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  1. That's how I feel too. It's uneasy that there's been ZERO information. On the one hand, the show has invested in new sets - why would they ever bother to do that? On the other hand, is this why Sweeney agreed to return because she knew it was a finite period of time to give the show closure?
  2. He is so tone deaf it's astounding. And of course, he's a hypocrite. He is making excuses for people's 'political' or 'cultural' views, meanwhile he's done lord knows what to as many HWs and Bravo talent (ahem, Kathy Griffin) for much less important and far more personal reasons.
  3. I agree that Janet is top tier in the supporting role of the Botox loving witty gossip who has few inhibitions and isn't afraid of anyone. I am going to maintain an open mind about the newbies in Melbourne - Gina was a driving force, but her last season she seemed different, more guarded and clearly hated Sally with a passion and just didn't want to film with her. Lydia is someone I didn't enjoy that much - I thought she treated her employees horribly and I just could not laugh at how tone deaf she was. I got to the point where I questioned whether the show had become too repetiti
  4. I've been asking the same for a few months now and it's crickets. I can't recall the renewal ever being announced this late and I'm a little bit concerned.
  5. What a perfect analogy. I found the BH trailer better than expected - and I'll be tuning in but only on the premise that we'll be witnessing the fall of Erotica Lame. I can only hope the editors feel the breeze changing as the evidence starts mounting against her (like last week when documents were discovered, apparently signed by Erika, that placed priority of a lender to Tom Girardi ahead of her own status as a spouse...). I'm glad to see Sutton get a diamond after she, Garcelle and Denise carried last season on their backs. Really looking forward to th
  6. Of all people...he seems like a decent person but the GH cast is bloated and he's certainly not needed.
  7. That's insane! The US Court system is using publicly accessible Zoom? Lord.
  8. This Jen Shah news is both shocking and not surprising. Her lifestyle made no sense at all. The Federal Prosecutors do not play around and the supposed tea that members of the Glam Squad were undercover agents is incredible.
  9. As I thought. There was no way she was leaving without getting paid. CBS knew they had no grounds to fire her and that she knows where a lot of bodies are buried.
  10. HBO’s Tina Turner documentary is a must see. An array of emotions experienced as a viewer. 

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    2. Soapsuds


      I DVR it last night!

    3. Taoboi


      Cannot wait. TV system is acting up again. :( 

    4. Cat


      I just finished watching it. What a life-affirming doc. Tina is Insurmountable. At 50, to pivot into stadium rock and rebuild her career on her own terms, doing the music she wanted, own her own identity, to finally find peace and happiness... It is an overused words these days, but Tina Turner is truly a Legend.

  11. There is no way on earth Sharon hasn't either had the balance of her contract paid or reached a settlement of some kind with CBS. She lawyered up very quickly and the last two weeks have very likely been solely focused on Sharon's exit package. That's exactly the problem. CBS has miscalculated this from a business decision - not only will the news cycle have moved on but nobody is going to care about the show because all of the 'heat' this controversy brought disappears into thin air when Sharon doesn't return.
  12. Indeed - The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is being widely used in the UK, and is also in use in Canada and Mexico, as well as throughout Europe (with some countries pausing use while they investigate blood clots which were not found to be problematic in the US trials). Currently, the US has millions of AstraZeneca doses which it can't use because the FDA hasn't cleared it for use, so the Biden administration has generously made some of these doses available to Mexico (2.5 million) and Canada (1.5 million) before they expire.
  13. +1 - this is the latest DAYS has gone without a renewal announcement and the way things are currently, if they're cancelled they have more than enough time to wrap up their storylines neatly for September.
  14. @Cat @DRW50 @Gray Bunny @SFK @Bright Eyes @I Am A Swede @Taoboi Joan attended a small birthday party held for Liza Minnelli (everyone attending is fully vaccinated and therefore are in compliance with CDC guidelines). Joan is 88 in May. Liza is 75...
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