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  1. I'm planning to watch this again. One of the best pieces of work I've seen in a long time. I've always been fascinated by Jewish culture so watching this movie was easy. The young woman (can't remember her name) should have an award created just for her. Must see!
  2. I'm am but I'm a bit worn out with Jurnee Smollet as the go to mulatto.
  3. Someone with some damn sense!
  4. The hill he literally chose to die on is shameful! Too bad Trump's base will never wake up. We need that monster gone!
  5. You betta check out AA. Really good show!
  6. Putting women, especially popular legacy characters, with killers or irredeemable men almost always destroys the character or makes them unwatchable.
  7. Yeah, folks were just waiting for confirmation. I still can't believe Brady, who has needed a break eons ago, still sits pretty as all of this goes on. Jamie posted the same in regards to what happens when you release everyone from contract. At this point, I'm not sure what would keep this show on the air. Out of the 4, Days uses it's vets more and they balance it with a young set. I won't watch anything written by moRon, but what can the show do?
  8. And another gone, another one...Another one bites the dust!
  9. Liam Spencer!!!! It never made sense for 2 women to be fighting over him. He's a wimp and Scott can't convince us otherwise. I would say Ethan Crane but...see above. GV was wasted. Liz never loved adult Lucky and Guza used GV to make his Steve Burton boner more exciting!
  10. And we haven't even tacked on voter fraud!
  11. Everwood. Needed to watch something wholesome. Still hate Ephram!
  12. Greg Vaughn confirmed he's leaving. I see no need to keep Sucker around. She can go play house with Shawn Christian!
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