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  1. I'm seething just thinking about that bitch scolding Monique! As for Giz getting Monique off the show, Monique says don't believe everything you read. Besides, I would toss away the woman who has the bank account for that area!
  2. Really kind of you to give these details My family continues to ask me and I want to make sure I'm giving them the right answers.
  3. Fauci, a scientist with about 40 years of experience under his belt, can't even speak freely because Trump doesn't want to be disagreed with. It's time he's removed from office. Lives literally depend on it!
  4. Seriously one of the worst things ever!
  5. Remember how Family Matters got rid of little Judy Winslow? She went upstairs and never returned. The Winslows never even acknowledged a 3rd kid after that.
  6. Her own family hates her, so we know just how bad LI truly is! I will continue to ignore her.
  7. lol...so this is who that Kate is? LMFAO! I never watched Lost.
  8. Karlie should be embarrassed! Sierra's face and fake bottom is so disgusting!
  9. Joseline lost custody of Bonnie Bella to Stevie. Do you realize how little the courts must think of you to give a kid to Stevie J? Multiple baby mamas, jailed for drug abuse and at least a million in arrears of child support. Wow! Saw a bit of the new Atlanta on YT and these women have mutilated themselves. They look awful. I'll stay tuned out.
  10. It would not matter, on January 20th, Pelosi would become interim president until this is sorted.
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