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  1. What an amazing life Norman had. And to be working and raconteuring past 100, not to mention being married for some 75 years until his wife passed...he sure did a lot of things right, it seems.
  2. Was watching Constance Ford in a Thriller episode from 1960. She did play quite a few scheming characters back in the day. Some of her characters would have given Rachel a run for her money, for sure.
  3. I'm partial to the Peach Mango Lyte myself. Coming up on 72 hours post-shot and the side effects have diminished somewhat. My arm's not as hot and red as yesterday, although still visible, and the soreness has lessened. Unless I develop "covid arm" in the next week or so, I think I'm past the peak. Now...trying to get the Band-Aid outline off my skin is another story!
  4. I'm 46 hours post 2nd Moderna shot. The most noticeable thing has been the upper arm soreness, a little worse than last time, plus the skin a couple of inches below the injection area is hot and slightly red. I've been icing it on and off, more so for the soreness. Also got a bit of a headache and a little fatigue but it's better today than yesterday. I've been taking Tylenol, drinking water and Body Armor and generally just taking it easy.
  5. Judi Evans was the cover story in a recent "Woman's World" issue.
  6. Silver Age Television on Twitter: "RIP #FelixSilla, Cousin Itt on #TheAddamsFamily, Twiki on #BuckRogersInThe25thCentury, Dies at 84 https://t.co/vTURGEQVja" / Twitter This leaves only John Astin and Lisa Loring from The Addams Family tv show.
  7. BTW, when I created my login for the new site, the "secret word" voucher (for the extra free month) given in the e-mail didn't work for me so I contacted Jennifer--they added a 1 (number one) to the end of it. I came across this obit today for an actress named Carolyn Byrd. I'm not familiar with her but it says she recurred on The Doctors in the 1980s as "Dr. Terri Fisher" and was on Somerset as "Margie Hopkins." https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/2021/04/09/actress-and-performer-carolyn-byrd-canton-native-died-march-22/7154835002/
  8. It was a nice chat with Bolger, DePaiva & Goodwin. They told some stories about Beverlee and Bernau. And I agreed with Kassie...JB is a handsome dude, always thought so. He kind of gives off a Scott Bakula-type vibe to me. I saw him in all 3 of the soaps he mentioned but I especially liked him as Gabe on AW. I hated that they killed Gabe and it was during that period (not long after Frankie's death) when they were still going for the shock value so Gabe was gunned down in the street and then shown on the slab splayed open. Cute how he was asked about Ray Bolger. Would be cool to see an AW chat with Bolger, Linda Dano, Robin & Matt Crane. Or a GL Lewis chat that included Jordan Clarke, Maeve and Jean Carol. I honestly hadn't recognized JG from the picture and had to look up who it was; then I was like, oh, that's Johnny Bauer!
  9. R.I.P. James Hampton https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/james-hampton-f-troop-teen-wolf-actor-dies-age-84-n1263433 I also remember his stint on DOOL in the early 90s playing Rev. Saul Taylor, father of Melinda Clarke's character, Faith. He was part of Marcus' story, where Marcus was remembering the bombing of a black church when he was a kid. Marcus was treating Faith's blindness and she developed a crush on him, which did not please her racist father. Steve got a prosthetic eye to go undercover as Taylor was running a drug operation.
  10. On April 8. First time I saw John Bolger he was playing Phillip when I started watching the show.
  11. Just got my first Moderna shot this afternoon, at a local pharmacy in Queens, NY. I'm in the 50+ group and was on a wait-list for about 2 weeks. The injection site is a tiny bit sore but not too noticeable. They didn't tell me I had to stay afterwards, I asked them if I should, but they weren't strict about it. But I stayed for about 10 minutes just to be safe. Just put my 88 year-old mom on their waiting list. She was hoping her doctor would have gotten a supply by now but they're not sure how soon it's coming. But either option is close by and would be good for her.
  12. As screwed up as Brenda could be, she was actually a good friend to her girls. Maybe not iconic since it didn't last very long, relatively speaking, but watching Lucy and Dominique become friends was poignant and ended up being very crucial to developing Lucy's character away from selfish villainess mode. They were rivals, in Lucy's mind, as Scotty was in love with Dominique. But Dom was a very good person and that touched Lucy, especially when Dom was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Dom saw the good in Lucy, when most didn't, and they became close friends, with Lucy even carrying their child. Lucy may have hoped that, ultimately, she might end up with Scott some day but she wasn't motivated by that and she was heartbroken when Dom died.
  13. I really enjoyed it. Too bad that Fiona's connection had so much trouble. It's nice that Brynn Thayer was able to send a message and sort of represent his time on OLTL. It would have been cool to have incorporated a few more of his OLTL costars, like Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak, but it probably wouldn't have been practical to combine the soaps like that and he did have the longer history with GL. And that video they showed at the end of Zas winning the Emmy is one of the few uploads of mine that I left up on youtube. I don't think I ever got copyright-slammed for anything related to GL.
  14. GH - I had watched from the first L + L on-the-run-story until some years after the Sonny/Jason-ification of the show, which, on top of the latter-day Cassadine presence that I also could have done without, just finally turned me off. I think I checked back once or twice, during a Nurse's Ball time, Richard Simmons reappeared, Finola and Ian Buchanan were back...but I had no familiarity with the younger crowd and not much interest in catching up on what happened in all those years. DOOL - this is the only other soap left on air that I had watched. My history with it wasn't actually that long, about 5 years, during that late 80s, early 90s period when Steve & Kayla were first coming together up to shortly after he "died." I lost interest shortly after that and only returned to the show when they were brought back to be reunited. I watched for a short time and then ended up dropping it again anyway and haven't seen it since. OLTL - the situation was slightly different. Forgive me, but I was never a fan of Roscoe Born, mainly because I didn't like the characters he played across several soaps starting with RH, and I wasn't entertained by them. A couple of times that Mitch Laurence was brought back and the crazy uber-devil caca happened again were times I went on hiatus from the show. Then they had him kill Jared Banks when I had really enjoyed his story with Natalie and I was done. I briefly checked out OLTL 2.0 but the thrill was gone. GL - I started to get really bored with it in the mid-2000s and left when DAM was fired, which was about the only reason I was still watching at that point. I did check out when they briefly brought him back but, between the bad writing, Peapack and cheap-looking production, I just couldn't.
  15. One thing I'm noticing from watching the late 60s episodes of The Doctors is how well the actors either masked using it or rarely seemed to use it. I mean, on top of learning just ordinary conversation lines, they had to sound convincing with all the medical jargon and gravitas. Plus they had the added pressure of getting it right the first time. I mean, you can see all the technical booboos, mics and cameras failing to pull back in time, the actors occasionally making eye contact with the camera, but it's hard to pick out anyone who relied on cue cards so heavily as to be obvious. And the fact that an actor might have misspoken a word or name or even ad-libbed a little just made the dialogue seem all the more real, as people do make errors when they talk.
  16. Even the potential appeal/value of cast interviews on the app has diminished with Locher's interviews available for free on youtube. I appreciate what they did in the first place just by offering the show on demand. It just seems they keep doing things sort of half-baked, things left unfinished or neglected, including the general Retro TV site itself. It just makes me confused about how committed and capable they are.
  17. The e-mail does say all available episodes will be there on demand. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that the issues with WTD had more to do with human choices and not so much the platform's performance. The delay of the final years' episodes due the pandemic, the lack of expansion with the originally promised features, the mislabeled episode dates, likely lacking in hoped-for number of subscribers....I think they overestimated the audience that would pay for it. Drawing an audience watching a classic soap on a channel for free vs. paying even a small fee to essentially binge one show (and partake of the other features that didn't come to be), plus when people finish the series they likely wouldn't renew...they probably should have done originally what they're doing now. I don't know how interactive or community-involved the site will be or whether it will be essentially just a collection of streams and on-demand content. It keeps feeling like they want to aim high but the result doesn't quite make it.
  18. Got an e-mail today, as a subscriber to the app, that the episodes will soon be moved to another platform called It's Real Good TV. So, basically, The Doctors content won't be its own island soon. I suspected something was afoot as the WTD app seemed neglected on both sides. As cool as it was to be able to have WTD on demand (even with many out-of-sequence episodes), I had my doubts about the sustainability and appeal of a subscriber app devoted to a single series, let alone a soap that many people aren't even aware of. Heck, if GH or DOOL were to put its 1970s episodes on a devoted subscription app, I wouldn't expect a huge customer base there either. I am curious about what the new cost might end up being, since it will include more content. I'm actually about 2 months away from where I started the episodes over (shortly after Carolee and Dan's wedding) so I still haven't seen most of the show.
  19. R.I.P. actor Cliff Simon. Stargate SG-1 fans remember him as Ba'al. https://www.facebook.com/cliffsp/posts/10208176652289566 https://bleedingcool.com/tv/stargate-sg-1-veteran-tv-actor-cliff-simon-passes-away-age-58/
  20. Five episodes into Sliders. Now this one looks like it's gonna be a fun ride! And it's cool to already see so many guest actors I recognize from the Stargate universe.
  21. I'm trying to watch The Expanse but 6 episodes in I find it mostly boring and the only story track I haven't ff-ed is Holden & crew. If the whole series is like this, I'm probably going to watch 1/3 of each episode until even that becomes not worth it anymore. Also started Sanctuary because of Amanda Tapping. I'm only a couple of episodes in...not feeling this one much either but at least I'm not ff-ing whole chunks of it. I don't know, maybe I just like my sci-fi less dark and gritty.
  22. Sticking with the Stone storyline on GH, IIRC, didn't Robin think about jumping off "their" bridge after he died and the newly-minted (or newly minded) Jason literally talked her down? I think, in answer to the question of any character this might have made sense with, I think Robin at that time would qualify. Her boyfriend had just died, she herself learned she was HIV+ (and possibly facing the same journey as Stone), she was still a teenager, her parents were dead...she did have her Uncle Mac and her friends but it wasn't the same. Also, I'm trying to remember from that time in the 90s (since I haven't watched in many years so don't know what came later) but did Brenda try to harm herself after a breakup with Sonny? I know there was a car accident and addiction to pain pills which had nothing to do with suicide but was she ever so despondent over losing Sonny that she contemplated it?
  23. I do think soaps have generally stayed away from suicide as the result of an otherwise healthy person (i.e., life not ending soon or physicality not weakened or restricted) going through depression. 3 of my 4 examples were situations of ill/injured people choosing their way out. They were not an ongoing depression type of situation. They (Richard, Stone, KGJ) all came across as people who would have chosen to live had they not had these physical conditions develop and deteriorate. They spoke more about how a catastrophic physical situation that has no cure can affect a person's thinking.
  24. What about someone on life support begging another to pull the plug? I'm thinking GL's Richard Winslow. Reva did the deed because he was physically unable and he begged her to do it. Come to think of it, Dolly/Clone-Reva killed herself by taking the aging serum. Ken George Jones on RH. He had a terminal disease and he was bedridden in his final days. He managed to get pills brought to his room to end his life, they were thrown away but, after people believing Jillian had mercy-killed him, it turned out he had dragged himself out of bed and retrieved the pills. Granted, this was played out as a mystery/possible mercy-killing before it was revealed as suicide. Also, would you consider a terminal AIDS-patient stopping treatment as committing suicide? I am thinking of Stone Cates on GH.
  25. The irony with P&G, of course, is that they were ahead of the whole streaming game (esp. with soaps) a decade or more ago when they collaborated with AOL to put EON and AW online. One might have thought they would have become among the leading providers of streaming content as the technology began to grow. I don't know how much work it took on their part back then but it likely wasn't as cost prohibitive or technologically involved as it would be now. Between that and lack of appeal it would likely hold for the desired demographic, it doesn't seem to be worth their bother to them. Back then with the AOL thing, we were probably just so happy to be able to view the shows again that it didn't matter if the quality may not have been top of the top or that we had to watch on our computers; there wasn't anything else like it to compare it to. Now there are multiple apps and platforms built around shows and people have also become more persnickety about the video quality and effects of what they're watching. (Side note: I think it's too bad how much old stuff of any genre people ignore nowadays because they think it'll look cheesy, tacky, dull, worn away, etc.) Dark Shadows, I think, has a built-in appeal. Vampires always seem to be "in." Plus, there have been remakes, films, the original has been available, etc., that can help bring younger viewers to the rest of the franchise, like with Star Trek. It's had a life through the years, so to speak. I do wonder about the longevity of The Doctors streaming platform. I am a subscriber so I have been using the app. But, and I may be wrong, I can't help but get the feeling that they have spent a lot of time and money creating something that is starving for more of an audience. I was surprised from the outset they went to the extent they did with building a platform for an old soap nobody saw for decades (and that has nothing to do with the supernatural). But the interface is far from perfect, basically just the collection of episodes, a significant number of which are out of date-order, mislabeled, etc., and the promised contests, trivia and other features don't exist. I know the pandemic put a huge dent in things for them but I've been subscribed for a year and none of those special features have been added. The like/dislikes on most of the episodes on the app sits at zero, I can count on one hand the number of people who reply to their FB posts about the show. I'm starting to think I better hurry up and get through a decade's worth of that show in case they decide it's not feasible offering it through that platform anymore.
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