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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the E! True Hollywood Story episode of Y&R? I've always wanted to see it.
  2. These scenes in the Jabot boardroom were epic and on YouTube for years under the title “Does Anyone Have a Spare $75 Million?” How I wish they would resurface. Brad, Jill, Jack, Nikki... Good times and great storytelling.
  3. Iain MacLeod shouldn't be allowed to produce a local panto let alone a top-rated drama. The way he ruined EMMERDALE... I remember EMMERDALE fans warning CORRIE fans that he was a disaster. He's the UK equivalent of Jill Farren Phelps.
  4. Libidison/Proteous on AMC. What the hell was that nonsense???
  5. I'll have to go to UCLA and see those episodes. They have a few ATWT episodes from 56-59 and they're quite wonderful.
  6. I've been listening to THE ARCHERS on BBC Radio 4 (via TuneIn) and on Apple Podcasts and was surprised there wasn't a thread for it on SON. Is anyone else listening to the world's longest running soap opera?
  7. Grey Bunny doesn't take the bus. 😉
  8. SO excited! Can’t wait!
  9. Y&R Katherine & Victor Dru & Victor (I don't know if they ever really explored this fully, but whenever they had scenes, they were wonderful.) AMC Erica & Palmer Jenny & Jesse (loved them!!!) Nick & Mona PASSIONS Tabitha & Timmy (loved them, too!!) OLTL Viki & Bo
  10. The descriptions from 1973 are in the Bell archive. I believe they are Bill Bell's synopses of his episodes (or an assistant wrote them from his script). I recall reading the two weeks and remember seeing Jill & Greg mentioned in Episode #2 of Y&R.
  11. I'm more curious to know why Josh is head writing the show when he came in as a temporary replacement for Lisa de Cazotte (a supervising producer & probably one of Steve Kent's cronies from SANTA BARBARA). Maybe Lisa is coming back & Sony installed Tony as executive producer because being showrunner would be too much for breakdown-prone Josh. I'll poke my sources... The Rosales family is all Angelica. Don't let her fool you! She installed her friend to oversee Y&R and that friend is out of her depth. Margot Wain is overseeing B&B and PRICE IS RIGHT. Without someone like Margot Wain running interference between Angelica & Y&R, the show will never recover. Maybe this is why B&B has been steadier while Y&R been flung about with no care at all. From my own experience of trying to get an internship at AMC in the early-00s, they had zero interest in bringing in someone who wasn't a friend or family member. It seemed like their writing program was the same way. The Sony soaps, which could easily have a writing program if they wanted to invest in the next generation of talent. So could B&B. So could DAYS. At this point, I feel like they don't want to get better, invest in the future, etc. It's sad to see.
  12. Ha! I haven't been interested in spilling said tea. I was made aware of this just before the news broke, so, yeah. Apparently, all of this went down because Mal couldn't execute Angelica's vision and he was finally let go (She has no vision, but that's neither here nor there). It's a shame really. I don't know what went down when Josh came to Y&R, but something led to Mal firing. Tony Morina has been on the show for 14 years or so and is only now taking creative control of the ship. (John Fisher is Sony's stodge.) Again, even my best sources don't know what happened, but maybe Josh found an opening and pounced. Maybe Josh talked up the Rosales family which touched Angelica's heart. Who knows? The show is in a deplorable state, it looks like it's filmed in a community theatre seat, the actors aren't invested, the blocking is lazy, and it's a damn shame. I was last told Y&R had one of the biggest budgets in TV ($100m per year, cut to about $70m-$80m when JFP came on board - I need to pull my docs from the Sony hack to confirm), so there's no excuse for what we've seen on screen since they fired Maria Arena Bell. However, Steve Kent and Angelica McDaniel are still in control. Until they leave, round in circles we go. Televest was running P&G's daytime writer's program by 2007. I applied and was accepted. I kept pestering them for an update of what to do next when I received an email stating they were shutting it down and that was that. It was the same with ABC. They kept the program open, yet they never took on new writers. It was always: "Try again next year. We're giving it a hiatus. We'll be in touch, etc., etc., etc." The internal way of moving up has been dulled, too. Sara Bibel & Michael Montgomery moved up the ranks internally under Kay's watch in the early-00s which may make them the last holdovers from the Bell era.
  13. There was a real Colonnade Room at Chicago’s Edgewater Beach Hotel, which was closed in 1967 and demolished in 1969. Chicago native Bell probably kept the name alive after frequenting it with Lee. One can only imagine! Here’s an image: https://www.amazon.com/Colonnade-Room-Edgewater-Illinois-Original-Vintage/dp/B01N6791U9
  14. I’m that poster. Again, Griffith is a temp replacement for Lisa; the show let her have time off. She hasn’t been fired.
  15. Beth quit because of Mal’s treatment towards her. Lisa is temporarily off the show for a very personal reason; I won’t say more. The show graciously gave her time off and that’s all I’ll ever say about it. Everyone is hoping she’ll be back soon!
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