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  1. Thank you. I have a question. Can you somehow digitize the the reports and email them to me? If you do not have a scanner I suppose you can use your phone. This is fora project I'm doing in school.
  2. No mental illness is that clear cut -- always exceptions and grey areas. Remember, people who have mental illnesses are people too. Stuart is a lot like my Aunt Mel. Like her, he is simple and childish but is able to take care of herself on a basic level. She could never learn how to drive and her relationship with 'symbols' is off. For example, the lady is, always has been, in poverty. Yet, once she accidentally dropped a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk and my Aunt Debbye, who has back problems, told her about it. Aunt Mel said, "Oh, I'll just get it later". Aunt Debbye grabbed it, hurting her
  3. Question, can you or someone else find me actual documents (e.g., news paper clippings, articles, press releases)? I don't doubt you AT ALL, but, for my research I'd like to have some hard evidence. And again, I don't doubt you I just need something to cite.
  4. And think of ALL the times soaps had siblings chasing the same person. My idea was to help show that no two gay men are the same tbh.
  5. I personally am getting to the point that a show shouldn't write for gay characters if there isn't a gay on the writing staff. And then I remember "Felix" on GH and his first few scenes and how much I found the writing repulsive. That said, I also know that any gay character will offend a gay audience member. The scenes between Paul and Will a few pages back made me cringe as I have never EVER heard someone ask a guy if they are gay in that manner. I'm not sure about others but when I try to figure that out I check out their social media accounts. Either that, or I have someone ask for me.
  6. And DOOL is worse, to be honest. I use to defend Frankypoo -- thinking Ron's influence clouded the show. But now I know he was equally week. I'm inclined to believe he already did
  7. Firstly, I do feel that there is on part of Wes Ramsey a very 'decided' choice to act that way. It's the wrong acting choice, by a long shot, but it's oddly intricate. He seems to be making active critical choices but his critical choices suck. Maybe before social distancing the directors had to slap the crap out of him to get him to not do that and now they cant? It's hard for me to call it bad acting because it is intricate and very decided. But, this is the wrong place and the wrong time. Secondly, what is that blueish hue in each scene? Due they just not know Davinci Resolve i
  8. It only goes to the 140's
  9. And why was she locked away? What all led to it?
  10. Have the scenes in which Ashley and Victor talked about the abortion in the rain been uploaded yet? How about the sanitareum scenes? Also, can someone give me a timeline of 80s Ashley? I'm really curious about what led up to the abortion and the nervous breakdown (and when it all happened).
  11. That is sloppy. An egg donor and sperm donor is too much for one story. Now, if it were two separate stories, and two separate character orbits, and this is interconnect both, I could kinda buy it.
  12. I'm so out of the loop. What is this Abby story?
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