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  1. A New Day in Eden

    Fascinating--thanks so much for linking these.
  2. Class BBC's Dr Who Spin-Off

    Ah, I didn't realize Chibnall had been decided on. i liked, mostly, his season 2 of Torchwood (season 1 was a mess)--but he seems a poor choice for Who. I would be curious to hear what you think of Class. If you watch when BBCAmerica airs it, I assume it will have a few swear words and butt shots removed, but nothing else. The stand-out is Katherine Kelly, who I only knew from Selfridges's and, while I loved her on that, didn't even recognize for several episodes.
  3. Class BBC's Dr Who Spin-Off

    Did anyone else watch season 1 of this? (I understand that it is coming to BBC America next year--does that mean the nudity will be removed)? We got it in Canada the same day it went online in the UK--but, due to grad work, I only watched the season 1 finale last night. I *loved* it, but (without spoilers) it's not without some big problems. Patrick Ness wrote every single episode (something I don't think has been true of a Who related series in a long time, unless you count the third "miniseries" of Torchwood) and I think he bit off more than he could chew. The story he wanted to tell could have filled 16 episodes rather than 8 and too often characters became instant friends, or bitter enemies in an unrealistic fashion that WOULD have been realistic if they had had just another episode to establish those relationships. Still--a lot of fun, and a good balance of classic Who elements (I particularly loved the cameo right at the end of a fave Who character) and more adult stuff. Plus, well handled gay alien sex--what more could you ask for. I am really kinda tired of Who at the moment and it would be amazing if Ness took over as showrunner--although he's a fairly well known name in fantasy lit and has a big movie coming out, so maybe he wouldn't want to.
  4. CMT'S Nashville

    In one of the video interviews floating around, Marshall Herskovitz says (well he seems to be guarding his words, but basically says...) that ABC pushed Nashville to increasingly fit into their "Shondaland" mode of soap opera--which makes a lot of sense. Funny as their previous showrunner, while she started at Melrose, was also a main writer on The Good Wife which, while I never watched it, I gather wasn't too gimmicky...
  5. Netflix: Sense8

    I think you'd like it. What I found initially so refreshing was how it dealt with gay (and trans) issues so organically (well, except for one heavy handed scene in one of the early episodes). Lana Wachowski has said how it was amazing working with Netflix because, despite their success, when working with movie studios they were always told not to address such issues (ironic since their breakthrough, before The Matrix, was the lesbian caper film Bound). But I grew to just love the characters and also how well they mix the various styles they are using (telenovela, Chicago cop show, Bollywood, Scandinavian conspiracy thriller, etc). I think you'd like it!
  6. CMT'S Nashville

    I think they had too much to wrap up with Juliette etc.
  7. CMT'S Nashville

    Yeah, it looks like they're going for a love triangle--which may seem cliche but I'm all for. It's about time they did more with Will than a very slow coming out story... And I'm glad they kept Kyle Dean Massey (three gay regulars on the show? wow) who I've been a fan of ever since seeing him in Pippin
  8. CMT'S Nashville

    It became something of a joke how every episode would have like not just a car crash, but a car crash and someone falling off a roof, etc. The first episode was largely dealing with what happened in last year's finale but they seem to have things on the right track--already the various characters are interacting much more in an organic way--last year, especially, I often forgot that some of them even knew each other. I was also concerned that they might drop the gay storyline due to some idea about a new audience at CMT, despite Herskovitz/Zwick always being groundbreaking with their gay storylines on all their past shows, but, while not featured in this first hour, from the trailer and the new cast hires (Murray Bartlet from Looking and GL has been hired as a gay photographer, there is also a trans actress hired as an agent, I believe) my fears seem to be unfounded.
  9. Netflix: Sense8

    This is my fave genre show of the past 5 years if not the past decade. Extremely excited for this. Wow, and apparently Lana was an All My Children fan, from what she says. YRBB, you have great taste. I should have known that from your signature
  10. I will assume Colleen was already there--I can't imagine Susan would turn down the chance to accept it... And Colleen was already there. (I hope I'm not making excuses for Susan).
  11. American Crime: Discussion Thread

    I am shocked she didn't get a Globe nom. This was my fave network show of the past year (I was much more mixed--though I still "enjoyed" if that term can be used--season 1) and I am glad it got some recognition. I am sorry that American Crime Story seems to have overshadowed it, but not surprised.
  12. CMT'S Nashville

    Nashville has long been a very guilty pleasure--but one I stuck with. But as most of you know here, my all time fave network tv prime time writers are Herskovitz/Zwick who worked on Family, created and ran thirtysomething, co-created and ran My So-Called Life (a show that meant so much to me as a 13 year old) as well as Once and Again and they were hired by ABC to be Nashville's new showrunners--and then it was canceled. And then picked up by CMT. I just watched the hour "preview" (the full two hour premier airs Jan 5) that aired tonight, and I have high hopes that they take a fun show, but one that moved way too fast and had way too many WTF moments, and make it into a great show. It's still much more "soapy" than, say, Once and Again was--but that's being true to the show--but their mandate in interviews has been to ground it more in character based drama, and slow it down--and this was an expert example of not dropping plot lines but wrapping some up or adjusting them into a different direction in an organic way. I do wonder how they will deal with writing a soapier show and one that's about people with far more money than even their usual upper middle class characters.. I also was very pleased to see a great tv writer who I've corresponded with, Richard Kramer, who wrote the infamous thirtysomething "gay episodes" as well as the adaptation of the first Tales of the City series and a great novel, as a producer on the show, which I assume means he's part of the writing team. I noticed on Wiki it said that the third episode is written by Winnie Holzman (the main creator of My So-Called Life)'s daughter, who co-created the one year fat-camp series, Huge with her mother. I never watched that, but I wonder how much of the writing team is new. I'm excited to see more--
  13. Well that was very touching, even if it seemed Colleen wrote her speech from Wiki
  14. Y&R: Old Articles

    Oh, I believe that!
  15. GH: December Discussion

    Any self-respecting drunk would know NOT to keep your bottles around, especially when they are dozens of little airplane bottles. SERIOUSLY Alexis--you are smarter than this