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  1. Oh I know. I didn't care for her pairing with Josh either. I would've written a totally different ending for Meg. Considering everyone on the show got a rotten ending ...I shouldn't be surprised by Meg going nuts.
  2. Meg was a jealous money hungry cunning bitch. The ending she got was awful and so out character. She ended up in a mental hospital. Really????? Ridiculous!!!
  3. I hated Simon and Katie. More to do with Teri Conn. I actually liked Simon and Lily.
  4. Actually Alan had no choice but to laugh too.
  5. Looks like Melanie Smith will be playing Emily during the final episode redo. Am I to assume Andrew will be playing Paul?
  6. Vincent said it took him a while to realize Chamberlain was playing Beth because the character had changed so much. Michael OLeary was described as funny by both and Vincent said Michael was also cheap too which led to Judi bursting in laughter.
  7. He said Beth was a totally different character under Chamberlain and unrecognizable. Vincent and Judi were asked to describe Grant and both had the same answer...I think they said intense. Judi had more glowing love for John Bolger who was the recast Phillip.
  8. I guess viewers aren't tuning in to see Thomas make out with a doll. Days.....OMG a 1.0 total rating?? Wow!!!
  9. Vincent Irrizary mentioned it in the reunion with Alan and Judi Evans.
  10. I just can't with Grigor. Losing to De minaur.....
  11. @DramatistDreamer I believe it was Florida.
  12. I'm still wondering why Thiem is even playing Vienna. I would've told him to skip it and get ready for Paris indoors. That said the field is stack. Only Rafa is missing.
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