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  1. The cases of clots have been 6. But the Johnson & Johnson was still halted. One unfortunate death and a stroke victim. The shopping mall here was giving the vaccine. It was get vaccinated as you shop. They were giving you a choice of the moderna or the J&J.
  2. My parents got the Pfizer and have been fine. They've been out and about with mask with no problems. I was vaccinated with the Moderna (not my choice). I've been doing well going out sparingly with mask with no problems. My aunt and uncle took the Johnson & Johnson with no problems. If you feel uneasy wait for the Moderna or Pfizer to be available. Here in Texas the Moderna is more available one. They've stopped giving the Johnson & Johnson.
  3. The same here with nursing home visits. My mom was finally able to see her sister with mask on and all visits are done either outdoor patio or cafeteria. No room visits. As for Michigan ...what can you expect? Trumpsters rule....and the younger adults are getting infected because they think they can't. Did you take your second vaccine? You're not fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after you 2 vaccine which is today for me.
  4. Shouldn't it be a guy in Tori place instead? I do get a not so right vibe with him.
  5. Well f uck... Yes he is! Thanks Billy for posting it!
  6. I was like what is he running from?. He's hot btw.
  7. I'd check out the John Bolger one too. Its a good light hearted one!
  8. Both finalists from Miami already out in MC
  9. Yeah that's a no for me too
  10. I had forgotten he was the one that jumped the fence.
  11. I was about to post this. Yummy if he is gay. Now you have me wondering @Faulkner.
  12. I believe they've been posted before in the hotness thread.
  13. You mean the see through underwear ones ?
  14. But of course but you can do better with the pic... there are hotter ones than this....teehee.
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