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  1. They're excruciating. They split yesterday's episode into two and they're using them to fill the gaps. Right? It's awful. Nelle and Michael are around the same age since Michael was SORASed, but to make sense of this new timeline, I guess Carly still had him in 1997? Michael is not 23 years old, though. Not to mention Carly is about 18 in these 1995 flashbacks. But according to the GH Wiki, Carly should be 21 or 22 in 1995.
  2. alexisfan07

    Twin Peaks

    Thanks for always compiling these posts, Vee! I'm so glad three of us hold down the fort as the Twin Peaks stans of SON.
  3. She had an episode in late fall 2019 with her new haircut, but yes, she's practically disappeared. They don't know what to do with her, or Mac to a lesser degree. It's really sad.
  4. It could just be a business partnership but they were a bit flirty IMO. Right? I assume they are probably hoarding her appearances for when they do more with Maxie, Lucy and Valentin and for the Nurses Ball. But yeah, Lucy sure does get a lot of offscreen phone call time. It's a shame, Lucy is one of my favorite characters. Lynn always commits to the shoddy material.
  5. Did anyone get the sense they were chem testing Lucy and Valentin? I'm no Valentin fan but their scenes were...interesting.
  6. GH is currently 7 weeks out https://twitter.com/WilliamdeVry1/status/1238687031716384768 https://twitter.com/WilliamdeVry1/status/1238716336697528320
  7. For sure! If only Britt would come back permanently and we could probably justify getting rid of Sasha altogether. I think she might be a fairly stronger actress than Katelyn who plays Willow but the Sasha character is a complete waste of space. She has no edge, no personality. She's basically Michael's wallet.
  8. Can you post proof of that? How awful if true. EDIT: It's true. He had been struggling with bipolar disorder. https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/roscoe-born-young-restless-days-004818682.html
  9. He's been okay, nothing special, but I think he's long gone anyway.
  10. If he is gone, they used him to bring on Trina's mom in Brook Kerr. Can't say I'm surprised. I'm sure Trina will end up the biological daughter of Dr. Portia Robinson and Curtis. There was an obvious directive behind Taggert telling Curtis to look after Trina and the animosity between Curtis and Trina seems forced IMO.
  11. I'm still not sure I'm buying it but we shall see!
  12. I think he has some natural empathy and talent but I do agree that he's more aware that he's acting now. It makes me sad. The same can be said for Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma. If I have to be the one to say, I'll bite the bullet and say her last few visits have been very forced and cringey in the acting department. I know. I think there is a slight chance it's a fakeout. The actor has been liking and retweeting a bunch of stuff in that direction so I guess we'll see. Yes, Genie was fabulous! What a sad state of affairs we're in when I hate to see Anna Devane coming. I don't know who this is that Finola is playing but it isn't Anna. She's such a whiny, spineless crybaby now, breaking the law at ever return to protecting Parking Lot Peter. And that's when she's not proclaiming Michael Easton's 520th character as the love of her life. If this is all we're ever going to get again with Anna, I'm fine with her leaving permanently.
  13. My guesses: 1. I think Dev is going to turn out to be gay. That wasn't the original plan but the fans all picked up something that wasn't there that intrigued the writers. He later said, "How do I answer this without giving it away? Okay. I'm pretty sure Soap Twitter has influenced a story. I think this is more interesting than the original direction." He seemed to hint a bit further at a few other people asking about a gay story/romance. 2. No idea but god help us if Peter is redeemed. 3. I think they're seriously considering recasting/aging Spencer. Someone asked "Is one of these a recast of a character currently on screen?" and he said "Getting warmer..." To someone else asking if any are Nikolas related, he wrote "As for Nikolas, I'm just going to stroke my chin thoughtfully." He's been vocal about wanting Spencer to be recast quite a few times over the last few years.
  14. It's sad. I felt the actors did a great job on Thursday and Friday and I hope this is the beginning of more material for them. I think there was a better way to reintroduce the characters after so many months off the air. The engagement story could've come a month or two after they reestablished where they're at in their lives and spent some time with them again. Not yet but we're all still hoping!
  15. I wouldn't say there's definitive proof he's still filming. He's been talking about stuff "coming up" and posting selfies with actors that could have been taken months ago.
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