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  1. @DAMfan Good morning!

    Do you know if METv will be doing a Good Times marathon tribute to JaNet Dubois, perhaps this weekend?  

  2. Svitolina needs to take at least 6 months off. She is not only losing, she's losing badly. It's time to rest that knee that does not seem to want to heal.
  3. Won't it be at least a year? I read they're not even finished filming.
  4. The last time Kim came back, she took the US Open. She will get at least one slam this year. That FH is still on fire, I see.
  5. I just don't understand what's so damn difficult about telling someone they won't be using the character/actor any longer? Why must these people find out in such horrible insensitive ways they don't have a job. Didn't Sarah Brown and Eden Reigel find out on social media? It's insane and folks wonder why there's no respect for Daytime? Daytime doesn't respect itself!
  6. Frank and the other idiots don't know how to kill a character and build on that. YR was doing the same with Dina. Because Frank saw the response to Mike/Max Gail, how on earth could he get rid of the character? Instead, we will get Mike going off the deep end when they have nothing for Benard to do just so viewers can go batsh!t over Gail's performance.
  7. No great loss! But I remain perplexed at why Eric Martsoff (Brady) continues to dodge this particular bullet. If a character is long past his expiration date, Brady is that character. They look for ways to make him viable when the character simply needs a rest. Does Eric come to work in a wife beater and speedos? What tf is it?!
  8. Just like there's not a shred of proof against Weinstein or Trump. This is why Wood didn't come forward because who would believe her or help her get justice against a Hollywood "God"?!
  9. @KMan101, Stanco stans are going batshit because he's not on air. GH needs Howarth for nothing and it sure doesn't need Stanco. Frank refuses to cut his losses with that no talent because he believes it's a win for viewers and we can't have that, can we?
  10. You mean the vicious brutal rape of Natalie Wood that everyone knew about but still praised and gave him God like status? If that is true, and I believe it is, he can rot in hell!
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