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  1. Five episodes into Sliders. Now this one looks like it's gonna be a fun ride! And it's cool to already see so many guest actors I recognize from the Stargate universe.
  2. I'm trying to watch The Expanse but 6 episodes in I find it mostly boring and the only story track I haven't ff-ed is Holden & crew. If the whole series is like this, I'm probably going to watch 1/3 of each episode until even that becomes not worth it anymore. Also started Sanctuary because of Amanda Tapping. I'm only a couple of episodes in...not feeling this one much either but at least I'm not ff-ing whole chunks of it. I don't know, maybe I just like my sci-fi less dark and gritty.
  3. Sticking with the Stone storyline on GH, IIRC, didn't Robin think about jumping off "their" bridge after he died and the newly-minted (or newly minded) Jason literally talked her down? I think, in answer to the question of any character this might have made sense with, I think Robin at that time would qualify. Her boyfriend had just died, she herself learned she was HIV+ (and possibly facing the same journey as Stone), she was still a teenager, her parents were dead...she did have her Uncle Mac and her friends but it wasn't the same. Also, I'm trying to remember from that time in the 90s
  4. I do think soaps have generally stayed away from suicide as the result of an otherwise healthy person (i.e., life not ending soon or physicality not weakened or restricted) going through depression. 3 of my 4 examples were situations of ill/injured people choosing their way out. They were not an ongoing depression type of situation. They (Richard, Stone, KGJ) all came across as people who would have chosen to live had they not had these physical conditions develop and deteriorate. They spoke more about how a catastrophic physical situation that has no cure can affect a person's thinking.
  5. What about someone on life support begging another to pull the plug? I'm thinking GL's Richard Winslow. Reva did the deed because he was physically unable and he begged her to do it. Come to think of it, Dolly/Clone-Reva killed herself by taking the aging serum. Ken George Jones on RH. He had a terminal disease and he was bedridden in his final days. He managed to get pills brought to his room to end his life, they were thrown away but, after people believing Jillian had mercy-killed him, it turned out he had dragged himself out of bed and retrieved the pills. Granted, this was played out
  6. The irony with P&G, of course, is that they were ahead of the whole streaming game (esp. with soaps) a decade or more ago when they collaborated with AOL to put EON and AW online. One might have thought they would have become among the leading providers of streaming content as the technology began to grow. I don't know how much work it took on their part back then but it likely wasn't as cost prohibitive or technologically involved as it would be now. Between that and lack of appeal it would likely hold for the desired demographic, it doesn't seem to be worth their bother to them. Back the
  7. RH - Irish-Catholic young politician Frank Ryan = JFK Also, the supporting character of Jumbo Marino I would say was portrayed by his real-life counterpart, Fat Thomas, who, shall we say, was not an actor and ran in certain circles. AMC: I don't know if this was the intent but Jenny and Opal Gardner reminded me of Brooke & Teri Shields: a beautiful, virginal teenaged girl whose ambitious mother managed her and pushed her into modeling and looking seductive. Jenny arrived in PV the same year that Endless Love was released. OLTL - Whether Clint Ritchie happened to have a lot in c
  8. Laura T (Janine Turner) was also a missing person at the same time Laura S first went missing. That's how she and her sister, Jackie (Demi Moore) were introduced, as Jackie came to town looking for her sister. Of course, there was this whole mystery of how/why 2 Lauras who resembled each other were missing and Jackie clashed with Luke (in a prelude to an intended pairing) but then she was with Robert before he married Holly. For me as a viewer at the time, and I suspect for many others then, that whole storyline of the lookalike Lauras and David Gray hypnotizing them reeked rotten eggs. We kne
  9. I don't think George McDonald may have been known outside of NYC/NYS but he did a lot to help the homeless in NYC, including providing them work, food and housing. I used to see "Doe Fund" workers cleaning and picking up litter along our main avenue. I remember him being on Oprah once back in the day, along with some of the people his foundation had helped. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-doe-fund-founder-george-mcdonald-20210127-5nut4kp3ujhijdolmiv25mauui-story.html
  10. I was always ambivalent about his casting. I was familiar with both actors and liked both. CR had been my favorite on the show during his prime in the 1980s and I enjoyed the original trio of Buchanan men. Part of me was happy that JvD was given a prominent role on another soap with which I was familiar after languishing at the end of his GL tenure. I reasoned that, with CR's retirement having taken him off the show years earlier, it freed them to get a different spin and additional stories out of the character, not unlike what GH did with John Ingle's Edward Quartermaine after David Lewis lef
  11. On OLTL, I can't picture Jerry verDorn doing the real cowboy-heavy stuff that Clint Ritchie had to do some of back in the day. For sure, I could never see him in the Old West 1888 story. But the Clint B. of that time, and for years, was heavily molded around CR.
  12. I wonder what would have happened had GF not become pregnant around the same time. Would there have been a Lulu born then? Would L & L have resumed with a focus on the action stories as opposed to Laura settling into Ward House, becoming an Earth Mother and conflicting with Luke's adventurous and risky nature? She has said she hadn't picked that specific time to get pregnant but it was written in so it did obviously change the course of some things that may have been planned before. Still on GH...Scotty catching the bouquet at L & L's wedding was the perfect, classic soap return.
  13. You can swap 2 actors from the same soap to play each other's characters, even if they weren't on at the same time. For instance, do you think AMC's Alicia Minshew and Rebecca Budig could have played each other's roles of Kendall and Greenlee? Or might you have wanted to see RB as a 1980s Liza Colby swapping with a young Marcy Walker to play Greenlee?
  14. I started binging "The Masked Singer" from the beginning. I'd never seen the show up until a few days ago. I finished season 1 and just started season 2. Cute and crazy idea and basically a fun watch, even if I've never heard of some of the celebrities or guesses the judges make. The judges can be a bit tiresome at times (I particularly want to tell Ken to stfu at times because he beats a joke to death, skins it, and crushes the bones.) I was able to guess a few of them, though. Yeah, it's silly but it's in good fun and the celebrities seem to be getting a kick out of it.
  15. If you had a chance to recast 2 characters in any soap (whether "permanently" or just to try it out of curiosity) but only by swapping 2 actors who appeared in the same soap to play each other's characters, who might you pick? You can pick 2 actors who appeared during the same time or you get to use a time machine (with a de-ager included) so that the actors/characters don't have to be on the show at the same time. In other words, if 2 actors appeared on, say, GH as teenagers, one in 1980 and one in 2000, you can swap them at their character ages at the time. For instance, I've often thou
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