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  1. She may have returned the same year or into 95 - she came on the show to demonstrate their marriage in trouble then to escort Craig back to Montega and/or Miami. I thought Carter and Bryce had lost their spark. The 90s were such a morose affair on this show to me. I loved Karina Arroyave. She shows flashes of Lucinda even in her too few scenes on the show.
  2. That was a fun episode. I loved Craig and Lucinda back in the day and still think they should have continued their affair. I enjoyed Finn Carter as Sierra and found her very believable as Lucinda’s daughter. I thought she was a killjoy when she made appearances in the early 90s, however. As to her casting, the issue is real. Perhaps an argument could be made her father was of Spanish ancestry. I don’t think the father was a revolutionary, he was one of the leaders and an aristocrat- just like Tonio’s family.
  3. It was never a legal adoption. It was part of the reason Martin did not want the truth of the adoption coming out and his suicide. The disaffirmation was just a demonstrative way for Marland to sever the ties Lily had with Lucinda. To me it is just one of those technicalities writers ignore because it gets in the way of doing something they want like Lily divorcing Lucinda. The disaffirmation was in May of ‘93. Hubbard was phenomenal in those scenes and later with Mary Kay Adams as her sister Neal. Lily and the Snyders had every reason to never speak to nor forgive Lucinda for actions. I just wanted Lucinda to be the one to disown Lily, lol.
  4. Yup. Lucinda came to town to avenge Martin’s suicide which was blamed on Whit bankrupting his company. Marland changed it to he killed himself because of the fact Lily was illegally adopted.
  5. I was ok with their ending simply because I wanted happy endings for characters I liked and I do not know nor trust what the show would have done otherwise. I didn’t love it but… Having said that, no way Lucinda surrenders her company to anyone - daughter or not. If you were given a blank sheet and told write Lucinda and Barbara for the finale, what would you have done?
  6. I share this view. While I didn’t love their partners, I am so glad Lucinda and Barbara got their happy endings.
  7. I have many for ATWT- Craig and Lucinda should have been lovers for more than one night. They should have had a mutual sexual obsession. Skip the Iva relationship. Lucinda should not have betrayed Barbara- their friendship was fun and needed by both characters. Iva would have been more interesting if she had not devolved into a saintly paragon of virtue. This was a woman who was the adopted daughter of a poor fertile farm family sent away because the Snyders could not afford all their kids, gets raped, runs away, gives the kid up, pornography etc. I would have liked her with the spunk she showed up with in ‘85. Let her be just as messy as Lucinda. She knew Lily preferred her and wanted her to be her mom - so play it up - take back what is “yours.” Do not accept Rod/Josh the rapist or his marriage to your sister or your rape child calling the rapist dad. Along those same line, while Iva loved Lily but she should also be repulsed by this child of her violent rape. I would like to have seen her not always put Lily first and their relationship to be just as rocky as it was with Lucinda. Emma was a terrible mother. Iva should have fought to keep Aaron and won.
  8. I think John was the new chief of staff- Susan made a remark about it in the finale.
  9. The fact that the Supreme Court may well essentially overturn Roe this evening makes me so, so angry.
  10. Got a little teary on this one. Amazing singer/songwriter. “One blade shy of a sharp edge” is a particular favorite.
  11. Now I love me some enemy to lover tropes, however I never saw a romantic spark or chemistry with these two characters. Some characters never need to hook up but if kept Lucinda free of Dixon, I would have taken it (yes, I have very unpopular opinions on certain things). I do love the idea of Lisa online dating.
  12. I did not appreciate Lisa when I watched consistently as I saw her as a ditzy lady and that type of character does not interest me. What I did appreciate about her is when she was allowed to be “bitchy” whether it was with John or any other perceived enemy. I think the mistake the show made was not keeping her as a villain. As to the end of the show, Lisa was the marrying type and so when Stuart Damon was available I wish they had brought him aboard as a new conquest for Lisa instead of what appeared to be poor man’s General Hospital reunion.
  13. Dorian and Joe were delicious fun and a great source of revenge for Dorian. Loved that story and found that era of OLTL compulsively entertaining. I don’t think there was any plan for them to be some long term relationship. I think the show, actors, writers saw this couple for what it was - a coming of age lusty relationship for Joey and revenge and fun for Dorian (even though she developed feelings for him, he was no Herb or Mel).
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