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  1. No, I was just commenting on the drawing’s appearance. Here’s a brief glimpse of Carolyn’s Myrna in English. I posted this on YouTube some years ago, it’s from her A&E Biography. The episode is from the first week of the show, Tyler’s hero’s welcome home reception. At the time, that was the largest set ever built for daytime.
  2. Is that grey I see in little D.J.’s hair??
  3. Back in the day, I thought it was Drake before I read that it was Dee. It was Bill dubbing himself just as I suppose Dee will do once again.
  4. Is there a category for limited series or could it perhaps qualify as a special?
  5. I watch with the CC on and it annoys me that she is credited as “female narrator” just as much as it annoys me how Macdonald Carey is identified as “male announcer”. I’m sure there are union rules at play but it just seems hollow and disrespectful to these legendary cast members.
  6. The script for the final episode is also available. I wonder if it includes the stage direction of Rauch stomping out his cigar.
  7. @amybrickwallace posted an Etsy link in the Capitol thread which got me to clicking around. Perhaps it’s already been posted in this thread, but here’s a link to the script for the first episode: https://www.etsy.com/listing/866729714/santa-barbara-script-ep-1-1984-nbc?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=capitol+book+soap+opera&ref=sr_gallery-6-3&organic_search_click=1
  8. I was at a Maryland amusement park as a child in the eighties, and in one of the gift shops there was a large kiosk full of these for a variety of soaps. I’d love to read them, but at sixty bucks a pop, I’ll have to wait for a better deal.
  9. Just the one, to which my mother unmercifully remarked a few years later, “Why it look like she need another one?” LD said that she did NOT want to do a, “Felicia has a facelift” story, insisting that was Jeanne Cooper’s thing, so they sent her through a skylight.
  10. Speaking of the Lord family, I would love to see more of Victor’s sister, Gwendolyn Lord-Abbott (played by Arthur Miller’s sister, Joan Copeland, who is still with us at 99). She sounds like a Phoebe English Tyler-type, a meddlesome hoot.
  11. Was KK ill during the filming of the first reunion movie? I remember his voice sounding strained/shaky. It took me out seeing J.R. rolling around with Monica Colby. I mean, God bless Tracy Scoggins, but for a reunion movie of an iconic ‘80s primetime soap, I didn’t like them mixing brands.
  12. Perfectly put, ITA. This is the type of Valentine to the fans one would expect to see in a soap magazine, not People, and I applaud People for it. It disappoints me that SOD never did a series of spreads like this one for Blake. Imagine all of the Vikis, the Dorians, the Jills… the Kevins (oy).
  13. Michael was a lovely person and I cherish our early days on set in Baltimore. A certain rapper who I won’t even dignify by name has taken multiple opportunities to disparage Michael in life and even more egregiously in death, sweeping my image into his filth along the way, but what Michael, David Simon, and the writers of The Wire created in terms of LGBTQ characters of color for the audience at large is unequivocally untouchable and there is no degree of homophobia that will ever rob from that pop cultural contribution.
  14. And they were being fed information from the shows themselves. You see this a lot in old soap magazines and even in books like Soap World (Vikki Lord, Dorian Kramer). You can’t blame the lack of closed captioning because there were closing credits.
  15. You are certainly correct in terms of who Felicia became (thanks to Linda Dano), but the character was conceived quite differently. As Linda says, Felicia was supposed to be a bitch and her early material had shades of Alexis down to the white Roller and getting pushed into a pool.
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