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  1. Not crazy about the Dr. Frankenstein/Lang story and I find the actor, Addison Powell, a bit of a chore to watch. He's so over the top (which says something with this cast, lol) he puts Colin Clive to shame, plus his reading of the cue cards is so obvious. It's funny, watching DS and The Doctors simultaneously, to see how more obvious the DS actors are with the cue cards and how David Henesy seems to act circles around some of the adults. Now that we have Dracula and Frankenstein and a witch, is the Wolf Man not too far behind? Between Barnabas, Angelique and Julia, pretty soon all of the characters will have been under some form of mind control at some point. Not to mention they all seem to "fall under" within seconds. Wow, in the span of a day, Julia and Barnabas visit Willie, she "evaluates" him, gets him discharged and they bring him home. Now that Barnabas' "influence" due to his semi-transformation has lifted, it's a bit bizarre how nobody questions their own actions. Like Vicky doesn't think "what the heck was I doing eloping with Barnabas?" Or Carolyn not going "why did I spend so much time focusing on Barnabas?" Apparently, they are somewhat aware of what they did but don't question it, particularly Carolyn, who got to see Barnabas in action so much. Then again, Vicky, who refused to accept Burke's death, immediately fell in love with her warden. The pacing of this show is so weird. Certain things get played out a long time and others get rushed ridiculously fast. So...at this point, it seems we are to think that Jeff is Peter in some form, either brought to the present, reincarnated, whatever, to explain the resemblance. But then, no explanation is given for Maggie/Josette, Joe/Nathan, etc. When you're backburnered, I guess it doesn't matter much!
  2. I made it to the end of the 1795 story. Admittedly, I did ff at times...once I got the gist of certain scenes, a lot of Trask, Abigail, Millicent, Nathan stuff seemed redundant to me. As mentioned, I did particularly enjoy Thayer David during this story. Joel Crothers made me get Miles Cavanaugh off my brain. And I really liked the work Louis Edmonds did from the point Joshua discovered Barnabas in the coffin. After experiencing frontburner Roger, backburner Roger and Roger on steroids (aka Joshua), seeing him play a tortured father agonizing over what he knew and what he would do about it...experiencing so much tragedy and horror, I really enjoyed watching Joshua in the last weeks of the storyline. LE was great in those scenes, even if I couldn't entirely buy actors nearly the same age as father and son. I also enjoyed the way things were depicted in the past to explain the present: the altered parts of the Collins family history at Joshua's decision, how Barnabas ended up chained in his coffin, the significance of his ring and Josette's music box, the reason Josette killed herself. Although, in the present, Barnabas seemed to express hatred for Jeremiah but, in the past, he ended up more rueful than hateful over him once he knew why things happened the way they did. Since I had seen the revival series, I expected the buildup to the resolution of 1795 would essentially play out the same, such as Victoria's relationship with Peter and her being transported at the moment of hanging. The big difference so far is that the 1991 series ended with Victoria having learned Barnabas' secret in the past and reacting to him with fear when she returned to the present, while in this series Vicky doesn't know his secret, at least not in a definitive way. So Julia got a haircut and, unlike Samson, seems to have gotten some fortitude back. Okay...Professor Stokes? LOL, love it. He "cleaned up."
  3. Yes, I knew about that. But I was under the impression that the 3rd actor to play him (Peter Turgeon?) alive didn't play him as a ghost but I think I'm mistaken in that. Still, with Jeremiah, it was a bit jarring. I figured, when they had him laid up with his face bandaged, that it was no longer AG and I was like, he got shot in the face??? Thanks for the responses everybody. I did a fair amount of DS binging this weekend and I think I'm nearing the finish line of the 1795 story...Trask has just shown Forbes the dead Maud in his room. I'm ready for this period to be over and to return to the present soon. It's been a little too drawn out, I think. As for Thayer David, yes his re-appearance was a surprise to me but, I must say, I'm enjoying him more so this time around as Ben. I also never realized he was the fight promotor in Rocky but, then again, I didn't know who he was til I started watching DS. He looked different "cleaned up", lol. I looked him up on imdb and I think I've probably seen him in other primetime guest spots. I do imagine, with this having been a NYC-based show, and so many of the actors disappearing for extended periods, that they were accommodated for other jobs, theater work, etc. Even the way the show is acted and produced is very theater-like and it's been interesting to notice which actors have done better than others with dialogue, less obvious reading of the cards, looking at the camera and so forth. I guess the present-day Collins' descendants came from Millicent and/or Daniel, since Naomi & Joshua's kids are both dead. I did watch the 1991 tv revival, my first experience with DS, and I have some vague memories of it, particularly now associating the latter-day actors with their 1960s counterparts. I also remember that show's finale when Victoria returned from 1795 with certain knowledge and am kind of curious to see how it plays out with the original, particularly as it won't be a finale. Unfortunately, the revamp never got the chance to play out the ramifications of Vicky's "trip." I am kind of curious if there might be a dream element to it, mostly because I'm wondering if the "you look exactly like so and so" aspect with the entire family will come into play, or whether the viewers were basically just supposed to ignore it and take it as the show having a small cast and reusing actors...although they did the same thing in the 1991 version.
  4. I'm watching the series for the first time and am currently up to the 1795 story, where Barnabas is set to marry Angelique and Naomi has just gifted them the old house. Something that's had me curious is why, when they kill off characters and then have them come back as ghosts, they use different actors to be the ghosts? I mean Dave Woodard and Jeremiah Collins; in the latter case, they actually used 2 actors, one to be the zombie and one to speak for him. Why didn't they just continue to use Anthony George? Did he become unavailable or was it cheaper the other way?
  5. Just thinking that, in under 3 weeks, we lost 3 actors from 3 ABC soaps.
  6. I saw Clarence once at BB King's club in NYC at an Air Supply concert. I went home that evening and googled for a photo of him and his wife just to make sure I hadn't seen a lookalike.
  7. I'd put the late Bob Hastings in that group as well. I've seen Robert Hogan in a lot of one-off roles but I mostly think of him as AW's Vince.
  8. Came across this movie (called Harvey Middleman, Fireman from 1965) starring Arlene Golonka and a young Eugene Troobnick, aka Uncle Stavros on GL. Funny to me to see ET so young and without a Greek accent. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Harvey+Middleman%2c+Fireman+(1965)&docid=608044279742621093&mid=9E8CC53B4CF2878D454D9E8CC53B4CF2878D454D&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  9. R.I.P. Arlene Golonka. Yes, that's Gerald Gordon.
  10. Years ago, I taped an episode of The Sally Jessy Raphael Show that featured BJ Thomas as a surprise for the show's guest, a morbidly obese young man whose name, I think, was Jackie. He idolized BJ and was thrilled to meet him, sit next to him and hear his story. Jackie's doctor was also present and they spoke a lot about the respective addictions (food and drugs). BJ also sang a poignant song to Jackie called "Broken Toys." I've never forgotten this show, BJ's kindness towards Jackie (and his own honesty) and have wondered what happened to that young man.
  11. Hit my 2-week mark today so I'm considered fully vaxxed now. I'm in Queens, NY, where it's pretty crowded, and pretty much all the stores, banks, offices, etc. that I've gone to have mask requirements. I have no problem with it and will wear where needed/required, plus I have an elderly mom who's halfway vaxxed, so we've been all the more careful. Now with the mask restriction lifting a great deal, I can imagine things getting tricky in some of these places, at least at first. Last month, in the supermarket, the woman ahead of me got a bit nasty with the cashier because the girl told me to come up while the woman was still bagging, telling the cashier she had diabetes and the cashier could have waited. We were all masked. Trying to wade through these local places now, with who'll take down their mask signs vs. not, who'll have masks on vs. not, who'll be scared or feel vulnerable, etc., will be tricky, I think. Plus, the governor and mayor are reviewing the CDC recommendation and may tell us in NYC not so fast...
  12. What an amazing life Norman had. And to be working and raconteuring past 100, not to mention being married for some 75 years until his wife passed...he sure did a lot of things right, it seems.
  13. Was watching Constance Ford in a Thriller episode from 1960. She did play quite a few scheming characters back in the day. Some of her characters would have given Rachel a run for her money, for sure.
  14. I'm partial to the Peach Mango Lyte myself. Coming up on 72 hours post-shot and the side effects have diminished somewhat. My arm's not as hot and red as yesterday, although still visible, and the soreness has lessened. Unless I develop "covid arm" in the next week or so, I think I'm past the peak. Now...trying to get the Band-Aid outline off my skin is another story!
  15. I'm 46 hours post 2nd Moderna shot. The most noticeable thing has been the upper arm soreness, a little worse than last time, plus the skin a couple of inches below the injection area is hot and slightly red. I've been icing it on and off, more so for the soreness. Also got a bit of a headache and a little fatigue but it's better today than yesterday. I've been taking Tylenol, drinking water and Body Armor and generally just taking it easy.
  16. Judi Evans was the cover story in a recent "Woman's World" issue.
  17. Silver Age Television on Twitter: "RIP #FelixSilla, Cousin Itt on #TheAddamsFamily, Twiki on #BuckRogersInThe25thCentury, Dies at 84 https://t.co/vTURGEQVja" / Twitter This leaves only John Astin and Lisa Loring from The Addams Family tv show.
  18. BTW, when I created my login for the new site, the "secret word" voucher (for the extra free month) given in the e-mail didn't work for me so I contacted Jennifer--they added a 1 (number one) to the end of it. I came across this obit today for an actress named Carolyn Byrd. I'm not familiar with her but it says she recurred on The Doctors in the 1980s as "Dr. Terri Fisher" and was on Somerset as "Margie Hopkins." https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/2021/04/09/actress-and-performer-carolyn-byrd-canton-native-died-march-22/7154835002/
  19. It was a nice chat with Bolger, DePaiva & Goodwin. They told some stories about Beverlee and Bernau. And I agreed with Kassie...JB is a handsome dude, always thought so. He kind of gives off a Scott Bakula-type vibe to me. I saw him in all 3 of the soaps he mentioned but I especially liked him as Gabe on AW. I hated that they killed Gabe and it was during that period (not long after Frankie's death) when they were still going for the shock value so Gabe was gunned down in the street and then shown on the slab splayed open. Cute how he was asked about Ray Bolger. Would be cool to see an AW chat with Bolger, Linda Dano, Robin & Matt Crane. Or a GL Lewis chat that included Jordan Clarke, Maeve and Jean Carol. I honestly hadn't recognized JG from the picture and had to look up who it was; then I was like, oh, that's Johnny Bauer!
  20. R.I.P. James Hampton https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/james-hampton-f-troop-teen-wolf-actor-dies-age-84-n1263433 I also remember his stint on DOOL in the early 90s playing Rev. Saul Taylor, father of Melinda Clarke's character, Faith. He was part of Marcus' story, where Marcus was remembering the bombing of a black church when he was a kid. Marcus was treating Faith's blindness and she developed a crush on him, which did not please her racist father. Steve got a prosthetic eye to go undercover as Taylor was running a drug operation.
  21. On April 8. First time I saw John Bolger he was playing Phillip when I started watching the show.
  22. Just got my first Moderna shot this afternoon, at a local pharmacy in Queens, NY. I'm in the 50+ group and was on a wait-list for about 2 weeks. The injection site is a tiny bit sore but not too noticeable. They didn't tell me I had to stay afterwards, I asked them if I should, but they weren't strict about it. But I stayed for about 10 minutes just to be safe. Just put my 88 year-old mom on their waiting list. She was hoping her doctor would have gotten a supply by now but they're not sure how soon it's coming. But either option is close by and would be good for her.
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