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  1. From what i'm hearing it's a one day appearance. As a figment of Nicole's mind.
  2. Apparently a WilSon scene where they visit Adrienne's grave was cut.
  3. Dr Jack Garner has made his first appearance. On today's episode.
  4. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2020/03/jayme-andrews-books-role-on-days-of-our.html
  5. Principal Guest Stars: Week of Monday 3/23/20-Friday 3/27/20 Kate Mansi - Abigail DiMera John Aniston - Victor Kiriakis Thaao Penghlis - Tony DiMera Leann Hunley - Anna DiMera Deidre Hall - Hattie Adams Brock Kelly - Evan Frears George Del Hoyo - Orpheus Jayme Andrews - Jason (new) Ashley Sutton - Hope/Gina Body Double Sarah Lowe - Choreographer Terry James - Stunt Coordinator From Jason47's Days Website.
  6. Is anyone watching the hurricane episodes?
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