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  1. EricMontreal22

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    The concept of Pacific Lives always confuses me... A 30 minute soap set all around the world? Wha? How would that work? And what's even the point if they're not gonna be filming in Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, etc?
  2. EricMontreal22


    Hrm I actually remember the promos making it look genuinely spooky in a Gothic way. I was very disappointed when I tuned in...
  3. EricMontreal22

    Will & Grace Revival

    I'm OK with McCormack overall, more or less, but this showed something he is incredibly weak at doing with the whole impersonating Jack physical comedy thing. It was hard to watch.
  4. EricMontreal22

    AMC Tribute Thread

  5. EricMontreal22

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The feeling is mutual
  6. EricMontreal22

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Good to know what I have to upload.
  7. EricMontreal22

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Oh! When I'm done grad school in two weeks and Christmas stuff maybe I'll try to upload some key episodes that aren't there. I admit I did a quick look and I think a few years back there were a lot more episodes from the Murders on YT that seem to be down (I remember the creepy one with Curtis' hospital hydrotherapy bath death being there). I also have the last three months of The City (again I know some of that is online, but this is better quality and complete).
  8. EricMontreal22

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    I am busy with my grad school stuff for two more weeks but then will have a LOT of free time trying to figure out what to do with my life so can do it then (it'll take me a while to figure out how to--I've never encoded from a DVD before to a computer file). If I forget remind me after Xmas
  9. EricMontreal22

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Well after a not great day, while looking through several boxes of things I still haven;t unpacked since a move a year ago, I found the 10 DVDRs I made of my recordings of the final 70 episodes of the Loving Murders, which I thought was long lost! I basically started at the start with Stacy's death, and they still look great. I know a lot of this stuff is on YT but still, I'm pretty pleased.
  10. EricMontreal22

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Hey thanks!! it's not a completely done deal yet, I still have the whole defense/presentation bit in two weeks (20 minute presentation/lecture followed by an *hour* of question and answers with the three chosen profs--one of whom I know will constantly bring the question back to why I'm even talking about soaps, but I'll be prepared...) And yeah--I have huge holes in my GL knowledge and so when I am curious about a character, going to those videos is better than any write-up I've found.
  11. EricMontreal22

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    They just baffle me in general--the acting style of the more butch lesbian (if that is a style) and everything. I suppose it allowed us to see how seriously Becky was scared to have her baby, but...
  12. EricMontreal22

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    I LOVE those profiles. Wish someone would do something similar for other soaps (no, I'd never have the time or patience to do any myself ) And LOL Soapsuds
  13. EricMontreal22

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    A research paper that has been approved, that will be published, that I am now preparing a conference presentation for, and that I got to interview personally for several hours two major soap opera headwriters for--just to be clear. Oh and, cards on the table, one that you PMed me about earlier today for God knows what reason with this veiled threat (promise?) and I quote: " It seems like you are back in attack mode. You do know that I won't be able to support your research project after this. There's a consequence. I thought you were more intelligent and level-headed. " I have no idea how you were ever going to "support" my research, and why I should be concerned that you no longer will, but. Yeah yeah, Jean Rouverol was a professor of yours, and she gave you a copy of some unproduced soap from Robert J Shaw, but really I have no idea how that would help or support me--particularly since the emphasis of my research in the end--and this was partly due to the suggestion of both major soap HWs I spoke to who found the idea compelling and not sufficiently explored in soap research, has to do with an aspect of soaps that you have already complained on here that people are focusing too much on. So cheers!