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  1. Toya and Eugene selling their forever home 1 year after moving in.
  2. lol...I just did a status update about this. Should have looked here first.
  3. Parlor was the alternative to Twitter for Right Wingers.  They require SS #s.  Parlor was hacked so...


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    1. DramatistDreamer


      The founder is apparently trying to claim that the hacking claims are untrue. Personally, I don't give a sh*t what happened or happens to them, hopefully they stay far away, sequestered in their raggedy social media cave. Just as long as they stay away from me and stick to the swamps and alleys that they're.


  4. Miss Porter scares me. She truly is phenomenal!
  5. A woman who doesn't get a great deal of attention and a loner takes such a bold move to make herself important and get the attention she has craved her entire life.
  6. You guys probably haven't gotten around to the eppy so I will just say "RED HERRING". I'm so damn tired of one note Kidman! Ugh!
  7. Drop a link for this match if you have one
  8. No apologies necessary here, my friend We all have our fun.
  9. LW has been in this business for a very long time and she aint stupid. She will be fine. Wes can't act anyhow so she shouldn't even be shocked if he gets canned. But then again, Frank loves abs more than acting chops so I just don't see that guy going anywhere. Note to self: punch @KMan101in the left eye for that "boy toy" comment. Wes Ramsey should be gone YESTERDAY but I don't think reducing LW'S relationship to a woman with a sex toy is very cool.
  10. I was a bit confused myself and then realized what I was doing wrong. Sundays.
  11. Another one for you guys. It's possibly the best written show of 2020. Michaela Cole should be rewarded very heavily for this show!
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