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  1. The juicy backstage drama continues. This is way better than today's episode. Mr. Rogers speaking truths.
  2. Maybe it's for the best. Ron would write something cringey.
  3. GH loved killing their legacy kids. Would've been nice if Nancy and Martha had lived. A teenaged Martha playing a role in the Steven Lars saga. Even going up against Heather. Nancy maybe becoming a nurse like her mom. Becoming jealous of Jessie's friendship with Bobbie. Having romances with Scotty or Jimmy Lee for example. So many missed opportunities.
  4. Thanks for sharing Carl I have a soft spot for early 90's GH. Even Gloria Monty's second run. Which i hated at the time. Still not the biggest fan. But don't hated as much.
  5. At least today's episode wasn't too bad. There's was some much needed momentum. As everyone was gunning for Parking Lot Pete. It wasn't deadly dull like usual. As per usual Felicia's MIA.
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