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  1. Eileen appearing, Austin Peck and Christie Clark appearing, and now this inspired recast with Zach Tinker? This show has so much potential. Tinker, in particular, was done so wrong at Y&R. He is talented and is going to succeed with this role. He comes from real Hollywood pedigree - his step-grandmother was Mary Tyler Moore for goodness sake!
  2. As if we all didn't think that his purchase of that "Rest-Ah-Rhant" Arizona's wasn't some kind of dubious tax dodge that he'd hope to sell for a loss to balance out his tax debts? Gizelle will *not* be happy about this. Hopefully whatever divorce settlement she got from him was upfront and lump sum. RHONJ is such a brilliant franchise. That is some serious juicy scoop (copyright Heather McDonald). Here's the thing, is it terrible that Marge brought this up? Yes. But is it also terrible that Jennifer slammed Marge over and over and over again about having an affair when, it appears, her own husband did the same thing and she forgave him and moved past it? Yes. This is an argument rooted in reality and shades of grey - it has the makings of another epic season.
  3. I’ve talked about this with several friends who watch Selling Sunset. They look super loved up - I think we will see them get married. Whether it lasts is anyone’s guess but last lesson he leaped to her defence when that awful Davina made her cry.
  4. Family Karma was SO good this season. Well worth a watch and the season flies by.
  5. That is really encouraging news and goes to show that there is someone at DAYS/NBC who has some vision for how the business model can evolve.
  6. I got psycho ex-girlfriend vibes - it’s been a year and a half and he’s only starting to accept it now by proclaiming that he’s already decided he doesn’t want them back even though they haven’t asked him…
  7. POTOMAC Wendy is making an ass of herself this season. Where did her Doctor Wendy persona go? This Zen Wen is an unfortunate caricature... Gizelle is bitter and it's not wearing well on her. The way she bolted from the spa party spoke volumes. Candiace also remains bitter and her inability to move on with Karen is going to hurt her in the long run when Gizelle turns on her. And trust, that moment is coming. That Candiace cannot appreciate the difficulty of Karen being caught in the middle between her and Monique shows how immature she is. Robyn = snoreworthy. I wish her well with the hats though, the lining is a good idea. Ashley glows with pregnancy and she is fit to burst! Mia I still don't have a solid read on but I'm glad she admitted to being a stripper because denying it would have dogged her all season long so she was smart to nip it in the bud. Karen remains an easy, breezy person to watch. I loved the lines about Gizelle not being a good wig wearer and that Satan was hosting the spa party. BEVERLY HILLS This season is firing on all cylinders for me and it's all down to watching the implosion of Erika. The preposterous story of Tom rolling down a hill after driving off a cliff behind their house (their house is on Los Altos Drive in Pasadena and there is no street with multiple switchbacks behind their house...) had everyone confused because it made absolutely no sense. As we've said several times, there is a possibility that Erika didn't know (I don't believe that, given the $20 million transfer to her company by Tom)...but even if that's the case, the callousness and the way she has resisted every attempt to provide frank disclosure and hand over assets that appear to be funded off of ill gotten gains is appalling. It's also Lisa Rinna's best season in years. We see much of the Rinna that we found enjoyable. Kathy, of course, remains so odd and hilarious. Sweeping up broken glass with a BBQ brush? It's like performance art. Dorit and PK are back into mega debt, owing $1.3 million in taxes: https://pagesix.com/2021/07/22/dorit-and-pk-kemsley-owe-1-3-million-in-unpaid-taxes-report/ NEW YORK CITY Yes, this is easily RHONY's worst season and most of that comes down to Covid and the inability to film the show as it normally would be. This episode was the best of the season as the seance continued and we got a glimpse into Sonja's family life. I do believe that recasting this season by dumping Ramona and/or Luann would be a big, huge, fatal mistake. Neither of them is the problem with this season. The cast is too small and there is too much of a divide with Leah and the rest of the cast - she sticks out like a sore thumb. I think they should keep Eboni and Bershan. I think with a season under their belts, and Sonja's burgeoning friendship with Eboni, there will be more of a natural relationship. They also desperately need to bring back Dorinda and Bethenny.
  8. The angry defiance of these gentleman is indicative of how Americans have become politicized about vaccination, when the truth it is he least political issue there could be: it is a public health and safety crisis. Trump's devotees are the strangest to me. Trump and Melania got the vaccine themselves before they left the White House.
  9. Sonja was interviewed by her close friend, MDLA's Josh Flagg a month or two ago and it's really good. She even comments on the fight with Bershan: "I smashed the fire extinguisher glass with my Todd's bag. Well, it does say 'Smash In Case Of Emergency!'"
  10. Your boss is despicable. Vaccines are not a political issue. They are a human health and safety issue based on decades of science and technology. I take a very hard line on this because there is next to no excuse to not take one of the vaccines available. I so wish this was better understood and clearly communicated. I have found the Canadian media to be doing a better job at this than what I've seen come out of the USA and UK, but there are still issues. And the fact of the matter is the J&J vaccine is not quite comparable with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines when it comes to efficacy, and I wish that was better communicated as well so people don't feel invisible because they are not. I am double vaccinated and remain wearing a mask in all public indoor spaces and in any crowded outdoor space.
  11. I am so sorry to hear that and wish you a speedy recovery. Your boss should be ashamed of herself.
  12. I don't doubt you are absolutely right in your view on how she feels. That is probably exactly how she feels. But Erika is learning the lesson that how she feels is immaterial. She thought she was hustling Tom Girardi when she married for money, when in fact he hustled her. She doesn't get to retain his ill gotten gains. Now, she might have gotten smart and turned evidence against her in exchange for an immunity agreement from the prosecutors, but that's not going to help her in the civil cases. She'd be wise to cut deals with the victims so that she can get out of this marriage with some form of financial security, however tenuous it might be.
  13. Exactly. The Arizona lawsuit she mentioned this week, which named her as a party, stated that Tom was misappropriating client funds to sustain his (and her) lavish lifestyle. That she's claiming she didn't know what's going on is laughable. She could have Google'd herself. I know I did. Bershan is a trip in that interview. You are so right. It doesn't matter if she didn't know. She knows now. Let me put this simply for Erika: You. Don't. Get. To. Live. Off. The. Proceeds. Of. Crime. If Erika doesn't have a receipt proving she paid for it with money she generated on her own, then every piece of jewellery should be confiscated and sold at auction and the proceeds delivered to the victims.
  14. POTOMAC Very strong start and the live ratings speak to it. This franchise has come into its own. I found it laughable that Gizelle continues to act like her relationshit with Jamal was anything other than the lie that it is. She was wholly and totally unmasked at the reunion and her trying to play it off as some Covid long distance romance gone awry? No. I don't really see the point of Robyn anymore. Her narrative hasn't changed since the first season. Ashley seems like the most natural, easygoing mother, it's a great look on her. Wendy openly admitted on Twitter to having had her ass done in addition to her breasts, and says she said so during the dinner, so it seems like production edited around it to try and make her look stupid. Karen seems very tired of Gizelle and I agree with @ChitHappens that some of what she said was beneath her. However, she was not, for one second, going to let Gizelle steamroll her. NYC The producers are really showing their asses with this season and it's not a good look. Bershan and Eboni both appear to be taking cues from producers and it's ruining both of them. I have loved Sonja this season and I think she was drunk and bewildered at Bershan coming for her. It made no sense at all given that she and Bershan had been laughing all day long and even walked arm in arm after the dinner at the Italian restaurant while Ramona looked for her scarf. I *loved* the scene about Ramona's inability to control her bowels. Sonja was laughing so hard and when she flipped the bottom of her boot to the camera, you just had to know the cameraman was dying of laughter. Luann is clearly wary of what she's seeing production do. Today she posted on her Instagram a throwback shot of the first season of RHONY and captioned it "OGs are hard to come by..." The Daily Mail article rings the most true. This season has been awful, producers know it, the dismal ratings speak for themselves and in my view it's all productions fault. People want escapism, they do not watch these shows to have an afterschool special every single episode, week after week. If they want to fix this show it's simple: Fire Leah, probably fire Eboni, rehire Dorinda, if they can get Bethenny pay her whatever it takes, and bring on a new person with actual ties to the cast. RHONY has always had an edge because its cast actually knew each other and the organic relationships spoke for themselves. What we are seeing now is inauthentic producer driven garbage at its worst. BH I really enjoyed this week's episode as Erotica Lame goes for her Oscar. Camille Donatacci Grammar Meyer posted a delicious little something on her social media where she said that when they went swimming in the Caribbean that EJ's mascara stayed put...I had to ask myself the same question: she didn't wear waterproof? This is performance art for her. She is going for broke with her wronged woman / martyr act. Kathy continues to be this kooky presence that I love to watch. She makes Kyle look good and I suspect Kyle knows this. Rinna has been the best version of Rinna in many seasons and I too am ashamed to admit I knew several of those designer dresses from her soap days. It amazes me how many times the Coven says things like "innocent till proven guilty" and "we need to believe her!" when they tortured LVP and called her a liar left, right, and centre, despite her brother dying by suicide during that period of time. They just plain hated her. I have to wonder when the editing might turn. I saw glimmers of it with Garcelle...time will tell.
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