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  1. @KMan101 Ain't that the truth.
  2. Haha...no biggie...actually I enjoyed your post and Khan.
  3. @edgeofnik The 16th episode was on Monday. Sabrina was found this week and Oakdale looks for a kidnap Paul taken by James.
  4. I think I found it.....the date is Feb 16, 1987... Btw...ATWT ranked #3 the week Sabrina was reunited with Kim with a 7.9 rating. Up a whole ratings point via Vanessa Reasons 80s ratings post.
  5. It would be late Jan/ early Feb of 1987. I've seen episodes from late Jan with Bob...Kim and Frannie looking for Sabrina during that famous remote.
  6. They're getting a divorce.
  7. The Justin and Will scenes were good too. I wish Kate had slapped Sonny and called him a whore...lol The role of Kate today will be played by Soapsuds. You whore! Slap! How dare you kiss another man...Slap! Slap! To Evan: And you think Sonny is a catch? Walks away laughing....
  8. I hate how they make Sonny this bug prize/catch. He doesn't even come close. Why is Evan even interested in him? Just because he's gay? There better a twist where Sonny was the one that killed Adrienne. I want Will to have some Sami in him. He needs to tell Sonny off. Chandler works so much better with the vets. Loved his scenes with Kate.
  9. Kate and Sonny scenes fell flat. She should've bitch slapped him. I am so sick of holler than thou Sonny. He is such a dull boring character. I wish they'd write him off the show.
  10. What has happened to this thread? Is this the dating game thread?
  11. It looks like Sonny is wearing Stefano's old suits.
  12. The whole time jump has been a disaster. Nothing great to see and no story moment whatsoever. Might as well not have had the time jump because Days is still garbage and has actually lost viewers after the time jump.
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