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  1. Any chance to see an actual scene featuring Tommy Horton from the 60's or 70's?
  2. I wish I could see some episodes from 70's surrounding Bill-mickey-Laura-Mike.. I understand the story span for years!!
  3. Would love to see Phyllis first months on the show in 1994 and her first encounters with cricket the bug
  4. Y&R - Mari Jo hurries up to get to the Abbott’s mansion before Blade does (1995) Y&R - Mari Jo and Jill get to know each other (1995) Y&R - Mari Jo tell’s Rick to stay away from Ashley (1995) more great and rare videos uploaded to YT..
  5. a great and rare scene featuring Shari Shattuck as Ashley was uploaded in YouTube Y&R - Ashley tells Jack to stay away from Mari Jo Mason (1996)
  6. the Deveney story was great!! and loved her conformation with Stephanie! but for some reason the character disappeared never to be seen or mentioned again
  7. https://www.ynet.co.il/laisha/article/rksk110UPO?utm_source=ynet.co.il&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email&utm_term=rksk110UPO&utm_content=Article An interview with MTH resurfaced in an Israeli news website 42 years in "Restless Young People": "If one day I start acting like Nicki, please slap me" Melody Thomas Scott has been playing Nicki Newman in the immortal series for four decades. With the rise of the series again in Israel, she explains how she is still not tired of the character, how love scenes are filmed in the Corona era, and why Aretha Frank
  8. Did Micheal ever interacted with Sheila during the 90's? I don't think so.. so it's reasonable to assume he didn't know about her actions. no?
  9. I wonder why nothing came out of Patti suddenly mentioned in 1996.. why didn't TPTB bring her back then? strange. and the whole Nikki forgetting in 1993 the havoc Eve caused in the 80's??? ridiciulus and insulting to loyal fans of the show
  10. A great 1996 scene was uploaded to you tube.. After learning Dina did not left town (because of Katherine) and wants John back, Jill wants to cancel her divorce with her husband. Also uploaded another rare scene from 1996.. so clearly mentioning Patty was a way to bring her back? I wonder why the story dropped Mary shows to Christine some Paul's photos from his childhood and tells her Paul has a sister, named Patty. Shocked, Christine asks Paul why he never told her about his sister.
  11. Yes, B&B still broadcast here, now with episodes from Feb 2020 (around Ep.8454)
  12. Loved Days but it's just unwatchable this days.. no more hortons no more Brady's no more dimera just put this show out of his misery and let it rest for good
  13. So after 11 years, Israel brought Y&R back to our screens begining yesterday- from episodes of April 2018 wow, I watched Y&R regularly through the late 80's and 90's and it's like a completely different show now, the low budget and wooden acting of some of the actors is certainly noticed.
  14. Now maybe some Susan Flannery's scenes will resurface as Dr. Laura Horton from 60's and 70's..
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