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  1. I have noticed it too. I wonder if Varni has realized micromanaging the writers wasn't leading to good ratings. Like, let the creatives do their thing and stick to your business ish if that's what you're good at.
  2. I cannot stand Spinelli. I wasn't watching during the Spixie "supercouple" days but I don't want him around permanently. I feel like TPTB have finally wised up to how disastrous Peter and Maxie/Peter have been though and are setting up a Spixie redux, whether it's permanent or a one night stand. I'm sure Wes Ramsey will somehow, against all odds, keep his job but I can't see Maxie and Peter recovering from all this and they shouldn't. They have like 1% of the viewer support. Horrid. Amanda Setton was always going to set the screen ablaze as Brook Lynn and I'm glad they've let her inject comedy into the role. Nelle as Shiloh's widow was predictable months ago but it's so fun to finally see it play out and not have to wait a year for the reveal to happen. I do hope this is Chloe Lanier's last ATM stop though. I need Nelle to go out in a final blaze of glory. It's time for Chloe and the show to both move on at this point. They could've easily placed Chloe back into the opening with an old headshot but they didn't, so I don't think either party views her "recurring status" as permanent a la Bobbie or Monica. It's just surprising how long this story is taking to play out. I assume it'll come to a head in "February sweeps." I actually like Michael and Willow's chemistry but, as pretty as they both are, Sofia and Katelyn are very limited actresses. I actually think Sofia might be a little stronger than Katelyn but both need some major work. They're not bad or unwatchable but they're also not very good. Extremely green. There's a depth issue that becomes very apparent in deep emotional scenes of sorrow or anger - they ring hollow. I actually think Josh and Donnell (don't hate me!) have the same limitations but get a pass because the viewers think they're hot. I wish they'd get an acting coach in here for an intense boot camp for these people, haha.
  3. I remember liking Billy Flynn a lot years ago and thought he was a really good Chad recast. But the last few years, he comes off super smug onscreen in a way that goes deeper than the character. I don't know what it is! And I think both of their stuttering tics have snowballed off each other in scenes together lately, haha. I read a rumor there was tension between the actors and they didn't like each other that much? I want the tea! I also noticed Kate Mansi is recurring by choice. I wonder if they're planning to write Abby off for a while at some point or if she'll just be indefinite recurring like John Aniston? It's interesting.
  4. Thank you for that info! I've been in and out for years but I don't remember it being this bad, my goodness. It's physically uncomfortable to watch. Like watching The Office, that secondhand embarrassment feeling. Lol, you poor thing! I don't know how anyone can stand it. Another insufferable presence. I don't like BF or KM and desperately wish they'd never brought back Chad and Abby.
  5. What has happened to Chandler Massey? He never used to smirk in every [!@#$%^&*] scene, did he? He's dreadful to watch. That inappropriate smirk ruins every moment of realism (I know, I know) of the story and takes the viewer completely out of it.
  6. The foyer is definitely smaller. They took out a good five feet at least width wide to the left of the main staircase, since that's where the front door used to be. The living room doors have moved to maybe a foot to the left of the staircase, eliminating nearly the entire space the front door held previously.
  7. I agree with everything you said! I wish the usage made more sense and was more consistent, as well. For example, Mac and Felicia were pretty unnecessary in yesterday's episode. Was it nice to see them? Of course. Would I rather have seen their Christmas party that Anna and Finn supposedly attended? Of course. Like why have them pop up after New Year's in silly scenes vs. showing them having that party a week prior? I don't get it. I am glad that Lucas is finally semi prominent but I, too, wish he was leading the story instead of Brad. I know Ryan likes to keep busy with other projects so it may just be that Parry is the one of them that isn't busy outside of GH but obviously, since Lucas is the "good person" of the two of them, he sadly takes the backseat story wise.
  8. Since I help put these counts together, I see the stats month to month, but it's so nice to see that overall most of the recurring vets had higher episode counts than last year! Leslie Charleson, Lynn Herring, Jon Lindstrom, Tristan Rogers, Kin Shriner, Kristina Wagner, John York and Jacklyn Zeman were all up from last year's numbers. I will take the win! The only two who were down were Wally Kurth and Lisa LoCicero (if you count her as a vet) due to Wally doing Days for most of the year. Ryan Carnes was in over twice as many episodes as he was last year, and Parry Shen was 10 episodes away from being in twice as many episodes as he was last year also, which I think are great improvements. Laura Wright has her lowest episode count ever in history for a full calendar year. There's more character balance on the canvas. It is sad that John York wasn't used at all in the fourth quarter at all and Kristina Wagner only once. I assume this is due to writing regime changes driving them further into the background. Mac was named the Chief of Detectives after the fan outcry demanded he be the commissioner again - and then we basically never saw him at work again. Haley Pullos has also slowly disappeared over the last few years. There's absolutely no reason they can't write a story for Molly and TJ. TJ was on talking about wanting to propose to her - and Molly was still nowhere to be found.
  9. Anyone finished season 5A? I won't spoil anything but I can't lie, I teared up a lot watching episode 9.
  10. Second week of January this year. The version that ran from January - May was seizure inducing (literally) so be happy you missed that one!
  11. I believe the latest is she is returning onscreen in December, per Soaps.com. That will have given her a full six months off. No one knows in what capacity she'll be returning in, i.e. contract, recurring or short-term to wrap up story. I don't disagree but this is actually the most consistently Lucas has been used in years. As of this posting, he's appeared in 45 episodes this year, which is tied with his 2014 and 2015 year-end totals. A breakdown of his year-end totals since Ryan Carnes returned: 2014: 45 2015: 45 2016: 24 2017: 4 (yes, 4 for the year!) 2018: 27
  12. jcar03 and I meticulously keep track of the show's closing credits and base contract entrances and exits based off of that, which has never been inaccurate as far as we know. Oscar died on May 1st but Garren was on contract through July 5, noted in jcar03's post. That's why we saw Oscar a few times as a ghost/hallucination of Kim's throughout June. They were still paying Garren for two months regardless so they probably wanted to use him a few more times before his contract was up. So because Garren was credited as a contract cast member for one week of July, he's listed as zero appearances.
  13. Doing the episode counts makes me painfully aware of those long absent stretches. They make me sad! I agree, consistency and integration is key. Mac, Felicia, Bobbie and Scott have been utilized really well lately. This is Bobbie's little story resurgence. I think they noticed she was barely used the first few months of the year and are trying to rectify it. Mac, Felicia and Scott have been consistently used a few times a month, if not more, on average this year, and I love it!
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