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  1. I think Robin would fly as Gloria. That would be a very, very good fit for her for the reason @Chris B says: Joan Van Ark's Gloria was way more nuanced and Robin could do that, we saw it in her last scenes as Vivian...but when it comes to Vivian, I am not at all sad to hear she won't be back because I thought she was atrocious. It seems very odd that they would pointedly tell her they won't be having her back, unless they've already got something confirmed with Louise Sorel, which would be wonderful (though I somehow doubt it).
  2. That's the irony about Taylor: her fake life was totally real. I've lost count of the number of lawsuits facing Dorit, Erika and their respective husbands (oh and let's not forget about Mauricio's too, though I'm sure we won't be hearing about them) and Teddi is a total bore. I'd welcome Taylor back over all of them in a heartbeat. And I'm absolutely for a return of Faye Resnick. She's a fascinating 90s Hollywood relic.
  3. They have never gone on hiatus for this amount of time and at this time of year. The usual hiatus is 5 weeks long and occurs in the summertime. This hiatus is clearly structured around whether the show gets renewed. Any new program that fills DAYS' slot would be launched in September, so if they've got enough material to get them through July, a return to filming in April would allow them to film enough episodes to wrap up the series in the month of August. April is generally the latest that a DAYS renewal is announced, it's sometimes announced in March or even February during the TCA Press Tour.
  4. Robin Strasser Louise Sorel Lauren Koslow Linda Dano Jennifer Bassey
  5. I was home yesterday and tuned into DAYS...whoa what a mess of a show. But I take it that was it for Strasser as Vivian? If so, good. She looked totally out of her element and the costumes and wigs and bad lighting they had her in was atrocious.
  6. The simple truth is Diahann and Dame Joan were friends, real friends, during and after Dynasty. They were also neighbours, for many years, in the Sierra Towers condo building in West Hollywood, they shared the same publicist, Jeffrey Lane, and were in each other's lives up to the end...there was a real love between them, and I'll leave it to Diahann's own words about Dame Joan (at 1:40 onward) to explain why, today, Dame Joan has shown the side of herself, as @Cat so beautifully describes, that she seldom does: RIP Diahann. She broke barriers with a regal style and flair that belied all the rough times she'd undoubtedly endured. Hers is a story of high standards and success. She is being remembered as the Queen that she was. I only hope she understood how much she was loved, and, probably most importantly to her, respected.
  7. That was a helluva 3 part reunion and has set a new bar for the level of excitement that's required. I don't see how the Darbys continue on the show after this reunion. Michael's attempt to gaslight everyone failed miserably as the strength of Karen's personality and Gizelle's emphatic position about Michael and Andrew (which we all saw dealt with years ago!), coupled with the plain honesty of Robyn's position and Juan's disgust at talking about any of it, and Chris Samuels bellowing laughter about the ass grabbing in sports, with Candiace's Chris spilling the production based tea, really left Michael trying to fight too many logical sides. He come off as plain nuts.
  8. Totally agree - Marlo is a convicted violent criminal. Insuring her would be a nightmare.
  9. The finale has aired... I was delighted that Nicole won America's Favourite Player - I hope she has a happy life ahead of her! "You're definitely a butterfly, lady" - said Julie to Nicole. Loved that. It was rather delicious to see how miserable Michie was after getting the lightest grilling from Kemie and David and Ovi. He could have been dragged WAY harder. Twitter has had plenty to say about his mental health all season long, among LOTS of other things, and it seems to me that once anything less than flattering was raised, Michie's ego imploded. He's the most miserable looking winner I've ever seen. Julie seemed to have barely concealed hatred for him when she said "You wanted confetti, you got your confetti, so why the long face?"
  10. Chaotic - that’s a great word to describe it. Should Kelly have touched anyone? No? Did Shannon wholly overreact with Tamra’s interference? Yes. Did I laugh when Kelly said the CAT scan showed Shannon has a screw loose? Absolutely. And Gina is trash. The way she’s treated Emily is absolutely awful.
  11. I'm not watching BH next season...but Sutton looks like a nutcase while Garcelle looks fabulous.
  12. That's an incredible memory. Susan and Jeanne in one night. The best Emmy broadcast (daytime OR primetime, there I said it) - the mood was electric.
  13. Totally agree - finally a Part 2 that was as good as the first part of a reunion. I don’t know the last time, outside of RHONY, when I could have said that. What Robyn has going for her is she’s only telling the truth and what Karen has going for her is she came in ready to spar and is not going to let Giz get the last word. Giz is coming off horribly as usual - what a bitch. Loving Monique too. Bring on Part 3!
  14. This x 100. You're so right about Andy. He's so biased he's ruined the reunions and his role in production is awful because he props his favourites and lets them get away with murder. I think BH overall sucks the worst and OC is having a much better season than last season...but Tamra is absolutely foul. Shannon I can take or leave, but I find her fun to laugh at.
  15. BH lost its magic at least 2 seasons ago...and it was death by a thousand cuts with the other women's jealousy of LVP clouding their judgment. As well, BH stopped being organic after about season 4... And yes, the NBC streaming service, Peacock, is touting a "Real Housewives spinoff"...it'll be interesting to see if it's LVP centred.
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