Samson representing the Dingles, but Hooton had to trip himself up and ruin it. A lot of the characters I'd write out would be despite their portrayer's talents. Most, if not all, of the Dingles+friends group are amazing actors, but it's more than time for that stranglehold they have on the show to end. One thing I will say about these current producers is that, no matter what you think of the material, they've seemingly made Victoria actually matter again. Never thought I'd see the day. At least the intention of that aspect is nice.
  5. Well, James Hooton (Sam Dingle) has proven to be an anti-vaxxer, so we can use that as an impetus to finally rid the show of the Dingles. Keep Lydia, pair her with Bob (most likely), because God knows Wendy doesn't have long term potential.
  6. Always sad to see a member of the Oz cast leave us. It feels like so many have.
  7. The only problem I've had with Eric Martsolf ever being on the show is that with his casting they aged Brady way too much. I know this is DAYS, but I'm still going to hate every individual SORAS'ing blunder no matter what level of asinine, with EJ obviously being the stupidest.
  8. Hopefully that was the end of it. That whole story seemed so skeevy. I also thought Jackie went manic way too much. She doesn't have to be cRaZy Jackie all the time.
  9. Famous offspring of soap stars could be another thread entirely.
  10. Emmerdale is the only soap that still makes great promos. Whether the material lives up to said promos is another matter, but still props to them.
  11. That's what I meant, I'd like to see the FB post myself.
  12. So is every other story on this shitshow.
  13. This is wrong of me, but I really do enjoy whenever the majority of TikTok comes together to bully one random person. Right now it's the couch guy. Never fails to make me laugh.
  14. I just copied and pasted the embed code.
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