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  1. I follow GH thru Twitter, and I'm not seeing the changes you guys are talking about. I'm seeing returns (good ones tho) with all of the stories centered around Frank's pets. I was home early a few weeks ago and after 2 segments, I turned the channel. I'm still seeing an awful show. The dialogue is garbage and the stories are still lacking. If it's not a pet, Frank will not give the story the attention it needs. Take for example Neil's medical license in jeopardy. When did he and Alexis get to the point to where his career was in trouble? What happened with Keifer's sister after she was hit by a car? Does Alexis even talk about that? Frank is simply ill equipped, and that would not be so bad if he didn't micro manage his team. I will wait for clips of Taggart but I have no hope for a good show under Frank.
  2. Taggart (Real Andrews) is back tomorrow. He recently battled cancer and won.
  3. Watched the first eppy of RH this weekend and then Delia being exposed. That was some good stuff! Ilene Kristen said she was exhausted at one point and I certainly see why. I didn't realize how much I hated Maeve and Pat. Maeve would not kick that overgrown child out and Pat gets involved with Delia after her shenanigans with Frank but thinks folks should sympathize when locomotive Delia does the same to him. At one point, they made Delia so irresistible to Pat, and it truly made no sense because of what he knew about her. And Nancy Addison Altman (RIP) still remains one of the most beautiful women to ever grace Daytime! This is the hill on which I choose to die!!!!!
  4. Outlander!!!!!! I just started and I can barely tear myself away to go to work in the mornings.
  5. His mother stepped in his ass but why did this match continue? He should have been DQd.
  6. He won't retire from GH as it's the only place he can work and call the shots. Benard wants Sonny to be a tough feared mobster but all the characters have to like him. No one can be mad at Sonny for more than 2 seconds because, as an "actor", Benard refuses to challenge himself. He ripped the legs right from under Michael vs Sonny, a story that could have fed the show for a few years.
  7. moRon and his stans acted like this was the most unique thing to ever happen in Daytime. I laugh when he fails.
  8. If you could make a horror flick using just numbers, this would be it!
  9. You already know they will make sure Roger is as comfortable as possible and that's it!
  10. Oh my! I honestly didn't understand the fuss until now. That's Geary?
  11. I have never watched an eppy of OC in my life but there was so much talk about this Vicky person in this thread, I had to pull it up on YT. What an embarrassing humiliating despicable display. She appears to be not only ugly on the outside but on the inside too. And then to be dismissed after the first few minutes of the show? How appropriate! That will be her legacy and it couldn't be more fitting!
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