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  1. I completely agree with you. And that statement is very true. I believe it was intended to carry on, susan said it herself " i dont think agnes ever finished telling the addiction storyline" during the hallmark reunion.
  2. @Jonathan yea i caught that too, i cackled down when i saw marissa pic fly pass. @Forever8 thanks for posting. Happy they got to reunite. He did say in his interview that he was looking for her on social media.
  3. Yes, i heard lots a great things about his personality.
  4. Yes, AMC always had a great looking cast.
  5. Finally had the chance to watch the reunion on e!. It was great seeing everyone again, Big booty Jacob still fine as wine. It was a cute and fun special and i enjoyed it. Loved the AMC50 license plate. They had Eva narrating and giving out a few wrong facts; also how your character live in the same house with erica and never got slapped? That just proves how useless Maria really was imo.
  6. Did anyone catch the episode? It came on tonight right?
  7. I need to see these episodes damn it
  8. Omg! All this sounds incredible to me. I have to watch this kitty/kelly saga before i die lmao. Just from that promo posted a few pages back, 78/79 feels like a different show to me.
  9. Yea. Im one to believe the dip was because of the loss of fan favorites jenny, liza, nina and opal( who brought a large portion of the humor). The show was bloated though, all those comedic side characters. Im not at all surprised the ratings went up during Natalie's rape trial, and Julie running away to new york. Do you happen to know what storyline pushed AMC to number one in 1978/79? Was it the Eddie Dorrance murder?
  10. @Pine Charles it was well deserved. Not sure why "Most improved show" because i remember 86 being very good too, that was the year of Erica/Jeremy/Natalie triangle taking center stage. Cortlandt manor was the main draw of 87, yea i believe she was writing the show at that time. Lorraine just get it! Secrets, scandals, affairs = soapy goodness; she lowkey redid this storyline with Jr/ Annie/Brooke/Adam too!
  11. Really good episode. I was enjoying all the storylines, 87 wasn't that bad of a year imo. Ross and Natalie affair was so hot and steamy, they should have let them pushed forward with it instead of making ross rape Natalie. I was very intrigued by the jesse/Yvonne/angie story too. I adore the character of julie, I wish Beth Elhers was brought on as Julie chandler recast.
  12. Another AMC reunion is announced and Julia Barr is again forgotten about.

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    2. KMan101


      Yeah, there really was such disrespect towards Brooke/Julia. It has been going on since the 90s. McTavish wrote her badly. It was nice in 1999 seeing Erica and Brooke feuding again and over Dimitri (which is likely why 2013 AMC had Brooke/Dimitri hinted at).


      The "mom type" on soaps were aged out, I'd argue. You had to fill a certain role or type. 


      I'm all for more Maria vs. Erica, truthfully, but Brooke bridges them and makes so much sense as being included. JMO. Especially if you include the journalist coming to PV (if that ends up happening). 

    3. DemetriKane


      Agreed!!! We see eye to eye on everything except maria, i can do without her.

    4. KMan101


      lol! We do. Maria annoyed me at times but I didn't hate her vs. Erica. Not at the expense of Brooke, but all three mixing it up now intrigues me. Sigh. I miss AMC so much.

  13. Congratulations to Missy Egan, Cady McClain, Dominick Z and Tamara Braun.
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