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  1. Lu is having a great season. She's relaxed and centred and hilarious.
  2. B&B has been filming outdoors for years now all around Television City and I would hope they rely on that a lot. It's a shame DAYS no longer has the outdoor Salem Place set. That would have been very useful for them.
  3. What has happened in Leicester is very sad and a stark warning to the rest of England. There is really no justification for easing restrictions in England to the extent that they have except that the economy has fallen apart and the English people want to get out to the pub. In Canada, our political leadership (and opposition parties) have all deferred to the Public Health Officers (at the federal and provincial levels) and the messaging has been very consistent and the politicians have backed up the Public Health Officers unwaveringly. That, in my opinion, is the best of both worlds because our political leaders have been very visible (indeed, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, provincial Premiers, and provincial Health Ministers, have been seen or heard daily) while the Provincial Health Officers have taken the lead on policy - because these are not "political" decisions - these are public health decisions - and the politicization of Covid-19 is what has trapped the United States in the nightmare it is in. Case in point. What an absolute disaster. God help them and us all.
  4. Indeed. And as stated in the CNN clip, Canadians, and our federal, provincial, and local governments, remain on guard and have not declared any form of victory over this virus. The situation remains in flux until there is a reliable vaccine. Canadians were fortunate our governments removed politics from the response, relying on objective science and respect and compassion for each other. In my view the Canadian people would not have settled for anything less. I am so afraid for the United States and I wish everyone on SON who is in the United States good health and safety.
  5. I was dismayed to hear about what was happening in Melbourne. I visited Australia's east and south coasts in 2018 and was so impressed with the kindness and enthusiasm of the Australian people. Terrible to hear about Melbourne's numbers but hopeful at the swift response. I am dismayed at the route England is taking.
  6. I am speaking from Canada and totally agree with you. Canadians, like Australians, are very concerned for the American people who are sick and dying and the dire economic consequences of not getting control of the Covid-19 infection rate.
  7. I only have seen concern about the current state of the United States in the midst of this pandemic based on compassion and the fact that the US numbers are shockingly horrible. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. Listen to the science, not the politics.
  8. Well, he was right...he won't be ordering any dolls because apparently he's been fired. Fascinating video and I hope the American soaps take a major cue from what the British are doing. I expect all the actors (and writers - I know the Y&R writing team was furloughed in March) contracts were terminated under a force majeure clause (ie: an unexpected event making performance of the contract impossible, freeing both parties of liability) so there will not be any 'banked' episode guarantees to be used.
  9. The issue is twofold with RHONY's lockdown confessionals: 1. Inconsistent lighting. Sonja's lighting was the closest to usual quality - thanks to natural light in Palm Desert (where she was in lockdown for two months) and knowing how to use a ring light. Luann was obviously facing north because the light on her was incredibly harsh and washed her out and she set her camera high so although she had good angles, she didn't look centred like the rest. Ramona's lighting was second to Sonja's, but she set her camera low. Dorinda's lighting is WAY too bright and washed her out in a different way because there was no natural light in her setup. Leah's looked rough because her background was too dark. 2. No mics. That is just odd but I think the producers figured the women might struggle to coordinate microphones with the mobile phones they were using. They should give them more credit because the mics would have easily plugged into the phones and captured their speech much clearer. I would note that RHONY's confessionals appear to be more of the 'pickup' variety as there were plenty of normal footage confessionals used as well, so this was part of the editing process that they didn't finish before lockdown occurred. They also had the issue of one of their editors dying of Covid-19 so that probably delayed them being able to wrap up production in as timely a fashion as they would have liked.
  10. Felicia trying to call 911 in uncontrollable tears at a phone booth because she's too drunk to drive is bone chilling:
  11. That's a great idea. And would have been terrific to see developed because it feels riskier and way more exciting than what the show produced. Especially as the Spectra clan started to fade away. I will always maintain that Jack Wagner was the worst thing to happen to B&B - he was an albatross and stopped the show from progressing at all.
  12. Bravo doesn't want someone blowing the over-produced bullsh*t that is RHOBH. They know that Camille can't be bought and she doesn't care enough about fame to be complicit in the nonsense that BH peddles time and again.
  13. +4 - God bless Camille Donatacci Grammer Meyer - she who holds the truth has nothing to fear.
  14. I've always thought the B&B view of the fashion industry is through the lens of Ralph Lauren and his empire, and nothing outside of it. I remember in the early 2000s when B&B started to be simulcast in Spanish and they brought in several Latino cast members into Spectra (and I thought they were great additions) and they only lasted a few years. Just a note that the house used in today's episode where Ridge marries Caroline is Bill Jr. and MAB's house in Malibu.
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