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  1. Samuel Ratcliffe was a good looking guy. He was 46 here. He wrote under Marland on ATWT back in 87. It still boggles my mind that ATWT lost for writing but won best soap. https://youtu.be/ew8lv3FC8vg
  2. Alan needed to be more prepared especially for this one. He didn't even know who the HW was during the Mindy/Roger/Alex story. He should've been in the chat room earlier getting questions from fans and preparing his own instead of his usual generic ones.
  3. Both working on that motorcycle leads to obvious possibilities.😂 Jake to Ben: Oh I thought that was the wrench 🔧I was picking up.
  4. Since you brought it up...how about u?😂
  5. Nope! Although she mentioned it was her favorite story. She mentioned how it affected a lot of characters but she didn't go into more detail. Never heard of her. The show was so crappy that I didn't bother seeing the closing credits anymore.
  6. Thanks Gawd Ciara is so stupid. I hate the character. Jake and Ben should just do it. Their scenes are so homoerotic.
  7. Yeah he seems nice. Who is he married to? I missed it.
  8. Oooooo a Bobby Ewing back from the dead mention. Millie: I've never brought back a dead character....jabbing Brown..😂
  9. Courtney trashing Days schedule.😂 I knew what he looked like already in pictures and I think at the Emmys but seeing him close up....Yummmm Millie still trashing Brown..😂
  10. Gawd Rauch and Brown were toxic at GL. Millie to Brown..was the clone your story?😂
  11. Did Millie marry writer Samuel D. Ratcliff? As Maude would say God is going to get you for that..😂
  12. David Krietzman is hot. Too bad he's an awful HW. He is better as a script writer.
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