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  1. I watched at the time, and I recall it being pretty quick... days or weeks in between. It was when the Clay-is-Alex charade really began to unravel.
  2. I loved Date with an Angel... it's just so perfectly 80's fun, and the soundtrack is sweet. Also loved her in Mission Impossible.
  3. Christine Tucci (ex-Amanda, AW) is sister to Stanley Tucci. Robin Strasser is the ex-wife of / mother of two sons with Laurence Luckinbill, husband of Lucie Arnaz. Their sons were still very young when he remarried, and essentially treated as grandsons by Lucille Ball as they grew up. Thad Luckinbill (Y&R) is distantly related to Laurence & family. Carrington Garland (Kelly, Santa Barbara) is the daughter of Beverly Garland. Schuyler Grant (ex-Camille Hawkins, AMC) is the great niece of Katherine Hepburn.
  4. Everyone knows that's not true! Diller's daughter is Robin Strasser.
  5. Everything Paul has said on this this thread has been verified.
  6. Mid-1987 is when O'Shea left, but Schnessel was still on the same story trajectory. The WGA strike the following year, where it seemed as if the entire show was stuck in 1888 time travel forever, seemed to throw things off a bit. No, she was back on Ryan's Hope by this time.
  7. OMG, this board is not Jeopardy. (AND she forgot to say "Who is...")

  8. I think it's really more a negotiation tactic. Just like with AW & JB, when they start leaking names of other actresses, suddenly everything resolves... BTW, there was a rumor, totally unfounded, that they were going to ask Lisa Rinna to step in, lol...
  9. Great casting, Khan! She was one of the top considered for recast B&B's Taylor back in 02 when they couldn't reach an agreement with Tylo. Of course, it blew over and Tylo came back... which I was kind of bummed about. I would have loved to see her take on that.
  10. I haven't seen that. Please say it again or even explain it better, so that everyone can understand: There's clearly a problem rapidly developing between you and many others here. What do you think the problem is?
  11. Reconsider what? It isn't my behavior that's alienating more and more people. There's clearly a problem rapidly developing between you and many others here. What do you think the problem is?
  12. Donna, Khan is frustrated with you. Lots of people are. Your disappointment in someone doesn't deflect your responsibility for causing disruption. When a bunch of people are feeling the same thing about someone, the one thing that's in common, is THAT someone. You are responsible for everything you write. But you are engaging in a revolving cycle. You are going in circles 1) Making "mistakes" that you say you're learning from 2) Receiving people's frustration that they post on the board 3) and this is what varies (a) You debate them (b) You ask for further ex
  13. I was unaware of the Parkinsons until yesterday. As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, Khan, or anyone, Parkinsons does not directly relate to cognitive or mental behavioral issues. Side note - Don't think I've ever brought this up here: Two of the three careers in my lifetime: writing, and behavioral intervention therapy - basically that means identifying & targeting socially maladaptive actions, and creating a plan to teach more socially functional replacement behaviors. I think I tend to subconsciously analyze any communication that's difficult. But nothing on this board has
  14. That's not him... Here you go, I found something: https://www.betterbalancefinancial.com/about.html
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