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  1. Makes me wonder if this is why they filmed the reunion earlier than normal - maybe they knew she might be in a spot soon where she may not be able to film and they didn't want a repeat of last year.
  2. Any reason why Hakeem hasn't done much this season - anything behind the scenes driving this?
  3. Robyn showing up late was tacky as hell, especially since she seemed to be at home doing laundry a couple hours beforehand. Candiace's wedding was nice. In other news, did y'all see that Mama Elsa has passed away? I miss her and the Miami ladies: https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-miami-elsa-patton-obituary/
  4. That Judge Judy gif / Darby scene thing is hilarious. That scene was so gross. Robyn is boring and done - she needs to go. First non-LVP episode last night and I didn’t hate it. Camille isn’t doing herself any favors this year although I appreciate that she’s bringing something. Anyone watch Vanderpump Rules? I feel like Ariana and Tom S. are seeing the real LVP too and it’s eerie how similar she’s treating these situations. I really think if LVP weren’t bankrolling their lives with the show and giving them a platform, that half of them would outwardly speak ill of LVP and hate her.
  5. I'm sure you all saw that Vicki got engaged this weekend, and LeeAnne Locken got married? Gives you an idea of things we'll see these coming OC and Dallas seasons.
  6. This season is not good. I couldn't even tell you the names of the first 4-5 queens that left. They all blended together into a total mediocre snore. I'm guessing top 3 will be Brook Lynn Hytes, Nina West, and Evie.
  7. Y'all - the BH mid-season trailer dropped today and I'm not upset about it. LVP isn't in it much, but thankfully doesn't seem all centered around the dog and fallout of LVP alienating everyone. The Camille vs. Denise thing is very juicy... https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/season-9/videos/still-to-come-this-season-on-the-real
  8. Ohhhh, Taylor would be perfect for the OC! I always thought she was entertaining to watch. Hopefully they do this next season.
  9. Interesting news about Caroline Manzo and her almost return to housewives this season. I wish the producers weren't so dumb and gave her the full-time spot! She is missed and this is a perfect time to bring her back. https://people.com/tv/rhonj-caroline-manzo-turned-down-return/
  10. Porsha, Eva and Cynthia are all dragging Nene on socials tonight. They need to start filming new season ASAP.
  11. Same, but that’s Nene. She is like that with everyone - Marlo, Porsha, Cynthia, Phaedra... she’s a yo-yo with her relationships and it’s very unstable. I could never be friends with someone like that. Not healthy.
  12. Finally! Atlanta was finally good and juicy. The Eva stuff was entertaining and fresh. Now we have the finale with Kenya and I can’t wait. Nene sucks so much, she’s the most selfish and ignorant housewife we have. Ironically she’s one of the funniest too, which bugs me that I like her in that way.
  13. Wasn't that their premiere episode week? That wouldn't surprise me. I think we should check the last 4 weeks and see how they're trending. I also am curious how NYC ranks in there.
  14. Here is the Potomac trailer: https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-potomac-season-four-trailer/ Premieres May 5th (Sunday nights). Looks really good - same cast plus Katie is back as a friend. I didn't see Charrisse. Should be interesting!
  15. Y'all - I did not know that today was the day Joe Guidice gets released from prison!!! He was immediately detained by ICE and facing deportation: https://www.today.com/popculture/real-housewives-husband-joe-giudice-released-prison-t150392 I noticed on Insta that Delores is already filming the new NJ season, so I'm sure Teresa is getting all this on camera too, as she's allowed.
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