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  1. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    The closeup on Steffy's eyes at the end of today's episode was hilarious. This is a storyline I might enjoy.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    NJ Siggy deflected against Margaret's analogy and made a real ass out of herself. The Hitler analogy wasn't even in bad taste - it was a good example! Siggy kept saying that Kim D has nothing negative to her, so she doesn't feel the need to defend Teresa, so Margaret compared Kim D (evil) to Hitler (evil) and pointed out that it's the same comparison to say that Hitler wouldn't have done anything negative to Margaret...Siggy just doesn't want to deal with the fact that she's been a disloyal friend to Teresa when it comes to Kim D. I enjoyed Danielle wrecking that table - give her back her housewives title, she's earned it. It always surprises me when these apparently wealthy women have never travelled *cough* Melissa *cough*.
  3. Vet actor returns to Days

    +1. I couldn't care less about seeing Jack Deveraux ever again.
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Melbourne was GREAT. Venus and her husband...let's be real...that title of theirs was bought and paid for. It has nothing to do with the British Peerage and Gamble took that shot at them and Venus reacted like Gamble knew she would because Venus appears to be either misinformed or lying. She is simply incorrect about the House of Lords, so I don't know why she even attempted it. Gina vs. Gamble because Gina maintains a cogent argument and maintains her sense of humour. Her crack about her look originating in 1984 was hilarious. Janet and her son are doing real good with their foundation and I can only tip my hat to her son. He has overcome a lot and has turned his tragedy into triumph. A burns injury is incredibly traumatic and he has emerged with a positive attitude. Bravo to him and bravo to Janet. Lydia and Jackie...meh, I don't care about their friendship working or not. Next week we see Chyka living it up in her 'country cottage' can't wait. It is an undeniably beautiful house from the exterior. However, I don't like the interiors - they're bland and lacking any character (which, for a house built in 1912, is a real accomplishment)...but the house is in the Valley...albeit south of Ventura, but over the mountainside from Bel-Air and Beverly Hills...it also backs onto a church's parking lot (albeit through densely wooded backyard). I feel like, with Kyle's real estate, she never quite gets it right.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Kyle “You stole my goddamn house!” Richards has purchased a new abode in Encino, previously owned by Smokey Robinson, for $8.5 million: https://www.google.ca/amp/observer.com/2017/10/real-housewives-kyle-richards-buys-encino-house-photos/amp/
  6. Vanderpump Rules

    I actually gasped when Jax admitted that he'd slept with Faith. I really couldn't believe it. I'm all for Tom Tom - they are so good to each other and I like the idea of their bar.
  7. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Michael Baldwin should have a classic Bell elevator door close and fade to black OR he should be the town's John Silva. Killing him off would be a mistake.
  8. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Totally agree. I really enjoyed Maggie vs. Eve. And her scene with Lucas was great. Honoured their longstanding relationship and her longstanding sobriety.
  9. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Really enjoyed Maggie's scenes with Eve and Lucas. I haven't been watching DAYS regularly in a long time, but as the ratings tick upwards, I've been having a look to see how it is and the show is fine, not great, no horrible, it's fine.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    MELBOURNE Totally agree @Nothin'ButAttitude it's so good to have this franchise back. It feels so much more organically produced than other franchises. I'm not sold on Lydia though. She's still an absolute fake. That's nice that she's admitted she's fat and happy. Venus is very smart and level, but she's gone so overboard with the plastic surgery and makeup and tinted contact lenses - she looks like a different species. She looked like Shirley Eaton - the actress painted gold in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Gamble and Gina's friendship imploding isn't a surprise. They're competitive personalities and that was always going to be a liability. Gina is still loads of fun and ballsy as heck. Gamble has drunk her own Kool-Aid. Jackie doesn't annoy me. She's a big personality and I find her relatively harmless. She's definitely pushy and vulgar, but that's not the biggest sin. I love Janet. Always have. She is a true Australian sheila. Always good for a giggle and a gossip.
  11. Louise Sorel Interview

    She didn’t say why she’s decided to come back, but she said they’d asked her back to increase viewership. They must have paid her some decent money to do it. She said her “entrance” was fantastic and that she is part of a big storylines that brings in a lot of the cast. She said she filmed for 4 months.
  12. Louise Sorel Interview

    She said she didn’t want to go on record about Carlivati’s writing and purposely said she wouldn’t comment on it specifically, she later slipped a bit and was slightly critical, but she also said she felt she’d lost the essence of Vivian. She sounded equal parts tired and arrogant.
  13. Louise Sorel Interview

    Yes. For someone who claims to “need humour” Louise isn’t funny and takes herself really seriously. She refused to answer a number of questions because they were treading into personal territory - except we all know she dated Paul Rauch and that it ended badly. And she was dismissive about the short stint jobs she did at OLTL, PC, AMC and PASS...basically saying she didn’t remember anything about them and that she didn’t want to talk about them. She was complimentary to John Aniston, David Canary and Joe Mascolo when asked about them. I think Louise is essentially a perfectly decent woman whose a bit eccentric and terribly serious about her work, to her own detriment. I really did not enjoy the woman I encountered in this interview. She seemed somewhat bitter. Interestingly, she seemed fine with Ken Corday. She also said that daytime isn’t for her anymore. That it is all too fast paced and that she feels she’s lost Vivian’s essence. Jeanne Cooper, Darlene Conley, Linda Dano, etc etc etc are all good examples that you can be a great actress and still have a laugh and not be humourless.
  14. Louise Sorel Interview

    I've listened to all 45 minutes of it...I loved Louise's work in the past... However, she strikes me as a very difficult person to work with based on her personality. I can't say I blame any producer who has fired her because I'd find her hell to deal with. Certainly, she is very serious and very dedicated to her work, and has made some of daytime's most memorable scenes, but she is totally inflexible and rigid and brittle. Definitely an opinionated introvert. A tricky personality for anyone to deal with, but in an industry that's only gotten more fast paced, she seems too difficult.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    The Kim/Kenya opening fight continuation from last week wasn't the highlight of the episode I thought it might be. I don't like either of Kim or Kenya, so I don't care how their fights go. They're both liars and drama queens and deluded. I did, however, have absolute sympathy for Kenya losing her grandmother. That was sad. As Cynthia pointed out, that was a woman who chose to raise her and love her when she didn't have to. Cynthia is beautiful, but her scenes are absolute filler. They could have cut that cupcake scene entirely. And that boyfriend seems like a set up storyline. Sheree and Kandi as friends who gossip while the adorable baby Ace hangs out in the background works for me. Kandi is so much better around people who aren't on her payroll. The highlight of the episode, by far, was Marlo fixing Nene's collapsing bun while she tore into Pinto at the San Francisco dinner party. THAT was hilarious. (PS: that clip from years ago between Nene and Sheree demonstrates how much better Nene's old nose looked!)