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  1. Maureen O’Sullivan as ‘Olive Whelan’ on All My Children:
  2. I notice Janet is mentioned: (what is she ''busy'' doing?? Talking to mirrors?? Poor Janet)
  3. I really didn't care much for Bianca's gown when she married Reese. Reese's was alright, if a tad common.
  4. I rather adored the sleek wedding gown Kate Collins wore when Natalie married Jeremy. It was a high-fashion gown and not the usual tacky, puffed-out wedding dresses which were ubiquitous in the ‘80s.
  5. AMC He performed on Erica’s talk show, The Cutting Edge.
  6. Stevie Wonder on All My Children.
  7. But it looks good when Erica calls Kendall a “lying bitch” in court:
  8. All My Children’s Candice Earley Dead at 68 https://soaps.sheknows.com/news/all-my-childrens-candice-earley-dead-at-68/
  9. Yes, it really did look fabulous on her. This was a photo shoot for the Having It All book (1997).
  10. This is for Jonathan and AllMyShadows:
  11. I read up - Palmer John was conceived in Switzerland when Donna & Chuck we’re trapped in a cave after an avalanche in the Alps. They both thought they were going to die.
  12. This was Donna’s baby, the one who died in the fire at the Château, correct??
  13. LOL - Janet is hilarious here 😂:
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