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  1. I liked Mel & Dorian. May Mr. Markle RIP.
  2. Cray, cray Claire angrily snapping at Sonny bear & Tumor boy was funny. Cray, cray Claire makes yet another housequest at Uncle Vic's already overcrowded mansion. I almost forgot Claire is a 2 or 3 cousin to both Sonny & Will. At least bummy weepy Nicole wasn't on. Days production values are bad. I'm sick of the same couple of sets. With an extra or 2. But at least the production values aren't Guiding Light/Peapack bad.
  3. They used dress Nicole well. Now she looks like crap. And those crying faces.
  4. They were replaced by godawful Dena Higley. In the first of her many disastrous runs.
  5. I remember they had Lily singing ''I Can't Make You Love Me'' over and over. All over Oakdale. 24/7 in 1993. Holden would walk in as Lilly was singing it. I wish ATWT would've had Lily singing other songs. Everytime i hear the song. I think of Holden & Lily.
  6. I loved their run. I started watching regularly again because of them.
  7. Cricket had Billy(on-screen) on February 11, 1982 . Billy wasn't a retcon. Hogan being Ron before Ron πŸ˜‚. Is so spot on. Once Jeanie P joined Hogan ATWT became unwatchable.
  8. I wonder if Days blew their meager budget on this lame explosion 😁
  9. Maybe it's a good thing It's fake news. I don't think Curly would fit too well in modern Corrie. I don't think the writers would give him anything great. Wouldn't want to see Curly acting like a moron. Like most of the Corrie characters act in present day Corrie. The stuff with Curly and Reg at the supermarket Bettabuy. Could be silly. But it was still better than what passes for comedy now.
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/9004794/coronation-street-curly-watts-cast-lucy-fallon/ Coronation Street bosses are set to bring back Curly Watts amid mass exodus of cast members including Lucy Fallon
  11. Here's part of Cass and Rex's final showdown. The next episode where Rex dies isn't on youtube.
  12. Did Kristoff fart at 10:31? He was joking around. He had a nice sense of humor.
  13. It would great if they bought some new sets with all them savings. Wonder who pockets them savings? We Need a long break from HTS.
  14. Leann Hunley's runs are always quite short. Anna is never written correctly. I like Thaao. I can't stand Andre. I can't imagine Queen Dee changing in the back of someone's carπŸ˜‚ In Kim Zimmer's bio she revealed that the cast and crew shared one bathroom. In the home P&G was renting for them in Peapack. It's truly shocking that Days is almost a year ahead in episodes. In order to save money.
  15. I used to like her on Loving & GL. But i'm sick of her too. That entitled look she always has is annoying af.
  16. Lisa Locicero talking about how GH brings so much reality.
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