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  1. E!'s The Royals

    Two episodes into Season 4 and it's a marked improvement on Season 3. And we have this to look forward to later in the season, Dame Joan, in full royal drag:
  2. LATEST RATINGS: February 26 - March 2, 2018

    The loss of viewers is staggering - particularly at Y&R and B&B. They look to be in free fall. I can't imagine Mal Young survives the year with those numbers. B&B is a different animal since it's solely owned by the Bells but when Y&R was renewed for three more years in 2017 it was noted in most articles that B&B was renewed through the 2017/2018 season - makes me wonder if CBS might try and shake the show up as a condition of renewal? GH is a ratings mess. DAYS looks comparably stable with some minuscule upticks. It won't see changes given this month's renewal.
  3. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    The tone is all wrong. Joan's Alexis' first scenes, outside of the witness stand, were with Fallon and Steven. The Steven scene, in particular, when she basically tells him that she accepts him and talks about his childhood, is a beautiful scene and Joan emits a warmth and charm that makes Alexis' cunning in the following episodes effectively jarring. You see the two faces of Alexis. By having Nicollette's Alexis burst in full diva, it shows that all of the subtlety Joan imbued Alexis with is gone. Josh Schwartz is capable of writing a subtle character: Julie Cooper of The OC had these qualities. But it makes me wonder if it's really about whose playing the part. Melinda Clarke succeeded like Joan succeeded and Joan succeeded because Joan did her own thing.
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    +1. Tell 'em Karen. She is the only one with a decent tagline.
  5. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately for Nicollette, it appears they are playing Alexis for laughs and smirks with camp in spades. None of what the early seasons (2-4) writing of Dynasty did with Alexis and Joan's menacing performance is in this performance, styling, opening line, etc.
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I know that Teddi still keeps up with Kyle thanks to the interview she did with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast (her recaps of BH are hilarious). So it wouldn’t surprise me if Kyle got wise to how badly Erika comes across this season and adjusted her onscreen alliances accordingly. Erika gives ALL the f*cks with how sensitive she is. She can’t keep her anger bottled up an entire season. This is two in a row now. Rinna does look bored but this has been a reparative season for her image because she’s flying mostly under the radar and isn’t looking for conflict. Her VT in last night’s episode where she said she didn’t believe Teddi was stirring anything up is a good example. If she bails, she should bail after one more season where she is lots of fun. End on a high, not a whimper.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    The blog is a must read. Teddi annihilated Erika. Erika is already on the defensive calling Teddi’s blog “pure comedy” but we all know why she doesn’t like it: Teddi nailed it. While Dorit is a really crap person I can’t say she’s completely heartless. I can’t say the same for Erika. She is so clinical and cold. The lights might be on but nobody seems to be home. Nasty and cruel. And word with what @Cat said.
  8. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    John Clarke is such a good man.
  9. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    First look of Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis...thank goodness Nolan Miller was cremated because he’d be turning in his grave.
  10. Days Of Our Lives Renewed

    Very happy for the actors and crew. I hope they’re saving their money.
  11. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    She's checked into rehab: http://people.com/tv/heather-locklear-in-treatment-addiction/ It's so sad. Heather is basically living the lyrics of Lana Del Rey's 'Young and Beautiful'... I hope she spends months in rehab. She needs long term inpatient treatment in order to get a handle on this.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Ugh, Erika. What a humourless bitch. I can't wait for her book to flop, just like she flopped on DWTS. She is extremely overestimated.
  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I LOVED this episode of BH - LVP assassinated Dorit with sniper precision. Kiss the ring, Dorit, The Queen has spoken.
  14. The Joan Collins Fan Club

    She'd be great casting as Princess Margaret in Feud: Charles v Diana. Really, the Ryan Murphy anthology series are a good venue for Joan. Either way, she is a fabulous schmoozer. No opportunity at the VF Oscar party goes to waste on her watch.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Indeed, the word on the street on Instagram is that they are filming. I can't imagine why else they'd all be together at a number of events, particularly a housewarming and an anniversary.