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  1. I would like to add the Soul Food series to this thread. I apologize if it was already mentioned, i haven't read through it. It's a very slept on and forgotten show, and did soap better than sister's did imho. #JUSTICE4SOULFOOD
  2. I liked Val's hollywood storyline in the reunion movie. i need to read this
  3. i wanna see Susan and Julia feud again.
  4. @Pine Charles The good ole days @Soaplovers the logic was they stopped writing from character. Cause if they did Brooke would replace Maria in this storyline. And I guarantee you nobody would have hated this storyline. You set stage that Erica really wants to give dimitri a little boy and Brooke is the one they gives it to him and Erica basically snaps …..,..
  5. @Soaplovers Nah i don't believe in that logic. Brooke lose so much she stop being true competition. There needs to be a Equal balance between the two. this clip doesn't work with a loser. @Josephthe beginning starts at 6:15 unfortunately the full episode has been pulled down. Something told me to download those videos last year. https://youtu.be/1CkOI2N_V-c
  6. High Five to all of this. Scorching is the perfect word to describe their chemistry. I loved the way he just stares at her when she walks into a room. The way she looks at him when he grabs her omg! Supercouple in the making.
  7. Correct! She stopped being an underdog. That's where they messed up by always making her rivals lose. Erica needed her rivals to thrive and concur imo.
  8. YES! The monologue and everything after. her calling herself princess with a mirror while talking to Mona are burn in my head forever!!
  9. @Pine Charles I absolutely agree with that. Susan is really great at what she does. She's more than decent with great comedic timing. I'm a fan. It's just such a shame Kate Collins was never awarded for her work on this show. She carried this show in 1991-92 and was practically responsible for ushering in a new generation of viewers. As for 1987-88, Kate was the real star imho. She had the character, the storyline, and the BEST romance on the show. Ross and Natalie chemistry burned the screen, it wasn't wise making him rape her.
  10. about to start episode one. Let's see what the fuss is about.
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