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  1. I remember reading at the time that Bobby was originally meant to have gotten Ryan's heart (which would have made him having Ryan's memories easier to buy than him having the memories because he got Ryan's corneas) but that they changed their minds when they realized that every time they wanted him to be shirtless, they'd have to show a scar on his chest.
  2. Originally on the Vintage AMC channel on youtube. The channel has since been deleted, but some of the episodes from it are on Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1987Jan-jul The scene I'm talking about starts at about the 40 minute mark of the January 16th episode.
  3. They really did. I was watching some early 1987 episodes a few months ago and, even knowing how their story ends, I was completely captivated by Ross and Natalie. Before their affair actually starts he thinks she's been sleeping with Adam and there's a scene where he grabs her and says, "Why are you going to bed with him? Why are you going to bed with Adam?" and then kisses her and it. is. scorching. Wasting that kind of chemistry on a rape storyline makes no sense.
  4. Erica Kane, now and forever And then, in no particular order: Jill Foster Abbott Dorian Lord Gwyneth Alden Augusta Lockridge Liza Colby, before she was neutered circa her marriage to Adam Ava Rescott
  5. The Shana/Leo story really fizzles after they have the baby; they largely disappear until their exit storyline. It's unfortunately typical on soaps that while they like to milk the drama of the idea of a character having a baby with disabilities, they seem largely uninterested in dramatizing the day to day reality of a character raising a child with disabilities. The only time I can think of when a show actually made an attempt to keep a story like that going beyond the pregnancy was Holly and Fletcher on GL and, in the end, Fletcher and the baby got written out. I agree that part of the problem with Curtis was that the show could never settle on how he should be characterized. You had scheming Curtises (Marcantel, Albers, Lord) and more heroic Curtises (Ashby, Moses, and Johnson), but there's not really a common through line that connects the original Marcantel Curtis to the returned Marcantel Curtis. I remember on the Men of Loving reunion Marcantel mentioned looking through Curtis' history since he had last played the character and just tossing a lot of it out since it didn't work with the character as he understood him. The Kuwait story was a mess, but I think that’s partially the result of Guza/Taggart having to strip away parts of the original plotting. When I rewatch the storyline with the benefit of hindsight, it’s quite clear to me that it was originally plotted with the intention that Trisha would still be there and that there would be more to the Clay/Dinah Lee/Curtis triangle than what we ultimately end up with. I think that originally: Curtis would come back, haunted by an experience in Kuwait, which is what happened on screen. Trisha would be appalled by Clay’s plans to dismantle AE and seek to stop him and her newfound corporate ambitions would cause strain between her and Trucker, which is what started to happen. Trisha wanted to team up with Curtis to stop Clay and started to show glimmers of ruthlessness in what she was willing to do to accomplish this and the show made a point of showing Trucker disapproving, but then the whole Clay selling off AE piece by piece plot was abruptly dropped after Trisha died. Curtis would have been reluctant to join in Trisha’s plan because he didn’t want to get dragged back into the Alden mess, but then would have learned that he’d fallen in love with his father’s ex-girlfriend and would have joined forces with Trisha after all as a means of asserting himself and showing that he was better than his father. Buck would have shown up and begun insinuating himself into Trisha and Trucker’s life. I don’t think Buck was originally meant to be part of the Kuwait part of the story or have a past with Curtis, I think he was shoehorned in once it became clear that Noelle Beck wasn’t going to re-sign and they needed a reason to have Trisha speed off into the night so that she could be “killed.” Trisha and Curtis succeed in taking over AE and because she’s now spending so much time dealing with the company, she and Trucker need to hire a nanny to help out at home and Buck makes sure that Tess, his partner in crime, gets the job. Together Buck and Tess seize on the tensions that have arisen between Trisha and Trucker as a result of her getting in touch with her Alden dark side and him disapproving and work to further undermine their marriage. At some point there’s probably a beat where Tess and Buck make it look like either Trucker slept with Tess or Trisha slept with Buck, making the “cheated on” spouse vulnerable to an overture from their opposite sex con. Curtis panics when he learns that Tess is working for Trisha and Trucker, but can’t say anything because she’s holding her husband’s murder over his head. He tries to get her out of town without exposing himself in the process. Dinah Lee misinterprets Curtis’ fixation on Tess and her insecurities send her back towards Clay, who can’t resist even though he doesn’t want to hurt Curtis. Buck starts to have second thoughts about what he and Tess are doing, but before he can come clean, Curtis realizes that Buck is working with Tess and tells Trisha and Trucker everything, resulting in Trucker rejecting Buck just as he finds out Buck is his brother. Curtis then decides to let Dinah Lee in on what’s going on, only to discover that she’s now having an affair with Clay. He ends up turning to Tess and then Dante turns up alive and out for revenge and maybe he tries to kill Clay and frames Curtis for it.
  6. Came across an old issue of Soap Opera Weekly from 1993 and found this article about one of the only times (perhaps the only?) when a soap opera focus group convinced TPTB to keep an actor and give them a story. I'd say it's a shame the show didn't consult them again the following year when they decided to write Susan Keith/Shana out after all, but if she'd stayed Shana probably would've been murdered in '95 anyway. Based on the timing of the issue (July/93), I'm guessing that the unnamed actor is Patrick Johnson, who played Curtis from February-May, 1993. He was pretty wooden, but I'm not sure what was so objectionable about him that the audience reaction was that bad. I certainly preferred him over the next Curtis, though I didn't think either was ultimately very good in the role.
  7. Pierce was just Jeremy without the accent: an artist who had past with Trevor from their days as mercenaries, who spent several years living in isolation while trying to cope with his tragic past, which included a woman he loved and lost. I liked him with Janet - although I hated it when he dumped her and she became obsessed with Brooke; I'm very grateful that the powers that be changed their minds about letting go of Robin Mattson and having Janet get plastic surgery to look like Brooke - but the character should have left with Fitzpatrick.
  8. Ugh, I'd forgotten about the Jim Thomasen storyline. Poor Julia Barr, Brooke went from Jim Thomasen to Elliot Freeman, which was gross in its own way.
  9. Before Angie and Charles' wedding, Gwyneth and Stacey have a heart to heart and Gwyneth tries to give the locket to Stacey, almost as though she's trying to replace Trisha with Trisha's best friend. Stacey declines to take it and later, during the reception, we see the "killer p.o.v." for the first time. It's like Stacey's rejection caused Gwyneth to relive Trisha's rejection, making Stacey's status as the first victim all the more poignant.
  10. Speaking of Kirk, does anyone know what the story is behind the show recasting with Robert Newman just to play out the last 28 episodes of Kirk's original storyline? I assume that something happened with Joseph Bottoms since it seems strange to recast so close to the end and since Bottoms returns to the role later.
  11. Oh no, he definitely actively framed Trucker. He opened a Swiss bank account in his name and then transferred money into it to make it look like the mob? military dictatorship? that was running San Felipe had paid him off to sign off on the faulty airplane parts. Interestingly, this is one of the few (maybe the only) times when Clay did something like this in order to cover for someone other than himself. He had no idea what was going on in San Felipe until after the crash; it was Cabot who knew about it, but he couldn't afford to do anything to rectify the situation because AE had lost so much money earlier in the year because Amourelle put out a toxic face cream. I think they would have gotten past any guilt via the knowledge that Trisha would have given the relationship her blessing because she loved them both and because if she had to chose someone to stand in her place as Christopher's mother, she would have chosen Stacey. Dinah Lee taking on that role, on the other hand, would have had her spinning in her grave if she was actually in it. Personally, I would have gladly taken a Trucker/Stacey relationship if it had gotten her away from Buck. I liked Buck/Stacey well enough in their first go round, but once they broke up he went off and had all these other storylines while she was reduced to just... waiting around for him, month after month for the better part of a year, until he finally got himself together and they reconciled. And even then they broke up and got back together several more times before she died. Funny that Trucker and Buck each ended up with the exact woman that Trisha and Stacey, respectively, would have been most annoyed to see him with. I usually detest older man/younger woman pairings, but I loved Clay and Steffi together. I think it helps that the relationship makes a lot of psychological sense, given that Steffi's father had basically cut ties with her, leaving her desperate for a father figure, and Clay was still struggling to come to grips with having forever lost his opportunity to be a real father to Trisha.
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