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  1. Through the years the following actors & actresses have filled in for a day or short term for the main performer. Phillip Abbott - temporary replacement for Bill Berger as Emory Warren on The Edge of Night in 1963 Deborarh Adair - temporary replacement for Brenda Dickson on Young & the Restless Millette Alexander - temporary replacement for Ann Williams as Dr. Maggie Fielding on The Doctors Terrell Anthony - temporary replacement for Michael E. Knight on All My Children Tom Archdeacon - temporary replacement for Aidan Turner on All My Children Lewis Arlt -
  2. Looking at Steve's labels I think you are talking about #9 in the last post. Steve has that labeled as Dee Stewart.
  3. Steve just has that labeled Carol, Tom, Jay & Natalie The one underneath he has labeled as Carol Deming.
  4. By the way, I found a disk in Steve's desk labeled ATWT Photos. Some of the photos that I originally uploaded from Steve's old Photobucket account are on here too. Some are labeled that aren't labeled in Photobucket. I am reuploading all these pictures to a new account and will be reposting them. Trying to get them better organized maybe. So some of the original ones will probably disappear.
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