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  1. Who are YOU to tell Erica Kane about ‘GLAMOUR’??... I wrote the BOOK!!
  2. Early Babs reminded me of Sigourney Weaver’s character in Working Girl.
  3. Tom was the epitome of a “mean drunk” - and I concur with the person who said he appeared possessed when his rage came out. The mediocre Deidre Hall should’ve taken notes to appear more convincing. But back to Tom.... He was also a devout Catholic, who balked at his wife taking contraceptives because she was career-oriented and didn’t want to be a mother at that time. Did he even know about Erica’s early ‘70s abortion??!! I think not, as he probably would’ve stoned Miss Kane to death if he knew!! (Btw, I liked the Barbara character. Yeah, she should’ve w
  4. Oh, dear!! Our dear Ruth Warrick was the original Kanye West!!
  5. Seems to be Travis & Jackson’s Southern aunt. The Montgomery Family was Southern, I believe (the Carolinas??), yet Travis and Jack never had Southern accents that I recall.
  6. Interesting. So was Travis faking his amnesia, too?? I thought a highlight during this period were Natalie & Jeremy - finally together & happy. It was so short-lived, though, with the introduction of psycho Marissa. I feel Natalie was definitely Jeremy’s best female partner. A “haunted” island in the Pacific NW that was owned by Goldie Kane, I believe. It was where Erica was taken to be murdered by a hypnotized Silver (under Dr. Lazarre).
  7. Was this the storyline everyone hated - Erica as a diner waitress named ‘Sally’?? The show seemed so heavy during this period - nothing in the way of brightness.
  8. Carol and Rosie talk AMC @ 4:35.
  9. Me too!! I had to google it. https://michaelfairmantv.com/amcs-francesca-james-at-center-of-bizarre-allegations-from-the-late-julie-harris-former-employees-and-friends/2013/11/24/
  10. Perhaps he was irked because they continuously referred to Lars as a “Nazi”?? ”WWII war criminal” sounds nicer. I often wonder if the revision saved the Janet character..?? How can a person (who’s already committed kidnappings, identity theft, murder, numerous attempted murders, ect.) come back from bombing a public event?? (ETA: Of course, years later, she bombed Erica Kane’s Mardi Gras Ball)
  11. I thought he looked better with some weight on. The weight loss really aged him aesthetically. Anyway, that seems like a silly reason to drop the heart storyline. ”Fit” people can have heart disease, too. (Look at Susan Lucci!!)
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