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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Galen Gering guested for a sketch on THE JOEL MCHALE SHOW WITH JOEL MCHALE on NetFlix
  2. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    If the Dingles were just Charity, an evolved pansexual Debbie, a recast Noah when the time is right, and hopefully a good character in whoever this son is, I could get behind that. I share your hatred of the Dingle characters despite my affinity for some of the actors, but Charity is just too hard to let go of for me. And I find, she excels so much when she's away from the family because she's alsways been so much more than any of them.
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    David Fumero (Cristian Vega, OLTL) will be guest starring on Brooklyn 99 this Sunday. A sneak peek ...
  4. The Joan Collins Fan Club

    I was strongly thinking about giving up on the show, but now that this happened I have to watch. Damn you, Joan!
  5. Homeland: Discussion Thread

    I'm still watching and loving the show. Those sex scenes were some of the hottest on the show to date. Morgan Spector is continuing the hot totty tradition this show loves to give. And that guy Carrie had an affair with and some of his friends were fit AF too. Carrie needs to teach a glass on getting good dick.
  6. The Wendy Williams Thread

    Wow, could this be some sort of f*ck you to Ellen or am I being a sh*t stirrer?
  7. I've just finished the first season of Wentworth! I know of all the acclaim the show has gotten and I even have friends who highly recommended it so I knew it would be enjoyable. The first season was such a grwat thrill ride and the murder outcome surprised me. I hear the season three finale is real sh*tstorm. I have to take a break to take in all I've watched, but I can't wait to get to it. Plus, it's always fun to play spot the soap star.

    1. robbwolff


      I love Wentworth! Awesome show. I adore Boomer. She's one of my favorite characters and keeps getting better. The season three finale is indeed awesome.

    2. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      I'm almost finished S2, and am loving the show, but was sad to see Erica was no longer around. She was my favouite.

    3. robbwolff


      Same here. I really liked her. I'm not sure why they dropped her as there as she had so much potential. That said, without any spoilers, there's a character who arrives in season three who kind of fills the void created by Erica's departure. Truth be told, I came to like this new character more than Erica.

  8. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    Chris Overton was on Hollyoaks too.
  9. New Irish Soap - Red Rock

    I haven't had time to watch it. How are you finding it?
  10. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    Brooke had an abortion in 1975. However, Eli has an older half brother in Scotty Banning, who is the child of David Banning and Trish Clayton, born in 1977.
  11. Daily Hotness

    Cast your mind back to 2007 on Days of Our Lives. I know what you're thinking ... I am here for pleasure, not torture. But my fellow doubters I have a gift for you. Everyone remembers the blowfish known as Willow Stark, but do you remember her brother Jed Stark, who looked like he was going to be paired with Abby (Ashley Benson), before disappearing after a small handful of episdoes? Here's what he looked like then ... And here's what he looks like now!!! You can find much more goodies on his instagram @frankmentier Plus, for bonus points, I think it's pretty obvious he's an out and proud gay man too!
  12. Series You Loved from Beginning to End

    Twin Peaks Six Feet Under Happy Valley Happy Endings The Killing Oz Please Like Me Nurse Jackie Boardwalk Empire Deadwood
  13. JOAN OF ARCADIA - The first season was appointment tv for me. A fascinating concept to me at an age (early teen years) where I had so many questions. And it also introduced to me to Jason Ritter. But the only thing I remember about the second season is a random episdoe where Hilary Duff didn't know what cake she liked.
  14. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Courtney Grosbeck (Coco Spectra, B&B) was on the season premiere of Homeland Sunday night. Since she's playing the lead's niece, I expect it will be a recurring role.