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  1. I agree this helps some. Agreed!!! Missing the show ain't even the word for me lol. I have not let go! I think about this show every damn day!
  2. !!!!!!!!!! I been thinking a lot about this lately! It's called karma, the show was wrongfully canned and most of the soap press, and some fans too, spent a decade trashing the show for whatever reasons.
  3. https://ew.com/tv/three-rounds-queens-stars-eve-brandy/ While they have similar résumés, Brandy and Eve — two icons of the aughts — didn't really know each other before signing on to ABC's new musical melodrama Queens (premiering Oct. 19). "When I came out, Brandy, you were [on Moesha]. And then when I went into TV [on Eve], Brandy went back to the music. So we would maybe see each other in passing," says the "Tambourine" rapper, seated next to her new costar and fellow UPN alum at the bar of upscale Korean-inspired steakhouse Noona, in the Atlanta suburb Duluth. "But I'm, like, her biggest fan. She's one of my faves," responds Brandy. "We had the same stylist at one point, so we crossed paths, but I just know that being here with her is a blessing." The women, both 42, indulged in some nonalcoholic beverages — they still have scenes to shoot today! — as they compared notes and teased what's to come on their bold new series from Scandal writer Zahir McGhee, where they play '90s musicians regaining their confidence and reclaiming the spotlight (a subject they know a little something about).
  4. they been adding them to the paramount app.
  5. I would like to add the Soul Food series to this thread. I apologize if it was already mentioned, i haven't read through it. It's a very slept on and forgotten show, and did soap better than sister's did imho. #JUSTICE4SOULFOOD
  6. I liked Val's hollywood storyline in the reunion movie. i need to read this
  7. i wanna see Susan and Julia feud again.
  8. I seen it. Eva did really well.
  9. @Pine Charles The good ole days @Soaplovers the logic was they stopped writing from character. Cause if they did Brooke would replace Maria in this storyline. And I guarantee you nobody would have hated this storyline. You set stage that Erica really wants to give dimitri a little boy and Brooke is the one they gives it to him and Erica basically snaps …..,..
  10. @Soaplovers Nah i don't believe in that logic. Brooke lose so much she stop being true competition. There needs to be a Equal balance between the two. this clip doesn't work with a loser. @Josephthe beginning starts at 6:15 unfortunately the full episode has been pulled down. Something told me to download those videos last year. https://youtu.be/1CkOI2N_V-c
  11. High Five to all of this. Scorching is the perfect word to describe their chemistry. I loved the way he just stares at her when she walks into a room. The way she looks at him when he grabs her omg! Supercouple in the making.
  12. Correct! She stopped being an underdog. That's where they messed up by always making her rivals lose. Erica needed her rivals to thrive and concur imo.
  13. YES! The monologue and everything after. her calling herself princess with a mirror while talking to Mona are burn in my head forever!!
  14. @Pine Charles I absolutely agree with that. Susan is really great at what she does. She's more than decent with great comedic timing. I'm a fan. It's just such a shame Kate Collins was never awarded for her work on this show. She carried this show in 1991-92 and was practically responsible for ushering in a new generation of viewers. As for 1987-88, Kate was the real star imho. She had the character, the storyline, and the BEST romance on the show. Ross and Natalie chemistry burned the screen, it wasn't wise making him rape her.
  15. about to start episode one. Let's see what the fuss is about.
  16. Susan didnt deserve those many nominations anyway. Kate Collins wasn't nominated once and thats a crime.
  17. I would have to agree, the window of opportunity did open for Erica to have many more meaningful stories. The writing has always let her down. Erica isn't the type of character i want to see battle health scares. Family drama, business, romantic, and glamorous are her thing. One storyline that needed to happen with Erica was her coming to terms that everyone around was living more glamorous lives than her. I believe the show missed out on some fascinating storylines by always making her competition such losers, because without Brooke, Barbara, and Natalie. Erica Kane to me was nothing. 2008 should've been the year of Erica. When Erica got out of jail. She needed to come home to Brooke and Liza running "New Beginnings" and improving her ratings. Liza back Mentoring Greenlee, leading the way for Erica to come between and ask Kendall to takeover Enchantment. Just in time for Trey to come back! Not opposed to her feuds with Greenpea and Kendall. At the end of the day they're family and were in the same business. so in a sense Fusion had replaced Enchantment. When Adam was plotting his takeover i felt Erica needed to be apart of it too! After the 2008 Tornado, i wanted Erica to get into property development and rebuild her hometown. With her gaining a newfound appreciation for Pine Valley.
  18. I already let my feelings known in the recast thread. So i'm happy to see CBL get her respects. The only crime is that she didn't get to play out Bianca's older storylines. Even though, i was more riveted by her flashbacks to rape during a confrontation with Ricky than i was with Eden's.
  19. Days Precious way joins the show. Rumored to play Brandy's daughter. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2021/08/31/precious-way-joins-abcs-queens
  20. @Skin In the show's defense, I believe they wanted to make the baby switch an umbrella for the rest of the canvas. Which was a great idea, those make the best storylines imo. Megan was the wrong person for the job! I love long stories on soaps, why else do the switch if i can't feel the repercussions 3 years later. I wouldn't say it was great, but a captivating story for sure. I was hooked! Me and a good friend would discuss it every morning on our way to school. I can certainty sympathise with the writers dilemma about what to do regarding Babe. I adored Alexa so much, i get it! Babe also learned the truth too soon for me. I could get behind Babe leaving in 2004, especially if it meant Amanda took her spot in the next storylines. As for Jamie, he worked for that story only. He wasn't meant to be just another boring Martin, Brooke and Tad's son deserved more of a edge. I wanted Jamie to be of a troublemaker and force Tad to grow up himself.
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