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  1. On OLTL, I can't picture Jerry verDorn doing the real cowboy-heavy stuff that Clint Ritchie had to do some of back in the day. For sure, I could never see him in the Old West 1888 story. But the Clint B. of that time, and for years, was heavily molded around CR.
  2. I wonder what would have happened had GF not become pregnant around the same time. Would there have been a Lulu born then? Would L & L have resumed with a focus on the action stories as opposed to Laura settling into Ward House, becoming an Earth Mother and conflicting with Luke's adventurous and risky nature? She has said she hadn't picked that specific time to get pregnant but it was written in so it did obviously change the course of some things that may have been planned before. Still on GH...Scotty catching the bouquet at L & L's wedding was the perfect, classic soap return.
  3. You can swap 2 actors from the same soap to play each other's characters, even if they weren't on at the same time. For instance, do you think AMC's Alicia Minshew and Rebecca Budig could have played each other's roles of Kendall and Greenlee? Or might you have wanted to see RB as a 1980s Liza Colby swapping with a young Marcy Walker to play Greenlee?
  4. I started binging "The Masked Singer" from the beginning. I'd never seen the show up until a few days ago. I finished season 1 and just started season 2. Cute and crazy idea and basically a fun watch, even if I've never heard of some of the celebrities or guesses the judges make. The judges can be a bit tiresome at times (I particularly want to tell Ken to stfu at times because he beats a joke to death, skins it, and crushes the bones.) I was able to guess a few of them, though. Yeah, it's silly but it's in good fun and the celebrities seem to be getting a kick out of it.
  5. If you had a chance to recast 2 characters in any soap (whether "permanently" or just to try it out of curiosity) but only by swapping 2 actors who appeared in the same soap to play each other's characters, who might you pick? You can pick 2 actors who appeared during the same time or you get to use a time machine (with a de-ager included) so that the actors/characters don't have to be on the show at the same time. In other words, if 2 actors appeared on, say, GH as teenagers, one in 1980 and one in 2000, you can swap them at their character ages at the time. For instance, I've often thou
  6. I haven't seen post-1981 in years so my memories of Pierson and, especially, Sanderford are not too vivid, especially since I was in school and not able to see it every day. I mostly seem to recall Pierson being on the loud, overbearing side. As a kid catching it here and there during its original broadcast, DHK was the first Frank I saw but I couldn't warm up to him because (unpopular opinion coming up) I couldn't stand Rae and I perceived him as her boy-toy. Having had the chance since then to see the prior two Franks, and also being familiar (and probably biased) with Andrew Robinson from b
  7. GL - Lucy. With Harley riding off into the marital sunset with Mallet and having made amends with Buzz, he apparently needed another daughter he'd wronged. She literally even arrived at the diner during Harley's wedding sendoff.
  8. Deidre Hall popped up on the Beekman Boys live stream tonight. Love their products, btw. That goat milk soap is so soft on the skin! Anyhoo...she appears around the 23:30 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3sDazw2-UM&t=1485s
  9. Having just posted about him another topic and not seeing him mentioned here, I just remembered that John Bolger (GL, AW, OLTL, GH) is the great-nephew of Ray Bolger. Sally Gracie was once married to Rod Steiger. Sam Behrens is married to Shari Belafonte (for over 30 years now), of course also making him Harry's son-in-law.
  10. "Unpopular" to me has two connotations: one being generally disliked and the other being just not a high level of popularity compared to others. The latter makes me think of someone like John Bolger. The first time I experienced him was when he was playing Philip on GL and I was new to the show at the time. I thought he was handsome and a decent actor. I came to learn later that he was a replacement and his portrayal was not considered to be what the character had been or what people expected. Then I saw him on AW, where I really liked Gabe's relationship with Lorna and thought he and Robin Ch
  11. On Season 2 of Crikey! It's The Irwins. I've never really sat and watched them or even Crocodile Hunter. But I got the urge to see cute and even not-so-cute animals in Australia. Now I'm kind of envious of what they get to be around every day.
  12. I wish Robert Gerringer had gotten to play the final shows of Woodard's discoveries and death. It would have packed more of a dramatic and emotional punch. Instead, it just felt kind of hollow. They had some weird cameramen on this show. Zooming in and out abruptly, panning the room when dialogue is going on. Sometimes it's like FUI...filming under the influence. Add it to all the cameras and mics in view and shadows of cameras and poles holding fake flying bats, guys coughing. And I particularly liked Anthony George coming out of the door at the top of the Collinwood stairs, only to be t
  13. I watched parts of it because I didn't want to be spoiled much with stories I haven't seen yet, although I did have a question. The actor that played the first Willie (James Hall?)...did he return to play another part? If not, he was on the show so briefly. Mitchell Ryan looked so frail. I didn't even recognize him right away and I have seen him through the years. David Henesy was a pretty good child actor. The stuff they gave him to do was pretty out there and, when he was involved in story and not MIA, he had a ton of dialogue. He did better than some of the adults. Heck, I wonder
  14. I've been watching it for the first time myself. I, too, first saw the 1990s version with Ben Cross and enjoyed it. Wish it had been given more of a chance. As others told me, it does sort of drag along in the beginning, very repetitive and slow-moving. But it picks up eventually. I've been alternating binging it along with The Doctors. Since we're at Halloween, I've been doing more DS this week.
  15. EON - Logan Swift. I only saw the last 5 years or so but I don't recall him having any blood relatives except his young son. RH - Seneca Beaulac. His mother popped up a bit. Bucky was his nephew by marriage in the early years but then Bucky was gone. My memory is vague on the later years since it's been so long since I've seen them but I can't recall him having other adult family members around. AMC - Myrtle Fargate, Langley Wallingford (I know there was Hillary and Verla but neither stayed long).
  16. I was a toddler when my mom was watching the NBC soaps in the late 1960s. I ended up with a mental imprint of what I thought was a person's or mannequin's severed forearm. Turned out to be the peacock logo back in the day. Although I had sometimes noticed Liz Hubbard in the soap mags over the years, I never watched ATWT and wasn't "up" on her. I had no idea she was "Althea" from The Doctors, one of those soaps that my mom watched when I was that toddler and whose character's name I heard sometimes throughout the years. Watching GH back in Luke and Laura's heyday, I didn't know there
  17. OLTL - Sarah Gordon debuted as Clint's therapist when he was blind, then along came Megan and Roger. DOOL - Steve Johnson came first. Then there were Adrienne, Jo and Billy/Jack. Sometimes the relatives stick around longer than the original: GH - Robert Scorpio gained a brother, Mac, who became a dominant character on the show (as well as a daughter he didn't initially know he had). Likewise, Ryan Chamberlain gained a twin brother in Kevin Collins, who became a longtime character.
  18. This is about characters who started out as the sole member of their family on a show and around whom family members were later added, with those people becoming regular characters as well. I'm referring to their birth family rather than the character having children. Also not referring to sporadic appearances by relatives, like GH's Jax's parents. For instance, on OLTL, Clint Buchanan arrived in town on his own in 1979 while his brother, Bo, and father, Asa, came on a couple of months later, thus beginning decades of Buchanan family story. Who else?
  19. On OLTL, he played Rob Coronal, one of Cassie's husbands. Both Rob & Cassie had been played by other actors the first time they were actually a couple, and Mark's predecessor was an unknown, plus the character had been offscreen for some time. I think he did alright, neither a flop nor a success, just sort of there. The main thing I remember is that there was a triangle with a then-unknown Roma Downey. To echo Titan, Genie was popular on DOOL because of her pairing with Drake H. (Roman at the time). This was the late 80s when that soap really had a knack for putting together character
  20. Tom Kennedy was foremost "Name That Tune" for me. That was a fun game. I often play a kind of mental game of it with myself when a song comes on as to how fast I recognize it and the artist.
  21. RH - Richard Muenz, Sarah Felder, Andrew Robinson, Kate Mulgrew
  22. Wally Kurth - Justin on DOOL and Ned on GH Michael Zaslow - Roger on GL and David Renaldi on OLTL
  23. I'm in August 1967, where Maggie has re-appeared, much to everyone's surprise. I understand Jonathan Frid became something of a sex symbol. I find him as Barnabas interesting but I wouldn't say sexy. So...they (well, Barnabas, really) recently threw a costume party and nobody invited or even mentioned David. Hard to believe he wouldn't have been pleading or throwing a fit to attend. Hard to believe this kid was on so much before and now he's barely around. Jason's story, thankfully, has come to an end. I think Jason was indeed the epitome of "one-noteness" but my observation i
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