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  1. I tried watching today's episode. But it was so meh. I think i might rewatch the 30th anniversary episode. Alexis is so unappealing. I figured it was only a matter of time until they threw Neil under the bus. Trina and Britt continue to be best thing about GH. Trina comes across as real kid coming of age. Britt is a much better vixen then Nelle. Crusty Sonny and Bland Jordan are painful to watch. I hope the upcoming repeats are classic episodes. But they will most likely be awful episodes for the last 10-15 yrs.
  2. Totally off topic but i love this tweet by Paul Telfer.
  3. Tomorrow's spoiler pics. Today's April Fool's spoiler pics. @Soapsuds
  4. This was such a silly and stupid episode. Thankfully it got preempted.Halfway through in New York. I wonder if other markets aired all of it.Still i liked seeing Miss Leo and Miss Sheila.
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