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  1. I think it comes down to a few factors... 1. Nene and Kim were friends before they were famous and before RHoATL was a glimmer in Andy Cohen's eye. They have history based in real friendship. 2. Nene and Kim were involved with their respective children. If someone loves your children and is good to them, a part of you will love them forever. 3. When it comes right down to it, and in the circumstances we find ourselves in, it's safe to say that very few of the housewives are actually bad people, they have their sh*t (and don't we all?) and time heals a lot of wounds.
  2. Jackie came into her own on camera in her late 30s and 40s and beyond. The very few acting roles she did seemed awkward - she lacked the presence that Joan always had onscreen.
  3. RHONY was just what I needed. Loved every minute of it. Lu joyfully dancing with the drag queen was feel good in these troubled times. Sonja continues to be hilarious. Ramona wailing that she wants a man to hold her was like a Tennessee Williams moment. Leah is going to fit in seamlessly. Dorinda went had for Tinsley out of the gate and I didn't mind it at all.
  4. My wish list: 1992: Katherine and Jill's courthouse catfight; 1995(?): Jill and Mamie fight about John: "You mean the bitch, don't you?"; 1998: Katherine and Jill's attic catfight; 1998: Jill crashes Katherine's 4th of July party and announces she owns the mansion; 1999: The Takeover; 2000: Tricia accidentally kills Tony; and 2001: Diane and Nikki's catfight in the Jabot boardroom.
  5. They all look like hell except for Denise. Sorry Garcelle, but she doesn't look great. It's kind of shocking to see how much Kyle has changed over the years. And not for the better.
  6. Morgan is a good, old fashioned, nice person. In addition to that, she's a very intelligent, and well informed, person who clearly cares about the broader world around her.
  7. Absolutely. RHOP's Monique showed pregnancy cannot be used as an excuse. Eva hasn't brought anything to ATL the entirety of her run.
  8. Is Nene wrong though? Eva brings nothing at all to the show and Marlo and Tanya have brought WAY more this season.
  9. Dame Joan doing her bit while on Covid-19 lockdown in London:
  10. Oh, I'm hoping they just post a decent arc - like Jill vs Katherine for the Chancellor mansion from 1998 or The Takeover from 1999.
  11. I am sorry for his daughter, Eva LaRue and the post by Sarah Michelle Gellar was sad too - he clearly touched her life very positively.
  12. Two elements: 1. the Thomas storyline that's been going on with Liam and Hope that's had a few good ups and downs. 2. the Shauna/Brooke/Quinn - this storyline has real potential and the writers need to run with it.
  13. Potomac is looking really, really strong. It was glorious last season and I only hope for more of the same. Love Karen front and centre in that amazing dress.
  14. The son also rises... Despite whatever massive faults Brad has, I have enjoyed B&B, and only B&B, for months now. This trend has been long coming, and now it's here. This is proof that Y&R's writing regime needs to be fired and can't be replaced by the same old recycled hacks. They should be promoting from within, as they did under Bill Bell.
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