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  1. Monday, March 4 JJ warns Haley that Eli and Lani are at the hospital looking for her Ben insists he has to break up with Ciara because he’s too afraid of hurting her Kate gives Rafe an earful about Ted Hope is upset to learn another secret from Ted's past Tuesday, March 5 Rafe confronts Ted about making a play for his wife Tripp hides Haley at the loft Rex presses Eric to convince Sarah to accept his marriage proposal Chloe finds evidence that someone may be watching her Wednesday, March 6 Marlena confronts John about Leo’s paternity secret Will and Sonny break into Diana’s hotel room to look for ammunition against Leo Rex confronts a man with a gun who appears to be stalking Chloe Sarah is torn about what to do about Rex’s proposal Thursday, March 7 Stefan tells Chloe he'd like to pursue a romantic relationship with her Brady pressures Gabi to team up with him to take down Stefan Jennifer is upset when Jack announces he's running for mayor Friday, March 8 John breaks into Diana's safe Diana decides on a way to eliminate Marlena Jennifer blasts Jack for using Haley as a scapegoat to further his political ambitions Claire betrays Tripp and Haley
  2. With his slick back dark hair Sonny looks like Eddie Munster.
  3. It's been awhile since Freddie lost weight. But we have yet to see it on air. Chandler looked good in the suit. Plus he was actually awake.
  4. February brought Mexican thugs. A mayoral race. Illegal immigration. Chabby departing. Among other things. What will March bring?
  5. This mayoral race with Grumpy Abe, Ice Queen Melinda & Resurrected Jack is a farce. RC should stick to camp. Socially relevant stories are not his thing. Doug Marland he ain't. Don't care for a bland Haley. But i hated Jack for revealing she's illegal. Hated the Claire fake out. Don't like Claire at all. But i hate that she's being thrown under the bus for Ben. The pretty boy serial killer.
  6. I found 1981 a bit better than 80. But it's still a chore to watch. I don't understand why both Margo and Tracey met such sad ends. I watched 1981 last year. LVB does get rid of some boring characters but there still so many more left.
  7. That was so funny. Jaboukie Young-White is adorable.
  8. This was risky of GH. Having the town patriarch and matriarch brutally beaten. Around the time of GH's 30th anniversary. But this worked. It was the first big story the Hardy's had since the 70's. Adding to the momentum GH was experiencing at the time.
  9. I'm so sick of HTS. Would kill to see a new set. Tired of the same couple of sets. At least GH & Y&R have more sets.
  10. I don't even like Claire. But to throw her under the bus for Ben. Back from the dead Jack wanting to be Mayor is so stupid.
  11. Really enjoying Sheri Anderson brief HW run. Reginald's downfall was well done. Nicole & Cass falling in love and running a business was very entertaining. A shame Dawn's HIV story was aborted. She didn't even get to die onscreen. I find Jamie & Lisa boring. But Anne Heche's Vicky made them interesting. Sam & Amanda honeymoon stuff felt like filler. I wish they haven't made Jason so dark. Jason & Mary could've been an interesting couple. I really love the friendship between a lonely Liz and Nicole.
  12. Tensions run high this week as Jennifer moderates the first mayoral debate between Abe and Melinda Trask. During which, Jack decided to drops a bombshell that will upend the entire thing. He reveals Haley’s immigration status! Haley blasts JJ for his betrayal while Jennifer rips into Eve and Jack for using Haley as a political pawn. Unmoved, Jack and Eve decided take advantage of Melinda’s scandal while Eli and Lani question JJ about Haley’s whereabouts. Gabi turns to Brady for help As Stefan protects Chloe from El Fideo’s men, they grow closer Marlena is thrown when John comes to Leo’s defense Eric talks to Marlena about his feelings for Sarah Sarah has a surprising reaction to Rex’s proposal The truth is finally revealed regarding who set the cabin on fire last year and why Victor drops a bomb on Marlena Chloe interrupts a heated moment between Gabi and Stefan Terrified he may hurt her, Ben breaks up with Ciara Tripp finds something unexpected in Claire’s jewelry box and confronts her
  13. Mr. Bunny was passively aggressively mentioning me. Since i'm the one posting the tweets. Which did go overboard with. I do use the tweets as a way for people to comment. This discussion to me is actually more interesting then the soap the thread's about.
  14. I doubt Mr. Smith cares what anyone in this thread thinks of him. He checked out long ago now his just collecting his coins. I'm having a bad day today. Don't want to fight over a dying soap opera. Or a wealthy actor's appearance. .
  15. I felt it was relevant. The Tweets were spot on and funny. I did go overboard with them. Shows so BORING i shouldn't even bother posting anything.
  16. He might ended up doing those bland Hallmark romance movies.
  17. Poor Days looks so rough. Hope Corday wins the lawsuit. Days needs that $$$ badly.
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