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  1. https://youtu.be/ypSOa49IvR8 General Hospital (October 28, 1997)
  2. I like Lee. The depression story did him no favors.
  3. I think the person that made the video added EJ's bare chested pic in.
  4. Speaking of the devil. Some of this awful ConWest run has recently been upload. I tried watching but it's all so flavorless. At least they still had sets.
  5. I want to rip that red flannel woodman's shirt off him.
  6. Sonny 🐻 catches Will getting rammed by Stefan O. Sonny 🐻 has a massive stroke. Will and Stefan O keep banging as Sonny🐻 dies.
  7. Jack accuses Eve of trashing the hospital lab Maggie confronts Victor about attacking Ben Rafe eagerly awaits news about baby David Jordan returns to Salem Gabi gets into it with Julie Jennifer is held against her will Ben and Ciara are shocked when they discover Jordan’s been released Jennifer’s captor is revealed Jennifer tries to make contact with Jack Will eavesdrops on Stefan and Vivian
  8. Hasn't happen yet Errol. A year later everyone will still be living at Vic's. So why even bother. Still i'm very curious how this will be executed.
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