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  1. Every You, Every Me - Placebo
  2. Hmm ... maybe he should have been cast as Barbara's kid? I do love me some Zach Roerig though.
  3. Very happy to see it. It's always a highlight of my week when there's a new episode.
  4. Always happy to see SSH nominated! I'm happiest to see my favourite drag queen, the iconic WILLAM, get nominated for Eastsiders. It would be fantastic if he won.
  5. Why wouldn't she? She's an alcoholic, a form of self-inflicted pain. Her character has/had many self-esteem issues. She believes she killed her grandchild. It makes absolute sense that she would.
  6. The tweet mentions 3? Who is the third? As a white suburban bitch I don't think I ever heard of her. I love that this board brings their memories of people I'm ignorant about to my attention. RIP in any regard.
  7. But we know she did make the top 4. So the question remains, will we have a top 3 going into the finale (my wish), or will someone get a save?
  8. Amelia Heinle is basically Y&R's version of Josh Taylor.
  9. I'd imagine once GL is done, all the others will seem like child's play. OLTL will especially be a treat for me. Thanks for all the work you do.
  10. Just out of curiosity, which soap are you tackling a full list for these days?
  11. She must watch David Dobrik's vlogs. 😁
  12. A guy slides into my DM's and it's my first death threat? Expect the unexpected, I guess.

  13. Next time we do, Vinny will have locked him up in a cage, like Lisa Mansfield or Jan Spears.
  14. I like Crystal, but every one knows white queens have it easier with the 'mainstream' crowd.
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