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  1. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/tv/angela-griffin-returning-coronation-street-16466959 Angela Griffin returning to Coronation Street as Fiona Middleton in secret love child storyline
  2. Today's show was boring. Even though there was a lot going on. Don't care about Ben or Ted. Eve as PC is so stupid. I did like the Hope. Claire and Ciara scene. Sarah & Rex are awful together. At least Wilson weren't on.
  3. Caroline's episode felt like a GL special episode. I did like Kayla telling Victor about Caroline. Hope being there for Victor. Will has cheated death. Lost his great grand and still looks like he just came from a day spa. The whole thing was way way too rushed. But it was still a decent tribute to Caroline & Peggy.
  4. At least it looked like Caroline. Fake Edward & Lila were so fakey.
  5. At least they tried something different. I also liked the moody lighting and fog. It's a mess of a story. With no real stakes. But i did like the way Will's near death experience is tied to Caroline's passing.
  6. For anyone who didn't see Marlena & Maggie's brief scene together. Here you go. Their scene takes place after Wilson. At the start of the show. https://dai.ly/x7bggnw
  7. Will's flatlining was so bad. They don't even bother making CM look sickly.
  8. https://news.avclub.com/fx-renews-pose-for-a-third-season-1835594185 FX renews Pose for a third season
  9. What a boring wedding. Will scaring Ari. He looks like he came from a day spa.
  10. Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambles to hide Ted from Stefan and Abe Maggie questions Xander about why he lied to her Kate and Gabi discuss Nicole’s suspicious behavior Ciara reveals to Tripp that Claire set both fires Claire and Eve conspire to nail Ben Ciara and Tripp pretend to believe Ben is guilty in front of Claire Tripp breaks up with Claire, who becomes unhinged Hope tries to track down a missing Ted Kristen orders Xander to get rid of Ted Rex tells Sarah he wants to get married immediately
  11. Shelly & Norma are not ''GREATS''.
  12. Claire Labine wrote her out. Along with Paul & Jenny. Around late 1993. Julia was the type of character Claire would've done a great job with.
  13. Brent killed Nadine in October of 95. Fairfax murdered Frankie on August 29,1996.
  14. Julia & Sly were about the only good things about GM's second run.
  15. If i remember correctly Cooper was a short term role. For the Metro Court Hostage Crisis. Then he was made a regular. Only to be killed in that awful Text Message Killer nonsense. He only lasted a year. GH killed off a lot of characters with potential during the Guza. era.
  16. They were so SAPPY. As well as painfully dull. The spark Wilson once had is long gone. Those dull scenes at Will's hospital room were a snooze fest. I did like Gabi unintentionally hijacking their moment.
  17. She did work wonders with the crap they gave her on GL. She'll most likely do the same. It's a damn shame that it's Nina.
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