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  1. Wow to Katie's post!! She better be invited to the reunion! Carole is stirring up drama - talking bad about producers - talking bad about Tinsley. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/carole-radziwill-no-one-wanted-to-film-with-tinsley-on-rhony/
  2. I can't wait for Dallas!!! Looks like Cary has a new reality show called "Plump It Like Dallas" on some no-name channel about their plastic surgery business, etc. She'll still be a 'friend of' this season, like Camille/Barbara/etc.
  3. Interestingly enough, BH was the highest rated cable show this Tuesday, with their highest ratings of the season: REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS BRAVO 9:00 PM 1,820 0.6
  4. Kenya is officially back!!! Love this: https://people.com/tv/kenya-moore-returning-real-housewives-of-atlanta/
  5. I still don't understand how they didn't upgrade Camille to full-time at least halfway through the season. Didn't they add Sonja and Quinn like half-way through their first seasons? Reunion does look good though. Andy still seems to make us believe LVP will be part of the reunion somehow, so I'm surprised they didn't do a flash of her, at least with Andy 1:1 if that's what's happening. Would have been a great closer.
  6. Potomac was fire tonight!!! Katie cracks me up too, she’s a whole new person.
  7. Rinna has some nerve telling Camille she was out of line. Rinna is queen of being out of line and telling it like it is and “owning it”. Give me a break. Can’t wait to see Camille gather her next week at the finale party. After seeing those previews, it’s clear Camille is perceived as the evil Season 1 Camille again. Good for her for showing up at the reunion to go against those girls. She earned her paycheck this year. Strongest Friend since Luann when she strangely wasn’t a housewife haha.
  8. This popped into my head tonight. Remember when Aviva couldn’t go on the group trip because of her fear of flying, so producers literally cut her from the opening sequence during those episodes and didn’t pay her for not appearing? Why aren’t they doing that with LVP? She hasn’t been on the last few episodes at all but is still in the opening, no idea if she’s getting paid. I just remember how dramatic they were in shaming Aviva during that season, and didn’t they actually put Luann in Aviva’s spot in the commercial cutaways since she attended even though she wasn’t a housewife that season? But they’re not doing that with LVP? Is it a production company thing, Bravo thing or something else?
  9. Well now looks like Tinsley is officially back: https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/tinsley-mortimer-not-fired-from-rhony-season-12/
  10. Hahaha ok - like I said before, NYC is wildly more entertaining than BH, even with LVP (sorry). 25% of me felt for Luann, but I also get what the girls are saying. B totally overreacted, but that's what she's good at bringing. Tinsley stepped it up this episode, finally. Barbara - what an outsider, but I thought B was sympathetic and actually tried to get her involved, which was nice to see.
  11. It's so funny comparing BH to NYC right now. These BH girls can't hold their liquor and are so concerned about how they're perceived on camera. NYC girls get LIT on their vacations and don't give an F about drinking too much. I'd much rather hang with the NYC girls than BH. Some weird Housewives things going on in LA right now. Caroline Manzo and Porsha are taking pictures together and Heather Debrow is 'filming' with Tamra right now. Wonder if it's a Housewives special they're filming.
  12. More NYC casting rumors - the Mooch's wife may be joining, with Tinsley on the block: https://jezebel.com/anthony-scaramuccis-wife-is-allegedly-joining-the-real-1835408133
  13. Gotta say it, Rinna and Kyle look gorgeous! Kyle said it was the longest reunion they’ve taped yet, which seems odd if LVP is missing.
  14. Sounds like he’ll do a 1:1 goodbye interview and they’ll put it in a la Kim that one season.
  15. Rinna's daughters are the worst, wow. Harry really needs a son.
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