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  1. It could be a soap by soap thing or simply depends on how good your agent is. Apparently, former OLTL co-head writer Allison "Sam" Hall, he "created and developed the storyline and numerous characters in the series. Paragraph 3 of the Agreement memorialized obligations of ABC for payment of certain compensation to Wildercliff, Ltd. and a weekly royalty to Hall, personally, 'as long as ONE LIFE TO LIVE is broadcast'..." Hall received a weekly royalty of $1,000 a week until January 13, 2012. Complaint: https://deadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/one-life-to-live-writ
  2. The "theme"/"baseline" from MA PERKINS: “The ‘baseline’ of MA PERKINS is the Golden Rule. Another way of stating this is that every sequence demonstrates Ma as an active, although not interfering, practicing Christian. Truth, honesty, loyalty — doing unto other rather than doing others…these principles Ma believes are never to be compromised.” I think she understood that the life of the housewife wasn't ideal, but she wanted to create a world where the ideal was attainable, although not without its own issues. Ruth Warrick said in her Academy interview that all of the coupl
  3. As close as we'll get to the original theme from AS THE EARTH TURNS. This is from the original pilot, which was used to sell the show & never aired on television. "…This, then, is the broad base of our storyline. We would like to stress the point of “AS THE EARTH TURNS” is not a melodrama. It is the story of people. It might well be said that the life of each of us is a serial story. Heredity and environment shape our destinies. As it is true for us, so it is true for the Hughes family. The experiences of these people are predictable as the changing seasons, and as unpre
  4. No one except Bill Bell knew how to write for Jill Foster Abbott. Kay Alden got a lot right, but by the mid-2000s, Jill was a shell of her former self. The same can be said for Ashley Abbott and Victor Newman. I give the actors who played all three roles with knowing their characters so well that they rose above dubious writing. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I never felt a lot of the writers from the mid-90s onward really understood Erica Kane. Agnes Nixon, Wisner Washam, and Lorraine Broderick were the only three who seemed to be clued into what made Erica tick, cry, and r
  5. Chuck Pratt didn't even write breakdowns on ALL MY CHILDREN, so I doubt he wrote a good bible for SUNSET BEACH. Bell, Nixon, and Hess (LOVE OF LIFE) wrote very specific bibles. They set their shows during a time and a place which was real to them. Nothing felt phony because it was rooted in their truth. I can't say if soap opera writers today do that. Irna was a master as using themes and character history to build up to the moment you're introduced to the characters. It's not hard to get right, but if you don't know how to structure a bible, it can be very daunting. S
  6. The original bible for AS THE EARTH (WORLD) TURNS: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wzg82vlm3mjpx6b/As+the+Earth+Turns_Bible.pdf/file It's a valid point! I'd say that the one reason why they aren't shared is that they're still under copyright. It's up to the owners (Sony, the Bells, the Nixons, etc.) to decide to release them into the public domain, even as educational tools. They haven't decided to do it. That's the simple truth. If Warner Bros. and Sony can release the script for every Oscar nominated film, the soap opera owners can do the same thing. Hell, even the BBC has scripts and
  7. One of the things with bibles that haven't been made public is that the archives know who's been in and can easily track who shared them. If I can find one online, I will share it. I believe I have a copy of the ATWT bible. Since it's already been posted, I'd be willing to share the link.
  8. You're welcome! I debated for a long time whether to tell that story, but it felt like the right moment and the right space. One last thing: Every single script for AMC and OLTL have been archived and digitized at the University of Pennsylvania. If you call them and ask about they, they'll tell you that they don't have them. However, a ton of researchers quote cite them as did the 25th anniversary AMC coffee table book. If I ever get in, I'll be sure to document Erica's first moments on screen. Not bibles, but complete scripts (that I know of) exist in archives for:
  9. Here are the soap opera bibles I've either read, researched, seen, or know where they are: AMC: It reads like it was the original presentation bible meant for P&G. As I mentioned before, Erica isn't mentioned once, but the Martins and Tylers are very much established. It gives a wonderful insight into the world Agnes was creating in the mid-to-late 60s. This bible can be found in Agnes Nixon's Northwestern Archive and Bill Bell's UCLA archive. ATWT: This bible is well worth a read as it was for the first half-hour soap opera and you can see how Ted Corday, Irna Phi
  10. Generally, nothing is scanned in by the archive. When you make a request for copies of documents (if the archive does it), they will charge you a nominal rate to scan each page and email it to you. In effect, researchers pay for the digitization of their archives. It's a bit archaic, but it makes plenty of financial sense. Why pay for it out of pocket when a researcher will pay us to do it? Additionally, the ALL MY CHILDREN bible is at Northwestern University and the Bell Collection at UCLA. In that iteration of the AMC bible, Erica Kane is never mentioned. Not once. Not even a character
  11. Hi all, We're conducting a quick survey about contemporary radio/audio soap operas & if they have a place our present. It's a quick survey (less than 3 minutes) and all responses are welcome! Here's the link: https://us2.list-manage.com/survey?u=ad35be68a92196af895ac53df&id=dbf3e73f4d&attribution=false Thanks!!
  12. I don’t know if Hulu or ABC has ever released GH’s streaming numbers. I do know that when Hulu announced they were going to remove Coronation Street years ago, people had a fit and they reversed their decision. I’d bet GH does just fine on Hulu.
  13. I think the cancelation of AMC and OLTL in 2011-12 along with the OPRAH going off the air decimated ABC's daytime line-up. ABC hasn't recovered. I do believe that NBC and CBS halted whatever plans they may have had to get rid of their remaining soaps after seeing three legacy shows lost in the span of a few months. At this point, it's "cheaper to keep her". From the Sony leak, it seems that Y&R and DAYS' numbers go up by 50% or more when they factored in online streaming, SoapNet viewings, iTunes downloads, and the like. The shows are probably healthier and more profitable than anyon
  14. Considering how hard it is for networks to successfully replace a soap, they'll leave them where they are. It was once said that once a soap falls below a 1.0 rating, it's out the door. Well, they continue to outperform most of their daytime compatriots, so as long as they make more money in ad revenue than their licensing fee, the four remaining soaps will stay on the air. It's too risky to replace Y&R or DAYS with a "celebrity" talk show or lame game show. They have a reliable audience in an age of deep fractures. Do whatever you can to keep it.
  15. I know the title is long and awkward, but bear with me. I was recently telling someone how much I loved OLTL in the Labine era, but I was terribly turned off when Jill Phelps took over. I stopped watching for about a year or two, tried to get back into it, but I always felt like someone had ripped the heart out of the show. People would always tell me about the great things the show was doing in its final years, yet I never reconnected with OLTL. AMC is also on this list. I stopped watching with the rape of Bianca. When I tried to tune-in based on whoever was head writ
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