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  1. ChitHappens

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    If he did, that's kicked up to Federal!
  2. ChitHappens

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    Definitely needs help! A gay person of color who hands MAGAts a win they don't need aint right in the head!
  3. ChitHappens

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Yeah, because the White Walkers needed a giant and a damn dragon...ugh! 2 months!!!! I'm not gone make it!
  4. ChitHappens

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    Little House On The [!@#$%^&*] Prairie! I love this show but can Cozi give it a rest?!
  5. ChitHappens

    The Tennis Thread

    Good to see Stanimal playing so well!
  6. ChitHappens

    The Tennis Thread

    🤣 that's funny!
  7. ChitHappens

    Y&R: Casting New Male Role

    I've only seen pictures of the guy.
  8. ChitHappens

    Y&R: Casting New Male Role

    Alan Sharpa, who always gives reliable information on Twitter long before it becomes public, posted that the person who plays Nate has been let go. But YR continues being offensive af. Just trade one black male for another. Viewers won't notice.
  9. ChitHappens

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    This is sick!
  10. ChitHappens

    The Tennis Thread

    May as well be a pin up. Aint chit else happening!
  11. ChitHappens

    GH: Actor returning

    He looks gooooooooood!
  12. ChitHappens

    God, I love this show, but hate the lead character/actor!!!!!

    Amy Amy Amy!!!!! I went from loving Mariska/Olivia and not wanting to watch The Closer because it felt like I was cheating to wanting Olivia Benson dead. I don't believe an Elliot return could get me to tune back in, but Olivia in a coffin most certainly would! Whew! I feel good getting that out.
  13. ChitHappens

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    S7E4!!!! To whom do I show my eternal gratitude for Spoils of War?!