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  1. Eva La Rue's reaction on Instagram is priceless. Congratulations to her!
  2. Why wasn't Informative Talk Show Host announced?
  3. Why are the performer categories labeled as "Performance by"? For example, Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress instead of Outstanding Lead Actress. Semantics? Did NATAS make a change for a reason?
  4. DAMN! La Lucci was on FIYAH on Family Feud! Check her out in the bonus round (cued).
  5. Here's the reveal with an All My Children mention. Nicole Scherzinger guessed correctly with the photo album clue.
  6. Jonathan


    Erica ages in reverse like Benjamin Button.
  7. Yes, I think you are right. I vaguely remember this.
  8. That's too bad. Missed opportunity. I'm sure Lorraine Broderick, had she had more time to write the show, would've had Frankie and Scott interact. Frankie and Scott fighting over the same girl (not that ho Randi) would've been interesting.
  9. Did Daniel Cosgrove's Scott and Cornelius Smith Jr's Frankie have any scenes together? I'm watching old episodes from 1987 and I had forgotten that Scott and Frankie were BFFs and actually lived in the Hubbard home when they were younger.
  10. Maybe I did know and I just forgot. LOL. It's a good movie.
  11. Little bit off topic, but I did not know that one of La Lucci's TV movies, The Bride in Black, was written by Claire Labine.
  12. Yeah, there was some mix up by both Debbi and Gerrad. I think Gerrad meant to ask about her first time leaving AMC for Generations. And then her second time as Angie was actually on Loving/The City. After that, she went over to Port Charles.
  13. OMG, Road to Reality was truly the first reality show.
  14. Susan Lucci on Access Hollywood. Cute interview. https://www.accessonline.com/videos/susan-lucci-gushes-over-very-sexy-husband
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