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  1. This seems like a very thinly veiled attack on Eric Braeden - who has used cue cards.
  2. Does anyone have the full December 29, 1994 episode which re-aired on July 1st? It was preempted halfway through for another news conference in the Los Angeles market.
  3. She was Lily to me more than Christel Khalil! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2006 episode because I skipped Nick & Phyllis.
  4. Steve Burton was an utter disaster on Y&R, no wonder he ran back to GH. AMC tried to make Zander, Raquel, and Kit happen. Have any of them appeared on TV since?
  5. Kay in diamonds was always a must. Thanks a lot, LML.
  6. I really loved the June 3, 2020 airing of Y&R. The angst, the drama, the love... Seeing Katherine, Mac, Amanda, Isabel, Ashley, Traci, Billy, Jill, Jack, Victoria, Ryan, Olivia, Brad, Colleen, Sharon, Neil...all of them...on screen was a gift. Any time I can see Ashley unsettled is a great episode! I especially loved the subtext of Jill not wanting to become Kay in the scene where she ends it with Sean (that was Sean, right?). If anyone has the original broadcast of this episode (or the next one!), I'd love to see it.
  7. I can't speak to if Eileen "hates" DAYS. HOWEVER, at Y&R, they pay for the actors' lunch while the dressing rooms & studios are in bad repair at DAYS. Personally, I'd take a free lunch...
  8. Vanessa & Meg hated/disliked/tolerated each other for most of Love of Life's 29 year run. I wouldn't say they had a real rivalry once Tara left the show, but Erica Kane NEVER liked Tara Martin! She married her Tara's brother, slept with her son, and married her high school sweetheart to boot! Susan & Kim (ATWT) Phyllis & Sharon have been going at it since Cassie's death (Y&R)
  9. Fair enough! I concur. However, Eric Braeden and Bryton had great scenes together when Devon was introduced on Y&R. I would have loved for them to develop and explore their relationship, be it mentor/mentee, father figure, ally, friend, advisor...not shunt Devon off to the kitchenette for ten years.
  10. 20 episodes?!? They paid him to appear in one and a half episodes per month?? I would bet his guarantee was at least 2 episodes A WEEK and his episodic fee had to be nice due to his long career before stepping foot in Genoa City. Wow. Just wow. I loved Ji Min Kim, but they shipped him out. Let us never forget David Chow. Was he meant to be of Asian descent or did LML have a three martini lunch when she created him?
  11. When Devon was first introduced via the community center, he had wonderful scenes with Victor. Had Victor adopted Devon, that may have been a quite dynamic storyline, especially if Devon was interested in Lily and the Winters' were split over their relationship.
  12. JFP got along with the movie star's daughter. Shocking. Of course she did.
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