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  1. I remember reading that Britney's breakdown was the most covered celebrity news story of the oughts' outside of Micheal Jackson's death, which I think says everything about America's culture of celebrity and how exhausting it is. They really are sort of the equivalent to the royal family. The media tear down culture is ravenous for red meat and the way that the press treated Britney was and always will be deplorable. I've always wondered if that was the reason why some stars choose to disassociate away from the media attention, outside of when they have a project to promote.
  2. I remember someone stating that the usual shelf life of a popstar is about a decade, before they lose prominence. The Soundscan era kind of created the impression that female led acts had more longevity than they normally do with the extension it gave to artists like Mariah, Celine, Madonna, Janet and Whitney -- but the decade rule of law tends to hold true at large which is what you see when you review other female artists from the 70's to today. Paula Abdul, Donna Summer, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, etc. were only able to capture the Zeitgeist for about that time. It's rare to have it for longe
  3. That was oddly enough the only pairing I ever liked for her. Dante and Lulu weren't it, and neither was her pairing with Logan.
  4. Stephen Martines' Nikolas and Jacob Young's Lucky fit the bill here at GH. They were half-brothers. James Scott's EJ and Chandler Massey's Will on Days was also a bit awkward in that EJ was at one point Will's step-father. This was a bit different and not sibling related but depending on your mileage Alexa Havins' Babe and Eden Rigel's Bianca, weren't supposed to have sexual tension but in text story would have made more sense if they did. Bianca would eventually fall in love with a Babe proxy, in the form of her twin sister Marissa Tasker. None of thes
  5. I am still astounded that an Anglo-Saxon caucus exists in the Republican party, so baldly and freely. I shouldn't be, after everything else witnessed in the past decade or so but I am.
  6. I am sensing a theme here with all of Marvel's new television series in that the best and most important episodes are the ones right before the season/series finales. The same theme popped up on WandaVision where stuff really started to get interesting in the episode right before the end, and it's really no different for Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. One thing that I will say in favor of FATWS is that they have done an admirable job in connecting all three central storylines together and investing enough in making people care about all three plots. I didn't love Sam's fami
  7. Yeah, the most meaningful stories from QAF was the violence that the LGBTQ+ community experiences (Justin's bashing), living with AIDS/HIV (Ben), intolerant families (most of the cast experienced this), testicular cancer (Brian), and then the same-sex marriage and human rights stories (all of season 5). There were other stories that also happened within the show which I think we thoughtful and provoking during it's time. I think QAF doesn't get a lot of credit for advancing a lot of those (unpopular) topics during the Bush years (2000-2007). It would be interesting to see a series that tackle
  8. Wow. Good on Netflix I guess but that's a big leap of faith that audiences will be willing to stick around for the series for an additional three years.
  9. Likely due to name recognition which will separate it from a sea of content that viewers have to wade through that isn't recognizable to the main demographics. A lot of times people call the series a reboot, when it has little of the same trappings that the original series had. I feel like what made QAF so successful is that it was less a show about gay men, than it was a same sex soap opera that women enjoyed watching a lot. It was also somewhat topical and heavily political in the later seasons, that sort of caused the series to have a bit of an identity crisis from season 3 onwa
  10. I remember someone used to compare soaps to comic books, and I agree with that statement. They have a long history and canon that just dwarfs that of typical television series. Soaps have 30-40-50-60 years of history and continuity that they have to keep straight, and they often can't. Which is why they play fast and loose with the rules. The problems soaps have, are the same problems comic books have had for awhile now.
  11. I learned not to count one hit wonders back in 2005, when I thought Rihanna and Ciara would both be one-hit wonders with Pon De Replay and Goodies. Now a days it's all about finding the right producer, sound and getting people talking.
  12. It comes down to the medium. Lead Actor and Actress was virtually synonymous for a long time as "Outstanding Veteran xx in a Drama Series". The way the committee would vote meant that anyone who didn't have seniority or at least years under their belt to ensure the votes to be in the category was going to be left out of the competition. They needed to have tremendous show buy-in in order to take the lead spot. This is why the Supporting categories were so stacked as basically those veteran actor/actress slots were only reserved for a few upper echelon of cast members who the show would back. L
  13. I feel like my statement didn't go through appropriately. I said that producers may see a lose/lose situation if they produce a gay storyline, that may not initially be popular with their viewers, and then get criticism from the same audience that they are trying to court because it's not "enough" or is not "executed in the right way". Instead of acknowledging that there are many different ways of expressing sexuality, instead there is a mortarium on the gay experience and what should be shown on screen, that has to pass a purity test that is extreme in that even the most well liked soap char
  14. I consider the Cambias storyline the last great Kane storyline, in that it beautifully dovetailed the tensions, character moments, growth, trauma and pain from one generation to the next. That thunder storm episode where Erica flashes back to Richard Fields raping her, Kendell caring for her through her flashbacks, and those moments coinciding with Bianca's eventual rape by Micheal is transcendent film making regardless of the format. It was McTavish at the height of her powers really. No storyline from that moment forward involving Kendell or Erica ever resonated in the same way a
  15. I definitely think this is the reason why they have one gay character on the canvas and basically just pair them with one other love interest and have that be the "status quo" for multiple years at a time. Producers "can't win", because even if they get conservative audiences that hate LGBTQ+ stories, and then you have LGBT+ fans who feel that the characters aren't being presented in the right way. It's easier to just not try at all because it feels like the bar is so high to reach, meet and maintain. Not only are the writers/producers islanding the characters by limiting the love interests pr
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