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  1. Was just glancing at Linda Dano's FB page...she posted a few holiday party pictures...Stephen Schnetzer, Anna Holbrook, Erika Slezak, Amy Carlson, Anna Stuart. She also mentioned John Bolger was in the live Sound Of Music thing last month on NBC and that Stephen has been doing stage plays in NY and beyond. She put up a couple of old photos of her with Phil Carey and John Ingle. She also thought Liberace was "crucified" in "Behind the Candelabra".
  2. From the beginning I thought Monroe was the show's scene-stealer, the best character of the bunch. I'm on the fence about Rosalee. I kind of like her but also find her bland at times. Her presence has also diluted Monroe's role as the go-to Wesen, But she's got the spice shop and knowledge of potions and such so she has some purpose, plus, if she weren't around, Monroe would be minding the store (like he did when she visited her sick aunt) and that would take him out of some of the "field action". Juliet, on the other hand, I haven't found at all interesting since the start. All the home life stuff was boring, the amnesia was boring, the dosed-up hallucinations of an omni-present Nick were boring. And now she tags along because she doesn't want to be left out. I've been thinking lately that either Juliet or Rosalee is going to get killed sooner or later. Storyline-wise it would pack a greater punch if it were Juliet as it would put Nick in revenge mode. The stuff in Vienna has been so boring. Adalind with the gypsy woman...I was like the freakin' tests are still not over????? Now Renard is skulking around? Maybe I've been ff-ing it a bit but I kept thinking when is Adalind actually going to look pregnant? Then again, what's the gestation period for a hexenbiest? So at this point basically all the regular characters know the score except Sgt. Wu...and by this point, you'd think he'd be questioning all the hinky murder scenes he's been at, instead of just making jokes. I do still enjoy the show but it does need to shore things up a bit more and stop dragging some things out. I do like the mythology better than that of Once Upon A Time, which, for me, is doing too much, going in too many different directions--timewise, character-wise, location-wise. That show is literally all over the place and constantly introducing new characters and putting them at the forefront with their own story-arc, past and present, and sometimes I just want the episode to be over. I sometimes feel like, with the flashbacks, we're seeing more of the same. I mean, how many various battles do we need to see between Snow and Regina? Then again, I do have a preference for the horror and scifi genres rather than the magical kingdom, princess stuff. I do enjoy Grimm's Portland Wesen and the Scooby gang (with the occasional appearance of Beaver Bud) dealing with the local monsters.
  3. I think Frank as starting out with Michael Hawkins was supposed to be, at least to my perception, a JFK type. The good-looking up and coming politician who basically wanted to do good works for people and could charm them but who also had some personal flaws and a rather questionable set of moral guidelines (I guess we were supposed to feel he was the longsuffering one because he married a needy child-woman). Had the man actually been capable of good acting, who knows how some of the scenes might have played out. I guess I could understand some fans being upset he was replaced. He was the original, he was with the show a couple of years in a very prominent role...and he was the centerpiece of a number of the characters' stories, even when all we saw of him were repeated flashbacks of him falling down the stairs while, in real time, he was in a coma and everybody was acting around him. It seemed, from what Bernie Barrow said, that MH was basically a good guy who was having a hard time getting it together at that point. Andrew Robinson, a much more capable actor (if not as good looking as MH), I thought was great as Mary's brother. I always preferred him in scenes with Mary because they seemed really like brother and sister (and no great surprise that they've been good friends ever since). In the Ryan family, I thought his Frank fit right in. But in terms of Frank's other relationships and what I thought the above-mentioned "type" was supposed to be like, it felt like a miscast. He seemed more of a character actor than a leading man. At least when DHK came along, they seemed to get the best of what the previous 2 brought to the table--the good looks and the acting chops combined. Even if I didn't particularly like Frank, I do think DHK was the best characterization. I kind of liked what Ken represented in the sense that there were some character traits he had in common with Jill. He wasn't trying to control her or get her to commit to anything, despite coming on to her rather strongly and persistently. Looking at it years later, there were definitely cheesy aspects to the storyline but maybe it played better in 1980? Or were people so intent on keeping Jill with Frank that KGJ couldn't die soon enough?
  4. I didn't care for Frank and Jill together either. When I first saw the show as a kid, Frank was with Rae and I never quite got past seeing DHK's Frank as Rae's boy-toy. When I got to see the earlier years on SoapNet, I really liked how Seneca and Jill started out, except her constant pining for Frank was annoying. As a kid, the main thing I remembered about Jill was that she could be unconventional and bohemian in style while at the same time a professional woman. She was really a mass of contradictions that, in the hands of a less capable or appealing actress, might have made me dislike Jill. She would profess eternal devotion to Frank and sometimes allow herself to be the mistress; other times she would compartmentalize him so she could have another lover. I wish the thing with Seneca had played out differently so that his controlling tendencies didn't become as out of control as they did. They gave Jill these 2 serious relationships besides Frank in the first 6 years--Seneca and Ken, yet conveniently having Jill qualify both from the beginning. It was always "yes, I'll be with you but I still love Frank and these are the terms" (literally with Seneca as she had him sign a marriage contract). Ken was conveniently a dead man walking so she had a built-in out from the beginning. And yet, she started the affair with him when she finally had a free and clear Frank, which apparently freaked her out. I think it would have been interesting to see Ken stick around a little longer, or go into remission and have him put up a fight for Jill. Instead, Jill fighting a murder charge eventually became the road back to Frank.
  5. Tony Call (OLTL) seems to be doing a lot of narration work. I mentioned hearing him on Destination America's "A Haunting" but I'm also hearing his voice on the National Geographic channel. Here's a clip from A Haunting with his narration:
  6. Patrick Muldoon was the subject of last week's "The Haunting Of" with medium Kim Russo.
  7. Laura Allen (ex-Laura, AMC), Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie, AMC) and Henry Simmons (ex-Tyrone, AW) were all in the pilot of ABC Family's Ravenswood. I wasn't interested enough to finish watching the pilot so I don't know if any of them are ongoing.
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned since it's a series that's been on some years already but I was watching an episode and found out Tony Call (OLTL's Herb Callison) is the narrator of Destination America's series "A Haunting." I was listening to that voice and it seemed familiar so I wanted to see who the narrator was. He's got a great voice. Of course, the Trekkie part of me sometimes still thinks of him as Bailey.
  9. I'm disappointed about Cote leaving. I never liked Kate so I was glad she bought the farm and even more glad when Ziva came along. Tony's never been a particular favorite of mine either and it was probably Ziva's presence that made him a little more tolerable to me than before. It will be interesting to see if the show starts to slip in the ratings. I don't think it would have the same effect as, say, the loss of Mark Harmon would. I think the show has a likeable and talented cast (even though we may have our favorites) and will continue to do well.
  10. Don't know if this has been mentioned, but the actor playing Giles the butler on Whodunnit, Gildart Jackson, was briefly on GH years ago as Jax's friend Simon--he's the one who fell in love with V and took the character out of town. Incidentally, he's married to Melora Hardin.
  11. What point is the show up to now on Soapnet?
  12. I agree with all this. I've been wanting Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return, even on an occasional basis, ever since they "killed" John Winchester off. They had his soul escape hell, then poof. Then he was being played by a younger actor when they did time travel and flashback-type stories. Then they made Bobby the brothers' surrogate father so I got used to him and then they killed him off (idjits!). I mean, yes it was an emotional story but beyond that, I think the show was better with his presence and suffers without it. And now the seasons have become like taking turns of whether the boys are getting along with each other, trusting each other or not. What's up with Dean going so postal on Sam for wanting to live a normal life when he was doing the same thing himself a while back? I agree, it probably should have ended a while ago. I kind of feel the same way about this last season of Fringe. At first, I was glad they got this final mini-season. Now that I'm seeing what it's been about (the time jump and the Observers being in control), it's lost some of its appeal to me. It's like the time jump and having all this stuff happening offscreen caused something of a disconnect in me. I'll see it through to the end but now I wish the end had been last season. I think I like the character of Castiel more than the whole angel arc itself. Like I wanted him there but the whole angels warring with each other story just seemed to go on too long. Likewise crazy Sam having the devil on his shoulder taunting him for so long...it just dragged. I also wasn't crazy about the Leviathans as last season's resident bad guys.
  13. I've watched the show since the beginning and now I feel like I'm just clocking time with it. Everything has become been there, done that. Both brothers have died and/or been to hell, purgatory, etc. They've killed off/revived/killed off/revived every supporting character that helped make the show interesting. The angle with Sam thinking about living a normal life with Amelia is just a retread of what Dean was doing with his girlfriend and her son (whose names escape me) a season or two ago, and both were/are boring. Sometimes I find Sam and Dean, particularly Dean, grating to watch, esp. now that there's no Bobby or Castiel.
  14. I agree. I said the same thing in another thread a while back. But I think the second season has to be a real ratings grabber or they'll do the same thing and yank the show and take their chances again on the new crop. But maybe keeping it for the summer might help, if people are more inclined to watch (rerun time, less competition, etc.).
  15. I was not too enamored of most of the supporting cast anyway so I won't really miss them. Plus, CBS has a tendency sometimes to move around supporting actors to different shows. Every time I saw Michael Gaston on this show, I half expected the rest of the gang from The Mentalist to show up. The other two young cops, no big loss.
  16. I love the show "Haven" and I was just watching my tape of the 9/28 show and kept telling myself I know this girl, thinking she looks like Rebecca Herbst but I knew it wasn't her. Well, it blew me over when I looked online and found out it was Bree. The hair color threw me off and I just didn't put it together. She's actually playing a shrink. I wonder if the color change was because the show's lead, Emily Rose, has blonde hair. I like it, it keeps me from seeing Jessica Buchanan (obviously) and that's a good thing.
  17. I like the show and glad it's coming back. But the girlfriend is a snooze. Granted, it's been a pretty thankless role but even the actress herself seems bored/boring. Nick has better chemistry with Monroe.
  18. DOOL's Jack was recast several times in his first few years. Jack1 fell for Kayla, Jack2 married her and Jack3 raped her. Seemed like the show kept changing what they wanted Jack to be and when they were going towards a nastier, more proactive Jack they got a more experienced actor in MA. I think GH's Zander was recast with Chad Brannon to make him more romantically appealing for a pairing with Emily. The first guy seemed more like the run-of-the-mill drugdealer/thug he started out to be. Edward Quartermaine on GH should be dead by now. David Lewis was around 65 when Luke and Laura got married 30 years ago. When they recast with John Ingle and then Jed Allan, they obviously wanted a younger, more viable Edward, who kept getting younger than his wife.
  19. Didn't Finola Hughes have a conflict over at GH right before Anna was kidnapped by Faison? She left and was replaced by one of those twins that were on DOOL to finish out Anna's departure from the canvas. Geoffrey Scott was the Billy Lewis recast on GL when Jordan Clarke had his legal trouble. AW's Grant Harrison was recast with Mark Pinter because Dack Rambo contracted AIDS. That role really changed. Grant started out rather sexy and dashing and ended up being neurotic and deranged.
  20. Good article on Bernie Barrow. Saw he made reference to Michael Hawkins' situation at the time...seems like the cast liked MH, he was part of "the family".
  21. The character who actually surprised me the most (as someone who saw parts of RH as a kid here and there when it was first broadcast) the first time I saw/revisited the show on SN was Jack. The only thing I knew/remembered of Jack from decades-old viewing was as a widower who deeply missed his wife and adored his daughter, and who was basically a stand-up guy. I was surprised to see what a real jerk he was soon after the start of the show. In one way, I could see how complex a character he was, that here was someone who had abandonment issues so much so that he, while honest enough to say things like he had no intentions of getting married, he didn't want kids, etc., fell so hard for someone that was really not like most of the women he'd been with. I mean, Mary was a lot younger than he was, she hadn't been around, she was still childlike in certain ways as far as basically being a happy person who idolized her brother and hadn't had any significant relationships. As much as I enjoyed their chemistry, and ML and KM had it in spades, there was also something scary about Jack's almost immediate intensity about Mary...like, how could this child/woman make an emotional wreck (from his own doing, not hers) out of this sophisticated, jaded, older man? Then again...I suppose such a story is as old as time! Anyway, it was really something to see a character whom I had thought was like a benchmark of intelligence, honesty, solidity, be someone who went to such emotional extremes within himself that he caused so much emotional pain to someone he loved.
  22. So...anybody else biting the bullet and watching the rewind one last time? I figured, oh, why not. Although, admittedly, I still do ff Delia a lot. I could never bring myself to like the character no matter who played her. You can really see how new a show and how new an experience it is for a lot of the actors. A few of them haven't quite gotten into the skin of the characters yet. You can see people looking at the camera or looking at the cue cards, or waiting for somebody to cross from point a to point b before they say their next line. Michael Levin and Kate Mulgrew seem pretty natural from the getgo, though, in terms of knowing their characters.
  23. Three episodes in and I just turned this one off before the halfway mark. I'm finding it kind of boring. The actors do nothing for me and, with that, the show becomes just another dime a dozen for me. Alex OL reminds me of Joseph Fiennes in Flash Forward and is about as interesting. I did watch the original so there are definitely comparisons going on in my head, particularly of McGarrett and Williams and it just ain't happening for me and it's not merely a nostalgia thing (I liked the original well enough but I couldn't name you a single episode). I mean, I love the original Star Trek and Shatner and Nimoy yet I enjoyed Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto portraying those iconic roles. I'm not against remakes if done well and have some semblance or spirit of the original. With H5O, I feel like they're using the theme song, the names and the gimmicks (Book 'em, Danno) and they've just slapped it on an otherwise generic cop show. Just don't remake Cannon with Jim Belushi, please, or William Devane as Barnaby Jones...
  24. I've been watching Eureka on the Syfy channel and this actor, Kavan Smith, recently joined who reminds me so much of a young Larkin Malloy. Tell me I'm not crazy.
  25. Never On Top, It's Considered Egregious. RAISIN
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