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  1. Erica did not interact with Palmer Cortlandt until 1983, when she and Palmer became friends in their joint effort to bring down Lars Bogard. Erica did not interact with Liza Colby at all until the mid-‘90s, when Liza became station manager of WRCW (where Erica’s talk show was being produced). After Erica moved back to Pine Valley from NYC into Linden House, she didn’t seem to interact much with Dixie (even though Dixie was Palmer’s niece and Opal’s daughter-in-law, who were both good friends of Erica’s).
  2. I believe they tried going there in the early 2000s w/ Laura and Bianca.
  3. “I will NOT have her piggy, little face on the cover of MY magazine!!”
  4. AMC didn’t really start to rise in popularity/ratings until around 1972-1973, with Erica’s abortion storyline, the Jason Maxwell murder trial (Mona Kane did it), as well as a presumed-dead Phillip returning from Vietnam shortly thereafter.
  5. Yes. While I feel Susan Lucci is a better actress than most people give her credit for, the quest to get her an Emmy sometimes prevented more worthy actresses of obtaining nominations - particularly Kate Collins, IMO. Kate should’ve been nominated for her work in 1987-1988 (and WON, IMO), as well as nominated for her work in 1991-1992.
  6. Remember when Erica went to jail for insider trading, and all the inmates LOVED her?? ”This is America - Freedom for Erica!!” And then that hip-hop boyband serenaded her from the yard or whatever, with their “Erica Kane” track?? I have to admit - I sort of enjoyed the “train wreck” aspect of it all.... but it was such a stark contrast to when Erica went to prison in 1983 for shooting Kent Bogard - and the inmates LOATHED her, with her cellmate, Kathy Bates (‘Belle’), tormenting her daily. Much more realistic.
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