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  1. I saw the series finale, I was not remotely prepared for it, they did a shockingly amazing great job, in a break your heart sort of way. Jensen and Jared’s futures are hell a bright.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to apologize, I definitely empathize and understand. This was the first time that I really felt the impact of the isolation since it started in March. Usually I am pretty strong, and I’ve been resilient, while my family has struggled but something about the holidays and now with Christmas right around the corner, it’s just different than it was in previous months. I’m lucky that my mother lives so close to me (50 minutes away), and that I was able to spend the last 4 weeks with her while working remotely. But I have a large extended family (they live all ac
  3. This is why I am not overreacting too much with the 2020 election. Trump drives turnout but they won’t have him moving forward, if Democrats can keep the enthusiasm they had for the midterms like 2018 - 22 won’t be such a blood bath. I’m only concerned if the resistance narrative ends up losing ground and Democrats go to sleep again the way they did when Obama was in office. Trump is a last gasp of a dying electorate, but only if the rest of the electorate wakes up and becomes a continued part of our electoral processes moving forward. The New Yorker, had an article run r
  4. They need to do that in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida going forward. I feel the “blue wall” in the mid-west is a mirage. Democrats might keep it for a few more election cycles max, but the writing is on the wall - look at Ohio. Democrats success is in the Sunbelt and the coasts moving forward.
  5. The House of Representative is something Democrats need to keep an eye on. Right now they need to prioritize the Georgia senate seats otherwise a lot of Joe’s executive agenda is dead on arrival. Especially with McConnel as the leader. But in the House, Republicans are projected to win 214 seats this Congress, while the Democrats are projected to win 221. That’s crazy close and Republicans just won the rights to gerrymander 40% of districts moving forward. On average Democrats have to over win districts by 6-7 points in order to overcome Republican gerrymandered seats in the house. Ex
  6. Agree with Beto, GOP didn't care about COVID-19 and they reaped the benefits from it.
  7. I wouldn't say he could even get votes tossed out, as he can't point to any single instance of voter fraud. He would have to supply that evidence first. I think someone earlier hit the nail on the head though in that they are trying to establish a foothold to weaken the states rights/laws concerning elections. That was straight out of the Kavanaugh playbook and that's what conservatives are trying to do moving forward. Make it so states themselves can't hold elections and rules are administered by the federal government, making it easier for them to disenfranchise certain voters who Republican
  8. Good for the Decision Desk to make a decision. PA's done. The networks are just scared because of Trump so they are being overly cautious. GA is still a toss up -- but Biden may have it if there are no big surprises: Provisionals (lean Democrat), Overseas Military (lean Republican), Oversees Expats (Lean Democrat) and fixed rejected ballots that people have until today to correct (lean Democrat). It's close but I think it tends to Biden. NV should have been called already. AZ is a mix but Biden may still make it happen there too.
  9. The New York Times is reporting that Trump filed another lawsuit to get Philadelphia to stop counting votes because his observers were denied access to watch them count. He has a hearing scheduled at 5:30, why is he getting these quick hearings? I largely don't care for him either, but he has a talent for breaking through to them that other Dems could learn from. When he opens his mouth, conservatives don't hear sirens or a Charlie Brown sound, and it doesn't make them want to recoil and vote red. Democrats have a real voting problem if they can't turn out the Latinx vot
  10. I think Democrats need to invest in some media interviewing techniques like Pete, he is like the conservative whisperer, and they seem to "get it", when he speaks to them.
  11. Different times. McConnel can block pretty much anything if he has the Senate, even if Joe has Congress.
  12. I really think this is a problem due to the infrastructure of the US. It's hard to say that a President has a mandate, if they just squeaked by and won the election. I would feel more comfortable with a Biden mandate if we won the Senate, or received at least 300+ electoral collage votes. We need those in order to truly action a "mandate". That's easier for Republicans to do than Democrats.
  13. I wonder if we will see other retired Republicans like Paul Ryan returning to politics now that Trump looks to be losing the election and is out of office?
  14. Completely agree. Which honestly is why I am a bit scared for Kamala replacing him. America has shown it's true colors and a map for her in 2024 is scary to me. These voters lost their mind under Obama, and I still think they've been broken by the idea that a Black President was as good as he was. They never healed which is why they sent Trump in.
  15. I wouldn't laugh, Trumpism is far from over in this country. The fact that this election is this close says volumes considering Trump basically killed 200,000 people, destroyed the economy, increased unemployment and wiped out gains for decades. People will vote for him, because he will cut taxes, fill courts with right-wing judges, and hurt Liberals. It's crazy to think that had he not mishandled COVID-19 he would have been re-elected.
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