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  1. It was a rainy day so I watched all 5 episodes consecutively today. Overall, I enjoyed it as the cheesy fun that is DAYS. The difference was the pacing - this show had zero filler and went at breakneck speed. It amazes me that Eileen returns to Y&R time and again for Ashley, a somewhat thankless character at times, when she can come to DAYS and inhabit Kristen and positively come alive. It is very interesting to see just how differently she plays the two characters. The ending with Deidre Hall karate chopping her way to safety was hilarious. So hilarious I watched it three times. Zach Tinker was a huge upgrade for Sonny. His intensity was jarring compared to how that character had been played in the past. He's also a very good on camera cryer. Billy Flynn was a highlight for me. He was very funny. Greg Rikaart is shockingly fun in the role of Leo while I can't stand him on Y&R. He clearly had a blast playing those scenes. Austin Peck had a relaxed, fun quality to his performance. It was good to see him. Rinna has destroyed herself on RHOBH but she was fun to watch as Billie.
  2. POTOMAC That's a rare misstep for Karen. Not her best. Gizelle is consistent - she always looks comical. Robyn's dress is as boring as she is. Candy-Ass tried, Mia looks bizarre, Wendy is OTT. Ashley wins the style stakes by a country mile. She looks fabulous. OC Why do we not have cameras on Vicki for this moment?! I just knew Steve was horrendous. His Republican ass running for governor while sleeping around on Vicki.
  3. She’s overdone the lip filler and lined them with lip liner like an adult film star from 1997. It’s a very specific Night at the Roxbury colour combination…MAC Spice lip pencil is what it reminds me of. Lu looks like she isn’t wearing any makeup and is very natural, Cynthia looks flawless, Kyle looks like she has a black eye (damn shadows showing the truth!) and Ramona looks filtered to the hilt.
  4. Check out those pupils...you'd think under studio lights they'd be small, however...
  5. Garcelle nuked Rinna with the 'why is she bringing race into this show?' comment. I have never seen Rinna make peace with someone so fast. She knew Garcelle had her pinned and she needed to make that go away immediately and she knew she couldn't scream it away, so she ran her bony ass across that stage and hugged Garcelle like she was clinging to a life raft.
  6. Garcelle's 'pffft' at the end of Rinna's ridiculous statement says it all. Garcelle knows what Rinna is doing and she is not intimidated in the slightest. Rinna's nastiness is so performative. It's a very bad look. This is how Gizelle and Karen can co-exist in the future and gives both of them a lease on life for the franchise. That was a funny moment with harmless shade. The ones who should be worried at Mia, Candy-Ass, and Robyn.
  7. That's been claimed for many years, many say Kyle is an unofficial 'producer', but there's no evidence of that as far as I've seen. Now, that isn't to say that Kyle doesn't have sway with the folks at Evolution, and maybe she does, but I've never seen evidence of anything contractual. Girls Trip is produced by a totally different production company, Purveyors of Pop, so if she has sway, it's long gone with these people and it's evident, based on this edit, that they cameramen and producers realize how painfully annoying Kyle is.
  8. I loooove that the editors appear to hate Kyle!
  9. RHOP I tend to agree that Candiace needs to GO but that it should occur after next season when she is nearly guaranteed to implode. Ashley is a top tier housewife. There, I said it. She has the ability to get in the mix, fight right down low, but somehow maintain a sense of dignity and humour that Candy-Ass can't touch. And Ashley is able to grow and move on (her friendship with La Dame is my favourite relationship on the show). I laughed so hard as Karen advised the table of gentleman that, as she was celebrating 25 years married "to Ray" (as if they knew who he was?!) they needed to buy their wives YSL. And the tea bagging and salad tossing comments? Her reaction's to Mia's husband? Hilarious. Robyn should get the axe. She is literally bringing nothing to this show. The stank attitude she and Gizelle had when they discovered their garbage bedroom didn't have a bathroom? That was justice in action. Gizelle openly admitted she didn't want to allow Wendy to use the bathroom in her shack, so what did they expect? Wendy handled them well. As @NothinButAttitudesaid, the group was backtracking on 'last year' saying it's in vain. Even Gizelle, whose naked hatred for Monique fuelled every decision she made last season, had to admit that Candiace didn't learn a thing. RHOSLC This was an enjoyable episode. SLC is a bit different, production wise, in that it allows filming to occur as some of the wives continue to be islands unto themselves. In my view, this actually feels more real than the shows who force everyone together as if they're all friends. Mary, for instance, remains an island unto herself, even if she's escaped from her walk in closet. Whitney's children's reactions to Mary's story was so cringe. Mary did not have an ounce of empathy. It was bizarre. Jennie still needs to integrate into the group a bit but I like her a lot. Her husband is preposterous and cruel for even discussing another child when Jennie has endured so much, their existing children are reaching independence, and he's in his 50s. I sure hope it's contrived for TV. I like the budding friendship we are seeing with Meredith and Heather. The thing with Heather is she's relaxed and I think that puts the usually cautious Meredith at ease. The Jen/Brooks sit down was not juicy. But that's because Jen knew she'd f*cked herself up something fierce in the public eye and that sympathy was with Brooks. So she did a very Housewife tearful apology and hopes that everything with Meredith is repaired. However, I did not witness repair in the slightest. Meredith was observing everything and once Jen had apologized, Meredith was fine to sit with her. But trust her again? Never. Lisa and Whitney's sit down rung very hollow. It was clear to me that Lisa was trying to cover this conflict from last week by bringing Whitney over to her side. But Whitney knows this is nonsense and given the previews for next week, any hopes of peace are to be very short lived.
  10. It never existed. Candy-Ass never had PTSD. What she had was the cold taste of humiliation when Monique dragged her. She was so furious at Monique for humiliating her like that - that's Candy-Ass' default: fury. She needs to take her low budget ass off this show and book into inpatient treatment with a psychiatrist.
  11. Holly Valance is married to Nick Candy. She basically stopped her career after marrying in 2012. She would know Dorit from PK’s high flying days. Not so sure how well she’d fit in - the one who deserves/needs an FOH is Garcelle.
  12. Now this looks good. I do still have concerns about Erika skating through this with a few 'my lawyers have advised I can't speak out this'...nobody should be surprised about Andy. Throughout this season he has been testing audience reaction on WWHL and the results have probably shocked him in how consistently the audience is against Erika. When he started the season he'd constantly poke at WWHL guests about Erika's innocence, seemingly defending her. Then, somewhere along the way, he realized the audience is not with her and he's covering his own ass by making sure nobody accuses him of enabling her nonsensical narrative, as he had done earlier this season. The reunion is truly Erika's last hope of saving herself and coming across with some compassion for the victims. Rinna looks insane as she screams blood murder. I hope Garcelle stays on her very strongly and does not give in. She should not show her any mercy.
  13. RIP Coco! I hope Coco is now with Aston and Milou over the rainbow bridge. It's been a bad couple of years for HW dogs.
  14. How much fun must SSH and Doug Hayes be having at this time in their lives and careers?
  15. I cannot wait. I've missed Melbourne so much!
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