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  1. The late Mr. Cobert also composed music for The Doctors. RIP
  2. Viveca Strand made her first appearance on today's episode. As Viveca arrives at Hope Memorial. Kim Langsworth departs Madison.
  3. Never knew Kim and Ariel took turns writing a newspaper column. It's great see more of Ariel. The Dr.Z/Cassandra North stuff amounts to filler .Ariel was to fabulous for that. The family scenes with John, Karen, Dusty and Andy were sweet and cute. Betsy Von Furstenberg looked some much like Eileen Fulton. I thought it was Eileen.
  4. They repeatedly bring them back and quickly lose interest.
  5. I think Chloe worked quite well during her first run. But after that she never worked. Her prostituting herself. Her obsession with Daniel. Really screwed her character. I enjoy her friendship with Nicole. I wish we would've seen more of Chloe running Doug's Place. Alongside the William's. RC had no idea what to do with her. I wonder if he does now?
  6. I liked Rusty. I didn't like Johnny. Didn't hate him either. But i him found boring. I liked James Goodwin on AW better.
  7. Crystal didn't appear. Only a not so little Ed appeared.
  8. Mis pobre amigos Latinos vota para su amable blanquito abuelito.
  9. A young legacy with decades of stories is killed. To give aging played out characters drama. Once that's over he will be forgotten.
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