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  1. A gift for @Khan...




    1. Khan


      LOL!!  Thank you, Chit!!

  2. The Tennis Thread

    @Soapsuds, an in shape in the zone Novak is hard to take out. He's proven this time and time again. The man is back! The only player on the planet to win every Masters 1000, yes?
  3. Got to get the movie made!  Joker: Extras locked inside subway car to keep them from taking a break!





  4. Greatest Soap of All Time?

    Another World! Victoria Windham and Linda Dano alone seals it!
  5. The Tennis Thread

    Who? Mo money...mo money...mo money! http://www.wtatennis.com/news/australian-open-announces-prize-money-boost-2019?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  6. Netflix is adapting The Chronicles of Narnia

  7. GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    And they bore the crap out of me. This is the only time I don't want to see handsome JL!
  8. The Tennis Thread

    Sabalenka knocks out Garcia with a bagel in the 3rd. She is consistently bringing the goods!
  9. Lethal Weapon: Discussion Thread

    Damon Wayans quits! He says he's a diabetic working 16 hour days. He's done in December.
  10. The Tennis Thread

    From Slams.
  11. LATEST RATINGS: September 17-21, 2018

    Bold doesn't need any help!
  12. The Tennis Thread

  13. The Tennis Thread

    lol. Ivanovic's ball toss was one of the most pathetic things ever!
  14. The Tennis Thread

    ^^^very poor decision by Ostapenko. You get bageled in the first, your wrist is hurting so you keep hitting just to see if you can bageled in the 2nd? What are these coaches teaching these kids? A wrist injury is so much different than stomach pains in this sport! Sabalenka and Osaka are going to rule the top 2 spots really soon!