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  1. Taraji lost that edge and simply turned Cookie into a hood rat. S1, she was everything I'd be looking for in Stefanie. Not now! I purposely left her off the list.
  2. Tika is not so great either. There are tons of black woman who would slay this role so but Givens is a "name" and they can afford her. Let's have fun. Who would you cast? Nia Long!!!!!!!!!!! Sanai Lathan Anjanue Ellie...
  3. Today, Daytime does not care who gets trashed to save their serial killing leading men. It's despicable! Ciara is simply Bo and Hope's daughter as well as the serial killer's gf. She is no one outside of that!
  4. I swear someone told Laura Dern - "this season is yours...do as you wish" and she [!@#$%^&*] ran that ball for multiple touch downs! I'm just in love with Renata!!!! So hoping Kidman leaves this series and soon!
  5. Bencic probably won't sleep well tonight! Served for the title, broken and lost the 3rd set to a very composed Kenin!
  6. FAA is going to get there. At the stretch of a tourney, the 2nd half of a match is not the same quality. He errors his way to a loss. He will get there because the game is really good for his age!
  7. My favorite characters are bitches and bastards as long as they are written and portrayed correctly! OTT clowns are not my cup of tea. Hill was not an OTT clown so I appreciated her.
  8. I just read that FAA beat him again today 😲
  9. Ava's story featuring Jon Lindstrom? Absolutely! But Jon was wonderful and him losing to that little greasy no talent was ridiculous. I had told folks the fix was in because Frank bends over for Benard at every opp. When Benard does not win at the awards, Frank makes sure to give him a special salute.
  10. Frank's at it again. His writers can't make his rhino sh!t fly so he cans them and influences them to say they are retiring. He was not going to get away with more firings after moRon. Frank needs someone who can make Stanco work after 37 retcons and give life to these poorly conceived characters and never ending "stories". That person does not exist! HE IS THE PROBLEM! Is there a character he inherited driving a story right now? Has a character he inherited truly driven a story in the last few years? Any character he inherited you might believe is driving a story, I can convince you they are not. GH is trash and I don't see that changing in the near future!
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