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  1. I'm surprised YR rated high in many categories as '96-97 is generally considered a "down period" for the show. (I am biased as I can't stand Nick and Sharon)
  2. @ChickenNuggetz92 is a rock star!!
  3. Omg I missed it did anyone have a chance to grab it for the Vault?
  4. He doesn't sound worthy to be the son of Tricia Cast and Thom Bierdz.
  5. I missed the social media sh*tshorm that DB caused... what happened?
  6. What do people think of Tracy Melchior as Kristen? In rewatching 2001, I find her to be an annoyingly bland Disney princess, even though she is in the "social issue" HIV story. I miss the bitchy sass that Teri Ann Linn brought to the role.
  7. I'm same as you - no sound on the mkv files. I'm on a Mac laptop. The webm files have sound.
  8. Yea, 1992 was awesome until May when Sheila left... then it was not that eventful for most of the year, until around October with Olivia's health crisis, and Ryan/Victoria's secret marriage started to become known
  9. I'm curious, for the transition from the Golden to the Silver era in 1994, do you have an specific time within that year in mind? I do - June 1994 - two events happened... perhaps in the same week(?)... that cemented the transition for me. 1) The departure of April and Heather. April's return to me was a classic Bill Bell tale, with high emotional stakes for legacy character Paul. I know April wasn't necessarily a popular character... some people thought she just "cried all the time". Some of her behavior was cringe-worthy... but it was very realistic to the situation
  10. I almost completely agree with @will81 's assessment... my only edit would be to end the Silver Age in 2001. Once Ryan died and Tricia went away around Thanksgiving '01, IMO the show lost its thrill and "must-watch"-ness.
  11. Very cool, thank you! The primetime special listed as 3/1/98 I think is mislabeled, since VR is still on the show and Nikki hasn't been shot yet - I'm guessing around Oct '97? I can research the exact date on the SOC recaps when I have time
  12. Here she is! June 16, 1980 at 32:25
  13. And she was Nikki’s fellow cult member in summer ‘80. Was that supposed to be Kathy, or a different character?
  14. That happens to me too... don't know why but seems like it needs a "refresh" every few days or so. I just go back to the main link https://bit.ly/2A3Bnhv and start over
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