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  1. Yeah, it's Eboni's smirk/pursing her lips when she throws a bomb and watches reactions... that annoys me. She knows what she's doing (and I think she's being asked to do this honestly). As good as her intentions are, and as much as I respect what she's trying to do... you can't keep doing something and expect a different reaction. That just makes you look crazy. It's also something I just don't want to watch week to week because it's not entertaining. I watch the Housewives to be entertained.
  2. I knew this matchmaker looked familiar! She's Devyn from The Real World: Brooklyn, which is one of my favorite seasons to this day. She did a Challenge season too. This season of NYC is... tedious. I get both sides and I wish they could just MOVE ON, but it's clear Eboni needs to hear something, and the ladies could easily give that, but for some reason they aren't, but I also understand why they are tired of always talking about it. They don't get each other's sides, but maybe they will once they watch it all. I will say though - the NYC fans are a bit tedious too. They want less drinking/partying, which we're getting this season, but now they want more light partying/drinking.... hello!
  3. Respect your opinion, but I’m Team Kyle/Sutton/whomever else. Sutton clearly knocked and wasn’t weird about it. It’s totally a normal guys or girls trip-type encounter. Like Crystal said, it was her own issue and she shouldn’t be making Sutton the scapegoat for her own inner demons. I’ve never been a lover of the BH gang up mentality that happens every season, but in this instance, I fully support and agree with it. Dorit experienced this best and I’m thankful for Dorit’s unbiased honesty. I do hope that this particular moment will be put to rest, though. If not, we have another panty-gate, Lucy Apple Juice or whatever the hell dog storyline, type singular issue that is cancer to the entire season… which is classic BH, which is why it will never be my favorite RH franchise.
  4. NY was on Thursday night last season, just before Top Chef. With the exception of Sunday night, which always belongs to Atlanta, Potomac, M2M and Shahs, all the other shows switch their nights up every other season or so. If you look at all Bravo shows, all ratings are down proportionally. I don't think NYC has anything to worry about here.
  5. I thought the same thing. Crystal made that crap up. If she were really bothered and offended by the innocent thing Sutton did, then she wouldn't have gone on the boat trip and definitely wouldn't have had a conversation with Sutton on the boat without bringing it up. Crystal seems like a real b*tch to me. Total mean girl.
  6. This is so messy and I'm here for it. Porsha better watch her back for a golf club...
  7. Agree with you all - that Atlanta reunion was NOT it. How boring and annoying. I haven't liked LaToya at all this season, but she finally started winning me over at the reunion. She was more chill and honest. Bring back Phaedra and Sheree...
  8. Regarding Michelle on NJ - she was interviewed and said she didn't enjoy the experience of filming and it was uncomfortable for her, so I'm guessing she either quit or asked to be taken out near the end, but don't expect to see her back.
  9. ^^Hahaha, I noticed that last night while watching live. It was so jarring to go from one to the other and back again. I noticed Ralph wasn't in the shot, but didn't notice Shamea's leg. So bad and messy. They need to be fired and come in with a new crew. Kandi was saying that the peach-holders never had a group scene until the Charleston trip, which was 7 or so episodes into the season. She said with COVID, having to start and stop so many times, that the season just kept losing momentum. They had to drop storylines, or not talk about them. It was weird.
  10. Symone definitely deserved the win. Kandy being top two is so ridiculous. Rose and Gotmik will be in All-Stars at some point.
  11. With Dayna out, that's 7 former cast members gone! What an overhaul this will be. Excited to see what happens. I liked Dayna though, so curious why she's leaving.
  12. Agree Cheap and Faulkner - have several seats Erika Jayne - good lord. I want to see someone slap her ass, Erica Kane-style. Agree on the Atlanta reunion trailer - that was so 'meh' to me. This whole season was a bust, sadly.
  13. That BH trailer was good - this really is the downfall of Erika Jayne. The way she spoke to Sutton was very telling. We've seen her do that to Eileen, but this was even scarier. She has a serious mean streak.
  14. I dialed into Jen's hearing today (haha!!). It was so interesting to listen in. She pled not guilty. The judge thinks she's a flight risk, but is not going to retain her, but she has a $1M recognizant bond, has to hand over $250,000 in assets as collateral (or something like that), and surrender her passport. She can't travel outside of Utah unless she has an in-person court hearing in NY or DC. She can continue her business dealings with anyone not related to the case, so she can keep filming RHOSLC. Her trial doesn't start until October though - that's a LONG wait y'all! OH - and the judge asked her about any property she owns and her lawyer said NONE. She rents her house in SLC and all the other properties she mentioned was all fake (or could technically be in Coach Shah's name only)... she is getting exposed.
  15. I saw that! There was a limit of 250 people, and since it was a public hearing, anyone could join. Too many fans joined before Jen could log in, and she was denied access because they hit their limit. So many people forgot to mute themselves and the judge was getting pissed. He told IT to find a new system or fix it. They rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Even Wendy Williams called in and forgot to mute - people could hear her talking to someone in location about Jen and what was happening
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