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  1. The Tennis Thread

    But Delpo has a bigger game that should give Novak trouble. Borna basically has the same game as Novak.
  2. The Tennis Thread

    So it looks like Del Po is done for season meaning either Isner or Kei get the last spot unless Nadal somehow doesn't play too. Isner is playing this week and will have to do well to stay ahead of Kei. Kei has the next two weeks off until Paris where the final spot will be decided. When he didn't win the US Open in September I knew he was cooked. He has the easiest route to the finals and yet couldn't take out Novak. He continued to play while ill and his body telling him he needed rest..no one to blame but him considering he really didn't have much to play for since he had already qualified for year end ..
  3. Daily Hotness

    Lawd have mercy.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    Did he rethink the payout?...LOL
  5. Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    I was flipping the channels yesterday because there was nothing on tv and I saw Lola and Kyle together and I saw lots of chemistry but there needs to be more for the couple to succeed. Right away I liked her better than bland Summer.
  6. Dancing with the Stars: Discussion Thread

    So watched Juan Pablo's piece on how he was treated badly by his classmates because he was different. So I wonder is he ummm....gay? Lawd if he is.....just Lawd........
  7. The Tennis Thread

    TC was commenting the other day that Jack Sock's actual ranking right now is #156 And how Jack will have to go to qualifying to compete in next year's Aussie Open.
  8. The Tennis Thread

    Hahaha well I DVR the matches....I didn't wake up early either but caught the ending of Roger's match with Borna. The court speed at this tournament is ridiculous IMO....and TC keeps harping about how fast it is....its hard not to notice it since they say it ever 5 seconds...LOL Not a Nole fan at all but glad he spanked Sasha......guess Lendl isn't helping much.....bwhahaha
  9. The Tennis Thread

    No tennis talk about what happened early this morning? Sasha got stomped on....LOLOLOLOL.....and I knew Borna was going to beat Roger. Borna hits a new high ranking of #13.
  10. Greatest Soap of All Time?

    Yes, I did but it wasn't the glory years of the early 80's late 70's. Very low All soaps dropped off in quality around that time. They kept trying to do gimmicks instead of actual good stories and ATWT had lost Douglas Marland at that time. ATWT never recovered after he left except for maybe a few months of FMB EP the show. Once LB came on as HW from AMC the show went to hell pretty fast.
  11. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    Nicole and Mimi hogging up an episode is horrible beyond words. What a terrible terrible episode. Fake Kristen talking/looking at some mystery man the whole hour was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz This soap is getting worse if possible.....
  12. The Ashley/Jack story is ridiculous. There is no way Ashley would've done what she did after what she experienced with John. All this mess about who is Jack's father for this?? Horrible!!
  13. The Tennis Thread

    Thank gawd that Ebden, Anderson and Kei all loss. Anderson is bad for tennis ratings.