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  1. The interviewer is irritating, but it’s nice to see Kate.
  2. And all of them were dreadful, horribly-written characters (Ryan, too, post Gillian’s untimely demise).
  3. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, as the book was released in 2018, but I just finished reading Michelle Obama’s memoir, BECOMING, and she makes a brief AMC mention (pg. 42):
  4. All My Children wins for ‘Outstanding Daytime Drama:’
  5. All My Children is the only daytime soap that Kate Collins appeared on, I’m fairly certain.
  6. Agreed. 😢 The storyline (written by the wonderful Lorraine Broderick) was definitely ahead of its time / daring for the time period.
  7. It’s often erroneously stated on sites that Natalie & Janet were twins; if you watch the “Natalie In the Well” story (which is on YouTube from start to finish), however, it’s clearly written that Janet is Natalie’s younger sister (by one year). Janet was introduced as an overweight woman with dark brown hair, who looked NOTHING like Natalie (other than facial features). I’m always annoyed when I read that they were “twins”, when they only looked identical after Janet made herself over. Yes, it’s incredibly far-fetched that a non-twin sibling could make herself over to look identical to her sister, but Kate Collins did such a stellar job. The storyline has become iconic.
  8. I thought Michael Sabatino did a fine job in the role. I believe they briefly had a different actor portray Dr. Kinder originally.
  9. I believe they both worked at a detective agency and started chatting on the internet computers at the agency, not knowing who the other was in reality.
  10. No. The ‘N’ Word was used on AMC in January 1992, when Terrence was attacked by the 2 white racists at the gym. I don’t know if that was the first time ever on a soap, though.
  11. Oh!! A reference to Jenny (who, to my knowledge, didn’t appear on-screen until 1981). Cool.
  12. I’ve shared before how I was always skeptical regarding that claim.
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