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  1. And some, like me, feel that was brilliant. He tried to turn the show around but couldn't. It was very much a 'good riddance" move.
  2. Wasn't the show basically solid until Riche left?
  3. I don't know this story. What was it about?
  4. The OP is saying that the role was so perfect that it seemed tailor-made. If you want to be picky let's not forget that Charita was a recast too.
  5. Mario died from a heart attack in front of Marco. Not exactly. She had self esteem problems and she was browsing at a department store. Talbot offered her sex in exchange for the dress. The euphoria elevated spirits and then he started to introduce her to other men. Over time, it became an addiction. Then Marco found out and blackmailed her into being his "Madam". The fitness club, I believe, was a front for a whorehouse.
  6. I thought it was that Mario died and Marco switched their identities and then made it seem as if Vicki killed him (Marco).
  7. Why was DOOL considered bad before Bill Bell took over? What was wrong with it? What stories were taking place?
  8. Regarding Mike's paternity, why did Tom know Mickey was sterile but Mickey himself didn't know?
  9. Were we watching the same show LOL?
  10. 1) What was "Out of Ashes" 2) what is this about Victor's epilepsy? 3) And what about Jack! Please tell me he didn't actually become the devil LOL
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