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  1. Basically. But what I could never understand is the reason for not listing Agnes Nixon's name in the writers' section of the end credits during this period when she was "Executive Head Writer." Her name only appeared under "Created By." When Agnes came back full time as head writer in the mid- 1990s with Elizabeth Page and Jean Passanante, Agnes's name appeared again in the writers section of the end credits.
  2. I don't recall Erica winning every argument. Brooke more than once got the best of Erica. The same with Maria and Natalie.
  3. Love her! Erica is fire and her portrayer, Susan Lucci is QUEEN!
  4. I was hoping the baby switch story would last a few years. Have Miranda be raised by the Chandlers and AJ by the Buchanans. From the audience POV, we see them grow up knowing that they are with the wrong families -- put the story completely on the backburner. Then, revist 5 years later when it's simmered long enough. Unfortunately, this type of long term story planning would require consistency and stability in the writer's room.
  5. Wow. I have a few copies at home.
  6. Time flies. Jacob has fond memories of his time on All My Children.
  7. I remember watching this when it aired. It was must see TV!
  8. Have we ever talked about Jacob's podcast? He's had some former co-stars on his podcast including Eva LaRue. Here's that episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eva-larue/id1540196914?i=1000504515399
  9. "You leave my nose out of this!"
  10. When Edmund and Maria took off as a couple and joined Dimitri and Erica as part of the Wildwind “crew” it left Brooke and Julia Barr as an outsider. Unfortunately, the stories the writers came up for Brooke were mediocre at best.
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