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  1. She was also the third actress to play Natalie and Janet's mother, Wilma, on AMC.
  2. Some literal LOL today at the sheer ridiculousness and skewed moral center. When Eli attempted to arrest John, I shouted, "Are you kidding me!?" When Marlena went to the chapel and softly prayed that Jan was okay, I blurted, "FVCK JAN!" A woman says she killed your daughter, and suddenly we're apologizing for choking the bitch out?? I'd expect nothing less. "I don't know what came over me..." Uh, the FATHER came over you. Philip looks rode hard and put away wet. This is the same character who's an amputee right, back when the dude from The Real World played him?
  3. Of course the timeline is off, but my gut reaction was Daniel Kennedy's Petey. I thought Nelsen *was* gay and when I saw your post I sort of RME at what I perceived to be an art imitates life copout. [Charlotte Rae]Guess I was WRO-onng...[/Charlotte Rae]
  4. He and his former HR ruin everything they touch from the past which is why I'm so perplexed when fans go fantasy recasting when a new actor is announced.
  5. Is GH streamed on ABC's app? I have Mondays off and I watched today's episode in its entirety, a first in forever. I may give it a try. I'm sorry that I'd never seen this Dev guy until today.
  6. I'm starting to get into this show, it was pretty inoffensive today (i.e., no Ben). I'm still reticent about what they're doing with Allie. I fear that she'll be turned into some antiquated "lesson" in what becomes of impulsive young women (slut-shamed). Meanwhile, good looking young men rape and murder yet deserve umpteenth chances at redemption.
  7. The Beverlee McKinsey tribute was lovely. My only complaint is that it was too short. I can hardly wait to read her bio that's currently being written.
  8. Thank you! I appreciate your response because I'm clueless. He reminds me of Eric Dearborn off of All My Children, Gabriel aka "Dog Boy"... Sue Simmons' nephew. I have the same suspicions, but I found his befuddled take more annoying than endearing. I have no sentimental connection to DOOL whereas I remember Cady from her first days on AMC when I was in elementary school... for me, she's a warm, welcome, familiar presence. LK gives me missing link between Robin Strasser and Anna Stuart at their respective heights of Dorian and Donna greatness, this stuff with
  9. What does Gwen have against Abby? I've only recently started regularly watching.
  10. I really wanted to love this but I found myself easily distracted while watching. I dig the televangelist premise (I grew up watching the Bakkers and the Crouches, still watch the Swaggarts)... this show could have been a lot more gripping.
  11. An Italian viewer was kind enough to chronologically upload the first few years of the show, albeit in Italian. I watched anyway and having some knowledge of the plotlines it wasn't too hard to follow along. It was nice to see all of Carolyn Jones' and Marla Adams' episodes. I didn't realize that Carolyn actually came back and did a few more episodes after Marla's stint.
  12. These reunions can make me a little antsy, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one as it held my attention throughout (maybe because I'm hungry for any BTS stuff on Capitol). Constance Towers is beautiful and seems like such a lovely soul. It was nice to hear Nicholas' memories working with his Myrnas, the Trey-Myrna relationship being his favorite. Along with the reasons some of you have already mentioned, the panelists (who were close with Conboy) shared the belief that cancellation had most to do with Conboy's ownership of the show. Capitol was a John Conboy Production and licensing w
  13. Damn, I don't have VH1 anymore! I pray that it shows up online.
  14. On AMC, Riegel would hold her eyes open in order to tear up. There was the tell-tale lid flickering.
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