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  1. I'm gonna say it....that little kid annoyed the heck out of me!
  2. That interview with Sharon Gabet above is really good! She really did love EON and the cast. Man, this show needs to be streamed(streamt??) somewhere! AOL & P & G were a bit ahead of the times a few years back when they did it online and it needs to come back!
  3. Richard was a cutie back then...my kiddie self sure thought so! One of the reasons why I hated that Roscoe Born replaced him, lol. You can definitely hear that he came down with something in the scenes after they got back from the beach. I dunno how I'd feel if my family members were constantly posting my family's business on the internet, though.
  4. Does Christian Slater count, coming on years after his dad, Michael Hawkins, got the boot? Also, Nana Visitor/Tucker and Richard Muenz were already a couple, though never married, before they were on RH.
  5. This is Andrew Robinson's daughter, Rachel. She played his niece (Kathleen's daughter) on RH when she was little (he sat and played with her and Little John on the floor) and also did one of the most acclaimed episodes of ST:DS9 (The Visitor) in the 1990s, where Andrew was recurring.
  6. Except when he was playing a former Cardassian spy forced into exile as a tailor. Garak was a very murky character but with some likeable qualities. I remember reading a bit about that book on the forum at that time. Did he ever finish it, I wonder? And, yes, how Andrew's Frank fit into the Ryan family was the thing I liked the best about his portrayal. Well, that, and his acting was good and seemed unrehearsed. Funny, considering he said he wasn't that good when he started. But, at that point on the show, I think they had a pretty good group of actors. The majority of them came across pretty natural in their roles.
  7. And in another personal RH/Trek connection, Andy is the godfather to Nana Visitor's (Nancy Feldman) son with Alexander Siddig as he is good friends with Siddig.
  8. I've been watching this again on and off on youtube. I really did like Andy Robinson as Frank in the sense of fitting into the family, the sibling interaction, etc. He really got into it and did a good job. I know DHK was the definitive Frank, although I never much cared for him because he was the 1st Frank I remember as a kid and my first impression was of him as Rae's "boytoy" and I couldn't stand her or her daughter. I think it's a little bit nuts that AR got fired ostensibly because TPTB were afraid people couldn't get past the Dirty Harry movie but, duh, they hired him after that and did keep him around a couple of years. Looks-wise, maybe he didn't fit the romantic, leading man role that Frank was supposed to be but with Frank being the only recast Ryan at that point in the show, all those actors played so well together they felt like a real family. I saw an interview where Andy mentioned that, in terms of the acting company, his best experiences were RH and DS9.
  9. We'll be seeing Genie Francis advertising Nutrisystem soon. She's the new spokesperson.
  10. So I was just watching a documentary about Elvis' autopsy and the guy playing him looked so much like him I looked him up and found out it was this tribute artist from the UK. Now that's one of the best I've ever seen! http://vimeo.com/64981946

  11. Decades ago, the character actor Reggie Nalder worked with Cosby twice. He stated that he hated working with Cosby and called him "rude, arrogant, untalented and a pig." I wonder what he saw or was on the receiving end of, especially to use the word "pig", which I don't think is a word men tend to call each other, it's more a name women use about men. Part of a 1989 interview with Reggie that was published posthumously: You played the title character in The Devil and Max Devlin (1981) with Bill Cosby. Yes, I played the Devil. I went out to the Disney studio and read for that one. Once again I had few lines to say. I hated working with Bill Cosby. He is a pig. I first met him in Rome where I did an episode of I Spy. Bill Cosby is rude, arrogant and very untalented. He walked right by me on the set as if I were a piece of furniture. I tried to be polite but he made it impossible. I have rarely ever worked with someone like him before or since.
  12. Some more tidbits...Skip Homeier started out as a child actor and was in numerous shows and films for decades. Trekkies may remember him from his 2 appearances on TOS as Dr. Sevrin and Melakon. He's still around but retired from acting long ago. Jan Miner was also married IRL to a soapster, Richard Merrell. Oldtime OLTL fans may remember him as Viki's butler, Herron, from back in the day when her kids were little.
  13. Linda Dano just taped an episode of "The Haunting Of" with Kim Russo, a follow-up to her Celebrity Ghost Stories story. Most characters on that show don't stay dead.
  14. On the old Soapnet message board, there are some tidbits mentioned from when Rose Alaio visited the board in 2011 and one of them was that ABC made Sarah Felder cut her hair and then let her go a few months later. I think the short cut kind of aged her. I think the thing that sort of bugged me about the first two Siobhans was that they were constantly seeking out or needing Jack's advice, approval. Yes, part of that was the underlying attraction to him but, for a character that was supposed to be this spitfire, she seemed a little too dependent on what her brother-in-law thought. Re my question about when Jack started to get accepted by Johnny, that makes sense about the father to Ryan thing. The funny thing with me was that one of my memories of the show from its original broadcast (and my child/teen-hood spotty viewing) was that I always remembered Jack as a devoted, overprotective widowed father who still mentioned his wife even though she had been dead for some time. I mean, I never saw his and Mary's storyline at that time (I just remember her name being mentioned a lot) so to have seen the earlier episodes on SN and discovered what a jerk he started out as was a bit of a shocker.
  15. I liked Gavin, mainly because I always had a preference for dark over blond. Don't forget Jeremy, that was who she got shipped off with when the show ended. I'm tempted to relive the Jeff Brown saga on youtube but then I'd want to see more episodes. I wish someone would upload them as a series the way they do Ryan's Hope. My teenage self totally crushed on Larkin Malloy and I cried when Jeff got his comeuppance because I didn't want Larkin to leave the show. Plus, Raven's reaction just killed me. Needless to say, I was thrilled when he came back and even more thrilled when they did a Sky & Raven redux.
  16. No, Doris Belack subbed for Florence Stanley for one episode, where Fish is seen at home and Dietrich comes over and does a Gregory Peck impersonation to supposedly ward off the daughter's boyfriend at the door: "Go away, Beverly is busy!" Florence had already appeared in a couple of previous episodes.
  17. Something similar happened to me once, with a future soap actor being the understudy. Back in 1980, my sister and I got tickets to go see David Bowie as The Elephant Man on Broadway. We went for the specific reason of seeing Bowie in the role. Well, he was out sick that day so we ended up seeing the understudy. I'd never heard of the actor before but he did well in the role and I always remembered his name, then heard about him again when he was on a soap, albeit one that I never ended up watching. The actor was Benjamin Hendrickson.
  18. Is there anyone on youtube posting consecutive episodes the way some folks are doing with RH? I haven't uploaded anything to youtube in a few years (from any soap) because every so often I would get the notice about the music copyright--I had the final scene up and they gagged it because of the Bette Midler song.
  19. Just wondering. I haven't seen post-1982 episodes since my spotty viewing during the show's original run (I was a kid in school then). SoapNet didn't air them and it'll be a long while before I get to them in my youtube re-viewing of the show (I don't want to watch later episodes out of context). I know Johnny kept his dislike of Jack more or less intact for years. He had some good reasons, particularly in the first few years, even if some of his reactions were rather extreme. At what point in the story did Johnny start to actually like Jack and treat him as a family member as opposed to just tolerating him?
  20. I'm iffy about Buffy and Barney Miller. I find the earlier seasons of Buffy boring (particularly Angel and that relationship). The mid-seasons were more interesting but I didn't particularly care for the insta-sista, Dawn, who never existed yet now everybody's memories were altered as if she'd been around all along. Not to mention, Buffy as pseudo-mother and everyone having to all of sudden protect this newly created annoying teenage creature at all costs just didn't do it for me. What was going on around her was more interesting than the character herself. Barney Miller was about on an almost even keel for me all through. Of the original cast (and I'm not counting the pilot that was filmed with an almost entirely different cast), they lost Fish, Yemana and Chano. Oh, and Mrs. Miller, but that was a good thing! I think I'm in the minority, but I wasn't over the moon for Dietrich. I always felt like they basically handed SL jokes as if he were doing a standup routine and he would have this smirk on his face as if to say "I'm so clever, I know my joke is funny." Although, it was kind of funny to see the same guest stars playing over a half-dozen roles. I did think about ST: DS9 but, again, mixed emotions. It did get a stronger identity and storybase with the Dominion war arc....but that also could be tiresome at times. Agree about Little House. They were cute little kids but it wasn't until they were a little older and could get some stuff beyond being cute little kids that things perked up. Mary's blindness, Laura's crush on Almanzo and that eventual relationship, Nellie growing up. Then again....the last years with the show trying to duplicate its origins and having another bunch of kids try to fill the shoes of Laura and Nellie were just painful to watch. New mention: Life Goes On - again, having to do with the kids maturing, the introduction of Jesse and the HIV-story, Corky getting a girlfriend I was wondering whether to add Supernatural to the list but I'm thinking not. I'm not unhappy that's it's been around several seasons longer than I expected but I do think it has suffered from killing off so many of its supporting characters, along with killing, reviving, re-killing and reviving the brothers and some of the aforementioned supporting characters over and over. It's like an old sneaker at this point...dependable but you know you're not really getting anything new out of it. I think killing off Bobby (and keeping him more or less dead) was a mistake. They keep re-inserting guest characters from the past into their lives and the show's been on so long at this point, you're like, who is this person again?
  21. Thanks, safe! Been checking out the show again on youtube and was just wondering what some of the seldom-seen (in front of the camera, anyway) cast looked like lately.
  22. I've been re-watching RH from the start on youtube. Hawkins was a nice-looking guy, if not much could be said for his acting...on RH, at least, since I never saw anything else he was in. He did get somewhat better later on, not as much obvious reliance on the cue cards and maybe his personal problems were starting to straighten out. Apart from how he looked, I did wonder how his relationship with his son turned out, since I thought I'd heard long ago that they'd had a strained relationship. Seems it got better. Funny how the photos don't even refer to him by name, just as "Christian Slater's father" but he was still recognizable 30 years after the show. Nice to see he has hair...or did up til then, anyway...how many people on RH wore a piece? I don't think he looked too bad in the pics. I was surprised to find any, I'd looked before. Now I'm curious to see Trent Jones, another hard to find one.
  23. I couldn't get the photo to post here but I was curious to see if there were any recent pics of Michael Hawkins (the original Frank Ryan on RH and Christian Slater's father) since he's seldom been seen since. Not quite recent but I did find one from 2004: http://imagecollect.com/picture/christian-slater-photo-2741170/fwro
  24. I may be in the minority but I thought M*A*S*H got better, especially because I happened to not like the three original characters/actors who departed (Trapper, Henry and, especially, Frank) and much preferred all three of their replacements (BJ, Potter and Charles). Charles, especially, was a much stronger adversary for Hawkeye than Frank ever was and I liked how Charles could get his revenge every now and then. NCIS has turned into a powerhouse since its first couple of years (and, yes, I hated Kate and was glad she got killed off and replaced with Ziva). Star Trek: TNG.
  25. I just saw Bree Williamson on a commercial for an LMN movie, Sins of the Preacher, where she plays a wife who gets murdered. She seems to be getting roles where she gets killed off - she was the victim on Deception. Her character on Haven got murdered by a skinwalker who assumed her identity and was later killed also.
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