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  1. Unemployed Sonny 🐻 in his Goodfellas suit. Will in a long sleeve red flannel shirt in summer recapping. While standing in their favorite spot in Uncle Vic's living room. Not even RS as New Auntie Viv woke them up. CM looked adorable as always. Sonny🐻 had a new ugly haircut. Which makes him look like Eddie Munster.
  2. NEWS 21 OLTL Favorite Eddie Alderson Reveals He Is Cancer-Free After Long Battle https://michaelfairmantv.com/oltl-favorite-eddie-alderson-reveals-he-is-cancer-free-after-long-battle/2019/09/09/
  3. More Spoilers Eve tries to convince Vivian to speak to Stefan on her behalf. Eve tries to convince Vivian to speak to Stefan on her behalf.Eric breaks up with Sarah.Jack and Jennifer are crushed by an unexpected setback. Vivian gives unsolicited advice to Sarah. Kayla and Jennifer are shocked by a grisly arrival.Hope reveals to Doug heartbreaking news about Julie.
  4. ATWT might look as bad as Days or worse. It might look as good as Y&R. They would most likely be low rated. Someone like Jelly or Dena Higley writing trash.
  5. As bad as Days looks. It's still looks better than Peapack era GL. Even though i'm sick of the same couple of sets. Days reminds me of pre Peapack GL. HTS is the Main Street of Salem/Days. But i do think somewhere down the line it will look as bad. At least ATWT never looked as bad as either Days or GL. During it's rough last yrs on the air.
  6. Today's episode was the best i've seen in years.
  7. I'm not feeling RS as Vivian. Vivian's scenes with the bore, the goon and the serial killer. Where painful too watch. Days does such a bad job redressing Jarlena's townhouse.
  8. Knowing Ron C this isn't going to be well done. I wonder how far will the time jump be? A couple months or a couple of yrs. Since they have a $ 1 store budget. Everyone will still be hanging out at HTS and living at Vic's. Why bother if the show will look exactly the same.
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