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  1. Totally agree about Dallas, Cat! Only two episodes in, but I'm loving it so far. It's funny (Kameron!), it's soapy and entertaining. Tiffany is a breath of fresh air. Agreed on Kary - she's my least favorite and annoys me to no end.
  2. Aww - I actually came on to say that I thought tonight's episode was finally entertaining! Agreed - that final segment with Kandi/Riley/Ace was so touching, I honestly cried watching it all. Ace is such a cutie, and it's wild to see how much Riley has grown up since Kandi first joined the show. Drew - I can't stand her husband and I think she's crazy for even accepting his BS - but I have to say, she's been SO likable on WWHL last week and this week on Bravo's Chat Room - I'm digging her. We need to see her interact more with the group, but alone, she's very likable.
  3. I didn't love that we're still split - we didn't get to see half the girls last night. It feels like Season 6 again, which I didn't love the beginning of when everyone was split. Otherwise, I love Symone too!
  4. Ahhh ok, bummer - but I'm still hopeful!
  5. This makes me very happy! This was the first storyline I remember as a kid and one that hooked me to AMC.
  6. Wow - that Dallas premiere was really good. It was so refreshing. Kameron has slowly become one of my favorites - she cracked me up the entire episode. Tiffany is great and I hope I continue loving her. She could be one of the best new housewives if she keeps it up. She's so impressive with how smart she is, but also able to be a housewife and mother. Mama Dee is also the best - I love her shade to her own daughter (the donut line was hilarious). Brandi - I've honestly always enjoyed her, and especially her friendship with the sweetest Stephanie - so
  7. I love this group of girls! Many standouts. Symone is gorgeous. Rose is drama and I'm here for it. Utica is so weird which is fascinating to me. I loved that we got to see them all lip sync so early, but I don't like that someone is going home from a vote before the competition starts. Hopefully we're wrong and that's not what really happens.
  8. I'm not a huge D'Andra fan (Mama Dee - YES) - but her tagline is good and her delivery really makes it great. Brandi and Tiffany have good lines too.
  9. Did y'all see how significantly low the Atlanta ratings have been this season? They're no longer the top rated Bravo show (looks to be Below Deck), and Potomac was only slightly lower than them this week. I'm sure Nene is having a field day with this *rolls eyes*.
  10. Love to hear that you're enjoying it too! It took me a second to get over how loud it can be, but I grew to love it. You can tell there is so much love for Star Trek in it and the storylines and characters were fun. So glad they're getting a second season!
  11. I just saw the trailer - I think it looks pretty fun and interesting! The ladies seem to be themselves without fearing the Locken. Tiffany also seems to fit in really nicely and she seems funny. It looks like Kary vs. Tiffany, but then also D'Andra and Brandi. I'm ready for their return! https://www.etonline.com/the-real-housewives-of-dallas-season-5-trailer-is-here-exclusive-157013
  12. A teaser for the new Jersey (UK) series. Sounds lavish and expensive! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8993411/The-Real-Housewives-Jersey-LOOK-Tallia-Storms-mother-leads-cast.html
  13. I agree with you re: Jen. She’s coming off like a LeeAnne or Danielle to me. Way too in your face too soon.
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