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  1. I liked when Xander scared Sonny bear with the wrestling mask.
  2. More sneak peak pics. That door and hallway looks familiar😂
  3. A decent episode. Nothing particularly earth shattering going on. I do like the teens. Who within a year would be replaced by Lilly/Dusty/Meg/Holden. I've seen clips of their spring break misadventure. Where Frannie nearly gets raped. It was all rather blah. I didn't know Frank wrote a best selling book. Or that Maggie & Brian were involved. Or that bad girls Diana & Karen were friends. I loved the cheesy SO VERY 80's video.It was silly 80's fun. Something Marland would've never dreamed of doing. Jay's fake running had me in stitches LOL.
  4. No disrespect meant. You really like that? I guess enjoy. The bad writing and 4 cheap overused sets are driving me insane. Somehow i hold on. I like an abusive wife. Hoping her abusive husband changes his ways. The Kristen/Nicole mask nonsense just keeps going on and on.
  5. Days spoilers for Monday July 29: Kristen proposes marriage… to her own brother! Jack demands a divorce from Eve! Days spoilers for Tuesday July 30: Stefan and Gabi prepare for their wedding day. Days spoilers for Wednesday July 31: “Nicole” is furious when Tony pulls a disappearing act. Days spoilers for Thursday August 1: Hope makes a stunning discovery in Ted’s apartment. Days spoilers for Friday August 2: Sarah comes clean with Rex about her feelings for Eric.
  6. http://www.newnownext.com/blake-mciver-ewing-twitter-pose-glee-viral-load/07/2019/ Former Child Actor Faces Backlash After Calling “Pose” Just “‘Glee’ With a Viral Load”
  7. I'm liking the teens. Everything else is meh.
  8. Lauren Holly & Robert Duncan McNeil looked like twin brother and sister. They had no chemistry. Cecily was the only thing that made the triangle interesting. Natalie's rape by Ross was well done.
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