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  1. Some thoughts on the 82/83 episodes. I enjoyed Rusty's reign of terror. It looks like Rusty came on. To cause havoc and then be killed off. In a splashy murder mystery. I do wish SFT had kept Rusty. As their Palmer Cortlandt/ Asa Buchanan type character. But then again Rusty was much, much darker. I liked Jo slowly falling for him. But glad that nothing came out of it. Stephanie and Jo don't have much to do. It was interesting to see how Stephanie acquired the TV station. The younger characters dominated too much. But they were a pretty good group. I have often heard that this era sucked. Bu
  2. Wes has hissed several times. in his new pseudo British accent.
  3. Sasha and Willow are nothing burgers. Eating up airtime. We will never get true next gen legacies. Like Anna and Serena taking their rightful place. And being front and center. Maybe it's a good thing that neither is on. GH wouldn't do right by them. Look at what GH did to Georgie.
  4. I had no i idea who he was. Until i saw him being interviewed on my local news. Colton's very tasty.
  5. 335364323_y2mate.is-GH41321-AnnaValentinPart12-JTqFcPw6BFQ-1080p-1618367137176.mp4
  6. It would be great to have David back. Gregg Marx is as handsome as ever. Unlike many of the characters on the canvas. David isn't played out. Would love to see David met his son and grandbabies. Kate would welcome him back to Salem. By sleeping with him. Maybe after more than 40 yrs. David & Valerie can find some happiness.
  7. I wonder which member of the writing team added that? It was a great touch. No way is RC hip enough to know about this song. Which was a modest hit for Whitney.
  8. Yikes!!! Wes is awful. I was never a fan of Faison. But Anders Hove can play a really scary villain. Wes can't at all.
  9. I've seen very little of Avila Mayer/Braxton's run. I do like their character driven approach. TR's therapy session blew me away. I agree with you about Suzy & Cagney. After Warren they became supporting characters. Until Suzy's death by Ella Hobbs. Are the episodes with Maureen O'Sullivan online?
  10. @Paul Raven I've found this season rather meh too. Lots of good idea's like Darlene and Becky working at Wellman's. Becky relapsing. Molly's brief return and shocking death. But the show feels off somehow. And i can't pinpoint the reason. The Conner's have always faced adversities. But things have been bleaker than usual. It would be great. If DJ and his family. Were given more to do. As much i love Darlene and Becky. They dominate stories too much. What little Harris was given wasn't great. It would also be great to finally see Andy and Jerry. But i think the show has retconned them out of c
  11. Simply love  Satin Jackets feat. Panama - ''Back To Me''. It's always fun to discover something new. snoopy GIF by ARtestpage

  12. Mayonnaise without the Miracle Whip. And the classically trained Juilliard thespian. Who's forehead doesn't move. Put me to sleep.
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