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  1. AMC Tribute Thread

    Actually, I remember seeing an earlier clip, I believe from 1989, with Natalie calling the character of Marissa (Rampal) a “bitch” to her face.
  2. AMC Tribute Thread

    I just found the episode I've been looking for forever. The very last scene of the episode...... Erica: ''She is lying!! She is lying!! She's nothing but a lying BITCH!!''
  3. AMC Tribute Thread

    Oh!! At first I thought you meant the character of Simone Torres (Terri Ivens). Do you mean her scenes with the character of Taylor Roxbury-Cannon (Ingrid Rogers) in the episode I posted??
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    Erica makes up with Opal ( after treating her like dirt for the 12,000th time ).
  6. Front burner to forgotten

    All My Children: Hillary Devon Ross
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

  8. AMC Tribute Thread

    Erica seems to only like women she doesn’t see as a romantic threat (Opal, Myrtle). Of course, as much as I enjoyed the Opal/Erica friendship, Opal usually kissed her ass.
  9. AMC Tribute Thread

    I tend to agree. Was his pairing w/ Laurel popular at all?? I remember reading there was a bit of an uproar when Jack had the one-night fling w/ Erica in 1994 in NYC. She was estranged from Dimitri at the time due to the stabbing/Kendall drama.
  10. AMC Tribute Thread

    Was that when Erica was working as a waitress (“Sally”) at a diner??
  11. AMC Tribute Thread

    Agreed. i feel the same about Natalie, too.
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    You can see her in many 1990 episodes on YouTube. Here she is having a scene w/ Trevor (around the 6:00 mark):
  13. AMC Tribute Thread

    Erica wanted to play herself in the film, but she was a terrible actress. In one hilarious scene, Adam has Erica do a screen test; they recreated Erica confronting Faux-Silver over the Kent affair. Erica was GODAWFUL, over-the-top and mugging, even portraying herself. Adam replaced her with a different actress — I think the character’s name was Danielle — much to Erica’s horror. In the end, the film version of Raising Kane bombed at the box-office.
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    These promos were the sh*t.
  15. AMC Tribute Thread

    “Jane?? Who’s Jane??”