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  1. While I enjoyed both of these characters, what about AMC's Aiden and Di? Once Dixie returned, it seemed like Di didn't have much purpose left, but they paired her with Aiden, who was also floating around with nothing to do. We were lucky to get maybe one episode a week of these two on a date for awhile, but I can't honestly remember what happened to the two characters in the end.
  2. The LA ratings have been terrible - like Camp Getaway/Cash Cab terrible. It's unfortunate they didn't get a good lead-in or other support to keep it afloat. The show is an easy breezy watch for me. It's not overly entertaining, but it's easy to watch.
  3. I almost wonder if NY looks cheaper because they had less time to organize it. BH had way more notice and time to send out equipment - but NY, I'm guessing, was right when quarantine hit and logistically, there wasn't enough time or capabilities to get them good equipment in the very beginning? Sonja was something else last night haha.
  4. Brothers and Sisters was SO good, especially the first few seasons. I remember reading about some behind the scenes drama with maybe the lead EP or creator - anyway, you could tell something happened and the latter few seasons were not nearly as good. Similar to Revenge, for me... the first 2-3 seasons were so good, and then something just happened and it got stale.
  5. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I am SO ready!
  6. I don't think they have. I remember Bethenny on BH, and Brandi/Yolanda were on NYC (Brandi and Kristen were BFFs). Anyone remember other examples, or were those the only two? I love the idea of Tamra shaking up Dallas, she'd fit in perfectly, especially with Brandi. Dallas just started filming yesterday, btw. Two new housewives, no LeeAnn.
  7. Oh those 1993 episodes bring back so many memories! Ted and Tad... Brooke in the quicksand! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Oh wow, that's gross - I can't believe she compared herself to George.
  9. Nene should have seen this coming, especially since 1) they've essentially already admitted they need to cut costs and they're cutting out OGs with astronomical salaries and 2) we're in a pandemic when revenues are going down even further. They aren't going to offer her the same amount of cash, so she should just take what she can get and ride the wave. She should count her blessings that they're even offering her something after walking out on the reunion and pissing Andy off (he hates reunion walk-offs and has even fired other housewives when they are no-shows). I missed Nene's controversial BLM post - what did she say??
  10. Dorinda really has become a jealous mean girl over the last two seasons. It's sad to see. I still enjoy her drunken antics, but she really has some work to do.
  11. Oh Tinsley got a really sweet and proper send off. That was great!
  12. Tinsley just announced on her social media that tonight is her last episode and she is officially no longer a NYC housewife after tonight. Sheโ€™ll be on WWHL later tonight to discuss.
  13. Million Dollar Listing LA starts a new season next Tuesday.... but I agree, momentum is important and to drop both housewives shows for weeks at the same time is haaaaard. Married to Medicine LA didn't even get a new episode this past week, and I think they're already halfway through their season, because the mid-season promo has already aired. I guess we're in for a short season.
  14. That is a bummer! Sonja just posted on IG that after tomorrow's new NYC episode, it'll go dark for at least 2 weeks, returning again in July. I guess they want to stretch out new content.
  15. Maybe I should rewatch Season 4, but I just remember thinking that Joyce was boring. I wasn't sad to see her go. I agree on airing the international versions!!! That's how I was able to watch Melbourne, Aukland and the first couple seasons of Cheshire. I wish they'd do it again.
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