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    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    BEN THERE DONE THAT Ben Mitchell returning to EastEnders with SIXTH actor taking the role named as former Waterloo Road star Max Bowden The actor, 24, who has also appeared in Casualty and Doctors, will begin filming on the BBC1 soap this week EXCLUSIVE By Andy Halls, TV Editor 20th January 2019, 9:03 pm Updated: 20th January 2019, 9:04 pm EASTENDERS favourite Ben Mitchell is returning to the soap after being written out just over a year ago – with a SIXTH actor now taking on the role. The character was first introduced in 1996 and was last played by Harry Reid, but will now be portrayed by former Waterloo Road star Max Bowden. BBC 4 Max Bowden, the former Waterloo Road star, is to play Ben Mitchell in EastEnders The actor, 24, who has also appeared in Casualty and Doctors, will begin filming on the BBC1 soap this week. He will reappear in Walford alongside fellow returning character Lola, played by Danielle Harold, and their daughter Lexi. A TV source said: “Ben is a really popular character among EastEnders fans and has been at the heart of some of the biggest storylines in recent years. “It’ll take viewers a bit of time to get used to another face playing him, but they’ve had plenty of practice over the years when it comes to his character.” 4 The five previous Ben Mitchells: Matthew Silver (1996–1998), Morgan Whittle (1999–2001), Charlie Jones (2006–2010), Joshua Pascoe (2010–2012) and Harry Reid (2014–2018) HANDOUT 4 The last actor to play the son of Phil Mitchell was Harry Reid, here with soap stalwart Steve McFadden Max said: “I’m so excited to be joining the cast of EastEnders and taking on the role of Ben Mitchell. “ I’ve always been a fan of the show so to be joining one of the most iconic families in soap is beyond exciting. I can’t wait to get started and see what’s in store for Ben.” Ben, the son of hardman Phil Mitchell — played by stalwart Steve McFadden — was first portrayed by Matthew Silver as a baby, before Morgan Whittle took the role as a child. The most well-known portrayal of the youngster was by Charlie Jones who joined the soap when Ben was around ten after mum Kathy Beale was killed in a car crash. BBC 4 Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) with soap best pal Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) who was written out over a year ago. He was later replaced by Joshua Pascoe, who was nominated for soap villain of the year after storylines including the kidnapping of shopkeeper Patrick Trueman, attack of Glenda Mitchell and the murder of Heather Trott before being written out in 2012. Show boss Kate Oates, who joined the BBC show after working on rival soap Coronation Street for two years, added: “A character like Ben, with his rich history, ‘complicated’ family and complex psychology, is pure gold. “With Max in the role, we will be exploring the aspects of Ben’s character that have been allowed to develop during his time away from the Square: unfettered by old loyalties. Ben Mitchell discovers that someone has stolen his Un
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    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Glynnis O'Connor was a terribly miscast Margo. I remember her Margo would wear ugly outfits.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Never liked The Gemini Twins. Even by Days standards their origins were too silly. I don't remember original recipe Eric Winter/Rex very well. But this New Rex might as well be a different person. I liked KL as Brady. As Rex his awful. Here's a clip with Rex & Mimi. Makes me sad seeing the beautiful Tuscany set filled with tons of extra's. If this was modern era Days they would be at an empty HTS.
  4. Monday, January 21 Xander jumps into bed with a surprising partner Victor makes Brady an offer he can’t refuse Gabi asks Kate for a favor Eric makes a stunning discovery Tuesday, January 22 Eric flips out over Sarah's betrayal Kayla gives Jennifer bad news involving Jack Eve encourages Jack to make a bold career move Xander tries to pull a fast one on Leo Wednesday, January 23 Jennifer and Eve have a heated argument over Jack Jack bonds with JJ, who warns his father about Eve's deception Haley gets to know Tripp when she treats him at the hospital Ted asks Kate for another chance Thursday, January 24 Claire makes romantic inroads with Tripp Haley and JJ grow closer Chad makes a big sacrifice for Abigail Gabi and Stefan declare war on one another. Friday, January 25 Friday, January 25 Sarah tries to make amends with Eric Jennifer warns Jack that Eve is using him Haley reveals her secret to JJ Brady and Chloe have a close moment
  5. Monday January 14: Chad and Abigail share a warm moment. Jennifer tries to reconnect with Jack. Rex asks Eric to help him win back Sarah. Abigail and Chad kiss. Tuesday January 15: Leo presses Xander to accept his indecent proposal. Will turns to John for help with tracking down Leo's mom. JJ urges Haley to open up about her secret. Eric explodes when he learns Xander is alive. Trask tells Abe she intends to run against him for Mayor. JJ questions Haley about her connection to Melinda. Wednesday January 16: Eric attacks Xander! Rex and Chloe get reacquainted. Kate encourages Abigail to forgive Chad. Kate apologizes to Abigail. Chad and Gabi are surprised by Stefan's return to DiMera. Ted tries to get Stefan to turn on Ben. Thursday January 17: Eli and Lani hit a major snag as they build the case against Xander. Abe is furious when he learns Sheila made a costly mistake. Gabi and Stefan get into it over the future of Gabi Chic. Rafe and Hope argue about Ted. Friday January 18: Rex's stunning admission sends Sarah into Eric's arms. Rafe reveals to Hope that he’s leaving town to help Sami. John gives Marlena disappointing news about Xander. Stefan vetoes Chad's plan to return Gabi Chic to Gabi. Eli and Lani are stunned to discover the footage of Xander shooting Marlena is missing. Will has good news for Sonny. Xander makes a deal with Leo.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I loved Sheila's flashbacks scenes with Xander. Everything else was boring.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

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    Days: Leo's Mom

    John having two gay sons is a bit much. But Ron loves to do stuff like that.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Will & Sonny giving each other chaste pecks on the lips. While hiding from Leo was silly. Poor JJ is stuck with Haley. Who shows no signs of a personality. Must they always make Abe so insufferable? Leo continues to be a blast to watch. Whether trying to have sex with Xander or making fun of Sonny's suit. Sarah has way more chemistry with Xander. Then she does with Eric & Rex.
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    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The statue was named Sundancer. Here's some of their adventure.
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    Days: 1/14/19. Weekly Preview

  12. victoria foxton

    Days: 1/14/19. Weekly Preview

    Alcoholic whorish Sarah might be fun done right.
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    Dallas: Discussion Thread

    Viewers in the USA can now stream the complete original #Dallas TV series for free
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    The gold sack Abby had on was hideous.
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    The Doctors

    Marland inherited an interesting story. Which he dragged out. Sadly it all ended in a whimper.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Leo lusting after a half naked Xander was the only interesting thing. Everything else was boring. Sonny ''hiding out'' with Will in public from Leo. While giving Will passionless kisses
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I'm curious to see how far he takes it. This is going to be a lot of queer baiting. I strongly doubt Days is really going there Wouldn't mind if they did. This might be fun for awhile. Until they run it to the ground.
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    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

  19. victoria foxton

    Closeted (gay) actors formerly on the soaps

    Very butch and masculine yet boyish.