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  1. I believe they both worked at a detective agency and started chatting on the internet computers at the agency, not knowing who the other was in reality.
  2. No. The ‘N’ Word was used on AMC in January 1992, when Terrence was attacked by the 2 white racists at the gym. I don’t know if that was the first time ever on a soap, though.
  3. Oh!! A reference to Jenny (who, to my knowledge, didn’t appear on-screen until 1981). Cool.
  4. I’ve shared before how I was always skeptical regarding that claim.
  5. That is meant as a compliment, actually. AMC was always the most REAL - and “real” is now..... even though reality shows (namely Real Housewives) couldn’t be more fake. Am I making any sense?? LOL The cattiness at the dinner party/in the powder room, a drunk (usually Phoebe) causing a scene at a public event, the delusional diva/business mogul (Erica)..... it’s totally The Real Housewives..... I prefer the Pine Valley (played by actors) version, of course. I hope that made sense. I’m really tired. I believe in one of his books, Cohen said he envisioned those shows as Pine Valley.
  6. Well, I enjoyed how you could have high comedy and intense drama all in one episode on AMC. But besides the playing of the Ouija board or a seance (I read an episode summary from the ‘70s that had little Tad trying to summon spirits w/ Grandma Kate; and we all know about Myra’s seances w/ Nina), I don’t want that lowbrow, lazy sci-fi crap in Pine Valley. Those Real Housewives shows are truly most like AMC out of any soap (less interesting, of course).
  7. The Voodoo/Jamaica plot was apparently mandated by ABC (and wasn’t Broderick’s idea). I believe it was done to compete w/ the lowbrow (yet ratings’ successful) stories happening on DOOL at the time.
  8. I see that now. For some reason, that was a missing week in the ratings I found.
  9. I know AMC was only 0.3 behind Y&R a couple times in early ‘93.
  10. AMC hit #1 again for a week in late 1987 - I believe in either November or December. I’m fairly certain this was the week the verdict was read in Ross Chandler’s trial for the rape of Natalie.
  11. Thank-you for posting that!! It seems to confirm the “20 million viewers” for Steve & Betsy’s wedding is bs. I’ve always questioned it, because it never added up.
  12. Really?? May Sweeps never counted?? I was always told that a yearly ratings period for daytime soaps is September - September, so the 1983-1984 rankings would be for September 1983 - September 1984. Anyway, just because someone wrote that doesn’t make it factual. It was reported for years that GL rated #1 for a few week’s stretch in the summer of ‘84, but someone just debunked that after doing extensive research (GL was, in actuality, #1 in its time-slot for that period, not #1 overall). Anyway, I still find it hard to believe that a semi-popular soap (at that point in time) attracted 20 million viewers for a wedding. Steve & Betsy were no Luke & Laura or Jenny & Greg.
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