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  1. Griffith is the new Oprah...."you get a party and you get a party.... 😊
  2. I thought the same thing. And none of them have been nothing to write home about. They've all been duds.
  3. Glad it wasn't shown. Was Will on today's show?
  4. Sounds dull and boring minus the Sharon story. Billy is such a bore of a character.
  5. As for Paul..he was introduced like Will.....afraid to come out/timid and then saddled with boring Sonny like Will was. He shined with the two Will's. Adorable
  6. I think we need an off topic thread of....your type of guy...lol And without even dating him I'd marry Chandler Massey in a heartbeat. I've seen some of his corky videos. I can't believe the writers have not written to his personality.
  7. Lawd......teehee…..two quotes of the year. Who wins the Emmy? Errol or Tim?
  8. Oh yeah that was Chandler's Will. That's why I thought Evan was the guy he was involved with in LA. Because I believe Evan mentioned he was from LA. Yes it was. They had great chemistry.
  9. Will had the hots for Paul. Will slept with him not knowing he was Sonny's ex.
  10. Will is so horribly written. He is a wimp and has no backbone. Why is Sonny such a prize? He is already humping Evan on today's show. And once again Sonny and Evan's kisses were everywhere but the lips. Do they think the viewers don't notice it? I want Will to grow some and call Sonny a selfish whore when he gets out.
  11. Days wasn't shown here today. For some reason it's still not up for demand so I watched it on YouTube. It was better because I was able to ff some of the episode.
  12. Anyone watching the new version of this classic novela?
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