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  1. Bruce Gray (Owen Madison) has passed away. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/bruce-gray-my-big-fat-greek-wedding-star-dies-at-81/ar-BBGNfVa?li=BBnbfcL
  2. Before I opened this thread, Larkin was exactly who I thought of first because he was the reason I even started watching GL. I literally was watching EON that final week, then GL on Monday. Add to the AW migrations after the finale aired at the end of June 1999, David Andrew Macdonald started appearing on GL about a week into July.
  3. Aw. AMC was the first soap I ever watched and I think Eddie Dorrance was the first murder storyline I saw.
  4. The answer may surprise you... I won't give it away. I do have to say, though, that even though I didn't really care for Barry, I did enjoy the friendship he and Jillian developed bonding over the whole Ken situation, esp. towards the end and afterwards. Barry chased anything in a skirt but he was respectful of Jill, he didn't judge her for cheating on his cousin, Frank. His love for Ken was sincere and that, along with his befriending of Jill were, basically, the redeeming qualities for me with his character.
  5. So was his acting career. After this, Trent Jones wrote for the soaps...within 2 years he was writing for RH. Longest time I think, though, was for Y & R.
  6. Also agree about Thorsten Kaye. Every time he hopped from one ABC soap to another, he ate up the screen time. Also agree about Roger Howarth. I had stopped watching OLTL by the time he and Hilary B Smith started and didn't return for a long time so I never warmed up to either one of them. But my biggest soap turnoff, literally, was Roscoe Born. Hated his Joe (RH), hated Mitch Laurence (OLTL). For all I know he could be the nicest guy but I just didn't want to see him on the screen.
  7. Amber Tamblyn has continued with an op-ed piece in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/16/opinion/sunday/amber-tamblyn-james-woods.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share
  8. Wow, Amber Tamblyn (GH) had a lot to say to and about James Woods: https://www.facebook.com/officialambertamblyn/photos/a.448610989953.233351.175297439953/10155776515804954/?type=3
  9. Over the years, between acting, directing, producing, voiceovers, hosting and, of course, all things Trek related, I imagine he's got a pretty nice nest egg. They seem like they live comparatively modestly, actually. I wonder if they kept their house in Maine. She had a store there.
  10. Genie Francis and hubby Jonathan Frakes have some gorgeous new digs: http://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/hot-property/la-fi-hotprop-jonathan-frakes-woodland-hills-20170912-story.html
  11. I think, also, it spoke to Jillian's own fears of, perhaps, losing her independence. As much as she proclaimed her devotion to Frank, even while getting involved with other men, her telling those men about loving Frank...it all gave her an out. She didn't have to commit to any one man 100%. Frank was unavailable, marriage-wise, for a long time but she still had him, more or less. Seneca was willing to be devoted to her but she drew up a "marriage contract" making sure he never forgot he wasn't her great love and what that may have implied for the future. Then, as soon as Frank is 100% available, she sabotages things by being with Ken, all the while telling Ken, like Seneca, he's not her grand love...in fact, totally compartmentalizing the two relationships. At least, when she was with Seneca, she and Frank were on the outs and she thought her baby was Seneca's. She felt she needed Seneca even if she didn't like that fact very much. I remember catching the show when I could during its original run (in between school) and really liking Jill. I thought she was smart, professional, beautiful, kind of bohemian. I thought she was stronger than most female soap characters were portrayed at that time, without be the "bad girl" or villain. I guess I still thought that watching again much later...even though I got really sick of hearing Frank this, Frank that, Frank, Frank, Frank coming out of her so much.
  12. At 86 and overweight, and having seen Shatner travel Asia last year (on "Better Late Than Never") and just completed filming another traveling adventure, the guy's still got some stamina. He could probably take a few of these folks on.
  13. Didn't know quite where to ask this but I seem to have reached my quota size of attachments. It tells me to "manage attachments to free up space." I would like to delete some photos I used in older posts. I noticed just deleting the images from the posts they were in doesn't do it. I can still see them on the My Attachments page. What I don't see is a delete button next to any of them. I'm using Chrome if that matters.
  14. Another classic tv star gone, most familiar as Oscar in The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman series. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/richard-anderson-dead-six-million-855240
  15. I watched the Sci/Fantasy vs Cops episode to see Lou Ferrigno smoke the competition again in the Tug of War, which he did. But, overall, the episode was kind of disappointing. They modified the rules of two of the games because the 2 "cop" women didn't want to swim so that was all male. And the scifi team had Ferrigno and Sorbo with bad knees so the teams ran as 3 rather than 4. With such small teams, it's pretty noticeable when certain people compete (or whine) more than others. In this episode, especially, there seemed fewer people choosing to do the more physical events. Lou purposely lost the dunk tank game because the girl who was afraid of heights and didn't want to swim was terrified to be dropped. And having now seen Adrian Zmed, I actually think William Shatner could take him. I get that, in wanting to capitalize on the nostalgia factor with the older folks, they are sacrificing some level of athleticism and competition. But when you have the younger people whining about what they can't or don't want to do, you're like, wth did they come on the show for...money?
  16. GH- Forgot Brenda & Robin. They treated each other like sisters. (At least they did back in the day...haven't watched in ages so don't know if that still holds/held true.) I guess the same could be said for Brenda & Lois. I always thought that one of Brenda's better qualities was that she was a pretty loyal friend.
  17. GH - Anna & Felicia had a nice friendship in the 80s. Course, this was the era of the adventure and intrigue storylines so they (Anna, Felicia, Robert & Frisco) were like a crime-fighting team. Not your average friendship but still enjoyable to watch.
  18. I remember at the time wishing that Jenny & Jesse had been more than best friends. But I knew the show was never going to take them there.
  19. The couples, especially, Luke & Laura, had their "theme songs." L & L had several, actually, together and individually. They also had "Fascination", which they danced to in Wyndham's and at their wedding. When Laura went missing, presumed dead, it was "Think of Laura." When Luke & Holly met, theirs was "Baby, Come To Me." Robert & Anna in flashbacks had "All In Love Is Fair." And Jack Wagner sang a couple of songs on the show, "All I Need" and "Lady of My Heart", which then hit the charts in real life.
  20. The Soapnet run would recycle at the very beginning of the Egyptian storyline.
  21. I think it's like DeliaIrisFan said. RH was trying to emulate what the other ABC soaps were doing successfully, as well as copying movies (Jaws with Joe & Siobhan, King Kong with Delia). That period of 1979 through the mid-1980s saw the ascendancy in popularity of GH, mainly due to the story of Luke & Laura and them running away from the mob. AMC had the youth storylines featuring Jenny, Jesse, Tad, etc. OLTL had the Buchanan cowboys. This was also the time of Dallas & Dynasty, so there'll eventually be more wealthy people showing up on RH, which kind of took the focus away from the Ryans, not mention the creation of the Crystal Palace...somewhere else for the characters to go than Ryan's Bar. There's even an Egyptian queen storyline coming up later which, I imagine, was influenced by the King Tut exhibit and fascination in the late 70s. I think they were in an unenviable position. The other soaps seemed to have found their sizzle. If RH stayed too close to its original style, maybe they would bore the audience by comparison. If they strayed from it, they risked alienating them.
  22. He was the man in the Godzilla suit from the old Japanese movies. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/godzilla-suit-haruo-nakajima-dead-dies-1202517648/
  23. I've never seen True Blood. I added it to my watchlist just the the other day but haven't started it yet. If it's anything like this, I don't know if I will. This show is trying to do too much too fast, some of the acting is just bad...like I said, it feels more spoofy than serious, like let's throw in everything about the genre we can think of. I tend to compare it to Grimm because I was a fan, and because it seems NBC was offering this up as a replacement to retain the fans...the promo even aired during the finale of Grimm. But they're really apples and oranges...different writers, the main character was slowly learning about what he was and the world in which he lived. The idea of going to a town full of special people also reminded me of "Haven" but, again, that was less about monsters and demons than it was about ordinary people with strange abilities or "troubles" they were trying to control. It's probably closer to "Supernatural" but that is better written and paced....13 seasons count for something.
  24. Monday nights on NBC, 10 pm eastern. Basically, it's about a bit of a roguish guy who's a psychic medium. He sees dead people and they can also inhabit his body. His dead grandmother sometimes rides shotgun. He goes to this town called Midnight where there are other strange characters, like a vampire, a witch, skinheads, guys who sprout wings, turn into tigers and other weird stuff happens.
  25. So, I guess I'm the only one here that's watched this but that may change. Second episode in and I'm finding it a bit too over-the-top, even for a supernatural series. I hear it's based on books that I have no knowledge of, so none of that for me to compare it to. They throw so much in there, events happen too fast, the acting is somewhat cringe-worthy, it makes the whole thing feel kind of caricaturish, almost like a spoof of the genre. Was hoping it'd be a worthy successor to Grimm but I'm not feeling it.
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