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  1. I don't know who Will Farrell was playing. But that most certainly wasn't Tom Willis. Jackee Harry was pretty good.
  2. I thought it was ok . Doesn't capture the energy the original had. But a decent try nonetheless. Great twist having Marla Gibb reprise Florence.
  3. I loved Dangerous Women. I hated when it was cancelled. It was pure soapy fun. I could could never get into Port Charles. I did like the first supernatural arc. After that i got tired of all the bad supernatural arcs. I hated them killing of both Eve and Karen.
  4. Oh wow! I've never seen Linda Dano as Cynthia Haines. I've never seen these classic gems on youtube before. All this soapy goodness. and Dr Joyce Brothers too. Thanks Dax7000.
  5. I'm not sure if this takes place this week. But i had to show you guys. JJ & Haley's on the run disguises.
  6. 😀😀😀 I used to like Anna. Now i can't stand her.
  7. Some pics from day 2 of the Nurses Ball.
  8. Will's all too brief tumor induced outburst was the only interesting. About today's show. We need to see more of angry Will.
  9. Some pics of day 1 of the Nurses Ball.
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