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  1. GH - What if Ryan Chamberlain had not been turned into a psycho? JL and Kristina Wagner had some nice, romantic chemistry going on prior to that and I always wanted to see that play out rather than have him be a psycho killer and her ending up with Mac. GH - What if Genie Francis hadn't left GH in the early 80s at the height of L & L's popularity? Aside from how would their story have continued to play out, there would have been no need for the introductions of Emma Samms, Janine Turner and who would eventually become the bigger star, Demi Moore. Come to think of it, Genie may also have not ended up meeting and marrying Jonathan Frakes had she stayed throughout rather than leaving twice in a few years' span. EON- What if the show hadn't been cancelled? What would the next mystery have been?
  2. Her brother, Jimmy, was on GH. Some of my picks (and I'm not sure if any of them did actually appear on daytime): John Astin (I could see him as a quirky character on DOOL circa mid 1980s) Lee Majors could have been a Buchanan relative on OLTL (thinking of his Big Valley experience) Bill Bixby had he lived...a doctor character anywhere. Barbara Bain could have a played a cool, dispassionate shrink, maybe a Gail Baldwin/GH type.
  3. AW did it slightly ahead of both, with the character of Dawn Rollo being cited as the first US daytime character with AIDS. She, too, was a heterosexual female, played by an actress with the rather interesting name of Barbara Bush. She was the sister of Richard Burgi's character. GH, of course, took the route of giving Robin HIV, which packed a strong punch because it wasn't just some peripheral, disposable character but someone the viewers had watched grow up and loved. On OLTL, I believe Bo had photos hanging in the precinct that included actual fallen officers. I feel like there was at least one, if not more, from September 11. Also, they created the character of Officer Talia Sahid, who was Syrian, and who had worked in NYC during Sept. 11. She, along with other characters, were also involved in a white supremacy storyline. AMC actually seemed to be one of the soaps, if probably not the top soap, to have done a lot of culturally-relevant storylines throughout its history. Erica's abortion, Mark's (and later Erica's) drug addiction, several gay characters, a transgender character, wife-beating. Also, it had some pretty seedy-type characters in the late 70s, early 80s that you might think would be a little risque' for the middle America female audience. Billy Clyde, the pimp. Hookers Donna and Estelle. Drug addict Kelly Cole being supplied by Eddie Dorrance. Opal calling Jesse that "black boy" and forcing her teen-aged daughter to work in a seedy club wearing what amounted to a Playboy bunny outfit. I don't think even Ryan's Hope, which was set in Manhattan, showed as much of the seedy element as AMC did at the time.
  4. I've been binging Stargate:Universe on amazon. I can see why it's like the relative nobody wants to talk about. I'm about halfway through the 2nd (and final) season so far. It bears very little resemblance to the rest of the franchise. They were obviously trying to appeal to the younger demo because most of the cast looks to be in their mid 20s-early 30s and it's a darker, grittier scenario. More sex, more personal drama, a lot of documentary-style camera techniques and flashbacks into the personal lives of a bunch of uninteresting characters. It's completely serialized and comes across more like a CW angst-filled drama with the stargate being almost incidental. And there's a music montage in every episode. The actors seem totally bland and uninteresting to me, with the exception of Robert Carlyle, who has been great at making me forget Rumple/Mr. Gold. And Lou Diamond Phillips, who is a recurring guest. I don't totally hate it but I can see why it only lasted 2 seasons.
  5. Although I hadn't really known who she was I recognized Toni Bua's name from her having adopted a dog several years ago rescued by "Hope For Paws". They put a lot of their rescues on youtube. Toni adopted Miley, who was found in bad shape living in a garbage dump. There's a video of the party she had to welcome Miley home. I think they may have only had a year or two together before Toni passed away of cancer.
  6. Stargate SG1: I wouldn't say it saddened me since I only saw it the first time years after it was over so I didn't have years invested in watching it. I would say disappointed moreso after season 8. By then, Hammond & O'Neill were gone. Never cared for Beau Bridges as an actor before, found Vala annoying, the Ori boring. When I rewatch episodes, I don't go past season 8 except for the episode with the alternate realities where Martouf and Janet are back. Fringe: I hated pretty much the whole final season. I haven't gone back to rewatch the show at all but, if I did, I wouldn't go past season 4.
  7. If I were still watching, I would say Al Pacino comes to GH and takes over the role of Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, considering the character is pretty much based on Michael Corleone, right down to the similarity of name and the wife going kaboom in the car.
  8. Catherine Hickland (OLTL) & Michael E. Knight (AMC) - divorced Robert S. Woods' wife, Loyita Chapel, played several characters on OLTL. Lisa Trusel & David Wallace from DAYS - still married Anne Heche & Richard Burgi dated while on AW. .
  9. That Jon Lindstrom/Cady McClain marriage surprised me just now. I've been away from modern-day soaps and soap news (except for here) for a long time! Or, if I knew it, I forgot it! Genie Francis dated the original Stavros Cassadine, John Martinuzzi, for several years. Breakup was apparently an especially bad one as he did an interview years later talking about being an alcoholic and he said if GH would have approached him to reprise the role, Genie would have opposed it. Ryan's Hope co-stars Richard Muenz (Joe Novak #1) and Nana Visitor (then Tucker and then Nancy Feldman) lived together. Randall Edwards & Roscoe Born married and divorced. Cali Timmins & Geoff Pierson still married. On AMC back in the day, the actors playing Billy Clyde Tuggle and Estelle (Matthew Cowles and Kathleen Dezina) were married, later divorced. Also, Kim Delaney (Jenny) was married, now divorced, from Charles Flohe/Grant (who started out as Preacher on EON). OLTL seemed to spawn a number of relationships. Judith Light met her husband Robert Desiderio when he played Steve Piermont. Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle) and John Viscardi (Father Tony) met and have been married over 20 years. Andrea Evans (Tina) was once married to Wayne Massey (Johnny Drummond). Gerald Anthony (Marco) & Brynn Thayer (Jenny) were married and divorced. Stephen Schnetzer (Marcello) and Nancy Snyder (Katrina) have been married for 35+ years. Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) and Sherri Saum (Keri) married. Lynn Herring & Wayne Northrup still married. Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms dated while on GH.
  10. I'll add Space:1999. With the idea of making the show more appealing to the American audience the 2nd season, they essentially dumbed it down and monstered it up. Three regular characters disappeared without explanation, one suddenly appeared as if he'd been there all along. The command center was revamped. But, worst of all, the stories got worse and Maya became the deus ex machina whose metamorphic ability helped save the day...resulting in people running around in gorilla suits. Koenig seemed even more brooding and hot-headed, sometimes unlikeable. I grew up watching reruns of this show and Star Trek one after the other and saw how the popularity of one climbed (even with some of its clunker stories) while the other just became something to mention in documentaries about sci-fi, not even meriting a revisit or remake. It also lacked the character chemistry that helped popularize Trek, despite being headed by the married Landau and Bain. I've always thought, with better writing and not having altered the style so much, this show might have had a chance to last longer.
  11. IIRC, Gary Morris also sang on GH for Scotty & Dominique. Shaun Cassidy was famous before appearing on GH, as were Jimmy McNichol, Lois Nettleton, Beverly Garland (on PC). Dame Judith Anderson was on Santa Barbara. Carolyn Jones on Capitol. Richard Roundtree on Generations. Oh, and how could I forget...after Rosalind Cash's death (herself a familiar face guest starring on tv), GH went all out for Mary Mae's funeral. As it served as a memorial also for Rosalind, several of her real-life friends were part of it. Lou Rawls sang in the choir, Andrae Crouch, Phillip Bailey (Earth, Wind & Fire) along with other gospel singers...I think Bebe Winans among them? Richard Roundtree again. Esther Rolle sat in one of the pews. They were just part of the mourners. They were never acknowledged as celebrities or even had dialogue, for that matter.
  12. Rick Springfield was known before joining GH but I think his being on the show at a time in the early 80s when it was extremely popular helped in terms of his visibility for his music career. Ricky Martin was also famous before GH, having been in Menudo. I don't know that being on the show necessarily helped much but, of course, post GH, his music career reignited. Well-known character actor John Fiedler did double stints on OLTL, first as Virgil (the angel that guided Viki to Heaven) and then as just regular guy, Gilbert. Les Tremayne, another old Hollywood actor, was Victor Lord in that same Heaven storyline and also subbed for David Lewis (himself also an old character actor) for a time on GH. Frank Maxwell (Dan Rooney, GH) can also be seen on many old tv shows prior to starting on GH in the 70s. We may not always remember their names or watch some of those old shows & movies anymore but these guys had extensive bodies of work before the soaps. Larry Gates (HB Lewis, GL) would be another one. Joseph Campanella & Nita Talbot others. Kim Hunter was Nola Madison on EON. Arlene Dahl came to OLTL for several years in the 80s. Anne Meara on AMC.
  13. Linda Dano John Bolger Melissa Archer Thorsten Kaye Robin Christopher Charles Keating Michael Easton Robert S. Woods Mary Beth Evans Denise Alexander
  14. Yeah, I believe it was Viki's highschool reunion because I seem to recall Viki & Clint being there. The song had just come out. Mike Love mentioned that the appearance on the show helped to raise the song's visibility. John Stamos may have even been with them on drums at the time, I don't remember. I know I taped it at the time but don't know if I still have it.
  15. Kevin Pollak appeared as himself on OLTL in the 80s doing a standup routine with impersonations. I also remember The Beach Boys singing Kokomo on OLTL. Phil Carey had a tv and movie career before joining the show. Nolan Ryan, Johnny Mathis, Van Johnson, Otto Preminger and Christopher Reeve as themselves on RH. Star Trek's James Doohan on B&B. Ditto Dr. Joyce Brothers. Randolph Mantooth was a prime time star before he started showing up on soaps like Loving. Jack Scalia was also better known outside of daytime prior to AMC. David Canary best known from Bonanza before soaps. Celeste Holm on Loving. Anna Lee on GH. Actually...back to Ryan's Hope again...they snagged some old Hollywood stars....Sylvia Sidney, Gloria DeHaven, Gale Sondergaard, Joan Fontaine.
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