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  1. DaytimeFan

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Joan Rivers guest starred on two soaps: On Another World, in 1996, she played Grant's campaign manager, Meredith Dunston. On All My Children, in 1999, she appeared as herself running into Erica and David in New York:
  2. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    To me, Lee Radziwill was the American equivalent of Princess Margaret. She was the spare and resented it and lived a life that, while glamorous, never seemed to reach a level of contentment. Sort of tragic in her way, equal parts brittle and mysterious. I do believe she and Carole remained relatively close after Carole's husband's death. It sounds as if her death was sudden, so I hope she is coping well with the last link to her husband. I cannot be team Teresa because she is too stupid. I don't enjoy Jackie, and in my view she should be a one and done, but I think she'll return because she's going to fight hard with Teresa and she is plainly smarter than Teresa by a country mile. The NJ Finale was satisfying 100% due to Classic Marge. Margaret is the star of NJ and whether Teresa can live with that isn't my problem. I loved Margaret pushing Marty into the pool. Why has it taken a decade for someone to get pushed into a pool? Teresa is so one note and stupid I would love for her to take an IQ test. I think she would easily score the lowest of any housewife of any franchise. Her combative ignorance against common sense is alarming. Danielle plays her like a fiddle. I do think Danielle should return next season...but in the Friend capacity she was in this year. Danielle is too unlikeable to watch full time. I don't want to see her day to day life. I don't want to hear her talking head interviews. She can show up and stir it up and get off my screen. I think the cast should be left intact. It was a great season and a very good mix. Melissa was easily her best this season, despite the fact that she had ZERO storyline of her own aside from Joe disrespecting her career. That "sister" storyline was nonsense and I do not need to see crap like that ever again. The final shots with the updates on the women were all banal...and then they come to Teresa and Joe's deportation.
  3. DaytimeFan

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    Peggy, Pat, and Frank...for my money it doesn't get better than these three. Dame Barbara Windsor's slaps were real, and she was standing on an apple crate so she'd reach both them (you'll notice she falls off after slapping Pam St. Clement). And Peggy at Den Watt's funeral. Another absolute favourite of mine. And this shocker. The festive Indian music in the background builds to silence and a shocking reveal:
  4. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Kyle is predictable...and she always rings false. She's seeing the backlash that is heading her way and the way this attempt at destroying LVP is about to implode on her and she's trying to do damage control. I really, really hope that LVP stays strong and keeps Vile Kyle out of her life completely. Ice her out, shut her down, and eliminate her. LVP hasn't really been a friend of Kyle's since the season when LVP sold her old house and she called Kyle out on the friendship changing once Mauricio got his commission cheque. Kyle looked livid at that and I feel LVP really meant it. This kind of transparent approach to walk back her awful, disgusting, abusive behaviour really irritates me. Kyle really is the worst.
  5. DaytimeFan

    Y&R: Veteran Actor Returning

    Sun damage! He’s got blue eyes and blond hair and his skin would have been battered over the 70s and 80s with tanning. The upside for him is makeup easily covers it. I’m happy for him. He’s a vet and a job is a job. EB was extremely vocally supportive of him.
  6. You can read the entire lawsuit by following the password protected links that are at the end of the article. I've read the whole thing and WOW. It only reinforces the perception I have had of Ken Corday as an EP who, despite all his stupid decisions and idiocy, has a reverence for DAYS and always thinks he's doing right by the show. If this lawsuit is even half accurate...good lord, Sony. It gives a very clear insight to how the financial arrangements have changed and how NBC, of all entities, has actually been saving DAYS and intervening time and again.
  7. DaytimeFan

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    Because we haven't had a good DAYS diva catfight in years, if not decades.
  8. DaytimeFan

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Oh that is so sad for Jack Smith. He has endured a lot over the years. That is pretty rough of Brad to do that to him in the circumstances.
  9. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Oh yeah, Kyle has been *all over* Instagram disputing people who say she's a bitch or whenever someone mentions Mauricio's lawsuit (which *was* dismissed after a settlement was reached). Teddi is a really egregious offender given how short a time she's been on the show. I hope it's a landslide of sh*t falling on her crappy gleeful attitude. Oddly, Rinna is the one I'm not that bothered by because I think she has a legitimate gripe with LVP over the Yolanda stuff (though I think both would have been better off if they'd been united against Yolanda)...the issue I have with Rinna is that she's, like, obsessed with LVP and doesn't exercise the compassion with her that she's quite capable of (I do believe Rinna is a basically decent person).
  10. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I'm on a social media blackout with this show. It'll make me too angry. I fully expect them all to be in damage control mode, constantly defending themselves while attempting to roast LVP, until the reunion has aired.
  11. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Absolutely. Kyle was awful this episode and we haven't even see the conflict truly unfold. I really hope LVP is done with her. LVP is clearly an emotional wreck based on what we saw this episode. She cried more in this episode than she has in 9 seasons of the show.
  12. DaytimeFan

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    Listen, as long as Lauren Koslow's Kate gets to slap her, I don't care who she plays.
  13. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    You got it. Melanie said it without saying anything. I hope these women rue they day they came for LVP at this vulnerable moment in her life. Dorit is trash. And she appears to have had significant physical renovations since last year. She looks ridiculous. Comically bad. And she had all her jewelry stolen on the verge of PK's creditors coming for him for millions? Okay. It also appears that Rinna may have had her implants replaced (though they look good)...either that or she's wearing a hyperactive bra in her green outfit VT. Rinna is still hilarious referring to herself and Denise as a "seasoned bitch". Kyle is such a bitch, and I've been beating that drum for years, but she really is the worst. So disingenuous and melodramatic. She was itching for a fight with LVP at the dog rescue and was practically salivating at the Dorit dog mess, knowing she could use it, somehow. If you're going to take a shot at LVP, you better not miss.
  14. It is. DAYS airs nationally on the Canadian Global Television Network.
  15. DaytimeFan

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    And let’s not forget: Kyle lives in Encino. The Valley. (818). LVP’s tagline is iconic. I like Denise and Rinna’s too. Dorit appears to have gotten newer boobs? A mess.