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  1. I wonder what he would have done with that canvas.
  2. Well I definitely applaud them. Yes, they could have done much much better at least with one of them storylines. But the messages were never lost on me. I was more than touched by Stuart and Lily. @j swift what did you feel about Spike storyline? I remember being so happy they were giving that to one of Erica’s grandchildren. Stuart portrayal was like a combination of many different types of disorders imo. He represented to me a lot of the fredo Corleone’s of the world. He was so relatable, I saw so many people I knew in him. I saw some of myself in Stuart, he inspired me, gave me h
  3. At this point, I could not care any less, about a LGBT character/couples right now. They’re all boring fr. If you’re not giving me realism, keep it! I would have to write it Myself to get the representation I want to see. I’m completely fine if I never see another coming out story too. I’m over the standard gay storylines: aids/HIV, adoption, etc. I’m just tired of waiting to see MYSELF on screen. Gay characters have suffered the way the black characters have, the writers play it so safe to not offend, that we all end suffering because we’re dealt a half baked character and/or they don’t kn
  4. It’s a yes and no for me. I slightly disagree, because that was always the intent to make Bianca the new lead. The mistake with that, is Erica isn’t just a supporting Matriarch type. I mean, She’s no Ruth Martin. She needs to drive her own storylines as well! The best part of Umbrella stories, is that they branch out into new storylines, and they just didn’t do that enough with the Bianca storylines. They could have though!! The problem I had with Eden, is that she constantly kept leaving. I’m sure that makes it hard to play out good family storylines, with the supposed moral compass not commi
  5. @skin and @Lust4Life76 You guys spoke nothing both the gospel truth regarding Erica. Finally people see it the way i always have. I don't even think i can add much to the conversation because it was summed up nicely. I would agree about Erica getting the edge in her rivalry with Brooke, and with anyone else for that matter, she was written to win. The 90s writers didn't understand that Brooke and Erica feed off each other in a very unique way. By letting Brooke win SOMETIME would only mean Erica comes roaring back even harder! Susan said something very interesting, during the show'
  6. @Taoboi That’s really great news to hear about Sutton. She was a delight to watch, and a major reason why I enjoyed season 10. It’s so funny how things change too. Erika was easily a favorite of mine, I never though in a million years I would be rooting for her to get dragged LMAO! As for Latoya, I’m not sure it’s wise to lose her. She was the match that got the ball rolling for me. I enjoyed her as Kenya 2.0.
  7. @skin Agreed! We see eye to eye on this! So much wasted potential just like every other character on that canvas their last decade. Regardless, I am excited for his soap return. Not sure if I’m ready to see Rebecca back on my screen.
  8. Does this retro channel have an app? Or I only can watch the show by visiting the website??
  9. @OzFrog you ain’t the only one I been all over that channel lately. I like the actress who played the crazy nutcase Nina . She was hysterical! Yes, I understand, she wasn’t Taylor Miller! but I enjoyed her pulling out guns at weddings and such. La Kane was always written to win. Major problem I always had with the character. I chuckled anytime you read Brooke though, i could have written far better comebacks for Brooke against Erica. love me some Barbara, but that Natalie fascinated me the most. She was so complex, had chemistry with any men walking. Ross a
  10. Cameron knows how to stay employed LOL. Good for him! I’m looking forward to him acting again. I agree on his B-list leading man quality. I will hold my judgment until he airs. I personally don’t consistently watch any of the remaining soaps, so I would hope it’s something good to hook me back in. Ryan was a decent character imo. yes, he was a frons pet but I enjoyed him anytime he was away from Greenpea. All his other pairings had potential Liza, Kendall, Annie, and Madison. I was always intrigued on his Quest to become the next Adam Chandler and being Erica’s surrogate
  11. I like Hunter on Amc. She was so pretty too, she looked completely different by the time she joined B&B.
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