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  1. Linsey Godfrey is out here doing the Lord's work.  She is amazing!  

  2. Fraud is adopting a baby girl named Ariana.
  3. Oh my. It was speculated that domestic abuse would be on the rise and here we are.
  4. I found RHOA on Hulu from the beginning. Poser Sheree was a hoot!
  5. Blackish - never thought I'd ever watch this show but I have and on a 2nd run now. Not much of an Anthony Anderson fan so I refused to watch. Glad I binged this because it's one of the funniest sitcoms ever! AA and Tracee Ellis Ross are a really good match! Lost - never watched this either but it's free so I'm gonna see what the fuss was about.
  6. The Daytime actors/performers who are nominated better be prepped and ready to give a speech (like a reality tv talking head) or they better keep their mouths shut about how hard they work and folks not taking the genre serious!
  7. ^ Cass & Felicia is my all time fave friendship!
  8. Super happy Camilla Banus didn't get nominated. Her fans are annoying af and believe because she remembers her lines, she's Emmy worthy. Not even in the small batch remaining is she worthy!
  9. I was 13 and my mother was watching OLTL. Karen and Dorian were going at it and I was hooked! Judith Light was EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The school cheating doesn't bug me too much but since when do you only get 2 months for tax evasion? Funneling money thru fake charities? And those fines? What a joke. Hubby alone is worth at least $100 million! They should be forced to pay millions! I think Lori and Hubby were fighting so hard because they had other charges against them.
  11. I do believe I saw his name bounced around in the thread.
  12. Did you guys know about this? New soap with casting all thru the thread. Thom Racina joins the wiring team.
  13. Andy was asked questions, and he answered. Folks need to direct their anger at ABC for putting that crap together. How you gone have a clusterfvck like GH on the air and celebrate the story/history of soaps?
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