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  1. I'm named after my father, who was named after his grandfather and uncle, but even I got tired of all the Juniors and twists like Joey becoming Jake, Eric Jr. becoming Rick, Adam Jr. becoming J.R., fake Todd becoming Victor Jr., et cetera. I do like Victor and Victoria Lord, Eric and Eric Kane, Victor, Victoria, Nichole, and Nicholas Newman, and that's about it. Oh, and Alan and Alan-Michael Spaulding.
  2. Lesley-Anne Down's character on Sunset Beach was originally named Sheila Richards. Lesley objected to the name, which is Australian slang, saying no self-respecting Brit would be called "Sheila". She suggested Olivia.
  3. This. On AMC, I could not stand to listen to him speak. Just like Cole on OLTL.
  4. Morgan Fairchild's character on The City was originally named Lauren Chase. Morgan felt that there were already so many Laurens around (Hutton is the only one I recall her listing). She suggested Sydney, adding that she preferred mens names anyway (not that Lauren isn't a man's name too). I had an initial adverse reaction to GH's Alexis Davis' name. Like Erica, I just felt that the name should go untouched by another character in all of soapdom. I couldn't imagine another Dorian either.
  5. Another World

    @vetsoapfan do you have memories of Margie Impert's Rachel?
  6. Indeed! AMC did a bootleg version with Eric Kane.
  7. General Hospital July 2018

    Oh Lawd, lol, just watched my college buddy Artie O'Daly as Kip. He posted his scenes on Facebook. Such a wonderful human being, so happy for him.
  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Did you notice the Bukes' yellow patio furniture just like the Ewings?
  9. Everything Susan Lucci Eats In A Day

    I saw this on her Instagram the other day. She's so cute when she over does it with the pumpkin seeds. I've followed her for a while now and she plates the prettiest healthy breakfasts and lunches that look so refreshing. They keep with my perpetual Perricone diet and I've certainly borrowed a few new ideas from her. What I wouldn't give to have Mrs. Huber make me my perfect cuppa joe in the morning.
  10. Thanks for sharing the documentary John, I watched it the other night. So deeply disturbing. I'm so glad those predators were exposed. When he was recording his abuser in the car I practically applauded!
  11. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Capitol definitely got a funkier theme in Italy, a theme which actually reminds me more of the "real" D.C. beyond the staid political veneer. The disco-tinged thumping theme makes me think of nightlife among the young international transient crowd with their bottle service and wads of mommie and daddie's cash. Of course if I did a show set in D.C. the theme would be 100% go-go, congos, cowbells and all.
  12. Best Soap Opera Opening

    ITA. So gorgeous in its simplicity just like Y&R with Dvore's sketches, but evocative in its own right with the black background and the portraits which at a momentary loss for words I can only affectionately describe as Olan Mills on crack. I know very little about this show, but like any great headshot, I get a sense of who these people ARE (especially Meg). Is that final pic Bambi? Those gorgeous eyes, that expression on her face...
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I watched that episode at Paley years ago, what a treat, I plan to see it again the next time I'm in NY. Was this from the OLTL wrap party? You can hear the crowd reacting to Erika, I imagine many of them were learning of "another" Viki and a very much alive Victor Lord for the first time. I don't know how Gillian Spencer played Viki on a day-to-day basis, but in this episode at least, her Viki showed great concern for Merrie while remaining very reserved, still. Think of the quiet, understated, unflappable approach Beverlee McKinsey took to material, particularly in her final years on GL.
  14. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Did PP air one ep each day then all five on the weekend? I don't recall. But I'd be down for something like that and it would be interesting to monitor viewing habits and see if the daily releases are "worth" it. When I was streaming B&B for a while there, I'd often watch two or three at a time. My personal issue with that was impatience with ads and poor pause/ff/rw functions; and the feeling that it was chore watching instead of daily enjoyment.