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  1. I am so in love with this show!!! That's all
  2. I would find this hard to believe, but word on the street is that Sutton may be getting demoted to Friend during this post-production editing. They released headshots from the new season last week and everyone had one except Sutton, thus leading to rumors she's being demoted. Can't wait for Melbourne!!!
  3. Totally agree and feel the same. Loved the format. I've visited SpoilerTv this week and can't stand the format. Unless someone can explain it to me, the ratings section doesn't really make sense. It's not clear on what ratings are for cable, which are the ones I care about most now (i.e. Bravo shows, etc). I've been looking at Showbuzz Daily, which I'm liking better than SpoilerTv, but still miss the format and simplicity of TV By The Numbers.
  4. Hahaha, you beat me to it! I had thought about this last week, but never had a chance to post. Spot on - totally Patti Simcox, so funny.
  5. As always, an entertaining reunion. But - what the hell is up with their eyelashes!?! I can't even see Contessa's eye balls because of her bottom lashes. Quad's are way too long. Toya looked the best out of that group.
  6. Danielle was yelling in Margaret’s face and invading her personal space. Water on her head to get her off of her seems warranted. Could anyone tell what was in the purse that Danielle destroyed? Was it her phone she slammed into that candle thing? I noticed she got everything wet too. I rewound that part so many times but couldn’t figure out exactly what Danielle was destroying.
  7. Yeah, all three parts are being shown within a week or so. They want to finish OC before 12/31 since they have a ton of new shows premiering in Jan/Feb. OC had more episodes this season at 23 vs. the standard 21 it has had the past 3 seasons. Interesting observation on Potomac and Dallas episode counts. I imagine that both shows are probably cheaper to produce than the other franchises, and the ladies don't get paid nearly as much, but it looks like Potomac is getting some love: Potomac episode counts per season: 12, 14, 20, 21 Dallas episode counts per season: 11, 14, 18, 17
  8. I, too, hope that LeeAnne sits there and atones and the ending is positive. This might be the best she's looked, btw. Stephanie also looks good. I can't stand the red puffs on Kam's dress. Cary is lying - she has called herself a strong, loud Mexican MANY times on social media, promotion videos, and during the season. That's partly why I understood what LeeAnne was saying originally (it then went downhill), but Cary has claimed that title in her introductions to the audience, so to hear her say she's never said that is such BS and gross to me. I've been debating this topic with my friends and literally just last week forwarded them an IG story from a Bravo account where Cary is talking into the camera and saying that she's a strong, independent, loud Mexican that calls it like she sees it. My OC dream cast next season would be Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, Gina, Emily, Heather and Alexis. Emily gets to stay given her recent epic Twitter war with Vicki. With Kelly potentially moving to NYC, and the fact that she's just too legally reactive with this current cast, it is TIME for Heather to return. We, the viewers, were cheated by never seeing their god-awful grey mansion being finished. It's also time for Alexis to come back. She might be supportive to Tamra/Shannon given the Jim lawsuits, and she's got a new hot boyfriend. Alexis/Heather had beef originally, and Gina/Emily need some allies. Two returning housewives would shake things up in a franchise that's been recently divided season over season. We need fluidity in relationships and interactions.
  9. Their ratings were always higher when they paired with Atlanta. I believe last season, they finally stood on their own without a lead-in and they consistently hovered just over 1 million viewers and teetered between a 0.3 and 0.4 in the 18-49 demos. That's not far off from NJ - they've consistently had a 0.4 most of this season. Dallas teeters between 0.2-0.3 with about 0.7 million. Most all do well and get a bump in the +3 days.
  10. I got Kandi, which is pretty accurate given the description haha.
  11. As wrong (more thoughtless) as some of her comments were, I still don’t think LeeAnne is racist. She’s such a strong and vocal supporter of diversity. She would be the last one on that cast that I’d consider to be a true racist. I do think half of her comments were again, just saying what Kary always says about herself (strong Mexican). Her other comments though, like chirpy chihuahua, were wrong and tacky. I can’t see Stephanie without Brandi. I enjoy that duo. I only enjoy D’Andra because of her mother. I like Kameron a lot. So I don’t know how to shake that cast up without taking out someone I like, which sucks. We do, however need new blood and direction.
  12. Oh my! Well she’s got her storyline. I just read that Mr. Darby and Chris just got into an altercation too. They had to get police involved from what I hear. Should be a doozy of a finale.
  13. Juan just proposed to Robyn during their finale wrap party.
  14. I read that there was a ton of drama during their recent Rome trip, so much so that Kyle was affected and unsure of how things will move going forward. She said she had high anxiety.
  15. Caught up on Dallas. I thought this last episode in Thailand was really fun and entertaining, outside of LeeAnne being whiney. I was Team LeeAnne against D'Andra/Kary during the dress incident, but not Team LeeAnne after the sex club stuff and how she's treating Kameron. Kameron's white boarding in her confessionals about the ping pong and ladyboy shows was hysterical. I also don't think LeeAnne is a racist - seems like she's just saying that Kary always talks about being a strong Mexican, and that's what LeeAnne was intimating.
  16. Did you all see that Denise Richards and her family bought a home in Montana and plan to spend half their time there, while staying in their California home the other half? Wonder if this is a sign that she's off the show after this season?
  17. Mariah and Quad are looking awfully close and happy in that picture... Mariah does look the best, but also stands out and pops amongst all the black dresses.
  18. I read that Monique chose not to go on the cast trip to Portugal this week. Sounds like she wants out for good.
  19. Haha gotcha. Y’all - Karen just posted on her IG a commercial video of her new La Dame Fragrance and it’s all kinda of She By Sheree terrible 😂 like, it’s baaaaaad. Gizelle is going to tear that apart. Monique/Candiace update: New report says that all the girls were having dinner at a winery and Candiace throws a wine glass at Monique, which ends up lacerating her lip... so Monique gets up and drags her down by the hair. Sounds like Candiace started the physical part of it.
  20. Ohhh, what beef did Ramona and Delores have?!?
  21. I too am wondering why no love to Atlanta, Potomac and Dallas? Dallas seemed to only have LeeAnne abs Brandi, until D’Andra showed up yesterday to LuAnn’s Cabernet show. Atlanta - I only saw Kenya and Porsha. Where was Kandi and Nene? They’re huge on social media, this would have been a good event for them. With that said, I had major FOMO not being there. Looked so fun!
  22. I’m actually really excited about this new city. It isn’t what I expected, like a Chicago or New Orleans, which makes me think it must be a pretty good group of ladies they found. SLC can either be judgy, chruchy, republican type that will embarrass themselves and their city, or sister wives type where it’ll expose weird crap that will draw me in. Either way would make me happy.
  23. Oh I've been loving this season too. The first 5-6 episodes were actually scary and realistic. It then got a little supernatural like most seasons get, but I'm still enjoying it. Love seeing the familiar faces pop up again too.
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