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  1. Roma Downey (Joanna Leighton, OLTL) and hubby Mark Burnett have a new over-the-air "faith and family" network premiering in December: http://deadline.com/2016/11/roma-downey-mark-burnett-mgm-light-tv-faith-based-network-fox-1201855425/
  2. David Chisum (Miles Laurence, OLTL) was on tonight's "Timeless" for about a minute before his character was shot to death.
  3. Re Eric Roberts, he seems to be one of those actors that has no snobbery about any genre, from soaps to "reality shows", LMN movies, I've even seen him on an Italian miniseries. He appears to be very in demand. He may not have commanded as big bucks as Julia did at one point but his resume' is a lot longer and he shows no signs of slowing down. I've seen some of his projects over the years but, I have to say, his recent appearance on "A Haunting Of" was really interesting in terms of seeing his personality and where he's at in life right now. Even seeing the house he lives in is pretty modest by Hollywood standards and a little away from it all. Hearing about some of the stuff he had to deal with in his earlier life, particularly from parents and stepfather and a horrific accident, and then seeing how he is now, gave me a new respect for the guy.
  4. Ian Buchanan started on GH and has done a lot of prime time tv work in between his numerous daytime gigs, including recurring roles on Twin Peaks and It's Garry Shandling's Show. Actually, he must be pretty up there in terms of the number of soaps he's been on (something like 5, I think). Wonder if there's a list somewhere of which actors have appeared in the most soaps. Michael Easton: After DOOL, he was in several short-lived series in the late 90s before returning to daytime with Port Charles. And speaking of PC, some of Nicholas Pryor's early work was on soaps (The Secret Storm, EON, AW) and he did a bunch of tv work (one of those ubiquitous faces) before (and since) he was Victor on PC.
  5. Tony Call (EON, GL and probably most known from OLTL as Herb Callison) this past summer at Awesome con representing the Destination America series "A Haunting". He's been the narrator since 2005. First I think of him as Dave Bailey (Star Trek), then as Herb Callison and now he's like the voice of Destination America, lol. He's done so much voicework with them. (And we've read the same book.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr-MeaPVsUs
  6. Steven Hill died today at age 94. Best remembered for Law & Order and also as the first head of the IMF, Dan Briggs, on Mission:Impossible. I also remember his stint on OLTL, during the Alex Crown storyline, where he played mobster Aristotle Descamedes, who had a thing for Dorian. He kept calling her Dorianne. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/08/23/law-order-actor-steven-hill-dies-at-94.html
  7. Don't blame ya, jam. He was a good-looking guy and apparently very well-liked. He was also a Los Angeles Police Reserve Officer for 2 decades. He died of leukemia. Someone mentioned that he was supposed to attend the big Star Trek convention they had in Vegas the other week but he was too ill. Looking at that clip from the game, he was so genuinely thrilled for his teammate to win the tournament. And they came so close to breaking Billy Crystal's record for fastest time. It was flawlessly played. He did it again with someone else, winning them the $100,000 when John Davidson hosted the game. Incidentally, apparently that contestant in the clip, MG McCormick, passed away just a few years later.
  8. Wink Martindale posted on his Facebook page that actor Barry Jenner has died. He also posted a great clip from the $100,000 Pyramid. Barry also did stints on Somerset and Another World in the 70s. Wink Martindale 7 hrs · Very sad to report our friend Barry Jenner has passed away. Barry was best known for his roles on Dallas, Family Matters and of course Star Trek Deep Space Nine, to name a few. In addition Barry was a great game player making many appearances on shows like Pyramid and Super Password. He was a kind and sweet man who, no matter who you were or how long you knew him, made you feel like you were lifelong friends when speaking to you. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. From his DS9 costar: Armin Shimerman ✔@ShimermanArminMy heart is broken.My thoughts are in grief&incomprehension.My good friend Barry Jenner has passed.Condolences to Suzanne&all who loved him. 6:50 PM - 9 Aug 2016
  9. There are all these "stories" popping up now about Richard Simmons (GH) and people speculating about his mental and physical health because he's been out of the public eye for some time. Friends claiming he's cut them off, thinking he's under witchcraft by his housekeeper, etc. He's had to get on the phone to explain it but some folks still aren't convinced he's not being abused in some way. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/richard-simmons-explains-year-public-absence/story?id=37628041
  10. GH- Well, the first time I watched it, it was Luke & Laura that hooked me because they were literally about to have their first on-the-run story and I liked the adventure. Later on, though, Anna Devane became my favorite because she was so kickass and not the damsel-in-distress, sidekick to the male character. She was so unlike all the female characters I'd ever seen and I just loved her. Even though I no longer watch any current soaps, Anna of that time period probably remains my across-the-soap favorite female. DOOL - well, again, I got hooked by a couple, Steve & Kayla, since I started watching shortly after they met EON- Sky & Raven...what chemistry. I only started watching it during its last few years. Luckily, I was able to watch some more when AOL started streaming it years ago and now that it's on youtube I think I'm going to try to find a good starting point to watch consecutively. OLTL- Clint Ritchie's Clint. Viki grew on me by association. I loved them in the 80s. I really missed his presence when he retired and, of course, passed away. GL - I started watching because I followed Larkin Malloy from EON to GL so he started out as my favorite. But Harley became my eventual favorite as I saw when she debuted. RH- I saw this sporadically at the time because I was going to school but Jack stood out for me. And I had a teen-crush on Joe #1, Richard Muenz. I hated when Roscoe Born took over and it stuck with me because I never did like him no matter what he was in after that (didn't help that he played nasty characters) AMC - the first soap I ever watched and I did like a number of characters and couples (Cliff & Nina, Greg & Jenny) throughout the years but, unlike the other shows, where I could easily pick a longtime strong favorite, that's not the case here
  11. I always liked him. Whatever he was in, he gave a solid performance. And he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. His wife died last year.http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/george-kennedy-dead-cool-hand-721400 Found this little bit in an interview and it's funny to picture: Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Thank goodness for that. You’ve had quite a career in television also, from Perry Mason to Dr. Kildare to The Love Boat to Dallas. Were you friends with Raymond Burr? George Kennedy: Yes. Raymond Burr was bigger than Mt. Vesuvius. I’ve got to tell you a story I’ve never told anybody. Raymond and I were big men. We’re talking 6’4”, and both of us weighed more than a ton and a half each. For that reason, as well as others, we liked each other. If you can picture this, we’d talk about being big guys and we would giggle. Now, here was 600 pounds of guys sitting between shots in a couple of chairs and almost breaking them because we’re giggling at jokes. Over all of Raymond’s movies and TV shows, I remember him as a guy who’d giggle with me and didn’t care. I thought he was a wonderful actor. And a nice little nugget from a few years ago from Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris: When she was asked who her father’s favorite actors were, Sara Karloff said the only performer whose craft he’d ever specifically mentioned to her was veteran American actor George Kennedy, who’s been in more 200 movies and TV shows and who won an Oscar for his performance in Cool Hand Luke. She said that she met Kennedy for the first time last year and told him that he was her father’s favorite actor. “It brought tears to his eyes,” she said. Kennedy told her that he’d once seen Karloff coming out of a stage door on Broadway and had wanted to talk to him, but didn’t “have the nerve.” “You know, I’ve always regretted not doing that,” the tough guy actor told her. “I wish you had, it would have meant so much to my father,” she told Kennedy. “And the tears got bigger,” she said.
  12. Some classic Frank Smith, starting around 5:05. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7WKzGwYb3U&list=PLsP9EUMF4fw8fWlKzoMy3116GRP7-pks_&index=153
  13. It was the opposite for me. Having seen him first as the menacing Frank Smith who sent hit men after L & L, it was a bit strange at first to see him be comedic in Punky Brewster. I never saw the Police Academy films but I did see Tootsie back in the day. Yes, Frank Smith was the sophisticated mob boss who sent the goons out. He wasn't a goon himself.
  14. I tried to post this before but an error came up. The original Frank Smith on General Hospital, George Gaynes, has died at age 98. He also co-starred in many films, and was Punky Brewster's "foster dad." There's also a video up on youtube from his 95th birthday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el3Tnf-w2Cg The first episode of GH I ever saw was the non-wedding of Luke & Jennifer Smith on Frank's yacht and Scotty punching Luke overboard.
  15. Mike Minor (Brandon Kingsley) has died. http://www.examiner.com/article/tv-actor-mike-minor-has-died
  16. Jackie. That's actually one of my favorites. "Shag your butt!" "Mr. Schneider treats me like everyone else. I mean, he yells at me and everything!"
  17. Really lovely tributes from his costars and family members: Glenn Scarpelli: "As most of you already know, PAT HARRINGTON passed away last night. I will love him FOREVER. He helped shape the man I have become. I live in gratitude that he was in my life. I feel privileged to have called him my friend. He brought so much joy and laughter to our planet. My heart is with his entire family.. his wife Sally, his amazing children Pat Harrington, Terry Harrington, Tresa Harrington and Michael Harrington.. and his sister in lawCeleste Harrington. Pat died on Bonnie's birthday... it is my belief that it's a sign that she was one of his greeters on the other side. Until we meet again, Pat.... FOREVER in the hearts of those you touched (and there are so many). xoxoxo" Valerie Bertinelli: "He always made me laugh." 💔 His granddaughter: "Today was rough, but I can't help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have had this amazing person, that so many people adore, as my grandfather. The man who introduced himself to every one of my friends by transforming into a "gorilla" and picking "bugs" out of their hair, the guy who would crack jokes on everyone Christmas morning while sporting the wildest bedhead on the planet, and the guy who would hug the life out of you in the best way possible. That's how I will remember my Dadu. "Who's annoying?!"
  18. His daughter posted on Facebook of his death on January 6. He had been suffering with Alzheimer's. He was 86. "Tresa Harrington Dear Friends, it is with the most unimaginable pain and sadness, that I tell you my father, Pat Harrington, Jr. passed away at 11:09 PM this evening. We were all with him today and tonight: crying, laughing and loving him. This is the single most heart wrenching and physically painful thing, I've ever had to endure. I know many of you have lost parents and loved ones, and now I know what it's like to feel the kind of sadness and void that will never be filled but only softened with the passing of time. My heart is broken to pieces and I will cry and cry until I just won't. Love to you all! And as we head into this year, never be afraid to tell the people you love, that you love them." Bonnie Franklin's stepdaughter posted a response: "Julie Minoff Tresa, I am Julie, Bonnie's stepdaughter And Jed Minoff's sister. After losing my beloved Dad and then dear Bon, I know the kind of pain you are enduring. I am so very sorry. I knew your Dad and he was warm and kind any moment I spent with him. At Bon's funeral, the last time I saw him, he didn't quite know who I was. Once I told him, he wrapped his arms around me. Such a sweet man. He died on What would have been Bonnie's 72nd bday. I am positive she will be one of the folks who greet him. She loved him and I am sure still does. My condolences and love to you and your whole family. May his memory be for a blessing."
  19. Will MacMillan. He played Tania Roskov Jones' father, Boris Roskov, on GH. http://variety.com/2015/film/news/will-macmillan-general-hospital-actor-dies-at-71-1201658652/ Jason Wingreen, who died on Christmas, played a role as a judge on GH in 1991. He's most familiar as Harry, the bartender on "All In The Family."
  20. Daniel von Bargen. He was Vinny Morrison's equally racist uncle, Joe Morrison, on Guiding Light. I have him in a clip from David Grant's hearing that I put up on youtube years ago.
  21. So right now I'm wondering how Anna Stuart feels about her husband, James Cromwell, being arrested at a power plant protest.
  22. McKenzie Westmore (Passions) married production designer Patrick Tatopoulos about a week ago. He's also back tonight for the 2-part Face-Off finale. http://www.toofab.com/2015/10/12/mckenzie-westmore-and-patrick-tatopoulos/
  23. I've fallen behind on my viewing (will catch up at some point, lol) but I just wanted to let anyone here know who's from NYC...if you haven't been able to get Retro TV, it's showing up now on channel 32.5. Happy camper here.
  24. Well, I was thinking more of Richard Muenz. Not as muscular but I did have a kiddie crush on him!
  25. Seriously, he was ripped! Puts Jack Cassidy to shame, lol! Now I wish RH had done some kind of gym scene with Father McShane and Jack!
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