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  1. Wow, I actually remember watching this when it originally aired. Brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Viva La Lucci! I can't believe it's been 20 years since her historic win.
  3. Hmm. Interesting. A lot of people in the biz are doing real estate. Chrishell Stause (Hartley) and Colin Egglesfield come to mind.
  4. I don't see All My Children returning to ABC's daytime lineup, but I do see the show returning (in some form) on Disney's new streaming service. The low hanging fruit is to publish the back catalog. Will they invest in new, original show content? I'm not sure.
  5. Jacob and Cady as son and mother never bothered me. IRL, there are many moms and their daughters that could pass as sisters and Cady played the mother-figure well.
  6. I was just thinking that maybe some announcement would be made on Strahan and Sarah. "Here's your timeslot back!"
  7. OMG, I had forgotten about this commercial! Thanks for the memories!
  8. YES! One of my fav looks of La Lucci's! Thanks!
  9. Behind the scenes of the reboooooooot. "I’m not Myrtle Fargate. I’m her illegitimate twin brother Farfel Fargate and I am Kendall’s father."
  10. Behind the scenes! OMG, Art Moore as Myrtle! 😂 https://twitter.com/livekellyryan/status/1054876294557634560?s=21 From Eva La Rue’s IG;
  11. Ryan will play Jackson Montgomery 😀
  12. Susan Lucci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue, and Mark Consuelos "reboot" All My Children on Live with Kelly & Ryan's Halloween show! I wonder if La Lucci and SMG will share a scene. https://goo.gl/ZSEngf
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