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  1. It was great to see Ana today.
  2. Awwww... I loved him on Dynasty.
  3. @xtr Thanks! Yes I'm here. I'm being very careful but haven't been vaccinated yet. My folks have been fully vaccinated....thank god! But they are still being careful. Hope you brother and the rest of your family stay safe too since he's in Texas.
  4. What he's saying... Wes is an awful actor and we have shitty writers
  5. Geesh!! I knew this was going to happen.
  6. Anybody know whatever happened to Amy Gibson?
  7. Wonder why Eric wasn't inside the apartment? Any scoop??
  8. Dominic Thiem has cracked the top 10 in prize money won. This includes current and former players.
  9. I still have it on my dvr too. I've seen it already but kept it to watch again later.
  10. Cuomo is a liar and a disgusting pig. I can't stand his brother either.
  11. He'd be good in the AMC reboot. Considering they are making it darker. Griffin has no clue how to write a business story.
  12. I don't underestimate the Gwen love. I hate her. Jack shouldn't even give her the time of day. The best part was seeing Jackee and CM. The rest of the show was zzzzzzz.
  13. Roger has pulled out of Miami.
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