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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Eric looks great? That smile!
  2. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I forgot about this. We don't see fun moments like these on present day Days. I miss Anne,Maxine and Caroline.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The unapologetic Reid was a breath of fresh. Reid even made that twink Luke interesting. I even liked his friendship with an overused Katie. Reid was a bright spot during ATWT dreary last months.
  4. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    https://t.co/ZpdVaKmv5vVOTE: How Will ABC Write Roseanne Out Of The Spinoff??
  5. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    That works for me. They use HTS for everything anyway.
  6. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I doubt Days has the budget for that. But it would be hot to see.
  7. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Orange peel and his beat up face. Ron always has JJ half naked.
  8. The Politics Thread

  9. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's really strange. She gets one very special episode. Then she's completely forgotten.
  10. The Politics Thread

    https://t.co/u47CQGrgIA 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' Melania wears a $39 jacket with a very controversial message scrawled on the back as she boards a plane to visit immigrant children at the Texas border https://t.co/wVqfmYdizd Crisis actor spotted at Texas child migrant detention center
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Here's some of Jason Kincaid as Tom.
  12. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    A whole episode focusing on a bland Lani giving birth. I did like seeing a lot of people at the hospital. It gave things a feeling of community. Which Days is sorely lacking. The juxtaposing of the dream and reality was interesting. It would've worked better for me if i cared about Lani. You could see JJ's gluteus maximus quite well. I love when JJ wears his grey sweatpants.
  13. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm sick of most of their scenes taking place in Will's ugly bed room. 3 men in that small ugly bedroom is awkward. It would at least be nice to see them in other rooms of the Martin House. It would be great to see Will as a young single man. Without Sonny bear suffocating Will. I knew JJ's new apartment looked familiar Still it beats his ugly room at the Martin House.
  14. Any Capitol Fans Here?