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  1. @beebs Wow! A popular and long running character like Laura just ceased to appear. Way too much change. Way too fast. Viewers heads must off been spinning. Never knew Bill played the piano. But then again i don't know much about Bill. The battle big for Anderson Manufacturing. Looks like it was squandered. One of the few bright spot. Will be the introduction of Liz. I have an article. About the big revamp. I have posted it before. But since we have been discussing this era. I'm posting it again.
  2. I think your partially right. About viewing options. But years and years of GH being dark and insufferable. Has taken it's toll as well. The mob element is played out at this point. A show needs new concepts. For it to flourish and survive. A soap about healers. Being overrun by mobsters, serial killers and rapists. For 20 years is so STUPID.
  3. I agree with most of your assessment. It's a shame Xander and Charlie off the carts sexual chemistry wouldn't' be used. But i have to disagree about the sets. Hope's home or whatever that's supposed to be being the worse set.
  4. Wow! What delusions Mo has. He's won nothing. His lucky GH is still on.
  5. Miss Alan that you gurl???? A lot of the tea spilled happened 9000 billion yrs ago. The soaps discussed are long dead. A lot of the actors haven't been on a soap in years. It must be exhausting being this condescending and patronizing. Anyway this nobody wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey be dry and tasteless.
  6. I wonder if he makes good money off that youtube channel of his? Where he and his gal act like senior citizens. In one episode Alyssa goes on about taking Tums for her tummy. She sounded like an old fart. Her and Freddie have the personalities of rocks. Anyway at least were spared seeing Sonny bear.
  7. The bad blood between Nick and Will. Should've caused havoc. Within the loving and tightknit Horton clan. Having Hortons taking sides. Nick becoming homophobic. Due to getting repeatedly raped in prison was never fully explored. The transformation of sweet geeky Nick. Into a bad boy really worked. In spite of itself. Mostly due to a talent Blake Berris. I never realized the Roger vs Ed vibes before. I even see a bit of Alex in bad boy Nick.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. I have an observation about Dev and Dustin's deaths. In old school classic GH. When someone died. It was felt by the whole Port Charles community. Since everyone crossed over and interacted. With Dev and Dustin i don't remember. Either one really interacting with other characters. Outside their stories. So their deaths don't have any real dramatic gut punch.
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