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  1. DaytimeFan

    CBS Television City Up For Sale?

    The shows apparently have a guaranteed 5 years to shoot at Television City. But I'll believe that when it comes to pass. I think we'll see some of them move to the CBS Studio Centre earlier than that.
  2. DaytimeFan

    Bold & Beautiful - November 2018 Episode Counts

    Unless he's been resurrected, it's Brad who'll be ditching Ingo, not Bill But Ingo was miscast and never should have taken over. Certainly, Winsor Harmon has had his issues in the last while, but you never heard about problems when he was on set, so he could have been brought back in place of Ingo...but Brad wanted to cast a 'name' under some misguided notion that it would make a difference.
  3. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I've finally caught up on a bunch of episodes I've been behind on: DALLAS The reunion is very enjoyable and I'm liking the dynamic in this cast...Leanne and D'Andra are both taking well deserved hits at the reunion and while Stephanie was the MVP of the season, Cary is the MVP of the reunion. I'm disappointed to see Brandi basically get away with an entire season of antagonizing Leanne until she started hissing like an insane viper, but c'est la vie. OC The reunion episodes made up for a relatively milquetoast season. Emily came in guns blazing to this reunion and her legal training served her well because she kept hitting her point succinctly. Tamra is, of course, ruthless in these reunions and it was Shannon's turn to get hurled under the bus, but she had been warned for years and chose to ignore it. NEW JERSEY I loved the Oklahoma episodes because they demonstrated what a jackass Jennifer is! My god, what a tacky woman. And then when they return from the trip and we get to see that horrendous house she was bragging about! It looked like it had been decorated with Saddam Hussein's cast offs picked up at a garage sale. Zero taste. I don't care to see another season of Melissa Gorga emoting. ATLANTA I am enjoying the season. It feels way lighter than the last few have. That said, Eva does nothing for me. I much prefer a Toyota scene to anything she's been doing. It's interesting to see Nene sidelines, but I suppose the Gregg stuff is so serious that it detracts from potential levity.
  4. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    The Blofeld of RHOBH! Amazing. Lisa and Ken keep a second home in Montecito...
  5. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I don't know how they'll edit the show. To me, they should be editing it like OC did when Jeana Keough left midway through season 5. Give LVP a proper finale with some poignancy, just like Jeana got. It is clear that LVP hasn't filmed for at least two months, so how they could put it together as if she's still there doesn't make sense at all.
  6. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Totally agree with you...except I'd point out that Leanne did demonstrate that she's still got plenty of crazy Tennessee Williams in her. The way her facial expression and speech pattern changed towards the end of her conflict with Brandi was disturbing. Brandi succeeded in unleashing the old Leanne. When she threw herself on the lawn moaning "God, why have you left me? I'm all alone!" as Cary flatly bellowed "No, you're not, I'm RIGHT HERE." Pure comedy. Pure drama. The Dallas ratings are crap, but on the other hand, it's airing at 10pm and Bravo isn't promoting it at all.
  7. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Melbourne starts filming in January, per Janet Roach. It seems that after the disaster that was Sydney, the producers gave a break to the RH franchise in Australia. Having been to Australia this year, it's a superb country and it's such a shame that Sydney was cast with such wholly unlikeable, awful women. But Melbourne will be back, I'd wager in May or June. If Bravo is chasing that younger demo a la the way they killed daytime soaps...then they'll reap what they sow. NYC succeeds because of the mature cast it has.
  8. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    OC Reunion Part 1 I enjoyed it for the most part. Both Emily and Gina were far better than Peggy and Lydia last year at the same time. Vicki gave several lethal blows to Kelly, but the Jolie comment is what knocked her out cold. And that made me dislike Vicki. It was a really bad look. Kelly should have stopped poking the bear, because it was bound to happen.
  9. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Melissa Gorga is about as relevant as piece of used tissue. How does she possibly think she can afford to live in Los Angeles in any way comparable to how she's lived in New Jersey? That level of ignorance is irritating. To live in a home of comparable size in Los Angeles will cost anywhere between $5 -10 million. The city has changed a lot - the Valley is incredibly expensive compared to a decade ago as areas like Calabasas and Studio City have become increasingly upscale. Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades are sky high as well - a condo in Century City can put someone back $3 million for 2,000 square feet. They could afford to live in a nice home in a place like Cheviot Hills, but that kind of area is far too tasteful and gracious for someone like Ms. Gorga.
  10. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I totally agree with you. I think this is the best season for Atlanta in years. Iā€™m really enjoying it.
  11. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    OC The only thing I'll say for the finale is that it had the guitar music, which I wish they'd release as a ringtone. Otherwise, this was an incredibly uneventful season. Let me break it down: Shannon wore some ill fitting blazers, picked up Archie's dog sh*t, sold some cream cheese stuffed salmon on QVC and cried about her divorce. Tamra revealed that she's a loathsome friend, time and again. Her facelift, however, looks amazing. And she whined about Eddie. Vicki pined for Steve, who she is convinced is hot. She got her fillers removed in the midst of her facelift, which healed up nicely, and she's still got life insurance on Donn. Kelly was the hilarious highlight of the show with a loud wild statement for each and every episode. Though after the reunion, the rumour is she isn't returning and the dispute with Vicki is too big. Emily wanted more kids. Shane said no. Emily threatened to kill Kelly, but used her lawyerly logic to defend against it. Plus she's built like a linebacker and anyone would be unwise to go against her. Gina got a divorce and moved into a dorm room of a casita so she could have a few days respite from her violent children.
  12. DaytimeFan

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    It's on YouTube if anyone cares to watch it. It's a classic Lifetime trashterpiece and Koslow's role, while relatively brief, is memorable, in a grisly way.
  13. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Neither Camille nor Denise went on the trip as they were dealing with the fires.
  14. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    They definitely need to release a trailer. I suspect they're scrambling because the narrative of the show is probably a mess. Doing a trip with half the cast this late in the filming period is a dead giveaway that they think they don't have enough in the can to edit together a cohesive season. Likely. Though I enjoyed the original format like Season 1/2 of OC when the bulk of the show was following each woman individually. It was more honest and realistic.
  15. I'm biased because I'm a big Lauren Koslow fan, but I think Kate is a useful character. She can (and has been) parachuted into storylines at random and enhances them. Koslow raises most of the performances around her because she has a lot of charisma and chemistry with those she shares scenes with. Obviously, if it wasn't her in the role, Kate would have been written out in and around 1998, but she endures. That filter makes Casey Moss look about 11.