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  1. ^ you’re the best, @YRfan23 ! You filled in some major 1991 gaps!
  2. Pannoni4 comes through again! I wish they’d move all their YR tapes to the front of the upload pile 😂
  3. Ha! I'm torn because I loved Dana on China Beach and she quite deservedly won 2 Emmys for it. Also enjoyed her on Desperate Housewives. But how dare she put down our beloved soaps!
  4. Oh gosh, this is going off a long-ago memory... I just tried googling it but nothing came up. I think it was the Tonight Show in the late 80s or very early 90s ... Dana dissed her experiences being on Love of Life and ATWT. Something about soaps not requiring or empowering "real acting" - just memorizing dozens of script pages. Jeanne responded, perhaps in SOD? saying that Dana was very mistaken and soap actors are the most talented and hardest-working actors in the biz.
  5. Would that lame attempt include the pairing of Peter Reckell and Dana Delany? Both future stars, but my impression is that they both tanked on ATWT. I remember when Dana hit it big on China Beach, she appeared on a talk show and spoke disparagingly of soap operas. Jeanne Cooper was not pleased.
  6. Thank you! Loved reading that. I'm sure your recollections on YR '80 are accurate, along with John Genovese's assessment... but hindsight is 20/20... YR '80 is oscar-worthy compared to YR 2019 :/
  7. Thank you so much @vetsoapfan !! Would love to see more YR, particularly early ‘80s and the transition from 30 min to an hour
  8. Yes, very annoying. No good reason for his disappearance. Seems like Bill Bell just got tired of the character.
  9. Ha ha - the reason I thought of Karen and Tyra in the first place, is because I just watched Eva win America's Next Top Model Season 3 on Amazon Prime. Too bad Eva wasn't able to imbue her YR character with her own fiery temperament. But looks like she's doing fine now on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  10. What do people think about Nia Peeples' stint as Karen? I enjoyed her so much. I thought she brought warmth and intelligence to the role. She was believable in the corporate setting as a Newman consultant, and was totaly rootable in her efforts to come together as a family with Neil and Ana (even if some of her actions were a bit questionable). I was disappointed in the end of the story. Neil showed no resolve, no commitment to sticking to his wedding vows. And Tyra wasn't worth all that! I remember NP's last scenes - Karen tore Neil to shreds, as well as she should have. Hardly any public clips but here's a few - shows NP and KSJ's easy chemistry: https://youtu.be/tsLoDPYX2VQ I was really bummed to read this '09 interview and learn how poorly the show treated her. Good for her, for catching the show's sloppy business practice and forcing them to rehire her temporarily. https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/news/2009/0427-peeples.php
  11. ^ @YRfan23 that’s Kevin and Allison Bancroft
  12. I just remembered Kent was also on GH from 2005-08
  13. How was Kent as Dru? I can only picture her as teen Julie on Knots Landing
  14. It's funny/sad that Shari Shattuck's 3-year stint as Ashley doesn't even rate a mention. I've barely seen any clips of her, but she does not seem well-regarded.
  15. Victor and Nina had a few scenes together in early '93. They had a mutual shared interest of ending Ryan and Victoria's marriage. These were strange scenes. These two did not seem like they should be allies. This was the time, IMO, when Nina was behaving VERY badly. Totally obsessed with Ryan in an unhealthy way.
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