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  1. Oh I've been loving this season too. The first 5-6 episodes were actually scary and realistic. It then got a little supernatural like most seasons get, but I'm still enjoying it. Love seeing the familiar faces pop up again too.
  2. Well this Meghan/Jim divorce is getting messy. Now is when I'd rather have her on the show haha. https://realityblurb.com/2019/11/08/rhoc-jim-edmonds-calls-cops-on-meghan-king-edmonds-accuses-her-of-cheating-after-her-night-out-with-friends-he-questions-her-parenting-abilities-as-meghan-feels-humiliated/
  3. That VPR trailer is everything - I can't wait!!!
  4. alwaysAMC

    Vanderpump Rules

    That trailer gives me life! Can't wait!
  5. Um, what in the hell is David Beador doing??? Can we talk about how thirsty and inappropriate this is for a man with teenage daughters??? https://www.thegoodteatime.com/single-post/2019/11/06/David-Beador-His-Girlfriend-Post-Naked-Photos-Together
  6. NYC news - did anyone see this over the weekend? Tinsley has quit filming and might have left the show to be with Scott in Chicago. That is the most on/off relationship in the history of housewives. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/tinsley-mortimer-reportedly-quits-real-190435474.html Also, Jill Zarin was filming during Halloween with the ladies.
  7. I have to say, I didn't think Andy acted any differently. He seemed pretty normal, and thanked Kenya during the credits at the end and said it's so good having her back. I think he, rightfully so, questioned her answer to the timeline of her marriage and when cracks started surfacing. I loved being introduced to Joel Kim too, he was sweet and fun! I did think Atlanta was entertaining tonight. I loved seeing progress and new storylines. All the women except Cynthia have something new going on, but Cynthia's storyline is still young and advancing. I didn't miss Nene at all. The previews for the season have me excited too.
  8. Porsha and Cynthia should be holding their peach in the other hand too. Just seems sloppy.
  9. Ugh, I wish they were all wearing yellow or white. Eva sticks out like a sore thumb. She’s second pregnant housewife now in an opening, after Monique. Kenya, Cynthia and Porsha look the best. Nene’s dress and hair combo is terrible.
  10. Atlanta taglines are here! Kandi/Eva: I'm hoping these are delivered better on camera vs. the way I read them in my head. Nene: Good, although I question her "spiritual journey". 🤨 Porsha: YASSS! Kenya: Too predictable and not original. Cynthia: Boring https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-12-taglines-revealed/kandi-burruss-7/
  11. Now THAT is the RHOBH that I miss!
  12. These last two episodes of OC have been full of so much random drama! I love it. This season is definitely better than the last two. What do we think of these NJ taglines? I'm annoyed they didn't film anything new here, it's all repeated from last year. Melissa and Teresa have the best taglines IMO. The rest, eh. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-10-taglines-revealed/
  13. HAHA - that is so bad!!! 🤣 I just went to her website - those joggers still aren't available!! She has literally zero in her collection that you can add to your cart and buy! 😂 https://shereewhitfield.com
  14. Jesus Jugs is back!?!? I never thought I'd see the day. Love it. Also, will just leave this right here: https://people.com/tv/sarah-paulson-lisa-vanderpump-wasnt-nice-when-they-met/
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