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  1. After that moment, soaps ceased to exist. No bad, terrible, no-good destruction. The End.
  2. Has Thaao Penghlis' sexuality ever been discussed? If so, I don't remember coming across it. He likes to surround himself with a diva.
  3. Starting with the Music album she's just continued to flatline creatively. But as a narcissist, she can't see that it would just be better to enjoy her fortune instead of continuing to ruin her legacy with constant embarrassments.
  4. With Steve's happy expression, I'm guessing the next Pawn is Jack. I get the intention Carlivati is doing with Jack, going back to the character's origins to eventually tell a story of needing redemption which was his strongest trait before becoming a clown, but if Jack is the Pawn, I assume you'll be telling such a tale in a much better way. Of course, if he isn't the Pawn, than ignore everything. 😄 Just to be clear, did Sheryl definitively kill the real Crystal Clarke or was it just implied? I hated Nick gloating to Victor about his machinations. I thought he was smarter than that. Either way, I hope this time his comeuppance, whenever that may be, won't end in his death. And, of course, that his family (Marie, Jessica, Joshua, Alex) may show up at some point. I do think Marie, being the first heroine of the show, deserves at least a recurring role. However, you should only do what you want with your version. I'll be reading regardless.
  5. I first saw him outside of Game of Thrones promoting his music on Graham Norton and he was great there too. Plus, it's always nice to see someone escape from The View - almost as hard as staying alive in GoT.
  6. I hope Traci and Cane get to have a sexy affair. I know ya'll hate him, but UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT, I think Daniel Goddard is the sexiest guy on the show full of beautiful men.
  7. Undeservedly, of course. But the BAFTA's rarely get it right.
  8. Bright Eyes

    Twin Peaks

    One of the heartbeats of the show. Too much tragic news on this damn day. What a gem of an actress. If not for this show, I probably never would have seen her. And it's just cool that Rashida Jones is her daughter. Love her.
  9. In the article I posted a link to and others posted elsewhere, the sites leave links to depression and suicide hotlines, which makes me fear the worst. Hopefully, I'm just catastrophizing.
  10. I just saw this news and I am dumbfounded, shocked, and saddened. Pua Magasiva, who played Vinnie Kruse from 2003-2006 + 2011-2018 has passed away at the age of 38. He was kind of the Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren Osborne, HO) of Shorty in a way balancing between being a light, funny, stable, and charming presence, but always delivering in dramatic stories. I hope Sally Martin who worked with him heavily on this show and Power Rangers is coping alright with this news. And condolences, of course, to his family and friends who have to deal with such a tragic loss. The article says there was no suspicious circumstances, but I know he dealt with some alcohol troubles that led to his ouster from the soap and his radio job. A gorgeous much loved man taken way, way too soon. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/entertainment/2019/05/shortland-street-actor-pua-magasiva-dies-aged-38.html
  11. DAYS: Will Roberts and Casey Deidrick's Chad DiMera. Bill Horton and Kate Roberts - properly Austin Reed and Nicole Walker Carrie Brady and Jonah Carver Frankie Brady and Billie Reed Abe Carver and Maggie Horton Victor Kiriakis and Caroline Brady - properly
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