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  1. Wasn't that their premiere episode week? That wouldn't surprise me. I think we should check the last 4 weeks and see how they're trending. I also am curious how NYC ranks in there.
  2. Here is the Potomac trailer: https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-potomac-season-four-trailer/ Premieres May 5th (Sunday nights). Looks really good - same cast plus Katie is back as a friend. I didn't see Charrisse. Should be interesting!
  3. Y'all - I did not know that today was the day Joe Guidice gets released from prison!!! He was immediately detained by ICE and facing deportation: https://www.today.com/popculture/real-housewives-husband-joe-giudice-released-prison-t150392 I noticed on Insta that Delores is already filming the new NJ season, so I'm sure Teresa is getting all this on camera too, as she's allowed.
  4. Now Nene is saying that she never followed Andy on Instagram because he never follows any of the other housewives. She's claiming she's not a liar and she texted Andy after Sunday's WWHL and asked why HE is lying about her unfollowing him, etc. I hope this is all fun, planned banter to gather buzz around the reunion vs. Nene really burning bridges and being messy...
  5. Thank you!! I thought he looked familiar and I couldn't place it. I miss Ladies of London too
  6. NYC: Premiere was solid. I love these women. Not sure about Barbara yet, and clearly she was supposed to be a housewife given she had talking heads and planned events episode 1. Something must have happened. I like that we got some Hamptons summertime with these girls. They started filming right after the reunion this year vs. waiting a few months in the late fall/winter. We haven't seen NYC in the summer in quite some time. NJ: The ladies were very sweet in the end to surprise Andy with gifts. What wasn't sweet were Danielle and Jennifer's gifts for Teresa. That was gagworthy, although Danielle's face when Jennifer one-upped her was pretty priceless. Overall a great season. Atlanta: Reunion is filming today. Here is the seating chart, per Bravo's website: Eva-Cynthia-Porsha-ANDY-Nene-Kandi-Shamari Surprised as I thought Nene could have been with Cynthia, Eva or Porsha, but ended up with none. This season sucked though, so oh well, maybe nothing made sense.
  7. Well Bethenny Frankel isn't have a good Season 11 premiere day: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6778743/Bethenny-Frankel-sobs-court-describing-ex-Jason-Hoppy-tormented-her.html That sounds so nasty - I don't envy anyone in that family right now. Ouch.
  8. I wonder why the Houston version didn't get this treatment, or was this done because they didn't treat Houston correctly? I thought it was fun and cute. It was clearly staged and put on, but that's fine. Like when the girls were at Contessa's like "oh we should go on a trip... LA!" and then all of a sudden, Contessa has friends there, etc. I like most of the new girls so far. I'll give this show a shot. Toya was also missing and I wonder why... that girl doesn't like to miss anything.
  9. Ok, Team Marlo on that fight - Nene is crazy. Nene is clearly hiding something in that closet. Something isn’t adding up.
  10. My opinion on the BH thing... It is more entertaining out of the gate than it normally is, but I'm still worried this dog storyline will drag throughout the entire season and become another boring ass season, yet again. BH really shoots itself in the foot by doing this, season after season. What I love about NYC is that those girls can get over something so quickly and move on, there may be story arcs, but each episode is something different, exciting and entertaining (and funny). I see through LVP. I like her, but I think she's annoying sometimes and I can see how she grates on the nerves of the other ladies. The 'English jabs' can be tiring and off-putting - like saying Dorit snores and farts 🙄 But I also respect her work ethic and I love her on Vanderpump Rules. Unless I missed something, wasn't LVP the one that brought up the dog situation that first night in the Bahamas in front of Kyle and Rinna? They were talking about Dorit being allergic to cats and LVP goes "and probably dogs ha ha", which then pushed Rinna to ask what she's talking about. LVP - why would you make that joke if you didn't want the dog thing to be brought up again? I think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion, which again, is BH's achilles heel (panty-gate anyone?). Dorit should have given the dog back Vanderpump Dogs, she admits that, Lisa forgave Dorit... let's move the heck on. Erika - I loved her during her first season, but ever since Hong Kong and tearing into Eileen, I've had the same thoughts as most of you. She's rude, humorless and tacky. Such a shame.
  11. Yeah, I’m inclined to believe she’s making a cameo. Isn’t she living full-time in St. Louis now? Also, if all ladies are back with the new housewife I posted about last week, then she would make 8 which I always think is too many.
  12. OC: Vicki just posted on Instagram that she filmed her first night of the new season. I guess she agreed to the contract terms... Also - rumors on the new housewife: https://realityblurb.com/2019/02/12/report-braunwyn-windham-burke-joins-rhoc-cast-for-season-14-amid-rumors-of-vicki-gunvalsons-demotion-see-photos-of-her-huge-family/
  13. Sonja and Luann are the best. Ramona’s is usually always fun, but this was flat to me unless it’ll make more sense when we see the season. Unless bethenny is hawking some new skinny girl margarita, I have no idea why she picked a boring, random tagline like that. Cant wait for this season! Funny how we got this weeks out from the premiere yet we didn’t get BH’s until day before their premiere.
  14. Wow - what a premiere from the BH ladies. I haven't been this excited about a BH season since like S1-S3. Usually this series is a VERY slow burn, but they came out of the gates this season. I think we have a lot more to see regarding Dorit vs. LVP this season. I'm holding judgment until I see it all unfold. Erika was an afterthought, which we need. Looking forward to this season based on this premiere!
  15. Looks like Vicki is in the Bahamas right now, not filming. Eddie is having heart issues again and back in the hospital. Seems like the exact spot we were in at the beginning of last season.
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