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  1. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I gave up last year Eddie. During NUFAKEMichelle's affair with Preston. The comments over on Digital Spy don't sound to glowing. Plus they wrote off my beautiful Ben.
  2. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    On today's show Sonny is in the same spot I'm sick to death of Vic's living room.
  3. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Freddie has been looking ok in recent episodes. The main problem is the man gave up. During his first run he was way better. All the silly overacting faces CM & FS make are annoying. The only one that tries is CS. If you guys ever saw him on Hawaii Five 0. You know he has talent and range. These two make a good living making stupid faces.
  4. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Even though Ron's a talentless hack. I do love the homoertic elements he infuses. I liked when a shirtless Tripp opened the door for Ben. It would've been awesome if they devoured each other. Ciara WHO???
  5. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    As much as i like Will. He should've stayed dead. His return was crap. The only saving grace has been Will & Paul's chemistry.
  6. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't care so much about FS's weight. If his acting was on point. He gave up a long time ago. All his doing is collecting his coins. Alan Sarapa over on Twitter is roasting him. But he does bring some good points.
  7. The Doctors

    I've been enjoying Ann and Paul. The new hospital set looks good. In only a short time Douglas Marland's run starts.
  8. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    The homoertic vibe between Chad & Sonny was kind of hot. Chad looked thirsty for Sonny?
  9. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    David Gregory ex-Ford OLTL appeared in Netflix's Insatiable.
  10. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    James Lastovic ex-Joey on Days appeared on Netflix's Insatiable.
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    An amazing set of scenes with two legends.
  12. Classic GH Thread