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  1. A while back, on youtube, a montage video was posted that I am looking for. In essence, it was a montage of various openings with a voice-over. Does anyone know were I can find that? Who was it, btw?
  2. I agree. Many times in the student union I would play Ryan's Hope or Edge of Night or Doug Marland's ATWT and people would turn their heads and watch. Same when I would play the shows at this AirBnB I stayed at. Hell, my fiance, who has the attention span of a nat, will stop, and sit, when I play per-Barnabus Dark Shadows. Again, a guy who defines ADHD will sit for HOURS watching that show. He has even gotten into The Doctors. But. The same doesn't hold true whenever I watch current crap. I know this because in the same settings, I tested it (showing Nancy Curlee's GL then shwoing the years RIGHT BEFORE Peapack or the last year of AMC's ABC run vs the 90s. 90's AMC tends to hold up remarkably well).
  3. I am trying to find the links to the classic playlists on the Twitter page. Does anyone know where they are? I can not seem to find them. Have they been moved?
  4. Were does it list the writing staff titles? Also, what is a storyliner? I somehow hadn't heard that term before.
  5. I am basically doing what you are doing. I downloaded all of the episodes that were posted over the years and now I'm in 1988. I noticed that the show had a lesser amount of stories going on between 1983-1987 then it suddenly started taking root again. I think it started around the introduction of Nina. Then, Leanna kinda accelerated the growth. Currently, I am on the episodes were Jessica and John Marry. I agree about the pacing. The stories lasted a long time but there was constant movement. A lot was going on. It is War and Peace as opposed to Gone With the Wind. There is a difference between dragging out a story and a long story. He told long stories.
  6. Oddly, he said that quite a bit but I remember him saying in that interview he feels Melodrama is 'dropping bombs' (literal bombs) while his stuff was psychological.
  7. A really long time ago I read an interview, I think here, with Bill Bell. I believe in the interview he mentioned not liking Melodrama. Anyway, does anyone know of such interview? If so, can someone repost it? In any case, I am trying to hunt down as many interviews with him as possible. Thanks in advance.
  8. Darn basically said it. I'd like to add that CBS was slower while ABC had humorous characters. Also, ABC seemed to be more experimental.
  9. Two things are coming to mind. I feel the struggles with Lola/Kyle is that SHE wants to feel the satisfaction of being able to pay off her loan. If they showed her side more, assuming that is the point, I think it would be a dynamic story. Having fantasy sequences of family 'cheering her on' for making it one her own. That 'Kinda' resonates with Lorie vs Leslie. That sorta stuff. I think, in all honestly, that would be PURE Bill Bell/Kay Alden. That psychological element is missing. Further, starting it out slow but showing the fantasies, at the start, would allow for the store to write itself. Its too late now. The other thing is the characterization of Nick Newman. I always felt that he were Daytime's Elliot Roosevelt. In essence, the son of a rich kid who is constantly trying to make a name for himself but winds up giving up when the first sign of trouble shows. I feel if one had that historical person as a reference point, along with some gilded age types, I feel the writing for him would be far more compelling.
  10. Honey, if you show an effort of posting that 1977 episode I will post the full script. Yes, that is Erica Kane's first scene (not sure why her name, or Mona's and Nick's, isn't on the cover).
  11. I can see why the writers may find almost-incest hot though. I find the idea of Eileen Fulton torn between two adopted granddaughters (played by Robin Strasser and Judith Chapman) HOT AS [!@#$%^&*]. Oh, and them doing a 'Marge' story with Eric Braden/Victor. In this case, Victor's doppelganger being a leather-daddy. Soon after his arrival, Nick finds out he is bisexual and they form a polly relationship with Phillip AND Chance. Hell, they could do pup play. Maybe they could even do some piss play or scat or blood? JUst an idea on what I mean. Most of what I see that shouldn't be done are these basic-ass ones. We need daytime to reflect the world at large, tbh.
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