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  1. Just saw on Donna Mills' IG. Kicking myself that I never gave him his flowers. Wanted to say so much. Should have when I had the chance. RIP.
  2. Antenna TV Thread

    Do you mean Alice? Valerie /THF was always on film.
  3. Another World

    Linda has said that she didn't want Felicia to be a bitch, she admits to her own issues with wanting to be "liked". I think TPTB took this to heart and went in a more sympathetic direction with the character. Felicia was inspired by Jacqueline Susann, and the role was first offered to Jane Elliot. Rae and Tracy's scenes on GH were so delicious, made even moreso by this shared history.
  4. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    That is a "u" right?
  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Those scenes are in my top three favorite Viki/Dorian run-ins. I always crack up at one YouTuber's comment, "Sarcophagus!? Is it Victor Lord or King Tut!?"
  6. The Doctors

    I totally thought of DS too!
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    @soapfan770 OMG, how have I never seen this?? I have some of the trial on my own YouTube channel. When Marge barrels over as the baliff I just about died. She favors Judge Judy in that robe. Her improv comedy roots on full display.
  8. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

    I love the Bare Essence theme! Sassy Sarah Vaughan. Did they use that for the series or just the mini? Billy Goldenberg wrote it, I saw him in Bea Arthur's one-woman show, he was her accompanist.
  9. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I know this is "cheating", but if you can, try to catch Anna Stuart on today's episode of The Doctors. Her honeymoon love scenes with Roberta Flack's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face playing? Classic soap. I'm so glad the music cleared.
  10. The Doctors

    Do you guys watch daily or marathon on weekends or... ? I mean, I feel weird being spoilerish about episodes that aired five years before I was born, but...
  11. AMC Tribute Thread

    She looks great. Has she aired already?
  12. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    Wow, thanks. I stopped caring, and yet I feel I've missed so much (particularly Tracy's last few months).
  13. The Doctors

    Poor Greta. Camptastic wedding episode.
  14. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

    I didn't realize until just now that Stack wore a piece. I mean, Steiger, duh, but I guess watching Unsolved Mysteries between my fingers I never noticed. That Suzanne Somers shot is begging to become a gif. I wanna go back and count all the Rollers they managed to cram into these opening titles.