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  1. I've been enjoying Doreen's exit story. The Doctors squandered Doreen for most of her run. Besides the Luke/Doreen/Eleanor story. They never knew what to do with her. This dark story was a great showcase for Pamela Lincoln. I wish the show would've gotten Doreen a better red wig.
  2. https://tvline.com/2019/10/21/facts-of-life-reunion-lifetime-christmas-movie/ It's not a Facts of Life Christmas movie.
  3. Way ,way too dark for me. Ryan , Bridget and Frankie all murdered with in a year. A disfigured Felicia lurking around the streets of Bay City. Michael's death. The awful supernatural Jordan Stark/ Lumina story. I found those last years hard to watch. The only few bright spots were Lila and Cindy.
  4. DS was a generic HW. But i have a soft spot for her run. I''ll gladly take her run over the dark dreary mess AW became during it's final years. I did enjoy Jake's shooting. Marley coming into her own. As an empowered rape survivor. Marley & Jamie falling for each other in France. Ryan & Vicky. Pauline & Jake. Donna was decent.
  5. One Life To Live (July 26, 1993) One Life To Live- August 2, 1984 (partial) One Life To Live (March 20, 1989)
  6. All My Children- January 20, 1989 (partial) All My Children- December 19, 1984 (partial)
  7. One Life To Live (partial) and beginning of General Hospital (December 11, 1987) General Hospital- January 8, 1985 (partial)
  8. One Life To Live (partial) and beginning of General Hospital (December 11, 1987) One Life to Live (December 4, 1986)
  9. There isn't very much of Loving online. A few random episodes here and there.
  10. Brady supports Kristen during a medical crisis Kayla and Roman question Hope’s odd behavior Things turn romantic as Ciara helps Ben make a gift for David Jordan cooks up a deadly plan Brady receives the results of the paternity test Ben and Ciara arrive for David’s birthday party, unaware of what Jordan has in store Brady shows concern over Kristen, who insists on attending Stefan’s funeral Gabi lowers the boom on Lani Eli and Julie have a heart-to-heart Ciara suddenly doesn’t feel well at David’s party
  11. Only saw bits and pieces of Otalia. It was the only time a dull Natalia was ever interesting. It was firmly established that Olivia was a straight woman. How was Olivia falling for Natalia handled?
  12. The Italian translator for Trump's press conference wins the award for the BEST WTF FACE ever
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