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  1. Undoing the daytime soap stigma

    Well, I can't say a video like this one is particularly helpful.
  2. The daytime soap opera has historically had a poor artistic reputation. To this day, it still has a stigma attached to it. Curiously, a number of recent dramatic series with good artistic reputations have had serialized formats, continuing as a soap opera would. How can the daytime soap stigma be undone? Can the daytime soap stigma be undone?
  3. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Why isn't Eden's rape brought up in this video?
  4. No offense, Paul, but can you possibly provide a link to a page where the article can be found?
  5. Dancing with the Stars: Discussion Thread

    Soapsuds, do you want Dancing with the Stars to get cancelled by ABC? I can't say that the network owns the show.
  6. Marcy Walker discussion thread (soap stuff)

    Well, Vee, the Eden Capwell character that Marcy played on Santa Barbara was physically hurt so often! She was targeted for violence so often!
  7. Marcy Walker discussion thread (soap stuff)

    Is Marcy Walker in this ad?
  8. Who do you think will be the first celebrity contestant eliminated for Season 25? Debbie Gibson? Nikki Bella?
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    No offense, but is it true that Meg Ryan has come across as ungrateful concerning her ATWT stint?
  10. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    At what point did Marcy Walker effectively become the leading lady of Santa Barbara?
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    In 1983, there was a scuba-oriented storyline involving Kim Zimmer's Echo character. Who remembers it?
  12. Matthew Labine passes away

    He was only 58 years old. *sigh*
  13. Um, how would the late Stephen J. Cannell have fared as a writer for Santa Barbara? He actually appeared on Santa Barbara, for crying out loud!
  14. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Did Kurt McKinney of No Retreat, No Surrender fame have any scenes with Marcy Walker on Guiding Light?