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  1. Just saw this, thanks for the tip. Just checked Paramount+ and seems like they added all eps starting 9/23/13 to present.
  2. That’s Michael Damian, the dad of the Graz
  3. What a sad, pathetic tale that Eric tells Stephanie in 1316, about how Brooke drunkenly had sex with him but fantasized that he was Ridge. Did this "lovemaking" occur onscreen or is this a retcon?
  4. Does everyone on this thread also follow the "YR Old Articles" thread? We just discovered that extremely rare '91 eps have been added to the vault... 2/27, 2/28, 3/1 and 5/22. 2/27 and 2/28 feature Sheila right before she does the baby switch! We're extremely excited over on the YR Old Articles thread
  5. You beat me to it, I just saw that! The kind vault uploader even edited out commercials! Thank you uploader! These are prime eps... goodbye to Cassandra... Lauren's about to give birth and Sheila's making her plan for the switch... woohoo... Christmas came early!
  6. A rare partial ep from 1991! March 1. One of Nina Arvesen's final eps. https://archive.org/details/young-and-restless-nws-9-partial-september-1994 It's labeled as 1994 but looks like that's when it aired in Australia. A kind soul has already uploaded it to the Vault.
  7. American Top 40 for week of 12/18/76 https://www.mixcloud.com/MossMusic70s/that-70s-show-december-eighteenth-nineteen-seventy-six/ Nadia’s Theme (aka the Young and the Restless theme) is #8 on the chart at 1hr57m: Casey Kasem talks about how the songwriter, Perry Botkin Jr, credits his agent with lobbying the record company to release the song as a single, after his agent heard it during the ’76 Olympics. Why doesn’t Casey mention that Nadia’s theme is also the YR theme?
  8. So cool to see Lane Davies as Ridge! And what a surprise in the 1308 credits to see Lane listed in the contract section, and Ronn Moss not listed at all. That's not usually the case if an actor is out sick and there's a replacement actor... the original actor would retain their listing in the contract cast credits, and the replacement would be listed under recurring/guest cast. Anyone know the story here? Was Ronn in a salary dispute or something?
  9. Hi, is anyone able to successfully view 1306 which was uploaded today? I'm using VCL player to view the latest eps as BoldRestless suggested, which has worked great up through 1305. 1306 plays for 40 seconds and then freezes... A million thanks to the uploaders for these precious eps!
  10. God bless you! As a Sheila fan, I’m on the edge of my seat
  11. I have the same issue on Mac with Quicktime Player and Windows with Windows Media Player. Thanks, I’ll check out VLC
  12. Does anyone know details of what tempted JoannaJ to return in ‘91? I’m a little surprised she would come back to the show. I remember the interviews she gave in 2012 when she came back again. It was really sad how she described being miserable as a closeted lesbian actress of the 80s/90s
  13. Anyone else having issues accessing the Vault? This link https://futurpln-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/garciab_futurpln_onmicrosoft_com/EuuCalqErn1CsKB7RyQu7EAB0egnxmnuT1dzzDzPgJ39qw?e=NaLsB0&fbclid=IwAR1QZz-dQFnF6WNRGHu9aVrQk3Y_jhuUQkwSqKh98FoW8uvlM2oxruCJz08 Has always worked for me, but not today
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