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  1. Any chance to see the death of Philip chancellor the 3rd during 1989?
  2. Do you have maybe more episodes from December 1994? maybe December 1st? I want to see the episodes of Rex Sterling's shooting, death in hospital and funeral
  3. Y&R began broadcast in Israel in 1990 (I think with episodes from around 1987) and unfortunately was taken off our screens in early 2010 due to disagreement with Sony (together with days of our lives).
  4. I am really excited about re-watching clips from late 1988 forwards.. I began watching Y&R during this time when the show began broadcasting in Israel. I remember amazing stories: - Ashley and Dr. Steven Lassiter married in 1988, but before long Steven was shot to death by the son of one of his patients. The beautiful and talented Brenda Epperson portrayed Ashley for seven years from December 5, 1988 (I adore Brenda!) - Jessica Blair Grainger and her sad death from AIDS - Cricket's rape by Derek Stuart - Philip's death by car accident and the repercussions - Lisa locking Brad in a cage for weeks and Lauren rescuing him - and of course, Marge impersonating Katherine - great story! - David Kimble! - the beautiful Cassandra Rawlins.. “The Young and the Restless” has been the number 1 soap opera since 1988 and I can sure understand why. great stories, great characters and great acting.
  5. Wow thank you so much, can you also upload the following episodes, showing Grace revealing the truth to Megan?
  6. Where can I see episodes of Y&R from March and April 2000? mainly the story of Trish and Megan
  7. Well Jeanne talked about her alcholism and Bill's involvement..
  8. I loved Brenda Epperson so much!!! she was a great Ashley!
  9. Reminding me the huge ret-conning of Carl Williams going missing for 7 years - and we only find this out on 1998.. Carl disappeared and had been gone eight years before Paul and Christine convinced Mary to have him declared legally dead.
  10. Hi, any chance you will upload more episodes/clips of 1994-1995-1996?
  11. I live in Israel and started watching Y&R from late 80's.. the stories and characters were so good, I was just captivated! I also started watching DOOL and OLTL from 1993 episodes.. those were very good years. I also watched AMC from 1994- again, it was good! But soaps today are unwatchable.. unfortunately. so I don't watch.
  12. I do not watch soaps anymore. there is really no Comparison to classic episodes of 80's and 90's.. the budget nowadays is ridiculous and therefore the horrible story-lines and acting..
  13. I also hope for more 90's episodes!!!
  14. I loved the blade/Ashley/Rick/Mary Joe story and wish to see some episodes.. I remember the scene of Ashley (the wonderful and beautiful Brenda Epperson) lying in bed and receiving a devastating phone call regarding blade's accident and death. her reaction was so sad, she was truly shaken. poor Ashley! and quickly after left for Paris.
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