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  1. Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 6: Kayla learns of a major crisis as she gets ready for her ceremony. Sonny bolsters Justin the morning of his father’s wedding. Xander confides in Jack about Sarah. Victor defends Xander to Sarah. Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 7: Steve makes a big announcement to John and Marlena. Kayla can’t help but think of her past with Steve. Justin presses Hope for answers. Victor, Justin, and Sonny have a warm moment before the ceremony begins. Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday July 8: Justin stuns Kayla with a huge confession. Kayla is faced with a tough decision. Marlena comforts John as he mourns Steve’s departure. A familiar face returns to Salem. Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday July 9: Justin gets a shock at Adrienne’s grave site. Kayla confronts Steve. Rafe delivers stunning news to Lucas and Kate. John and Marlena learn Allie is pregnant. Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday July 10: Vivian asks Kate for a favor. Claire offers to help Ben with a very special task for the wedding. Eli and Lani bask in their newlywed bliss. Gabi gets an unpleasant surprise when she drops by Jake’s apartment.
  2. @Soapsuds WilSon look like they want to bottom for Eric.
  3. I wonder which recycled hack will replace him?
  4. Do have to love Gwen for throwing Ben being a serial killer in his face.
  5. I'm on season 3 of Ozark. The first season is slow. Takes it sweet time setting things up. But by the end of the first season things start getting good. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney really ground the series. It's way to overhyped. but it's still an entertaining show. The cast is solid. Aside from an overhyped Tom Pelphrey. Doing the same #[email protected]&%*! he did on GL.
  6. @Soapsuds Tamara was on from 1986-87. She was Marlena's best friend from college. She had a singing career and dated Abe. I don't remember Days doing much with her. But i liked the character.
  7. I hope Will will make guest appearances 🤣 And goes to Jake's Auto body repair for a ''tune up''.
  8. All she has to do is Google this info. Miss Thang had no idea Michael Zaslow character on OLTL was preexisting. Dave has has such a hard on for the Jonathan character.
  9. I had no idea Millee wrote for Gary Marshall shows. Courtney and Millee's stories are great. Dave is a tasty snack😍 But Main Street and Peapack era's were so bad.This was a good group. But Alan continues to suck. I do wonder if any of them was a POC. Would they had gotten the breaks they got?
  10. @dc11786Just wanted to tell you that your Loving posts are awesome. Until today i've never heard of most of those characters. All the comings and goings made my head spin.The teen scene sounded promising until the change in HW's.
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