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  1. Erica and Mark had such a great sister-brother relationship. It's a shame that Mark wasn't featured more in the last decade of the show. Erica really needed a family member around besides her bratty daughters.
  2. OMG! Huge fail on the reunion show. They showed an image of "Marissa" instead of "Maria" when Eva was introducing herself. How embarrassing!!!!!
  3. Wow, so that is fetus boy's dad? I thought that was one of Tom's buddies. ETA: Just Googled him and discovered he is Anna Lee's son.
  4. Who is the guy with Brooke? She is so horny for him, my gosh I'm surprised she didn't open her legs right on the bed.
  5. Yeah I believe everyone was going to get a happy ending with their soulmate.
  6. I think the E! reunion came together like this: "Who from the All My Children cast lives in LA?" and "Jacob is in town? Ok, let's book him too." Yes, I agree it's a random group of people, but I'm sure they made it work.
  7. Reunion Road Trip on E! features the cast of All My Children. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2021/05/05/e-takes-a-walk-down-memory-lane-as-new-special-event-series-reunion-road-trip-premieres-thursday-june-10-at-9-pm-et-pt-572111/20210505e01/
  8. Who was the co-host of the podcast? I felt bad for him because Wisner could not understand him.
  9. I liked Myrtle, but the show made her death all about Zach, whom I loathed.
  10. Would be great if Finn made an appearance on Pine Valley. He is a Martin. https://tvline.com/2021/04/30/green-lantern-finn-wittrock-hbo-max-series-cast-guy-gardner/
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