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  1. I'm happy for him, he knows how to stay employed. He's been on The WB/CW/CBS for 20+ years now. Few people know and understand their audience like him. It will pay dividends for him and his future.
  2. Skin

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    I don't know about this - I think it's an act, she feels predatory in a way that I don't normally associate with many Meryl Streep characters, so I have to feel that some of this is coming from the script. I think she is trying to act like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's clear that Celeste is incredibly vulnerable, it wouldn't surprise me if she is using Celeste for her own interests. Whatever they are - you can tell by the way she interacts with Madeline, that she isn't a dowdy Grandmother who is out of her depth. There's a sharpness there that is underneath her doting, soft, grieving persona. I'm calling it - the entire team will turn against Madeline, before it's all over. There's too many hints that people feel it's her fault and hold her accountable, but she is also the only one who seems to be able to keep it together of the core group outside of Renata.
  3. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Well. That happened. This show is really a pale version of what it once was.
  4. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Sophie seems tickled pink with this season from her interviews.
  5. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I think everyone knew that she could do it, it's just the way in which it was done, which was so surprising. D&D pretty much gave her no cover, and forced her to become the villain of the series. They could have had Cersei refuse to surrender - that would have more or less been in character, and that would have made her actions a bit more morally grey, but it's clear they wanted to make her the Mad Queen 2.0, and they needed her to be unjustifiable in this. There's no where else for the character to go at this point. They boxed her into a corner and have now thrown her away. They pretty much ruined the chance for plausible deniability for her, and can't salvage anything left of her character. It's tragic, and crazy unfortunate, being how hugely popular Daenerys is for the show. Sad to see that this is how GRRM sees the character.
  6. I always come back to the Ancient Ones last words to Strange, and her final scene in the film, the "it's not about you" line is one of the best in the MCU.
  7. This was solid. I would still consider Infinity War probably the best film Marvel has ever made, in terms of overall thematic focus, scope, vision and story-telling. It's an epic right along the side of Gilgamesh when we see and witness Thanos ascent to power, and the sheet inevitability of it all. It's truly a harrowing experience that I don't think film audiences saw coming. It's here that Civil War truly works as the Avenger's prequel it always was. End Game isn't as focused as it should be, and I think it's because it's trying to accomplish too many objectives, and that's why the bloated screen time hurts a more streamlined narrative experience. All in all it accomplishes what it needs to, but I wouldn't consider it the best MCU installment, and it's a few rungs beneath what I would consider more Grade A film work (Winter Soldier, Civil War, Ragnarok, Dr. Strange). I'd also say the last few segments are a bit of a letdown after the major climax. The denouement doesn't work for a few of the characters who have left the cinematic universe and won't be coming back. They've done a good job clearing their ranks and setting up some strong new blood for the future but there's also lots of gaps to fill as well.
  8. That's not what the original series was about. Especially not in the later seasons.
  9. Tess herself, wasn't the problem so much as the way she was utilized as a plot contrivance to bring the show in a different direction. I think had the show gone about bringing her on differently, there wouldn't have been much of a controversy around her addition to the group. She was added to bring strife to the group, and she broke up the set that was mostly formed by the time she got there. Had she been added to the group sooner (and differently) - I think she would have been more accepted. The fact that she came nearly right at the end of the first season made fans look at Tess as an interloper. There's also a larger metaphor that they don't like the way the show deviated and got worse over time around the time she became apart of the main cast. The larger problem was that the WB didn't know what they wanted Roswell to be, they didn't know if they wanted it to be a romantic teen melodrama like Dawson's Creek/Felicity, or if they wanted it to be a huge arc carrying sci-fi action series like Buffy/Smallville and the network interference caused a lot of issues in the second season. I think the series writers even lamp-shaded this in an episode where they had two of the characters argue which movie was better "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" or "The Matrix". It didn't help that the writers didn't know what they wanted either. If you take a look at Season Two of Roswell, it's all over the place. They went from a secondary alien invasion from a rival species, to Time Travel to Evil Twin Aliens to Alien Possession Parasites to Alien Teen Pregnancy to Alien War on a Remote Planet. A hodgepodge of ideas, none of which had real legs. A lot of people give season three grief, but it was clear that the show was going off the rails as soon as season two. Season three just inherited a lot of bad debt. The writers tried everything they could but the show couldn't stick with anything, and by the end they couldn't bail themselves out of bad story-telling. It's telling that most fans now either ignore those plot points completely or forget they even existed. The Sci-Fi portion of the show never found the right direction, and never took off. I don't know if it's because they couldn't or they didn't want to.
  10. It was really the chemistry of the actors that made Roswell work as a character study, rather than as a show. I don't know many people who watch Roswell who were in love with the plotting and storylines but rather the actors, couples and pairings which made the show work. It had a dedicated fanbase directly because of those actors/character ships. Liz/Max (Dreamers), Maria/Micheal (Candies), and even Isabel/Alex (Stargazers) really were what kept the series afloat. When they started messing with those characters and the relationships, friendships and connections within the series the show pretty much tanked, as a lot of fans felt betrayed in seasons two and three.
  11. I think some of these ideas sound a little to European to me, specifically I don't believe there would be that much interest for a Hollyoaks or an East Ender's light kind of series within most online viewing platforms. At least not with the position to go viral and create a cultural zeitgeist around. I think there is a reason why shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Hand Maiden's Tale, Game Of Thrones and Westworld are such huge behemoths, and why they became such huge hits - and it's not because there are different social economic backgrounds but it's the novelty, characterization, and larger themes that connects the story together with the appropriate amount of game changing "sweep" like events. It's not enough to feature different social stratifications anymore - it has to mean something in terms of characterization and larger story-telling (think Jon Snow of Game Of Thrones), Inclusivity doesn't mean anything if the correct stories aren't connected to the larger characterization (see This Is Us or Grey's Anatomy for evoking experiences of Diversity in tangible ways that makes it apart of the character and thus a fuller show). I would say more than anything else a soap needs to be defined and connected in a core way or premise. It needs to be done in a way that the story itself is larger than life. It needs to be done in a way that the characters represent more than what they are. That's what makes Primetime series interesting, and that's what makes all these "connected universes" Marvel is doing so grand in scope and nature. There are bigger things, and people are interested in seeing them all come together. The characters themselves are symbols of bigger things, as such I don't think a "on the town" or "hometown" story will really work to capture an audience in the way that we are seeing Netflix, HBO and other online viewing/subscription giants are. I think a soap needs to be agile and it needs to do multiple things at multiple times to feed multiple niches. I think that's the one thing that Marvel is doing well - they have a vast array of different genre's within their films, same with the other giants: GOT's they are able to master different narrative stories and paces and more or less juggle them at the same time and there are threads all connecting them together for larger pay-offs down the line.
  12. I thought the film was largely enjoyable - and the film in and of itself seemed accessible. Michelle Williams was the one and only star in this, though. She gave one of my favorite performances of this award cycle so far.
  13. That's quite a bit of revisionist history, he was the best male lead days had since the 80's easily.
  14. This is one of the worst things about television series these days. How they let their leads get away with despicable disgusting things that would irrevocably scar their protagonists - and make them as non-events in the way of redemption. This happened all through out seasons 1 and 5 for Damon and then later on when Stefan became the Ripper with the only difference for Stefan being the Angelus like excuse of his humanity being off. What Damon did to Vicki, Jeremy and Caroline was unforgivable - and purposely killing entire families because of a grudge match even after Elena supposedly changed him was infuriating - and then he winds up happily ever after? This is our hero. No thanks.
  15. I remember reading about the working conditions in places like China, India and the like from a friend who traveled there, and the conditions sound horrible. The work for pennies on the dollar and have virtually no holiday pay outside of the new year. If there is ever a talk about a strike, they threaten to move the plant to somewhere else where pay will be cheaper. You can't fight against that kind of greed, because it's a race to the bottom. They have no laws to protect their workers. Opinions on the Affordable Care Act are just so odd. You have a large amount of American's who receive healthcare from their employer, and you also have millions of Americans who don't want to pay for health insurance and are angry because they don't want to sign up for insurance. But these are the same people who will be in the poor house if they didn't have insurance or if they wind up with a pre-existing condition when they want care.
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