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  1. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    How the [!@#$%^&*] is murderous Hope Police Commissioner? Paul trying to convince John was so well written. It's what you expect for the odd person out to do, be desperate. I appreciate that he wants to know instead of living in denial. Great scenes! Not sure why anyone believes Nicole is triangle worthy? But the point of contention? Delusional fvcks! Never thought I see anything by Ron be the best of Daytime but he's hitting some great notes.
  2. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

  3. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    The promo was embarrassing and cringe worthy. I'm not even mildly curious.
  4. The Tennis Thread

    At least we know why Nadal didn't want to play Fed at the USO. He's mentally out of Fed's league and will never beat him in the near future. That match was a waste of my time!
  5. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    Did you guys see this? I almost cried for this young woman.
  6. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    I read about it. He really screwed with TH's career. Despicable!
  7. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    I believe you. The promo was extremely embarrassing!
  8. Days: Y&R vet joins the show

    Why can't we escape this guy
  9. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    I loathe Nicole, but Brady not allowing her to go to Eric via blackmail is soap, baby!
  10. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    The Brady stuff is so soapy. I love it! Can't wait for Nicole's exit. Can we have a party?!
  11. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Thoroughly enjoyed Marlena/Ben and Gabi/Eli. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald and his protective older brother ruin is simply awful.
  12. The Tennis Thread

    You know damn well I don't stan for Thiem like that! Lol