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  1. I'm about 4 dozen episodes into Dark Shadows. I've been ff-ing some because the Burke/Roger/Sam/Carolyn stuff is so redundant. Miserable, scared folks who argue and drink, argue and drink some more. I'd heard the early part of the series wasn't very exciting. I'm still finding the acting theatrical and somewhat stilted. Although, it has been nice to watch a young Louis Edmonds, pre-AMC. I read that he was a cut-up, very funny and totally unlike Roger. Joel Crothers looks different enough that I'm not thinking about Miles Cavanaugh. But I hope it moves onto something else soon, other than just talk about Burke. I guess I'm also kind of comparing it to the debut episode of Ryan's Hope, which kicked off with a character falling down the stairs, an election campaign, the start of Jack & Mary's romance. I'm waiting for stuff to actually happen with DS, instead of just talk. So far, the only active event has been Roger's car accident, although it seems to be leading up to a bad event for Bill Malloy at this point.
  2. Okay, I just went to the website again and this time I saw a field to enter my cc information so I was able to purchase an annual subscription. The contrast between the dark background of the site and some of the print is not that great and I'm not sure if I missed the field earlier or what. At any rate, I can now access the episodes they have up so far. I only got to about 1972 and fell way behind before the dailymotion and youtube channels went kaput. Guess I'll wait and see what all is available after launch. Sounds like I'm going to be using a bit of everything (website, Roku, phone app) to check things out.
  3. I'm not sure about the region question. I'm in the US. There are credit card logos for Visa, MC and AmEx. So far, I haven't seen anything about Paypal but I don't think the forms/fields on the site are fully functional yet in terms of being able to set up account and billing info. I wasn't able to actually select the payment method or plan or watch anything as a result. I think, since this is a preview at this point, we can only just create a login for now. Either that or the forms didn't work for me across 2 browsers.
  4. I was especially touched by the vet who had the dry, scaly skin all over his body and she had him do the wet wraps with Vaseline. He was so much improved when he returned and was so happy. He even danced with Dr. Lee. Makes you wonder if/why no other doctor ever suggested the moisture wraps; something relatively easy (compared to a medical procedure, that is). And his military manners...he was older than all the medical staff there and kept saying "yes, ma'am." He seems like such a sweetheart. I'm glad he has his son to help him.
  5. I'd seen commercials for "Dr. Pimple Popper" on TLC but wasn't interested. Then I caught part of the show last week and ended up binging the rest. It's weirdly fascinating, sad, happy, a little gross (some might say a lot) at times. But the doctor does really good work and she seems to have a cool personality.
  6. Wow, he really doesn't age. He looks almost the same as he did when I first saw him on OLTL in the early 80s.
  7. Didn't notice this mentioned but Pamela Payton-Wright, who played Addie Cramer, died on December 14. http://www.playbill.com/article/drama-desk-award-winner-pamela-payton-wright-dies-at-78
  8. I think I come from a different perspective because that was actually around the time that I first watched the show, regularly up until around the time that Kayla was dating Shane and a presumed-dead Marlena was on the verge of returning. (I did revisit briefly when Steve came back from the dead.) So, while I saw the intros of those characters you mentioned, I wasn't around for very long before and didn't have the investment or character knowledge longtime viewers did. From my perspective then as a new viewer, I was interested to see these characters that I was able to "get to know" right from the beginning and having them connected with established characters helped me to get to know those characters easier as well. I do remember the show being quite popular during that time, particularly as it began a period of focusing on couples (or creating couples) that the viewers really seemed to enjoy. Steve/Kayla, Kim/Shane, Drake-Roman/Diana, Justin/Adrienne, Mike/April, Jennifer/Frankie...even the pimp Nick Corelli and Eve Donovan, the teenager he got into hooking, were being written as a star-crossed couple and had their fans. I think it was remarked in print at the time how the show had a knack for creating so many "supercouples" with chemistry. Also, a couple of other factors...I think this was the first soap role for both Genie Francis (Diana) and Judi Evans (Adrienne) since their big successes on their previous soaps (ie, their "returns" to daytime) so I imagine they brought some new fans to the show. Wally Kurth (Justin) was likeable and could sing. There were a number of romantic musical pieces being used for these couples back then. I'm guessing Steve and Kayla were to fill the void of Bo & Hope. They became extremely popular. I mean, from what I was seeing and reading in the mags, viewers seemed to really enjoy this period.
  9. Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde, AMC) was husband to Christine Baranski. Nicolette Goulet (Mary Ryan, RH), daughter of singer Robert Goulet. Richard Merrell, who played Viki's butler, Herron, on OLTL when her boys were little, was married to Jan Miner, aka Madge, the Palmolive lady. Antony Alda (Johnny Corelli, DAYS) was the son of Robert Alda and half-brother to Alan Alda. Erika Page (Roseanne Delgado, OLTL) married to country singer Bryan White. Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL)...leaving out Michael E. Knight as he wasn't really known beyond AMC, she was married to David Hasselhoff and currently married to Todd Fisher (director/producer/actor), thereby, her in-laws were Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Nana (Tucker) Visitor (Nancy/RH & Georgina/OLTL) is the niece of Cyd Charisse. Carolee Campbell (Carolee, The Doctors) has been married forever to Hector Elizondo.
  10. On GH, I enjoyed Kevin & Mac dressing in drag as Norma and Eve to investigate Madam Maia.
  11. On OLTL, the character of Clint Buchanan was originally called Chris Logan. Clint Ritchie came to the audition dressed like a cowboy, the casting director liked him and got his okay if they could change the name Chris to Clint. Shortly thereafter, Logan was changed to Buchanan.
  12. Christian Slater would be right up there. He was on RH was he was a teenager.
  13. GH - In the mid 80s, Kevin Bernhardt subbed for Jack Wagner as Frisco, then was brought on as Kevin O'Connor. EON - Larkin Malloy returned as Sky Whitney after his surgically-altered imposter, Jefferson Brown, was killed off. RH - Diana van der Vlis as Nell Beaulac and Sherry Rowan OLTL did it a bit as well, particularly when they did their sci-fi or flashback stories: Larry Pine as Roger Gordon and Randolph Lord (he also was on GL as more than one character) John Brotherton as Jared Banks and a young Clint Buchanan Melissa Archer as Natalie and a young Maria Roberts Robert Woods as Bo Buchanan and a surgically altered Patrick London Roy Thinnes as Alex Crowne/Coronal and Sloan Carpenter John Fiedler as Virgil the angel and Gilbert the human Loyita Chapel as Blaze, Renee & Dallas Christine Jones subbed as Viki, then was Pamela Stuart
  14. Recent (Feb. 2019) nice article/interview with Forrest Compton (MIke Karr, EON). He seems like such a lovely man. Nice to hear he's happy and doing well. https://shelterislandreporter.timesreview.com/2019/02/22/island-profile-forrest-compton-soldier-actor-islander/
  15. Myself and a friend ran DAM's website and board back then and, yeah, we concurred! 😁 Actually, the scene they had in the closet of the hotel back in August 2003 was the same day we had a blackout in NYC. We joked that it was so hot it blew the power. 😛
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