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  1. Love and Hip Hop Thread

    So I'm guessing it's a wrap for A1 and Lyrica? Even if this stuff is scripted, there's no way a man would say the things A1 said to Lyrica. But I hate what's she's done to her face and body. She was so beautiful but that plastic fvckery just made her the average wannabe. Nikki Baby looks even worse than before. She continues messing up her face AND she really serves no purpose. I loathe RayJ Teairra is a mess and that's sad. Her pathetic SL does her no favors. Her fake boo continues to look into the cameras. Moniece continues to be trash. Fiz don't have her back? That man always has her back in spite of practically raising his son by himself. Moniece doesn't want Fiz's gf respect. She wants them to bow down to her as the mother of his child when all she really did was conceive and spit the kid out. She does not raise him. Hate her still. AD can certainly do better. Brooke is so pathetic, she's interesting. Oh, and before I forget, I laothe RayJ! On another note...Jessica Dime is coming for Nicki Minaj. LMAO! I'm no NM fan, but Dime needs to stay out of the beef with Nicki and Safaree. She's a new mom and she does not want to turn folks against her. She's a nobody in the rap world.
  2. The Tennis Thread

    Yeah, but if I have to watch Queen get beaten by anyone, it may as well be Kvitova! I just love her power and the FH is out of this world! Queen needs more match play, plain and simple.
  3. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    That's fine as long as none of the character's names is Julia Sugarbaker!
  4. Horrible accident in Italy

    What a nightmare!
  5. GH Recasts Jordan

    How he wound up in the lead category AND winning is completely beyond me. But a token is a token.
  6. TNT's Claws

    I had hoped Dean would be killed off, but Virginia gets hit by a bullet? Is she still preggers? Dean and Virginia is the worst thing on the show and why did he get to kill Zlata? Now, we are faced with a Dean centric upcoming season because of Virginia. Disappointed. Otherwise, really good finale. Carrie Preston continues to amaze me. She is so wonderful in this role and I find myself rewinding her scenes multiple times. Roller loves him some Desna and I love them together, so Uncle Daddy better watch out! Don't mess with Desna! One thing...is it me or did Roller and UD fall out rather quickly? Seemed staged because it sort of came out of nowhere.
  7. The Tennis Thread

    She dumped the coach she stole? I'm sure compatriot, Strycova, is super happy for Pliskova!
  8. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Since no one here is willing to raise their standards, can someone shoot all 3? This is despicable! Hating Liam would be an upgrade to the way I feel about this atrocious character!
  9. The Tennis Thread

    Currently no, but let's not forget what Serena and Venus did for Tennis. Serena remains box office, but their stars are dwindling as they approach 40. Tennis needs something big and soon!
  10. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    The middle of a #MeToo court trial, let's toss in some hi jinks with Scotty and Stanco. It was ridiculous and I literally cringed watching it. It's bad enough they've made a serial killing rapists morally superior to all of the other predators, but to make such a joke out of it to give Howarth something to do was absurd. I was enjoying it until those 2 started. Scotty doesn't know how to throw a trial without looking like a jackass? He's in the wrong profession.
  11. The Tennis Thread

    This dude at set point!
  12. The Tennis Thread

    Some say her speech was directed at those shouting politically motivated obscenities, nothing about the Romanian loons that follow her around the globe.
  13. The Tennis Thread

    Stefanos finding out Nadal is a totally different animal!
  14. GH Recasts Jordan

  15. MeTV

    Yes! One of my favs!