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  1. victoria foxton

    Days: February 18-22, Weekly Preview

  2. victoria foxton

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    I liked that Sally & Kevin were together a whole decade until his affair with Natalie. A couple being together all those yrs without an affair is unheard of in an American soap. I don't have a problem with Gail,Kevin and Sally. The writing of the last decade has really hurt all 3. I miss Deirdre. Even though her Ken could be rather insufferable at times.
  3. victoria foxton

    Best UK/Non-US Soap Scenes

    I think Corrie had some great moments from 1980-2005. Since then it's become a cartoonish mess. There's still so much of the 80's, 90's and early 00's i enjoyed.
  4. Rafe warns Ted to stay away from Hope Eric tries to help Sarah, who starts to have new doubts about Rex Leo strikes back at Sonny and Will JJ urges Jack not to say anything about Haley’s immigration status Eli brings Sonny and Will into the police station for questioning Eve overhears Melinda and Haley fight over their secret Rafe gets Jordan to open up about her recent trauma The person who set the cabin on fire last year and nearly killed Ciara is finally revealed Ben admits to Ciara he’s not sure he could’ve stopped himself from killing Jordan Claire fights jealousy when she realizes Tripp’s been hanging out with Haley
  5. victoria foxton

    GH: Actor returning

    He has returned so many times. None of these's returns added up too much. At this point i don't care. With Ingo being a Trumper i could never enjoy Jax again.
  6. victoria foxton

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    There was a lot going on yet it all felt rather blah. The bad production values are such a hindrance. Nothing had any real stakes. Wilson are so beyond played out at this point. Don't care about Wilson, Chabby or Cin.
  7. victoria foxton

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    From the bits and pieces i've seen of Rick's amphetamine addiction it looks like it was mess. What a lame excuse.