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  1. The apparent suddenness of it, coupled with Crishell moving out of the house, has me wondering if Justin found out something that occurred earlier in the summer, figured out his plan, and now Chrishell knows that Justin knows.
  2. You figure Janice Ferri Esser has been with Y&R for 30 years a SW and Natalie Minardi Slater 21 years as a BW/AHW (with another 7 years as production staff previously) - they probably see what's happened to the HW's before them and figure there's an awful lot of risk and little reward. Their episodes are head and shoulders better than the rest, and maybe that's good enough for them.
  3. When they nominate 3/4 it sort of loses its prestige...
  4. My goodness. They're positively obsessed with LVP.
  5. Last night’s OC proved that Vicki needs to be brought back full time. What would that episode have been without her? She is dominating the show.
  6. I think it's a bit rich to request spousal support for a 2 year marriage...to quote Vicki Gunvalson: "Get a job!"
  7. ATL I caught up on 2 weeks of ATL last night. This franchise is back. Turns out it needed fake ass Kenya to have real ass life problems to roar back to relevancy. If I were Nene I'd be very, very concerned. She has hardly been in the show and I haven't missed her at all. She's brought nothing to the episodes she's been in so far. I enjoy watching Cynthia because she isn't a psychopath. She's a nice lady who laughs easily and is stunningly beautiful. I like seeing someone like her getting her life together. I've really enjoyed Marlo. Like, I've never enjoyed her like this. Showing her family is compelling and makes me look at her with a more rounded view. Kandi's surrogate storyline is interesting because she is actually doing it...unlike Melissa Gorga on NJ who hasn't had a real storyline in years. Porscha is the star of this season though. My heart goes out to her because she's in real pain and she's doing her best to make a life for herself and baby PJ. ATL feels way more real than it has in years and the false notes (Eva, Nene) stick out because they don't have anything real, be it good or bad, going on. DALLAS @Taoboi you're a better man than me - that employment situation sounds infuriating and horrible. I felt for Leanne and I see why she exploded. I also don't think she's a racist. I just don't. I think Kary got under her skin and aggressively antagonized her. It will be interesting to see how this week's episode goes. OC I like Kelly sometimes and I don't like that Shannon was so stupid to get snowed by Tamra. Again. Tamra is the worst element of this show and it will never move forward so long as she's around.
  8. I agree - Duncan was Iris to me and I would have loved to see her in the final episode. Lansbury did indeed hire her classic film costars for Murder, She Wrote, so that they'd always keep their benefits. But Van Johnson said that Lansbury paid them very well for a week's work as a guest star too - one of the most generous people in the business.
  9. From your keystrokes to Peter Morgan's scripts. That event is too dramatic, and Erin Doherty too perfectly cast, for this event to not be portrayed.
  10. Have watched the first two episodes of Season 3 - loving it - if there's any justice, the nameplates for the Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA awards for Best Supporting Actress are being readied for Helena Bonham Carter. She is sensational.
  11. The roar of the crowd for LVP is something to hear, it's posted on Twitter and Instagram aplenty and it said one thing: The Queen is back. Kyle is not going to change. I'm glad LVP sees her for who and what she is.
  12. When was the last time Jess Walton had 6 episodes in a month? Great to see.
  13. Oh yes. The hatred is naked with that crew. They actually hate her. LVP was on Extra the other day and when the female host (her name escapes me) asked if she was going to stay in touch with any of the RHOBH ladies, LVP just leaned forward and enthusiastically said: "Moving on!"
  14. It's very sad. He is in real danger and real trouble and I can only hope that, somehow, he is able to recover and get well. Where he's at is scary.
  15. The press release from Pepsi pays tribute to LVP so hard I could hear Kyle screaming all the way from the Valley.
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