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  1. SFK

    Prayers For Tracy Bergman

    My heart broke when she started crying. All the while I was in awe of how amazing she looks.
  2. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I was listening to the late '60s Niki Smith scene on Youtube and I'm curious to know more about the fall-out over Meredith not being Victor's biological daughter. Was that ever reversed or did it stick? I mean, Victor obviously loved her and was happy to raise her as his own, but I wonder if legally there was anything to do with that.
  3. Wow, thanks for sharing that. I haven't seen many of these red table talks but the ones I have seen have been very interesting viewing; genuine gestures of healing.
  4. SFK

    AMC Tribute Thread

    Did you guys check out her Everything But the House charity auctions? A glimpse into her closet, I mean this was just the stuff she's willing to part with. I couldn't help but shake my head and smile. Our girl certainly knows how to spend that well-earned money.
  5. SFK

    AMC Tribute Thread

    This was a couple months after SL had her "nose management". She looks SO good here.
  6. SFK

    Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    Lol, I was torn between erectile dysfunction and Eileen Davidson.
  7. SFK

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    True dat, that's valid! Excuse me, Kyle desecrated a grave??
  8. SFK

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    Uncross your arms Eileen Davidson! These scenes would be even more fire if you didn't block off your centre. #actingclass101
  9. SFK

    Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    They went on to make at least two more ham-fisted references. Bonnie told Mimi, "You of all people know that we only have one life to live, so let's spend the days of our lives (yadda yadda yadda...)"
  10. @EricMontreal22 You should make a bid on Lucci's signed copy of your favourite book. https://www.ebth.com/items/9304681-inscribed-all-her-children-by-dan-wakefield-to-susan-lucci-more-acting-books
  11. SFK

    Any Capitol Fans Here?

    @vetsoapfan or others, did the show honor Carolyn Jones' passing with an onscreen tribute?
  12. SFK

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I watched that episode with Gillian Spencer at Paley (when it was still called The Museum of Television and Radio) in New York over a decade ago, but this video appears to be someone recording a clip reel from a cast/crew event post-cancellation announcement. My mom was one of those from day one OLTL viewers and she said Spencer's Niki was amazing. Even Slezak mentions in her Archive interview that she'd heard how good Spencer's Niki was and she was intimidated about taking on the role of the multiple.
  13. Waymint, I'm sorry, now WHY was Jack getting his DNA compared to Victor's?