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  1. I scanned it when I was at her archives at Northwestern for my grad paper research. Send me a PM (I suspect any copy floating around comes from mine--I have sent quite a few to copies...)
  2. She absolutely did during that early period. Patrick Mulcahey said in one interview that he left the Loving writing team after a year (I believe) because every script he'd get would have tons of notes, not from Marland but from Nixon (and I've seen scripts of other shows with her notes--like early AMC scripts--she is very clear). He noted that that's a valid approach, but not one he can work under. My friend who posted them said he only recently got them transferred digitally. Sadly, this is all he has (for now). The Dorothy Lyman intro BTW actually aired AFTER the Loving movie
  3. The Carter Jones storyline on AMC (kidnapping Natalie on a houseboat) was inspired by Cape Fear I believe (I think the remake had recently been released)--that story was quite involved and may have been inspired by other works as well. Was it Guiding Light that had a Psycho/Dressed to Kill cross dressing killer (I won't call them trans). Ha yes Frons would name drop SatC when mentioning Fusion and AMC. Funny, he never applied a similar identity to poor/lucky OLTL. In general working class, so even a bit lower than what I'd call middle class. It's funny, in a country where c
  4. Remember there were a few months where Gottlieb had taken over by Craig Carlson (?) was still HW, and the transition at any rate didn't feel immediate. (and of course the initial plan was to put some of the focus on short term story arcs--one involved that guy from Body Double as an abusive husband--though they quickly realized that went against the point of a soap.
  5. Ha, if he ever was open to it, surely his time at Loving changed all that... (As the pre-Marland bible makes clear, as well as Nixon's notes during the first year, Agnes Nixon was extremely involved in the overall plotting and somehow I doubt that even if it had been a monster hit in its first year, Marland would have happily stuck around ).
  6. Oh undeniably. Certainly it's a different vibe than say when Bill Bell would write his scenes for studs...
  7. You make him sound like Tennessee Williams! I always thought the Doug Cummings story was based on The Fan (a terrible movie, but...)
  8. That's a trip with Phoebe visiting... I remember Myrtle showing up to I think Dinah Lee's wedding (this was after hannah and her had stayed with Myrtle on AMC), but not Phoebe. I love details like this that reinforce the shared universe (even if it's odd that Loving and later The City characters watch AMC...) especially since I can't imagine it was done in this case to try to bring over AMC viewers...
  9. I remember the primetime OLTL had that film look (that The City used and AMC used on and off--didn't Sunset Beach at first as well?) which I hated. And that it was particularly dreary and surely wouldn't gain new viewers. Was that the same time that Bo was boating around with the corpse of Drew?? For some reason I have it connected in my head...
  10. Completely forgot about that--and can't remember what the focus was at the time. She was given by ABC a primetime episode...
  11. Ah I'm not surprised--there's not much for her to brag about there...
  12. Agreed about Beecroft--he also had good chemisgtry with Brooke (maybe some exec saw that and pushed for it to be more romantic). And wha?? I wanna hear more about this bomping Agnes story! Maybe that's why she was gone so quickly lol Pretty sure Becca/Scott was Agnes at leas in concept (Greenlee too). As I've said before it felt like she was trying to bring back one of her initial young love stories--Becca being very much in the Tara model--but it just wasn't working (and maybe never would have worked around 2000)
  13. Was that all in the last half of 1999? I have been intrigued by Elizabeth Page--she was initially listed as Agnes' co-HW, but pretty quickly it was her and Passanante as her co-HWers and then just Passanante as co-HW (and eventually HW which is when the [!@#$%^&*] hit the fan--stuff like "dog boy", the ghosts taking over PV and of course Passanante apparently broke her contract to quit early--why?--and moved to ATWT leaving AMC without a credited HW for two months).
  14. A classic September 1963 Agnes Nixon episode has been re-uploaded in good quality.
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