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  1. Another World

    She looked like Rachel but she had surgery to look *just like* Rachel. I remember Justine having these solo monologue scenes where she was in bandages.
  2. Another World

    Yes, you are correct. I also remember that Justine had telltale scars on her wrists from attempted suicide.
  3. Antenna TV Thread

    Oh I could totally see that! He DID look more like Flo. PH was not overtly sexy, not unlike Rue McClanahan, but they owned and sold their signature roles exceptionally.
  4. Antenna TV Thread

    Did Jason Bateman sometimes wear a rinse in his hair on THF? There are episodes where it looks damn near Dreyfuss the dog red. You know, it's a wonder I didn't have more crushes growing up. Granted, I was only in elementary school and other societal pressures, but Bateman, Mark & Willie, Rob Stone, Ricky Schroeder... completely lost on me at the time.
  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    Oh that's interesting. We've discussed it before, but the leap from Kristen to Felicity was quite a big one, so physically different.
  6. AMC Tribute Thread

    Anyone remember the movie Speed Zone? Lol I watched it a million times in the 6th grade. That's where my great memories of Melody Anderson lie, she and Shari Belafonte burning down the road in their high tech Ferrari. As said, a lovely actress, just not Natalie. She could have been a great Laurel. My mom had a little TV on her desk at work and she said she was moved to tears when Melody's Natalie saw the angel at the top of the tree. That was probably the highlight of Melody's tenure on the show.
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

    I think the actress (lightskinned, braids) who replaced her as Simone did a lovely job with the part, she's actually the Simone I saw and remember the most from watching in high school. Then again, I'm guessing she was given stronger material, the divorce, dealing with young Tommy. My memory of SQ's Angie is of a rather generic, "safe" performance. A tough situation, I'd love to hear what she thought about her days with AMC. She didn't strike the chords we were used to with Angie. Debbi's voice and face are so distinctive, it's hard to buy Angie in anyone less than a clone, which as history has shown us on soaps, rarely works either. I loved SQ on Hanging with Mr. Cooper though, she emerged vividly, there was no shadow of Dawnn Lewis cast over her in my view.
  8. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    What did I miss, there are two Jeffs? This question comes per a picture Nicolette posted on IG.
  9. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Dynasty is not an 8 o'clock show and shame on the universe for making me choose between it and Master Chef Junior.
  10. Antenna TV Thread

    I have to say, past few Sundays, my TV has stayed on Antenna all day long. Didn't flip until primetime. And Mr. Belvedere and The Hogan Family while I make dinner between my two hour-long blocks of Judge Judy is love.
  11. The Doctors

    My precious 1/1:30am episodes are gone.
  12. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Giving her the whole house gives Alexis too much power, imo, but hey, I guess you can't tell the exact same story twice. :/ Having Alexis just be deeded the studio, she was more of an interloper, a spider slowly weaving her web. Nicolette presents as post Cecil even. Audiences have no patience these days and if they want to ride off of the nostalgia quotient or anything a twentysomething would know about Dynasty, they've got to skip to magazine cover Joan Collins ColbyCo era Alexis.
  13. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    To answer my own question, it was Tom which is too bad because Bill Smitrovich was the strongest actor on the show.
  14. The Doctors

    Darn, how long ago did Niles appear? Knew him from acting school.
  15. AMC Tribute Thread

    I loved this promo campaign, OLTL had some great ones too. The music always reminded me of this classic commercial: Erica's, "I could kill you!" was of course foreshadowing the little incident with the letter opener. Same. When she was on Swan's, I referred to her as "the Erica" of that show. Such a pleasant surprise to read in my mother's SOD that she'd been cast on AMC. Had no idea what was in store. In hindsight, I can hardly believe how clueless I was about Kendall being Erica's daughter. I remember watching with my grandfather the scene where Mona helps Kendall fix her necklace and Kendall pulls up her hair to reveal a birthmark on the back of her neck. Mona made a concerned look and I asked my grandfather what that was about and he offered that the birthmark might be cancerous (!!!).