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  1. Through the years the following actors & actresses have filled in for a day or short term for the main performer. Phillip Abbott - temporary replacement for Bill Berger as Emory Warren on The Edge of Night in 1963 Deborarh Adair - temporary replacement for Brenda Dickson on Young & the Restless Millette Alexander - temporary replacement for Ann Williams as Dr. Maggie Fielding on The Doctors Terrell Anthony - temporary replacement for Michael E. Knight on All My Children Tom Archdeacon - temporary replacement for Aidan Turner on All My Children Lewis Arlt -
  2. Looking at Steve's labels I think you are talking about #9 in the last post. Steve has that labeled as Dee Stewart.
  3. Steve just has that labeled Carol, Tom, Jay & Natalie The one underneath he has labeled as Carol Deming.
  4. By the way, I found a disk in Steve's desk labeled ATWT Photos. Some of the photos that I originally uploaded from Steve's old Photobucket account are on here too. Some are labeled that aren't labeled in Photobucket. I am reuploading all these pictures to a new account and will be reposting them. Trying to get them better organized maybe. So some of the original ones will probably disappear.
  5. Steve has that one pic labeled as: Bob & Kim with Skala and Vigoda Based on what the two of you are saying I think you may be referring to the photos in #222. If you are Steve has them labeled as: Beau, Dee and Annie Beau & Dee And the headshots...if you are referring to the blonde lady......Steve has labeled as Lee Meredith_Charmane
  6. ***** Good News Carl, Steve labeled that picture in this set of photos. The one with the guy with the guitar. He has it labeled as Brad & Margo. *****
  7. I have dreams about GH sometime so don't feel bad. Of course your dream sounds like it is nice. My dreams about GH esp. in regards to Steve Burton are usually very naughty. LOL
  8. Steve has it labeled as Edith & Jim 1956
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