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  1. Young and Restless A scene with: Shelley Winters as Kay Joann Worley as Esther Paul Lynde as Brock Divine as JIll
  2. I went to see Aggies archive in Illinois and she had a tape of a 1972 David Frost special in her collection. The tape, the video and audio being in perfect condition, featured two segments. The first was the actors only: Mary Stuart/Eileen Fulton/James Prichet/Ruth Warrick/Ed Zimmerman and one other. I forgot who. On the 2nd half Irna/Aggie walk in. Mary looked like she was going to have a stroke. Eileen spent the whole time deliberate pissing of Irna. Like, she would poke her and do the 'bunny ears' above her head. In the audio Irna says something like 'Lisa, please stop. This is serious'. Sorry for only having audio. Further, I'm not sure if posting this is even allowed so I do hope I wont get in trouble with the University. I'm there to do research on my book I only recorded the 2nd half. Irna's quibble at the beginning is in reference to what the actors were saying during the first portion (if you watch her body language she blatantly blames actors for bad storytelling and a bad production all around) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RbBR-cYcSar6OoaNsUNZhIITyiNIVlCO/view?usp=sharing
  3. I just imagined Victor at the center of a Bukkake. Could you imagine him taking in all those [email protected]$ ?
  4. I see we completely milked every conceivable topic as we are now resorting to best hair.
  5. AW was intended to reduce to a half-hour then replace whatever was in the PC timeslot then.
  6. God, I can relate. My biggest -peave is when atwt is mentioned as the 'first' and being on radio. Ive been writing a book on soaps for 10 years, I'm now 26, I can even safely say that the term was coined bc they were used to sell GENERAL products but the serials were of HIGH QULITY. Chit, ealy sponsors only interfered when the quality was bad bc they didnt want to be associated with low-quility writing. So, when I was in history and radio soaps were mentioned I was being told what you were told and I remember acting in a similar fashion. Ot, but was your school participating in the 'history alive' program? I hate it when you find all these tv encyclopedia books which have few, if any, soap references. Of course, until the late 90s, it seems as if soaps were on there own island apart from the rest of tv. Like, tv was the only device which could show them so they had to be on tv.
  7. If I didnt catch that bit of her being on an anti-drug crusade id swear she was on coke.
  8. How many times has Ash had a breakdown? And why?
  9. What about the proverb: All is fair in war and love.
  10. I've asked this before but with few results but this time I'll try a diffrent angle--what is the differing factor. Also, would you call it a theme? Premise? Concept? Agnes said AMC was 'The Brotherhood of Man'. If you look closely, especially in the 70s, each character strived to find a sense security--Kitty trying to find her parents; Erica searching for a father figure (In a way, she was less in love with Phil and more jelious of Tara for having a father, thus, she tried wrecking her life to make her feel as missrebal--or to 'create' someone whom she could relate to). AW opened with: We are not in the world alone but in a thousand other worlds. Guiding Light was based upon the peom by Edwin Markham: There is a destiny that makes us brothers; none goes his way along; All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. I'd say Holly and Roger's 70s run defined that well because of the give and take---all culminating into the rape. From my understanding, Holly was trying to 'guide' roger but he ultimately betrayed her. One Life to Live seemed to be the struggle between living your life the way you want and trying to honoring your roots and holding onto your convition. Carla posing as white. Vicki torn between being Victor Jr and pursuing Joe Riley Nora throwing the gang-rape trial Of course, Days opens with: Like the Sands through the hour glass so are the days of our lives. In essence, that means ones time will end at anytime so you need to live life like its the last. Thus, the drama was conflict which hindered that. The emotinoal burden from the bearers of the Mikes paternity secret. Anyway, can anyone add or correct me? What would Y&R's be? How about SFT or GH?
  11. I forgot how much I wuv you LOL Okay, for me, there are a few: Whenever I see myself in a mirror I gotta recite Janet (AMC) lines in my head. When I'm not liking someone I compare us to a soap dynamic. AT work, I'm the Vicki to this one chicks Dorian, thus, I tend to call her that. She has no clue. Sometimes, I ask a newlywed 'Oh, is this your first marriage?' Nothing is more fun than dancing to some of the upbeat soap themes like Hold on to Love while walking home. #liveandletlive When I come through double doors I gotta bring out my Constance Colby too. I've named my dog Tad after Tad Martin When a British person comes in the store and one of my coworkers are being an a$$ I'll make a subtle coronation street reference--they always get it. Scenes are played in my mind like songs with normal people. As a coping mechanism I tend to think of how the difficult situation would play out between soap characters. For example, once I was struggling at the register as it was resetting. I told the customer, "One second, the computer is restarting". A coworker didn't catch that and thought I was just standing around. In front of a customer she pushed me outta the way and said, "I'm sorry, he gets kinda lazy [realizes the computer was resetting itself]...oh. [looks at me] You've got this!" then walks. She was Lauren. I was Shelia. I smiled. I walk home from work and when a car honks at me I give them my Kay Chancellor stare. When I'm with a snotty customer I change my articulation to match either Vikki Lord or Sally Spectra.
  12. The highlight of the day was the Brooks/Jill/Billy/Esther. Lori and Leslie referring to Jill as 'Jill FOSTER', Esther referring to Liz as her mother, Jill referring Liz to Billy as 'Your Grandma Liz'. Also, Jill telling Billy about her and Stuart...something he apparently didn't know about. Him telling her that she had no right to judge him having an affair with Jacks wife as she basically did the same thing. I love that the show acknowledged that Jill wasn't always a Fenmore LOL. Most younger fans are probably blind-sided.
  13. No, DA's Jill married John and Kay tried to break them up because of there friendship. BD was all ready back by the time Victor and Nikki married the first time.
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