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  1. I remember people saying he was too pretty to be Paul and that it made no sense that Paul would've gotten into the fashion world. Considering what we got afterwards... A guy who didn't look like his parents and looked older than CZP. Awful loud mouth over the top over rated Roger Howarth. And Sarah.. My god was she boring!
  2. @victoria foxton I did a minor change. final_614d252490311700b654a050_774208.mp4
  3. Yup and the chest hair and the bubble butt...
  4. Just press play. final_614d189a45444600a9b06e74_225408.mp4
  5. What???? No Barbara Streisand?? I'm shocked!
  6. Lord have mercy! Look at the hip and thrust action. I'll be his salsa partner. Not sure about those black leggings though
  7. Checking my DVR This episode was from Friday September 17th I wish it was ED but you know it'll be what's her name. Fake Kristen.
  8. Chandler got that job he was interviewing for as an analyst. He is in Georgia but did beyond Salem in L.A. I believe his scenes airing now on the main were taped before beyond Salem. He is currently working on a movie in Connecticut? @AbcNbc247 confirm? There are rumors he will return to Days as he and Sonny try to help Marlene free herself from the Devil. Haha
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