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  1. SLC Coach Shah, where you at? Okay, I'm gonna have you turn, you're gonna see me I look like a flapper with cankles. What a great episode. There was drama and pettiness and hilarity. This show keeps giving me RHOV and Melbourne vibes - it doesn't feel like the rest of the American franchises. Meredith just glows. Talk about a beautiful woman. She looked incredible at Mary's luncheon. Whitney didn't have much to do this episode but she gave good commentary. Lisa I can see being useful to producers. She isn't afraid to mix it up, and p
  2. Team Darby indeed! Wreck her, Ashley!
  3. POTOMAC Another winner of an episode. Gizelle: Face it. Your kids see Mr. Chocolate for what he is. They gave up on him a long time ago. You would be wise to do the same. That photoshoot was nearly tragic with how Gizelle was trying to spin it as being OK. Gizelle is such a hater against Karen's businesses, when her own Every Hue is liquidated...where did Karen's business come from, she ponders? From planning, quiet cultivation, and straightforward execution. Ashley: Messy! She tried it, but La Dame is slicker than she is. Wendy: Next.
  4. I've watched the first two and aside from being a bit shocked at the level of explicit sex onscreen (am I becoming a prude?) I thought it captured the London City scene perfectly. Having lived in the UK and with some friends in the industry, it rings very true.
  5. Has anyone else seen this? It's a coproduction between HBO and BBC Two in the UK and is about 5 young graduates working at the same London investment bank. The first three episodes have aired and the remaining 5 were just release on HBO Max (and will continue to air on HBO as scheduled). Aside from some very explicit scenes, I think the show really captures the City scene.
  6. SLC Jen remains incredibly thirsty. Like, get that woman a Gatorade. It's like she's playing a character of what she imagines a Real Housewife to be. That said...Brookes really overreacted. His statement that he felt uncomfortable was quizzical. What did Jen do that was so offensive? That made no sense. I do enjoy Meredith, however. She is gorgeous and reminds me of Elizabeth Hurley. I think Heather is well on her way to becoming an iconic housewife. Her discussion about whether she was ever in love and being perfect? So real. Loved Whitney's p
  7. All so true - but those two made me laugh out loud. They would 100% be topics.
  8. THIS. So much this. Wendy is so grating and annoying. You would think Monique slashed Wendy across the face and scalped her with the way she beats a dead wig in this situation. Wendy is woefully ignorant about the law and woefully ignorant about how the legal process works. And if Ashley was getting her revenge...good for her. Me too. Monique, Ashley (of all people...) and Karen are the reasons to watch. They are able to balance out drama with fun. Gizelle constantly looks like she's producing, Robyn has her talking points all lined up, Candiace
  9. OMG - GET THEM, KAREN! That is some piping hot tea about Every Hue being liquidated and Robyn being a “hard 40 and looking every day of it”...something tells me the reunion was not a place for reconciliation.
  10. OC I find it really boring and obviously set up and unreal. It is time to either end the franchise or recast entirely. SLC Jen. Whew, Jen. I echo many on the board regarding Jen. She is thirty and has clearly crafted a look and a character for the show. She wants to be Queen Bee. I don't really like her. She doesn't ring true to me. Mary seems like a nutjob, but a real nutjob. Her facial expressions at the dinner were hilarious. Lisa seems really mean and cold. I can't say I have a lot of time for that. And her tequila is top shelf
  11. Yes, Gillian Anderson is excellent, especially in episode 8. The relationship between the Queen and Thatcher is a subject of much fascination. I like that the writing did not shy away from them having moments of hatred. One thing is for certain: this season (especially episodes 9 and 10) is going to destroy the hard work Charles and Camilla have put into their public image over the last 20 years. The hypocrisy by which Charles appears to have conducted himself is shocking. This portrayal will canonize Diana, all over again. The only big letdown for me is that Sarah Fer
  12. I whipped through 5 episodes yesterday and it’s an excellent season. Far more gripping than Season 3. The casting of Lady Diana Spencer is so accurate it’s unnerving.
  13. I'm a bit late this week... POTOMAC I'm enjoying their trip to Portugal and I am glad Karen raised the Jamal issue with Gizelle, who has been getting away with her sh*t for entirely too long. Candiace has burned through any goodwill I had left for her. I hope Monique came to that reunion with an Extreme Couponing level of receipts. Wendy remains intolerable. Her fixation on her own education shows that she is incredibly insecure as her degrees are her floatation device. That she put a 'button on it' and then 'unbuttoned' the issue at the lunch
  14. It's so true. I am exhausted from these last 4 years. It has felt like the world was on the verge of collapse at every turn. And it still feels like that, but I have some hope now. Just being able to string a coherent sentence together already has Biden being a more accomplished president than Trump. Melania renegotiated her prenup, in her favour, in the time period between Trump being elected and when she finally moved into the White House, and she's part of the chorus that is telling Trump to accept that he has lost. She never wanted to be First Lady in the first place
  15. Little know RHONY fact...Luann donated to Hillary's campaign in 2015...and now she's...
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