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  1. I was a toddler when my mom was watching the NBC soaps in the late 1960s. I ended up with a mental imprint of what I thought was a person's or mannequin's severed forearm. Turned out to be the peacock logo back in the day. Although I had sometimes noticed Liz Hubbard in the soap mags over the years, I never watched ATWT and wasn't "up" on her. I had no idea she was "Althea" from The Doctors, one of those soaps that my mom watched when I was that toddler and whose character's name I heard sometimes throughout the years. Watching GH back in Luke and Laura's heyday, I didn't know there was as big of an age difference between the actors as there was. I thought GF was a little older than 18 and that AG was maybe in his late 20s instead of close to 35. I totally didn't recognize Joel Crothers the first time I recently saw him on Dark Shadows, despite having seen him on EON. Never saw him without the 'stache.
  2. OLTL - Sarah Gordon debuted as Clint's therapist when he was blind, then along came Megan and Roger. DOOL - Steve Johnson came first. Then there were Adrienne, Jo and Billy/Jack. Sometimes the relatives stick around longer than the original: GH - Robert Scorpio gained a brother, Mac, who became a dominant character on the show (as well as a daughter he didn't initially know he had). Likewise, Ryan Chamberlain gained a twin brother in Kevin Collins, who became a longtime character.
  3. This is about characters who started out as the sole member of their family on a show and around whom family members were later added, with those people becoming regular characters as well. I'm referring to their birth family rather than the character having children. Also not referring to sporadic appearances by relatives, like GH's Jax's parents. For instance, on OLTL, Clint Buchanan arrived in town on his own in 1979 while his brother, Bo, and father, Asa, came on a couple of months later, thus beginning decades of Buchanan family story. Who else?
  4. On OLTL, he played Rob Coronal, one of Cassie's husbands. Both Rob & Cassie had been played by other actors the first time they were actually a couple, and Mark's predecessor was an unknown, plus the character had been offscreen for some time. I think he did alright, neither a flop nor a success, just sort of there. The main thing I remember is that there was a triangle with a then-unknown Roma Downey. To echo Titan, Genie was popular on DOOL because of her pairing with Drake H. (Roman at the time). This was the late 80s when that soap really had a knack for putting together characters/actors with chemistry. She had a couple of stories, a mystery involving Steve & Kayla. Her main story was that she was tricked by her greedy mother into almost marrying Victor which, of course, Roman was intent on preventing. But they killed off her father and sent off her mother (both had been created just for her storyline anyway) so her character really didn't have any ties to anyone.
  5. Tom Kennedy was foremost "Name That Tune" for me. That was a fun game. I often play a kind of mental game of it with myself when a song comes on as to how fast I recognize it and the artist.
  6. RH - Richard Muenz, Sarah Felder, Andrew Robinson, Kate Mulgrew
  7. Wally Kurth - Justin on DOOL and Ned on GH Michael Zaslow - Roger on GL and David Renaldi on OLTL
  8. I'm in August 1967, where Maggie has re-appeared, much to everyone's surprise. I understand Jonathan Frid became something of a sex symbol. I find him as Barnabas interesting but I wouldn't say sexy. 😄 So...they (well, Barnabas, really) recently threw a costume party and nobody invited or even mentioned David. Hard to believe he wouldn't have been pleading or throwing a fit to attend. Hard to believe this kid was on so much before and now he's barely around. Jason's story, thankfully, has come to an end. I think Jason was indeed the epitome of "one-noteness" but my observation is that many of the characters thus far in the show are close to one-note as well. They seem to be written to fit certain molds and seldom deviate far from those molds...I'm speaking solely writing-wise, not acting-wise. They have their roles to play in this gothic tale. Anthony George is playing Burke now. I remember him as Will Vernon on OLTL. He's not bad but the character is still being wasted as a sounding board and would-be rescuer. You never even see this guy actually go to work. I'm a little confused about Willie's personality change, though. I get that he's the vampire's slave and rightfully scared. I just don't know where his compassion for the safety of other people came in. He went from practically wanting to rape women to risking his own life to help them as far as his possessed soul allows. And Roger went from scoffing at the idea of seances to conducting one. Guess that's what happens when they give him nothing else to do.
  9. I just read that Pamela Toll died several weeks ago after battling Alzheimer's. ☹️ https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/stardem/obituary.aspx?n=pamela-toll&pid=196778016&fhid=7877
  10. Yeah, I had heard the beginning was slow moving and it did seem to drag and repeat for some time. Even when Laura Collins came along, that seemed to consist of a lot of the same type of scenes played out over and over. As a result, some of the characters got annoying at times. That's what I'm feeling with Jason now...I didn't really like him to begin with anyway but these constant rehashes of his reasons for even being there are tiresome. Although, I"m at a point in the story where I'm thinking maybe some foul play is coming his way as it looks like he's getting in Barnabas' way. Now after a year the focus has shifted to Maggie. I was actually kind of bored by her all along as a supporting character and sometimes ff-ed the Evanses and Joe. I can also see Roger has been so back-burnered he's practically off the stove. As for Burke, he's like a floater. It now feels like he's propping stories rather than driving them; he's being used to search for the missing or to have a drink/dinner with. And they had him in this weird harem....dating/using Carolyn, having a soft spot for Vicky, rekindling his love for Laura. It just feels like the character's potential is somewhat wasted at this point in the story.
  11. I always thought of Sonny on GH as a ripoff of The Godfather. Michael Corinthos/Michael Corleone. Nickname Sonny. Wife getting killed by a car bomb. Short & dark haired. I'm surprised he didn't have a brother named Fredo. RH did a Jaws thing with Joe & Siobhan at the beach in Long Island. AW and AMC had characters wearing "Phantom of the Opera"-type masks. On OLTL, when Tina went to search for her baby in Italy and pretended to be a nun, she met this big, hulking hermit contrarily named Piccolino (little one) in a church tower who developed a crush on her a la The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  12. I've been streaming the original for the first time recently. I'm now into 1967. Barnabas has started coming to Maggie's room and she's been feeling weak. I've noticed a lot less Vicky, David, Carolyn and Roger at this point. I'm finding the Jason McGuire character rather grating and the dialogue/blackmail between him and Elizabeth pretty redundant and I tend to ff a bit with those scenes. It also seems, and maybe this sounds contradictory, that the younger or less experienced the actor, the more natural or less theatrical he/she tends to act.
  13. For NYC fans...it seems we now have a working, strong-signal, over-the-air channel for Retro TV. I'm picking it up on 33.5, which used to be Court TV.
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