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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I got caught up on this week's RHoBH. This show is a hot mess of insincerity and you can see how the producers had to work overtime to make this season have a cohesive narrative. Firstly, Erika must be an absolute assh*le to work for. The way she reacted to the dancer accidentally kneeing her in the face - she was boiling with anger. The dinner fight between Camille and Rinna was awful for both parties. Camille, of course, looked insane comparing herself to Brent Kavanaugh and Rinna looked like massive hypocrite dealing with Kim Richards (who clearly is right under her skin). The only upside was seeing Rinna's mom, Lois, who is a star. Her story was harrowing. Rinna and Dorit look so weird as friends, same with Dorit and Erika, same with Dorit and Teddi, same with Teddi and Erika, and same with Kyle and Camille - the stuff that's gone on with those women should have been sufficient for their "friendships" to never progress. Yet here we are. And it all feels incredibly fake. LVP's kitchen scene highlighted to me that she could be filmed solo and never interact with any of the women again and I'd still totally enjoy her scenes and consider her an integral part of the show. We often forget that the first couple of seasons of OC didn't have the women interacting outside of organic interaction and their own real lives were interesting enough to follow. LVP's life is the glamorous kind that this franchise used to be about. That they have worked in footage of the Vanderpump Cocktail garden launching (which happened weeks ago!) shows that the producers realize they need to keep a consistent thread of LVP in the show for the balance of the season.
  2. NYC was laugh out loud funny tonight. This franchise is head and shoulders better than the rest. Ramona's naked hatred of Barbara is wonderful. Loved every second of it. Luann was acting like a total [!@#$%^&*] at the blow dry bar, but she was lovely with Tinsley at that lunch talking about alcoholism and Al-Anon. Really enjoyed Bethenny's dinner party. That was fun and convivial. Ultimately, this show is so much better because these women actually know each other and generally run in the same circle. Although there's obviously production, it feels far more natural and organic than the rest of the shows.
  3. You were right @j swift! And better yet, after her soon to be ex-husband apologized today, Wendy fired him as her manager and executive producer. And then she had the Ferrari his jump off is driving repossessed. And then she told him he has 48 hours to vacate their NJ house.
  4. Yes! Tamra saying this has been posted on Instagram - it's a scene filmed with Shannon.
  5. I think she will be quiet about it in the short term. For the time being, she's in litigation with him and whatever she says can be used against her in Court. The interesting thing is that her divorce filing lists the marriage dissolution date as being 6 months ago...when all the sh*t hit the fan and she went to rehab. That's when everything leaked about her husband's mistress and the mistress being pregnant. Wendy has demonstrated a certain level of wisdom over the years that makes me think that her stay in rehab, and the delays in returning to her show, were part of a bigger plan. Wendy obviously relapsed and had to get herself together, but I am betting that she also knew if she was in rehab she would be away from him, and could formulate a plan because she'd finally been publicly humiliated in a way she couldn't handle or spin. It seems it was the public humiliation that she couldn't take and no matter how allegedly awful he was behind the scenes, she could tolerate it so long as he didn't bring shame upon her publicly. And then he did. It was over. She and Kelvin (I'm going with Charlemagne on how to say his name) have their business intertwined, so Wendy's choice of divorce lawyer is interesting: she's gone with Blank Rome, a large Philadelphia based international firm that specializes in corporate law and has in house family law counsel. Much of this is going to be about undoing their business relationship. Their son is 19, so it's not like they're going to be fighting about him, and they've been married a long time, so she may still have some lingering feelings for him, regardless of what's gone down. I think Wendy formulated her exit plan during her rehab and this time in the sober house. The way she served him with divorce papers speaks to this. She hired extra security guards and had him served in front of all their employees in the studio. According to the NY Post her staff are shocked that she actually left him. No matter how rough she's been on other celebrities over the years, there is no denying that Wendy has been through hell. If the allegations of physical abuse and Kelvin's behaviour are even half true, she is a battered woman and should be applauded for finally gathering the necessary strength to leave an abusive marriage. She reminds me of Tina Turner. I hope, like Tina, her second act, without him, is a triumph.
  6. "I've had a bad experience with all of them." - LVP. The rest of the Beverly Hills broads should be afraid. Very afraid. The support that has built for LVP during this season is like a tsunami coming to the shore.
  7. Errol, you're a one man band. And you're doing a great job. Thanks for the update on SON.
  8. As if we all didn't know. What B tried to do was say Kyle and Rinna had nothing to do with leaking the story...which could of course be true...it could be any of Dorit, PK, Erika, Teddi, or the most likely culprit, PRODUCTION. But Rinna, Teddi, and Kyle ran with it and tried to take down LVP. And they have utterly failed.
  9. Wow. Thank you, Bethenny! We all knew it.
  10. She didn't know her own strength... https://pagesix.com/2019/04/11/wendy-williams-files-for-divorce-from-husband-kevin-hunter/
  11. From your lips to God's ears. These broads make it all about LVP, even when they're not filming with her. Rinna is doing her level best to shield herself from the fallout. It's as if she realized midway through this crap that the ammo against LVP were blanks and that what's gone on with Dorit and Kyle amounted to a whole bunch of nothing. Drunk(?) Camille was hilarious.
  12. I wonder if this could help Dame Joan lock down a nomination as Guest Actress in a drama since limited series performers were previously not allowed.
  13. I really enjoyed this first part of the ATL reunion - it was funny. But wow, Nene, wow. She came off horribly.
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