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  1. Surprisingly GH has started to get a bit better. Since Dan O'Conner took over. It's still has a long, long,.long way to go. I'm simply shocked they brought Taggart back. The one person that see's Sonny for what he truly is. The one person in Port Charles. Who will never bow down to him and kiss his ring.
  2. Next week's spoiler pics. Involving Maggie's accident. We flashback to see what happened in Salem on Mother’s Day the year before: Sonny and Justin revisit the last day of Adrienne’s life. Sarah goes goes into labor. Maggie gets an upsetting visit from someone from her past.
  3. A MAJOR EastEnders character will be killed off next month to mark its 35th anniversary. In scenes filmed this week, they will drown in the Thames after falling from a party boat.
  4. Has anyone noticed that the 93-94 episodes everything is dark and brown.
  5. Simply love those old promo's. Carrie🤣 The only saving grace in that story was Maura West as Carrie. I mean Carly.
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