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  1. I totally agree. Isabel is not a bad actress but her Claire is lifeless. I think they aged her up to be able to pair her with RSW and others but she is way too old for the character. All of this being said, I can't blame Isabel entirely. The recent writing for the character has intentionally tried to "normalize" Claire and take away her fun, crazy side to make her more "viable" so it's a combination of the writing and the casting that isn't working IMO.
  2. I second this. I always thought of her as "Ambien Abby" during her first stint and I've warmed up to her so much more this time. I don't think much of Kate Mansi so I hope Marci is our "final" (or "real" as ABC circa 2007 would say) Abby from now on.
  3. If anyone cares who killed Charlie, the answer is behind this tag:
  4. It sure would be nice after all this painful waiting for them to reveal a multi-year renewal.
  5. This is great news! Caitlin is a fantastic and hilarious performer on TikTok and she looks like she could be Sean and Tiffany's kid. A very classy move on GH's part.
  6. I didn't understand what the implication was with the button because we know Belle didn't do it. My second guess was Claire. We know Ron loves D.I.D. stories so maybe Claire killed Charlie wearing Belle's coat and doesn't remember because she had a dissociative episode.
  7. I don't know why but my gut is telling me Lucas is Charlie's killer. That option was not explored in the least and I feel like they gave Bryan a contract for a very intentional story reason.
  8. How many months ahead is the production schedule now? Did they get way ahead again after they came back from the break?
  9. So uh...is Days getting renewed or not? Doesn't their production end very soon? That can't be a good sign.
  10. I thought the same thing! Gladys is completely unnecessary like 80% of the GH cast but at least she's a fun mess. Brando is the absolute worst.
  11. She has a whole new face and has for a while. I guess if it makes her happy then go for it but it makes me sad tbh.
  12. I think the articles are crediting Leo for "Katy Keene" because it's his most recent or most well-known credit. He actually only wrote one episode of the series. Here's his IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3594650/ EDIT: I see he was a co-producer on "Katy Keene" also, my bad. I still have hope!
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