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  1. The fall was high camp. But i didn't mind it. Since Days can be so blah. At least this was exciting. Seeing two diva's battling it out . The stunt person falling looked like a man in a wigπŸ˜‚ They even used the hallway of the K-Mansion. Chiquati means little girl. As a Spanish person i didn't take offensive too Julie calling her ''Chiquati''. Sonny🐻 continues to look terrible in his business tycoon power suits. The WTF looks on Sonny & Chad's faces when they saw Julie on the floor were priceless.
  2. victoria foxton

    Gay Characters in US Soaps

    Strong, non apologetic, sarcastic. Didn't take any bs from anyone. Reid never had a need for people to like or accepted him. One of the best gay character ever on a soap.
  3. The young Horton Twink needs a strong no nonsense man to wake him up. ESS did wonders for VH's Luke. ESS was the best thing about ATWT last days. At this point i don't think even ESS or someone like him will help. GR has breathe some life to Wilson. With his campy shenanigans. But i'm not sure how long that will last. Even when a strong performer like CS was on. CM was mostly sleepwalking as Will. I would love to see an end to Wilson. I really did enjoy them in the early yrs. At this point wouldn't mind Will discovering his actual bi. It would be a sight to behold. Seeing ESS and CM in bed together.
  4. victoria foxton

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    There trying to be current. LOL
  5. victoria foxton

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    GH goes through the motions. But there's no spark of life. All the remaining soaps have that deadening tonality. Cluttered with a mass assortment of ill conceived unlikable characters. I try watching but seeing the look of entitlement in Sonny's face. Or Jason and Drew's blank expressions. Is a real turn off. Even watching once in a blue moon is a real chore for me. I used to love to hate watch it. Just to goof it. But even that stopped becoming fun ages ago.
  6. Today's episode would've been another boring show. If it wasn't for Leo & Sonny's farce of a wedding. Leo in his butterfly wedding suit. Shelia of all people officiating the wedding ceremony.
  7. victoria foxton

    Another World

    This channel has a lot of AW episodes.