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  1. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Dorian may not have been the eldest, but she certainly was the strongest, and most capable to helm the Cramer clan. Her two sisters suffered with mental illness and were institutionalized for decades. And while Todd got that $20+ million inheritance, Todd's money was not necessarily Blair's money. She did use her newfound wealth to launch Melador and the later company, but I wouldn't venture that her account balance rivaled her aunt's. Dorian had been left her own hefty share of Victor's money and assets. Dorian had that memorable line to Blair about there being two kinds of Cramer women: the fighters and the feelers. Addie, Melinda, and Cassie were the feelers who depended on the fighters, Blair, Kelly, and especially Dorian.
  2. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    How am I just seeing this?? I'm weeping.
  3. SFK

    Days: Leo's Mom

    I missed several months, so let me get this straight... Morgan played Anjelica for a time until Anjelica was killed off; Anjelica came back from the dead in the form of Judith; now Judith is playing Diana?
  4. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I was obsessed with Robin's Dorian in the nineties. Towards the end of that run, I noticed that she was suddenly gesticulating and using way too much voice for the small screen. She had always been so sexy and cool, the way she'd slither in and out of scenes, and my Dorian had become almost clownish (sadly, for me, she never quite recovered from this and it stuck upon her return a few years later until the character's end). At any rate, a few weeks after I'd noticed this change in Robin's portrayal of Dorian, I called her hotline (as I faithfully did). On this particular recording, she talked about how she never watched herself but decided to do so some weeks back. She found her performance to be lacking in vitality and she swore that she wouldn't let the audience down (as if) ever again, going into every scene with guns blazing. *cringe* 😢 I really wish she had had a director or a good friend to reassure her that she was more than enough and there was no need to crank Dorian up to 11. I know there was a lot going on behind the scenes, she talked about being depressed and unsure of her job position. But it wasn't her acting that needed an adjustment. I look at her scenes from the '80s where she is so cool and calculating, she's divine. But if I'm rationalizing, I guess it makes perfectly good sense that a woman who believed she was responsible for her husband's death for 40 years would unravel into a kooky old lady.
  5. SFK

    Dynasty Discussion Thread

    I like all of the above scene picks. Not to derail, but the scenes in the Dynastyverse that I find myself watching over and over again are Sable and Connie's... well-written, well-acted, great dynamic between those two. Over the past few years, I've grown a greater appreciation for Krystle. I love her little strut, she'll just be walking down the hallway leading with those massively padded shoulders and I melt. She was the best when she gave Alexis the business.
  6. My friend did King Lear with him and said that he was an absolute monster. So much so that the cast was not on speaking terms with him. I found this to be so sad and disappointing as I'd always appreciated his work. I read that Beverlee McKinsey wanted him to play Alan after Christopher Bernau left the role.
  7. +1! It's taken me over 35 years to realize that she gets on my nerves.
  8. SFK

    How much do you tip?

    20%, 25% for really great service or if I'm a regular and friendly with the staff. As for drinks, I will always tip a dollar a drink, whether it's a $5 cocktail or $14 one (and for the record, I've never had a $14 drink that was remotely worth the price).
  9. Congrats on making a dream come true! I listened last night.
  10. SFK

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Folks in this thread seem to be pretty hard on Marj Dusay has Alex. And yet, as much as I adore her, I think the originally intended recast, Robin Strasser, wouldn't have been the right fit. What do you all think?
  11. SFK

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Would someone remind me the name of the character who had throat cancer in the mid-'80s? My grandmother had cancer of the larynx and had a laryngectomy and I have a vivid memory of sitting on the edge of her bed next to her as she grinned and nodded in approval as the fictional doctors explained to this man the operation he'd endure just as it had been explained to my grandmother years before. I will never forget that moment with my grandmother, she was so moved.
  12. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    That, "Sure." 😂
  13. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Wow, haven't read the whole thing, but getting a chance to read the included script from 1976 was pretty amazing. That's the first time I'd ever "seen" a Victor/Dorian (Sheppard Studwick/Nancy Pinkerton) scene.
  14. SFK

    Prayers For Tracy Bergman

    My heart broke when she started crying. All the while I was in awe of how amazing she looks.
  15. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I was listening to the late '60s Niki Smith scene on Youtube and I'm curious to know more about the fall-out over Meredith not being Victor's biological daughter. Was that ever reversed or did it stick? I mean, Victor obviously loved her and was happy to raise her as his own, but I wonder if legally there was anything to do with that.