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  1. He was never really apart of the Murphy band-wagon. He had his own series of Children's books, and other projects and seems to be focusing there. To be honest he kind of seemed bothered by the typical Hollywood game that Darren Criss , seemed all to hungry to play so I'm not surprised he has kept a lower profile post-Glee. This show to me seems cursed for all of the attention it received. Nothing good has come of it for many of the stars. It's like the anti-Mickey Mouse Club.
  2. The two names that came to mind immediately to me were All My Children's Alexa Havins and of course Jonathan Jackson. But the two Carly's (Tamara and Sarah Brown) were also great submissions who were mentioned prior.
  3. It would not surprise me if that does happen in season 3 and is apart of Alex's arc. Trevor St. John seems to be a CW favorite he was on Vampire Dairies, Containment and now Roswell. I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up somewhere else soon.
  4. This category looks decent. I don't know what Budig and Khalil are doing in this category but I like the clips Tamara, Susan and Annika choose. Tamara holds a special place in my heart because I loved her Carly, I always felt her Carly was the most romantic Carly of the set. Tamara has such a beautiful style to her acting that is sensitive and almost delicate and waif like in nature. She has a very harlequin romance style about her that I feel she excels in. Great showcase here. Susan's clip is also great in it's honesty and sheer vulnerability, she did great with the material. Annika probably has the best material of the set in that it's classic Emmy-bait and she gets a chance to show case the broken-ness and desperation any mother would feel from the lost of a child. This is a dead category. I don't understand why Burton and Penghlis were nominated. I've never liked Thorsten Kaye's acting but I grew to like his clip towards the end. Jon and Jason's clips are classic Emmy-bait with playing multiple characters and the DID storyline. I liked Jon's tape the best as he was able to use some humor in his delivery. I'm starting to see the value of previous comments who said it would be better to limit the nominees to three slots per category. There are at least two performers in each category that didn't have much if any material to submit but they are nominated for pretty much every day work. Nothing special. Maura West lost the plot years ago. KKL's confrontation scene is lacking. Heather Tom was great as usual but the material of that clip just is not there. Ari is probably the most deserving. Finola has the most interesting clip. Supporting Actor is more of the same. Mark's scene is a shout fest, Bryton didn't break it with his material. Wally's scene is pedestrian. I like Chandler, James and Paul's clips the most but again there is barely anything going on in these scenes. Some of these clips are really beautiful for younger actor. I really liked Thai's scenes, I kind of wish Sasha had Katelyn's material because I feel Sasha had the performance but Katelyn has the writing. Olivia and Eden didn't need to be nominated.
  5. I don't think this would have worked backed in the early days of the Daytime Emmy's. Younger actors wouldn't even have been pre-nominated because the Emmy's were so seniority focused. They likely would have never been nominated. On the off chance they were no way would the voting bodies have voted for a 10 year old over a well-known much beloved 20 year soap veteran. You can see by viewing all of the performance categories and their nominations. I think in a lot of ways the Younger categories helped younger soap actors and actresses gain credibility and visibility to compete in the other fields once they matured out of the category. Soaps were just that crowded back then.
  6. What initially came to mind was Rebecca Budig's Greenlee and her endless tirades across Pine Valley. She really was the Sami of AMC. She could do a knock down drag out like no one else on that show. Erica's wedding to Jackson, the surrogacy reveal with Kendell and Ryan, or her just dragging people left and right because it was a random Wednesday. Rebecca was in her element in that role. Another epic tear down if there ever was one, with the added impact of having an amazing actor who originated the role be the one to deliver the confrontation. Jonathan Jackson coming back was worth it just for those scenes alone. Greg Vaughn wouldn't have been able to do Lucky justice in that episode. You truly felt every single sense of betrayal from him, and that confrontation with Liz was a long time coming. He took 7 years of Liz's betrayal and really laid her out to dry in those scenes. It was karma for her infidelities with both Jason and Nikolas there.
  7. Bianca came to my mind immediately when I read that soaps don't have ingenue's anymore. Granted she debuted in the 90's but she was pretty easily defined as an ingenue, Eden's performance was well received, and the character was renowned both critically, commercially, and culturally.
  8. Pretty much this. The Younger Actor and Actress category is interesting because it showed the perspective the Daytime Emmy's had at it's prime, and it shows the culture and elitism of Daytime at it's peak. They were very age focused (ageist?), and the Younger acting categories came precisely because they wanted the kiddies to have their own table, and not have to compete with them. This had a side effect of creating categories that were basically the equivalent of "Veteran Lead Actress/Actor" and making the Supporting Actress/Actor category an intermediate stepping stone for more "mature" actors who aged out of the Younger actor territories. In this the only way you could win an award, was based on tenure/veteran status in the soap community. The Younger Actos categories helped to break-in and socialize new talent to the Daytime community, but there was a threshold blocker in Supporting categories because that's where they thinned out the talent of most of the daytime community. I think comparing this to the Grammy's is the wrong step though. The Grammy's categorization is awful. They should just use the same template as the Oscars.
  9. That's not the way things work. Sexual assault is hard to prove even in the best of cases. Even when you have eye witnesses, DNA evidence, video evidence and character witnesses, the individual will just claim it was consensual and they like rough sex, and it becomes a he said/she said issue. Look no further than Brock Turner for a case study in this. Individuals "settle", because it is the only way they can get something out of the process, after being harmed. I would say it is often the reverse. If they are settling they likely did something wrong. They just want to use money, to make the situation go away. I know a lot of people are feeling a lot of pain by his death. It's shocking to have someone so young, die in such a quick fashion. He was only 41 years old. He was very young, that said I never really cared for basketball, so I'm not as heartbroken as some. I think what people are seeing is that they just weren't big fans or in love with Kobe, or basket ball. So to them it's just another day in the life, and they remember what he was accused of.
  10. I'm happy for him, he knows how to stay employed. He's been on The WB/CW/CBS for 20+ years now. Few people know and understand their audience like him. It will pay dividends for him and his future.
  11. I don't know about this - I think it's an act, she feels predatory in a way that I don't normally associate with many Meryl Streep characters, so I have to feel that some of this is coming from the script. I think she is trying to act like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's clear that Celeste is incredibly vulnerable, it wouldn't surprise me if she is using Celeste for her own interests. Whatever they are - you can tell by the way she interacts with Madeline, that she isn't a dowdy Grandmother who is out of her depth. There's a sharpness there that is underneath her doting, soft, grieving persona. I'm calling it - the entire team will turn against Madeline, before it's all over. There's too many hints that people feel it's her fault and hold her accountable, but she is also the only one who seems to be able to keep it together of the core group outside of Renata.
  12. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Well. That happened. This show is really a pale version of what it once was.
  13. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Sophie seems tickled pink with this season from her interviews.
  14. Skin

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I think everyone knew that she could do it, it's just the way in which it was done, which was so surprising. D&D pretty much gave her no cover, and forced her to become the villain of the series. They could have had Cersei refuse to surrender - that would have more or less been in character, and that would have made her actions a bit more morally grey, but it's clear they wanted to make her the Mad Queen 2.0, and they needed her to be unjustifiable in this. There's no where else for the character to go at this point. They boxed her into a corner and have now thrown her away. They pretty much ruined the chance for plausible deniability for her, and can't salvage anything left of her character. It's tragic, and crazy unfortunate, being how hugely popular Daenerys is for the show. Sad to see that this is how GRRM sees the character.
  15. I always come back to the Ancient Ones last words to Strange, and her final scene in the film, the "it's not about you" line is one of the best in the MCU.
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