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  1. Nicholas Chavez impresses me more every passing episode. Anyone else? He's real good.
  2. I'm not sure. If he signed a two-year contract, it was up and he didn't renew it, or they agreed to let him out early of a four-year contract. But I feel like it was William's choice either way.
  3. It's embarrassing and unrealistic how they write the teens as mini adults. Just boring and awful. I used to like William Lipton but his acting somehow regressed over time and now he's saddled with Eden, who isn't bad in theory, but smirks in EVERY scene and has LW's tics down to a T. More Spencer and Trina, less Cameron and Joss. Sadly, with Will recurring and these Joss flirtatiously pushing Spencer in the pool moments, we might have a Joss/Spencer/Trina triangle on our hands eventually. Side note, love your avatar! Spencer's hair was epic haha. Regarding the Shawn storyline, it's very obvious they're retconning the hell out of it. They’re doing a story about racial injustice and Black Lives Matter. They probably thought Sean Blakemore would never return so they could forget about who knew what when because they had zero plans to revisit the character. Now that Blakemore is back and Shawn is free, they have to pretend all these white people didn’t let this poor man rot for five years. They have to save face and make sure all these characters don't look like trash or the story’s entire message loses all credibility. Of course - as is always the case with GH and it missed opportunities - the irony is that the more meaningful story would be playing into the fact that the writers and characters ignored Shawn's sentence this entire time, and have the show, its writers, and its characters atone for their past transgressions - not to mention, then there would be no need for this mass "fever dream" retconning they've cooked up to explain it away.
  4. I enjoyed Nikolas with Molly/TJ as well but let's keep in mind, it's all just plot point driven like any other family/friend interaction on the show. They interacted because Molly helped Shawn get out of prison and he's going after the person who is responsible for shooting Hayden...Nikolas. I don't understand why the writers don't invest in non-plot point driven scenes between friends and family. Just put a post it on the computer screens to remind the writers to insert just normal, fun scenes within families a few times a month. If they fear normal family interactions would be "boring"...I hate to break it to them, but most of the conversations between characters are repetitive and boring already haha.
  5. I was telling my friend about this situation who couldn't care less about soaps and he was just baffled. He absolutely made the "yeah well it's a soap so that makes sense" comments and I couldn't defend it. Chad has been awful for so long now. He needs to go.
  6. NuSpencer was really loud in his first episode but thankfully that hasn't resurfaced. He's definitely playing Spencer with a lot of secrets. I really like him so far, I think he's a really good fit. I'm eager to see if his acting gets softer/more emotional/quippier once he doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. His towering over his dad was pretty funny to me.
  7. Omg I was just thinking about that the other day. I don't the show definitively answered the question one way or another about Neil's death, did they? Absolute mess! EDIT: This is from the GH wiki. I don't remember it being this definitive but maybe it was! Died from respiratory failure after an opioid injection overdose; the opioid came from Cyrus Renault [Aug 31, 2020; revealed on Sep 4, 2020; opioid injection revealed on Sep 8, 2020; Cyrus’ involvement revealed on Sep 21, 2020]
  8. Aww, he's so happy. Look at that cake, LOL!
  9. Yes I agree, I care more about Spencer and Laura's connection than Spencer and his father's to be honest. Me too! His acting was a bit stiff in a few places but I think he held his own well enough for first day jitters.
  10. Poor Nicky! I hope he's doing okay with this news. It has to be hard being a kid growing up on a set that feels like home and being replaced because your looks no longer fit the character. I know it's how Hollywood works but...ouch. Not only that, but I think in the last few years, he became too self-conscious in his acting. His natural charisma and precociousness were adorable when he was a kid, but he really lost that in the last few years that he made appearances. I hope he bounces back. In the meantime, I am looking forward to what Nicholas Chavez brings to the role! It's so funny that Nikolas's son has now been played by two guys named Nic(h)olas. I also saw Nicholas's pronouns are "he/they" on his Insta. I highly doubt GH would have a non-binary character since they can't even write for Lucas or Terry but it would be such an interesting angle to explore!
  11. I totally agree. Isabel is not a bad actress but her Claire is lifeless. I think they aged her up to be able to pair her with RSW and others but she is way too old for the character. All of this being said, I can't blame Isabel entirely. The recent writing for the character has intentionally tried to "normalize" Claire and take away her fun, crazy side to make her more "viable" so it's a combination of the writing and the casting that isn't working IMO.
  12. I second this. I always thought of her as "Ambien Abby" during her first stint and I've warmed up to her so much more this time. I don't think much of Kate Mansi so I hope Marci is our "final" (or "real" as ABC circa 2007 would say) Abby from now on.
  13. If anyone cares who killed Charlie, the answer is behind this tag:
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