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  1. Agreed 100%. I also liked how the seeds of Mark’s cocaine addiction were planted early on (with Erica treating it with casual disdain).... and then him hitting rock bottom in 1987, with Erica staging his intervention. The “slow burn” of it made it seem more realistic (to an actual, authentic drug addiction), rather than, perhaps, just playing out over a few months to a year. Btw, given Erica’s eventual addiction to prescription pain killers, I think it would’ve been interesting if they had either Kendall or Bianca suffer some sort of injury and develop the same addict
  2. All My Children also lost many of its’ most popular stars around this time period (1984) - Kim Delaney, Dorothy Lyman, Taylor Miller and Marcy Walker.
  3. 1983 Erica must contend with a bunch of annoying industry cokeheads during her Manhattan penthouse cocktail party.... meanwhile, bitchy gossip columnist Audrey “Bloodhound” Wilson drops in unannounced!!
  4. I had forgotten about JY’s fine ASS Thank-you for reminding me. Anyhow, just from that clip, I was amazed how everyone pretty much looks exactly the same as a decade earlier (when the show left ABC).
  5. See All My Children Co-Stars Reunite & Relive Their Craziest Soap Opera Moments https://www.eonline.com/news/1277401/see-all-my-children-co-stars-reunite-relive-their-craziest-soap-opera-moments
  6. Yes!! And I forgot to mention that the Phoebe/Charles/Mona saga was reaching its’ climax, with Charles filing for divorce and marrying Mona in 1980.
  7. It could’ve very well have been Eddie Dorrance’s murder. Eddie was pumping Kelly full of drugs and beating her; she needed amphetamines to perform her singing act, and barbiturates to come down. Eddie had also raped Brooke, with her getting pregnant and having an abortion (a plot point many seem to have forgotten). I believe it was briefly mentioned in ‘94, when Brooke had her ectopic pregnancy w/ Tad, and perhaps earlier when she was having fertility problems w/ Adam. Anyhow, ‘78-‘79 was also the year when Erica wed conservative, old-fashioned Catholic Tom Cudahy, with her posi
  8. From my recollection, SOD wrote how the cast was bloated and that there were a bunch of “island” storylines - with characters isolated in their own particular plots. I remember the article being posted here before, so perhaps it will be again (so we can get more clarity). And not like ratings are the measure of quality storytelling, but the ratings did dip significantly over 1985-1986. Three huge stars left around 1984 - Dorothy Lyman, Kim Delaney, and Marcy Walker. I always thought that contributed - at least somewhat - to the dip. But ratings shot up again in the latter h
  9. I believe AMC was given the “Most Improved Show” acknowledgment for 1987, by SOD, thanks largely to the drama at Cortlandt Manor (Ross/Natalie/Palmer/Julie). IIRC, that story is credited to the wonderful Lorraine Broderick.
  10. Great find!! The host is incredibly irritating, though. Anyway, I thought I’d share these photos from the wedding of Kate Collins & Charles Newell (renowned Chicago theatre director & producer) in October 1992: Current:
  11. I wish Wisner had spilled the tea regarding Megan McTavish. She definitely has a reputation for being stubborn/difficult.... but I wanted DETAILS. Wisner is classy, of course. Anyhow, I, too, had a hard time understanding the cohost (his voice kept breaking up). I did feel bad for him, though. Oh, and the Lynn Carson (Daytime’s first OUT character, correct??) story played - and ended - in 1983. So they were quite off when they mentioned “25 or 27 years ago.” I read somewhere that the show was going to have the character be a gay male, but decid
  12. OK, I totally misunderstood that YOU think of Taylor as a “Black Erica Kane” after reviewing her character. I was originally thinking that some random site with the character’s bio listed her as a “Black Erica Kane.” Forgive me. I need more sleep!! (I also misconstrued a previous person’s comment regarding Erica, Janet and Natalie to mean they thought Erica should’ve been an accomplice in Janet’s well plot - when all they meant was Erica should’ve given Janet her original makeover ) Btw, you made very good points about how a “new Erica” doesn’t have to be a
  13. @ghfan89Thank-you for that information. Yeah, “Black Erica Kane” is confusing, since Erica came from humble beginnings (her father was successful in Hollywood, but abandoned the family, with her mother working as a secretary). Erica procured her wealth through an entertainment career, cosmetics company, ect. Taylor grew up rich, and I guess chose to become a cop to “prove” herself (to those who dismissed her as a vapid rich girl). Both are feisty, scheming characters, but I don’t see any similarities other than that. Of course, if Taylor had lasted for YEARS (inste
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