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  1. This episode made me feel very sorry for Janet, as she’s talking to Natalie in the well. I think it’s unique when a “villain” character can elicit so much viewer sympathy. This was even furthered, I feel, with the Robin Mattson version.
  2. Erica to the virus: ”You may NOT infect me!! I am ERICA KANE!!” ??
  3. I‘ve always appreciated it. Mattson was a powerhouse as Janet, and my sympathies were always with her. I felt her pain. But I’m also one who never thought the Kate Collins version was a complete cartoon, either. She also, in more subtler ways, brought levels of humanity & compassion to the role. There’s a scene I just watched from October 1991 - a brief line probably no one remembers - right after Janet is exposed and is in jail; she asks Livia if she can please help her to get her eye glasses back, because “they took them from me and I don’t see very well.” It’s just said so pathetically, and I just wanted to reach into the screen and give Janet a hug (and this was soon after she shot a teenager and planned on shooting another one in the head). Anyhow, Janet is truly an iconic soap character.
  4. The highlight for me is 6:32 Janet to Dixie: ”Shut up, you self-righteous bitch!!” 😂
  5. “Don’t go?? Fine. You go. And you go to hell and take her with you.”
  6. Her never even being NOMINATED is a damn crime. I believe the show was more interested in getting Susan Lucci her Emmy (??). (I’m not blaming Susan personally, btw)
  7. Erica’s catchphrase is “Well, my goodness....”. Seriously. If you watch a loop of episodes (from any decade), she says it at least once.
  8. Good points. It's also interesting that ABC decided to put a character who apparently wasn't particularly " likable'' on all three of their soaps. From the episodes I have seen via YouTube, Skye was most compelling while she was battling her alcoholism. Btw, I've seen clips of the original Skye (an Australian actress); she was awful, so it's not a shock they decided to recast. I don't believe so.
  9. Sybil Thorne!! Anyway, I have a crush on the 'Angel' character; he's so cute. I love his scenes w/ RM's 'Gina'. I don't understand all the circumstances, though, so I think I'll definitely start from the very beginning.
  10. I was watching episodes where Skye is part of a vigilante group against people w/ AIDS , setting fire to Cindy's house in an effort to kill her. It's difficult to like the character after that, even though she would show remorse for her actions. As you said, Robin Christopher seems to have retired from acting, but would anyone be interested, if AMC returned, in seeing Carrie Genzel back in the role??
  11. I'm starting to view a few 1986 episodes of Santa Barbara via YouTube - and I like what I'm seeing. Robin's Mattson's character, 'Gina', is my favorite so far; I also loved RM as 'Janet' on All My Children. Oh, and 'Angel' is super CUTE!! 😍 Anyway, I guess I should start from the beginning (1984).
  12. Kate Collins ('Natalie') had beautiful hair on AMC. I loved her super long hair in the '80s, and equally loved the "Princess Diana" cut she had 1990-1992. Watching old episodes on YouTube, the only style I didn't care for was the ''transitional'' one (between the super long and short) she had in 1989/early 1990. It made her look dowdy (which was difficult).
  13. All My Children did a lesbian storyline in the early '80s, with Donna Pescow playing the character of 'Lynn'. I've heard it was badly written, but was pleasantly surprised by the dialogue when I watched clips on YouTube - Lynn basically informing the viewers (by speaking to the character of 'Devon') that homosexuals weren't aliens or freaks, and that everyone out there probably knows someone who is homosexual. They could be physicians (I believe Lynn was a doctor), lawyers, police officers, ect. In other words, they weren't all deviants living on the outer limits of society. Perhaps it was unpopular with viewers because the character of Devon, who was always attracted to men, suddenly developed a crush on Lynn..?? Anyway, I've read AMC originally intended for a gay male character, but switched to a gay female because Dynasty had the homosexual son ('Steven').
  14. Maureen O’Sullivan as ‘Olive Whelan’ on All My Children:
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