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  1. RA is no joke and I'm happy she's quitting instead of forcing herself with shots and other meds doing more harm than good!
  2. Didn't know Flynn had an addiction problem. Wow! Guess that's why he left?
  3. He's supposedly worth hundreds of millions but can't spend $5mil to tear down that monstrosity?!
  4. I was 100% in your corner until you went there 😕
  5. Yikes! But how much sexual harassment was reported before acknowledging it prior to closing up shop due to financial shortfalls? On another note, didn't know until this week that Andy Murray was a survivor of school massacre where 18 people died including the shooter. He was 9. Wow! My heart goes out to him.
  6. Really good show! All the characters are annoying af but the ensemble works. Certainly a case of the whole being much greater than its parts!
  7. Remember the blind item about someone going to TIIC and asking out of a new pairing? Then you have DG actively trying to get fans to riot for Lane TWICE on social media! And Beth's tweet? He may not have refused but I do believe he asked for the writers to not pursue the pairing because Trane lasted about a hot minute.
  8. Jamey believes watching soaps for decades qualifies you to run one. He's finding out the hard way. He better get a co-showrunner and fast!
  9. The first few years of One Tree Hill were incredible. I never like teens on soaps or anywhere else on tv but OTH came along and changed everything. I loved that show! I've done Gossip Girl (the one thing Netflix refuses to get rid of) so many times. The last season was a dumper fire's dumpster fire and should have never aired. But the first few seasons were terrific!
  10. I got BET+ to check out First Wives Club because I'd watch Jill Scott read the phone book. It was worth it. Was going to cancel afterwards but I had to binge it 2 more times. That good! Just finished binging Bigger on BET+ and I have to say that BET is delivering. Gonna watch that one again as well. The only thing I miss about cable is tennis. Otherwise, streaming is where it's at!
  11. I tried watching because the lead was so good and funny in Good Girls. It was very boring.
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