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  1. Great find, thank you! Love the "dirty stinker" scenes which are from New Year's Eve 12/30/81. Seems like in Sharon's early years, they were setting her up to be a schemer trying to steal the Newman fortune but eventually dropped that as they focused on the Cassie story.
  2. Yep...she thought Beth was “the other woman” but Beth just told Stephanie “I’m not the other woman”, not revealing it’s actually Brooke
  3. Ok that is FUNNY! I love EB's down-to-earth and blunt manner.
  4. We have to make it to Sally and Clarke's wedding night! I will never forget Sally's hopeful, vulnerable face as Clarke approaches the bed...
  5. Katherine was involved in the Kurt and Ashley story ‘96-97. Don’t know all the details but Kurt stayed at the Chancellor estate.
  6. Doesn't seem like it - Traci is not mentioned in the weekly recaps at all during those years.
  7. I'm sensing you are not a huge Whip Jones fan? 🤣 The character of Whip kinda felt like BnB throwing Rick Hearst some work after he was written off YR
  8. MR is starting to get some notice by media: https://www.tvinsider.com/939536/melissa-reeves-days-of-our-lives-racism-costars-react/
  9. Watching now! From the 7/31/84 SOD recap "Cora admits to Kay that she only made those claims in front of Victor to save his marriage to Nikki" After this - Cora heads to the airport but falls and breaks her hip, then is sent to the hospital.
  10. Thank you @YRfan23 ! It’s still great to see the Bermuda story even without sound.
  11. Well, while I don't prefer that YR tells multiple stories of women driven to attempt suicide over the loss of a man - I know that Beth Maitland will blow those scenes out of the water and can't wait to see! 😁
  12. I was only 12 when I watched the original airing and remember being super-disturbed when Cricket comes in to discover Traci's lifeless body 😳 I'm sure they play the "horn of death" 😁
  13. I compared today's airing to the original airing's daily recap https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/1997/970707.php#fri and there seems to be one exchange btw Ryan and Victoria that was edited out. "Tricia goes into another room. She calls Ryan on his cell phone just as Victoria is teasing him about the 'complication'." Other than that, nothing in the recap was edited out. But in today's airing, we never even get a clear shot of Sarah Aldrich's face.
  14. Yes, and it may be Sarah Aldrich's final appearance. Victoria isn't mentioned in the daily recaps for a couple more months when Heather Tom takes back the role.
  15. For sure she is around in the summer of '84 as she is the one who finds Traci after her suicide attempt. We might even see her in next Monday's '84 classic re-airing!
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