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  1. Appears very true per Variety: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/bethenny-frankel-real-housewives-of-new-york-exit-1203309725/ I think RHONY is in a good position to move on from Bethenny. They had a very strong last two seasons. But they’ll need to recast with someone dynamic and organic as they have done in the past.
  2. Karen gives us so many looks and lewks in each and every episode, she deserves some kind of medal. This last episode of Potomac was incredible. It is racing ahead of the other franchises, with the exception of RHONY. The best franchises have in common that they're funny as much as they are dramatic.
  3. How was Constance Towers' flashback return as Helena? Is she as regal as ever?
  4. Gizelle had to realize how insane she sounded when she whined about how hard she'd worked to be a 'better person', right? Right? She is just awful and I hope she's roasted at the reunion. Adlon Road in Encino. It's a nice street and Encino is getting a more upscale reputation as time has gone on...but there's a glut of properties in Los Angeles and prices are flat or going down. There is *no way* the $6.5 million price makes a lick of sense. That's a higher price tag than much of Beverly Hills proper. And it's not a large lot. And it doesn't have a view. It's incredibly normal. They might as well start calling the show The Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley since none of them live in Beverly Hills, with the exception of Rinna who lives in the Beverly Hills Post Office and even then, she's a 5 minute walk across Mulholland to Studio City.
  5. Ashley looks awful and easily the worst of them all. It's deserved, given her character. Robyn is the biggest disappointment with both that hair and dress because she's been looking amazing in the show with the short cropped hair and the perfectly fitting short dresses. Gizelle never has taste and always looks pageant, so she's par for the course. The same applies to Candiace whose dress is trying to be more charismatic than she actually is. Karen tried, but it doesn't work. Monique wins by default, and because her body and hair look incredible. Not a surprise as any cast changes would have been seen by production as an admission that the show doesn't work anymore, that it WAS a gang-up on LVP and that the rest of the cast was at fault. Bravo isn't going to admit that, so the show is going to continue to fall apart at the seams.
  6. WHOA those are ugly looks. The only one who looks OK is Monique.
  7. He tends to have a preference for the hypocritical, loathsome, evil ones. Says something about him.
  8. Who knows what went down...but Dame Joan is NOT in the upcoming season. And neither is Cheyenne Jackson. In fact, many of the AHS regulars are not in it...so I think I'll be giving it a pass this year.
  9. That would have been perfect. Gizelle had no story of her own this year (as usual) so why she merits first chair is beyond me.
  10. Interesting they've sat The Grande Dame beside awful Ashley. Clink, clink, don't drop the soap now...
  11. +1 to all of it, but the highlighted sections are 100% fire. Ashley is such an unsympathetic character I really don't see why she would think any viewer would be so stupid to not realize all of this is to take the heat off Michael? To call it contrived is being kind. I cannot wait for Karen to carve Gizelle up and serve her dead cold. If Candiace is smart she will throw herself on Monique's mercy. Monique would take the high road if she did. If anything, this episode proves that the show is actually all about Vicki and the rest of the women can't carry a narrative without her. I really cannot stand to see Tamra's ratshit son Ryan. Get him off our screens stat.
  12. Look at those demo wins for B&B...it's probably bittersweet in a way since Brad is toppling his father's gem...but it's been driven so far into the ground by successive regimes for the past 15 years that I imagine he's quite pleased. The CBS/Viacom merger should see some changes in the executive structure. Hopefully they realize that, like fish, the rot starts at the head and it's McDaniel, along with Griffith, who need to go.
  13. I was thinking of Constance Towers yesterday and wondered how she'd rebounded from the death of her husband, American Ambassador to Mexico John Gavin in 2018. It's good to see her onscreen.
  14. It's such a squandered opportunity. And from you lips to God's ears re Locklear and the peak Melrose Place cast. That is the sequel we need.
  15. They had incredible mother/daughter chemistry. Linda, Alicia, Stephen and Victoria all deserved Emmys for their roles in the alcoholism storyline.
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