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  1. Same here, I thought they really sparked together. Martha Madison may look to old to play Belle specifically, but she has great chemistry with her family, too. Personally, Shawn and Belle in any incarnation has been a dud for me. I'm conflicted though because I definitely want JKJ's Philip with Chloe so Belle can look elsewhere. It's a shame we'll probably never get to see Shawn and Belle given a real shot with anyone else.
  2. Well Pacino can be the latter self-parody as well, so it really fits. Plus, I've only really seen constant critique of his GL days, which wasn't helped by the abject favourtism.
  3. Brandon Beemer is inoffensive to me, but if we can't have Jason Cook for nostalgia reasons, I'll never stop wanting Chad Brannon as Shawn.
  4. Damn, she does not play. Thank you, that was hilarious.
  5. The first little taste of potential Oscar nominees; Awards seasons COMMENCE! Thanks for posting/all the updates Faulkner. As someone who was introduced to and loved him in The OA (gone too soon), I'm very happy and am rooting for Kingsley Ben-Adir.
  6. Decency won! Sure Kamala Harris should be PRESIDENT, but this will do nicely. Congratulations to everyone that was able to let go a huge sigh of relief. May the future be bright.
  7. Such positive things all around about him on Twitter. A fellow Canuck, an absolute legend. I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of Jeopardy in my life and yet I still teared up at that clip of some contestant saying it was Alex Trebek and the show that taught him English while he watched it with his grandfather (father?); and the clip of another contestant answering "We love you Alex," where Alex got choked up a bit. Of course, he also made me laugh seeing the clip of him rapping for one of the categories. What an icon. RIP.
  8. It's the age old question, but this explanation suits best. For one, Kate Winograd's first name was Martha and a doctor. Though, it's just kind of annoying JER didn't make them the same character. She had spent so many years away any changes he wanted to make to her would have been easily explained. DING DING DING. Such a gleeful sh*t disturber. I love him. As far as I'm concerned him and Marie are living it up somewhere away from the losers of Salem.
  9. Same. Just from previously reading about her she is my favourite female DAYS character. My favourite male DAYS character has technically been introduced in beebs recaps, he just hasn't been mentioned by name yet.
  10. Susan Oliver is interesting to me because she apparently didn't fit as Laura, but I loved her on Peyton Place. Just a miscast, I guess.
  11. You thought Emily's rape story was told well? The evil doppelganger who gave her permission to kill him afterwards?
  12. Has RC ever told a rape story that wasn't offensive?
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