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  1. Yup! That's why i expect. The poor man's version of the possession redux to be a hot mess. @Soapsuds Will makes a guest appearance on today's episode.
  2. Both Dinah and Lanie were pretty much the same character.
  3. I can't believe i watched the whole saga about Benji's bladder infection. Then he talks about an accountant who ripped him off. Tying everything to bad customer service. That sure is a boring couple. Funny he just lightly talked about Beyond Salem. There's nothing entertaining about these two.
  4. His blaming the producers. For his bad performances. But not himself. The Chat and TV Source covered Beyond Salem better. He barely talked about Beyond Salem. Instead talked about his pets bladder infection. I think it's a dog. Not particularly exciting stuff.
  5. Tan-O has been destroyed by the fake looking CGI fire . #RIPTanO Almost looked like Spinelli was going to give Jason a kiss. The type of kiss NuSonny gave Will on Beyond Salem. Even with the fire, the wedding and Drew captive. Today's episode felt draggy
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