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  1. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    You're right. I remember reading a few years ago that the reason a lot of Americans (like myself) enjoyed EMMERDALE was that it was a different pace, in an idyllic setting where you could breathe and enjoy the story. Now that I know Ian is gone, I'll give the show another chance. It always pains me when I give up a soap I've loved for more than a decade (All My Children, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless), so I'm willing to see what happens next...for better or worse... Although, I've been loving Hollyoaks for the last six months - hands down.
  2. AMC Tribute Thread

    Thank you for sharing this link. I hadn't realized how much I've missed seeing Susan Lucci on my television screen. Gosh, I miss AMC something bad right now.
  3. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Agreed. I will say that Lynn Marie Latham sued Sony/Bell Dramatic Serial Company for about $1.25m when she was fired from Y&R. They settled for about $250,000 and, from as far as I can tell, it was never leaked to the press. So, even if the Beth Milstein thing is 100% true, we may never know if the parties involved don't publicize it. As always, once I know a bit more, I'll share what I can.
  4. Y&R: Old Articles

    And this episode was written by William J. Bell & Kay Alden. Oh, why Kay isn't a consultant on Y&R, I'll never know... Wait, I do know... Never mind. That's what makes the destruction of the show that much more painful. Thanks again for sharing this priceless gem.
  5. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    If she had GL & ATWT on her hands, she may have less time to interfere with Y&R. Or not. Angelica is a friend of Julie Chen's, so let's see how long she is for CBS. I'm sure she'll land at Warner Bros. if she leaves CBS since her husband works for the WB show, TMZ.
  6. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    While I sometimes read Highlight Hollywood (http://highlighthollywood.com/2018/08/the-young-and-the-restless-sony-to-be-rocked-by-metoo-movement-several-women-considering-lawsuits/) with a raised eyebrow, the mention of Mal being abusive to female writers was apparently about Beth Milstein, which my source told me after it was published. She's apparently not at the show anymore & considering a lawsuit. Also, a lot of the turmoil that has been seen on screen & behind the scenes in the last few years has been down to Angelica McDaniel. She's running the show into the ground as she attempts to make it in her image. The establishing shots, new sets, change in lighting, increased pacing, firing of vets are on down to her. This new Rosales family is her baby, her idea, and a rift on her maiden name (Rojas...or something like that). She needs to go. Now. Since CBS pays the licensing fee and has pushed out the Bells, Steve Kent isn't to blame for everything...
  7. Y&R: Old Articles

    WOW!!!! Thank you for sharing this gem!!! I'm still stunned.
  8. Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    Wes Kenney's Emmy TV Legends interview states he was hired at Y&R by Columbia because they wanted him to sort out the transition of the show to an hour (as he'd done at Days) as it hadn't gone well. The schedule was out of whack, the actors were overworked, and he came in (with Bill Bell's blessing since Conboy was creating CAPITOL), turned up the lights, and guided the show to #1.
  9. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Josh Griffith isn't there to replace Mal. For better or worse, they needed a replacement in a pinch and Josh was available. He won't be there for long; he's a temporary hire. De Cazotte was brought in to replace Freeman and Olsen in the booth. Freeman, a friend of Angelica McDaniel, was fired from the show & Olsen was kicked out of the booth. Fisher is a Sony hire to supervise the financial aspect of the show; he's Steve Kent's guy and has been since 2004 (or was it 2003?). He has his own financial team and that aspect is pretty much stripped from the EP. Morina... I'm not sure what he does on the show. Anyone...? PS: Oh, and Mal yelled at Beth Millstein. She's the one who may bring the lawsuit. I do believe she has quit the show. He was fired. He's Angelica's friend. He didn't quit.
  10. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Thanks!! Good to know. I’ll dip my toe back in this weekend. He needed to go a year ago.
  11. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Is McLeod still listed at the producer? He should’ve been fired a long time ago. I’ll give it another shot once Rebecca is free. Is that story over or close to it?
  12. Vet let go at Y&R

    Who are these people?????????
  13. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I stopped watching about a month ago after 11 years. I couldn’t take it anymore and the Lachlan/Rebecca story was a big reason why.
  14. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    I turned off Emmerdale because Lachlan chained Rebecca to a bed in the woods. Now Milo’s chained up Cindy. What is wrong with these shows??
  15. Y&R: Josh Griffith is back (confirmed)...

    I’m no fan of Days and never have been, but, to be fair, Corday Productions owns the show, not Sony. Sony is merely their agent which negotiates their deals with NBC and other worldwide distributors. How Corday uses the money that Sony raises for the show is down to Corday. The actors, studio, writers, producers, etc. contract with Corday, not Sony, so to blame Sony for a product that they don’t produce is a bit unfair. I could say more about his temp hire, but I’m not allowed. From what I’ve heard, he won’t be there to replace Mal.