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  1. Good for DAYS for beating GH everyday this week.
  2. Agreed because this has been a staple statement of mine for the last 10 years or so. The most who cares cast in Daytime.
  3. I read this and first thought you meant Summer kissed all four of them. I didn't know how to feel.
  4. I seriously question if he's had a stroke of some sort. There's laziness and then there's whatever he's doing. I feel so bad for you GH watches having to sit through him, Howarth, and Easton. At least, teeth grinder Billy Miller is gone. But I'd take him over them three any day.
  5. I saw a recent clip of Maurice Benard as Sonny. He takes 5 years just to get one word out. How excruciatingly painful to sit through.
  6. Bill Bell did it. Masterfully. Of course, he was the exception and not the rule. Did Agnes?
  7. Maybe Zager and Evans should get a shot writing the show.
  8. No new lows! That's what we have to consider a good week now.
  9. If Sharon and Jack are both going on a trip at the same time, does that mean they're about to reunite?
  10. I hope this is okay to ask: I have no prejudices against dating and/or hooking up with any race/ethnicity etc, and have done so, but my question is, is it racist to say that I think good looking black men are the best looking?
  11. I have a weird request. Obviously, you should only do so if you wish and whenever you have the time and inclination, but because there are so many shows I see in your lists I've never or barely heard of, would you be willing to make a master list of all the soaps/soap adjacent shows you follow and do research on?
  12. Random Thought: I never realized how good looking Brian Lane Green is. If the rumours are true that his character, Alan Brand, was originally supposed to be part of a gay supercouple with Billy Warlock's Frankie Brady in the late 80's, they would have been beautiful together. What could have been.
  13. Like has been said multiple times over the years, DAYS always finds another way to just be freaking weird.
  14. DAYS: I was born in '89 so I grew up with JER. In retrospect there are things I would change from his tenure and thereafter, but Peter Brash & Paula Cwikly's tenure was the last time the show worked on multiple fronts. It was from then on that I started disliking choices made on the show, more then I enjoyed them. After multiple disappoints, I'd say once EJ the redeemed rapist was in full force I pretty much disassociated from any connection to the current product.
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