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  1. Definitely agree - there is a certain level of affection and love between the NYC cast that you see little of in other cities (aside from Potomac and between Vicki/Tamra/Shannon on OC) . NYC absolutely deserves an Emmy nomination. For my money it's the funniest, best edited show on TV.
  2. It takes a certain level of intelligence and maturity that you don't see so generally in any other cast. On the whole, the NYC cast, which is perfection and shouldn't be changed if anyone at Bravo cares about my opinion, is very smart and have a level of sophistication that you don't see elsewhere so consistently.
  3. So sorry for LVP's second loss in a year. First her brother, now her mother...leaving only an elderly father behind. I'm really glad LVP quit BH. Firstly, it means I don't have to spend an hour of my week watching the show, but secondly, now she might have a bit more time to devote to being in England with her father, taking care of herself and focusing on good people in her life rather than those awful women who have naked hatred for her. NYC was another great episode. The speed at which the women get past their conflicts is incredible. Nothing gets bigger than it should and they move on.
  4. I absolutely loved season 1 and thought it was one of the best miniseries I'd seen. I was hesitant to hear they were doing a second season but I am going to get back into it.
  5. Finally caught up on NYC and Potomac. Wow, Bethenny, wow. Both of these shows are on fire.
  6. Good. The show sucks. And knowing that LVP is truly out takes the wind out of the show because we know it's all for naught.
  7. Absolutely. She can throw him all the baby showers she wants...but Kyle knows that she'll always be the realtor's wife who lives in Encino.
  8. In case this hasn't been posted, Andy on LVP's exit: https://deadline.com/2019/06/andy-cohen-lisa-vanderpumps-exit-from-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-1202630547/
  9. Re Ramona and Lu potentially getting the axe: if that happens, I can confidently say that RHONY has jumped the shark. Ramona and Lu give endless entertainment while Kyle Richards does the splits. And they’re the ones who face being fired? Bravo is the new ABC Daytime under Brian Frons as the vets get canned. Re LVP and the reunion: good for her. If she’s ballsy enough to be truly done then why endure the other women’s crap?
  10. @Taoboi I think she'll show, but only for a set period. I can't imagine she'd want to sit through the entire day with the rest of them, trying to trash her some more. I don't think she'll have a mic drop because I think she's going to be like Eileen and stay calm. That said, LVP might surprise us. But I do not think she won't show.
  11. You bet they do...and not one word about them on the show. So the whole show rings false. On NYC, Lu went to jail, on ATL, Nene got hit with that IRS Debt, on OC, half the cast lost their houses to foreclosure, we've seen divorces galore across the franchises - yet on RHOBH it's about a f--king dog.
  12. NYC What an episode. That was epic. We covered a lot of ground: from rehearsals with LuAnn to Christmas tree lighting with Dorinda, to bathing suit shopping with Bethenny and Sonja, to pill accusations, to flashbacks of pottery that no one attended on time, to a Jill Zarin cameo...and that was all before a baller mansion vacation in Miami. I think LuAnn's accusation that Sonja is on something is an ugly one to make. Especially for someone who claims to be an alcoholic in recovery (and as we know she fell off the wagon and violated the terms of her probation so she’s one to talk...and I love Lu but she’s a hypocrite). While Sonja was obviously ripped out of her tree the first night in Miami, she didn't seem high to me. And she's also harmless: Sonja hurts no one but herself. Even wasted, she's nice to the staff, hugs everyone, and then gets laser focused enough to hit LuAnn where she lives. Note that Dorinda defended Sonja and said Sonja's been a better friend to Lu than even Dorinda has (which is true, and was big of Dorinda to admit), and it's not always been smooth sailing between Dorinda and Sonja as we know so this is honest progress. They've had a nice little friendship this season. And then Tinsley said to Bethenny that Sonja was clear and articulate with her points against LuAnn. And then Bethenny went right over to LuAnn and says that Sonja is right and Lu is wrong. In vino veritas. A drunk Sonja brings THE TRUTH. Ramona is a total nightmare, as usual, unpacking her suitcase and treating the staff like crap. But the trip wouldn't be the same without her. Barbara was such an afterthought this episode but when Ramona basically shrugged off her existence and coming clubbing with her I felt sorry for Barbara. That was just mean. Next week looks incredible. I'd wager we've got another 2 - 3 episodes to go before the reunion?
  13. Potomac is a delight to watch this season. Everything about it is working for me. Leaving the Michael wants to suck d*ck comment as neither Robin nor Candiace wanted to mention it, thinking the other hadn't noticed, was Bill Bell levels of leaving a story thread dangling to be picked up on later with devastating consequences. Candiace's mother continues to be abhorrent. Gizelle continues to demonstrate why Karen was absolutely right to cut her out of her life. Gizelle could create a problem out of anything and that introduction to the Ubiquitous organizer and then demanding why Karen wouldn't answer her same questions 2 years ago (hint: things change over 2 years!) is proof positive of that. I really laughed at Karen's dental appointment. Karen can make anything seem like appointment television. "These days I'm working on a crown." Oh Karen, never change. Katie seems legitimately nuts. That mardi gras mask and cigarette break was haunting. And then you've got Ashley, whose seriously cruising for a bruising. The way she tries to stir crap up with Candiace shows the ugliest side of her. She is awful and has so much bad coming right for her.
  14. Ha! Couldn't have happened to a more fitting person. He's been pretty vocally anti-LVP, and there's nothing wrong with that. I enjoy plenty of podcast folks who take a fair or snarky look at LVP (Danny Pellegrino, the Watch What Crappens Guys, Heather McDonald etc)...but Dave has always rubbed me the wrong way. Not at all surprised if Rinna, Teddi and Erotika Lame piped up their faux support so quickly - you'd almost think they know him - a media contact at People Magazine...only a hop, skip, and a jump to Radar Online...though we know Kyle is all over that.
  15. Holy sh*t that's bad. The Faces of the Heart opening was the best and never needed changing aside from the headshots used. The only good thing about it is the return of the hospital image at the end.
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