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  1. GH Actress could be leaving

    She confirmed they are recasting through a series of tweets today.
  2. GH Actress could be leaving

    Good for her! I'll be brutally honest, I've never thought Vinessa had a lot of range. She's fine and passable but nothing special IMO. But this is a huge win for continued diversity in television so go her! The new casting call for an African American woman in Jordan's age range makes a lot more sense now, since God forbid GH has more than one African American female on contract at one time. No doubt she is the woman Stella has been calling. I'm guessing she comes to break Jordan and Curtis up. I can't see Vinessa doing "recurring work" as the police commissioner while she's filming her new show in Canada.
  3. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    AMC's Babe. I loathed the character regardless but the successor was so awful, they had no choice but to kill her off. So heinous.
  4. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Getting back into DAYS again and it's shocking to me how many flashbacks are in each week's worth of episodes. Not only that, but the rollback from the end of the previous episode is insane also, with minutes on end of repeated dialogue and material before we get to the new stuff. On GH, the rollback is all of 30 seconds and it's newly shot/alternate takes of the end tags. DAYS isn't even attempting to hide the reused footage here. Their budget must be really, really bad.
  5. GH Actress Demoted

    I have it on good authority that "recurring" is just covering their asses so they don't have to say they fired Genie. Pretty sure Genie is not the type to agree to do recurring status either. The timing of the #MeToo movement might end up saving her but I'm not getting my hopes up right now. I am certain I can't keep watching this trash pile.
  6. GH: Actor out?

    Insiders report that contract talks between William deVry (Julian) and GH have reached an impasse — and barring a last-minute change, the scenes deVry shot before GH began its three-week summer hiatus on June 30 will be his last in Port Charles. “Nobody knew it was maybe his last day,” reports a source. “I think we all just assumed there was lots of story planned for ‘Julexis’,” the actor’s popular pairing with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). DeVry has been with GH since July 2013.' http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/william-devry-gh-contact-update/ Praise the soap gods if this is true! Julexis is such a toxic couple and their psycho-obsessed Twitter fans are exactly what is wrong with soap viewership today.
  7. Twin Peaks

    There's no way they'll do that, don't worry
  8. Twin Peaks

    Just hot coffee I believe! But a lot have speculated coffee will make him "normal" again in some way very soon haha.
  9. Y&R Debuts New Opening Credits

    They repeated "version 5" of 8 today so I'm not sure what's going on
  10. Y&R Debuts New Opening Credits

    Oh, that's neat! Wonder where they'll "draw the line" for which recurring cast members to include. Maybe there are 10 total versions.
  11. Y&R Debuts New Opening Credits

    Tracey Bregman is on contract? I watched all five last week and she wasn't included. Maybe they just dropped her in, replacing someone else? I highly doubt there are more than five versions of the credits.
  12. Y&R Debuts New Opening Credits

    Here is the second one
  13. OLTL Character Comes To GH

    Lmao, I noticed that too. And she sure ain't wrong.
  14. OLTL Character Comes To GH

    The cover may indicate that but no, the actual article is just a bunch of former AMC/OLTL actors, Cameron and RSW being two of many, expressing how much their characters mean to them and that they'd love to portray them again. That's all it is at this point, let's not muddle the waters with false rumors.
  15. They are two of my absolute favorites too. So happy you both liked my post! It was fun to look at the counts this year. Everyone across the board had lower counts (budget cuts I assume) but there was a bit of balance again. Was healthy to see.