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  1. Really crappy way Murray handled this. Azzhole! Monica moved to Chicago for this fool. If Kamau wants to follow the money, that's fine. But there's a better way to treat people!
  2. People like this really disgust me. A poser! Not sure who this is but she's already in financial trouble but has to prove she isn't with an Italy shopping spree? They are so consumed with looking the part and spin themselves into misery trying to maintain a fake status. These people stay miserable and I don't have an ounce of sympathy for them.
  3. https://twitter.com/SloaneStephens/status/1164262924149563393?s=20
  4. They keep her in dark clothes because of the weight gain (which I'm sure is caused by the medication she's on) and now she's beginning to look like that Amy person.
  5. She's a nasty despicable piece of work and wants to be rewarded for pretending to try and be a good person. Ugh!
  6. I've been watching! Some wonderful soul has put the series on YT so I just have to wait 24 hours after the show airs Shaunie saying OG is aggressive when her buddy Ev is a damn rabid dog? I don't think they like that OG is not afraid of them, calls them out and will break any one of them in half. Kristen is a pathetic drama queen and I'm super happy Byron won't buy into her crap. She is my least fave. Really can't stand her ass. Cici just does not seem interested in defending herself against these women so it's good she's quitting. It's like Kim Fields finding out really early RHOA was not the place for her. Didn't take long for Jackie to return to her old self, but it's always good seeing Malaysia not so willing to throw hands with the right person. She didn't against OG and didn't against Jackie.
  7. I loved Karen telling Jiz she couldn't stand her monkey ass 😂😂😂 Jiz telling Karen how to grieve? Can she get jumped by multiple people, please? And just so we are clear, I mean physically.
  8. I think after 87 years, Liz's doctor dad will appear to possibly help bring her serial killing rapist husband back to her. In that case, he can go because why would a father encourage that relationship?
  9. Jailbroke my Firestick and about to start S2!!!
  10. Very sad. She's only 17 so this has to be super tough 🙏
  11. @KMan101 The arrogance! He need his ass whipped 😂😂😂
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