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  1. Big Brother 19

    I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED for so many reasons. I thought Paul had it in the bag once Josh decided to evict Christmas. Christmas's vote for Paul surprised me. Cody's vote for Josh surprised me too. I thought Mark would vote for Paul because Josh bullied Mark with those pots and pans. Cody winning American's Favorite Houseguest was disappointing. I just don't see why people like him. I'm hoping he never comes back to BB as a vet. YUCK.
  2. Big Brother Canada

    LOL. Cheap, I'm behind in my TV viewing. Don't be spoiling anything! I just finished Season 1. I'll eventually catch up.
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Sadly, Fran's IMDb profile doesn't list Loving among her credentials. Good for her for getting her Primetime Emmy for Handmaid's Tale. You go grandma!
  4. Big Brother Canada

    Arisa Cox did well to manage the chaos, but that studio audience was so deflated at the end. The outcome was both shocking and hilarious. I wish something like that would happen on BB USA; I would love to see how Chenbot would handle the situation. #ButFirst
  5. Big Brother Canada

    OMG! I just finished watching BB Canada Season 1. SCANDALOUS! Did Topaz go into hiding after this incident? I mean, I can't imagine Canada forgave her for her mistake! YIKES!
  6. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Susan Lucci is HYSTERICAL in this episode. LOVE IT!
  7. Big Brother 19

    I don't see how or why anyone would vote for Cody as AFP. He is socially awkward and has no charisma.
  8. AMC Tribute Thread

    ^ Wow, great promo. Love seeing a young Erica.
  9. Big Brother 19

    Jessica's grammar drives me crazy! "I have the power to keep Cody and I safe this week." UGH GIRL. Learn how to speak proper English. CORRECT: "I have the power to keep Cody and ME safe this week." ME ME ME ME ME
  10. AMC Tribute Thread

    I believe this is the episode that AMC submitted for Emmy consideration. They won that year -- the show's first for drama series.
  11. Passions

    I wasn't a regular viewer of the show, but I'm curious about how it went. Apparently it started early this morning at 8am. I think it took place at a Dave & Buster's at Hollywood and Highland.
  12. Big Brother 19

    I don't believe for one second Jessica is popular enough for America to vote to give her the Den of Temptation.
  13. Big Brother 19

    I read the spoilers about Megan. Wow.
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    This is a fun Q&A with Susan Lucci on the campus of UCLA, circa 1983. Audio only.
  15. AMC Tribute Thread

    I love how the host told viewers that if they wanted a copy of the diet they could send a self-addressed stamped envelope. I mean, why couldn't they just post it online? Edited to add: I just purchase 2 cans of sardines.