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  1. Wow, always wanted to see the Candy Cane Gala, thanks!!
  2. Yes, the scenes were posted recently where Nikki was flashing back to "Sarah" shooting her and it was really disturbing. Sarah acting strange... Nikki ordering her to leave... then Nikki realizing something is really wrong. Even more creepy to think that dead Joshua was upstairs. I think that clip and the other late-90s clips were copyright-deleted 😕
  3. Wow, he does look like Heath Kizzier's son! He could be as deranged as his mother and think that Nikki "bewitched" Joshua away Ha! Sort of like how Flo Webster made love to her new husband "Jim" aka David Kimball without any of his make-up foundation rubbing off on her
  4. I’ve seen a few clips of the ’96-’98 Joshua/Veronica story and am very intrigued. Sadly I was taking a YR break during the original airings and missed the whole thing. But it all seems very gothic and creepy in the best way. This is not the usual type of the story that the writers would involve Nikki in (excluding pre-Victor Nikki who was involved in a cult and stalked by Edward). I was surprised to see that Tracy Melchior played the role before Candace Daly. I wonder if TM quit or was replaced. My impression is that TM doesn’t have the acting chops to tackle a complex role like Veronica. Sad to see that CD passed away at a very young 38. Was anyone watching during this time period? What are your thoughts on this story?
  5. Wow, Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you! 😀👌
  6. I took a sneak peek... 11/9 is the “Guam” episode! I have never forgotten from the original airing how funny it sounded every time Jess W said the word “Guam”. In a recent interview, she mentioned these scenes as one of her faves
  7. You were right, they showed up!
  8. You're the best @YRfan23 ! '91 and '93 were both great years so this will be peak viewing.
  9. ^ "Baby Makes Five" only aired 5 eps before canceled, during the month of April 1983. That narrows down when this interview took place. Trivia: one of the children on the show was played by Andre Gower aka young Brooks Prentiss/YR. You can see him here around 2:40 https://youtu.be/lPnzfReKvrs
  10. Thanks @DRW50, great find! If this was 8 months after ED debuted, that would be winter 1983. I felt a little bad for the interviewer. ED seemed a bit halfhearted with her responses and he kept having to drag answers from her. Interesting that she was certain that she wouldn't be one of those actors who stayed on a soap long-term...
  11. Anyone curious to see David Hasselhoff and Lynn Topping together can find them on Amazon Prime Streaming... she guest-starred on Knight Rider, Season 1, Episode 18 "Chariot of Gold" which aired 2/25/1983 - filmed about 6 months after they both finished on YR. That was nice of David to arrange Lynn's guest spot. I downloaded the ep for $2 but couldn't make it through the whole thing - not my style Lynn's scenes are around 16:00, 19:30 and 38:30. She looks stunning.
  12. @Broderick , I'm wondering if you remember the 1981 story of Chris' suburban-wife malaise? Where Snapper caught Chris using Stuart's money to update their furniture. Chris' excuse was that she needed some activity to brighten up their humdrum poor life. From reading the synopses, it sounded like a retro cliche story. This is also when they toyed with pairing Chris and Howard McMillan's Greg... I assume their chemistry was non-existent?
  13. That's definitely true. On a Bill Bell show, contract vs. recurring does not always reflect a character's amount of story. A great example is from 1991. BB kept Beau Kayzer on contract for months, even though Brock had no story. Meanwhile Marilyn Alex as Molly was always recurring, but Molly was essential to a front-burner storyline, and it would have been damaging if Marilyn opted to move on. Occasionally I read about an actor who prefers not to go on contract, like Tracey Bregman and John Aniston, but it seems the vast majority opt for a contract.
  14. Amazing research @FrenchFan ! It all looks very on-point. The only one I wonder about is Joy Garrett going on contract in June '83. Reading the synopses, there's only a few mentions of her during the summer of '83, related to Nikki's porn tape story. Then IIRC nothing more until summer of '84, when Tyrone's story starts. I remember an ep that used to be on YT on Jazz talking to Boobsie about Tyrone, just as Tyrone is coming to town. So I wonder if Joy was recurring summer of '83 and then on-contract summer of '84. Perhaps May, as you show Phil Morris joining in May.
  15. ^ Thank you @BoldRestless !
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