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  1. The fact that the Supreme Court may well essentially overturn Roe this evening makes me so, so angry.
  2. Got a little teary on this one. Amazing singer/songwriter. “One blade shy of a sharp edge” is a particular favorite.
  3. Now I love me some enemy to lover tropes, however I never saw a romantic spark or chemistry with these two characters. Some characters never need to hook up but if kept Lucinda free of Dixon, I would have taken it (yes, I have very unpopular opinions on certain things). I do love the idea of Lisa online dating.
  4. I did not appreciate Lisa when I watched consistently as I saw her as a ditzy lady and that type of character does not interest me. What I did appreciate about her is when she was allowed to be “bitchy” whether it was with John or any other perceived enemy. I think the mistake the show made was not keeping her as a villain. As to the end of the show, Lisa was the marrying type and so when Stuart Damon was available I wish they had brought him aboard as a new conquest for Lisa instead of what appeared to be poor man’s General Hospital reunion.
  5. Dorian and Joe were delicious fun and a great source of revenge for Dorian. Loved that story and found that era of OLTL compulsively entertaining. I don’t think there was any plan for them to be some long term relationship. I think the show, actors, writers saw this couple for what it was - a coming of age lusty relationship for Joey and revenge and fun for Dorian (even though she developed feelings for him, he was no Herb or Mel).
  6. Thank you so much. Loved it. Tommy Körberg is amazing and now I must find all his music. New music discovered is the best. It is amazing how much ABBA and especially the work of Ulvaeus and Andersson have been the soundtrack of my life. Ah, Chess- had the cassette of the concept album and played it incessantly. There is a concert on YouTube from 1989 performed in Sweden with Körberg, Murray Head, Sissel Kyrkjebo, and Judy Kuhn that is phenomenal.
  7. I think both Holden and Lily would have benefited from different partners when Rattray was in the role. I mean they made the girl that whined that her mom read financial magazines a businesswoman. Really, to me, it was changing Lily into a businesswoman that doomed the actress as much as her lack of chemistry with her male leads. I liked Rattray as an actress but she couldn’t overcome my dislike of the character she portrayed. Also, Holden was more interesting to me when he first arrived but in true Marland style he toned him down. I mean he went to work on the farm because his ambition was “bad.” It wasn’t Lily that should have been more Lucinda-like it was Holden. I love that story about Fulton and the fan, true or not. I think Joan Collins mentioned being confronted by fans about her character. That is so funny to me as I adore the bad girls on these shows and cannot imagine yelling at an actress for her performance. Without Alexis, Lisa, Lucinda, etc. I would have never invested in their shows.
  8. Your point is well-taken. I have a blind spot when it comes to characters or people I do not like. I tend to concentrate on every piece of negative I find about that character so I apologize for harping too often on Lily. It does not help that every episode that pops up on YouTube is one where she is just ridiculous. Also, I think there was a point where Marland was going to try to claim Lucinda was abusive because there were episodes where they had Lily acting afraid of her mother which I thought was nonsense. I found Lucinda fabulous so there is another blind spot. That rape story with John sounds awful and demonstrates the constant erasing of women’s experience with sexual assault and aggression on daytime tv. How do you not know who you are having sex with- was she drunk or drugged, blind or blindfolded? Wtf?
  9. ABBA always brings a smile to my face. Such amazing and fun music. I came across another music collaboration with the creators- Benny Andersson’s Orkester. Anyone know anything about this?
  10. Years ago, the Toledo Museum of Art showed an exhibition of impressionist paintings. One of the national media nightly programs covered the exhibition. They decided to find the most stereotypical looking people to interview who knew little nor cared about art. This exhibition was attended by thousands in this city. What this shows is people want to believe that if you live in X you have this and you live in y you have this. The truth is you will find people in the Midwest with lots money and they spend it. It totally made sense for these wealthy characters to wear their wealth. I don’t take it as a diss to the Midwest because there is much to not like about it here, but one can find someone just as fashionable in Akron as in New York.
  11. I think there is an interesting contrast of Lily v Andy. Now Andy had a very involved mother who was nothing like Lucinda or Iva for that matter- but his family had crap loads of drama (it’s a soap) and his father was really a bad guy- John raped his mother among many other crimes. His parents worked and with a father and stepfather who were doctors they were busy - the show would have John and/or Bob at the hospital at all hours. One could argue too busy to be constantly with Andy - something Lily and the writers constantly drag Lucinda. As to Lily, they established Lucinda was always busy and she was devious. The problem is trying to sell Lily not having warmth and love growing up- or she was lonely (go make some friends at school or the country club- your mama ain’t your confidant or playmate she is your mother)-I never bought it - that is not what I saw on my screen- I saw a character constantly adored. I remember a scene where Lily whines to Holden she grew up without love- now kids can truly believe they are not loved but it was clear onscreen that Lucinda loved Lily. A simple fix for me would have been someone calling her out on her nonsense - they did it with Andy and his drinking, with John and his crap, etc. I think that was the crux - letting her crap go unchallenged- while the writer may have wanted her to have unattractive qualities - in the totality of the circumstances, it came off as everyone was suppose to agree with her and like those qualities. About John, what happened with him and Dee. How was what he did not rape?
  12. Stuart Damon was a wonderful actor. I loved Alan and Monica.
  13. This is true for me. I have a hard seeing a strong, devious woman taking crap from a husband or any man. Lucinda wanting to get back with John even though he very publicly was sleeping with Susan made no sense to me. From the above perspective, it makes sense and sometimes we put our own sensibilities on characters.
  14. Absolutely. I don’t think exploring the past has to be a set up for sympathy. It can be used to introduce new characters, new experiences etc. Too often writers, especially Marland, had everyone abused by one of their parents and your parents are not always the source of a persons problems.
  15. Lucinda and Martin adopted Lily because Martin was infertile. I do agree with the concept that Lucinda did not need to adopt that ingrate or at least should have dumped her at the farm the moment Iva started stalking her about Lily. Lol. I think the story was that Lucinda who went by her given name Mary Ellen married Jacobo and gave birth to Sierra. Jacobo was a politician who sort of ran the country. At some point she met and fell in love with Martin. When Jacobo found out he exiled her and threatened to kill Martin. I think Jacobo was powerful and it was his dying that allowed her to see her child again. The show was never clear when she changed her name to Lucinda or how her husbands treated her. While on the one hand I have a hard time seeing a character with such a strong personality being meek and mild at a any point, I always thought Lucinda had bad taste in men and her need to control her relationships stemmed from abuse from those men. Too much changeover in writers and producers that the timelines of all characters get muddied. Exploring her wide open past would have provided much story for her and her relationships for years. Water under the bridge.
  16. Who did Guest kill, I cannot remember. I remember her saying to Connor and Sam she was married to a famous Hollywood star- they should have cast him or explore some of these issues when they had her in therapy. There was so much to unpack with her character - marrying a man and living in a foreign country, forced to leave your child, and the man who was a big reason for her exile commits crimes and kills himself.. I would love to have seen more of the relationship between Lisa and Lucinda - it could have developed like Dorian and Vicki at OLTL.
  17. You’re welcome. My mom used to watch The Doctors and raved about Nick and Althea and we thought it would have been cool for Gerald Gordon to play Martin Guest in flashbacks.
  18. James Walsh was a rich old man Lucinda married after Lily’s adoptive father and Lucinda’s husband Martin Guest killed himself. James Walsh had a son who was the father of Connor and Evan with Edwina the mother. Walsh enterprises was founded by James Walsh senior and Lucinda built the company to a power pushing the son out. Connor and Evan came to town to take Lucinda’s company. She never knew the grandkids because they probably were babies and she had no relationship with Connor and Evans father. Connor and Evan blamed Lucinda for their father’s suicide- a copy of why Lucinda came to town and hated Whit McCall.
  19. My only quibble here is that Lucinda gave Worldwide to Lily. Lucinda is like Miranda Priestly- she ain’t going anywhere! Worldwide could have been a great source of stories that last decade like Succession and Billions. Walsh and any other companies fell so they could have established that company as a monolith like Amazon. Have all the grandkids vying for power with Lucinda as puppet master.
  20. I actually do not disagree with you. I watched most consistently from 86-93 so that is my main point of reference with story and writers. I only watched intermittently after that time with college and career etc. I don’t think Lisa, Bob, Kim, Susan had much at a certain point either beyond health issues or their kids. Strangely, when I watched in later years the dynamic with Lily and Lucinda no longer irritated me.
  21. That same lack of imagination? Lol, I don’t know. Writing for such a large cast with all the intendant requirements and demands is immensely difficult. I just did not enjoy the tone or the direction of the Lily/Lucinda dynamic.
  22. Thanks for the episode. This will be unpopular, but this episode epitomizes why I often disliked Marland’s writing and why I disliked Lily so much. The Walsh takeover had only been a few months prior to this wedding. Someone who takes over my mom’s company will not be at my wedding, my hubby is not working for them nor will I dance with one of the people and beg them to work together. Lily is awful. That little scene with Lucinda at the beginning where she says she would concentrate on her own life should have come to fruition. It showed a lack of imagination to just write her as interfering with Iva’s daughter. Lucinda is a joyous character- let her have fun. It was a missed opportunity. A Lucinda untethered from Lily would have had fun. Frankly, a Holden free from Lily would have had fun. The couples here lack heat or joy or fun. I can see why Zenk enjoyed the writing for her character in later years. Here and so often with some of her pairings she looks so earnest instead of joyful. It must have been freeing to just play.
  23. I was so young but my recollection was there was no scene of their wedding and this might have been on an anniversary.
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