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  1. I think the articles are crediting Leo for "Katy Keene" because it's his most recent or most well-known credit. He actually only wrote one episode of the series. Here's his IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3594650/ EDIT: I see he was a co-producer on "Katy Keene" also, my bad. I still have hope!
  2. Did anyone see this? If ABC is tweeting this, it seems likely the series already has been green-lit.
  3. @Vee @DRW50 I saw this! I'm skeptical that it's Twin Peaks related but the fact that Twin Peaks Productions is involved has to mean something, right? It's curious.
  4. No, that's not who was on today. He looks nothing like him.
  5. I would agree with this, though Sydney Mikayla is turning out the more consistent performances of all of them. I think they're all pretty uneven overall, though.
  6. She really does, she's very, very average. I'm not sure why they're so obsessed with her. She was making some incredibly awkward facial expression in yesterday's episode to boot.
  7. Hey GH fans! Do you have a historical record of the different versions of the Faces of the Heart opening? Working on my own and would love to collaborate. :)

  8. If Nancy wasn't fired for her Viola Davis comment all those years ago, Ingo won't be fired for this. Honestly, he probably should be for many reasons. Jax is useless and he and Nina are snoozeville. Just write them out together.
  9. The new retcon flashbacks were intended, yes. The ones from the past few years occurring every minute or so were not. They were used to split the 4/8 episode into two episodes, airing 4/8 and 4/9.
  10. Yes, to stretch it out. If anyone's curious, the 4/8/20 episode of #GH had 17 minutes (!) of flashbacks out of total runtime of 35:53, not counting newly created ones. That means about 47% of the episode was flashbacks. This is because the episode was split into two parts, with part two airing today, 4/9/20.
  11. They're excruciating. They split yesterday's episode into two and they're using them to fill the gaps. Right? It's awful. Nelle and Michael are around the same age since Michael was SORASed, but to make sense of this new timeline, I guess Carly still had him in 1997? Michael is not 23 years old, though. Not to mention Carly is about 18 in these 1995 flashbacks. But according to the GH Wiki, Carly should be 21 or 22 in 1995.
  12. Thanks for always compiling these posts, Vee! I'm so glad three of us hold down the fort as the Twin Peaks stans of SON.
  13. She had an episode in late fall 2019 with her new haircut, but yes, she's practically disappeared. They don't know what to do with her, or Mac to a lesser degree. It's really sad.
  14. It could just be a business partnership but they were a bit flirty IMO. Right? I assume they are probably hoarding her appearances for when they do more with Maxie, Lucy and Valentin and for the Nurses Ball. But yeah, Lucy sure does get a lot of offscreen phone call time. It's a shame, Lucy is one of my favorite characters. Lynn always commits to the shoddy material.
  15. Did anyone get the sense they were chem testing Lucy and Valentin? I'm no Valentin fan but their scenes were...interesting.
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