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  1. I thought "General Hospital" was about medicine.
  2. I am trying to watch the whole story of the trial. Does anyone know the date of this event? I'm trying to figure out what happened directly to this. IIRC, it had something to do with Sloan's book. I am curious to when, exactly, Dorian decided to do this. EDIT: The correct video is Dorian trying to destroy Victor's corpse. Unfortunately, I am having difficulties copying/pasting.
  3. I kinda feel that 80's AMC owns this. The Glamorama. Mr. Jim and Ethel. Maybe @Khan's favorite? Who was it? Alfred? DALLAS, if you want to count prime-time, had Punk Anderson!
  4. I guess I'll be the one. And @ReddFoxx you need to look up the definition btw. So, the definitive Karen IS Karen on KL @All My Shadows basically had the best definition. If a character would have [!@#$%^&*] [!@#$%^&*] because a coupon expired or store credit expired, even if it was just 5 bucks, that is a Karen. I'd also say that Celia on "Weeds" is one but I have no idea if you guys consider that a soap. I think Kendall on AMC would constitute. And LW's Carly (After all, the first actress and TB were beyond perfect as everyone insists). Let's see. Sue Ellen Ewing? Cliff Barnes?
  5. Is there a link that isn't broken? I do know that, at one point, this link worked.
  6. Does anyone have copies of the "The Young and the Restless" bible? I am curious on what it says about the show. Many show bibles I read had a section which involved the thematic concept. Even Dark Shadows had one. I am curious to what Y&R has.
  7. That will mean the world to me!
  8. A long while ago there was a video with both Brenda's Jill and Jess's Jill doing similar lines. Does anyone know were that is?
  9. What was special about the final? Of course, any moment of that show I would have loved to see!
  10. A while back, on youtube, a montage video was posted that I am looking for. In essence, it was a montage of various openings with a voice-over. Does anyone know were I can find that? Who was it, btw?
  11. I agree. Many times in the student union I would play Ryan's Hope or Edge of Night or Doug Marland's ATWT and people would turn their heads and watch. Same when I would play the shows at this AirBnB I stayed at. Hell, my fiance, who has the attention span of a nat, will stop, and sit, when I play per-Barnabus Dark Shadows. Again, a guy who defines ADHD will sit for HOURS watching that show. He has even gotten into The Doctors. But. The same doesn't hold true whenever I watch current crap. I know this because in the same settings, I tested it (showing Nancy Curlee's GL then shwoing the years RIGHT BEFORE Peapack or the last year of AMC's ABC run vs the 90s. 90's AMC tends to hold up remarkably well).
  12. I am trying to find the links to the classic playlists on the Twitter page. Does anyone know where they are? I can not seem to find them. Have they been moved?
  13. Were does it list the writing staff titles? Also, what is a storyliner? I somehow hadn't heard that term before.
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