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  1. ^ @YRfan23 that’s Kevin and Allison Bancroft
  2. I just remembered Kent was also on GH from 2005-08
  3. How was Kent as Dru? I can only picture her as teen Julie on Knots Landing
  4. It's funny/sad that Shari Shattuck's 3-year stint as Ashley doesn't even rate a mention. I've barely seen any clips of her, but she does not seem well-regarded.
  5. Victor and Nina had a few scenes together in early '93. They had a mutual shared interest of ending Ryan and Victoria's marriage. These were strange scenes. These two did not seem like they should be allies. This was the time, IMO, when Nina was behaving VERY badly. Totally obsessed with Ryan in an unhealthy way.
  6. That sounds juicy, but I think you're right that John never dated anyone older than him. Jerry Douglas was born in 1932. His older screen partner seems to be Marla Adams (Dina) who was born in 1938. While KT Stevens (Vanessa) was born in 1919. There was an ep, I think in late 1991, where Florence Webster had a fantasy of a dinner date with John Abbott at the Colonnade Room - dressed in glamorous clothes and dancing the night away. Too bad the writers didn't explore that more. John and Flo together would have driven Jill insane!
  7. Thank you Errol! I really appreciate your efforts. I'd be lost without my Vintage YR community
  8. ^ Thanks as always, @BoldRestless !
  9. He was around to investigate Jill's shooting in '86
  10. Patty had total amnesia of the entire shooting. I know she had some therapy sessions in the 2nd half of 1983... not sure if she ever did recall the shooting. There used to be YT scenes of Jack and Patty negotiating their divorce, and they both admitted to "making mistakes". Honestly, I have a feeling the story kinda petered out when Andrea Evans proved to be a "lesser Patty" than Lilibet Stern.
  11. Yep... I think maybe Bill B had good intentions, to keep a character around on recurring, but then that robs the character of a proper goodbye. A perfect example is Marla Adams. She was taken off contract in fall '85, and was put to good recurring use in spring '86 during John and Jill's divorce. But then, poof - the mother of Jack, Ashley and Traci just disappeared.
  12. Per available synopses, Stuart's last appearance was sometime in winter or spring of '83. His last appearances seemed focused on his newspaper running a mob expose. This was just posted at https://vintage70ssoaprecaps.tumblr.com/ : Week of February 14 - February 18, 1983 - Stu’s newspaper expose put pressure on Alex to arrest Paul. In this '83 compilation vid (https://youtu.be/86u8zMKhWhc ), full cast credits are listed at 52:55, and Stuart is still listed under contract. From the cast listed, I am guessing these credits are from spring '83. For Julianna, per the SOD synopses, Liz last made a "regular" appearance (before disappearing) in winter of 1985, when Jill was being blackmailed, and she roped Liz into scrounging up money, I think by pawning jewelry IIRC. Carl Williams did a police investigation of the "missing jewelry", and Liz was in the hotseat, but somehow it got resolved. Don't know if she was contract at that point or already recurring. Liz was not mentioned again in the synopses.
  13. From reading the recaps, it seems that Jill and Kay had no interaction starting in winter '80 once Brenda D left. Maybe Bond G's Jill had one scene with Kay. Then, nothing until fall '82 during those scenes you mentioned, when Kay shows up at the Fosters' doorstep to stir things up for the newly-engaged Jill. There is one fabulous 10-second clip from right after John and Jill marry, where Deborah Adair's Jill is not so nice... where Jill tells Kay: "you can't hurt me now... I'm RICH!"
  14. That is INSANE that she felt "confident and free"! I don't doubt that is what actually happened. But when I saw the ep from the previous week at the Paley Center - the climax of the Edward story - Nikki was seriously traumatized. She was sobbing - beside herself. She really thought she was going to die. A realistic story would have shown Nikki going through at least a cursory period of healing. Or - I can believe that she took to the stage at the Bayou as a way of "reclaiming her power"... but then we should really see some signs of PTSD from the whole Edward ordeal. I think this was just a case of Bill Bell wanting to move immediately to the next story. Another example of Bill Bell switching to a different story at breakneck speed... from '94: April Stevens' trial finally ends and she gets off with no jail time. Two episodes later: April and Heather are gone! Because Bill Bell was ready to send Paul and Cricket to Vietnam to find Keemo.
  15. I love your in-depth recall of early '80 YR, @Broderick ! I am wondering - were you watching when Howard McMillan took over as Greg Foster, and if so, what was your impression of him?
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