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  1. So I went back to watch the episode, what memories. I was in grade school when this aired. Marland was quite good at details from year to year. I think this was his best era with ATWT (85-90). I know Lucinda and John were popular, but I liked it better when Lucinda did not like him. Finn Carter was really a natural.
  2. OLTL- I cannot imagine Elaine Princi as Dorian during the Death row/secret room story nor could I see her in any of the David Vickers stories.
  3. GH- I would have kept BJ alive and no heart issue for Maxie. While beautiful performances, I think the story set a bad precedent for all other shows (we know shows like to copy). A consistent rinse repeat of killing one character for said character’s organ for another was tedious. No hiring of Phelps. GL- the show gives Beverly McKinsey all she requested to keep her on the show. OLTL- no Phelps ATWT- Marland welcomes a co-head writer by 1990. I felt there was a real switch by the time the 90s rolled around in his writing. There was such an abundance of depressi
  4. Thanks! I just watched the ATWT 50th anniversary special episode from Soapnet via YouTube (sorry I do not know how to post it here) and Hubbard mentioned how Marland liked to write for young love but when she said it on the show she was very complimentary of him and didn’t sound negative at all. Perhaps, it is overblown as to her feelings on her character and Marland’s writing for her? I do, however, think Hubbard disliked how the John/Lucinda marriage ended and maybe that and the writers having Lucinda throw herself at John or Gavin Kruger or Craig only to be rejected may
  5. First post and what a fun thread to read. I watched ATWT regularly in the late eighties early nineties and this lockdown has me rehashing lots of past shows and books. I am curious why people assume that Hubbard did not like playing the villain? I have not read nor heard her say she wanted Lucinda to be the good guy. Is this from the Locher room interview?
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