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  1. Waymint, I'm sorry, now WHY was Jack getting his DNA compared to Victor's?
  2. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    A couple of my college classmates are experiencing personal highs. Lawrence St. Victor (B&B) and Shay Flake are new parents and Lawrence's Wed-Locked series with Karla Mosely will appear in the L.A. film festival in October. Constance Wu's (OLTL) Crazy Rich Asians continues to chart highly!
  3. They Almost Became

    Years ago, I worked at a talent agency in Rockville, MD. While clearing through old files, I found the bodyshot and resumé of former Miss Maryland, Tonja Walker. I of course nabbed it and took it home and my stupid father in one of his mindless sweeps threw it away. ?
  4. OLTL Tribute Thread

    For what it's worth, I thought Viki and Sloan were incredibly elegant with one another, all of that camel hair and mink. The General and the Lady of the Banner, undoubtedly Viki's best match with a man of her "station".
  5. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    Particularly soapy when they implement rack focus, switching from the person in the background to the person in the foreground, vice versa.
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    That would be amazing! I think I read there was another actress after the wonderful Norma Donaldson passed. Would have loved to see EH with VR, would have been much less interested in seeing her in scene after scene with CK. ?
  7. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    When I'm up early on Saturday mornings, I always get into these PBS reruns. Then the credits roll and I realize I'm watching episodes from 11 years ago. :/ Today's episodes were about Patrick being attacked in the shop and Sean getting fingered by Chelsea and Deano.
  8. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    Well. I wish this project the best. I hope they cast new moulds and don't fall too easily into the trap of having "the nuJulia", "the nuSuzanne", et cetera, and we did see that already when Dixie's daughters played her nieces in the original. I'm giving this a fair shot. I'm most apprehensive about how they may choose to fill the Anthony spot. I'm over being bothered by these reboots/sequels/reinterpretations. No one's forcing us to consider them canon, let alone, to watch.
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    ? She is still so sharp with great humor, energy, and recall.
  10. The Aretha Franklin Thread

    Denise ("Niecy") hasn't sung with them since the eighties. They faced a lot of backlash from COGIC in the eighties when they gained a lot of commercial recognition and success. Niecy had kids out of wedlock, apparently that's the reason why she split as judgmental eyes from the organization fell down upon her. Similarly, their mother, Mattie, was criticized for singing with them on the Grammys as she was the head of COGIC's music ministry. Essentially, just a bunch of b.s. from power bent fake ass Christrians always trying to keep talented women under their thumbs, meanwhile they're sleeping around impregnating underage girls and sweeping it all under the rug... blah... don't get me started...
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    And she was the wicked grandmami on GL, I wasn't watching then. When I was in acting school, I asked my teacher, Eulalie Noble, if she remembered Ellen Holly from their Actors Studio days. Eulalie (who did The Doctors, still trying to find her episodes) said, "Yes, oh yes, she was GOOD." Eulalie had a camptastic scenes with Arlo Guthrie in Alice's Restaurant. My other acting teacher, Joan Potter, was classmates with Agnes Nixon, Paul Lynde, and Charlotte Rae at Northwestern. She's passed, wish I'd asked her about Agnes, she only told me stories about Paul and Charlotte and their early days in New York. Joan and Ellen both did Lear, different productions, with Joe Papp.
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Like the Lewises, Beverlee was from Oklahoma. That was just her accent seeping. Her tipsy-toeing through autumn leaves Iris/Alex voice was the true affectation. Marj is from Russell, Kansas. Her twang isn't as strong as fellow Russell native Bob Dole, most actors find a more neutral sound. But like Beverlee, while the twang is muted, it's still there.
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Although she didn't state his name, Linda Dano said that Joe Stuart was the first person she thought of when she won her Emmy. When they were discussing her decision to leave One Life, he warned her that she'd never play lead like (unnamed actress; I always assumed Robin though now I'm more inclined to go with Jacqueline). So winning best lead actress was her, "Ha! So there!" moment to Joe. I'm about to crack into these Ellen Holly videos. My parents met her in a crowded hotel elevator in White Plains, NY (her home, not at all far from PP 2.0's Stamford location, alas) after they moved me into college. They called me and I didn't have my cell phone on me. ? EH was with her family for an event and my mom said without seeing her at first, she heard the voice and recognized it immediately. My mom had bought me her autobio for my (unfinished) senior project on the tragic mulatto archetype of television and film. Meanwhile, Miss Holly and André Leon Talley frequent the same diner. I wonder if they've ever chatted. I would piss rainbow tears sharing the lunch counter with those two.