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  1. Raising Dion is about a 7 year old discovering he has powers. His mother doesn't know who to trust when things begin to get out of hand. So good!
  2. Binged Raising Dion, a new Netflix series, twice. So good!!!!! Michael B Jordan serves as EP and he makes some appearances. And I will be damned if Jason Ritter isn't his dad's identical twin! 9 eppies of excitement!!!!! Now onto Damages, and y'all know my love for villains so Patty Hewes would definitely be my favorite character! This show is unbelievable goodness!
  3. A retread of that Nicole stench should have taken a back seat to Vivian. With Stefan gone and Viv being the cause of it would have set up a very delightful dynamic between Gabi and Viv. But what do I know 🤷‍♀️
  4. Imagine having ZERO leverage during negotiations and coming out on top? Howarth literally brings nothing but a 20+ year old rabid fan base and Frank's boner to the table and gets what he wants in a new deal. Seriously imagine being a below par actor with so much power (add Benard and Josh Morrow into this scenario as well). It's sick and one of the reasons I would not bat an eyelash if all of the soaps were gone tomorrow.
  5. A gift for @Khan



    1. Khan




      Dame Angela looks INCREDIBLE at her age.  Her plastic surgeon (I'm sure she's had SOME work done) is a true artist.


      Thanks, @ChitHappens!

  6. #AjaNewman - How a black woman of little means brought down the "rockstar" doctor who sexually assaulted her in the ER! Bravo to Aja!!!!!
  7. I think anything was better than Stitt (think Charity Rahmer...anything was bound to be better). I have not watched in months but Stitt was really bad. You can't make a teen triangle with that low energy.
  8. TIIC knew Stitt was not going to cut it in a leading teen role so they had to bring in this Dev person who's not as bad. Kim simply never made sense so she needed to go but too bad Stanco is not going with her.
  9. Gifted is a pretty strong word, and I will NEVER feel bad that an unnecessary poorly written character has to go. Frank has run out of characters he inherited to can so he has to now go after his own hires. Had Sam chosen Drewpy, Kim would make sense. As it stands, she never made sense and over stayed her welcome on day 2! It's come down to money. The ratings are headed into the negatives and it's time to get some dead weight off this sinking ship. The real shame is that Frank, Howarth, Easton and a few others are still employed!
  10. Nothing has changed, I see. Remember early on she threw a release party with no fashion to show? Sheree is so pathetic!
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