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  1. My Uber driver was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I got a kick out of them using Loving's original theme for their soap satire.
  2. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    If Billy Miller doesn't get his voice out of his THROAT! It's so annoying, not to mention unhealthy.
  3. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

    You had me at hello. I think these are the two greatest theme songs of their individual genres.
  4. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    What happened to Theo and where did Lani come from??
  5. The Wendy Williams Thread

    Messy af! And I think that Bentley truck is homely.
  6. The Doctors

    Does anyone know how the show is doing ratings wise for Retro?
  7. Antenna TV Thread

    Yeah, I'm a bit of an insomniac and I watch the even later airing (along with The Doctors from 1-2am on Retro).
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    This is when I started getting into GL. Alex was pissed that Alan leant Penelope's dress to Tangie.
  9. Antenna TV Thread

    That's what I was thinking, just seems like an odd/random detail.
  10. Antenna TV Thread

    I wish Antenna would do more of what TV Land used to do, airing random short run series just for kicks. Thankfully there's the Internet and generous uploaders. Shows like Filthy Rich, Madam's Place, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers. There were a ton of shows in first run syndication, I wonder if they'll ever be seen again. Some I remember: Out of This World Harry and the Hendersons What a Dummy Starting from Scratch The Munsters Today The New Gidget The New Lassie I love watching Carson, never did as a kid. I thought there would be more episodes though. Last night's with Keshia Knight Pulliam, I felt like I had just watched it not long ago. Do we know why they don't air Ed announcing the guests?
  11. Antenna TV Thread

    I spent the evening with Antenna TV the other day, WH!!, 227, S&S, TJ... When the opening titles for GT began to roll, it hit me that FIVE black sitcoms were being aired in a row on a network that was not BET, TVOne, Centric, Bounce, et cetera. This may not seem like a big deal to many people, "good shows are good shows, people are people..." Nah. It's actually a VERY big deal and I applaud AntennaTV. If the big four had embraced representation long ago, we never would have found the need for networks like those I mentioned. When I saw that they were marathoning the entire series of AITF, I felt physically overwhelmed, lol. It just seemed like... a lot. I love AITF, but it's a main course if you know what I mean, it's a show that I need breaks from. It's heavy. But I guess this is their farewell for now. I doubt I'll tune in at all for the marathon. I'm trying to think if there's an episode or a guest star I've been meaning to see.
  12. Another World

    Sure beats the '80s ball they had the other week on the new Dynasty.
  13. Another World

    Lol, those tinsely neo-flapper hats were in: I have a childhood memory of someone in primetime wearing one too. Someone suggested it was Fallon, I'd have to see the episode again to be sure.
  14. I'm pretty sure Celeste Holm left on her own accord, tired of the soap grind, or at least that's what my mother told me according to her soap magazines. I remember thinking it odd that she "left her husband behind." If they did in fact fire her, that must have been awkward with Wesley Addy still on the show having to act opposite his wife's replacement. My mom quipped about how Isabelle's face in the portrait with Cabot kept changing. I think I have an episode on tape of when Cabot came back from the dead, plain clothes and baseball cap on a park bench talking to somebody. I'll post it when/if I find it.
  15. The Doctors

    Isn't this the actress who played Ina Hopkins on OLTL? When I was in high school, I imagined who else could ever possibly play Erica Kane. For whatever reasons, I came up with Goldie Hawn in a dark wig (wtf? lol) and Anna Stuart. AS based on looks, stature, and the whole diva-vixen thing (I only knew her as Donna at that point). Now seeing her on TD, I particularly see a resemblance to SL, they certainly could have played sisters, Robin Strasser rounding out the three. Tom shaking the [!@#$%^&*] out of Ann in her hospital bed is the height of inappropriate.