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  1. Haley is just as bland and boring as a ghost. Or figment of JJ's high mind. We never see any other nuns at that convent. Gabi's new office set doesn't look to bad, Considering the dollar store budget they have. It's only been a year but the Eric/Sarah nonsense feels BORING and PLAYED OUT.
  2. Kate’s secret is revealed Justin moves in with Kayla Eric and Sarah receive upsetting news about Mickey Ben informs Ciara his legal situation just got worse Kate blasts Sonny when she learns he shared a kiss with Evan After hearing the news about Mickey, Nicole tries to comfort Eric Xander becomes suspicious of Ciara Days of Our Lives Dec-9-13 spoilers
  3. I do think Dan O'Conner might have some potential. I have noticed a slight improvement. But any potential Mr.O'Conner has. Valentini and Varni will sabotage and squander it. If Shelly had brought back Brook Lynn. She would've made her a porn star addicted to crack.
  4. Days is just as boring as before the time jump. Some awkward pseudo homoeroticism. Between Will & Ben would've made it somewhat bearable.
  5. All these's comings and goings are making my head spin. I can't imagine even die hard fans sticking around.
  6. This poor man's version of Oz is awful. The only good thing is looking at Chandler's beautiful body. Evan's all over Sonny 🐻
  7. Yes it was confirmed. Will had an affair with the guy he was writing something with in LA.
  8. Today's episode was a train wreck. The Steve/Stefano Hope/Princess Gina stuff is awful. Poor Abe handing out medals. Kayla and Justin are boring. The prison stuff is awful. This time jump is a boring hot mess.
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