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  1. Tuned in to see how Kim Delaney is doing. Scenes are decent enough. Has Tristan Rogers always been that bad? He can barely get his words out.
  2. I remember this one so well. I wish the cast got up there, and not just the producers. In fact, every year after this the whole cast and crew went up there. This was also the night that La Lucci lost to Slezak and everyone in attendance gave Susan a standing ovation. Ahhhhhhhh.
  3. LOL. WHORE! You're the reason bad guys finish first.
  4. OH MY STARS! YES!!!!!! I remember this scene! It is soft core porn. Dixie was all horny for Mr. Craig Lawson. Look how she wrapped her legs around him. Her vajayjay needed some attention. Little did she know that Craig was a man whore getting some Gloria vajayjay on the side.
  5. Hello! She is Erica Kane! And, compared to her, we are all filthy beasts!
  6. You're right. There was another actor in the role before MS. He was kinda bland and the character had no direction. When MS took over the role, that's when Kinder turned evil.
  7. What you think of Dr. Jonathan Kinder? I liked his character and I always thought Dr. David Hayward was an offshoot of Kinder. I believe Lorraine Broderick created both characters. Here's Dr. Kinder with Skye:
  8. Cheap you need to come out of your groundhog hole! HELLO!
  9. I love Erica's scenes here at the start of her "return to modeling" storyline. I remember Agnes Nixon was quoted saying she always intended for Erica to return to modeling. I wish this return had lasted a bit longer before Erica was injured and turned to painkillers.
  10. I don't know how I feel about this. I imagine myself frolicking in a meadow somewhere. Actually, it reminds me of a church hymn.
  11. Also a shame that Erica miscarried and Dimitri-Erica didn't have a child of their own. A Kane-Marrick spawn would have provided years of story. Instead, we got fetus boy
  12. I liked Trevor. But the character left a bad taste in my mouth when he ended up forgiving Janet (Jane Cox) for her past misdeeds, falling in love with her, and MARRYING her. Ugh. I could not stand the Dillon family as the Brady Bunch. Made zero sense. Like I've said numerous times on this board, I'm all for redeeming characters and second chances, but I could not accept the fact that Trevor married the reformed psycho bitch.
  13. I hated that character so much. Laurel lacked a POV when she was played by that very weak blond model/actress. When La Fortune stepped into the role, the character became worse. She turned into this mousy, boring person who made my eyes roll every time she was on screen.
  14. Oh gosh Laurel and Felicity LaFortune were annoying!
  15. So am I reading into this correctly? Was Megan McTavish jealous and threatened by Agnes Nixon and her writing?
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