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  1. @Faulkner sigh..tennis media still holding on
  2. Roger needs to stop this nonsense! Retire!! Roger lost..
  3. 35 years ago this week Madonna dethroned Whitney at #1
  4. The knee injury took care of the suspension. He is ranked #987 or so
  5. And who could forget this?
  6. And guess who Tennis Channel had on this morning? Tiafoe and Querrey Ha! I also wondered about Jared. He had surgery over a year ago and then got married. He was so robotic like Fritz. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqwP-aYAK97/ Link to his wedding photo. He actually got married first then surgery.
  7. Someone on Twitter posted that the tennis media themselves are sabotaging their own sport with the big 3 continued barrage. It makes the fans care less or want to see anyone win the majors but those 3. Again the tennis media should be [!@#$%^&*] embarrassed that tennis fans had no clue who Dominic Thiem was a few years back at the US Open. He had been on the tour for years.
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