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  1. I thought it was Walker. The resemblance is uncanny.
  2. I was hoping we'd see Leslie Dennison-Carolyn Crawford...lol I didn't know Michael had read for Paul. Kelly seemed rather uninterested at first and late to the party. I wonder why she thought Jon wouldn't do the reunion? It seemed like he was asked and declined.
  3. And yes Don Hastings looks fantastic . He does not age.
  4. They're looking for Marie..lol And everytime Goutman was mentioned the look on Martha's face......
  5. @P.J.. Her two favorites were on. I loved the mention of Benjamin Henderickson.
  6. I forgot Brenda Dickson was in the episode and a very young Nicholas Walker.
  7. This scene is still so hilarious


    1. Khan


      I wish they had kept Gary Coleman on "Good Times."  He would have made a terrific, permanent addition to the show, perhaps as Keith and Thelma's, or even Bookman's, foster child.

    2. ReddFoxx


      $40 ruined, lol. I also laughed when he told her "bus driver you may be, but brand new you ain't".

  8. Who wouldn't want to spend time with Chandler? Too bad Brock was wasted on Freddie. Brock and Chandler had one scene during his run. Haha! The images😊
  9. Yeah, I hadn't seen it when it first aired. Lawd Ryan has turned into such a hunk.
  10. Ryan Phillippe was on tonight's Will & Grace playing himself and a love interest of Jack's .
  11. Unrecording this episode. I already had my dvr ready.😒
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