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  1. I'm so glad I peruse this thread to see if there's anything worth dipping into B&B for...this slap was so, so worth watching. The January 16 episode was the best B&B episode that's been done in a very long time. That is the upside of B&B - you can miss an awful lot of the show, and really miss nothing at all, and then jump right back in. Rena Sofer was great in that scene and the writing was on point. Bless whoever made that compilation. Susan Flannery landed so many hardcore slaps through the years - still amazing that most of them were real.
  2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think Brown Wind is a total dud and I didn't enjoy watching her at all...but Andy has made it clear she's definitely coming back. Emily, on the other hand, I like because there's a lot to her that we haven't seen and more layers to her. Case in point: the comment about dating the drug dealer with the jet skis.
  3. If that's what Bravo is going to do they're sealing the fate of this show. Gina was definitely a dud and her dark conflicts with her ex-husband bring down the overall tone of the show, so she definitely needs to go. However, leaving Tamra there is a fatal error. If they want to keep the bulk of the cast, then they should keep Shannon, Kelly, Emily and Brown Wind...Kelly v Shannon brings the conflict, but the overall vibe isn't toxic.
  4. OC That rumour has to be about Vicki and I agree that Bravo wants to fire her but doesn't want to be seen firing her. Bravo is missing the point if they don't fire Tamra. They need to really move on from this cast or wrap up this franchise. NJ Teresa is the dumbest woman on television. Her stupidity knows no bounds. ATL Midseason trailer looks good. Love the voiceover cameo from Wendy Williams.
  5. That's a very supportive statement from NBC. I always wonder what the actual overall viewership of DAYS is for NBC across all platforms and what the market research on the show is.
  6. Her talkshow has seen a second season pickup, so that's great news: https://deadline.com/2019/12/tamron-hall-renewed-for-second-season-by-disney-show-cleared-in-80-of-u-s-1202808085/
  7. No...from everything Lea Black has said in the intervening years, Miami got really dark/scary/intense behind the scenes. I think they need to focus on the franchises they have now, fix the ones they can, and let the RH brand rest a little bit - the saturation is intense and they've burned through cities. The Salt Lake City one sounds like it is scraping the barrel.
  8. NJ: Teresa is the dumbest woman on television. Like if you told me she'd had a lobotomy at some point I'd believe it. She cannot accept that she is a convicted criminal. Her brother speaks such sense: this isn't judgment, these are facts. DALLAS: Fire 'em all. All of them. End the show. Move on. Kameron is as complicit at the rest - Brandi and Stephanie let that little tidbit slip about production saying they were going to use it by the time Kameron decided to expose Leanne.
  9. I loved this week's ATL...Nene is over though. I wonder if she knows it?
  10. DaytimeFan

    Vanderpump Rules

    I see the point of the article, to an extent, but the Vanderpump cast has brought it time and again and I think we're in for a good season.
  11. Right? Something about it doesn't pass the smell test to me - Robin admitted she didn't speak to Louise, why? Seems bizarre to me. And perhaps karma got back at her for doing it...
  12. Team Marge - Danielle invaded her space, chest bumped her and was screaming at her. She dumped water on her face to face - not like Danielle the coward pulling the back of her head when her back was turned.
  13. If Bravo wants OC to improve, they must fire Tamra. She is the source of the rot on this show and if they don't see it they are blind to their own problems. The thing about 'pot-stirring' is that it's all contrived and none of it is genuine. None of it. Zero. And that's why OC, like BH, is faltering. Compare those two awful franchises, which have been awful for years, with RHONJ, RHOATL, RHOP and RHONY. Those shows are all comparably light hearted and the 'drama' that unfolds is comparably organic. On OC, it's clear Tamra views the show as her job (like Rinna does on BH) and self produces every single action. It's as fake as it comes and it's tiresome to watch.
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