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  1. I loved Marlena and Alice's rare scenes together.. there was one emotional scene after Tom passed away in the Brady's pub. Alice and Marlena talked about tom's passing.. very touching.
  2. Whatever happened to those Marlena's clones?
  3. When Dina came back in 1991.. she had to interact with different actors this time around.. a different Ashley, a different Jill and a different jack. oh and a different Mamie.
  4. Actually I though Susan Lucci's scenes after Mona's funeral, lying in her bedroom and holding her mom's picture, crying.. this is one of saddest scenes I've seen in a soap opera. Susan was clearly grieving for Frances Heflin .. last two minutes
  5. Exactly, I remember this! they story just dropped completely!
  6. Marie Horton! Tommy Horton! Mike Horton! and if possible Sandy Horton (daughter of Tommy) and Melissa Horton... problem is.. they don't really have a reason for returning to Salem... Tom and Alice are long gone. Bill, Mickey and Addie are gone. I bet Tommy Horton is dead too.. so why would Marie for instance return to her hometown? So sad but I don't believe DOOL will survive past 2025
  7. TPTB just killing off Hortons one by one.. sad. I really don't think DOOL will survive onscreen for too long..
  8. Was Keemo ever mentioned by jack or cricket after 1996? https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/the-young-and-the-restless-the-likely-reason-why-the-show-acts-as-if-keemo-abbott-doesnt-exist.html/
  9. Wow just traveled yesterday in Memory lane with all those amazing clips uploaded to 1990-1995 sections. Thank you for uploading all those treasures! Jill and Mimi's confrontations from 1994, Lauren and Sheila's arguments- loved each one of them! Lauren breaking the news to cricket about Scott's death - heartbreaking. Norman shoots and kill beloved rex I would love to see more scenes of rick/blade/Ashley/Mari Joe storyline..
  10. Why was the character of Cassandra killed? did the actress wanted to quit the show?
  11. I bet Stefano didn't mention Peter and Kristen, Benjy, Emma and Renée DuMonde as his children in that first year 1982.
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