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  1. Bill Eckert on GH had a poignant death scene. (I'm talking about how it originally aired, as opposed to what I heard about its apparent retcon years later.) He was shot in mistaken identity for Luke while being uncharacteristically self-sacrificing. He died looking up at Luke and telling him that it was bitter justice that the last face he saw was his own. Bill wasn't that popular a character...he was abrasive plus I think people wanted Geary to be Luke, not Bill. But then when he died, I kind of wished it hadn't happened. Storyline-wise, though, it made sense as Geary was reprising Luke...it not only saved him from long-term double duty but was also totally in keeping with how Luke & Laura's enemies claimed innocent lives around them.
  2. So...watched first episode and haven't decided yet. It felt like they threw too much in all at once, no buildup. Don't hate it but don't love it either. Def will give it another chance. Right now it feels like a mashup of Supernatural and Haven. They even have a character of the "Rev" like in Haven. So the main guy is a real psychic medium whose career depends on people believing he's real yet he tells people he's a fake? The vampire is the dude from season 3 of "Sleepy Hollow." Hopefully, they'll slow the pace down a bit now that they've made sure we know who everybody is, what their oddities are, who they're hooking up with and who they want to hook up with.
  3. I googled. Apparently, he wasn't given prison time. He got 3 years probation, community service and a fine. Ironically, his former co-star, Erik Estrada, is a real-life cop.
  4. 2 surprises from Lorenzo Lamas: He's a helicopter tour guide in NYC? He does a great imitation of Billy Crystal imitating his father ("you look mahvelous"). Actually, when I googled, I found out the man changed his surname to Lamas-Craig. Long story short. Wife #4 calls herself Shauna Lamas. Wife #5 is Shawna Craig. She didn't want to have a similar name to her predecessor so he changed his. I've never really been a fan (to me, he was like a cross between the Hoff and the Hef) but I guess you can say I think a little bit better of him now than I did before. And he seemed to be pretty easy-going on the show. This episode (cops vs. sitcoms) was more fun than the last one with the staged nonsense of Jason Hervey and the black shirt. This bunch seemed like they had a good time with one another. Kind of a sad moment when Todd Bridges mentioned the hard part was that the cast of DS was gone. The commentators are really annoying. There are too many of them and the snarky comments are kind of overkill. It's like they're saying "yeah, we know this show is a joke so we're making even more jokes about it."
  5. I think Tina suffered from the same syndrome as Erica Kane...being written for as if she was always the scheming young bombshell. Also, in Tina's case, many of her lies and machinations through the years were borne out of fear, desperation, loss...and when she was in danger of being found out or someone had control over her in some way, it usually did make her more afraid and desperate. I think that's one of the reasons she was popular, because she did bad things basically for the need of wanting to be loved or holding onto her family, as opposed to just being nasty like Dorian. As a young character, which I do remember from when she was still Tina Clayton instead of Tina Lord, those qualities were written with seriousness. As a middle-aged woman, they wrote it corny. I don't think they quite knew what to do with her except make her a supporting player in other stories.
  6. I know times are different, the network landscape has changed and they can't really copy too much from the original, other than the name and ugly yellow jackets, it seems. As has been said, the tv landscape was smaller then but audiences still more or less knew who the stars were even if they didn't watch their shows. I don't mind the concept of themed-teams as opposed to actual networks, although you could assume in the original that many of the celebs knew one another, especially if they came from the same network. They had more of that team feel. The way the show is executed now just makes it play less like a team sports competition and more like a "reality" show with people needing work, some not having any athletic ability or interest, others who really have a peripheral connection to a tv show, past or present. I do recall the original specials lasting 2 hours, so when they took the time they did for commenting or presenting a celeb's package, it was fine, it didn't really cut into the event time. And I liked that the teams had captains who were also competitors rather than coaches on the sidelines. I see most people on FB complain about missing the live spectators but for me, like I said, it's the small size of the teams, with some members being at a disadvantage due to age and weight and you just have really ridiculously mismatched opponents.
  7. Every time Mitch Laurence was dredged up on OLTL. Always loathed the character and his ridiculous storylines, didn't care for Roscoe Born since his RH days...I used to take breaks from OLTL when they brought Mitch back. And to top it off, I loved Jared & Natalie together and Mitch killed Jared. I didn't watch OLTL again after that.
  8. I hate this news. He's one of my faves.
  9. Among my favorites are the 2 exits of David & Jenny Renaldi and Brad Vernon on OLTL, although I hadn't wanted them to leave. Even though he was in love with Jenny and basically was a villain, Brad did the noble thing and switched identities with David so David & Jenny could go on the run, or on the sail, since they left on a boat. David slipped an opal into Brad's coat pocket so that Brad could sell it for money wherever he ended up in his new life. I still have the scenes on tape. Later, they returned to the show for a while and had an adventure in Vienna. When they were saying goodbye for the 2nd time, there are a couple of great scenes which I also saved of Brad & David giving each other back their names. Brad told David that David probably gave his name some much needed polish. They admitted they had actually come to like each other. They hugged goodbye and Brad slipped the opal he had never sold back into David's pocket. Brad remained on the show this time.
  10. The ratings have been on a downward slide. Not looking too good. Honestly, I thought the 3rd one (White House vs. Lawyers) was the most boring yet. I think because I never watched any of the shows, JAG, LA Law, Scandal...none of them. There was nobody I was rooting for. I got distracted and missed parts of it. At the start, I was looking at the clock and noticed they didn't even start the actual competition until 7 minutes in. They waste a lot of time with the silly bravado talk and commentators. The one reminds me of Aisha Tyler hosting "Whose Line." Again, I think the teams are too small and it makes for some really bad match ups of opponents and cringeworthy moments.
  11. Counting as one word cuz I'm hyphenating "Storyline-dictated" I always thought it ridiculous when that phrase was used when an actor was let go. It's a human (or humans) dictating the storyline, not the other way around. Suppose it sounds better than saying something like the head honcho doesn't like them or wants to prop someone else.
  12. I would want to go either the mystery/crime-based route a la "Edge of Night" or...they did a very short-lived revival of "Dark Shadows" in the early 90s (starring Ben Cross). To this day I have yet to see the original (one of these days I'll start) but I did see the revival for the one season it was on and thought it should have been given more of a chance. I'll take anybody who can write well for these genres. Casting...well, bear in mind I've been away from soaps for a long time so my choices would be of the older actors I watched from before...so, maybe...David Andrew Macdonald, John Brotherton, Finola Hughes, Stephen Schnetzer...Victoria Wyndham could be the gothic matriarch...
  13. Didn't find the 2nd one (variety vs. sex symbols) as entertaining as the first, mostly because I didn't know most of the "sex symbol" team. And, yep..."Gilles Marini, Dancing With The Stars", followed by "Joanna Krupa, Dancing With The Stars." I almost expected to hear "Nick Lachey, brother of the guy on DWTS". Again, funny considering that the actual pros of DWTS are nowhere to be seen. I'd like to know what network "98 Degrees" was on, btw. And they seriously don't need 4 commentators. I kind of miss the tandem bike race from the old version but it would probably be one of the more dangerous events; this show and these folks, even the younger ones, don't seem quite as daring as those back in the day. Golfing and shooting hoops? Kind of funny throwback when asking if the couples that appeared together previously were still together and they showed Captain & Tenille and David/MB Birney. On the other hand, they left out Gregory Harrison & Randi Oakes, who met on the show and appeared several more times. They're still together. Apparently the ratings for the first episode were not great but not totally in the pits either.
  14. That was doomed to failure from the start. It was a valiant effort and a nice thing to do for fans but it was like trying to get grandmas to go online (what's "Hula??") while simultaneously trying to convince the kiddos that grandma's show is hip. They were never going to grow an audience. The younger demo wasn't going to suddenly care about a show they didn't watch when it was on tv and the fans who did follow it online were disappointed that their favorites (Erica, Kendall, Tad, etc.) weren't there,plus the gratuitous cursing, newbie faces...it wasn't their soap. I used to hook up the cord from my computer to the tv so my mother could watch AMC but it wasn't the same. And, while I hadn't been a regular viewer for a very long time (of what was actually the first soap I ever watched), I think my favorite thing about the reboot was that we got to see Matthew Cowles reprise Billy Clyde one last time before he died and he seemed to get a kick out of it. This just made me remember that Alicia Minshew has that online soap "Tainted Dreams." Is it still making episodes? Is anybody watching it? I don't really follow any web-only series at all but I see promos and mentions for "House Of Cards". Most people probably don't even know TD exists....lesser star power and press attention.
  15. Port Charles ended up becoming that. They went from a traditional style to doing 13-week "books." The cast & crew worked half the year. At the same time, they got away from the hospital stories and went for supernatural, gothic themes...time travel...vampires...etc. Even though it was never a big ratings grabber, it did seem to do better, although not everyone was crazy for the supernatural element. But I don't know if it was the shortened format that became the appeal so much as the content and characters. It introduced Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco to ABC through Caleb & Livvie, Frank had a poignant story with "Time In A Bottle", Rafe & Alison became popular. I mean, they pretty much did everything they could to entice the younger crowd...especially the whole sexy vampire, beautiful love interest thing. But they also played fast and free with relationships, turning them on a dime, Kevin was somewhat villainized to prop up Ian, Lucy was a vampire slayer...basically, characters were altered to fit the stories. Ultimately, PC seemed like a dying patient who rallies at the end but still doesn't make it.
  16. I guess "wise" or not will depend on how well it does in the ratings.You're going to have the purists who want it to more closely imitate the originals, the folks who just want to be entertained and maybe see a few old familiar faces, and those who just won't care. We'll see how the chips (no pun intended) fall. The blog brought up a lot of the differences between the old and new and I guess it all comes down to taking it in context of the times. Back then, there were fewer networks and, chances were, even if you didn't watch their shows, you'd heard of these people. I mean, to this day, I've never watched a Robert Conrad series or CHIPS but I knew who those guys were and that they were on hit series. Nowadays, like the blog says, there are so many more networks, more people being called "stars" (heck, even youtubers are called "stars") so there's a plethora of B,C,D....Z-listers to choose from. (I do find it kind of funny that it airs on ABC and noticeably absent are DWTS pros, very fit, agile people.) There are a lot of people on the list of 100 names that I don't know and I'm sure to a 20-year old, there are plenty of names they don't know either. Question is, will it still be entertaining enough for us all to tune in? I mean, one of the reasons I don't tune in to the new/old game shows ABC rebooted is that I have no idea who most of the "stars" are. If BOTNS were full of youtubers and CW stars, I probably wouldn't bother. I skipped The Amazing Race season when they had all social media people. I'm funny that way...I either want to see everyday "real" people compete in something or celebrities I would recognize by their talents...not one being passed off as the other. The celebs took it more seriously then. The teams were bigger, they were playing for prize money. We've only had one episode of the revamp to go by so far...and it did play more like a reality show "let's see what these old folks can do" and "who needs a career boost" type of thing. Their categorizing of teams seems a bit odd...Tracey Gold being on the sitcoms side instead of the tv kids side with Joey Lawrence and The Facts of Life girls, for instance....upcoming Gilles Marini on variety (from what, his 2 DWTS appearances?) vs the sex-symbol side. Yeah, I remember the old and think it was better. But, that being said, I'm watching it to be entertained for that one hour. To quote a famous movie, "that'll do, pig, that'll do."
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/skip-homeier-nazi-child-in-tomorrow-the-world-and-star-trek-actor-dies-at-86/ar-BBDG2Xm He had many roles throughout his career but his 2 Star Trek appearances are probably the most widely recognized. Heading out to Eden, yea, brother...
  18. I think people were expecting more stars from current shows, like the old one had. But, honestly, it was the past tv stars I recognized on the first one, not the guy from The Middle or the young woman. To look at those first teams (sitcoms vs tv kids), it did seem heavily favored towards the younger team but they actually went back and forth with the lead. I do wish the teams had a few more people on them. When an event is for 2 males or 2 females, it's slim pickins when you've got only 2 or 3 to choose from. Pitting almost-60 and overweight Bronson Pinchot against Corbin Bleu in the obstacle course was absurd....but the other options were Tom Arnold (who seemed like he was on something) and Dave Coulier. Some folks complained about the lack of the live crowd but I wonder if maybe they just didn't want people recording the events and spoiling them online. Didn't have that concern 35 years ago. Maybe it'll be a surprise summer hit like all those old game shows ABC revived. I'll keep watching. It's entertaining enough. But coming up later on...Lou Ferrigno is still built like a tank and I don't think the other team has a chance in the tug of war.
  19. I know there are other soap stars that will appear on episodes...Actually, I just found an article that lists 50 from daytime and primetime, although some aren't known mainly from their soap gigs: http://www.inquisitr.com/4332960/50-soap-stars-on-battle-of-the-network-stars-whos-repping-daytime-nighttime-drama/ I watched the first one and, while it is a pale retake of the original and has some people calling it Battle of the Has-Beens, it's a bit of silly summer fun. The teams are smaller, there's no live crowd, most of the stars on the first episode are not currently on tv series and some are not in that good of shape.
  20. Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie Hubbard, AMC) will be on the 7/13 episode of Battle of the Network Stars.
  21. I thought Siobhan's infatuation with Jack, while Sarah was still in the role, made her too dependent on him...she looked to him for guidance and his opinion mattered more to her than it should have. And even though the sibling rivalry with Mary wasn't taken to the level of actively trying to seduce Jack (at least while Mary was still alive), she was more interested in being Jack's confidante and being close to him than in seeing things from Mary's view or trying to help their marital situation.
  22. I kind of liked Ken. But I was never that into Frank & Jill as a couple. Still, there are some cheesy moments to it. And, as intelligent and sophisticated a woman as Jill was presented, her justifications for some things boggle the mind sometimes. Not just with KGJ but in her relationships with Frank & Seneca as well. As for Barry, wasn't that crazy about him but he did have a genuine love for Ken, his best friend. That'll come out more, and his involvement in that story (if not others), will show an honorable side to him.
  23. My comment about Michael Zaslow on OLTL was more about the lack of explanation in the storyline when his character stopped appearing. I heard mention at the time of his death that his widow preferred they not kill off David, don't know if that was true. I was watching regularly at the time and don't recall them ever saying then that he had passed or really where David was, whether he was still living with Cassie or somewhere else. If there was an eventual reference to him, I think it must have come pretty far down the road....which is similar in a way to what I was saying about Langley on AMC. Although they gave explanations for Langley's absence (forever being on various digs, explorations, etc.), I kind of felt like Louis got cheated out of a tribute. Admittedly, I didn't watch the show regularly in later years but the first time I recall hearing that Langley had died was when Phoebe (and Ruth Warrick) died. But back to Zaslow...I don't know that it was a stunt. He had portrayed a popular character on the show, esp. when he was paired with Brynn Thayer, and I think they were a second or third family to him. 20/20 did a story on him, accompanying him to the studio when he returned. He seemed happy and grateful to be back. Some old cast & crew were still there, his GL castmate Kassie DePaiva was there. I think it meant a lot to him to be there.
  24. Zaslow was never really given a send-off on OLTL either. I mean, it was great that they took him back at the point when he was in a wheelchair and using the computer voice. David was living with Cassie and then he just wasn't there. Or sometimes when the actors die they send the character off somewhere, like Langley on AMC. Louis Edmonds didn't get the tribute treatment that Ruth Warrick, Fra Heflin and James Mitchell got.
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