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  1. AMC Tribute Thread

    Erica ends up in the holding cell next to Janet....
  2. AMC Tribute Thread

    Was that when she was being managed by Jason Maxwell??
  3. AMC Tribute Thread

    Tempo was a national magazine, with offices in NYC. Adam purchased the magazine, and moved the offices to Pine Valley so Brooke could run it (she didn’t want to move to New York).
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

    Erica’s first encounter with Opal!! It’s amazing how they eventually became BFFs!! ?
  5. The soap opera writers' discussion

    I posted this in the AMC Tribute Thread, but I think it belongs here especially. I’ve never felt Dick Cavett was a good interviewer, but this is still interesting and a treat - Agnes Nixon discussing her writing technique, etc. This appears to be from 1978 (btw, Cavett would make a cameo on AMC shortly after this).....
  6. The soap opera writers' discussion

    That was the real Silver (not the imposter who framed Erica for murder a few years before). To answer your question - Natalie killed Silver. Natalie had recently been raped by Ross Chandler and was being gaslighted by Silver (making her believe there was a male prowler whom would rape her again). Natalie proceeded to stuff Silver’s body inside Timmy’s (her son’s) toy chest. I believe Palmer later helped her dump the body in a pond on his property (which Dixie saw while taking a swim; she kept her eyes open “for snakes”). And, yes - I’m fairly certain Broderick was the writer.
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

    I would love to see Erica Kane getting arrested for weed possession. I guess that was her first brush with the law (before going to prison for Kent Bogard’s “murder” in 1983).. ??
  8. AMC Tribute Thread

    Well, you have to be a bit cray to get a facelift to hold onto a man!! ? Margo was murdered, if I recall from my readings. ETA: OK, I guess Margo was not murdered; she left Pine Valley after attempting to kill Anne via carbon monoxide. No jail time?? Another question - was Margo Flax AMC’s first bona fide psycho??
  9. AMC Tribute Thread

    Jason Maxwell!! Mona ended up murdering him, “blacking out” the entire incident.
  10. AMC Tribute Thread

    Margo was a former model, correct?? I believe she and Erica bonded over the model thing. Regarding Mona and Dr. Charles - from everything I’ve read, there seems to have been an attraction from the beginning, but Charles turned to Mona more for comfort as Phoebe’s drinking grew progressively worse.
  11. Did the focus on appealing to housewives kill US Soaps?

    Yes, McTavish’s second stint as HW of AMC was pure crap; I largely loved her first stint, however. I don’t know if it was the influence of FMB, but I think most of the stories worked then (I hated that Tad/Dixie/Brooke/Edmund/Maria clusterf*ck, though ?). Erica & Kendall in court really was gripping, IMO.
  12. Ratings from the 80's

    Where’s OLTL??