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  1. Bright Eyes

    Daily Hotness

    I prefer him of the two as well now that I know they are two different people. But of the Sense8 men, Max Riemelt has always been my favourite.
  2. Bright Eyes

    Daily Hotness

    Funny you brought up the Sense8 boys, because up until yesterday I've wrongly believed that Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski) and Brian Hallisay (Mr. Jennifer Love Hewitt / Ben Hunter, REVENGE) were the same person. I mean they look so much alike. Brian J. Smith Brian Hallisay
  3. Bright Eyes

    What Are You Listening To?

    On further contemplation, now I'm thinking it was used on Hollyoaks. Ahhhh, one of things that will bother me until I figure it out.
  4. Bright Eyes

    What Are You Listening To?

    This song randomly came on my Spotify and I instantly recognized it, but I don't know from where. I feel like it was used on a pivotal soap opera scene. General Hospital maybe?
  5. Bright Eyes

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    The Sharon story is the reason I started watching again. Something is actually about her (at least for now) in I don't know how long. And although the show isn't setting the world alight, I'm finding it pretty good on the whole. For example, even though Hayley can barely get through the alphabet, she's surrounded by talented actors all around so its easy for me to ignore her while talented people like Jessie Wallace (back to form after I hated her during most of her second stint until the frenemyship with Janine started) and even the actress who plays her mother, who I find fascinating to watch. Carl, even though Bev is an "evil" character and everything she says the audience is supposed to disagree with, I hope you got some pleasure out of her tearing Jean to shreds. I know I did.
  6. Bright Eyes

    Days: Promo

    What loved ones? Other than Will, they're all gone.
  7. Bright Eyes

    Days: November 2018 Discussion Thread ⌛🦃🎩 ❄ ⛄

    Visiting. She leaves next week.
  8. Bright Eyes

    Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I don't have time to watch regularly, but I watched the episode just to see Ross' exit. It was such a classic soap way of tying up a character's story by having him interact with Laurel and April one last time. It's so rare we get exits like that these days. Everything always seems so rushed and not well thought out at all. It was also nice that they touched upon his complicated relationship with Debbie, but kept it light and surprisingly didn't have a stranglehold on the episode like their relationship had done on the show many times before. And, being away from the headache of RobRon, it was great to see Robert behaving like the man he should be, though Aaron didn't waste anytime trying to ruin that. They should have left Aaron completely out of the episode and had his reaction on aftermath Monday. It was also a positive coincidence that I got to also see Laurel think about her actions and who she became with Bob. I agree with Carl about the story aspects being fairly interesting so I didn't hate Bob with Laurel as much as with Marlon, because their getting together always felt temporary for me. I actually forgot Bob and Ashley were best friends until Laurel brought it up. One of the best moments for me was Ross paying for a gravestone for Emma. So basically, except for Aaron, it was practically a perfect episode.
  9. DAYS: Sami was raped twice/Jennifer feared she was 'going crazy' like her mother more than once/Jack's abandonment and/or deaths
  10. Bright Eyes

    Film Awards Thread

    Gotham Independent Film nominees were announced last week. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gotham_Independent_Film_Awards_2018
  11. Bright Eyes

    The Politics Thread

    You right about they're being too many to keep up with. Did any powerful men die?
  12. Bright Eyes

    The Politics Thread

    Until a major tragedy only effects heterosexual white men who are not allies of equality, those responses will continue. And honestly, even afterwards I wouldn't have any faith that sordid group of people would learn their lesson.
  13. 50 or 60? How about some basic mathematics. She was born in 1981. Plus, lamenting about the correct ages of characters on a soap opera these days is destined for disappointment every single time.