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  1. Second week of January this year. The version that ran from January - May was seizure inducing (literally) so be happy you missed that one!
  2. I believe the latest is she is returning onscreen in December, per Soaps.com. That will have given her a full six months off. No one knows in what capacity she'll be returning in, i.e. contract, recurring or short-term to wrap up story. I don't disagree but this is actually the most consistently Lucas has been used in years. As of this posting, he's appeared in 45 episodes this year, which is tied with his 2014 and 2015 year-end totals. A breakdown of his year-end totals since Ryan Carnes returned: 2014: 45 2015: 45 2016: 24 2017: 4 (yes, 4 for the year!) 2018: 27
  3. jcar03 and I meticulously keep track of the show's closing credits and base contract entrances and exits based off of that, which has never been inaccurate as far as we know. Oscar died on May 1st but Garren was on contract through July 5, noted in jcar03's post. That's why we saw Oscar a few times as a ghost/hallucination of Kim's throughout June. They were still paying Garren for two months regardless so they probably wanted to use him a few more times before his contract was up. So because Garren was credited as a contract cast member for one week of July, he's listed as zero appearances.
  4. Doing the episode counts makes me painfully aware of those long absent stretches. They make me sad! I agree, consistency and integration is key. Mac, Felicia, Bobbie and Scott have been utilized really well lately. This is Bobbie's little story resurgence. I think they noticed she was barely used the first few months of the year and are trying to rectify it. Mac, Felicia and Scott have been consistently used a few times a month, if not more, on average this year, and I love it!
  5. You know it's true! I do believe a summer story that involves Monica got delayed though, which is why she's absent. I think she'll have a bigger presence hopefully near the end of July and into August.
  6. Me too! Ive been helping jcar03 put these together for years now and Finola has never been taken out of the end credits for her summer break before. Maybe her contract was up and she won’t be renegotiating until she returns? Or it was up and the show decided to have her re-sign for a fall start to save the show money? She’s still all over the opening credits so I assume she’ll be on contract again when she returns.
  7. Yeah, Felicia will have five episodes this month, assuming she isn't also on Tuesday. It's about time Felicia is directly involved with the Ryan storyline in a meaningful way. To be fair, she did appear semi-regularly with Ryan before he/the show moved his obsession to Ava, and then she all but disappeared from the story. They took a promo picture of Ryan and Felicia too back in September so I honestly think the Ava angle was one they thought of later in the story and pursued it and forgot about Felicia (not totally intentionally). For some reason they decided throwing a new character into the mix was the way to ultimately go but I don't think there was a reason we couldn't have Felicia and Ava be Kevin's obsessions. But I'm glad they're fixing it now. We all know Ava will be the one to take down Ryan but I do hope Felicia and Laura are also instrumental in his demise. The three actresses have great chemistry together and their scenes discussing their plot to lure in Ryan were so much fun. The new Corinthos kitchen set is gorgeous! It's really modern and well designed. It's been great to see more of Molly. I won't pretend I think Haley is a very deep actress but she has a certain charm and Molly is smart and sticks to her guns, two things I admire in a character. Unfortunately, I don't think she and the new TJ have chemistry. I don't mind the new actor but I adored Tequan in the role. So between losing Tequan, the new actor not having chemistry with Haley, and looking old enough to be Jordan's brother not son, I'm not feeling TJ these days. Surprisingly, the new actor is actually younger than Tequan. I definitely don't like the new Valerie at this point. I agree that she feels completely different from Brytni but not in a good way to me. She does seem more cop-like but more like an older, seasoned captain, not a young rookie who would've had feelings for Kristina. Maybe this actress should've been the recast Jordan and the recast Jordan should've been the new Valerie, haha.
  8. Oh, I agree about the Bobbie and Sonny moment. I was referring specifically to her mumbling in the background of Michael and the others. I timestamped it to play there. I noticed her face starts to dramatically change in 2006 and 2007.
  9. I hope everyone likes my new signature banner! I had to honor the best aging duo in daytime, Mac and Felicia! A simply gorgeous couple. 😍 When she goes to close the door behind Elizabeth, it's like she's completing each movement and beat with the door in a weird robotic fashion and looks like she's trying to not mess up. See below. Not to mention, her eyes or face were "refreshed" yet again. It's distressing to see her like this. It just makes me sad. I wonder if she has a hard time remembering her lines and her beats? That's what I get out of her performances sometimes. They are hollow and void of emotion because she is barely getting the words out so she can't invest in the actual performance. Take this example from December. Does it not look like Jackie is mouthing her lines in the background of this shot for her moment with Sonny that happens shortly thereafter? She is clearly struggling and is zoning out regardless but I'm pretty sure I see her mouth moving.
  10. I can't agree with this more. Jackie definitely hasn't been able to find Bobbie for awhile. Lynn was my MVP in the anniversary episode. Elizabeth Hendrickson's Margaux has to be one of the most baffling, useless, "there is no remote justification for why they exist' characters in quite some time - and that's saying something. Was she always so cold and flat on AMC? I don't remember her time on there very well but she's like a reanimated corpse on GH. Just terrible.
  11. Right? And the flashback of #Julexis with Julian in his underwear in the hospital? Terrible! My eyes!
  12. Agreed, it is shameful. The pink blazer Genie has on in her opening credits promo shot is, on the other side of things, a bit too big, no? See below. Would a show like this really not have someone tailoring clothes?
  13. It's simply the blazer she debuted in two years ago. GH is known to reuse wardrobe, we all know this! I think HBS might just be a touch heavier than she was in 2017 (not said to shame her) so it is what it is unfortunately. Also, this promo is still fantastic and holds up.
  14. I can't speak to the level of depravity to include Franco, Julian and especially #Julexis in today's anniversary episode but overall, I really enjoyed it. The moments between Mac and Maxie and Elizabeth and Bobbie were my favorites. I can't remember the last time Liz and Bobbie had a scene together or discussed the rape. These episodes always have a bad habit of boiling down decades of history to "greatest hits" - like Felicia and Bobbie are "BJ's heart," Elizabeth is "rape victim" etc. but it is what it is. The Lucy and Kevin moment was also very sad and yet beautiful at the same time. I don't mind Kevin and Laura but they're a bit vanilla. I think Lucy and Kevin make more sense as a couple but I appreciated the dialogue that "just because something doesn't last doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful." Very painful and relatable. How do we feel about a possible Lucy and Scott redux?
  15. As someone who's never watched Y&R a day in his life, I'm selfishly over the moon about this news as a GH fan. Stafford was largely heinous as Nina. Sure, she had her comedic moments, but the character was pointless from the get and never found relevance. I'm mostly angry that it took so long for her to leave and that it was more or less her choice. Five damn years of waste and gobbling of screen time and scenery. If we're lucky, they'll act like Nina never existed, like they did with poor Sabrina. Let's all pray they don't recast Nina because WHEW, no. If somehow, some way, we could rid ourselves of Roger Howarth and Wes Ramsey next, I might believe in GH again.
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